Diary Blog, 31 January 2023

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If I say so myself, my January 2022 analysis re. Ukraine has held up quite well, overall.

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God help anyone on the receiving end of that.

And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God.”

[Revelation 19:17]

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The human cost of war is terrible— on both sides.

Reminiscent of the exploits of Michael Wittman after the Normandy Landings in 1944:

Michael Wittmann (22 April 1914 – 8 August 1944) was a German Waffen-SS tank commander during the Second World War. He is known for his ambush of elements of the British 7th Armored Division during the Battle of Villers-Bocage on 13 June 1944. While in command of a Tiger I tank, Wittmann destroyed up to 14 tanks, 15 personnel carriers and two anti-tank guns within 15 minutes for the loss of his own tank…Wittmann became a cult figure after the war thanks to his accomplishments as a “panzer ace” (a highly decorated tank commander), part of the portrayal of the Waffen-SS in popular culture.”


[Waffen SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Michael Wittman in May 1944]

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Did you get that, Sunak, “Boris”-idiot, Woollyhead Trussbanger (Kwarteng), Ben Wallace, Tobias Ellwood, Jeremy Hunt etc? Britain is doing worse than Russia

Meanwhile, the UK’s popular Press and TV outlets are replete with rich Jew know-alls such as Martin Lewis telling British people how to keep warm— by covering their windows with clingfilm and/or wearing heavy clothing indoors. Pathetic. Pathetic society, pathetic “Government”, pathetic “Opposition”.


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[German 16th Century, Three Couples in a Circle Dance, c. 1515, pen and brown ink with watercolor on laid paper, Rosenwald Collection 1964.8.1767]

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The System parties are already trying to introduce it into UK cities such as Oxford.

Mugs” is the mildest description for “Jack Monroe” fans.

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7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 31 January 2023”

  1. Hello! Here is an interesting article about Andrew Tate and the fragmentation/dissolution of Western society. Although Tate is rather crude and vulgar in his glorification of wealth and success his observations about masculinity are spot on and that is why the (((system))) hates him, particularly feminists.


    1. Claudius:
      Interesting. I did watch it. I looked up the speaker:

      I also saw a hostile commentary about him:

      Also this:

      As to Andrew Tate, I have been accused more than once of being “out of the cultural loop”, but I have to say that I cannot see anything socially or politically significant about Andrew Tate. He seems to appeal, as far as I have seen at least, to young men who want glitzy cars, shapely but airhead women, and perhaps shiny weapons as well. A kind of latter-day bad-boy James Bond, if you like.

      Actually, until recently, I had not heard of Andrew Tate, though I admit that I was unaware that he was the one —apart from “Tommy Robinson”— who had put grifting pseudo-historian Mike Stuchbery in his place, a few years ago. The name must have escaped me.


      1. I loved the expression “grifting pseudo-historian Mike Stuchbery” (LOL). A wonderful definition! Yes, Andrew Tate is an odd fish I watched a couple of interviews made by Piers Morgen (🤮 🤮 ) and Tate impressed me favourably, I thought he would be a brainless, brash, new-rich, but he made some good points about the war waged against men by today’s society. I will see if I can find a video of him where he goes a bit further.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      As you say, that is a far less biased view. It is odd that Wikipedia itself has nothing about Dutton, who would seem to meet its so-called “notability” rubric.


    1. Claudius:
      Well, I have just watched that video, and I have to admit that, in yes/no terms, I agree with much that he said in it.

      As you imply, the omissions are the problem with that world-view. Also, on the face of it, that world-view is somehow barren, based around “winning”, “owning” etc. The world-view of a fighter and struggler.

      Still, and as said, largely true as far as it goes.


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