Can Labour Win A 2019 General Election?


Two days ago, I wrote a blog piece entitled “Can The Conservatives Win A General Election (or are they doomed)?

My conclusion was that the Conservatives are unlikely to “win” a general election in the sense of achieving a House of Commons majority, but that it is not unlikely that the Conservative Party might, after a general election in late 2019 or early 2020, still be the largest party, i.e. the party with the largest number of MPs.

Until recently, I thought that Labour would probably be the largest party in the Commons after a 2019/2020 general election; now I am unsure. I still think that Labour might beat the Conservatives in terms of numbers of MPs, but the chances must now be close to 50-50.

I now want to lay out my thoughts about Labour’s chances

Just as the Conservative Party has been running out of rank and file members and also (good) ideas for several decades, the Labour Party, though in recent years, under Corbyn, increasing its membership and activist support base, has at the same time been —-what would be the correct term?–laagering or hunkering-down or being concentrated in ever-fewer loyal constituencies. The membership of the Conservatives is still getting older on average (the majority now being over 51, and almost 50% being 65+ years old), whereas the Labour membership is more evenly-aged and far greater in numbers. The Conservatives can muster, at least on paper, about 160,000, whereas Labour has over 500,000 members or registered supporters. All the same, Labour now has 247 MPs, while the Conservative Party has 311.

It is a truth universally acknowledged…that it is better to win 2 constituencies barely than it is to win 1 constituency by a huge majority. That in a nutshell is the problem faced by both major System parties but particularly Labour:

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party now has the 10 of safest seats [sic] in the UK, according to a new House of Commons analysis of marginal constituencies…The briefing adds that the number of very safe seats – those won by a margin of over 50 per cent – increased by 21 in 2015 to 37 in June’s election. Labour have all of the top 28.” [The Independent]

Piling up votes in safe seats does nothing, or very little, for a political party under the British “First Past The Post” [FPTP] electoral system. Labour is piling up empty votes. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that Labour is now, to a large extent “the party of the blacks and browns” and other ethnic minorities (except Jews). The tendency of the ethnic minorities to huddle in concentrations, whether for historical, economic, cultural or other reasons, has resulted in concentrations of the Labour vote in areas already historically Labour-voting.

Another aspect to the above is the flight of white English people out of areas becoming “diverse” (in reality, changing from white non-diverse to non-white non-diverse), thus concentrating in those “ghetto” constituencies (or particular wards within constituencies) the “ethnic” vote.

Coming to Brexit, Corbyn has managed to sit on the fence so far. More Labour voters voted Remain than voted Leave, but more Labour constituencies voted Leave than voted Remain, another proof of the concentration of the Labour vote.

In one sense, Corbyn’s fence-sitting means that Labour can in theory appeal to both Leave and Remain voters; in practice, it may make Corbyn and so Labour seem undecided and indeed the victim of events, rather than the setter of the agenda.

Beyond all that, though, Labour has a policy message which might appeal to many, if it can be heard: nationalization or more regulation of public utilities and rail transport, curtailment of the excesses in the private-rental housing sector, an end to the demonization, bullying and even quiet killing by neglect of the disabled, sick, unemployed etc.

Even if Labour is the party of “blacks and browns”, that voter bloc, when combined with the votes of public service workers and those dependent on State benefits, must in theory add up to a vote of something like 30%.

Many commentators have said that, after a period of fragmentation, voters are returning to the main two parties. They say that because, in 2017, the main two parties got 89.1% of the popular vote (Conservative Party 48.8%, Labour Party 40.3%). This consolidation, however, was the result of specific factors which no longer apply.

In 2017, the LibDem popular vote slumped further from its post-Con Coalition collapse in 2015: from 7.9% in 2015 to 7.4% in 2017. Likewise, UKIP, having attained 12.6% in 2015, fell back to 1.8% (UKIP contested only 378 seats). In other words, Con and Lab were really the only two games in town in 2017.

The situation today is very different. The LibDems can appeal on several fronts: to Remainers, because the Liberal Democrat Party is the only unalloyed Remain party of any importance; to those who dislike both main System parties; to the “socially liberal” in London and the South of England (mainly). The LibDems are therefore in theory able to draw from the dissatisfied of both Labour and Conservative. It is important to understand that this is not a “LibDem surge”, more a negative vote against the two main System parties and Brexit Party, though also a vote for a clearly pro-EU party, the only one left [in England].

Then we have Brexit Party. Its mere existence, even on 10% or 15% of the nationwide popular vote, means that the Conservative Party can almost certainly not get a Commons majority. If Brexit Party stands (as promised) in 650 seats and gets an average 20%, then Conservative MPs will die like flies as their seats are taken by the LibDems, by Labour and, in a few cases, by Brexit Party itself.

Labour is fighting against the Jewish-Zionist contrived “antisemitism” protest or faked “storm”. That is not too interesting to the general public, but may support a wider narrative about “Corbyn the extremist”, someone supposedly not patriotic, a supporter of radical and in some cases very unpopular causes in the past. There again, there is the public scepticism about whether Corbyn can do the job of Prime Minister. However, it might be said in response that if Boris-idiot can do it, why can Corbyn not do it? That does rather beg the question, though…

Looking at the electoral picture in the round, I think that Labour will be able to mobilize its core vote of maybe 25%, maybe beyond that to 30%. The Conservative vote is tied to Brexit Party. If BP stands in 650 seats and if BP can get 15%, then I cannot see the Conservative Party getting more than about 30%. The LibDems will siphon off quite a few Remainer votes from both Lab and Con; overall that LibDem vote might amount to 15% or even 20%. “Socially-liberal” Jo Swinson is very pro-capitalist and her party might be an option for pro-EU former Conservative voters as well as some pro-EU and anti-Corbyn Labour ones.

The upshot seems to be that any 2019 or early 2020 general election might produce a Commons with Labour as largest party but as many as 60 MPs short of a majority; alternatively, a Conservative bloc far larger than that of Labour but still about 10 short of a majority. In other words, about where things are now.

My conclusion is that Labour might “win” in the sense of becoming the largest party in the Commons, but cannot at present get a majority.


Update, 21 September 2019

This, below, is all too typical of the sort of person now prominent in “Labour” and what is left of the trade unions:

Riccardo La Torre, firefighter and Eastern Region Secretary of the Fire Brigade Union, branded the coast patrol “despicable” and said: “These have-a-go, racist vigilantes have no place in any kind of enforcement or emergency activities and will only serve to make conditions and tensions worse.”

“These groups claim to be the voice of the working class, but now they want to act as an arm of the authorities by patrolling beaches to apprehend struggling working-class people desperately trying to get to safety.” []

So “Riccardo La Torre” (que?), a regional secretary of the Fire Brigade Union, thinks that migrant invaders from Africa and the Middle East are “working class people, trying to get to safety”?!

From, er, France? There you have in a nutshell, the craziness that is much of “Labour” now. Alien migrant-invaders are “working class people” who should be allowed to occupy the UK at will (and be subsidized too)! Note the fag-end “Marxism”, trying to shoehorn the facts into some 1980s polytechnic back-of-postcard Marxism-Leninism.

Update, 23 September 2019

This creature might well be Home Secretary under a Labour government…

Can The Conservatives Win A General Election? (or are they doomed?)

We are where we are, in the now-ubiquitous phrase. The prime-ministerial chair once occupied by the likes of Pitt, the 1st Duke of Wellington, Gladstone, Lloyd George, Churchill, Attlee, Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher etc is now occupied by a public entertainer of mixed ethnic and cultural origins, born in New York City, brought up partly in the USA and Belgium, and until recently a dual passport-holder. A rootless cosmopolitan playing out a performance as an “upper-class” “Englishman” caricature. Am-dram Churchill. Poundland Churchill.

Boris Johnson, Boris-idiot, Boris the clown. More to the immediate point, Boris without a majority, soon. As a child of eight years, Boris Johnson wanted to be “world king” and has for decades schemed and cheated and lied in order to get to the nearest position (outside the monarch’s own ambit) that England allows: the rank of Prime Minister. However, he has not become “King of the World”, but “King for a Day”, the traditional role, in the Revels, of the Jester or Fool (“…for who but a Fool would be King for a Day?”).

The Conservative Party elected Boris Johnson its leader. Conservative MPs voted to reduce the field to two. Conservative Party members, some 140,000 of them, voted and 66% of them, about 92,000, preferred Boris Johnson. It is not my purpose of this article to rail more than en passant against the absurdity that allows a prime minister to resign and for her successor to be, in effect, elected by 92,000 (mostly very elderly, mostly rather well-off financially) Conservative Party members (out of about 50 million voters generally). This article is for the purpose of examining electoral chances.

First of all, we have the Brexit chaos. I favoured Leave. I still favour Brexit. However, the whole process was criminally mishandled by the Conservative government of Theresa May.

How will Brexit affect a general election? I assume that the House of Commons will not allow a WTO or “no deal” Brexit, and so any general election that is then called will see Boris Johnson parking his tanks on the lawn of Brexit Party and trying to go all out for, effectively, the Leave vote of 2016. There are dangers for the Conservative Party in that.

Brexit is not the only issue in a general election. Some more affluent voters may vote Conservative for tax or other reasons even if they oppose Brexit. Also, many in the population will never vote Conservative even if they favour Brexit. Many despise Boris Johnson and will never vote Conservative as long as he is the leader. This is, if chess, three-dimensional chess.

However, now that the Conservatives under Johnson present themselves as the “Leave”/Brexit party, it can be assumed that a sizeable number of former Conservative voters who favour staying in the EU will migrate, at least temporarily, to the only significant Remain-supporting party, the LibDems. Where else can they go? It might be argued that many Conservative MPs favour Remain, and that those MPs will receive a special vote based on that. Don’t count on it. The label is the primary motor, and if Conservative means Leave, many Remain voters will leave…the Conservative Party.

If the next general election is called without the UK having left the EU, or having left on terms dictated by the EU (Brexit In Name Only), then Brexit Party will be waiting to snap up the hard-core Brexit vote.

Brexit Party intends, at present, to contest all 650 seats. Its mere presence ensures that dozens, maybe even beyond a hundred, Conservative MPs will lose their seats, in some cases to Brexit Party, but in more cases to the LibDems or Labour.

There has been talk of a Conservative/Brexit Party electoral pact, but that carries the danger of gifting the Brexit Party a bloc of seats. which might challenge the Conservative Party more strongly later.

Labour, though now called by msm commentators a Remain party, is more nuanced. Corbyn’s fence-sitting tactic, though much criticized, is all that he can do in a circumstance where Labour-held seats were more often (about 60%) Leave-voting, though most Labour voters voted Remain (because, as I blogged recently, Labour votes are increasingly concentrated in fewer and fewer seats).

It may be, anyway, that Labour voters have concerns other than, or as well as, Brexit: low pay, the Conservative attacks on the social welfare and benefits system, the burgeoning crime and disorder problem etc.

The composition of the Boris-idiot Cabinet and government will not attract many former Labour, LibDem or floating voters.

My conclusion is that the Boris Johnson government may struggle to attract the votes of more than 30% nationwide. Recent opinion polls have put the Conservatives at anywhere between 23% and 30%. Labour has been between 18% and 28%. LibDems around 16%-20% and Brexit Party 14%-20%.

If the Conservatives continue to lean towards Brexit strongly, they risk losing many of their pro-EU voters to the LibDems, but if they try to fence-sit or move more towards Remain, many of their previous voters will vote for Brexit Party or stay at home.

There is also the Boris Factor, but we see that, even though there has been a “Boris Bounce”, its effect has been slight. The Conservatives are still polling at or below 30% (as is Labour). Indeed, it could be argued that, for many former Conservative voters, especially in marginal seats, Boris-idiot is not an attraction but a turn-off. I concede that that is a guess, but it is at least an educated one.

I have fed various recent opinion poll results into the Electoral Calculus calculator [see Notes, below], and it is quite hard to come up with a Conservative majority in the Commons. Most results show a hung Parliament with either Lab or Con as largest party. Only one showed a Conservative majority (of one vote). In several cases, both main System parties were as many as 80 MPs short of a majority.

Now we all know that the “glorious uncertainty” of the Turf is carried over to the field of battle of British elections. It is hard to predict elections in Britain and “a week is a long time in British politics”, as Harold Wilson said. Also, Electoral Calculus is a fairly rough guide. Having said that, it seems clear that, at least in the short term, the Conservatives are on the back foot here. Any gamble to increase the Conservative majority in the Commons may well backfire, as in 2017. That would mean the end of The Clown as Prime Minister, but would also mean something of a political and even Constitutional crisis.

These should be fertile days for social nationalism, but we are as yet not even in the game…


Afterthought, 29 July 2019

David Cameron-Levita as Prime Minister always made sure that the interests of pensioners were prioritized, in particular by introducing the “Triple Lock” on State pensions. Pensions have been one of several issues taking greater prominence over the years by reason of the increasing average age of the population of the UK.

There were clear practical political reasons for this policy. Support for the Labour Party at elections is fairly even across the half-dozen usual age groups, whereas support for the Conservative Party is concentrated among the old and middle-aged: just under 50% of all Conservative votes are those of persons aged over 65 years. Hardly any young people intend to vote Conservative (in the 18-24 age group, below 4%).

The loyalty of the over 65s has been reinforced by pensioner-friendly policies. There are signs now that the Conservatives intend to, in the oft-seen phrase, “throw the pensioners under a bus”. In 2017 Phillip Hammond wanted to remove part of the Triple Lock, but the DUP insisted on its retention in part-payment for DUP “confidence and supply” support in the Commons.

The Conservative Party is already getting some flak from the elderly for the BBC’s announcement that free TV licences will be withdrawn for those of 75+ years. There are rumblings about bus passes for pensioners. Overall, it is clear that the free market crazies now in the ascendant under Boris-idiot want to target the elderly as they have already done the disabled, sick, unemployed etc.

The Labour Party is now the party of the blacks and browns, those dependent on State benefits, and of the public service workers. The Conservative Party is now the party of the rich, the affluent, the buy-to-let parasites and the like, and (many of) the elderly. If the elderly who are not particularly well-off desert the Conservatives, the Conservative Party is in big trouble, because only about 10%-15% of UK voters can really be described as rich or even affluent, certainly no more than 20%. In 2017, the Conservative vote amounted to 42.4% of votes cast. If half or more of those votes suddenly disappear, the Conservative Party is quite likely to disappear with them.

Further Notes

Update, 3 February 2023

Well, we all now know that, in December 2019, Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party won a supposed “landslide” at the General Election. In fact, the Conservative Party vote was only 43.6% of votes cast, but Labour’s vote fell to 32.1%, and that decided the matter.

Key was the decision of Nigel Farage to stab in the back his own candidates and supporters by withdrawing Brexit Party from serious contention. That was the key act that ensured a Johnson/Conservative win.

Brexit Party ended up with 2% of the vote nationwide. Had Farage and Brexit Party gone all out to win from the start, Brexit Party might have got 15%, which though giving Brexit Party few if any seats, would have tipped the balance back to hung Parliament territory.

Other factors were the elderly and late middle-age voters sticking with the Conservative Party, and the relentless and mainly Jewish anti-Corbyn campaign in the msm, which helped to crush Labour’s chances.

The Boris Johnson Cabinet

I start this examination of the new Boris Johnson government by posting part of an interview with Nicholas Soames MP [Con, Mid Sussex]

I have, of course, blogged about Boris Johnson before:

Any brief perusal of my above blogs about Boris Johnson will show that I am unremittingly hostile to him, despite the fact that I have always favoured Brexit (which he also now does, though only or mainly because it suits his narcissistic ambitions). What I want to do in this blog article is to examine those he has chosen to be in and around his Cabinet. I cannot examine every one for reasons of space and length, so I have chosen to focus on a few key players, as well as on the overall thrust of this new Cabinet.

Priti Patel

Thick as two short planks, Priti Patel is now a “British” Cabinet minister, having been saved from spending her life serving customers behind the counter of a Kampala grocery shop by her parents having immigrated to the UK, “several years” before Idi Amin became Ugandan leader in 1971.

Priti Patel is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, and was exposed as being effectively an agent of Israel only 2 years ago. This daughter of Indian immigrants, this Israeli agent, this expenses-freeloader (she “employed” her husband part-time, on expenses, from 2014-2017) and supporter of harsh and cruel policies is now going to rule over British people as Home Secretary.

Hard to believe that an MP, let alone a Cabinet minister, could be as plainly thick as Priti Patel really is, but the fact that she is has been proven time and again. Example:

Esther McVey

A few facts about Esther McVey in government:

Now Minister of State for Housing, not normally a Cabinet post, but it seems that she is either being treated as a member of the Cabinet or is at least attending. It will be recalled that she was partly responsible for implementation of the ghastly “bedroom tax” created by [Conservative Friends of Israel] Iain Dunce Duncan Smith and jew “lord” Freud.

McVey is someone who was willing to accept and promote the attacks on the poor, disabled and unemployed (and the elderly) during her previous time in government. She is also a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. She is yet another one who is as thick as two short planks, her cartoon view of the world being expressed in a Liverpudlian accent almost impossible to understand.

Dominic Raab

Half-Jew, though supposedly not brought up culturally Jewish. Hard-faced careerist. As far as I know, another member of Conservative Friends of Israel. Has visited and worked in Israel/Palestine.

Sajid Javid

A Pakistani, though born in the UK. A very weird individual, who is obsessed by the Jewess known as “the philosopher of selfishness”, Ayn Rand:

Sajid Javid, a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, is so pro-Israel that he even spent his honeymoon there, despite he and his wife both being non-Jewish. As Home Secretary (2018-2019), he made the astonishing assertion that he supports the violent “antifa” thugs [

and he has been seen at Scotland Yard events alongside Jewish Zionist “activists” such as Stephen Silverman of the malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA” cabal (Silverman being someone who has been exposed in open court as a serial troll and harasser, and who used pseudonyms to disguise his identity while doing that). Silverman and the CAA attempt to influence government and police policy in favour of Zionism and Israel, working with groups such as “UK Lawyers for Israel” etc, the memberships of which often overlap.

Javid, unsurprisingly in view of his background, thinks that mass immigration has benefited the UK!

Javid became a director of Deutsche Bank in 2000, leaving in 2009, by which time that bank had become one of the main “drivers” (causes) of the worldwide banking crisis:

This person, Sajid Javid, is now the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Cabinet minister in charge of government finances, tax, overall financial strategy etc. Very worrying…



Grant Shapps

Jew and member of Conservative Friends of Israel. Exposed in 2012 as having used two pseudonyms in order to basically cheat members of the public by selling them dodgy business and self-improvement courses! He even got into the Palace of Westminster using those false IDs! In fact the Jew has a history of dodgy business dealings, tax dodging and cheating the public.

Now Shapps has been appointed to the Cabinet as Transport Secretary! You really could not make it up. Speaking of transport, when will my train arrive?


This “government” is, in the immortal words of Johnny Mercer MP (applied to Theresa May’s tenure) a “shitshow”. In fact, if the Theresa May government was a “shitshow”, Boris-idiot’s one is going to be a total shitshow!

Mark Spencer

Not a Cabinet minister, but the new Government Chief Whip, who attends Cabinet and is a key figure, especially in a government with no majority and even with Democratic Unionist Party [DUP] support only a majority of 3 or 4, which will probably soon be 1 or 2, depending on the result of the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election and whether Charlie Elphicke MP [Con, Dover] is allowed to remain on bail (and so vote in the Commons), having been charged with three sexual assaults against two women:

The Guardian journalist and Chief Political Correspondent, Jessica Elgot (a Jewish Zionist who, if memory serves, blocked me on Twitter before I was expelled), has penned this cheerful piece about Spencer:

Jessica Elgot’s Guardian piece somehow neglects to mention that “Spencer attracted criticism in early 2015 after suggesting that a man with learning difficulties who had been left without food or power after being sanctioned for arriving four minutes late at the benefit office should “learn the discipline of timekeeping“” [Wikipedia]; or that

In January 2016, Spencer was one of 72 MPs who voted down an amendment in Parliament on rental homes being “fit for human habitation” who were themselves landlords who derived an income from a property.” [Wikipedia]

In other words, Mark Spencer is a hard-faced bully type, as well as being a parasite landlord. What a horrible bastard.

I wonder whether new Chief Whip, Mark Spencer MP, is also a member of Conservative Friends of Israel? IMO, odds-on…

The immediate reaction about the new government from John Rentoul

My View

This is a disaster of a Cabinet, a disaster of a government, led by a part-Jew public entertainer who probably should never have been even a backbench MP, certainly never have become even a junior minister, let alone a Cabinet minister. That such a person is now Prime Minister of the UK, and leader of one of the two main System parties, is an indictment of that same political system. The political and electoral systems are broken. The House of Commons is full of trash.

What else? Well, as we have seen, all those examined (including Boris-idiot) are Conservative Friends of Israel, with at least one (I think maybe three) being in effect Israeli agent(s) of influence (if not more). The same will be true of the rest of the Cabinet.

This is not only the most pro-Jewish Lobby, pro-Israel Cabinet ever, but the least truly British (in any real sense; yes, they have British passports; actually, some have or had others, like Boris-idiot, who actually was a US citizen with a US passport until quite recently!); Sajid Javid— Pakistani; Dominic Raab— part-Jew, Priti Patel— Indian.

Even The Times of Israel impliedly agrees!

and the Jewish Chronicle!

*and look at this:

Johnson’s maternal great-grandfather was a Russian Jewish immigrant named Elias Avery Lowe.” [Breaking Israel News]

““I feel Jewish when I feel the Jewish people are threatened or under attack, that’s when it sort of comes out. When I suddenly get a whiff of antisemitism, it’s then that you feel angry and protective.” [Boris Johnson]

In addition to his Jewish ancestry, Johnson has even stronger ties to Israel through his Jewish stepmother, Jennifer Kidd Johnson, who married his father Stanley in 1981. 

In 1984, Johnson, age 20, and his sister Rachel spent six weeks in Israel, volunteering on Kibbutz Kfar Hanasi, approximately 22 miles north of the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel. 

The visit was coordinated by Michael Comay, a career Israeli diplomat and close family friend of Johnson’s stepmother. Comay and his wife Joan connected the Johnson siblings with the overseas volunteer program at Kibbutz Kfar Hanassi.” [Breaking Israel News]

Several of those appointed to Cabinet, including Raab, Priti Patel and Liz Truss, were co-authors of the notorious booklet Britannia Unchained, their credo being unrestrained finance capitalism and the British people as slaves to usurers and employers:


  • “Britain needs to adopt a far-reaching form of free market economics, with fewer employment laws”;
  • “The British are among the worst idlers in the world. We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor. Whereas Indian children aspire to be doctors or businessmen, the British are more interested in football and pop music.” [Wikipedia]

Well, I agree about the football and pop music etc, but the rest postulates as an ideal a dystopian economic slave-society (is that surprising, when you see that the booklet was written mostly by those from non-British, non-European backgrounds, societies where slavery and serfdom are still ubiquitous: India, Pakistan etc?)

What now?

So unfree is the UK already, that if I were to print what I really believe should be done to remove this government of evil, I should probably have the police at my door.

In terms of what might happen politically or electorally to remove this unelected System dictatorship led by Boris-idiot, it is a grace from God that its Commons majority is almost non-existent even with its bought (by Theresa May) DUP support. Soon it will have no majority in the Commons even with those bought DUP votes.

The Brexit dilemma is the first matter. It is suggested that Boris-idiot will try to leave the EU either without agreement with the EU, or with an agreement not much different than that Theresa May agreed, but which was rejected by the Commons. The probability must be that the same will happen again. If so, Johnson will before long face a no-confidence vote, which probably but not necessarily will lead to a general election. Johnson thinks that he can win such an election. Not if Brexit Party stands 650 candidates as promised. Brexit Party may sink the Conservative Party even if it itself fails to win a single seat.

On the other hand, if Boris Johnson makes an electoral pact with Nigel Farage, eg guaranteeing Brexit Party a free run in say 50 seats in return for the reverse in the remaining 600, that is a gamble which threatens to destroy the Conservative party as a main national party contesting all seats. It also risks creating a far more powerful because far more credible Brexit Party.

What if Johnson in effect caves in, accepting a poor “deal” with the EU (assuming that the Commons approve it)? That would be the end of Johnson as Prime Minister even if he were able to cling on for a while. At the next general election, he would probably lose his own seat, as would 100 or even 200 of his MPs.

What about other matters unconnected directly with Brexit? The Conservative majority is now effectively gone already, with quite a few anti-Boris MPs likely to abstain on critical votes. This “government” scarcely has the strength to be called “lame duck”.

It is worth noting that the Conservative Party has not managed to win a really substantial majority at a general election since the 1980s, though in 1992 and 2015 it had enough MPs to rule (leaving aside Brexit) without serious interruption (which is why Mrs May’s decision to hold a snap election in 2017 was such a great error).

In the end, Britain needs social nationalism. This weak and stupid government of aliens is the opposite, a would-be tyranny of non-Brits, non-Europeans, and pro-Israel dystopians. It is evil and must go.

and still the show goes on


[above, Boris-idiot with some (full) Jews, including notorious paedophile, now deceased, Greville Janner]


[above, Boris-idiot, one of whose great-grandfathers was an Orthodox Jew rabbi in Lithuania, puts on his “ancestral” skull-cap at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Looks now as if Jehovah granted his wish! Still, be careful what you wish for…]

Notes and updates

Update, 27 July 2019

I was musing on exactly why Boris-idiot has appointed so many of what Ronnie Reagan might have described as “misfits, looney tunes and squalid criminals” to his Cabinet. Yes, they are mostly Leave supporters; yes, they are mostly those who supported Johnson in the Conservative Party leadership contest; but I think that there is another reason.

In my view, Boris-idiot was limited in his choice because so many potential ministers and Cabinet ministers simply would not and will not serve under Johnson. In fact many who served under Theresa May did not wait to see whether they might be reappointed or given other jobs. They ruled themselves out.

There are two or three aspects to this:

  • Many MPs and most former ministers despise Boris-idiot and simply cannot see him as a real Prime Minister of this country. They know that he was out of his depth as Foreign Secretary and that he is even more out of his depth as Prime Minister;
  • MPs mostly know very well that this government of crazies cannot last long, firstly because of its crazy and/or plain thick Cabinet ministers. When it falls, they do not want to be contaminated by association with it;
  • also, this government cannot last long because the Parliamentary arithmetic scarcely adds up even now. Once the Brecon and Radnorshire seat is lost (1 August 2019, this coming Thursday) and if Charlie Elphicke is convicted, later this year or early next year, of the sexual assault of two different women, the Government will have no majority at all, even with the DUP support bought by Theresa May. There is every chance that this government will be gone by Christmas. When that happens, the Conservative Party will probably either lose to Labour (i.e. get fewer seats), or at any rate get fewer seats than it now has. Either way, Boris will be gone as Prime Minister, his ignominious parody PM act having lasted only a few months.

Look at those who are now in Cabinet and in other ministerial posts! I have blogged already about some: Priti Patel as Home Secretary! This is a bad dream! Sajid Javid; Esther McVey!…; Grant Shapps…; Dominic Raab; Liz Truss (!); GAVIN WILLIAMSON…WHAT?!…the idiot who plays with his pet spider and wanted our troops to face the Russian Armed Forces with guns mounted on tractors or in the back of furniture lorries!…; even bloody Nadine Dorries is a minister of state now! Nadine Dorries, who was one of the biggest expenses freeloaders in the Commons, “employing” her recently-graduated daughters at the highest pay level permitted [in 2019, that level is £50,000 p.a.], and allowing one of them at least to occupy the taxpayer-funded flat in Central London meant to be for the MP’s own use, whereas Nadine Dorries actually commuted back daily to Bedfordshire (by rail, First Class, and of course again on expenses)! She also got all three (herself + 2 daughters) expensive new laptops and telephones etc on expenses! This is like a TV sketch writer’s joke!

I have little doubt that, just as his shambolic term as Mayor of London spawned the political comedy show The Thick of It, Boris Johnson’s term as Prime Minister will generate another political sit-com. The British people may not see the joke.

Well, enough for today, but anyone who saw Boris-idiot making promises of rail lines in Northern England when he was speaking in Manchester today saw a person well out of his depth, putting on a “prime ministerial” act and failing to raise to even a decent am-dram level. As a speaker, Johnson is poor (though his ad-lib humorous style might be OK for after-dinner speechifying). Content? Very poor. Delivery? Amateur and unconvincing.

Finally, one must ask why so many Conservative MPs voted for this clown to be their leader. I think that the answer is that most of the other candidates were also very poor, and even the few with potential to do the job of PM (leaving aside my firm ideological opposition to them) had impediments, such as that they were Remain supporters (eg Rory Stewart) or unconvincing recent Leave convertees (Jeremy Hunt and maybe Stewart), or with a negative public image (Michael Gove, a one-time cocaine abuser, as well as a flagrant expenses cheat in the 2005-2010 Parliament and possibly later).

The vote for Johnson, by most Conservative MPs, was a gamble, the gamble that the public entertainer and bullshitter can “reach the voters other MPs cannot reach”. I think that the Conservative Party is about to lose its shirt.

Update, 28 September 2019

Michael Gove, seen intoxicated through drink or drugs in the Chamber of the House of Commons recently! This is becoming just bizarre! (ignore the silly “Nazi newspapers” comment by the tweeter. “Nazi newspapers”? If only…!)

Update, 6 June 2021

Noticing that very many people from across the world have recently been hitting this mid-2019 blog post, I have decided that I should update it.

Well, since my article was posted, much water under bridge. My analysis, though correct in itself, was blown out of the water when political snake-oil salesman Nigel Farage stabbed his own party in the back during the 2019 General Election campaign by standing down most Brexit Party candidates, and thus gifting to “Boris” an apparent “landslide” victory and, as a consequence, an 80-seat House of Commons. Farage’s action has, as an extra consequence, probably finished off the Labour Party.

As to Brexit Party itself, Farage closed it down, having effectively killed it. He then started another party, “Reform Party”, which he then abandoned to its miserable fate. Farage is now to be seen promoting investment ideas online. Politically washed up (but wealthy…).

Some other matters have changed since I wrote the main post.

Charlie Elphicke [] tood down as MP, was convicted and (in September 2020) imprisoned for 2 years. Arguably harsh for his very inept and minor sexual assaults. He will be released soon, after he has served 1 year. His now ex-wife was selected as candidate to replace him in 2019, and is now the MP in his place.

Both Sajid Javid and Esther McVey have left government but remain as MPs.

Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: the Jared O’Mara Story

Jared O’Mara [Lab, Sheffield Hallam] finds his way to these pages not, as have previous MPs so honoured, merely by being stupid or ignorant (sometimes and in fact usually combined with arrogance and dishonesty) but by expressing his mental and physical afflictions through his behaviour.

I suppose that most people feel, or feel that they should feel, sorry for those born with or otherwise suffering from physical or mental disabilities. However, my view is that, notwithstanding those feelings, I do not want such people entrusted with, inter alia, flying passenger aircraft, carrying out the duties of a surgeon, or helping to rule the United Kingdom.

According to Wikipedia:

O’Mara was born in Sheffield.[1] He has cerebral palsyhemiparesis and is on the autism spectrum.[10][11] He was educated at Tapton School, in the city’s Crosspool suburb,[12] and graduated from Staffordshire University with a first class honours degree in Journalism.[13]Before entering politics, he was a local school governor and had volunteered for Sheffield-based disability information services and charities.[13]

With friends, he ran West Street Live, a bar and music venue in Sheffield.[14]

O’Mara had stood as a Labour candidate in various Sheffield council elections.[13][15][16][17]He supported Jeremy Corbyn‘s election as Leader of the Labour Party in 2015 and 2016,[18]was a Momentum supporter and was backed by them during the 2017 election.

O’Mara graduated from Staffordshire University, one of the least convincing of the new wave of “universities” in the UK. I have no idea what a degree in journalism involves or consists of, but I do know that since the proliferation of courses in that subject, thousands of semi-literates have been let loose in the msm, with the result that one now sees egregious errors in spelling and grammar everywhere, but especially in the online versions of the old print newspapers. The Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror are among the worst offenders, replete with sentences including “he was stood at the back” and “she was sat at the back of the bus”. As for real knowledge of history, geography etc, forget it.

These new “journalists” often have no idea how to report accurately, either. Often, one has to scan a newspaper report several times before locating the salient facts. That is especially true of the court reports.

Enough of my discontent. Suffice to say that Jared O’Mara graduated in journalism, with a “first-class” degree, whatever that now signifies (my opinion: not much). He did not attempt to do any actual work as a journalist, however; he started, with friends, a bar with music, in Sheffield. He was engaged in that activity, it seems, for more than a decade until the 2017 General Election. At any rate, there is no other work or activity known, except for attempts at local elections and a stint as a local school governor.

At the General Election of 2017, O’Mara, with 38.4% of the vote, unseated Nick Clegg, the then LibDem leader (and 2010-2015 Deputy Prime Minister), who received a 34.7% vote share. The Conservative came in a moderately-strong third, with 23.8%.

Labour whip suspension over offensive online comments

O’Mara became a member of the Women and Equalities Select Committee in September 2017.[3] Following revelations of offensive comments he had made before becoming an MP, he resigned from the committee the following month.[34]

A series of derogatory comments about women and gay men posted by O’Mara on websites over a decade before he became an MP were revealed by the Guido Fawkes blog on 23 October 2017.[35][36] He commented about the Girls Aloud pop group: “I advise you to sack Sarah and the remaining four members (NicolaCherylNadine and Kimberley) come have an orgy with me”; and he said that the 2003 winner of Pop IdolMichelle McManus, had “only won because she was fat”.[6][35][37]

He has also been accused of making homophobic comments including referring to gay men as “poofters” and “fudge packers” and referring to jazz musician Jamie Cullum as a “conceited cunt” who should be “sodomised with his own piano”.[6][38][39] O’Mara apologised “if his comments caused offence” and resigned from the Women and Equalities Select Committee.[6][39] In a later speech, O’Mara said that the homophobic words he used were part of an Eminem record he listened to at the time.[40]

The following day, O’Mara was accused by Sophie Evans, a Sheffield bar worker whom he had met through an online dating app, on BBC Two‘s Daily Politics of having “made transphobic slurs” towards her in March 2017, and of saying in the same incident that she was an “ugly bitch”.[41][42] O’Mara denied the allegation.[43] On the same day, it also emerged that he had been posting derogatory comments about children in Sheffield and appeared to advocate corporal punishment to deal with delinquent youth.[44] Following the emergence of the comments to Evans, the Labour Party announced an investigation into O’Mara’s conduct, but stopped short of suspending him from the party.[45]

Further revelations were made public on 25 October 2017. On a Morrissey fan site in 2002, he was found to have made xenophobic insults, saying that Danes were “pig shaggers” who “practised bestiality” and referring to Spaniards as “dagos“.[46] O’Mara, when reviewing the Arctic Monkeys in November 2004, made several sexual comments including how “sexy little slags” danced to the band’s songs.[47] These revelations resulted in O’Mara being suspended from the Labour Party and therefore having the party whip withdrawn.” [Wikipedia]

Recently, it has emerged that the now “Independent” MP has completely abandoned any constituency work, does not bother to answer enquiries from his constituents, and has no staff, having sacked some, while others quit, unable to bear O’Mara and his behaviour. The most recent (and last?) staff member, the “chief of staff”, left very publicly, tweeting that O’Mara was “the most disgustingly morally bankrupt person I have ever had the displeasure of working with“, and “a selfish, degenerate prick“. The employee had only worked for O’Mara for 8 weeks! He added:

We’re left with a situation where there’s people in Sheffield Hallam who are not being represented, there are people who are waiting on their immigration status, there are people who are not getting houses, there are people having their benefits stopped and all these things stopped just because he’s not prepared to do his job properly.”

O’Mara is also, it seems, some kind of alcoholic, downing a bottle of vodka in the mornings (even before breakfast) on some days. It just gets better…

Below, the tweets the “chief of staff” sent out under O’Mara’s own Twitter account:

Despite the above, O’Mara has stated that he intends to stand again at the next general election. Some idiots have been defending him. The tweet below is typical of modern Britain, not just because the tweeter is non-white and painfully politically-correct, but because she seems to have no understanding of the fact that an MP is supposed to be there to serve his constituents, not use his status as a well-paid holiday or mental and physical therapy opportunity:

Pathetic. At least most people (see below) seem to understand why MPs even exist…

So there we have it. For me, the most important part of this story is how it has somehow come to be expected that, if an MP is disabled or mentally unwell, then the House of Commons should change to accommodate that, or if a woman has a small child, then the procedures of the Commons should be interfered with in order to make her daily life easier. Maybe mentally-ill, addicted or incapable people should simply not be MPs? Same with women MPs who have small children. They serve the country better by dealing with them, not by grandstanding in the House of Commons.

What about Sheffield Hallam, the unfortunate constituents of which now have even less help from their MP than is the norm? They must await a general election. There is no prospect of Jared O’Mara standing down, not while he can get about £80,000 a year plus expenses (London flat, utilities etc) paid.

Obviously when there is an election, O’Mara is gone, even if he makes some quixotic attempt to stand as Independent. The LibDems are probably in a good position to recapture the seat now. The Conservatives will be weakened by their national situation and by the Brexit Party (which threatens to stand in every English and maybe every UK constituency). Labour has little chance. O’Mara was the first and may be the last Labour MP elected for Sheffield Hallam (the seat was created in 1885). The Conservatives held the seat until 1997.

The present House of Commons; look upon its members, ye confounded…and despair.


Update, 25 July 2019

Statement from Jared O’Mara MP:

Statement regarding my mental health and recent events

In a few weeks, I will be making a follow-up statement regarding my position, until then I will be taking time out to receive professional help to deal with my mental health and personal issues regarding self-medication. During this time I would appreciate you could give myself and family privacy.

This is what I would like to say in the meantime:

I would like to start by apologising to my family, my friends and my constituents. I have not been honest with you about the depths of my depression and self-loathing. When I started this job in 2017 I was a different man: a confident and passionate man that wanted to help others. Sadly, I was unable to do that because very quickly I was bullied and mistreated in a harsh and unforgiving environment and that led me to be weak.

I wasn’t even meant to win the election. I stood because I wanted to give my time to support the democratic process and because I was inspired by Jeremy Corbyn and everything he had to say. Particularly about “Equality and Fairness”. I voted for him twice, was a member of his group ‘Momentum’ and practically idolised him.

But I got no support from him or the National Labour Party during the campaign. The previous Labour candidate Oliver Coppard (who I think should be the MP for Sheffield Hallam and I think is a top bloke) got funding and support nationally but I did not. The efforts of a small group of dedicated grassroots activists working to help me with the campaign I lead won that election for us. I will always be grateful to those amazing volunteers and all who voted for me. I don’t get many people backing me, helping me and supporting me in my life so it means so much when you do.

One person who constantly snubbed me and treated me less favourably than other people was Jeremy. He was the biggest shock of that election; not my victory. He has not been the man I thought he was nor that he appears to be. To the point that he and his team lied to you all last year. I was never let back in the Labour Party as they said. Nor was I ever ordered to go on training or “warned”.

They wanted me to act like I was when I was not provided with any details in writing about anything and they wanted me to act like I was guilty of those allegations from the two women from the pub when I had submitted hard evidence and witness details that showed I was not. So I had no choice but to leave the party I loved.

Within months of my appointment as MP for Sheffield Hallam the smears happened and I fell into a self-destructive nosedive. During my suspension Sam Matthews his team were consummate professionals but then Jeremy’s office took over the case and I had to get a solicitor involved because of disability discrimination in order to get it back on track.

The discrimination made things even worse. My mental health deteriorated further and I isolated myself from family, friends and constituents. My actions became erratic and my thoughts became incoherent to the point where most recently I suffered a delusional episode.

In May this year, I sent an email to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn asking them for help with getting Equality in parliament. Some MPs were parents who were not getting support and Maternity/Paternity cover and I wasn’t entitled to my rights under the Equality Act for adequate support for my disabilities and as such was not provided with the safe and necessary environment for me to speak in the chamber. This was to serve as my olive branch to Jeremy for the bullying he and his staff had put me through which caused me to leave the party in July last year.

Jeremy and his office then offered me a meeting by letter and by my parents’ observations I was visibly excited. Jeremy’s office then promised to get in touch with me and offer a selection of dates on a certain day but did not fulfil their promise, so I emailed the next day and let my disgust at their disrespect be known. Jeremy’s response was to make false reports about me being a mental health danger around parliament with a delegation of Labour safeguarding representatives and his staff. I know this because I have it in writing from the parliamentary doctor.

I was not then a mental health risk at that point but such gaslighting ultimately made me one.

About two weeks ago I told a staff member I was in love with her during the aforementioned delusional episode. I’d been paranoid for weeks that if I was mad like Jeremy and his team said I was then I’d do something like that. The messages I said that were not of a sober or rational mind and felt like an out of body experience when I sent them but I know that does not excuse my actions because I should not have been self-medicating with a drink to get into that state. It was my lowest point and I will be apologising personally to her and her family.

I want to become a better person again; like I was. I feel I’ve become unrecognisable and I want to make amends. I need treatment for my mental health and rest first though. I will make a further statement about my future in a few weeks.

Lastly, to my dear, old friend – the Noel to my Liam – Gareth: Thank you for sticking with me like I am sticking with you. How anyone put up with for this long is a mystery! That’s what mates should do. I wish you a good break, you have earned it.

I am so sorry to everybody for everything. You have put up with so much; all of you all my staff, my family, friends and constituents.

Thank you so much,

Jared O’Mara MP

Update, 28 July 2019

Well, only a day or two after I blogged, another twist in this story: O’Mara has now indicated that he will stand down as MP for Sheffield Hallam when the Parliamentary Summer Recess is over (3 September 2019).

So I was wrong in assuming that O’Mara would cling on as MP for financial reasons. He has done the right thing, or promised to do it. Credit where due. He has made the honourable decision to fall on his sword.

If only other MPs who have lost all legitimacy would follow O’Mara’s lead: Anna Soubry, Fathead Chuka Umunna and the other “Change UK” defectors, sex pest Israel lobbyist John Woodcock etc.

As to the by-election which will now occur in Sheffield Hallam (and which the LibDems must, even speaking so far in advance, have a good chance of winning), that will probably be held in October. I shall blog about it once the candidates are announced, which will probably not be until some time in September.

Update, 23 August 2019

Seems that my general suspicion might not have been quite so wide of the mark after all…

Update, 4 September 2019

Now O’Mara wants to “postpone” his standing down until the next general election! He may be a “fuck-up” mentally and physically, but he is cunning about money…

So now, O’Mara is going to keep getting the pay, “expenses” (inc. free London housing or hotel costs, utilities, food, taxis etc) for further weeks or even months. He has already said that he will not be doing any further actual MP work (not that he has ever done much), so all the money he gets will have been extracted on a basis of total dishonesty (regardless of whether he is ever charged with fraud as such).

Update, 23 December 2019

Well, in the end, this particular deadhead MP did not stand at the 12 December 2019 General Election. Labour put up a new candidate, a former Sheffield councillor, Olivia Blake, and she managed to hang on to the seat for Labour (just*):

* Lab majority in 2019 was 712; O’Mara’s majority in 2017 was 2,125. LibDem leader Nick Clegg’s 2015 majority was 2,353; his 2010 majority had been rather better— 15,284!

Update, 11 January 2023

“Former Sheffield MP Jared O’Mara has pleaded not guilty to an eighth charge of fraud ahead of his trial.

Mr O’Mara, who represented Sheffield Hallam from 2017 to 2019, is accused of submitting fraudulent invoices to Parliament’s expenses watchdog.

The 41-year-old previously denied seven counts of fraud by false representation relating to sums of £28,700 alleged to have been claimed dishonestly.

He faces trial at Leeds Cloth Hall Court this month alongside two others.

Update, 23 January 2023

Update, 8 February 2023

The LibDems Elect A Leader


I suppose that I should write a brief piece about the LibDems, now that they have elected a new leader. Somehow an underwhelming topic. First of all, the new leader.


Jo Swinson MP was born in Scotland in 1980, went to a local state school and then to the LSE, graduating, it seems, aged only 20, and with a degree in management. She then worked briefly for a small enterprise in Yorkshire before becoming marketing manager with public relations duties for a local radio station in Hull, called Viking Radio.

Elected as MP in 2005 [LibDem, East Dunbartonshire], she was PPS to Nick Clegg, then a PUS, then a junior minister, all during the time of the “Con Coalition” of 2010-2015.

Jo Swinson voted for all or almost all of the Con Coalition policies, and has endorsed both zero hours contracts and “flexible working”. I am not a LibDem, but I have to say that Jo Swinson is really rather far from the LibDem traditional stance on such matters. She comes across as almost “libertarian” as far as worker rights are concerned.

The other candidate, Ed Davey, is not far from Jo Swinson, ideologically, though I should say that Davey was the more intelligent candidate of the two, so it makes sense for the LibDems to go for the less-intelligent and less-educated Jo Swinson…Davey was also the more experienced candidate, being about 15 years older and having been in Parliament for longer (since 1997, compared to Swinson’s 2005); Davey was also the only one to have served in the Cabinet.

Both Swinson and Davey lost their seats in 2015 (Davey to a Conservative, Swinson to the SNP), but were re-elected in the same constituencies in 2017. Both are “doing rather well” financially outside politics too: Davey is director or consultant to a number of companies, while Jo Swinson’s husband, Duncan Hames, an accountant (and also a LibDem MP from 2010 until 2015), now works for Transparency International, a well-funded NGO.

The LibDems’ situation and chances

2010 was surely the high point of LibDemmery. 57 MPs (out of 650) and a share in government: the Con Coalition. In 2005, under the egregious Charles Kennedy, the LibDems had won 62 seats out of 646, but were not in government.

The LibDems got 23% of the popular vote in 2010, but only about 9% of the MPs.

I believe that the LibDems could have demanded electoral reform from the Conservatives. They did not. They sold their chance for a few ministerial places, for official cars, red boxes, rank and flummery. In return they (Ed Davey and Jo Swinson among them) voted for every misconceived “Conservative” measure: the appalling regime of hounding of and cruelty to the poor disabled, sick and unemployed; the whole nonsense of “austerity”, which left the UK economy almost alone in advanced states in being mired in recession and/or low growth for years; the near-destruction of the armed services as an active and effective global force. For all that and more, for being doormats for the Conservatives, the LibDems were punished by the electorate.

In 2015, the LibDem vote slumped to 7.9% (8 MPs), then slumped again in 2017, to 7.4% (but, by the vagaries of the British electoral system, the LibDems ended up with 12 MPs).

In the 2019 UK European elections, the LibDems came second. I blogged about them then:

but they failed fairly miserably at the Peterborough by-election a week or so later:

I do not think that I have a lot to add to what I then wrote. My view is that there is and will be no “LibDem surge”, but what there might be is a LibDem gain from the decline of both of the other main System parties, as well as an electoral benefit arising from the Brexit Party surge —if it happens— in the South of England, mainly, where the LibDems are not infrequently in 2nd or close 3rd place.

If the Conservative Party is hit badly in the South, its voters split between Con and BP, the main beneficiary is likely to be not the Brexit Party, and not Labour (in most cases) but the LibDems. In those circumstances (and “Change UK” having died shortly after birth), it is not now impossible to imagine the LibDems again having a bloc of 50 MPs, something that I admit I thought, until very recently, would be impossible. The LibDems may not deserve it, but might in any event get it. In fact, thinking of —inter alia— Boris Johnson, that might just be the epitaph of our present age.


Update, 12 December 2022

We now know that there was the 2019 General Election only 5 months after I wrote the above assessment. At that election, my initial judgment, rather than my later speculation, was vindicated: the LibDem vote increased from 7.4% to 11.55%, but the FPTP system resulted in the LibDems losing 1 MP. That MP was Jo Swinson, who exited political life, having led her party for less than 5 months (144 days).

After the departure of Jo Swinson, Ed Davey was elected leader.

The LibDems had 12 MPs after the 2017 General Election, which reduced to 11 after the 2019 General Election. However, since then the LibDems have had three by-election successes, taking their number to 14.

The 20th of July 2019: thoughts


Today is the 75th anniversary of the attempt made to assassinate Adolf Hitler at his headquarters in East Prussia, the Wolfsschanze (Wolf’s Lair), now situated within the borders of post-1945 Poland.

I blogged last year about matters around the event and around those times more generally:

What is there to add? Perhaps a reminder that human manifestations on this Earth do not last forever. The film, below, shows what the sprawling headquarters of 1944 is like today: as abandoned and lost as the cities of the Aztecs or the Mayans.

On the other hand, the devastated cities of the Germany of 1944 and 1945 are today thriving governmental, commercial, cultural and residential centres, with populations again in the hundreds of thousands or even millions.


[above, Dresden in 1945]


[above, Berlin in 1945; area shown is the Unter den Linden boulevard in central Berlin]


[above, Berlin in 1945; area shown is the Reichskanzlei or Reich Chancellery]

The above photographs show the devastation resulting from war. Today, those same areas are prosperous, busy, thronged with inhabitants. Some of the old has been replaced, some kept, adapted to contemporary usage.

The same is true of ideas. Both the practical and the spiritual-cultural achievements of National Socialism were huge, enormous, particularly when it is considered that they were achieved within only 6 years of peace, the years 1933-1939. SIX YEARS!









We do not need to copy or indeed defend everything that was done by, or in the name of, the Reich. Indeed, many of the flaws of the Reich, or supposed flaws, existed and in fact were even more glaring in both the West and the Soviet Union of the 1930s. The Zeitgeist streamed over the world as a whole, like the jetstream.

In 2019, we honour what was good in the Reich, what worked for the German people and the peoples of all Europe. The rest, we do not need. Times move on. Some challenges remain; others, newly emerged, have to be faced for the first time.






BqhtYX6IcAA_3Lk.jpg large



We honour the past and stand ready to create the future.


After a 2019 General Election, What?

I just read a typically unsatisfying yet not completely uninteresting article in the New Statesman [below].

The conclusion of that article is that Boris Johnson will be forced to a general election before very long. Unlike msm talking heads, we have no need to say “whoever is the next Prime Minister”: the system is broken, the 100,000 elderly people actually given a vote love “Boris”, and so we, the other 65 million, are having imposed upon us the least honest, least competent, least loyal, least decent, least worthy, least genuinely British Prime Minister in living memory, perhaps ever.

The crunch is coming, but Boris Johnson has never kept to any “pledge” or promise, whether political or personal, so will not be bound by his “Leave EU by 31 October 2019” one either, in my view.

As I have blogged previously, Boris Johnson likes to be presented as a strong maverick character, whereas in fact he is actually rather weak: weak in logic, weak in general knowledge, weak in resolve, weak in ethical standards, weak politically.

Philip Hammond puts it more diplomatically: ” “He is actually a more complex personality than it sometimes seems,” Hammond said of Johnson in his interview. “He is a mainstream conservative on all topics except Brexit. I very much regret his attitude to Brexit. His own story, which is multicultural, multinational and liberal, speaks for itself.” [The Guardian].

Hammond’s words of course are two-edged and allude to Johnson’s part-Jew, part-Muslim, born-in-USA (and brought up largely in USA and Belgium) background, as well as his loose and indeed louche morality.

I may be overthinking this, because I do not see Boris Johnson as a determined —or indeed any sort of— planner (except in terms of trying to become Prime Minister for the past 20+ years), but I wonder whether Johnson foresaw that the Commons would block fulfilment of his “Brexit on WTO terms by 31 October” so-called “pledge”? After all, it would hardly require clairvoyance. The House of Commons has a large Remain majority.

If Boris Johnson “pledges” to leave on WTO terms on 31 October 2019 and if that is then blocked by the Remain majority in the Commons, Johnson can then sigh loudly in public and say “I did my best, but have been stabbed in the back by all those pro-EU MPs…”, thus absolving him from blame for not “delivering Brexit” (the EU will very likely grant further “extensons” etc…). Johnson can then present himself as the Tribune of the People, fighting the corrupt Remain MPs. A hero to fools…

From Johnson’s point of view, perfect. No need to actually negotiate with people who are more intelligent, more knowledgeable, better prepared than Johnson himself ever is, no need to put in much effort and, finally, also parking tanks on the lawn of Farage and Brexit Party (that less certain, though).

What if it goes wrong for Boris-Idiot and there is a no-confidence vote? I am wondering whether the prospect of this stupid clown as Prime Minister, even leaving aside Brexit, might not be enough to make some Conservative Party MPs abstain in a no-confidence vote. I would not bet against it.

If Labour put forward a no-confidence vote, and if that succeeds, it might not mean an immediate general election. The Conservatives can put forward another, less obviously clownish MP as their prime ministerial choice. If all the Conservatives and all the DUP support that person, then that freezes out Corbyn and Labour for a while.

What if there is a general election? If Brexit Party put up a fairly full slate of candidates in England, and if at least some form of Brexit has not happened by then, there might well be an explosion of rage from the half of the country (more than half) that voted Leave in 2016. That explosion might well not spare the Conservatives who have so badly handled the Brexit negotiations for the past 3 years. After all, that inept performance calls to mind the other stupidities of the past decade.

Scotland seems likely to vote at least 40% SNP in a general election, creating (maintaining) a bloc of about 40-50 Westminster MPs. As for England and Wales, if you take out the blacks and browns (etc), and you take out London (and Gibraltar, which has no votes in Westminster elections), the Leave vote was around 70%. What does this mean?

First of all, Brexit is not the only issue. The socio-economic problems of the country play more to Labour’s advantage. What is letting down Labour electorally now is that it is seen to be largely the party of the blacks and browns, the immigrants and their offspring, as well as public service workers, and those reliant on State benefits. I speak in broad-brush terms of course.

The people who are voting Labour now and might vote Labour in any 2019 general election are concentrated in quite few seats, about 200-250, but some polls are saying that only 40% of 2017 Labour voters will vote Labour if there is a general election this year. Translating that into seats is not easy, but it could mean a substantial reduction from the position now.

The above is however affected by the effect Brexit Party might have on the Conservative vote, bearing in mind that, as with Labour, as high as 60% of 2017 Conservative voters say that they will not be voting Con next time.

If Brexit Party puts up candidates all over England and Wales, and scores at least 15% nationwide, the present 312 Conservative seats will reduce to about 250 and possibly fewer. Most will fall to the LibDems or Labour, but no doubt Brexit Party could win a few too. If Brexit Party can score 20%+ nationwide, then there might be only 150 Conservative MPs left.

We are in minority, possibly coalition, territory. Either

  • Labour + SNP or
  • Labour + LibDems; or
  • Conservative + Brexit Party or
  • Conservative + LibDems

One intriguing fact is that Boris Johnson is apparently marginally more popular with Brexit Party members than he is with Conservative Party members.

My guess today (in this volatile climate, one alters perceptions almost daily) is that it is a race between Labour’s vote (especially in the North) collapsing and the Conservative vote collapsing in much of the country, and weakened further by the existence of Brexit Party (even if Brexit Party itself scarcely wins a seat).

I cannot see Boris-Idiot lasting for long as Prime Minister— he is completely unsuited for such a position; but having said that, the country has already gone half-mad…


I had scarcely published the above when, about an hour after that, the Guardian published the report below:

“Brussels to offer Boris Johnson extension”… Quelle surprise…

There is also this now:


Update, 10 April 2021

Nearly two years later from when I wrote the above blog post, we look back at the December 2019 General Election and see that most of the analysis was correct. What made the prediction of Conservative Party electoral collapse misfire was the event few —if any— predicted, meaning that Nigel Farage, snake oil salesman, stabbed his own pay in the back, and withdrawing from active participation the majority of Brexit Party candidates, all of whom had actually paid for their own deposits (and more)!

All or almost all Conservative Party candidates were given a clear run by Brexit Party. Brexit Party candidates in some formerly Labour seats where the Conservative Party was always unlikely to win, were allowed to stand, as in Hartlepool, where the Brexit Party 2-i-c, Richard Tice, came a very close third and, had the party not been killed by its own leader, might have pulled off an historic coup in a seat Labour-held since it was created. Farage’s actions destroyed Brexit Party credibility during the campaign.

The net result was that, with most intended Brexit Party votes going to Conservative candidates, the Con Party achieved a huge 80-seat overall majority. Many Conservative candidates, especially in the North, won by fewer than 2,000 votes. Had Brexit Party put up more than a token fight, the Conservative Party might well not have achieved a majority at all.

As for Nigel Farage, after his treachery in 2019, he had the gall to wind up Brexit Party (literally, since it was set up as a private company) and start yet another party, Reform Party or Reform UK, which he then abandoned when offered a great deal of money in business. An out and out, controlled-opposition, con-man.

They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Ha!

Well, not me personally! In fact, the title refers rather to those who have tried to attack me over recent years.

Beyond those who seem to be obsessed with me personally (see below), I have noticed over the past 7-8 years on Twitter (my own account was closed down in 2018) that the platform does seem to attract many people who are mentally not normal in various ways. Indeed, many of those seem to take pride in their flawed mentalities and either proudly proclaim themselves to be this, that or the other, or frequently describe their conditions, medication, battles with the DWP or NHS etc.

I tend to look mostly at the more political side of Twitter, and there one does find a lot of mental instability and worse, and that particularly applies to those supporting Zionism, as well as “antifa” idiots. Most who attack me have mental problems (admitted by the individuals themselves).

When I had a Twitter account, one particular little bumboy even incited his relatively few followers to pour petrol over me and immolate me. I could not be bothered to report it to the police (or Twitter) at the time, though Twitter did suspend the pathetic degenerate’s account for a week. I daresay that he will get what’s coming to him in the end, one way or another. He will probably die of AIDS or something before any punishment comes to him from elsewhere. In the meantime, the same unpleasant little blot on humanity still tweets about me and how “evil” I supposedly am, though he does so only occasionally now. He thinks that he is anonymous and hidden, perhaps. He recently tweeted that he is “absolutely fine” about Nigel Farage being attacked with battery acid. Are the police interested? Probably not, since he has not posted rude pictures of one of the tame thick princelings and/or the Royal Mulatta, and has not tweeted anything “anti-Semitic”. One law for all? Hardy ha ha.

Dr. Tim G. Stevens

There again, we see, here below, another nuisance troll who spends time on Twitter: Dr. Tim G. Stevens, NHS consultant psychiatrist from Essex (via South Africa and Newcastle). He tends to tweet in the Jewish and Zionist interest, despite not being Jewish (certainly not full-Jew). He is in favour of mass immigration in the UK and was anti-apartheid as a Trotskyist student in his native South Africa. All the same, it seems that he has no desire to return to build the wonderful new “rainbow nation” South Africa, ruled as it is by an increasingly violent and corrupt African majority rule “democracy”. He is obviously capable enough of seeing the folly in that, but look at this absurd and recent tweet! 

Proof positive of mental disorder!

At first, Dr. Tim seemed to regard me as a person simply espousing an ideology with which he disagreed, but over time he has become virulently hostile, as can be seen in his tweets here below. 

Dr. Tim’s own mental health seems to have deteriorated between 2016 and 2018, looking at a selection of his many tweets about me. Just my honest opinion, of course. He starts off by being quite thoughtful in 2016, but by 2018 is all-out offensive and stupid.

Looking back at 2016, I wonder whether Dr. Tim started to understand that, in the 1930s, it was the norm for at least the leading or influential National Socialists to be highly educated, intelligent etc. The same is in fact true in 2019 of many social national people, but the Jew-Zionists, the “antifa” idiots etc usually want to portray them as “knuckledraggers”. Perhaps it is this cognitive dissonance that has sent Dr. Tim off the rails, apparently. He has recently been tweeting about how he has clinical depression and is on medication for it.

Even in 2016, Dr. Tim seemed obsessed by me and a couple of other tweeters:

In 2016, I am not (yet?) a “knuckledragger”, but by 2017 Dr. Tim thinks that I am a “sad sack“. Ironic, in view of his own (though only recently publicly-admitted) depressive condition…

In fact, and in case anyone is curious, I myself have never been diagnosed with any mental illness or condition…

An odd thing, though, for a psychiatrist to tweet about someone. Not very professional. I am aware that he has also made very unprofessional comments about others in recent years. Examples: Jo Stowell, photographer, formerly of Bristol, for one; also about Alison Chabloz, the persecuted satirist, singer and songwriter.

Dr. Tim attempts a little cod-diagnosis by tweet. Pathetic. Is this the sort of diagnostic skill he uses on his Chelmsford patients?

Obsessed Dr. Tim replies to someone on Twitter who defended me:

Dr. Tim’s journey downward, from 2016 to 2018…


2017: Ironic. Self-described depressive case (and actually on medication) “Dr. Tim” describes me (never diagnosed with any mental problem or illness) as a “sad sack”.

It does seem rather unprofessional, though, for an NHS consultant psychiatrist to describe anyone as a “sad sack“. It seems to indicate an odd attitude to his own psychiatric patients, particularly those suffering (like Dr. Tim himself) from depression.

Dr. Tim is also a hypocrite:

Others supported me in 2017, at which time I was still on Twitter:


Dr. Tim is perhaps angry because my instinct told me that he might be partly-Jewish and I tweeted about it once, several years ago. An educated guess based on his general look (not conclusive by any means), his attitude (he not infrequently tweeting about how others envy his professional status and supposed “success”, for example), his constant tweeting about “anti-Semitism” etc, and his being accepted openly as “one of us” by outright Jew-Zionist trolls on Twitter.

In the past, Dr. Tim claimed that one of his grandfathers was an SS officer who died at Stalingrad. At other times, he seems to have tweeted that the same officer was in the Wehrmacht and not the SS. Either way, he tweeted that he was ashamed of that officer, who (assuming any of it is true) seems to have perished defending Europe from Stalinism.

Now it seems that Dr. Tim believes himself to be part-Jew; he has been tweeting about it:

Dr . Tim tweets further (in answer to tweeters who have been arguing with him over his enthusiastic support for controversial electro-shock “therapy”):

and Dr Tim admits that he often cannot think logically or coherently by reason of his mental condition:

and another person with mental illness “issues” replies.


Tweeter “@cdaargh”, above, formerly known as “Christine of Aargh”, is someone with mental problems, and who supplements her prescribed medication with self-medication (whisky). She is not known for her diplomacy, as evidenced by this amusingly crazed (though understandable) tweet to the then Prime Minister, David Cameron-Levita, in 2015:

She does not mince her words generally:

She has been obsessed with me for several years. Examples of her tweets:

“@cdaargh”, a Jewess, used to troll anyone on Twitter who chatted with me (about anything):

@cdaargh” linked up with a minor Jewish academic called Ben Gidley, “@bengidley”, who was was secretly using the Twitter name “@inthesoupagain” to troll people (Twitter suspended the account permanently in the end, after which “Soup” —Gidley— started an identical account called “@antinazisunited”, now also apparently suspended, though tweets earlier than May 2019 are still extant). He also seems to run Twitter account “@bobfrombrockley” and other accounts, a fact which has often made me wonder whether he ever gets any work done at Birkbeck or Goldsmiths colleges (University of London)! Another one obsessed with me (and “anti-Semitism”, of course).

“Christine” loved it that I was disbarred, and she was too stupid to see that it did not harm me in the slightest (because I had ceased practice 8 years before). I wonder whether “Christine” herself has ever had a job, let alone a profession? I doubt it.

Quite a number of decent tweeters stood with me against these crazies:

“Christine/@cdaargh” admitted that half the tweeters she hit with demands to block me then blocked her instead!

Well, “@cdaargh” only tweets occasionally now. Looks as though she is back down the rabbithole or somewhere. I could show hundreds of other tweets from her in similar vein, but there it is… Her latest tweets at time of writing of this article:

Bye! See you at the tea-party sometime!

A few more tweets from “Christine”:

Andrew Roberjot aka “@frankiescar” / “flying”

A Zionist Jew who seems to spend a great deal of time on Twitter is tweeter “@frankiescar”, aka Andrew Roberjot, a kind of legal groupie (though apparently unqualified), who is so odd that he actually turned up to gloat when I was before the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal in 2016. While he is not (as far as I know) actually clinically mentally-disordered, he is an obsessed Zionist who, like Dr. Tim, has an elastic relationship with the truth. Here, below, they discuss my ability as a barrister, and my life at the Bar in the 1980s (in fact, I was still a —belated— student then, and, having spent years in the USA, was Called to the Bar only in 1991):

Roberjot “diagnoses” me! Ah, well, why not? Stevens is little better, and he is apparently a qualified psychiatrist (though I have never heard of one behaving as he does). Note that NHS “consultant psychiatrist” and depressive case Dr Tim “likes” Roberjot’s “diagnosis”…

I wonder whether I should make formal complaint against Stevens to the GMC? His behaviour seems very unprofessional, to say the least. I shall have to think about it. I usually prefer to not bother with the like. On the other hand, “Mark Lewis Lawyer” laughed when people said that they would complain against him. Well, he’s not laughing now…

Note that “@frankiescar” (Jewish Zionist knowall —or know-nothing— Roberjot) agrees with some other crazy Zionist that I was “a prospective Tory candidate” in years past. Not only have I never been a prospective candidate for any party, but have never even belonged to the Conservative Party (or to any System party)! Complete fabrication. Well, after all, what else can you expect from (((them)))?

Mike Stuchbery

Yet another one who has mental “issues” is Mike Stuchbery, who has tweeted against me in the past, gloating at my disbarment etc if I recall aright, though there were so many unthinking deadheads and “antifa” idiots like Stuchbery doing that (especially in late 2016, soon after my disbarment) that by now I have forgotten almost all.

Stuchbery poses as both “journalist” and “historian”. In fact, he was briefly a (later discredited and sacked) supply teacher in a comprehensive school, who now is always asking his Twitter followers for money):

Not all of Stuchbery’s readers on Twitter are sympathetic…

Stuchbery is better known for having quite recently organized people to go to Tommy Robinson’s family’s home, while also organizing the filming of the incursion. What Stuchbery did not anticipate was that Tommy Robinson would turn up later at his, Stuchbery’s, house! Collapse of stout party! In fact, meltdown…


Stuchbery’s modus operandi is to sit in the rear and co-ordinate information about any broadly “nationalist” activists, from UKIP and Brexit Party through Tommy Robinson and on to social nationalism. He does not expect to be directly involved in the violence he can be said to have incited (he himself claims that his actions fall short of incitement), but he supports it with weasel words, and he certainly does not expect to be called to account for his actions (see photograph above!) . The Tommy Robinson episode may have taught him a lesson, i.e. “what goes around comes around”. I wonder.

Louise Mensch

Then again, we have others, affected by mental problems, drugs, whatever: Louise Mensch, for example. The one-time “chick-lit” scribbler as Louise Bagshawe) and pro-Zionist, who is married to a New York Jew and now lives in Manhattan), was briefly the “Conservative” Party MP for Corby (under her married name, Mensch, not her, er, “maiden” name of Bagshawe):

Before she scribbled “chick-lit” books and became an MP, Louise Mensch worked for EMI, at which time she was a heavy drug abuser. She has admitted being left with “long term mental problems” by reason of her drug abuse.

Apparently, she was also a very promiscuous rock music groupie too, at one time, a fact that the 2010 Conservative Party campaign at Corby failed to mention:

Oxford University has, of course, always been famous for bikes (though mainly of the 2-wheeled type).


[above, Louise Mensch, smoking drugs]

Hard to believe that the Conservative Party made a ghastly and ignorant bitch like that an MP, even if it lasted in the end no more than about 15 months. Oh, well, maybe not, looking at some other MPs…

Louise Mensch has of course admitted being “left with long-term mental problems” because of her drug abuse, and is now notorious for making up claims about supposed Russian involvement in American and UK elections, claims that have recently been exploded by independent research. Even Nick Clegg, for Facebook, has now agreed with that.

Mensch personifies the absurdity of Twitter: with 289,000 “followers” (whether bought or real; perhaps genuine), she no doubt thinks herself very influential, but her real political or other influence is effectively zero.

Louise Mensch was almost manically or hysterically happy when I was disbarred in England, and actually tweeted directly to me to say that she was going to make similar complaint against me to the Bar of the State of New York. She thus managed to display simultaneously not only her lack of any class, but also her ignorance about the New York Bar and its rules, and about US Federal law (including the US Constitution).

Louise Mensch. What a stupid demented cow! When she realized that she had no leg to stand on (little matters such as the U.S. Constitutional free speech provisions, the fact that she was never my client, the fact that I have in fact never practised in New York despite being qualified and Admitted there… etc), she deleted the tweet. In fact, she seems to have deleted all her tweets about me.

Another point: anyone who thinks that attendance at Oxford University guarantees a good level of knowledge should take a look at types such as Louise Mensch…Like so much of Britain, Oxford University has been living off its hump for a very long time.

Mark Lewis

Abusive Jew-Zionist solicitor Mark Lewis, whose mind has been damaged either by his multiple sclerosis condition or the drugs used to control or ameliorate it, admitted when on trial before the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal that at times he had no idea what he was doing, saying, or tweeting! After having being found guilty, he fled to Israel with his carer/”partner”.


Rather than go through all the details of Lewis’s crazed behaviour, I refer the reader to my previous studies about him, which can be found on my blog pages via the search function. Incidentally, he has never even threatened to sue me for any of what I have written about him…


Then we have the persistent Twitter troll (he’s also on GAB and other platforms) known, inter alia, as “‘@slatfascists” or “Dave”. Another one with mental problems — this becomes almost tiresome, but this article is being written to show the strong link between “antifa” (and also some Zionists) trolling and snooping, and mental disorder.

“Slatfascists” is often in contact on Twitter with other “antifa” idiots and also Zionists such as “Mark Lewis Lawyer”. Supposedly Mancunian (like Lewis), his main interest other than trolling/snooping is playing some stupid online game in which the “space cadets” pretend to be commanders of spaceships! Beam me up! Once, “slatfascists” did not take his medication and had a Twitter meltdown. Out of misplaced compassion, I deleted my Twitter comments about the episode. As the Bible says, “do not give that which is holy to the dogs, lest they turn and rend you” (as he indeed did…). Below, “slatfascists” interacts with another disturbed person, who describes himself as a “proud Aspie” (Asperger’s Syndrome person)

[Update, 16 October 2021: “Slatfascists” has closed down his Twitter account, possibly because his identity was allegedly revealed recently. Good riddance; and I hope permanent riddance. Because the “Slatfascists” Twitter account has gone up the chimney, none of his malicious and unpleasant tweets can now be seen]

[Update, 17 October 2021: as predicted likely yesterday, “Slatfascists” is back on Twitter already. A weak-minded little troll with nothing to say].

[Update, January 2022: “@slatfascists” has changed its Twitter name to “@DaveAFAF”]

Update, 27 April 2020

Well, Ben Gidley is, sadly, still around, but his main troll accounts on Twitter have been killed off: @inthesoupagain went up the chimney; @antinazisunited is permanently frozen though the tweets are mostly extant. @BobFromBrockley is still on Twitter, but revealed now as simply a pro-Israel account with some pathetic “non pasaran!” 1930s Popular Front stuff added (the Labour Party supporters on Twitter saw through “BobFromBrockley” long ago).

“Christine” or “@cdaargh” seems to have gone down the rabbithole or (very likely, I think) permanently up the chimney. Her last tweet was in early December 2019, i.e. over 4 months ago.

Good riddance.


Update, 12 August 2020

Seems that unprofessional NHS psychiatrist “Dr. Tim” (Tim G. Stevens, of Epping Forest/Chelmsford) cannot stop himself from commenting on me via Twitter. Having said that I am a “sad sack” (despite the fact that he is the one with a diagnosed mental problem, and is on medication for it), he now uses that other term of medical art, “batshit“, about me and others, while chatting on Twitter with a few Jews and yet another nut, a Balkan woman who is a convicted fraudster and embezzler and who claims to be a medical doctor as well as an MBA and various other things. She was convicted in 2013:

Were I not so lazy, I should probably see what the General Medical Council (GMC) has to say about Dr. Tim, but I cannot be bothered at present. After all, what goes around comes around, eventually.

Update, 14 August 2020

Update, 5 December 2020

The tweeter above is not Jewish, certainly not full, but has been a consistent ally of the Jewish lobby in the UK, especially but not exclusively on Twitter. I believe that she has tweeted against me a few times in the past but her main focus has been to defeat the Corbyn wing of the Labour Party.

Synchronicity. I was recently rereading the memoirs of Hans Eysenck [] who was based for a long time at the Maudsley Hospital (near Denmark Hill, South London).

People with mental problems, and who are not Jewish, often either attach themselves to Jews, Zionism, and Israel, or develop psychoses if they visit Israel. Israeli psychiatrists even have a special label they attach to such manifestations, i.e. “Jerusalem Syndrome”:

What a nice person…Still, “it’s not her fault…she’s mentally ill“…I suppose…(or maybe she’s just not very nice…).

Update, 2 January 2021

Good grief! Another one!

Kamm, half-Jewish, is a hypocrite who pretends to be pro-free speech, but consistently, in my view, manifests the reverse when —important point— the interests of Jews, the Jewish lobby, or Israel are involved. He made sure that he got quoted by the msm Press after I got disbarred in 2016, saying that he was “a near-absolutist on free speech” (but still commended my disbarment at the instigation of a pack of Jews!) See:

Kamm has also said that persecuted singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz should not have been prosecuted in 2018 for having posted songs satirizing a few of the many hundreds of proven “holocaust” fakes and frauds. Superficially, a pro-free speech position, but not when you understand that what he wants (and proposed) is for major online and offline platforms to quietly ban Alison Chabloz (and others) from saying (or singing) anything! A prize half-Jew hypocrite.

He has now monetized his own mental condition!

Below, Kamm continues to lie…


Update, 1 February 2021

and I saw this today:

Ironic…if I am not mistaken, that “antifascist” tweeter, “@jdpoc” (who in the past has tweeted against me) was quite recently tweeting something online about his own mental “issues”…

Update, 17 February 2021

Aargh aargh AAARGH!@cdaarghgone girl. that is to say, I’ve left twitter for good. I hope. For the sake of my mental health. Good luck, and fight fascism.

Looks as though @cdaargh has finally taken her pills and her bottle of whisky back down the rabbit-hole.

In other news, it seems that “Dr. Dim” (see above) has had to apologise to persecuted satirical singer Alison Chabloz, and delete one or more tweets about her, after the NHS trust that employs him took up the matter of his online abusiveness. Talk about eating crow! The GMC should take up the matter.

Update, 21 June 2021

Well, “Dr. Dim” continues to tweet occasionally about Alison Chabloz and others, though I have not seen much about me since Dr Dim was forced, quite a while ago, by his NHS employers, to delete a tweet mentioning me, satirical singer Alison Chabloz, and Jo Stowell (photographer, formerly of Bristol). He lied about all three of us supposedly having threatened him and his family. The bastard even gratefully accepted tweets in commiseration from a number of mugs who follow his Twitter account.

Alison Chabloz got an official apology from “Dr Dim” (Dr. Tim G. Stevens), via his NHS trust, but so far neither he nor his Trust has apologized directly to me. Well, I am not a Jew, so do not harp on about “apologies” all the time.What goes around comes around, in the end…

In the meantime, “Dr. Dim” continues to transgress the NHS code of practice for psychiatrists by publicly posting “diagnoses” of people who are not his patients, and whom he has never even met. Below, George Galloway [], a candidate in the 1 July 2021 by-election at Batley and Spen, gets the Dr. Dim treatment:

I think I know who is “not well“…

Update, 16 October 2021: As noted now in the body of the text, “Slatfascists” has closed down his Twitter account, possibly because his identity was allegedly revealed recently, though I have no idea whether the identity “revealed” by a couple of tweeters was the correct one.

Good riddance; and I hope permanent riddance. Unfortunately, because the “Slatfascists” Twitter account has “gone up the chimney”, none of his malicious and unpleasant tweets can now be seen.

Memory lasts longer than tweets…

[note: as updated in the body of the text, “Slatfascists” weakly decided to crawl back to Twitter only a day after having “left”, and continues to troll, pointlessly, as before, now sub nom “@DaveAFAF”]

Update, 27 December 2021

No need to comment, methinks (Stevens is also now suffering from, he has previously tweeted, possibly-terminal cancer).

I see, looking at the above blog post for the first time in a couple of months, that some of the others have also reduced their Twitter trolling as a result of various events.

“The Balkan woman” (Balkan fraud) has not tweeted for about a month, and little before that over the past year, as a result (presumably) of the alleged murder of her son a year or so ago.

“@Frankiescar” (Andrew Roberjot), the “legal people” groupie, troll and Zionist pest, who actually turned up to gloat when I was disbarred by a Bar Disciplinary Tribunal in late 2016), has disengaged, at least in public, from the “CAA” fake charity. He rarely if ever mentions me now; I even see the odd tweet from him with which I can agree! Mirabile dictu!

In fact, Roberjot/@frankiescar has, like so many who attack me, suffered a serious “medical episode” (necessitating a heart operation). #TenGreenBottles…

More about that “Dr. Julia Grace Patterson”, who selflessly (in her own opinion) gave up her medical career in order to spout rubbish, sell facemasks and start a supposedly pro-NHS pressure group…

She is now supported by Communist hypocrite and SAGE bureaucrat, Professor Susan Michie (who wants an almost endless “lockdown”, endless restrictions on personal liberty etc):

The Michie woman was even once banned from the UK Communist Party conference for being too extreme! Now she advises the Boris-idiot government of fools.

The fact is that the man at the bar of the local pub knows almost as much about “Covid” as some GPs, and as much as some non-practising “doctors” who run pressure groups and sell things such as cloth facemasks.

It would be interesting to know exactly what (if any) post-qualification medical career that young Patterson woman has had. I suspect not much of one.

Unfortunately, people tend to take “doctor”-somebody as someone who actually knows something in some depth. Often not so (and that is without even looking at the “doctors” of various non-medical subjects who (despite not being medical doctors, academics, or people in religious orders), insist on calling themselves “doctor” this or that on Twitter. I have blogged in the past about political bad jokes such as “Doctor” Louise Raw. Just one of many.

Anyway, back to the (other) lunatics who have (more often) attacked me online.

“Christine of Aargh” (@cdaargh) seems to have gone up the chimney or into a mental hospital, and has not tweeted publicly for well over a year:

“Slatfascists” and some others (eg some crazed and apparently incontinent old woman to whom he talks online) only occasionally mention me now, probably because they realize that every time I or my blog are mentioned, my readership increases.

Mike Stuchbery occasionally mentions me, but not so often as at one time; he too probably wants to starve my blog of the “oxygen of publicity”, and has apparently taken up running, with almost (?) manic fervour. As far as I know, his proposed legal action against fake nationalist “Tommy Robinson” has still not come to court, a couple of years on from when he and Roanna Carleton-Taylor (“@oilpaintwitch”) collected nearly £12,000 via GoFundMe for that purpose.

In fact the said Roanna, “Witch of Peace” as was, has had the ludicrously-misnamed “anti-fascist” “organization” (a handful of lunatics), “Resisting Hate” she ran booted off Twitter. Poetic justice…

I have heard little from crazed non-Jewish Zionist idiot Louise Mensch, though I saw in some newspaper that her wealthy Jewish-American husband has managed to get rid of her by divorce. In political terms, she is, if possible, even more of a nullity than she has been for the past 9 years. No-one takes her even semi-seriously now.

As for serial troll Ben Gidley, the minor Jew academic, a few people better-known to the public than me (eg Peter Hitchens) have exposed on Twitter his, Gidley’s, fake Twitter personas, Hitchens perhaps having seen my blog, or former Twitter exposure of that horrible little pest.

A number of crazy or just unpleasant persons who have attacked or insulted me on Twitter have died, and/or suffered other hits, since I posted the main article. As for the rest, such as Kamm, they are still around, but rarely if ever mention me now.

Happy New Year!

Update, 2 December 2022

A few updated facts about those mentioned in the original post.

“@TimGStevens”. “Dr. Dim” has not mentioned me on Twitter since his health deteriorated and he was hospitalized suffering from both delerium and some kind of cancer, though after a long break, he now again tweets occasionally, about one tweet every week or so.

Maybe he learned his lesson after committing a number of unprofessional acts, including having falsely accused singer Alison Chabloz, a lady photographer from Bristol, and me of (all) having threatened his family. He was too lacking in class to apologise directly, but Alison Chabloz received a formal apology, nominally on the bastard’s behalf, sent by the NHS trust for which he works or worked.

Why is an unprofessional loony like that even employed by the NHS and/or Chelmsford and Essex (C&E) Trust? “Answer came there none“.

“@cdaargh” seems not to have tweeted since late 2020, and her Twitter account is locked.

The “Balkan fraud” mentioned on the blog has tweeted only a few times since July 2022. I feel restricted in what I can write about her, because the trial of a couple of defendants accused of having stabbed her son to death over two years ago is still upcoming, set down for some date in 2023.

I probably could write more about her without falling foul of “contempt of court” (she will not, I apprehend, be a major witness anyway) but prefer to leave it until after that trial concludes (assuming that it proceeds). I may have a few more interesting things to say about her then.

In the meantime, said woman has been in hospital for several months, and has tweeted that the nurses and doctors in that hospital have deliberately stabbed her with needles, causing her to go into a coma for 8 weeks. Latterly, she also blames the Metropolitan Police for sending her into a coma (because of “stress”), and says that the police are “harassing” her and her family (what family?).

I expect that I would be criticized for being too suspicious, were I to say that I suspect the genesis of a spurious medical negligence claim and (and/or) another type of money claim (which I shall not specify today).

At her trial in 2013 [] the judge sentencing her was very critical of her:

Judge Michael Gledhill QC told Badzak that she would have been jailed for a year had she not been the sole carer for her 15-year-old son, who is studying his GCSEs.

Instead, he suspended her 12-month month prison sentence for two years to ‘avoid wrecking her son’s life’.

Sentencing, Judge Gledhill told her: ‘In November 2011 you were taken on by Gerard Batten on a three-month contract and you were to be paid by the European Parliament. 

‘You knew there would be a delay in payments and you were not to be paid until January. In fact, the European Parliament paid people earlier than expected in December.

‘You doctored your online bank statement with your NatWest account by removing the £2,500 payment so someone looking at the statement would think it had not been paid.

‘That was flagrant dishonesty.

‘In due course Mr Batten was good enough to give you another three-month contract and you threw that back in his face by continuing the lie.

‘By the end of the period he realised you were not working together as satisfactorily as he had hoped when he decided not to issue another three-month contract. 

What did you do? You then took him to an employment tribunal and lost those proceedings.

‘You reported him to the police for fraud, who investigated and took no further action. You issued high court proceedings against him as well.

You did that to deflect attention from your own dishonesty by mounting a wholesale attack on his character. 

‘He said he felt he was on trial and that was your doing.

‘I am going to suspend the sentence only because of your son. He is perfectly innocent of any wrongdoing and I’m not going to wreck his life by sending his mother to prison.‘”

[Daily Mail]

Despite having an MBA qualification, she claimed she was ‘absolutely useless’ with money and ‘never knew what was in her bank account.’

Arlette Piercy, defending Badzak, told the court that she suffered from significant health problems including depression, which had been exacerbated as a result of the proceedings.

Badzak, of Kilburn, northwest London, denied forgery and fraud but was convicted by a jury.

[Daily Mail]

The half-dozen “readers’ comments” are amusing.

Said woman often mentions her MBA, as well as her supposed medical qualifications from (I believe) former Yugoslavia. It may be true, though one has to ask why someone with such qualifications was working as a poorly-paid secretary on a 3-month contract. I believe that, for the past many years (about 9 or 10 years), the woman has been living off State benefits of various kinds.

A 2019 Twitter spat with UK-based minor academic Marko Attila Hoare (who, ironically, himself tweeted against me in past years):

Ha ha!

Andrew Roberjot aka “@frankiescar”. Since the days when the once-described “drunken bankrupt former businessman” constantly trolled my Twitter account, and even turned up at my Bar Disciplinary Tribunal to gloat (((as “they” would))) [for details of that case, see], “@frankiescar” has, like so many others of his type, suffered serious health problems, and even had surgery. He seems to have distanced himself (at least in public) from the worst Jew-Zionist cabal on Twitter, and has not mentioned me for a long time (that in fact has applied to most of “them” in the past 6-9 months).

“@DaveAFAF” aka “slatfascists”. This one has apparently recently been expelled from Twitter. He saw it coming, somehow. His Twitter account does not even say “account suspended” but just “this account doesn’t exist“. In a way, it is incredible that the unpleasant mentally-afflicted bastard was not expelled years ago. All he did (apart from pretending to be an “Elite Dangerous” “space cadet”) was troll people and/or tweet insults about better people than himself. No ideas about society, not even any intelligent political or social commmentary. Typical “antifa” idiot.

“@DaveAFAF” (deceased, though sadly not literally, yet), tweeted, prior to his departure, that he intended to appeal. I presume that he was messaged by Twitter in advance. Anyway, for now it is “good riddance” time…

[“Get down there where you wanted to send me, you unclean spirit!“]

[Update, 3 December 2022: unfortunately, it seems that the troll “@DaveAFAF” has been allowed back on Twitter, at least for the time being, and so far confined to retweeting tweets of others]

That’s all, folks! (for now).

The Elon Musk risorgimento at Twitter is like a breath of fresh air, though I suspect that the Jews are working day and night to destabilize the new order or to influence Elon Musk.

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The Beginning of the End for Pseudo-Liberal “Democracy” in the UK

Tommy Robinson as public figure

Below, we see the supporters of the now-again-imprisoned activist known as Tommy Robinson, scuffling with police and msm employees on College Green by the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey a few days ago.

Reporters reported these events as though at the Storming of the Bastille, whereas in fact the clash shows a few dozen, or at most a hundred demonstrators (though the police estimated the crowd of protestors outside the Old Bailey earlier the same day as having numbered about 200).

I do not want to comment on the rights and wrongs of the Tommy Robinson contempt case, but to examine the protests to launch a wider-ranging article. I have in any case written previously about Tommy Robinson:

I should make my own position clear: Ideologically, I am not much on the same page as Tommy Robinson. For one thing, Robinson makes it clear that, like his supporters Katie Hopkins and the tribe of Anglo-American “alt-Right” wastes of space (the main British ones being “Prison Planet” Paul Watson, Carl Benjamin “Sargon of Akkad” and Mark Meechan “Count Dankula”), he is pro-Israel and pro-Jew. This despite the fact that 99.9% of Jews in the UK despise and hate him and his followers. The American “alt-Right” have a word for people like that: “cucks”. Ironic, in view of the pro-Israel stance of many “alt-Right” persons. In fact, in the clip above, you can see some idiot waving a Israeli flag!

Tommy Robinson, however, parts company with the “alt-Right” in that he is able to mobilize fairly large (by UK standards) and very combative (by UK standards) partisan followers. Admittedly, 200 is not very many, but this was on a weekday, when the bulk of Robinson’s supporters are probably working on building sites or driving white vans, if that is not too patronizing. Also, Robinson’s support seems stronger in the North West and Midlands than in London.

I have a sneaking regard for Robinson, in that he is willing to put himself out at the front, is willing to lead “in action”, has a certain courage (others disagree and say that any courage is fortified by others backing him up), and is not by any means stupid, despite some of his behaviour. Also, he has been able to create at least a loose (and undisciplined) street army, or at least a sizeable street “troop”.

Having said the foregoing, Tommy Robinson is not a serious political figure. Even leaving aside the pro-Israel-ism, a few hundred or a few thousand marchers and bottle-throwers do not a revolutionary army make. I blogged about this quite a while ago, in relation to the connected “Football Lads’ Alliance”:

A figure such as Tommy Robinson needs to lead, if anything, not a political movement but the street army of such a movement. In other words, he should be not the overall or political chief but the “street” head of a movement, and subordinate to one with a proper political programme. He himself should understand that.

When Tommy Robinson stood as “Independent” MEP candidate for North West England, he was humiliated, getting 38,908 votes out of 1,744,858 (2.24%). A couple of the “alt-Right” wastes of space also stood, notably “Sargon of Akkad” (Carl Benjamin), who stood in the South West England EU constituency for “dead-parrot party” UKIP, whose group (Benjamin was one of 6) received 53,739 out of a possible 1,676,173 (3.24%).

Tommy Robinson and the “Alt-Right”— dependence on Internet platforms

An important point is that both Tommy Robinson and the “alt-Right” vloggers are highly-dependent on the Internet, and particularly social media. Those are the platforms they use in order to get views out to the public, as well as to receive donations, subscriptions etc. These are the platforms which are now being removed by the System (notionally by the platform-owning companies themselves, but this has all been co-ordinated behind the scenes, mainly by the Jewish lobby that the “alt-Right” and Robinson claim to support…).

Tommy Robinson and the “alt-Right” vloggers are not alone in now having their online platforms removed. The persecuted singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz has already been barred from Twitter and YouTube, many others including ex-BNP leader Nick Griffin have gone from some platforms (though so far Griffin is still on Twitter) and I was expelled from Twitter after a co-ordinated Jew-Zionist campaign in 2018 (and am not on Facebook; neither do I have a YouTube channel).

Many others have also had video and payment platforms removed arbitrarily (usually via a fig-leaf of “you are in breach of our rules” nonsense). The Jew-Zionists are behind most of this repression of free speech.

One such is the vlogger “Millennial Woes” (Colin Robertson). Removed from YouTube though still occasionally on Twitter (not posting much and presumably only keeping an account for use as as a private message facility).

There is a general move online to restrict and, in slow stages (thus deflating resistance) to remove, in particular, nationalist or social national people and organizations from the major platforms. That applies also to the “Alt-Right” and its offshoot known as the “Alt-Lite”. In fact, it goes further than that. We have seen how the social media platform GAB was almost taken down by a concerted campaign by Jews and “antifa” terrorists acting in concert with System forces. That almost worked, but GAB managed to survive by switching providers etc. The System has not given up, however…See:

There are now other “free speech” fora emerging, such as “Free Speech Extremist”[] but these have few users compared to Twitter, Facebook etc.

As far as Twitter is concerned, in the UK the Jewish-Zionist element, the mindless “antifa” element, and the politically-correct perpetually-offended element, which all love to “report” and denounce anyone social-national or even mildly nationalistic, have managed to reduce an interesting online platform to a boring and predictable echo-chamber. I certainly do not miss my own Twitter account, though it may be that my followers (3,000 at last count) are impoverished by not having sight of my tweets.

“Freedom” online has been diminished by, primarily, the Jewish-Zionist element. I imagine that many of my readers on WordPress will know of my own experiences in this regard:


The thing here is not just that there is a Jewish lobby, or a Zionist lobby, that tries to shut down free speech (as we now see “them” once again trying to do within the UK Labour Party), but the fact that there is a huge amount of collusion between that lobby and those who might protect freedom of expression but, increasingly, do not: the police, most journalists, professional bodies generally, the Press, the msm generally.

As I write this, there is a backlash from the Press because Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Neil Basu (half–Indian, half-Welsh, and the head of police “counter-terrorism”) warned the “free Press” not to publish leaked documents that might embarrass the government. He has been put back in his box for that, but only in respect of the Press. The general crackdown on freedom by, or with the collusion of, the police continues. In fact Basu, in the police vernacular, “has form” here. He has interfered with free speech issues on previous occasions:

Looking at his background and known history, he has no reason to be kind or even objective as far as British social nationalism is concerned. He is not alone, in any case. The police are now ceasing to be protectors of the British people and are looking more and more like their zookeepers.

Free speech and its ever-more restricted limits


In fact, we hear more and more in the msm about how “legal free speech” could and should be shut down in order to more easily police and/or pacify the crazed multikulti society being created by the forces of evil in the UK. Or as the conspiracy puts it, the “necessity” to “prevent” “legal extremism” which does not reach as far as anything prosecutable (even as far as the cobbled-together recent prosecutions of young persons engaged in political activism: juries are beginning to reject the State’s attempts to crucify young social-national activists, I note). I blogged about this a year or so ago:

At street level, those trying to shut down freedom of socio-political expression are more usually the mindless “antifa” crowd.



I saw and heard a few of them when I addressed the London Forum in early 2017:

In the UK, though the “antifa” idiots have made a number of violent attacks here and there, they are no doubt well-infiltrated by the State monitoring organs and have not attained the level seen in Germany, the USA etc.

However, there are some in the UK who hide behind the false label of “journalist” or “historian” and who use online accounts to incite violence by “antifa” idiots (while themselves hiding away). One such is failed supply teacher (he was sacked some years ago from his last teaching position) Mike Stuchbery, an Australian with mental illness problems (about which he tweets in order to get sympathy), and who is a notorious beggar and grifter, always asking for money from those who read his material. Below, one of his more notorious tweets (despite which Twitter has not expelled him. Ah, I see…he did not say anything about Jews. Of course…)

Stuchbery retweeted the tweet(s) below only an hour before I wrote these words.

(for “anti-intellectuals” in those Jews’ tweets, read perhaps “those with whom I disagree” or “those with another view to me and my Jewish antifa friends”).

As seen above, Stuchbery loves to imagine those with whom he disagrees having their skulls broken in, or otherwise killed or injured. It was a different matter, however, when he set up Tommy Robinson’s wife and children for a kind of pseudo-legal “home invasion” (which failed, in the event). Robinson later turned up at Stuchbery’s own Luton-area house, at which confrontation Stuchbery had a meltdown. The “brave” keyboard warrior and “antifa” propagandist was suddenly again just an Australian ex-schoolteacher on the scrapheap, a begging grifter and fake “historian-journalist” with mental problems, blubbing because he cannot control the situation that he himself has created.


In fact, I have discovered that almost all the Jewish/Zionist, “antifa” and other nuisances on Twitter who have obsessively denounced me (and others) have mental health problems and are on medication for them, but I shall blog about them separately. Something for them to look forward to.

In parts of the USA, this “antifa” nonsense has reached levels not seen even in Germany or France. See below.

Like something out of the state of Gilead in The Handmaid’s Tale.

In relation to this, it was disturbing to many to see pro-Israel tool Sajid Javid MP, an ex-Muslim (in effect), not only appearing (as Home Secretary) at Scotland Yard and apparently being on good terms with fake charity “Campaign Against Antisemitism” members such as Stephen Silverman of South Essex (exposed in open court as a serial troll and harasser of several women) but even expressing support for “antifa”! Sajid Javid might not be the brightest tool in the box but that really was hard to believe!

When the Home Secretary of the UK openly supports violent sub-terrorists, when the police or elected officials in the UK and USA collude with Jewish manipulators and/or violent extremists of various other kinds (cf. the recent “Extinction Rebellion” demonstrations in London), “democracy” as we know it is on the way out.

Journalism? Take a look at the article I wrote about the Press coverage of the London Forum meeting at which I spoke in February 2017:

and look at the report about Tommy Robinson, below, from the Sun “newspaper”:

In tone, the Sun’s “report” is not unalike to the hysterical condemnations seen in the Soviet newspapers at the time of, say, the purges of 1937, the Yezhovshchina.

As for the “democracy” expressed in our system of parties and elections, it has failed. The boundaries of constituencies are rigged to create a faked “balance” between two or three similar parties, as shown below:


Then there is the selection process for candidates (PPCs). Anyone in the slightest social-national is excluded from all three “main parties”, i.e, System parties.

The House of Commons has become the home of, mostly, the very mediocre, often the uneducated, uncultured and stupid. One only has to look at the last few leadership elections of the two main System parties (the LibDems are even less impressive, though that may be hard to believe).

Take Labour: Corbyn is himself not very inspiring or impressive: poorly-educated, effectively a school dropout and, later a dropout from a polytechnic, who has very little real employment or work history, a poor grasp of history and whose wives claim that he never reads a book. Telling. Leaders are readers:


[above, Hitler reads on the terrace of the Berghof]


[immediately above, the library of Vidkun Quisling]


[some people have a bookworm, others have a book-cat…]



[above, parts of the library I once had]

Having said the above about Corbyn, look at those who tried to seize his crown! Chuka Umunna (I, admittedly rudely but oh! how truthfully!, call him Fathead Chuka), Liz Kendall (thick as two short planks and quite likely part-Jew), Andy Burnham (I suppose the best of an appallingly-poor group opposing Corbyn), Yvette Cooper (would-be dictator, hypocrite, freeloader and expenses cheat)…Later, Owen Smith MP, a little Welsh windbag, also tried to topple Corbyn and, like the previous rebels, failed.

Would any of the above-named really have had more electoral success than Corbyn? I doubt it.

Labour is now the party of the “blacks and browns”, the public service workers, and those dependent on State benefits.

Then we have the misnamed “Conservatives”. In 2015, the leadership contest to replace David Cameron (Cameron-Levita-Schlumberger) contained:

  • Theresa May (a hopeless Home Secretary, previously a local councillor and back-room person at the BACS cheque-clearing body; possible part-Jew);
  • Stephen Crabb, exposed as a serial sex-pest (and ineffective even at that) as well as so pro-Israel that he could well be termed “an agent of influence”; very poor employment record before getting into the MP racket; expenses cheat; in fact, Crabb is a complete deadhead and will probably find a place in my blog category “Deadhead MPs”;
  • Liam Fox: unreliable, dishonest, expenses cheat, very pro-Israel, with many links to Israel and covert US centres; considered to have generally “dodgy” lifestyle (see Notes, below);
  • Michael Gove: expenses cheat, pro-Israel extremist, unreliable, dishonest (and in 2019 revealed as having been a frequent cocaine abuser when he was a pro-Zionist Times scribbler prior to latching on to the MP racket);
  • Andrea Leadsom: nonentity.

What a useless, mostly dishonest and mostly (in fact, all) pro-Israel pack!

Then we have the 2019 Conservative leadership contest, about which I have blogged extensively already, and which, at time of writing, looks certain to be won by Boris Johnson over Jeremy Hunt. I have also blogged re. Johnson, and if I say that I think of him as Boris-Idiot, my view will be clear enough…(though I do favour leaving the EU).

We have seen, particularly in the past decade, institutions which were basically meant to be “non-political”, politicized: Civil Service, police, armed forces, the courts, the Bar (as witness my own unjustified disbarment). Below, the Financial Times agonizes about the “Conservative” approach to the Diplomatic Service, Parliament and the British Constitution.

As for the courts and justice system:

Somehow, I cannot recall “The Secret Barrister” (((The Secret Barrister?))) or any one of “his friends and his relations” (with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial by Jury; in fact, I have no idea of the identity of The Secret Barrister or his connections) at the Bar standing up for my rights, freedoms and civil liberties when I was wrongfully disbarred at the instigation of a pack of manipulative Jews, but “that’s life” (and what goes around comes around…eventually):

Still, his tweet gives an idea of what has happened to the justice system, at least the courts, in outline. There is also the crisis in the underfunded, undermanned, badly-run prisons, and the collapse of the Chris Grayling-idiot privatized probation service(s).

“They” are interfering with the justice system, of course, and even with how judges and magistrates are trained to handle supposed “anti-Semitism”:

As we have seen (see above), the UK police (certainly some areas or parts of the police) are well-infiltrated now, and politicized to a degree never seen before:

[above, Gideon Falter of the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” group and fake charity, with Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick…]

What about the people?

The British people as a whole have been, in the now much-used phrase, “left behind”, and in fact ignored, as well as being repressed, bullied, lectured to. Whether it is the exploitation of the people as employees or private renters, by speculators, whether it is the epidemic of (mainly) Muslim rape conspiracies, or the dishonouring of the votes of the BRITISH majority who voted Leave/Brexit in 2016 (and if you took away all the non-white votes and those of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Gibraltar, the Leave vote would have been at least 70%…and if you took away the cosmopolitan exclave that is contemporary London, Leave would probably have won 80%), whether it is the banning of free speech (by which I mean free speech on matters of history, society and politics), the real people of the UK are being ignored, the needs unmet, their wishes for a better life laughed at.


The Labour Party is the party of the blacks and browns and other (non-Jewish) ethnic minorities, as well as of the entrenched public service employees. It cannot help the British people.





[above, Diane Abbott MP, lampooned during her attempt to become Mayor of London in 2015. She came third, netting 16.8%, in the selection process to be Labour candidate. If Labour form the next government, she will probably be Home Secretary. Have we fallen down the rabbit-hole?]


[above, Emily Thornberry MP, Labour Shadow Cabinet member, at a Zionist dinner in London, photographed with the Israeli Ambassador. formerly a major Israeli government spokesperson, Mark Regev (centre); her husband, a High Court judge, is half-Jewish]

What about the “Conservatives”? The name is every bit as much a bad joke as “Labour”.


[above, Sajid Javid tries to use his brain]

The cartoon, below, from the George Osborne days of 2010-2015, puts the position succinctly


There is every prospect now that a Boris Johnson (“Boris-Idiot”) “Conservative”-label government will plunge the UK into crisis. I am not talking about Brexit alone (which I supported and still support, but it has been criminally mishandled) but about the sheer ineptitude not only of Boris Johnson himself (bad enough) but of those likely to be made Cabinet ministers around him, deadheads like Matt Hancock (a mediocre suited thug), Priti Patel (a proven Israeli agent as well as being as thick as two short planks), Liz Truss (who basically only became an MP on her back), Chris Grayling (a sociopath who has failed in every single government job he has been given) etc.

There is a real and pressing need now for a proper social-national party and organization in the UK. Anything is possible within the next 10 years.

Soon, sooner than many imagine, those of us still alive will be called upon to re-establish European civilization and culture. That may be hard and may be harsh, but it must be done. God mote it be!



A few more thoughts…

The enemy know that the blacks and browns are breeding fast and will soon make “election politics” a waste of time for social-national parties. Look at the tweet below and its photos. Four young London-resident voters…and three out of four non-European, with the fourth possibly partly-European, maybe something such as Cypriot.

and look at these tweets below, look at the crowd registering to vote in South London! Not a white face anywhere (yes, in the cartoon there are a few whites, but not in the real crowd photographed…).

Nothing Works Any More

I saw this newspaper report today:

What struck me, apart from the violent and cowardly attack on the girl victim and a friend of hers, was how useless every public service was proven to be. I leave aside my surprise (and disapproval) that a girl of 18 is in a Manchester nightclub at 0330 and leaves on foot to walk home.

Read the report above.

Initially, the victim and her friend (apparently a teenage boy who was also a victim), were helped by some civilian volunteers who offered to call an ambulance. The victims refused because they were told that there would be a 2 hour wait. Two hours! The victim(s) then went to hospital by taxi. The hospital simply dispensed eye drops and told the girl to go home. When she returned to hospital a day or so later, she was told that she has a blood clot on one eye. The police were informed of the attack, but no police officer has spoken to the victim. The victim utilized social media, as a result of which a witness has come forward. The police have made no comment to the newspapers. The local council has offered to check cctv for film of the attack or suspects.

In case anyone knows anything and, by some statistical miracle, reads this blog, the main suspect is white, about 5 feet 8 inches in height, and was wearing a pink T-shirt. I am no detective, but I should have thought that the starting point would be the nightclub interior cctv…

My point in writing about this is not just because the behaviour of the criminals outrages me (and makes me wonder whether flogging should be reintroduced as suitably condign punishment in such cases) and not just because I feel sorry for the girl (and her friend). My point is that this case shows that, all too often, things are just not working in our society.

In the case displayed here, the girl was let down by general public safety (police, primarily), by the ambulance service, by the NHS hospital A & E service, by the police. Had the perpetrators been caught, if they are caught now, the CPS and magistrates will no doubt also let her down.

As Napoleon is supposed to have said, “there are many reasons for failure, but never an excuse.” Funding for public services has been cut drastically in the past decade. That is obviously a factor. How, though, does that explain (still less excuse) the “polyclinic” approach apparently adopted by the hospital, or its failure to make a proper diagnosis? I concede that my knowledge of clinical-medical matters is limited, but even so…

Is lack of funding of police personnel really the only reason why the victim has not been interviewed? Yes, she was knocked unconscious, but still might recall identifying details from before that. Also, it would reassure her that she is not alone in a jungle.

Is the police force doing what it can (eg checking nightclub cctv) to track down the suspects? Why was the social media appeal left to the victim to do?

One sees everywhere, now, “things not working right”, from the NHS and police, through rail and road maintenance, every aspect of the justice system (from CPS and police to sentencing, probation and prisons), the postal service (still mostly OK), the planning system, education at every level, the DWP and its post-2005 “torture the unemployed and disabled” ethos, the armed forces, Parliament. Everything, pretty much; and it is unlikely that a government headed by Boris-Idiot will be able (or even try) to improve matters.

My feeling is that the UK is still in many respects in that state of which a 1960s senior civil servant said (I think, to Anthony Sampson) that his job was “the management of decline”, but more so. Further down the steepening slide. The migration-invasion of the blacks and browns, the destruction of culture in the msm etc, have accelerated that process.

Only a truly focussed social national government can fix this country.


I should not like it thought that my criticisms devolve mainly on individuals working in public service. No doubt most of those who work in the police, NHS etc do their best most of the time. I criticize, primarily, the system(s), the decisions taken, and the management.

I do not know Manchester well, in fact scarcely at all. I have been there a few times, many years ago now, driving straight to the Manchester County Court (there being a massive open-air car park nearby, close to an overhead rail line) and then driving away as quickly as possible. Apart from that, my only visit was to the Manchester Royal Infirmary in or about 1985, accompanying a member of the Georgian State Dance ensemble from the Soviet Union.

The dancer (who spoke only Russian and Georgian) had cut several fingers to the bone while practising, pre-performance, with his razor-sharp Georgian sword (the swords have to be that sharp in order to create showers of sparks during the mock fights that are part of the dance performance).

Even back then, some 34 years ago, we had to wait for about 30 mins or more to be seen, though the nurses tried to expedite it for me and were very pleasant (and very pretty, though perhaps my memory is sugar-coating things for me…).

Update, 17 July 2019