Diary Blog, 29-30 April 2020

The outlines become clearer…

No child has been found to have passed coronavirus to an adult, a review of evidence in partnership with the Royal College of Paediatricians has found. Major studies into the impact of Covid-19 on young children show it is likely that they “do not play a significant role” in spreading the virus and are significantly less likely to become infected than adults.” [Daily Telegraph]


It is clear to me, as to many, that the “lockdown” need not have happened at all, with exceptions: nightclubs, pubs, the Underground (which was not shut down, incredibly), hairdressing places, mass events where people are likely to be breathed or sneezed upon e.g. popular or other music concerts, racecourses etc (though it occurs to me that racecourses could have continued to hold meetings safely if they had been willing to close the cheaper enclosures (Silver Ring etc) and Tattersall’s, leaving only the Members’ enclosures open and perhaps restricted to annual members).

Schools in particular need not have shut; the same goes for universities.

Economic enterprises are now shut, to a large extent; to re-open the economy or get it moving may not be easy. Meanwhile, Downing Street has been trying to invent statistics to support its “lockdown” “strategy” (kneejerk reaction):

The UK economy may be collapsing, subsiding quietly into a (terminal?) decline…

“Affect”, not “effect”. Otherwise, yes.

For a less-intelligent response…

I had to look up “Matt Haig” on Wikipedia. Apparently a “novelist and journalist”, despite not knowing the difference between “less” and “fewer”. Well, after all, this is the UK. In 2020…


I looked at some of his tweets. Castigates this idiotic government for not having a stricter “lockdown” (wrongheaded) and for all Boris-idiot’s other failings (right). Presumably that includes Raab, little Matt Hancock and the other stupid wannabees like Priti Patel. I cannot disagree with him on that score.

Another tweet from “Matt Haig”:

Monsieur Haig does not seem to realize that, while a vaccine or medicine may be developed within months, it may take years. It may even never be developed. That is possible. Does Mr. Haig want the UK to basically just shut down for not even months, but for a year, two, three, four years?! I do expect people who preach to the assembled masses at least to try to think logically or realistically.

As always, one realizes how absurd and irrelevant Twitter usually is. That person has over 400,000 Twitter followers!

The skies are starting to fall in— Boris-idiot is no Atlas

It is a unfortunate concatenation of circumstances that leaves Boris-idiot and his Cabinet of fools in charge at such a time, and with an official Opposition so weak that it might as easily simply not exist.

  • Local authorities are becoming insolvent: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8269187/Windsor-Maidenhead-council-country-file-bankruptcy.html
  • Large employers are becoming or are already insolvent: Debenhams, Oasis, Warehouse, Swissport, Virgin Atlantic etc;
  • Other large employers are laying off thousands of staff, or will do once the State stops subsidizing furloughed employees: British Airways alone is soon going to let go at least 12,000.
  • Huge numbers of businesses are perforce not paying rent, for now immune from legal action. Once the special measures are lifted, there will be a crushing tsunami of corporate insolvencies, lawsuits and personal bankruptcies.

In the parallel universe that is Twitter, most of the tweeters (sheep? rabbits? Why dump human inadequacies on the animal kingdom?) support “lockdown”, even longer and/or severe “lockdown”. A good rule of thumb is that any viewpoint trending on, or popular on, Twitter is probably wrongheaded and/or an irrelevance. Like most tweeters.

I saw a report on Sky News (I think) about the effects of the “lockdown” on the retail and service sector. Regent Street shown, empty as if after a sci-fi alien attack of some sort. It may be that the ultra-wealthy will be back, buying jewels and furs, before very long. As for less well-padded consumers, I doubt it.

Court backlogs

The Lord Chief Justice has expressed a fear that huge backlogs are building up, in particular in respect of criminal trials likely to take 3+ days. At present, such trials are all stayed (frozen) because of the Coronavirus situation.

I imagine that many trials scheduled, and many others which might have taken place, will now either not take place or will collapse at hearing because of the fact that witnesses will (for various reasons) not be available or will not come up to proof. In the old maxim, “justice delayed is justice denied.”

Private-public partnership (in tyranny)

Look at (UK) TV ads, mostly by private-enterprise organizations of all kinds, at present. All promoting an almost-identical racially-mixed multikulti society, many also pushing the present “all in it together” fake communitarianism and “Conservative” government propaganda.

I have also blogged, previously, about how non-State quasi-monopolies (Facebook, Twitter, Amazon etc) are imposing a (largely Jewish-origined) censorship on the world public.







Of course, one cannot, as “they” tend to say, “blame” all of this on the Jews, or even on the overtly Zionist Jews; but you do tend to find that, behind most attempts to repress, control and censor socio-political expression (commonly called simply “free speech”), there is a Jew, or Jews, or Jewish organizations. Not always, but usually, and at the higher levels (in politics, msm, legal “regulation” too, these days) even more often…



The excuses for such “control” of “free speech” are various, put out to fool the public at large


Useful idiots are often found to lay the groundwork for repression:


Back to the crash of the UK economy

Forget most of Twitter, the most energetic users of which are either unemployed, effectively unemployed or retired, or work in relatively secure public service occupations. They will not be hit so quickly or so hard as the rest.

The fact is that the UK now has a hapless, hopeless government of idiots, headed by the least useful idiot of all. Yet so panicked has been the British public, that they all applaud or at least accept Boris-idiot, while his Indian Chancellor, Rishi Sunak (an “Indian giver”?), has been acclaimed by many in the msm and on Twitter as almost a conquering hero, throwing gold sesterces to the plebs of Rome. To some, Sunak is thus “proven” to be a suitable later prime minister, while to others he mixes the erudition of J.K. Galbraith with the intellect of J.M. Keynes. Not to all, though!

Musical interlude

Shopping foray

Went to get a few things at Waitrose. The usual bare shelves in the dried pasta and home-baking areas. Everything else seemed to be in good supply. A few last-day things on sale for as little as 10p (smoked mackerel pate); brie, bread rolls etc.

The sky was thundercloud grey-purple, but the little sun in front of that made the scene look like one of the most famous paintings of Shishkin, Gathering Storm


Waiting in line to enter the store, I noticed the oddness of the situation: the line of “socially-distancing” people (mostly men, presumably sent out to get something), the black-garbed and scarved Handmaid’s Tale militia (Waitrose marshals), pleasant enough but controlling the line. There was something about it that made me wonder what really is at the back of all this?

Professional hypnotists usually condition suitable subjects before placing them under actual hypnosis. Is that what is happening, on a grand scale? Whole populations being conditioned to behave in certain fixed ways, like human marionettes: to dress in certain ways at certain times etc, to stand a certain (almost completely arbitrary) number of feet or metres apart, like soldiers on parade? To move forward only on command (however amiably voiced)? To become accustomed to being corralled by keepers or marshals? Is this in fact a preliminary experiment on the populations of the advanced countries, to be deepened and quickened at a later time?

What might be the socio-political consequences of the UK Coronavirus “crisis”?

We are being told, usually impliedly, that once Boris-idiot has gathered up his courage (if any), “lockdown” will end (“in stages”…why? There is no credible reason; the usual hospitals are almost empty, the new instant ones have no patients) and everything will return to normal, with the exception that we may all have to wear scarves or even masks when not at home. The criminals (acquisitive department) will love that! Joking aside, in reality the so-far-lulled public might find that a very different UK awaits them.

In the USA, unemployment has surged to something like 30 million in little more than a month, while the true updated figure may be much higher: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-30/another-3-8-million-in-u-s-filed-for-jobless-benefits-last-week

In the UK, analysts are already saying that UK unemployment figures could top the 1984 peak of 12%. In other words, millions on the dole.

Businesses are going to collapse, not by the hundreds, or even the thousands, but quite possibly (if very small businesses are included) by the hundreds of thousands.

This could be social-nationalism’s moment, if a movement exists to harness the power.


I just realized: the socially-mandated clapathon (“Clap for NHS” etc) was supposed to be this evening. Nothing. Not a sign, not a peep. Is it petering out? I hope so. I have nothing but praise for most NHS staff, but this is not toytown North Korea (yet)…

Diary Blog, 27-28 April 2020

Well, the Coronavirus continues to decline (in reality), but the “this is a war, Boris-idiot is our great leader and we are all in it together to defeat the virus” nonsense is, if anything, being promoted even harder, though there is an obviously-growing dissent as well.

Police speak to sunbathers as they patrol Greenwich Park.

[above: police nuisance harasses and lectures a young couple minding their own business in Greenwich Park][Daily Telegraph]

Boris-idiot himself is back posing as Prime Minister and, predictably, has taken the easy road of continuing to impose the “lockdown”. No matter the economic damage. No matter the social damage both to individuals and to institutions. No matter the evidence against it.

The police are still enforcing ridiculous so-called “rules” that make no sense:

Ken Marsh, chair of the Met Police Federation, said the force need clearer guidance over what is and isn’t allowed during the lockdown. He told The Sun : “Why is it OK to queue with hundreds outside a B&Q but not to sit on a blanket in a park well away from other people?” [Daily Mirror]


Nightingale hospitals

The decision to open the temporary “Nightingale” hospitals was probably the right one, and the results in terms of construction and fitting-out were impressive for such a brief time, meaning the short time between the decision having been made and the places being ready. However, they now stand as proof that the Coronavirus situation has peaked in the UK.

The London Nightingale, with capacity for 4,000 patients at once, has only admitted about 40 patients altogether, over 3 weeks, and is said to have only about 20 left now, most having recovered and been discharged.

The latest figures say that 51 patients were treated in its first 3 weeks: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-52448982

Several other Nightingales have either not been opened officially because of lack of demand, or have closed after having opened with much fanfare.

The death rate in the UK from the virus (supposedly) has fallen sharply, as it has across Europe. The deaths being seen now are probably mostly of people infected as long ago as February.

Boris Johnson: “the nation is starting to “wrestle” the “invisible mugger” that is Covid-19 “to the floor” – adding: “We are beginning to turn the tide“. [Mirror]

Boris-idiot is clueless. An Israeli expert who seems to know a great deal more than those advising the hopeless UK government has said that measures taken in various countries have varied, but that the virus travels through a cycle or wave lasting about 70 days, whatever measures are taken.

The UK government has half-trashed the economy already, and for what?

  • Schools are shut despite the fact that hardly any children under 10 get infected or at least show any symptoms; children and young people are generally little affected;
  • Very few people under 40 are affected badly enough to need medical help (example: Carrie Symonds, Boris Johnson’s fiancee);
  • Professor Keith Neal, an expert in Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases at the University of Nottingham, explains coronavirus doesn’t appear to affect children under 10 – so they might be first to return. He also explains evidence has not actually revealed kids pose a spreading risk.” [Daily Mirror] https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/what-new-normal-could-look-21935648
  • “Lockdown” has had, in reality, little effect: “So it looks like the virus had a fairly wide spread in Great Britain very, very early in this epidemic.

  • The 2 metre/6ft “social distancing” mandated is a purely arbitrary distance decided upon by civil servants.

What do we know about protection from Coronavirus?

Speaking in practical terms, that

  • Frequent washing of hands and lower forearms with soap and water (or gel, if in transit) gives quite good protection, and anyway the best protection available;
  • Avoid hot crowded places where people breathe or sneeze etc over each other;
  • Avoid incubator-places such as London Underground trains and stations; nightclubs and pubs too (now closed anyway);
  • “Social distancing” is pointless beyond a few feet distance; 3 feet is OK in most instances;
  • Face masks are only useful for doctors, nurses, dentists, barbers etc;
  • Preventing people from sunbathing, walking, driving around in cars etc is just silly and has no effect on Coronavirus.

Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens’ blog republishes his recent Mail on Sunday column. I think that it is worth copying some of it to this page:

I have come to hate this beautiful weather, the loveliest spring for 50 years. I long to wake up to a filthy morning of dirty grey skies and miserable rain, like the one Tennyson described when he wrote ‘ghastly, thro’ the drizzling rain, on the bald street, breaks the blank day’. This is because I think the British people are lost in an unreal, sunshiny dreamtime of delusion, seeing the current crisis as a sort of holiday after which they can all amble off back to the world. 

They once knew a world that died forever some time ago. I am reminded of John Wyndham’s terrifying science fiction novel The Day Of The Triffids, in which everyone is captivated by an amazing, spectacular meteor shower – and all those who watch it late into the night, oohing and aahing with delight, wake up the next morning permanently blind. 

Except, in this case, we will all be permanently less free and permanently poorer. And that will, of course, include the sacred NHS, which the nation love-bombs every Thursday night but which is already so threadbare that it cannot properly equip its doctors and nurses. Just wait and see how much worse this gets in the coming era of post-shutdown austerity.

Not to mention all the various zealots and fanatics who already see this new world as an opportunity to impose their various dogmas and fads on us. I won’t dwell yet again on the damage the Government has already done, and which deepens every day. I only say that without serious and angry opposition, this will only get worse. This clueless Cabinet is motivated only by fear. 

People who strove all their lives for office now have no idea what to do with the powers they thought they wanted, and are terrified of the responsibilities that came with them. They do not understand what they are doing and are not in charge of their own destiny.

And until they are afraid of the wrath of the voters, or perhaps of the courts, they will continue to hide in their bunker, biting their nails and wondering how to get out of the mess they panicked themselves into a month ago. They cannot admit they gravely overestimated the danger of the virus, and gravely underestimated the damage they would do to the economy.

Are there any good aspects to the situation?

  • Animals and birds are being helped by the fall-off in human activities;
  • Seas are being polluted less, for the moment;
  • Little Greta Nut has been pushed into irrelevance and off the front pages, in fact out of the news altogether.

Can’t think of anything else…

The clueless Government (and Opposition)

The Government should have kept most shops, businesses, schools and recycling centres open. It should not have prevented people doing things that certainly have no effect on transmission: walking in parks, on beaches etc; driving or riding around.

The results of the extreme “lockdown” will not become fully apparent until later in the year. Huge dole queues, businesses going bust all over the place, an even greater rollout of the poverty caused by “Conservative” governments (mainly) over the past decade or so. Also, the increase in deaths from other serious conditions.

Britain 2020


London 2020


Free speech in the UK

I have blogged before about those “alt-Right” wastes of space: “Prison Planet” Watson, “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin; Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson too. Pro-Israel, pro-Jew lobby etc. Just completely pointless politically and ideologically.

Back, inevitably, to the Coronavirus…

The tweet by “Sharon”, below, is of interest, mainly because it typifies the unthinking Twitterati, the “people should drive at 10 mph; it’s worth it, if it saves even one life” bleat. The bleat can be made more emoting (not emotional…emoting) yet by saying “child’s life” or “mother and child” (fill in other possibilities and tick box…).

In fact, it is instructive to read some of the tweets by the extreme pro-“lockdown” Twitterati. Apart from calling those with dissident views “morons”, “c*nts” etc, these types have obviously not really thought it through: they accept the official narrative, including the “lockdown saves lives” nonsense. They no doubt all “clap for the NHS” without really thinking why that is necessary or even desirable, and they imagine that the UK can simply shut down and live more or less normally “off its hump” for months or even years.

Twitter is, of course, now the home of the terminally out-of-touch. Twitter thought that Hillary Clinton would beat Trump, and that the Remain side would win the 2016 EU Referendum (easily), to name just two prediction errors. Now, Twitter thinks that Coronavirus affects everyone equally (patently not the case), that “lockdown” is essential, as is “clapping for the NHS” (which must be worshipped, whether in success or failure) and not leaving your home until Boris-idiot says so.

Actually, one of the most amazing aspects to all this is to see how compliant are the pseudo-socialists on Twitter. They are willing to say that the Government should have spent more on the NHS since 2010 (despite the fact that funding is by no means the only problem in the NHS), but are unwilling to say that the present Government has made an egregious and massive over-reactive error in dealing with this virus.

Another aspect is that the extreme Twitterati say that anyone who has seen through the “lockdown” scam is so evil that they, if suffering from Coronavirus (or anything else?) should not be afforded medical help. The same sort of thinking that leads some (even some doctors in the NHS!) to say that smokers and drinkers or the very fat should not be helped by the NHS, because their sufferings might have been “self-inflicted”. Strange, they never say that about, say, HIV/AIDS “volunteers”, blacks and browns carrying more traditional sexual diseases, or even drug abusers seeking “rehab”…

In fact, those Twitterati who want people to obey every word of Boris-idiot, Raab or little Matt Hancock are by and large the same sort that voted Remain in 2016 because Big Parent EU can look after (they foolishly imagine) their civil rights, workplace rights etc. It is a kind of socio-political infantilism.

Talking about little Matt Hancock, he was totally thrown by the not-difficult questions from the public at the news conference on Tuesday. Like a rabbit in the headlights. He just gabbled nonsense and fell back on the pathetic slogan of these times, “Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives”. Wrongheaded nonsense.

More tweets

Stasi Britain, 2020…

One of the most striking aspects of the “lockdown” nonsense has been to notice how very enthusiastically many members of the public have “collaborated” with the police by fingering their neighbours and others.

We were told for years about how,”had Germany invaded”, the British would have not only “fought on the beaches” but later engaged in a sabotage and terror/guerrilla war spearheaded by a stay-behind secret army and supported by the whole nation. Complete and utter fantasy.

I have no idea whether the fantasy of a WW2 Britain fighting secretly after German invasion sprang from the febrile mind of Churchill alone, or whether lower-ranking figures had the idea. People such as Ian Fleming, who was appointed as male PA to the Director of Naval Intelligence, and then “commissioned” as a naval officer (before long, Lt. Commander) without ever having had any naval training. Neither had Fleming any experience or knowledge of intelligence work: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Fleming#Education_and_early_life

George Orwell noted that the British might have collaborated obediently under German rule, and that was certainly the case, overall, in the occupied Channel Islands during 1940-45, as was also the case in France (despite the ahistorical propaganda now put out about the “Resistance”).


[above: Parisian gendarme salutes German officer by the Arc de Triomphe, 1941]


[above: a Parisienne talks to a German soldier during the Occupation]

A Luftwaffe officer speaks with a British policeman in St Helier ...

[above: German Luftwaffe officer talks to local policeman, St. Helier, Jersey, Sept. 1940]


In fact, in Germany itself, the Gestapo, which was in fact rather a small organization, contrary to the popular view, had only a few staff in most cities and towns. Records often did not survive the war, but those that did indicate a small staff, reliant on a fairly small paid-informer contingent, and secret or not-secret denunciation by members of the public. e.g. the Lower Rhine area, with 4 million inhabitants, had 281 staff in all. Quite large cities such as Frankfurt had only 20: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestapo#Population_ratios,_methods_and_effectiveness

The Gestapo was often overwhelmed by the amount of uncolicited denunciation it received. I was interested to read recently that several UK police forces during the Coronavirus situation have had the same problem: hundreds or thousands of denunciations, as in “my neighbours go sunbathing locally”…

Incidentally, the amateur secret army Churchill set up in 1940 would have lasted, probably, about a year before its active members were all shot or deported East.

Final thought: the whole discussion about whether or not there would ever have been a “British Resistance” (I doubt it) and as to how long it might survive if it ever had existed (a year, at maximum, is my guess), is anyway a pointless one. There never was a serious plan to invade mainland Britain. “Operation Sealion” (Unternehmen Seelöwe) was a typically detailed OKW (German Army High Command) contingency plan which was never going to happen, if only because the Germans lacked serious carrying capacity (barges, landing craft, ships).




“British secret army”: “Service in the Auxiliary Units was expected to be highly dangerous, with a projected life expectancy of just twelve days for its members.


Tweets seen


I might not agree with every aspect of the American cartoon below, but it is certainly on the right track:





[above: “Russia has no borders; it is wherever there are Russians“. Geographical borders mean nothing; only the race and culture matters]

The madness which infests our society

Take a look at the tweet below:

Incredibly, the above plainly deluded tweet came from an official police Twitter account! “Diversity” at the centre of “an ever improving society”! Absolutely off the wall! Simply mad.

Who writes this stuff? Some civilian employed by the police? A student working part-time? I hope not an actual police officer…

Interesting video


Diary Blog, 25 April 2020


It now seems to be accepted that, as I myself suspected some time ago, Coronavirus may have swept through the UK and particularly the London area as long ago as January:


There is now a plausible argument that as many as 5 million people in the London area are, or have been, infected. So far, about 5,000 have died of or with the virus. 1 in every 1,000 of the infected population.

The above facts make a nonsense of “lockdown”, as suspected. The entire economy and society has been closed down because of a likely one in a thousand chance of being killed (which probably would happen anyway, “lockdown” or no “lockdown”).

That is a thousand times greater than the chance of being struck by lightning, and is quite a high probability for mathematicians, but for those of us in the real world is a rather small chance, though admittedly far from de minimis.

No-one seriously suggests that Coronavirus is not a serious public health emergency, but it has been hugely overblown, and regarded like the Black Death or something similar.



The Government and its staff insist that it is only because of the “lockdown” that Britain has “wrestled the infection figures down” to the point where the reproduction number (RO) is below one, meaning that the virus will now decline inexorably to near zero. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8255677/Chris-Whitty-reveals-UKs-reproduction-number-dropped-1.html

Nonsense. “Lockdown” is all but irrelevant. A leading expert, an Israeli, has just recently said that any measures taken in various countries are close to irrelevant to the ultimate outcome. That seems to accord with what has happened in countries around the world.

The latest “plan” from little Matt Hancock is for people to be “allowed” to meet up to 10 specified others outside their own households! Only a cretin of the Hancock sort could come up with a “plan” so impossible to make work! Who will enforce this “plan”? The whole thing is ridiculous.

Someone like G.K. Chesterton would have fun with this “plan”, and probably write an amusing short story about it.

Meanwhile, in the real world, people are (judging by what I saw on my local roads yesterday) all but ignoring the “lockdown”. Plenty of traffic compared to a couple of weeks ago.

I hope that this episode has taught the increasingly arrogant Common Purpose-infected police a lesson, to wit that they police by consent in this country. People (misinformed, brainwashed, so be it) consented at first to the “lockdown”, but more and more are waking up to the fact that Coronavirus is almost yesterday’s news.

Most people now understand that, especially if they are under 70, they are not going to get Coronavirus or die from it, and that, if they are under 40, there is every chance that, even if they are infected, they will be totally unaware of the fact.

Those at high(er) risk are known: non-Europeans; inhabitants of “hotspots” such as London, West Midlands etc; older persons (esp. over 70); persons with other serious health problems.

The chance of getting it and being hospitalized and then dying is probably not even one in a thousand overall. For white people under 40 it is close to zero.


(because Douglas Murray has not worked out, or been told, what the Jewish/NWO lobby wants him to say…)

Below, a Peter Hitchens tweet which echoes some of what I have been saying about Boris-idiot for years:

Alarming, that “Shannon” cannot see that this absurd and petty-tyrannical “lockdown” breaches “our rights“! A non-European, it seems; with where is she comparing the UK in human rights terms? Some place in Asia? North Korea? Also, “aspiring journalist”. Well, looking at the standards of journalism now, plummeting even in the national msm, I am hardly shocked. Looking at her other tweets, she seems well-meaning but, frankly put, not the brightest. Talks about “uni” and her “dissertation” (leading to a “doctorate”, presumably) yet mixes up “their” and “there” in some tweets. A couple of yet other tweets from this person, below:

In other words, unless a political chancer like Boris-idiot gives you permission to leave your houses, stay effectively under house arrest, because “you are probably supposed to stay inside.” She obviously has no real idea what longstanding British civil rights are…and there are millions like her in the UK now, millions…

A sign of the times…

More tweets

Speaking personally, I keep to the “Government lockdown advice” not because it has any legitimacy (or legality, arguably), nor because I am afraid of being fined (the police would never be able to catch me for anything anyway), but simply because the libraries, bookshops, charity shops, cafes etc are all shut. Even the barber. In short, apart from the nearest supermarket (about a mile away), the nearest M&S (ditto) and the nearest village shop (a mile or so in the other direction), I have nowhere to go unless you count a monthly visit to a Boots and a weekly call-in to get a few gallons of fuel.

As for exercise, I have not done any serious exercise for nearly 20 years, and it is even longer since I swam 90 lengths (nearly 2 miles) without a pause, or trekked up the mountains of the Tien Shan in summer heat and winter snow. So I do not go out to exercise.

I am, in a word, the perfect “lockdown” citizen, without even wishing so to be!

More evidence that the “lockdown” in the UK is a pointless exercise that is trashing the economy (without which there will be no NHS, by the way). Still, “keep clapping” (nein danke!). As a matter of fact, it seems to me that this whole “clapathon” nonsense is basically the public services applauding themselves, and in some cases unmeritoriously.

Linguistic “hate”

I wish that people brainwashed by American msm culture would at least stick to tried and true English English. In particular, I see many tweets today on the subject of pasta, talking about people “hating on penne”. THERE IS NO “on“! “Hating penne”— good. “Not hating penne”— also good, BUT NO “on“, either way!

What makes it worse is that I would be prepared to bet that 90% of these miscreants have never visited, let alone lived in, the USA. They have no excuse! If I, once married to an American, once nearly married to another, who lived on and off in New Jersey for 3+ years, who repeatedly visited and/or worked in Florida and South Carolina, and who is still nominally a member of the New York Bar, do not say “hating on…“, then someone who has never left Essex, Brighton, or London (mostly London, judging from Twitter) has no excuse!

While I am on the same (perhaps minor) sort of subject, those places where you can embark on a train are railway or at least rail stations, not “train stations”! I first heard “train station” in London in or about 1990, from a West Indian woman. Since then, it has invaded and conquered the BBC, Sky, the print msm…Even persons pretending to education use it, sometimes. No…

Hating railway stations” = OK (though puzzling), “hating on train stations“= not OK.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Transporting the Führer | Mark Felton

Back to the present “lockdown” nonsense

That, Mr. Hitchens, does not wash. It is for those who laid down the “rules” and the stupid Coronavirus Act 2020 to prove, via successful prosecutions, that one or both are lawful. The 17thC-19thC freedoms which Hitchens supports would never have emerged had the people of those times always waited for the State to be challenged in the courts.

I have not read all of the law recently passed, but I doubt that “incitement” to break it is itself an offence anyway.

The real reason not to “incite” breaking the new petty tyranny law is, simply, that few would attend a demonstration. Demonstrations and marches are almost always a waste of time and effort. “What would happen if you held a demo, and no-one came?” There is your problem, the spinelessness of the present UK population.

Oh dear (see below): I disagree with Hitchens again. “House prices are the true measure of inflation“? That’s nonsense.

From 1983 until 2000, people buying houses on mortgages got a completely unjustified tax break: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortgage_interest_relief_at_source

That was a government giveaway; the same has been true of other more recent incentives to buy houses, eg relief for buy-to-let parasites. The result? Absurd house price inflation. If I lived in a house in London valued in 1980 at £100,000, which is now (or was in 2019) valued at £4 million, that is not a genuine measure of inflation but an artificially-fanned conflagration of inflation. House price increase— 40x in 40 years, in a society where pay has, on average, increased by, at most, 10x, and for most people maybe 5x.

The price of, say, retailed food, has also increased by maybe 5x in the same period. Wine that was £2 a bottle in 1980 is about £8 or £10 now.

Hitchens is very up the creek here, I fear.

After agreeing with many of Hitchens’ recent tweets, I am now in disagreement over some things…

“Rich” is indefinite, of course, but I do not think that anyone who has an overinflated house “worth” a couple of million can be described as anything but at least somewhat rich…(a thought dictated by my seeing on Rightmove a house for sale in the little crescent off Reigate Hill, Surrey, where my parents lived in the early 1980s. £1.25M! Ridiculous).

Yes, if the owner sells his one million pound house, he needs to buy another. Or does he? Someone with a million pounds has options, such as buying a house in a cheaper part of the UK (a million-pound house in Surrey or London can be replaced for as little as £300,000 in many quite decent parts of England or Wales. Or the possessor of a million pounds can buy a luxury yacht for, say, £250,000, live aboard and still have £750,000 to fund the fun in the Med, Caribbean etc.

Again, see below, it seems to me that Hitchens is, to some extent, up the creek here:

Most people with money (beyond some low level) in the UK inherited their money, they did not, primarily, earn it. Much of that is real property, or proceeds of sale thereof, that gets passed down. There are exceptions, and from 1945-1989 (to pick an end-date) quite a few, but these days, few really make much money actually working, even if that work is (or so the public think) lucrative, say at the Bar. Hitchens, as often noted, is here in his beloved 1950s rather than in the Britain of 2020.

I do, however, agree with Hitchens here (below):

More tweets

Here, below, the authentic voice of the inner London (Islington) “radical”, begging for “authority” to “step in” etc, while thinking herself almost revolutionary…

Note the language: Allison Pearson, the columnist, as “a danger”. A “danger” to what? A constipated and completely pseudo-socialist view of society?

“Lina” is right about another of her targets, Priti Patel, though. What a thick plank she is! Home Secretary, no less, in the Government of Fools.

Here’s another “socialist” poseur, who thinks that he is terribly clever (it seems), one John Crace: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Crace_(writer)

Time was when the Guardian would have had something to say about the complete trashing of the rights of the British public, about their having been corralled at home because the advisers of a government of total incompetents thought that the Black Death was about to arrive. But no; these days, the Guardian’s unimpressive scribblers prefer to tweet that people who have woken up to the absurdity of State-imposed “lockdown” have “a single brain cell” for not complying (any longer) with the continuation of the patently ridiculous mass house arrest imposed. Time was…

Thus we see, in part, why “Guardian” views are just ignored these days, and we also see why, in part, the Labour Party is all but finished.

One of the few pleasant aspects of the manufactured “crisis” is that little Greta Nut is no more to be seen in the newspapers. She or those behind her made a brave attempt to piggyback on the virus news agenda, by claiming that Greta “showed symptoms” of Coronavirus. Sure she did…A Scandinavian, aged 17. What were the symptoms? A-tishoo? Twice?

Actually, I have to amend the above paragraph, because I saw this in the Guardian as I wrote: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/apr/22/earth-day-greta-thunberg-calls-for-new-path-after-pandemic

If one single virus can destroy economies in a couple of weeks, it shows we are not thinking long-term and taking risks into account.” [Greta Thunberg, or her “advisers”]. Has she never heard of the Black Death, the Plague etc?

I think that her 15 mins of fame must be nearly at an end.

Here is another brave attempt to retain relevance:

Claire Fox, one time Revolutionary Communist, now turned “libertarian”, briefly Brexit Party MEP (April 2019-January 2020). An odd woman from an odd (and rather suspicious) political or ideological background.

Diary Blog, 24 April 2020

Coronavirus, the scare of the century?

Private hospitals are empty and up to 40,000 NHS beds lie unused amid mounting fury over the handling of non coronavirus treatment as thousands of operations are cancelled and cancers go undetected.

Figures suggest that up to four times the number of beds are free than normal for this time of year after a huge slowdown in non Covid-19 admissions as health bosses aim their focus at the pandemic response.

Hospitals have cancelled ‘thousands’ of their non-urgent surgeries – like hip and knee operations and IVF treatment – to free up space for infected patients, and operating theatres, equipped with oxygen supplies, have been turned into coronavirus wards.

Nightingale hospitals, built for the expected surge in coronavirus victims, are also largely empty, and private hospitals taken over by the NHS at a cost of hundreds of millions of pounds are also barely being used.” [Daily Mail]


Medics say up to 2,700 cancers are being missed every week as the numbers being referred by doctors for urgent hospital appointments or checks had dropped by 75 per cent.  Professor Karol Sikora, a cancer specialist, has warned that the impact of the coronavirus outbreak could result in 50,000 cancer deaths. 

Meanwhile NHS staff have been accused of making a ‘mockery’ of the health service as they faced a barrage of criticism for posting ‘tone deaf’ and ‘disrespectful’ videos of dance routines on coronavirus wards while seriously ill patients have their medical treatment delayed.” [Daily Mail]NHS staff at the Tavistock Day Case Theatre in West Devon were forced to apologise after they filmed themselves performing a traditional Maori chant

[above: “NHS staff at the Tavistock Day Case Theatre in West Devon were forced to apologise after they filmed themselves performing a traditional Maori chant“—Daily Mail]

“Clap for the NHS”? Nein danke. The NHS is a very good thing, in principle, but the fact is that maladministration is a major problem, as well as underfunding. I have no time for virtue-signalling, nor for de facto enforced “community-ism”.


It emerged today that NHS Nightingale hospitals could be ‘re-purposed’ to treat non-coronavirus patients to clear a mounting backlog of cancelled operations and other treatments.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace yesterday said empty beds at the seven Nightingales around the country may be used for cases including cancer sufferers or ‘stepdown’ patients on the road to recovery.

It came as the Nightingales remain largely empty despite having the capacity for up to 11,000 patients.  

The first of the seven major sites in England to open at the ExCel Centre in East London has so far treated just 41 patients despite already having a capacity of 500.

And the transfer of more than 30 patients to the hospital which opened on April 3 was allegedly ‘cancelled due to staffing shortages’, according to NHS documents.

Of the 41 patients treated in London, four have died, seven have been discharged to a less critical level of care and the other 30 are still having treatment there. 

There have since been three more Nightingales open – in Birmingham on April 16, in Manchester the following day and in Harrogate in North Yorkshire on Tuesday. 

The NHS has not yet provided data on how many people have been treated by any of these three, although the figure is believed to be dozens at best. This means the total number of patients treated at the four sites could be under 100.” [Daily Mail]

So, after all the hullabaloo around the huge instant “Nightingale” hospitals, at least one (on Tyneside) never opened for patients at all, and the others outside London have had few if any patients. The London one, capacity 500, which was supposed to be treating “thousands” of critically-ill patients has in fact received only 41!

Of those 41, 7 have been discharged, 30 are still there, and 4 have died. So, with known infection rates in London falling quite fast now, it looks as though the London Nightingale will soon be redundant unless repurposed, but it is a “hospital” good for only one thing— keeping patients alive who need ventilation or oxygen. It has no operating theatres or other usual hospital facilities, so it looks as if Ben Wallace is talking out of his ****.

Sweden, Britain, washing hands and other questions

It has been obvious to the non-brainwashed since the beginning of the Coronavirus situation that the only known way to stop its spread is widespread washing of hands, thoroughly, with soap and water. As I blogged almost two months ago, the survey of 2015, showing the levels of personal hygiene across Europe, exposed the fact that Italy, Spain and France were the least hygienic, the very countries where the pro rata infection rates have been highest.


Likewise, the only other really useful measures to help stop the infection on a mass basis are closure of or avoidance of crowded, hot, places where many excited people gather: popular concerts and dances, nightclubs, underground and other trains. Preventing people from walking, sunbathing, sitting on beaches or park benches are useless wastes of time.

Interesting news…

Is Coronavirus sparing white Northern Europeans?

It seems a strange idea at first blush. After all, we are brought up to believe that diseases generally attack people on an equal-opportunity basis. Whites, blacks, whatever. However, that is, like much of what people are told to believe, not actually true.

It is well known that some diseases attack, or conditions affect, only blacks: sickle-cell anaemia is one (showing that blacks do not belong in Northern climes). Likewise, though NHS and other propaganda concealed it or tried to conceal it, HIV/AIDS was much more easily contracted by blacks, half-caste blacks etc than by Europeans, especially those from North-West Europe or with family origins there.

Now we see Coronavirus affecting, in the UK for example, people of all racial origins, yes, but so called BAME people (including Jews) far worse than those of what might be called “Aryan” or more accurately “post-Aryan” origins.

Age is obviously the most important demographic factor in Coronavirus infection, symptomatics and mortality, but after that the racial aspect is obviously significant, though the importance is blurred by social factors such as modes of life, ways of life and living, housing etc.

I was struck by the Boris Johnson case. Here you have someone aged 55, of not only European but also Turkish and Jewish origins. He gets the virus and, it seems, was lucky not to die from it. His fiancee, Carrie Symonds, apparently European, and only 32 years old, showed symptoms and tested positive but suffered no more than slight discomfort before swiftly recovering. Makes you think…

Recent tweets

Street impressions

I had to go out in late afternoon (Friday afternoon) on an errand even the new UK bully police would certify as “essential”, so was able to observe how many people were out and about in my corner of Southern England. In fact, quite a few.

I remember when the “lockdown” nonsense started, a few weeks ago (though it seems far longer). The roads were empty. Now, today, I should say that, though the traffic has not built up to the Friday or any weekday norm, there was rather a lot of traffic around. Private cars as well as delivery vehicles. Quite a few people on bicycles, too.

A police car saw me as I passed in the opposite direction. The police car had cars ahead of and behind it. It slowed. I wondered whether the driver wanted to check me out, but was unable to do so because of the road situation. In fact, he would have been wasting his time. My car has valid MOT, is properly registered, as well as fully insured and so on; my UK licence is up to date and without “points”. In short, and in those senses only, I am “kosher”!

As I blogged yesterday, there is a “yes, repeat no” thing going on. No-one in the UK is rioting about this nonsense of the whole population being placed under conditional house arrest; no-one is even protesting loudly in the streets. Yet, with the weather warm, people are just taking their chances of being hassled by the toytown police, in the knowledge that the relatively few police around cannot, despite being more in evidence than pre-Coronavirus, arrest, ticket, or even talk to every motorist, every walking couple, every sunbathing young lady…

It reminds me of what happened in 1989. In 1988, I crossed the “East German” (DDR) border by car from Poland, then the next day into the then West Germany (Bundesrepublik). The border was rather fearsome in a quiet way, despite the fact that I crossed at a little-used and rural crossing-point in the south of the DDR.

Yet, only a year later, triggered by an announcement from a government minister (seemingly unintended), thousands of DDR citizens built up at the Berlin Wall and just started to cross. The Grenzpolizei (border police, aka Grepos) did not know what to do…so did nothing. One illegal crosser— shoot him; a thousand? Ten thousand. Impossible.

That, in minor key, is the situation the UK police are in now. They can throw their weight around when only a small number of (harmless, law-abiding English) people are involved, but when a thousand or a million people decide that they have had enough of the misconceived (and in any case pointless) “lockdown” petty tyranny, the police are powerless to stop those people from doing things such as driving around, visiting beaches, walking in parks or even —what wickedness!— sunbathing…

Musical interlude

A few tweets

Many people evidently have taken the “lockdown” at face value. This was an attempt by the global self-styled “elite” power club to see how far they can go in turning notionally “free” people into obedient, compliant, and above all unaware and bamboozled, serfs, clapping their own house arrest, in effect. Look at Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police Commissioner and Common Purpose “alumna”, right there in the forefront. I was thinking that this was the result of stupidity [cf. the view of @ClarkeMicah/Peter Hitchens] but I veer now to conspiracy.

The plebs are easily manipulated…

A woman says she was “named and shamed” by neighbours after she fell asleep and missed the weekly clap for carers tribute to NHS staff and key workers.

The mother said had been tired after “a rough night” with her son, and inadvertently failed to take part in the event despite having done so in previous weeks.” [Sky News]

The woman went on to write: “I just feel like I’m a total outcast on my previously friendly street now even though only one person posted it and only two others agreed

“It’s really disturbing how quickly people are ready to turn on each other and ‘report’ each other.”” [Sky News]

What many of the unthinking plebs would love would be a kind of “Nuremberg Trial” or kangaroo court every month (or week), with dissidents suitably “named and shamed” and then put in virtual or actual stocks so that the mob can throw things at anyone not going along with the official line.

Some “dissident” tweets

Again, as Hitchens says, or implies, the little penpushers, the toytown police and poundland KGB are finding new ways to fill their time, new “rules” to “enforce”.

Like most barristers (in my case, “ex”, since late 2016) who have done criminal trials, I am thoroughly in favour of juries, not because they are educated, intelligent, logical, or have any knowledge of the law beyond what the judge chooses to share with them (direct them as to), for mostly those qualities do not apply. No, the value of the jury is in the “sense of justice” within that small conclave. That may go against “the law” as written, against the evidence in some cases. It is a mystery, a mystery which worries the neat and little minds of some.

I can think of a few cases from my pupillage and later my own Bar experience (though I stopped doing most criminal work after a year or two, around 1995); other cases I have in mind were far more serious trials where the State was obviously thought, by the jury, to have gone “too far”.

One example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyprus_Seven_Trial

The problem that we now have is that juries are so brainwashed by State and/or politically-correct propaganda that the accused might often actually be better off being tried by a “Diplock Court” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplock_court].

My articles about, inter alia, Dominic Cummings:



Meanwhile, in other news…

Diary Blog, 23 April 2020

Well, here we are on the evening of St. George’s Day, scarcely an auspicious day this year, with the compliant rabbit-pleb population begging to be kept in “lockdown” for “as long as it takes”, meaning until Coronavirus is no more. They can then (in a year or so) emerge from their dwellings to contemplate the complete destruction of the UK’s economy and society.

Actually, the above is somewhat hyperbolic. For one thing, at least as far as where I am situated is concerned, there was no visible or audible State-mandated clapathon this evening. Yay! Not a single “locked-down” serf-citizen (in my area) appeared to clap, bang, set off fireworks or virtue-signal. So that’s one dead propaganda campaign (I hope)…

Secondly, people are starting to revolt, gradually, against the wrongheaded and tyrannical “lockdown” nonsense.

It’s a very British revolt. For one thing, very slow! All the same, in a typically Brit “yes, repeat no” way, people are starting to ignore the “lockdown”. There would be a great deal more of this quiet revolt were shops open.  As it is, there is nowhere much to go anyway. However, there are still parks, beaches, national parks, lakes (those not yet poisoned by Derbyshire police woodentops) etc.

The msm continues to parrot System propaganda, though. Look, below, at the Daily Mail today, calling people “covidiots” simply because they decided to walk in a park, sunbathe alone in a park or on a beach, drive around for a change of view and air, all activities which do not spread the Chinese virus; neither do any of these people have any chance of getting the virus from their walking, sunbathing or driving.

Not that that stops Twitter’s “me-too” online mob of serfs and virtue-signallers from attacking these innocent people and their harmless behaviours. As for the toytown police that now infest the country, they love lecturing decent citizens doing completely harmless activities.

Despite government pleas and warnings of strong fines from police for breaching lockdown rules, beaches were packed up and down the country, with covidiots sunbathing and enjoying the high temperatures.” [Daily Mail]


Police move two members of the public off a bench in Edinburgh today, after they appeared to decide to enjoy some tea in the sun, despite the coronavirus lockdown

[above: police idiots “move on” a harmless elderly/middleaged couple sitting having a drink from a Thermos flask. Why? Why?]

In Edinburgh, a couple were moved on by police after they were spotted enjoying some tea on a park bench.” [Daily Mail]. Again, why? It is senseless, quite senseless.

Sunbathing is banned by the government under the guidelines, but that didn't seem to stop some covidiots all over the country, including this woman at Highgate park in north London

[above: it pleases Daily Mail scribblers Danny Hussain and Jordan King to call this harmless young woman, sunbathing in her sky-blue bikini at Highgate, a “covidiot”… Why? She is not spreading the bloody virus; she is not in danger of infection, and even if she did get it, she is young enough to have, probably, few if any symptoms. Oh, and the Daily Mail “newspaper” scribblers might care to note that sunbathing is not unlawful anyway, whatever little Matt Hancock might like to pretend]

Members of the public ignore the Coronavirus lockdown on the hottest day of the year on Primrose Hill, north London, including this woman who seemed to be enjoying the sun

[above: another young woman, alone in the sun on Primrose Hill. Harmless. Why call people like her “covidiots”? So that the Twitterati and other online mobs, ignorant and brainwashed, can chuck virtual rotten tomato at her?]

A driver stopped by police in Cornwall told officers he went on a 70-mile tour of the county because he was bored of lockdown

[above: further misuse of police resources and unnecessary intrusion into the lives of citizens: the motorist was bored and decided to drive around Cornwall. So? Mind your own business, Plod!].

Devon and Cornwall Police said today they have carried out over 200 stops in the Penzance area alone in the past week. A driver pulled over for going on a 70-mile tour of Cornwall’s roads said ‘No reason for doing it really – I was just bored.’ It is the latest sign of the country getting back to normal life – despite ongoing lockdown rules.” [Daily Mail]

Huge queues built up outside the Five Guys burger restaurant in Edinburgh last night as people collect takeaway orders

[above: customers crowding together at a large takeaway food outlet in Edinburgh. This is within the “rules” as laid down! It’s all a nonsense!]

Crowds of commuters board a Jubilee line train at Canning Town station on the London Underground this morning

[above: the Central Line in East London. All within the “rules”, yet a wonderful incubator for bacteria and also viruses]…

According to the Daily Mail, people can now be fined if “caught” sunbathing in public, but not if exercizing in public, despite the fact that the latter is far more likely to lead to random infection! It’s all just nonsense! That’s assuming that the Daily Mail has the law right, which I doubt (I speak of the law, not whatever little Matt Hancock tries to pretend is the law).

Twitter full tonight of idiots engaged in the State Clapathon. Go away…thankfully, few if any around here. Once again, one sees that Twitter is the home of the natural serfs and virtue-signallers. Most unable to think for themselves.

Not that I do not appreciate the doctors, nurses and other staff in the NHS. Most are great. However, State-encouraged mass signalling is not to be pandered to. It also tends to kill thought (and dissent) about this whole Coronavirus thing and the government policy of putting the population under pointless house arrest.

Also, the NHS is badly-administered, to an almost absurd extent, and that is apart from any funding questions. “Clapping for NHS” tends to says “there are no serious problems in the NHS”. Again, this clapping coercion tends to kill thought and dissent.

An exception, as previously noted, has been Peter Hitchens (@ClarkeMicah on Twitter):


End the “lockdown” nonsense now!

Crises such as the present one are for political leaders or at least pretend leaders to run with, not advisers, however supposedly eminent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Whitty

Advisers such as this Whitty character need to be put back in their box. It is always dangerous to, in effect, give power to such people.

I like this (from @TonyGreyMan)…

More tweets:

Not that most Twitter virtue-signallers care much (yet) about the economy collapsing. Most of that section of the Twitterati are public service people (NHS, police, fire brigade, local council staff, other public sector staff) who assume (wrongly) that their pay, conditions and employment are outside the wider “marketplace”, or they are people not working anyway (either retired or otherwise “economically inactive”). Then there are the BBC and other msm drones, entertainers etc, as well as the online soi-disant “film critics”, “writers” (who have written one or two sunk-without-trace books in the past 5+ years), “journalists” etc (untrained and on tiny online “newspapers”; see also “Mike Stuchbery”), people who talk on BBC local radio once or twice a month etc etc and put themselves forward as “academics”, “historians” etc, on the strength of a pathetic doctorate from some multikulti degree mill.


Diary Blog, 22 April 2020

Tweets seen today

If anyone wonders why so many of the tweets here, and in recent days on this blog, are those of the scribbler Peter Hitchens, it is because, as far as the “Coronavirus” situation is concerned, he has been (and still is) one of the few well-known people to speak up publicly against the UK “lockdown” nonsense, the mad thinking behind it, and about the likely results of it.

Also, against the extraordinary power grab by the organs of the State (especially the police) and the supine response of most British people at being turned into serfs confined to their dwellings or shouted at —for inoffensive and completely harmless acts such as taking walks, driving a car, or sitting on a beach— all at the whim of police “officers” and/or “democratic” (incompetent and idiotic) politicians such as little Matt Hancock.

For those interested, I have previously blogged about Hitchens himself:


The reason why I have republished these tweets, mostly from Hitchens, is because these are the cogent points which have not been seen in the msm. The “British” TV, radio, Press have mostly been engaged in an exercise of scaring the bejesus out of the British people, aka (as shown all too clearly during this “crisis”) a mob of frightened rabbit-like plebs.

In fact, looking at the way in which the British people have meekly complied with, not only the new repressive “Coronavirus” law but also the expressed wishes of mostly pretty stupid government ministers (little Matt Hancock and others), which wishes are not law, it is clear that most British people do not want to be “free” or anything like it. That is why the British people have stood still while mass immigration trashed their society, land and culture. That is why there were so few protests when Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, the jew “lord” Freud and others trashed much of the Welfare State, and that is why few cared much as even the sainted NHS was cut back (and maladministered) for a decade or more.

Napoleon said that the English were “a nation of shopkeepers”. A lot of truth in that, psychologically, but today the shops are almost all shut by government decree (advised so by “experts” who at first predicted 500,000 Coronavirus deaths, then 250,000, then 5,000, and now whatever seems plausible on the basis of a few days’ massaged “statistics”).

Today, the English, Scots, Welsh are, visibly, nations of scared unthinking rabbits. Plebs. In fact, to call any of them “nations” seems rather to stretch it…

So we see that the rabbits believe almost everything the msm tells them about the (almost non-existent) “danger” of walking in parks, or on beaches, or on Welsh or Peak District hills. The same rabbits, many of them, will all be out at a certain hour today (I believe) and “clapping for the NHS”, a meaningless and State-encouraged “loyalty show” akin to something from the now-defunct (except in North Korea) socialist world.

In fact, those most keen to do as the Government of fools wishes (and who want ever-stricter “lockdown”) are precisely the pseudo-socialists, as seen on Twitter.


I thought that the latest State-mandated “clap fest” was this evening. Maybe not. At any rate, there was no clapping, or banging frying pans, around here. Maybe the idea has petered out.

Basic income

The SNP has called for Basic Income, something that I have favoured for years. An idea whose time has come.


Diary Blog, 21 April 2020

A few tweets seen

1937, and the British Army thinks that it is 1837…

That is my feeling. The toytown police state brought into being by the Coronavirus Act can be continued, extended, or resurrected almost at will, either by extending the “sunset” of the Act itself, or by passing a new Mickey Mouse “virus” Act…

A good point, that last. Personally, I believe that Boris-idiot is hiding out until the air has cleared and the virus wave effectively over, so that he can emerge as “wounded-in-action and conquering hero (clown) returns”.  As I predicted long ago, Boris-idiot is useless in a crisis. As for the headless chicken now posing as a government, its “Cabinet ministers” are a mediocre stupid lot, unwilling to take responsibility or the obvious necessary step of ending the “lockdown” now.

Thoughts about the economic situation

I have been told that, eg “hairdressers and butchers are suffering”.

I’m sure, but people offering personal services in perpetual demand, such as barbers, will be the first to recover. People need their services, such businesses do not require much capital to restock with anything, and they get paid in cash or via immediate card payment.

Small shops such as butchers or whatever may be in deeper trouble, because they need to buy stock and (like most hairdressers etc) are still, during the “lockdown”, paying at least rent, if not also business rates, in most cases.

The obvious result of the present nonsense is that many closed-down shops will not reopen, or be open for long,while new entrants to the “High Street” retail landscape will be few. This really could spell the end of the High Street, or something very close to it.

I have seen tweets saying that some publicans are still paying rent of as much as £2,000 a week to landlords (usually breweries), despite being closed and thus having no or almost no income (a few are delivering food and drink to clients, in small quantities).

Fortunately, the inn where I often based myself when in the UK from France, the Royal Oak at Dunsford, near Dartmoor, is owned by its proprietors. I urge people to go there when this nonsense is over. It’s a great place, deserves support, and the village of Dunsford itself is (as I used to think of it when I was there) “a blessed plot”.



Village of Dunsford, Devon: Home Page

Returning to the less-happy facts of the overall UK economic situation, many people have been either made redundant, or “furloughed”. Even those on furlough may not be getting their full pay, nor even the 80% of it guaranteed by the Government. It is capped at £2,500 per month. Cold comfort for those (formerly) making more than average pay.

After furlough? How many will even have jobs to which they can return?

I imagine that, once we are into the Summer and Autumn, there will be a personal/family crisis for many. Rents, mortgages etc may become unsustainable. The buy to let parasite market may well crash. Not that I care about the landlords, but those who cannot pay rent will mostly be ejected and become homeless. Will those houses become empty indictments of our whole system?

The idea being put forward by the present government, as well as by the “experts” who have been so wrong so many times before, i.e. that the economy will “bounce back” in a “V”-shaped recovery, sounds to me like pie in the sky.

People in the UK will, many of them, have no money, be maxed-out on credit cards, have had to remortgage houses (when or if they can). Demand in the economy will be low, not only in the UK, but Europe-wide and, to a lesser extent, worldwide. From where will that “bounce-back” come?

I see today that the price of oil is so low that it is only just worth producing. Bad for oil-producing states, including Russia. I have not looked at gas, but I presume that the same is true. At least it should mean the end of the fracking nonsense in England. An end to part-Jew Osborne’s con-trick propaganda.

More tweets

Carrie Symonds

I do not much like Ms Symond’s choice of life-partner (and I rather disparage behind-the-scenes “kitchen Cabinets” and the like), but if she can use her influence to help the animals or the environment, then good:


The Chinese

The bastards will even eat koalas. They sold live koalas in the Wuhan market, for locals to buy, kill, cook and eat. Koalas! What kind of untermenschen could do that?…


[above: Australian cyclists help a koala in a drought zone by giving water]

The “British” Press

I read that the newspapers, at least as print entities, face closure or at least significant cutbacks. Specialized or niche newspapers, such as the Jewish Chronicle, have already folded, though still publishing at time of writing. The larger or national newspapers are making huge losses. Am I worried on their behalf? No. In fact, I am laughing.

The “free press” of the UK, infested by Jewish-Zionist influence, has rarely been a positive influence in British life, even before WW2. In fact, with a few exceptions, as when the Daily Telegraph broke open the MPs’ expenses scandal, and thus exposed many MPs as a pack of squalid, thieving, cheating, freeloading, embezzling evildoers, I can think of few really good things that the “free Press” has done.

Come to that, while the Telegraph did break the expenses scandal in the latter part of the 2005-2009 Parliament, many of the worst expenses cheats and freeloaders are still MPs! One or two have even been promoted to the Cabinet! A few names? Yvette Cooper, Nadine Dorries, Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, Michael Gove. There are many more. All or almost all are members of Labour or Conservative Friends of Israel.

When I was disbarred at the instigation of a pack of Jews in 2016, the newspapers gave false or misleading accounts of the matter. I myself have never blogged fully about that, but have published a partial account: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/

No, I shall not be crying when the “national Press” (Lugenpresse, Judenpresse) goes down. I shall welcome the downfall, especially if the scribblers and others face well-merited ruin.



[caption: “get down there, you unclean spirit, where you wanted to send me!“]

End “lockdown” now!

End “lockdown” NOW!!

The “lockdown” is destroying everything: economy, society, confidence in the police, belief that this is a “democracy”, any belief left in the government, any belief in the future. Was that the hidden agenda?

Midnight music

Diary Blog, 20 April 2020

Adolf Hitler [1889-1945]









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Virgin Atlantic

Looks like the mad policies of the UK government, and the effect of Coronavirus on the air travel market, will see the end of Virgin Atlantic:

https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/apr/20/richard-branson-renews-virgin-plea-for-coronavirus-support ; https://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddawkins/2020/04/20/billionaire-branson-asks-for-government-money-to-save-virgin-atlantic-claims-he-did-not-leave-britain-for-tax-reasons/#664cca91e218

When I lived in Little Venice, on and off until 24 years ago, there was a large houseboat, where Branson was said to have lived once. Beyond Blomfield Road.


3 bedroom house boat to rent in Blomfield Road, Little Venice W9 , W9

[above: Branson’s former boat at Little Venice, or one very similar; I think the same]

I was told that that he owned a house right by where that houseboat was berthed.

Properties for sale listed by Riverhomes - Central London office ...

[above: the Regent’s Canal at Little Venice, not far from where I once lived; also not very far from where the previous photo was taken]

Virgin Australia, and other Branson-founded businesses, are also said to be teetering on the edge of insolvency.

I have no particular animus against Branson. He certainly seems no worse than other big businessmen, and in some ways seems better than others in the public eye. His courage cannot be questioned, after his ballooning exploits, and he is certainly willing to try new things in business. I do not particularly like some of his socio-political attitudes, and he is obviously mainly interested in making as much money as possible; that is, however, scarcely unusual in the business world.

At one time, 1989-1993, I was a fairly regular flyer on Virgin Atlantic, flying from the UK to Newark Airport in New Jersey. Not bad (for an Economy ticket), and more convenient for me than Kennedy Airport (which I also used, when other airlines had cheap tickets), because I then lived in Middlesex County, New Jersey, about half an hour by car from Newark Airport. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middlesex_County,_New_Jersey

I was rather surprised to see that Branson’s enterprises employ as many as 70,000 people all over the world. I do not know how many of those are in the UK.

I do not see why the UK Government should give his airline £500M, even as a loan. Airlines are going to be a drug on the market (almost worthless) for some time into the future. Any loan to Virgin Atlantic would probably be money thrown away. Admittedly, that is true of most of the money now being pumped out by the present government of fools, but why add more? Also, it seems that Branson himself has not paid tax in the UK for 14 years. Not exactly an incentive for a government looking at public reaction.

Coronavirus: an interesting view from Israel

A similar pattern – rapid increase in infections to a peak in the sixth week, and decline from the eighth week – is common everywhere, regardless of response policies

[The Times of Israel]


Tweets seen today

Hitchens has come to the same or a similar view to my own: this government of incompetents, advised by complete idiots, is starting to understand what it has done, i.e. pretty much killed, already, the UK’s economy (not to mention civil rights and the proper rule of law) but cannot, politically, simply whine that it got it wrong.

So comes the idea that there has to be an “exit strategy“, rather than the UK just resuming what is left of normal life overnight (by far the best idea). The Government (from its own standpoint) needs to pretend to be authoritative, in charge (and not, well, a bunch of idiotic mediocrities advised by similar ones).

I can think of one reason why a citizen (though perhaps not a very good citizen) might wear a surgical mask if required by the cretinous “authorities” of this poor country: it would be an excellent way in which those who commit crimes could stay undetected. I do not say that criminals, from shoplifters to bank robbers, will not still be detected and arrested (though, I hazard, in fewer numbers), but it will be harder for the prosecutors to get convictions in situations where not only have the accused allegedly been wearing masks but also where all other people at the alleged locus or loci were wearing similar masks! Eyewitness and cctv evidence will be almost worthless.

The above paragraph is, I suppose, me briefly wearing my former —but stolen from me— status as a barrister…see https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/

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Below, Peter Hitchens teaches a little logic and commonsense to a lady evidently devoid of both:

Not sure that I agree entirely with the last tweet, above. If Branson were to be allowed financial assistance for his companies in return for stumping up some sum in lieu of taxes previously avoided, it would be analogous to an individual not paying, say, car insurance and then, after an accident, being allowed to pay some money and then be treated as if he had paid previously.

End lockdown now!

Long live freedom! What freedom? Oh, no, wait…

Yes, if the speaker or interviewee is a dissident (I mean a real dissident, not a faux-“revolutionary” joke like Owen Jones or Ash Sarkar), a radio or TV station faces “sanctions” (i.e. punishment for not self-censoring), or may even be shut down.

Did you really believe that we live in a (mythical) “free country”?

More Coronavirus nonsense exploded…

The UK has today announced 449 more coronavirus deaths – the fewest for a fortnight – taking Britain’s total death toll to 16,509.

England declared 429 deaths and a further 20 were confirmed across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. And 4,676 more people have tested positive for the virus, taking the total number of patients to 124,743.

The day’s death toll is a fall on the 596 fatalities announced yesterday, Sunday, and half as many as the day before that (888). It is the lowest number for a fortnight, since April 6 when 439 victims were confirmed.

Although the statistics are known to drop after a weekend, the sharp fall adds to evidence that the peak of the UK’s epidemic has blown over.” [Daily Mail]


It comes as a leading expert at the University of Oxford has argued the peak was actually about a month ago, a week before lockdown started on March 23, and that the draconian measures people are now living with were unnecessary.

Professor Carl Heneghan claims data shows infection rates halved after the Government launched a public information campaign on March 16 urging people to wash their hands and keep two metres (6’6″) away from others.” [Daily Mail]

Looks like I was right…all the way along, in fact…

The government of fools

As I blogged before, it is clear the pack of mediocrities and idiots now in government are afraid to take the decision to end the toytown police state called UK “lockdown”. They are avoiding having to take responsibility. The same is true of Boris-idiot, who (surely obviously now?) is hiding out at Chequers until the “crisis” he himself has partly manufactured is over or seen to be almost over. He can then reappear as clown “conquering hero”…


Unexpected? Maybe not

Looks as if people are now unsure (at least more of them than previously) as to whether the EU was a “good thing” for the UK. Hard to say. Presumably, 13% are “Don’t Knows” or similar. On the other hand, in the actual EU Referendum of 2016, while there was just the binary choice to Leave or Remain, 27.8% failed to vote. Were they “Don’t Knows”?

Is anyone listening out there?

People may ask of me, “if you think that the government-mandated lockdown is a poorly-conceived and petty-tyrannical measure, and likely to half-wipe out the UK economy as well, why do you yourself obey it?”

My reply? “I am broadly going along with the lockdown nonsense because:

  • I find talking with (let alone being lectured by) the police (most of whom are poorly educated and as thick as two short planks) a bore, so I want to minimize the chance of being stopped on the local roads (mainly semi-rural or rural) around here, or on visits to the nearby small local town;
  • Almost nothing is open anyway, and I am not a partygoer, public (or private) sunbather, team sports enthusiast or general rambler on foot (these days).
  • On that basis, I may as well only make occasional shopping forays.”




If Only “The War” Had Never Happened

I happened to see the second tweet below, the one showcasing an opinion poll from November 1947:

You see, here we are 73 years later, and the Jewish lobby with the compliant msm are constantly putting forward the idea that the 1930s were backward, poor, basically terrible, but that “the war” changed all that. In reality, the latter part of the 1930s was a time of general economic and social advance.

Looking mainly at the UK, the second part of the 1930s was a time when, at least in the South and Midlands, there were job opportunities, new towns and roads being constructed, air routes being laid out, both across Europe and, via Imperial Airways etc, worldwide, using safe and comfortable flying boats.

Across the South of England, people were moving into the detached and semi-detached suburban housing still considered desirable property today, 80-90 years later.

More than that. Advanced thinkers were already laying the intellectual foundations for the Welfare State: decent public housing, a National Health Service etc.

Then came the war. It has been said that, under strict WW2 rationing, perhaps as much as a quarter of the UK population was actually better-fed than it had been in the 1930s, an indication of the social inequality rampant before the war. However, in general, the war impoverished the whole nation (how could it not?). Britain suffered under rationing of various types until the mid-1950s! There is no doubt that poverty and indeed inequality would overall have been ameliorated quicker had the war not “frozen” the social situation.

Before 1939, Britain was taking steps to grant independence to the colonies. The White colonies had already achieved Dominion status. The colonies of black Africa and elsewhere might have been given independence later but on a more secure basis, after sufficient Africans (etc) had achieved the stature capable of running advanced societies and economies. Sadly, that never happened.

“The War”, as UK people still call WW2, was disastrous for most of the peoples, animals, birds etc of the world. Environmental degradation today continues apace, a result, ultimately, of the corruption and inefficiency of the “independent” states formed after WW2.

The peoples of the former colonies have suffered wars, civil wars, banditry, rapacious officialdom, you name it. All because of premature decolonization. Not only in the former British Empire, which attained its greatest territorial extent after the First World War, in 1918. About a third of the world was under British control at that time. Also, there were the colonies of the other European states in Africa and elsewhere, those of France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and the former German colonies (South West Africa, Tanganyika).

How much better a world would we now have were those formerly colonized lands still under European rule, or ruled in collaboration with a large enough and cultured enough African elite built up by the colonial powers over time …Look at Rhodesia up to 1979, and then its decrepit successor-state, Zimbabwe…

This is not just a question for the UK. It is a problem, historical and contemporary, for the world.

In Europe, the UK (and France) might have not given the Poles the worthless “guarantees” of 1939, which led the Poles to imagine that Britain and France would actually fight for Poland. Never happened.

Likewise, after the Fall of France in 1940, Britain might have secured an honourable armistice with the German Reich, so saving the peoples of Western and Central Europe from the massive destruction caused, mainly, by the Allied and Soviet forces during, again mainly, 1941-45. It would also have meant no Soviet takeover of the East and most of the Centre of Europe by Stalin’s Soviet Union in the mid-1940s.

We hear much (much too much) of the Jews, who were, prior to WW2, being allowed to emigrate from Germany and its allied or vassal states. Indeed, the Germans were glad to be rid of them. Well, had there been an armistice in 1940, that emigration would have continued: to the USA, Australia, Palestine etc.

Terrorism after WW2 was a product of the terrorists or “guerrillas” during that war, both those trained and funded by the shambolic British organization, SOE, and by the Soviet Union (the “partisans”). Most postwar “terrorism” from 1945 through to recent times can be traced back readily enough to British, American and Soviet sources.

Had “the War” (in the West) never happened, or been stopped in its tracks in 1940, the Soviet Union would probably have collapsed by 1942, there would have been no massive destruction by Soviet forces (or by the UK/USA air fleets) in the Europe of 1941-45, no Cold War, no Berlin Wall, no East-West proxy wars. The Israeli state and the arrogant Arab and Iranian oil states would have all either been strangled at birth, or kept on a tight rein.

In Britain itself, the neglected historian Correlli Barnett [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correlli_Barnett] has made the point that, because of Britain’s having been bled dry by the War, it could not do more than one, or at most two, of its three main policy aims after 1945:

  • keep the Empire;
  • regenerate UK industry and commerce;
  • introduce a Welfare state.

In the end, Britain tried to do all three, but could not fully succeed in any, eventually almost abandoning the Empire and its remnants.

If only there had been no “War”, or a war lasting only a year…

If only.

Diary Blog, 19 April 2020

End “lockdown” now

What the government needs to do is to end the “lockdown”, right now, but also to keep advising people strongly, via the msm, re. washing hands (the only really effective way to prevent getting the virus) and reasonable social distancing (i.e. in particular avoiding crowded places and/or places where there are hot and excited people).

Michael Gove

Michael Gove, the pro-Israel, pro-Jewish lobby careerist MP and now Cabinet minister, is in the news again. It will be recalled that he was an expenses cheat in the 2005-2010 Parliament, to the extent that he was lucky not to be prosecuted for fraud. He is also a (supposedly former) cocaine abuser and drunk, who was also filmed in 2019, in the Chambers of the House of Commons, either dead drunk or drugged.


Gove has a Jewish wife, Sarah Vine, who is a Daily Mail scribbler:

She is thought to come from a wealthy background and, although it is difficult to find out what her parents did, at the time of her marriage to Gove in 2001, they were resident in Monte Carlo. The wedding was at the beautiful village of Vence in the south of France and the reception was held at a local chateau.” [The Guardian]


It was a tweet about Gove which was one of five tweets (yes, that’s right, only 5 out of 150,000+) that got me disbarred in 2016, at the instigation of a pack of Jews: see https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/ , or google “Ian Millard barrister” for a one-sided msm view. Now, my tweet about Gove can be seen to have been obviously true (as were the other 4). At that time, Gove had not yet been exposed as a “cokehead”, just as a fraudster, embezzler, doormat for Jews and Israel, and a backstairs manipulator.

The emerging British toytown police state

It strikes me that, in most revolutions (in their uncontrolled “street” phase), it is not the intellectuals, not the ideologues, not the “responsible” trade unionists or the faux-revolutionary newspaper scribblers and TV talking heads who are the first to take to the barricades, but the delinquent youths and the —to use the contemporary colloquialism—  the “totally pissed-off— who do so. They are the ones who assault the police, hang the HVO secret police (Hungary 1956) , burn down the headquarters of the local Stasi and destroy its files (East Germany/DDR 1989) and who create the conditions for an actual revolution going beyond mere temporary upheaval.

Who are those who are “ignoring the rules” of toytown dystopian Britain in 2020? Not the bloggers, not the journalists (not even the dissident ones), not the pesudo-religious priests, priestesses and other frauds. No, we see that it is the youth, or part of it, plus a hard core of people willing to think for themselves and show themselves unafraid of the state, as well as (whisper it) the blacks and other non-Europeans in the UK (who have no thought for the principles of liberty, but who just want the practical or actual freedom to go to parks, play football on Brighton beach etc).

There is no revolution happening in Britain. Not yet, anyway. However, I notice that the young are the ones mostly ignoring the new repressive law and the police-invented “rules” taken from Government ministers’ mere wishes.

My local online newspaper reports that the police have, inter alia, tried to apprehend 7 youths fishing. My God, fishing! What devilment is this?! In fact, “when the officers arrived, the youths ran off“. Meanwhile, in other evil, police were called to a beach where youths had been reported to be using a jetski. My God, don’t they understand that they could be “spreading Coronavirus“, “literally killing people“, and “destroying the NHS“?

Well, no, actually. Because they are not. This pathetic poundland police state-ism is driving even me up the wall. Fishing in small groups (people who already know each other anyway), or using a jetski on the sea (much as I dislike jetskis) are not behaviours with the slightest chance of spreading this bloody Chinese virus.

In fact, the police were out of luck with the jetski “criminals” too, because it appears that, “by the time officers arrived, the youths and the jetski had gone, but officers found the remains of a barbecue on the beach.” A barbecue? The bastards!

Joking aside, what does it take for “Middle England” (let alone the brainwashed plebs) to defend what little is left of their liberties and civil rights?

Actually, my impression is that the vast bulk of the British people have sold their soul not for fame, money (in any large quantity), or other of the usual inducements. No. Just chuck them a family-pack of loo paper, some dried pasta, and a bottle of booze. That’s them sorted…and goodbye all the fine words about “democracy”, “a society under law” (nb. “law“, not laws“), “freedom”, “civil rights”, “human rights” etc.

I don’t want to hear any more about the (large fake anyway) “wartime spirit”, “Dunkirk spirit”, “Blitz spirit” etc, and how “we” fought “tyranny” (as propaganda had it in WW2 and, germinally, for several years beforehand, as well as since).

We see the 100-y-o ex-officer raising £20M or more for the NHS, and he is quite rightly being honoured. Having said that, why does a National Health Service need to have monies raised for it by ad hoc crowdfunding? The fact is that the NHS has been both underfunded and, at least equally important, maladministered for years, even decades. In the past decade, vast sums have been shaven off NHS budgets and, since 2017, nurses have had their pay frozen.

Will the £20M-£30M raised be properly deployed or applied? Come to that, I wonder whether that 100-year-old ex-officer himself voted Conservative in 2010, 2015, 2017 or 2019??

More tweets about the current madness

Yes, the virus has killed a significant number of people, but the expected mass onslaught of deaths has not arrived. The NHS has a huge number of empty beds for the time of year. The mortality figures show a confused picture, not least because it is not clear how the authorities decide who is and who is not recorded as a Covid-19 death.” [Peter Hitchens, in the Daily Mail]


Opinion poll

So much for “Corbyn is unelectable, but Starmer and Lisa Nandy both are electable“…

Random tweets seen

Late night music