Diary Blog, 13 May 2022

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[Palace of Westminster]

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Certainly arguable. I myself might suggest 1989. That was the last significant year of the 33-year historical cycle. Thirty-three years ago…

The truth is that the course of history is just too complex to narrow down a trend to a single year.

All members of SAGE should (in a better world, that is) be arrested and interrogated. Fortunately for the conspirators, I have not the power.

Not so happy about the misuse of the word “fascist“, but I’ll let that pass; the UK’s whole mentality is now so screwed that one has to look at the big picture.

Few have been as critical, over years, as I have of “Boris”-idiot and his pack of, mostly, non-Brits in Cabinet, but it is idle to want the government of the country transferred to Jewish-lobby puppet Starmer and his equally-stupid pack, including Angela Rayner, an uneducated woman who managed to get, in the colourful American phrase, “knocked up” at the age of 16: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Rayner.

History? What history?

I happened this morning to see an episode of the quiz show The Chase, I think from several years ago. One contestant was a university student reading History (somewhere in Yorkshire; Leeds I think).

Said student said that his own main interest was 20th century history. He was asked in which country was The Long March, and replied “UK“! Of course it was not in the UK, but in China.

Another question, scarcely taxing, one would have thought, even for those not spending three years reading History at a university: “in which city was Sir Francis Drake playing bowls when the Spanish Armada was sighted?” He replied (from a choice of three cities) “Portsmouth“! Time was when every schoolboy would have known that Drake was on The Hoe at Plymouth at the material time.

The educational system in the UK must be rock-bottom now. Attendees spend something like 13 years in full-time primary and secondary education, and most come out of that knowing “FA”…

The same seems true of most university students.

I see, incidentally, that it is now admitted that the proportion of students awarded so-called Firsts at university has doubled in the past few years! In the title of an old British comedy show “Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width“…

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Quite. I was recently informed that my brother and sister-in-law, residents of Sydney, Australia, had come down, briefly, with the dreaded Covid. Symptoms? Same as with (any other) heavy cold. No need for medicines, let alone actual medical treatment. This however in a city which has been subject to some of the harshest lockdowns, facemask nonsense, “vaccination” programmes etc.

Alison Chabloz

Reports from usually-reliable sources say that imprisoned satirist and singer-songwriter, Alison Chabloz, remains in good spirits, and is very grateful to those who have sent money to her prison account. It makes a real difference to her in terms of her daily life “inside”.

Should others wish to support her struggle in that way, see https://www.gov.uk/send-prisoner-money.

You will need Alison’s prisoner number (see below) and her date of birth (4 April 1964).

The postal address, for sending her cards, letters etc, is:

Alison Chabloz A6478EK,

HMP Bronzefield,

Woodthorpe Rd,

Ashford TW15 3JZ,


Please note that any books sent have to be softback, new, and preferably sent by online vendors (but not Amazon; Bronzefield Prison does not now accept Amazon deliveries).

Alison is today sitting in prison for the 29th day since her sentencing hearing on 14 April 2022. Her time in prison will be 77 days altogether; she is therefore almost halfway through the custodial part pf her sentence.

[Alison Chabloz]

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The tweet below made me laugh.

What can one say? The tiny “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”] cabal (actually, in active terms, just one Jewish crank) thinks that the above picture is so offensive that only police action and CPS prosecution will do by way of remedy.

So what do the “CAA” do? Repost it themselves on Twitter!

You couldn’t make it up.

It really is about time that some police forces (Gloucestershire Police, for one) woke up to these troublemakers, and particularly to the main troublemaker. Some of my own experiences with the aforesaid crank(s) and nuisance(s):


There are over 250,000 Jews in the UK. Only a few dozen belong to, or support, the “CAA”. Certainly no more than a hundred or so. Those few, however, seem to have contacts in the main System political parties, the Press, and in some police forces.

The “CAA” is engaged in what amounts to abuse of the criminal justice system, trying to cajole and/or pressure police and CPS to prosecute people of whom the “CAA” disapproves.

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9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 May 2022”

  1. I’d argue that it started to go wrong in 1649 when Charles I was executed after a putsch financed by (((Dutch))) money lenders. The leader they installed was there to do (((their))) bidding.


    1. Hello: It was the same, if not worse, in 1688 when the (((Dutch))) multimillionaire Lopez Suasso contributed 2.000.000 guilders to the expedition of William of Orange (its value today would be roughly around £ 200.000.000) By the way, that was 1/3 of all the money collected by the Dutch bankers to finance the overthrow of James II. The man was one of the wealthiest bankers in Europe at that time

      Here is a very informative link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francisco_Lopes_Suasso


      1. (((They))) are certainly relentless in their endeavours to subvert, overthrow, and undermine those who stand in the way of their quest to exploit and prey upon the gentiles.


  2. Of course, it’s not about full-time education; it’s merely about full-time compulsory attendance at a government funded centre. If the children do somehow learn anything useful, that’s incidental to the true purpose of that compulsory attendance.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are too soft on that malign, continually lying and patently immoral creature known as Boris Johnson.

    I would call him not a fat turd though that would be an accurate description but a perpetually scruffy, virulently anti-British, treasonous, mass murdering, fat, fucking useless cunt.

    If only the Russians would do themselves, us and the entire planet a favour and kill him before that moron gets us involved in a conventional or nuclear war with Russia which if not the aim is surely a big risk of his increasingly demented, unwise, and bellicose foreign policy.

    I want this arsehole GONE by any means possible and SOON before we get nuked!

    Just a single day of this cretin in office has been too long let alone the past two and a half years of utter incompetence and continual failure!

    Do we really have to wait for another Lib Dem landslide win at the forthcoming ‘Tractor Porn’ by-election in Tiverton and Honiton before the stupid Tories remove this moron from office?


  4. Yes, the Right to Buy policy which sounded good on the surface and indeed was a benefit for some people but contributed to less social housing being available.

    Also, many of those houses under the scheme were sold off cheaply below market rates. I thought Maggie was an arch exponent of ‘market forces’?🙄🙄🙄


  5. Another factor for less social housing being available is too much demand for it partially caused by totally excessive immigration which Mrs Thatcher controlled a bit and certainly far better than Boris and his leftist PC globalist goon squad have ever managed to do or have ANY intention of doing in the future.


  6. Infact, such is this wretched government’s appalling record at controlling immigration that even John Major and his government done better in this regard let alone Margaret Thatcher.

    No wonder they lose by-elections to the Lib Dems far more easily than Mrs Thatcher did to the Liberal/SDP Alliance and no doubt another bad result is coming up shortly in Tiverton and Honiton.


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