Diary Blog, 4 February 2023

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Saturday quiz

Well, this week brings another victory over political journalist John Rentoul: Rentoul scored 6/10, whereas I managed 8/10. I did not know the answers to questions 1 and 5.

Tweets seen

Greta Nut is another complete fake, as well as being completely idiotic.

Well, it’s just a phrase and, after all, Nick Robinson is a half-Jew himself. I am not a meat-eater, but recognize that some people want it, just as a cat needs meat.

Naive tweeter “@clairebubblepop” thinks that scammer “Jack Monroe”, trade unionist Mick Lynch, wealthy TV face Carol Vorderman, and even multimillionaire Jewish “MoneySavingExpert” Martin Lewis, are all “fighting for change“. Frankly, I doubt it. Not in any really substantial way. Some may want some changes in society, but not in any truly radical way, in my opinion.


Very much in evidence during the “panicdemic”. Society split pretty much in half, and that split, though now half-forgotten, is still there, and will always now be there.

“Loony tunes”

Two brief experiences of the low-level craziness brought into being, or encouraged, by the virtue-signalling society in which we now exist:

  1. Yesterday, on TV news, I think BBC, a story about the energy crisis in the UK. The reporter went into a cold, dark, unlit, unheated house to talk to a weird-looking middleaged woman sitting wrapped head to toes in a blanket. My first thought was “virtue-signalling loony” and (quelle surprise), what did the blanket-wrapped loon say, when asked about retail costs of heating and lighting? “I’m not worried about the money…it’s not about the money“… in other words, the crazed bitch was making a screwed-up point about “Ukraine”, and Russia, and “eco”-something-or-other.

In other words, that woman was not being forced into sitting in the cold and dark, but was doing it because she wanted to both feel “virtuous” and also to be seen on the BBC doing it. What a crazie! A form of contemporary self-flagellation, like “refugees welcome” idiocy (which she probably also supports).

2. This morning, I was just buying a few lottery tickets somewhere when a very fat young woman wearing a cloth facemask came up to the cash till and paid for a takeaway coffee.

Did she not get the memo? Facemasks are so 2021. She reminded me of the cartoon below, featuring an older version:

Admittedly, the silly creature did not say anything to the shop people, or to me, but I would bet, 100%, that she was just the type that used to behave like that during the “panicdemic” of 2020-2021.

From the newspapers




Send them back to Afghanistan, or at least to Pakistan (with a £20 a week stipend, if necessary to buy off criticism).

More tweets seen

Re. “Jack Monroe”:

…and this old (American) favourite:

More music

More tweets

Simplistic. Not entirely wrong, but not quite right either.

“Extreme Jewish jungle cult”


“A former member of an extreme Jewish jungle cult that has been accused of child sex abuse has spoken of its warped teachings – including plans for mass slaughter should outside authorities intervene.”

[Daily Mirror].

“Putin is buzzed by UFOs”


Some as yet unknown American secret weapon, or creatures from another planet?

Late music

[Arnold Bocklin, Villa by the Sea]

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 4 February 2023”

  1. As I was reading the post from the MIRROR about that horrendous Jewish cult in Guatemala, which resembled very much the vile “Reverend” Jim Jones of the 1970s, I found this little pearl:


    As the surname of the bastard (Djanogly) sounded quite “exotic” I did a bit of digging and Bingo! As I though, he is a Jew. His f… father is listed as “a philanthropist” (of course!) and a “refugee” who “escaped from the nazis” in 1940 (he was only 2 years old!)



    1. Claudius:
      Horrible Jews. I thought that I recognized the house. I was right. In Little Venice, London.

      It is about a 1-2 minute walk from where I lived much of the time during the times when I was in London from 1976 to the mid-1990s.

      Incidentally, the few freehold individual houses in that street not split into flats are valued at up to £10M.


      1. Yes, horrible, greedy bastards. I am sure that those poor women who were abused by him and his awful wife did not get a proper compensation (I hope I am wrong) because, being so greedy and stingy, they must have tried to pay as little as possible. I may be wrong, but this kind of bastards would rather pay a lot to their lawyers than compensate their victims properly.


      2. Claudius:
        Very true. I once had to sue a Jew (domiciled overseas though resident in London) for breach of contract. About 25 years ago.

        The Jew, who was eventually exposed as yet another Jew fraud (years later), was at the time supposedly “worth” hundreds of millions of pounds. He used an expensive bunch of corporate lawyers in the City of London, who were charging him hundreds of pounds an hour. My claim was for £50,000 at top, but realistically £12,500. He must have used up about 20 hours of his lawyers’ time at several hundred pounds an hour in order to stall me and fight me. Maybe £10,000 in legal costs. I would have gone away had he just paid me even £5,000 at the beginning, but he preferred to spend maybe £10,000 on lawyers and £2,000 on the money I accepted to settle the case. I settled because I needed immediate cash (and insisted on *cash* payment in £20 notes, which I got, counted out by one of his lawyers on a table), and because I thought that, even if I won in court, I might be unable to actually extract the gold from the untermensch without pulling out his teeth.


      3. It is in their DNA. I remember reading about several cases (and I am sure you must know many) where they even swindle their own tribesmen. Perhaps one of the most popular is the case of Ana Frank’s father, who was sued by a Jewish forger he had hired to write her daughter’s fake “Diary”; apparently the forger was not fully paid and the whole nasty thing came out in the open.


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