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At least that particular judge seems to be on the right page.


Liz Truss was last night at the centre of an extraordinary row after the Government demanded she pay more than £12,000 following the disappearance of items including bathrobes and slippers from her grace-and-favour country home.

The Cabinet Office was told by staff at the house that items such as towelling robes and even slippers vanished during that period, and have asked her to cover the cost.

‘They have also objected to the idea that the taxpayer should foot the bill for what were basically a series of summer parties, and say she owes more than £12,000 for it.’

In December, The Guardian reported that traces of a suspected Class-A drug were found at Chevening after the parties – which Ms Truss has said is ‘categorically untrue’.

The newspaper said members of staff twice found traces of white powder in a games room, after nights where Ms Truss was known to have entertained guests. The workers claimed they tested the powder with a swab which changes colour when it comes into contact with cocaine, and got a positive result.

[Daily Mail]

I presume that drug-abusing Israel puppet Gove was there, together with Woollyhead Trussbanger (Kwasi Kwarteng).

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It smacks of desperation.

Time after time, the USA has abandoned allies to their fate.

It’s Tuesday —I think— so it must be Ukraine“…

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Never give in to “them”, never give in to their whining, or demanding, or to their attempted intimidatory behaviour.

Twitter and the msm are alive with comment about the Jewish money-man turned BBC Chairman (and loan facilitator for “Boris”-idiot), Richard Shark…I mean “Sharp”…[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Sharp_(BBC_chairman)#Early_life].


Poverty increased from 5.5% to 24.2% in Ukraine in 2022, pushing 7.1 million more people into poverty with the worst impact out of sight in rural villages, according to a recent report by the World Bank. With unemployment unofficially at 36% and inflation hitting 26.6% at the end of 2022, the institution’s regional country director for eastern Europe, Arup Banerji, had warned that poverty could soar.

[The Guardian].

Even before the war, Ukraine was the poorest state in Europe per capita. 30 years of shambolic, chaotic, corrupt misrule.

Ukraine is not really a state at all at this point. It would already have collapsed, both economically and militarily, without the huge influxes of Western money, arms, ammunition, and other aid.


Of the 57 people who have held the highest office, Seldon suggests, Johnson was probably unique in that he came to it with “no sense of any fixed position. No religious faith, no political ideology”. His only discernible ambition, Seldon says, was that “like Roman emperors he wanted monuments in his name”.

I suppose at least Cummings did believe in Brexit, although ultimately, really, did he?” he says. “From everything we heard [for the book] it just seemed Cummings was full of hatred. He probably hates himself; he certainly hates other people. He wants to destroy everything. Johnson in his own way never knew what he stood for, but he shared that contempt for the Tory party, contempt for the cabinet, contempt for the civil service, contempt for the EU, contempt for the army, contempt for business, contempt for intellectuals, contempt for universities.

About a decade ago, Seldon, who is a governor of the Royal Shakespeare Company, began an informal programme with David Cameron’s government that sought to provide for the present incumbents of the highest office some history of No 10 itself and their predecessors there. He staged a series of talks from prominent historians, as well as performances of Shakespeare in the rose garden, in the belief that politicians “might root themselves in the arts, in the benchmark of what is good and true”. He recalls a performance that the RSC gave for Cameron and guests just before the former resigned as prime minister: “It was quite a moving occasion in the garden. The killing of Caesar was one of the scenes and I remember watching Cameron with his daughter leaning on his shoulder and Samantha next to him.”

When Johnson came to power Seldon hoped the programme might continue – Johnson did after all have a lucrative contract to write a book about Shakespeare. There was no interest whatsoever. “Covid made things difficult obviously,” he says, “but we did come in. Johnson never once showed up. As [his school reports showed] he had no deep interest in any classical history, language or literature or Shakespeare. His examples were always for show. At his heart, he is extraordinarily empty. He can’t keep faithful to any idea, any person, any wife.”

[The Guardian]

Typical of failing societies throughout history; symptomatic.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2020/01/03/dominic-cummings-a-government-of-dystopia-and-lunacy-posing-as-genius/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/10/les-eminences-grises-of-dystopia/.

That photograph, taken on the last day in office of Boris the Clown, is telling. The Poseur in Chief, trying to show off with his younger and new-ish wife, a brainless bimbo almost personifying the kind of careerist know-nothings so prominent in the Westminster bubble of the past decade.

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Starmer, a puppet of the Jew-Zionist-Israel lobby, as well as being as dull as ditchwater.

A thought or two for the “refugees welcome” dimwits to ponder upon

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The Jew-Zionist lobby, in particular, abuses laws of that sort in order to censor the views of non-Jews.

Interesting indeed, if accurate.

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[Adolf Hitler, 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945]

Diary Blog, 29 April 2023

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[Cloisters, Upper Manhattan]

Saturday quiz

Well, 6/10 this week, and so once again beating political journalist John Rentoul, who scored 5/10. I knew the answers to questions 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 10. I did not know the answers to questions 2, 4, 7, and 9.

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An unverified assertion from an unknown and doubtful source who quotes two other supposed and unknown/unverified sources. Conclusion: probably bs, but it would be nice if it were to turn out to be accurate.

I have been waiting for several years for just one Canadian to step up (’nuff said…). So far, seems that that one hero does not exist…

Important questions. While I myself am totally in favour of the NHS idea of health service (“free at point of use”), in principle, I am even more in favour of a health service that works. Increasingly over the past decade or two, I have been forced to conclude that the NHS does not work, or at least does not work properly.

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Translation: “we have a crumbling army that has to use press-gangs to enforce enlistment, we have no suitable people for deployment as officers, we have insufficient armament, and we are running out of ammunition.”

In the Western msm, we hear much about the possibility of a palace coup in Russia, but nothing about the arguably greater possibility of an internal putsch in Ukraine, against Zelensky and his cabal.

The Wagner Group has done most of the heavy fighting so far. How can it be left without ammunition?

Was it too truthful?

Ha ha” “They” are all screaming now…the (((usual))) “claque” in operation, yet again.

Hard to believe that the Guardian is still promoting the rubbish of fraudulent “grifter”, “Jack Monroe”.

The voting system is rigged, designed to produce seemingly “fair” or “balanced” results overall (between 2-3 approved parties), but in fact not reflecting the true views of the electorate:

See also:

The biggest single voter movement was from Labour to non-voting.

Why would an Indian money-juggler be thought suitable to be Prime Minister of the UK, either?

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Diary Blog, 28 April 2023, with a few thoughts about the upcoming Coronation

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We may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the British Monarchy.

The odd thing is that, as opinion polls —and simple observation— show, most of the blacks and browns (certainly those under 60) have no time for, or interest in, the Monarchy.

The same is true of the metropolitan LGBTQXYZ crowd, as seen on Twitter.

Yet Charles is bending over backward in the attempt to appeal to those and other “diverse” groups.

In other words, Charles is trying to appeal to those who either hate him and the Monarchy (a relative few), or to those (the vast majority) to whom the Monarchy is a total irrelevance.

It will no doubt be argued by the msm that Charles is being brave and principled. To me, that whole project comes over as weak and ineffectual. As does he.

As blogged in the past, I have nothing much against Charles himself, whom I once met at a small diplomatic reception in Kazakhstan (in 1996). He has championed some issues of importance, including matters of architecture, town planning, animal welfare, and the environment. He may not always have been successful in that —a chequered picture—but he has tried. I think that that cannot be denied.

It must be hard simply to behave decently when you are told by pretty much everything and everyone around you since birth that you are wonderful, special, way above others etc.

At least Charles does try. Look, by way of contrast, at his brother, Andrew… [and see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/11/the-jew-epstein-and-prince-andrew-the-british-royal-family-has-another-scandal-maybe-its-time-to-just-get-rid-of-them/].

However, this Coronation, far from boosting Charles, may well prove to be the start of his —and the Monarchy’s— downfall. He has invited the head of Sinn Fein to attend, yet not members of families close to the Monarchy for decades, even centuries (and not some individuals close to the late Queen).

The whole thing seems to be a “woke”, fake-“diverse” circus of nonsense grafted onto the comfortable and customary mediaeval and Victorian base.

Maybe that is why Meghan Mulatta is not going to attend, because she realized that she would just be one more “diverse” exhibit in the show.

The last Coronation, in 1953, was (apparently) eagerly awaited by much of the population. Sales of then-still-new- TV sets exploded, because it was going to be the first televised Coronation. Much of the population was engaged and, it seems, felt involved, even if, inevitably, only as background chorus and spear-carriers.

Now? Well, writing this piece, I actually had to look up the date of this Coronation, to remind myself (Saturday, 6 May 2023). I noticed one of the Readers’ Comments to that Daily Mail report: the comment said “I am being swept along in [sic] a wave of apathy“. Despite the error, surely correct. I have not yet spoken to anyone who has mentioned the Coronation in any way, positive or negative. Public interest is at or near rock-bottom.

I have blogged before to the effect that what will kill the Monarchy is not hatred, anger, or even principled dislike, or ideological opposition. No, what will kill it (and is killing it) is apathy as much as anything; the fact that the Monarchy, the Royal Family, their activities etc, have just no connection to, or relevance for, most of those living in the UK today.

For all the “diverse” nonsense, most of the non-whites, indeed most of the non-Brits, are simply not interested. Even in the white (British) “community”, there is a demographic split, most of the over 65s not only interested in the Monarchy but supportive of it; as for the under-30s, not. I think that a recent opinion poll said that about two-thirds of the under-30s would like to get rid of the Monarchy. Again, though, the reason is not anger (as in England in 1649, France in 1789 or Russia in 1917) but simple apathy and lack of interest both in the Monarchy and in getting rid of it.

The other glaring fact is the sheer struggle so many now have simply to pay bills, keep a roof over the head, children and companion animals fed, and so on.

The Monarchy will go at some point but , in the much-used phrase of Nevil Shute, “not with a bang but a whimper”.

Marina Purkiss

“In one astonishing moment, she raised the recent renaming of Black Boy Lane in Haringey, north London. Believing she had found a winning line, she insisted that ‘If you had a street named White Trash you might want to rename it’. Why Purkiss considers ‘black boy’ to be a slur on a par with ‘white trash’ was never made clear.

[Spiked magazine]

Marina Purkiss, a “woke” idiot who thinks that civil rights or human rights such as freedom of expression are unimportant.

Alarming but not surprising that huge numbers of Twitterati think that she is great (and that she somehow “smashed” Jacob Rees-Mogg in that interview).

No doubt Marina Purkiss will continue to make a kind of career out of intellect-free emoting on socio-political issues. She apparently also has other, and remunerated, activity online.

Not that cost-of-living issues are unimportant. In fact, when people start to really struggle, in large numbers, that is precisely when they turn to radical and even revolutionary alternatives which may, down the line, be dictatorial and anti-free speech.

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Ask not for whom the bell tolls…it tolls for thee“…

That could be the moment for social nationalism to strike. The missing element is a party or movement. At present there is none worthy of the name. However, in times of crisis and desperation, a party, movement, or individual personality may arise suddenly, out of the depths of the people and events.

Look at that crematorium drone, ordering better people than himself back to their places. The “panicdemic” really brought out numbers of self-important nobodies of that type. No more were they simple supermarket workers, shopworkers, or filling station cashiers. Oh, no! Now they were workers on the front-line of the “Covid” “emergency”, armed with powers (they thought) to order people back, forward, sideways, or to wear muzzles etc, just like instructors dealing with slow-minded military recruits. I had a few clashes with that sort in 2020-21. How they must have hated having to return to stacking shelves…

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[East Berlin, 1970s; reminds me of a few places in South London]

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You still see anti-Hitler propaganda about the alleged euthanasia of some medical “hopeless cases” in the late 1930s. Not everything done in the Reich was correct, but what was done of that type was pretty much on a par with what was happening in the UK, USA and elsewhere. The Jewish lobby (mainly) screams endlessly about “the evils of Nazism“, when in fact the same was happening across Europe and North America, but you never or rarely hear about that.

As for a situation such as that in the last few years in the UK, even the Jewish lobby can hardly blame Hitler and the NSDAP for that

By reason of the repression of free speech already well-advanced in the UK, I am “not allowed” to say what I want to say about what should be done right now…

So people will be “expected” (required?) to stay incarcerated in something akin to an open prison, albeit with cafes and wine bars (in some cases)? Presumably, also forbidden from saying or writing anything anti-“communitarian”…

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The future of ground conflict?

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Diary Blog, 27 April 2023

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Au contraire!

I recall when I returned to the UK from the USA in the early 1990s and was trying to launch myself as a practising barrister out of rather rackety chambers in London. Through a series of odd events involving people from the former Yugoslavia, I had met a lady who lived in Hampstead Garden Suburb. Though not Jewish, she knew a number of wealthy Jews in Hampstead and elsewhere. She had been a high-flying model many years before, and had been on the cover of magazines such as Vogue. She had lived in Switzerland and in Montreal, and her style might be called “cosmopolitan wealthy”— a big Mercedes, furs, jewels etc.

We became involved, and she wanted to help me get work (legal cases) via wealthy solicitors that she knew. She told me post factum about one with whom she lunched, and to whom she had recommended my abilities. A Jew, his first question in reply had been to say, “is he Jewish?” Obviously, my girlfriend replied in the negative. Needless to say, no briefs came my way from that one.

Well, there it is.

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Diversity is a strength“…oh, no…wait…

Sad, and slightly infuriating, though tweeter “@JasonPedlow” is wrong in saying that the said pensioner could “obviously” get Personal Independence Payment [PIP]. In fact, the very opposite is true— he obviously could not, because he is, on the facts as given, a pensioner, and a claimant has to be under State Pension Age to apply for PIP: see https://www.gov.uk/pip/eligibility. He could, however, apply for Attendance Allowance, worth rather less than PIP but still worth having: see https://www.gov.uk/attendance-allowance/eligibility.

Said pensioner would also be entitled to Pension Guarantee Credit: see https://www.gov.uk/pension-credit/eligibility. That would also confer, in principle, further benefits: maybe housing benefit, if he rents where he lives; also various one-off government payments.

Having said all that, it sounds like the said pensioner is a bit of a dimwit, worrying about what non-existent or unimportant people might think about him collecting various benefits, or worrying about some absurd “principle” invented in his own head. At a time when the Government has thrown away billions, hundreds of billions, on the “panicdemic”, on “Ukraine” (the Zelensky regime), on the importation of millions of blacks and browns and others etc.

Some people actually wilfully deprive themselves, and often pointlessly.

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Yes. The poorer Ukrainians are stuck, either in the war zone or in the collapsed society and economy brought about by the Zelensky regime.

Most of those in the UK now are just ripping off whatever they can.

Jewish-lobby puppet Starmer is basically a System drone, so of course he opposes proportional representation. Also, it looks possible that Labour will achieve a majority in 2023 or 2024. Short-term thinking, of course.

As for the graphic re. public ownership, it is clear to me that what real British people want, if only unconsciously, is social nationalism.

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‘Nuff said?

In fact, tweeter “Spriter” has got it wrong this time.

In international law, the once-accepted theory of “extraterritoriality”, i.e. that the territory of an embassy consists of the territory of the sending state (the state to which that embassy belongs) has not been accepted for many decades. The currently-accepted theory is that an embassy (building with grounds) is on the territory of the accepting state, but that privileges and immunities attach to both the embassy site and (in varying degrees) to its diplomatic, administrative, and technical/logistical staff.

Those who live will see“…

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/02/04/white-flight-in-a-small-country/.

The England of 1966 (the last year before my family moved to Australia when I was 10) may not have been a Garden of Eden, but it had something the England of 2023 does not have; it also did not have quite a lot that our present society does have— and which is so hateful.

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[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symphony_No.16(Myaskovsky); photo shows WW2 Ilyushin Il-2 “Sturmovik” ground-attack fighter aircraft]

Diary Blog, 26 April 2023

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It is tragic. I was just thinking about where the UK would be, in what state, had it not been swamped by waves of mass immigration and births to immigrant mothers. There have been other factors too, but the one that stands out is the demographic change since the 1960s.

It is true that white British people still comprise about 80% of the UK population, but the change has still been huge. Particularly so since the 1970s/1980s. A tipping-point was reached, sometime in the past 30 years or so, since when Britain has degenerated in most respects quite swiftly.

Even in the 1970s (which I well remember, having been born in 1956) Britain had so many paths open before it. The Second World War and its effects were receding into history, the standard of housing was improving, and the cultural life was lively. The Welfare State was generally improving the lives of millions, and there were improvements in areas such as educational access, pensions, disability benefits and services etc.

Now, in the past few decades, one feels that the world has shrunk, Britain has shrunk, and the possibilities open to British people (especially the “young”, say <30 years old) have also shrunk, and shrunk accordingly.

Look at housing. The pressures of mass immigration, births to non-Brits, commercial speculation, and lack of vision, have combined to create, over large areas of the country, huge tracts of “boxes for people”, without sufficient garden space, road access, or service areas (shops, libraries, parks etc).

There is a pervasive sense of the population being almost entombed alive in their inadequate —and increasingly inadequate— housing.

The “revenge evictions” and “no-fault evictions” by residential landlords have become a scandal, millions of people are living in poorly-repaired, poorly-maintained, homes, and the governments of the past couple of decades have done nothing to change that. Indeed, they have made it all worse.

Britain is going back in some respects to the socio-economic conditions of the era before the mid-Victorian age, in that what mattered then —and increasingly now— is how much capital was (or is) bequeathed to people from parents etc. Jobs or positions held were secondary.

Today, we have a society in which young people have to borrow large amounts just to go to a (so-called) university, and it is no argument to say that most will never have to pay it back, because the precondition for non-repayment is that the ex-student will never have a sufficiently high income to trigger repayment! What a commendation!

Basic work scarcely pays at all, once taxes and the costs of simply being in a job (travel, clothing, inflated housing costs etc) are taken into account.

Even “professional” work now pays only a modest amount on those preconditions. We see now strikes and protests by the junior ranks of the medical and legal professions.

Even in simple economic terms, it is clear that Britain would be such a better place had the influx never happened. The British people would be, as individuals, hugely better off in everyday financial terms. Not only in financial terms, though; also, in terms of vision, society, and further possibilities on the national and individual levels.

The question though, is how to get from where we are to where we want to be.

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Very true.

The sad thing in the wider sense is that even those decrying the way things are have been brainwashed into saying “what’s racist about XYZ?” rather than saying “whether XYZ is ‘racist’ or not is of no matter“…

WEF is only part of the global matrix, interpenetrating with other institutions and programmes: UN programmes, IMF, World Bank, IPCC, New World Order (NWO), ZOG (the Zionist aspects of the NWO) etc. However, the WEF continues to push its alumni into lucrative and influential roles even if they have become hated in their previous positions: see, eg, https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/apr/26/jacinda-ardern-takes-up-leadership-and-online-extremism-roles-at-harvard.

Many echo those sentiments, and that fact accelerates the relative decline in numbers of white European people. Meanwhile, of course, the non-white population is reproducing in far greater numbers.

The social decline has also been impossible not to notice. Look, for example, at this tweet by the police:

Comment surely superfluous.

From the newspapers


Interesting article. I doubt that I would even recognize the Poland I saw on several trips by both air and car during 1988 and 1989.


More evidence that the drones of the finance-capitalist System can offer the British people nothing.


Mr Martin was jailed for killing Fred Barras, 16, and seriously injuring Brendon Fearon when they broke into his isolated farm in 1999.

Some locals quietly praise Mr Martin for taking a stand against crime. One said: “We had four break-ins. I know you’re not supposed to say this, but what he did stopped the burglaries.”

He added: “I don’t agree with the police and the legal system. They’re supposed to be impartial but they’re far from impartial.”

[Daily Mirror]

In fact, the isolated home of Mr. Martin was broken into at night by a group of “gypsies” (in fact, UK-resident Irish so-called “Travellers”), not (as the Mirror report implies) only two. He managed to get two of them (one killed, one injured).

The incident happened in 1999. I supported Mr. Martin then, and I have not changed my mind since then. He should have been given an award for courage, and certainly not charged with anything.

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A one-sided point of view in its implications, but still true.

I had and have little time for Corbyn, but the fact is that he was destroyed as Labour leader by a pack of malicious and politically-motivated Jew-Zionists and/or Israel lobbyists, posing (some of them) as the so-called “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA”.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

A few reminiscences

I was just engaging in my frequent not-guilty pleasure of looking at the Google Map and Street View site. Very addictive.

I have blogged before about how much London has changed since I stopped living and/or working there. I was a resident —on and off— from 1976 to 1998 in various sections of the metropolis, though mainly in Little Venice, and also for a while in 2001-2002, when I lived on the edge of London, in Higher Denham, Buckinghamshire, working out of both Mayfair (off Berkeley Square) and “legal London” (Gray’s Inn Square, where I was leaseholder of chambers in 2002; ironically, also the site of my unmerited, wrongful, and also unlawful disbarment in 2016, the so-called Bar Standards Board being situate in the same square).

Looking at Street View, I see that the area around St. Giles’ High Street (between Charing Cross Road and Holborn) has been hugely redeveloped. The Oasis open-air swimming pool, which I used a great deal in the 1980s, is still there, as is the old church of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, but a large development of new buildings occupies the area opposite that church, part of which area once had a government building without signs or markings, the car park of which always contained a number of unmarked Commer vans in green or grey, in the 1970s and 1980s used extensively by State organizations.

That building was possibly an outstation of MI5 or GCHQ, but I have no idea whether either was the case. The street entrance always had a standing sign just inside, displaying the “security status” or “threat status”.

I notice that a nearby site, that was once occupied by a pub or bar carrying several different names over the years, is now occupied by a new building containing, inter alia, some pizza joint called Vapiano. I often used one of its former incarnations, in the 1980s, when it was a marble and glass bar called the Cafe Munchen; I was a regular customer at that time.

Looking very different, that place had also (in the early 1960s, I think) been a location for a few scenes in a Peter Sellers comedy film about a group of London crooks (I am unsure about the film title).

A little way further afield, I noticed that the Punjab restaurant (est. 1946), on the corner of Neal Street, is still there. Another place that I occasionally visited, though later, in the early 1990s.

My having Saturn in Scorpio does tend to make me visit Memory Lane a lot, perhaps too much.

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Theresa May, prior to becoming an MP, spent 20 years at the cheque-clearing organization, BACS. Her case is far from unique. Take a look at my “Deadhead MPs” series on the blog. Tip of the iceberg. Many, perhaps most, MPs cannot even be described as “mediocre” overall. Deadheads.

The UK political system actively rejects anyone with real depth.

Leaves out the important component of ship-based and submarine-based nuclear and conventional missiles.

Hard going. They are apparently now in slow withdrawal or retreat.

I have wondered, since this time last year, whether the main Ukrainian cities will be left standing at the end of the present conflict.

Idiots, and indeed malicious idiots, such as Marina Purkiss, think that free speech being taken away does not affect people. Wrong. I know exactly how the attacks on free speech, and the general attacks on British culture and our (former) way of life, affect people, including me. I also know exactly (((what))) and (((who))) are (mostly) behind those attacks.

See: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/.

Part of the problem in the UK is that the police often do not understand the law and, moreover, often think that their powers under the law are either (as in the above case) fewer or lesser than they actually are, or greater than they actually are (and I have been the subject of the latter incomprehension more than once over the past decade, and have had to put policemen and policewomen right on various points).

Little Matt Hancock trying to be the big bad scorpion with a sting in its tail.

Late music

[Nymphenburg, Bavaria]

Diary Blog, 25 April 2023

Afternoon music

[Jean Pierson, 1964, Sunlight from the Mediterranean]

From the newspapers


A father who murdered a burglar outside his house had previously posted a photo of the vigilante played by Charles Bronson in the Death Wish movies on a neighbourhood group with the comment: ‘This is who we need.’

David King put the photo of Deathwish anti-hero Paul Kersey on the WhatsApp group in June 2019 after the wheels of his wife’s BMW M3 were stolen.

The career criminal [burglar/car thief] was left with a 5in-deep wound to his chest and the injury to his knee. He was so distressed as he hammered at a nearby door for help that he smashed the glass.

” Car thief/burglar] Neil Charles, 47, who had 66 previous convictions, turned up at the estate shortly before 1am on June 20, 2021, and was spotted on CCTV trying the doors of the Kings’ cars.”

[Daily Mail]

66 previous convictions…

Frankly, I think that those citizens are heroes, albeit that they arguably went too far in the heat of the moment. The sentences of “life, with minimum 21 years” (the father) and 19 years (the son) were very very harsh in all the circumstances. I should have thought that a minimum term served of, say, 5 years, would have been enough to mark any judicial disapproval (judicial, not societal— most British people would back the father and son, at least in principle).

The police too often show themselves completely unfit for purpose, useless, and the same is often true of the courts. People like singer and satirist Alison Chabloz actually get imprisoned in the UK for (in her case) lampooning some Jewish behaviour in song or in cartoons, while real criminals, who stab or slash people, or steal cars etc, are effectively let off.

Finally, I see that the Daily Mail has shown no photograph of the killed individual. I wonder why not…






David Irving was the academic hero of the above story. The report in the Guardian downplays his role.

I once heard a taped speech by Irving (given to the then-active discussion forum, the Clarendon Club, in the 1980s) which went into his role in some detail. Incidentally, Irving showed himself to be a confident, assured, and amusing speaker.

The Guardian report notes that System historian Hugh Trevor-Roper [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugh_Trevor-Roper] was damaged by his failure to see through the Hitler Diaries fakery, but downplays that too, in my view.

Trevor-Roper (a freemason who was very pro-Jew-Zionist) is still regarded by many as worth reading, while the Jewish lobby has demonized Irving and trashed his reputation, despite his books being far more interesting and accurate in relation to 1933-45 (Trevor-Roper covered a far wider historical time-scale in his works, from the early Enlightenment to the contemporary era).

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The “caring sharing” NWO/ZOG regime (in France) in action.

NWO/ZOG protocol…

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See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/, my assessment of Macron from 2019.

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Andrew Neil used to be, maybe still is, the best political interviewer around, but a few years ago started to come off the rails a bit, ranting about “Nazis” and “neo-Nazis” etc on his now-binned late-night BBC 2 TV show. Then he became part of the System “Covid” propaganda campaign.

See my assessment (updated) from a few years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/16/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-therese-coffey-story/.

Macron has become the first “unpopulist” President of France for a long long time.

Important because, should Biden retain the US Presidency after 2024, and then retire or die, Kamala Harris will automatically be sworn-in as President!

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Diary Blog, 24 April 2023

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Not that I ever “supported” Corbyn anyway, but there is no doubt that the so-called “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”] and other Zionist-Jew orgs and individuals conspired to remove Corbyn from the Labour Party leadership.

The silly thing is that Corbyn was not what I would call “anti-Semitic” anyway.

As for Diane Abbott, obviously I have no time for her on any basis.

Yes, we live (whether in UK or USA or EU) in a Western society with various rights and mostly fair-seeming laws etc…on the surface. Excavate a little, though, and you come to a very different layer, as Julian Assange discovered.

Penny Mordaunt is yet another of those MPs who have no intellectual or —crucially— financial independence, which means that she is totally dependent on the favour of the System.

As Marx predicted.

AI and robotics will finish the process. Untold millions of British and other workers will fall into unemployment and poverty, because their labour will not be required, having been largely replaced by ever more sophisticated machines. Without pay, and dependent on State benefits, they will be unable to buy the luxury, or even basic, products of the AI/robotics economy.

In those circumstances, “basic income” schemes will be brought in (we already see a crippled version of that with the UK’s “Universal Credit”).

In the end, in the title of the David Icke book, there may be a”robot’s rebellion” by the human beings thrown on the scrapheap, unless the people are too drugged by the opiates of the age, i.e. televized football, pop music, “celebrity” nonsense etc.

What is required is not 1930s National Socialism, as such, but a form of social nationalism which honours 1930s National Socialism and contains within it the essence of National Socialism.

In short, and in the words of the Old Testament, we “honour our father and our mother”…

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…even when self-defence is necessary and unavoidable, or for the good of the future of the peoples of the Earth overall.

Perhaps, but does the ultra-powerful USA really need “allies” to fight a nuclear, or even conventional, war? “Need” militarily, that is, not as a propaganda figleaf.


Captured by Russian forces 10 months ago. Life goes on…

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Diary Blog, 23 April 2023

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From the newspapers



Britain’s £3.2 billion aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales has been reduced to acting as a scrap-yard. Essential pieces of equipment are being ripped out of the stricken warship, a move that raises questions over its long-term future.

The UK’s second carrier has been in dry dock since breaking down off Portsmouth in August 2022.

Now Navy top brass have begun stripping the carrier – a process known as ‘cannibalisation’ – which will render HMS Prince of Wales inoperable for much longer. Lift chains, which allow fighter jets to be raised from below deck, electrical systems and sections of the ship’s gas turbines have been taken out.

[Daily Mail]

So will the few functioning ships of the Royal Navy now be tasked to fight Russia? Or China? Both? Or neither?

The UK armed forces have become a bad joke. They cannot even protect our own borders from migration-invasion by untermenschen.

Better not rename HMS Prince of Wales as the HMS Charles III. If it were to break down again, people might start to see parallels with the Monarchy…

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Are the Scottish people finally waking up to the ludicrous faux-“nationalism” of the SNP?

He is right.

Jesus H. Christ…

Another African post-colonial success story. Oh, no, wait…

A shambolic failed state. Without foreign money, arms, ammunition and direct intelligence flow, Kiev-regime “Ukraine” would now be merely territory to be occupied.

Free speech. Freedom of expression.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, in this case facilitated by three corrupt System MPs.

“…the welfare of the people is the highest law”: salus populi suprema lex esto [Cicero].

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How long before a ground-to-air missile supplied to the Kiev regime, then sold on the black market, brings down an airliner at Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, or Brandenburg?

Pretty miserable. Morale must be rock-bottom…

Sudan was once just one minor part of our huge and generally well-run Empire. Pity that that has passed into history. Now the blacks and browns fight for the right to cream off the bribes that accompany power in black Africa and elsewhere.

Yes, but so is the fake “Opposition”. Get rid of both.

“Euthanasia” or State-sanctioned killing of the “inconvenient”, not in National Socialist Germany, not even in Stalin’s Soviet Union, but in our supposedly “caring sharing” UK, in the 21st Century.

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Diary Blog, 22 April 2023, including a few further thoughts around AI, and freedom of expression

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Saturday quiz

Well, a modest 5/10 this week, but I still managed to beat political journalist John Rentoul, who scored 4/10. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8.

From the newspapers


 “…he thinks schools, universities and employers should actively discriminate against white applicants, purely because of their skin colour and their inherited guilt. Never mind that, say, a little girl born in the 21st century can hardly be blamed for the history of slavery. For Kendi, the mere fact of her genetic heritage is enough to damn her.

The second example is even more shocking. This is a chart produced in 2020 by the National Museum of African American History and Culture — part of the Smithsonian Institution, probably the most prestigious U.S. educational body of all.

The chart gives examples of ‘whiteness’ and ‘white culture’, which it clearly regards with disapproval. Sinister aspects of ‘white culture’ apparently include ‘hard work’, ‘self-reliance’, ‘the nuclear family’, ‘competition’, ‘delayed gratification’ and even ‘rigid time schedules’.

In just the first three weeks of this year, the NHS advertised for 19 ‘diversity and sustainability’ posts, with a combined salary of a cool £1 million. Indeed, in total the NHS in England alone employs an estimated 800 diversity and inclusion officers, costing a staggering £40 million a year.

[Daily Mail]

Is there any peaceful way to stop this slide to complete chaos or dystopian tyranny? Frankly, I think not.


Free speech. Freedom of expression.


Africa is no good for the white man any more. All African countries are now (i.e. now that they are African-ruled) shambolic, corrupt, and suffused with crime and extreme violence, though some more than others.

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Another UK policeman playing the poundland KGB operative in uniform instead of doing his proper job. It has become pervasive. The police are now almost useless in terms of protecting the British public, while waging the culture war against the British people, and at the instigation of both “woke” activists and (of course) the endlessly, relentlessly, whining and demanding Jew-Zionist lobby.

See also:


My assessment of Macron, from about 4 years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/.

As I have blogged previously, for me there are two main issues that stand out: firstly, at some point (and as Elon Musk has mentioned), AI gets to the point whereby it takes over the reins of its own evolution, no longer requiring, or even permitting, human decision-making to control that; secondly, AI may become so pervasive that it becomes almost impossible for any individual human being, or for humanity as a group, to live without it.

That is already to a large extent so in relation to, inter alia, mobile telephones, online access, debit/credit cards etc. Yes, you can live without internet access, without a mobile telephone (I have not had one for many years), without debit or credit cards etc, but it gets harder every month to live “off-grid” in that way.

Once cash becomes a medium of exchange used only by the marginalized, and not used much in supermarkets, larger shops etc, the System/matrix will have almost power of life and death over citizens. Say or do something anti-System, or anti the System agenda, and your banking services will be cut off, and you will find it hard to continue your political life, hard to conduct any business or profession, hard even to buy food, in the end.

“Conspiracy theory”? No. A number of people, such as Laura Towler, Mark Collett, Sam Melia (all of Patriotic Alternative) have had exactly that happen to them in the past couple of years.

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The possibility now exists for one, two, or more encirclements.

Ha. Reminiscent of Lieutenant Kije: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lieutenant_Kij%C3%A9_(film).

I wonder whether “the Ghost of Kiev” will become, over time, a figure thought by many to have been a real person, in the manner of Wilhelm Tell (or William Tell): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Tell.

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[Grotto Pavilion, Tsarskoe Selo, near St. Petersburg]

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I have already blogged a few times about my visit to the UK’s Porton Down “biolab” campus in Wiltshire in or about 1995, accompanying the then Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK; incidentally or co-incidentally, he was a trained scientist in the field(s) of biochemistry, microbiology etc: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serhiy_Komisarenko. See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porton_Down.

The sooner the Kiev regime runs out of arms, ammunition, and personnel, the better. Russia can take over Kiev and eastern Ukraine (east of the Dnieper) and start the work of rebuilding the damaged areas. Ukrainians (and Russians in Ukraine) live, in general, with lower living standards than Russians, certainly Russians from central or Baltic Russia (Moscow, Petersburg etc), and (as Putin has recently said) should be helped to a better standard of living.

Ukrainian police act as a press-gang, trying to force random and unwilling young men to become soldiers in Zelensky’s war.

The “May 9” reference refers to the so-called “Day of Victory” in 1945: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victory_Day_(9_May).

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[Reichskanzlei, Berlin, after the bitter defeat of 1945]

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Good, if obvious, points.

…or kosher ones.

London and the other large UK cities have gone the same way.

The cretins of what passes for the Kiev regime “high command”, and the similar idiots in Washington, cannot or will not see that, were Crimea actually to be isolated by a Kiev-regime fantasy “counter-offensive”, the Russian response might well be a tactical nuclear strike on the Kiev-regime forces, or even on central Kiev itself, obliterating Zelensky and his cabal (if that is where they really are).

The Ukrainians themselves are now starting to push back against the Zelensky regime.

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Diary Blog, 21 April 2023

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From the newspapers


A farmer who hired diggers and builders to illegally rip out trees along a riverbank has been jailed for 12 months.

But the farmer was jailed – and ordered to pay more than £1.2m in court and restoration costs – after a judge described his action on the Herefordshire river as ‘ecological vandalism on an industrial scale’.

Today he was jailed for 12 months and disqualified from being a company director for three years.

The cost to the damage to the River Lugg at Kingsland, near Leominster, and the embankments amounts to £600,000, which Price must repay in 12 months.

[before the vandalism]
[after the vandallism]

[Daily Mail]

I recall blogging about that greedy farmer-vandal at the time, 4-5 years ago. Good to see that he has been punished, and especially that he will now have to pay for the restorative work.


Interesting. I have been surprised at the —so far— relatively modest damage caused to the Ukraine rail system since early 2022.

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Ha ha!

…says an American woman whose only known job before getting into the System political racket was acting for a year or so in rock-bottom-quality soft-porn films: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joy_Morrissey.

Why is she even an MP in this country?

All aboard for World War Three…

Actually, if Ukraine were to be admitted, while a large part of its own territory is occupied by another power (Russia), NATO would be breaking its own rules, surely?

If it wanted to, and were willing to risk the anger of the “tail-wags-dog” USA, Russia could obliterate Israel in a matter of minutes…

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[Thomas Cole, The Titan’s Goblet, 1833; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Cole]