Diary Blog, 23 March 2022, with more about Ukraine

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Both sides in what is now the war in Ukraine are running short of supplies, we read. Perhaps. The Russian forces can be resupplied overall, though there may be greater shortages in some specific geographical areas, but the Ukrainians (civilians and fighters) in the cities surrounded cannot be resupplied. Kiev itself is not completely surrounded, as yet.

Ammunition may be a bigger issue for the Ukrainian side than for the Russians. In any case, the weapons of most importance for the Ukrainian side are not small arms, but those donated free of charge by, mainly, the USA and UK— anti-tank and ground-to-air systems, able to be deployed by individuals or small groups. Without those weapons, Russia would by now be far more ahead in achieving its immediate tactical objectives.

Having said that, the civilians and soldiers in the besieged cities of the south and east cannot survive for long without food. Those cities will probably fall quite soon. When they do, huge Russian forces will move from the south and from the east towards Kiev.

I note that Zelensky is again calling for talks with Russia. He knows that he cannot win, as such, and so wants to stabilize the situation (eg by extended ceasefire, and open corridors) before cities now surrounded and under attack surrender or are destroyed.

Russia is going to win this war, in the short to medium term, even if most of its territorial gains are turned into scorched urban and rural wastelands. What happens further down the line is an open question.

This is not a war between very different nations and peoples. It is somewhere between that kind of war and a civil war. In the past, during the Russian Civil War (1917-1922), Ukraine was a battlefield between several contending forces: Bolsheviks, White Guards (pro-Tsarist anti-Bolsheviks), Ukrainian nationalists, and German forces, among others: see [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_People%27s_Republic].

[territory of Ukraine during the years 1917-1920; a far larger area than in 2022]

The events of 1917-1920 in the Ukraine form the background for the famous novel, The White Guard, by Bulgakov [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_White_Guard].

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A fairly dull Labour Party careerist, and System drone: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Sheerman. Some of these idiots calling for war with Russia seem to forget that a. the UK now has only about 15,000 truly battle-ready soldiers now, b. the RAF’s capabilities (including transport) are now very limited, and c. even one Russian nuclear missile —and they have up to 6,200— landing on London would pretty much destroy the UK as a society, and economy, and state, and for about 50-100 years.

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Preliminary note: good to see that one of the worst Jew-Zionist and/or pro-Israel troll accounts on Twitter, “@GnasherJew”, has been suspended (again). Last time, the usual online “claque” of Jews put up a huge scream, much noisy protest (as usual— absolutely typical), and the account was reinstated. Let us hope that this time the ban will be permanent.

The activities of Jew-Zionists such as “GnasherJew” are the major reason why Twitter, and the comment-Internet generally, has gradually become rather dull; the more interesting Twitter accounts, including my own, and those of David Icke, Katie Hopkins, Alison Chabloz, Patriotic Alternative, and many many others, have been removed. It would be good to see at least some redress, even if not the nemesis that certain malicious Jew-Zionist trolls deserve.

Tweets seen:

Looks like you really cannot fool all of the people all of the time…

Looks like Indian “clever boy” Sunak’s stock is falling faster than the value of Ukrainian industrial shares…

If Parliament were at least entirely white and British by origin, without blacks, browns, Jews etc, or mixtures thereof, that alone would certainly not solve our national problems, but it would be a start.

Something similar is coming to the UK. Remember wise words from nearly a century ago:

While I am sorry for the civilians caught up in the Ukraine invasion, and also for their companion animals, the Kiev regime, headed by the decadent Jew clown Zelensky, is an integral part of the NWO/ZOG plan, which is why it must be toppled and crushed.

Why is he even in the UK?

Nearest city square. Firing squad. End (in an ideal world, that is…).

I disfavour the judicial death penalty, in fact, but the UK is getting to the point where something will eventually have to be done, not as judicial punishment, but as a public health or social health measure, mandated by the executive.

While I have no personal knowledge of whether the Russian claims are true or not, I did blog quite recently about my own visit to the Porton Down biological research station in Wiltshire, on which visit I was accompanied by the then Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK, Mr. Komissarenko, himself a trained biochemical scientist. He was, more recently, director of exactly such a laboratory in Ukraine. Even Wikipedia notes that fact.

That visit was in 1994, or maybe 1995: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/03/06/diary-blog-6-march-2022/.

Soon, the Covid police state measures come up for renewal in Parliament. Suddenly, we have these scare stories appearing. “Join the dots”, as they say…

“Journalism” and/or similar occupations used to be, at least reasonably, literate. Look at the above tweets. Four sentences, yet three egregious errors: “Stamer” for “Starmer”, “train” for “trail”, and “deceit” for “deficit”.

Pay peanuts, get “university”-“educated” monkeys, I suppose.

As for the substance, it is clear that relatively few members of the public trust or respect either main System party, yet there exists no real alternative; no social-national party or movement has arisen. I discount ridiculous fringe figures such as Jayda Fransen, Anne-Marie Waters etc. In any case, a social-national leader must at least be a man, as a bare minimum.

Crypto-Jew, of course. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeleine_Albright#Early_life_and_career.

Incidentally, she was never really a “refugee“, as claimed. Her father went from Yugoslavia (where he had been a “Czech” diplomat), to the UK in 1939. She was later, after WW2, sent by her father from, again, Belgrade to school in Switzerland; from there, she once more went to the UK, then (in 1948) to the USA. She did not suffer in any way from “Nazis”, or indeed Communists.

Incidentally, Albright’s Jewish parents stole artworks from the flat in Prague which they occupied after WW2: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeleine_Albright#Art_ownership_lawsuit. Albright retained possession of the paintings as an adult. She never returned them.

Some fools on Twitter are claiming that the said artworks were owned by Jews and taken by “Nazis”. The usual faked propaganda has really ingrained itself in many little minds. The paintings were in fact always owned by Germans who lived in Prague until expelled at the end of WW2. The “Albright” Jew family then stole them. See https://web.archive.org/web/20140714202550/http://www.praguepost.cz/archivescontent/31921-germans-lost-their-art-too.html.

Even on the worst reading, what the Russians have done is not even 1% of what the Americans did in, inter alia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Lebanon, Central America, Vietnam, Syria etc.


These loonies are everywhere now, it seems in the USA more than the UK, but I have little or nothing to do with schools, so I may be wrong.

Is (any of) this true? I do not know.

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11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 March 2022, with more about Ukraine”

  1. Regarding the “nazis” of the AZOV Batallion. I have proof that is all a big lie. For a time I also believed that their insignia was the German rune known as “die Wolfsangel” (the wolf’s hook) named after an old Germanic trap to hunt wolves. It became famous when it was adopted by the 2nd SS Panzerdicision “Das Reich” as its divisional insignia. Having said that here are the testimonies from the Ukrainians themselves who reject any association with the SS or the Thord Reich:

    The first one is a statement from a Ukrainian nationalist blog: “the Symbol identifying the Azov Regiment, the “N” and the “I” through it, symbolises the “Idea of Nationhood”. It was extremely popular among the nobility and Volyn Cossacks, using the old form of the letter “N”, before Peter’s reform. It distinguished Ukrainian military units for centuries and refers only to its Ukrainian meaning; not to biased interpretations that assimilate it to foreign ideologies.”

    The second is from a Wikipedia article about the “Wolfsangel” rune:
    “Members of the battalion say the insignia are the initials of Ідея Нації (“National Idea” in Ukrainian) and deny any connection with Nazism.”

    It is crystal clear that there is just an incredible coincidence in the shape of the insignia. The Ukrainian is the result of combining the letters “N” and “I”, the other is just an ancient German rune/symbol.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. That should be better known; I myself did not know it.

      Of course, Ukraine has always been closer to Germany than has Russia proper. That goes back into history, and was evident after WW1, when German forces of various kinds fought the Bolsheviks in Ukraine and in Poland too (I once knew a lady whose own father had been an officer of German forces circa 1918 (I think a colonel).

      The same connection was evident in WW2. Indeed, the same lady just mentioned was later (1960s to quite recently) friendly with a family whose head was, in the early/mid 1940s, the German commanding officer of the anti-Soviet Cossacks, based in Kiev.

      The terrible legacy of Collectivization, which ghastly policy had occurred only a decade previously, led to huge support for the Reich in Ukraine. Also, Ukrainians generally dislike Jews (even more so than Russians), and enthusiastically colllaborated in ridding Ukraine of them. God knows how Zelensky managed to trick them.

      At the end of the war, in Austria, the British officers to whom that force surrendered sent the Cossacks a short distance down the railway line to Soviet forces, where most were shot at once. The commanding officer and his few fellow-Germans wanted to go with them, but the British would not allow that, because as Germans they were entitled to be treated according to the Geneva Convention (not signed by the Soviet Union, at least not in Stalin’s day).

      That officer had been a German cavalry officer. The Cossacks would not respect or follow an officer unable to ride at least as well as they could.


      1. Claudius:
        That was not the person I mean. The one I mean was head of the German-led Cossacks specifically in the Kiev area. I think that I prefer not to publish his name here in case (though unlikely) that he is still alive. He was, the last time I heard of him, in 2006. He has or had children, or rather offspring, two of whom I met briefly in the early 1990s when they were in their late teens, so I should not like to expose them to ill-informed criticism by association.


    1. Claudius:
      Not only have I heard of him, I actually met him (once), though long ago, about 40 years ago. 1981 or 1982, I think.

      In fact, though I met him almost by chance (in Chelsea, London), a friend of mine was acquainted with him and was acknowledged by him for her help in his book, Stalin’s Secret War.

      His daughter, who was then about 9, has become fairly well known for her adventures in the former Soviet Union, and her battles with her “oligarch” ex-husband.


      1. Let’s leave the awful current affairs and politics for a moment and enjoy nice things. I don’t know if you will be interested in this, but is a nice and very interesting documentary (with English subtitles!) about the famous French hotelier, Cesar Ritz.


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