Diary Blog, 22 February 2022

Morning music

[panorama of Kiev and the river Dnieper]

On this day a year ago

Labour Party election chances

Latest polling:

Labour retaining its opinion poll lead, which it has had for several months now. However, the lead is less than it was.

On the above figures, a general election would leave Labour between 15 and 30 seats short of a majority (depending mainly on boundaries used), and dependent on SNP support.

When one considers how truly inept the present Boris-idiot government is, and how inept its two predecessors have been since 2010, it is (superficially) surprising that Labour is not more popular as supposed alternative government; not however when one looks at Keir Starmer’s Jew-Zionist-controlled Shadow Cabinet, and their lifeless “we could run workhouses better” attitudes and policies.

In fact, I think that Corbyn, were he still leader, might have put Labour in a slightly better position. Corbyn was “Marmite” to some extent, arousing both enthusiasm and near-hatred, but Starmer comes across as an Establishment/System rubber stamp, and excites neither love nor hate, nor even interest.

If the Conservatives can ditch the present idiot, they might well consign Labour to well-deserved defeat yet again, but whether “Boris” can be removed in time is an open question.

For social-nationalism and its chances, a weak System government is best, of either System party.

Incidentally, I notice that, in most local council by-elections recently, Labour has been losing votes vis-a-vis previous elections, even when winning.

Note: https://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/userpoll.html.

More music

[the Blues and Royals ride through a snow-covered London]
[Worcester Cathedral and river Severn. My late father-in-law, when a boy of 9, in the early 1930s, climbed outside a window of the tower and further up the outside, with a friend, causing public consternation, and with the police called, but they managed to escape without being caught; he was later an officer of RAF Bomber Command]

Interesting video

NHS and social care provision


Well worth reading, and very concerning.

Broken Britain


A serial raider has been found guilty of murdering two pensioners who died in hospital after being brutally attacked during separate “vicious” burglaries.

Amos Wilsher was found guilty on Monday of killing 88-year-old Josephine Kaye by a jury, which also convicted him and his younger brother Jason Wilsher of the murder of 87-year-old Arthur Gumbley.

A four-week trial was told 29-year-old Amos Wilsher acted alone when he posed as a gas firm worker to remove a padlock from a gate, before killing Mrs Kaye and stealing her safe containing £20,000.

The Irish-born widow died in hospital in March 2020, three weeks after suffering a broken leg when she was repeatedly thrown to the floor at her home in Harington Drive, Park Hall, Stoke-on-Trent.

Jurors convicted Amos Wilsher of two counts of murder, and Jason Wilsher of murdering Mr Gumbley, who died three weeks after suffering broken ribs.

The jury further convicted the brothers, described in court as being members of a large family from the Traveller community with links to Derbyshire and Leicestershire, of conspiracy to rob” [Daily Mirror]

I have always opposed the death penalty, but it may be that, in some cases, it might be the only just way to deal with some persons.

Ultimately, punishing or eliminating individuals is not a final solution to problems. Something on a wider scale may be the only way forward; dealing with the roots and causes, not just the effects or symptoms.

Late tweets


Ignorant radio loudmouth Julia Hartley-Brewer. Note also the similarity to the “I stand with Israel” slogan.

He may be (knowingly or not) “controlled opposition”, but even a broken clock is right once or twice a day.

There is an arguably natural human tendency to regard those who have considerable wealth (whether acquired personally or via inheritance) as somehow inherently worth listening to. Not usually.

…and it is noticeable that the entire msm Jew clique, as seen in newspapers, magazines, Twitter, American TV etc, are now all eagerly, and even desperately, lining up to attack Russia.

Most of these types are linked in some way. One day, sometime in the future, when the UK has a real government, we must interrogate them all, to find out the truth, for the sake of the historical record.

Late music

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 February 2022”

  1. Irish Travellers always complain about “racism” towards them. I admit i don’t know much about their history, but aren’t they just ethnically Irish? I.e. White? I don’t get how it can be “racism”


    1. SaxonEngland:
      Most “travellers” are of Irish origin, and were formerly either mistakenly called Gypsies, or “tinkers” (from the trade of itinerant menders of tin pots and pans). I think that most could probably be said to go back to emigrants from the time of the Irish Potato Famine or from the time, almost contemporaneous, of the railway boom of the 19thC.

      They are ethnically different from the real Gypsies (mistakenly once thought to be from Egypt but actually of Indian origin) who mainly lived, until recently, in Eastern Europe.

      However, there has been a degree of intermarriage, I believe.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Watcher:
      I was unaware that little Douglas Murray is considered a “leading thinker” by anyone…

      A pro-Jew, pro-Israel drone, who has made a career out of doormatting for the NWO/Zionist conspiracy.

      Murray’s polemic: Putin is “insane”, “dangerous” etc…sounds as if Murray spends far too much time with Jews, looking at the language used.

      The fact is that Ukraine has only been a “state” (pretty much a “failed state”) for 30 years, and its culture, cuisine etc, though slightly distinct from that of Russia, is almost the same.


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