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Diary Blog, 20 January 2021

In responding to the grandeur of the stars, the only answer is awe.

Where will people turn when the time comes?

I caught the last 5-10 mins of Radio 4 Today Programme. Some fellow whose voice betrayed his smug certainty of knowing “the truth”…That person managed to get away with several meaningless statements such as “populism is Right Wing” (“rightwing” stopped being a useful descriptor decades if not centuries ago), finishing up with the assertion that “populists” were trying to “latch on to anti-lockdown protests” but that would not help the “populists” because it put them in the same place as “the nutters who think that the virus is caused by 5G“.

Well, I don’t think that many imagine that “the virus” is or was caused by 5G, though there seems to be at least some evidence that 5G has deleterious health effects. After all, the public were told for decades that high-tension power lines caused no health problems. Now?

There is no known mechanism by which magnetic fields of the type generated by high voltage power lines can play a role in cancer development. Nevertheless, epidemiologic research has rather consistently found associations between residential magnetic field exposure and cancer.” [Forbes Magazine]

Not understanding why something happens is not the same as something not happening.

Moving back to “populism”, I think that it is true that mere populism is usually short-lived, built as it is on the shifting sands of public opinion. Without ideological structure, a populist protest movement is a jellybag and cannot create anything lasting. I noted that in previous blog posts about the EDL and the “Football Lads’ Alliance”:

The sine qua non is ideology. After that, structure and organization. Numbers come later.

In the UK, stormy times lie ahead. The necessity is for an ideologically-sound advance guard, leading a tightly-controlled party. Once that exists, numbers will come and the people will respond, in the right external circumstances.

What group or tendency opposes the existing System in the UK? Not the self-describing “Left”, meaning the ragbag of Jews, other anti-whites, pseudo-socialists, “refugees welcome” dimwits, and “antifascists” (etc). They, indeed, are more loyal to the System even than “normie” “conservatives”! You only have to look at their favourite echo-chamber, Twitter. They want stricter “lockdown” “rules”, more censorship, arrests of dissidents (sometimes even those who themselves are self-describing “Left”-oriented). They support the “rights” of transnational exploitative companies such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and mostly want to “deplatform” those of whose views they disapprove (if they cannot have them arrested or attacked), while themselves retaining the Twitter accounts which are their main focus in life.

The above types are almost invariably in the pocket, in effect, of the Jewish lobby, despite the fact that that lobby despises them. You only have to look at Corbyn, McDonnell and other Labour Party idiots. They were still singing the praises of the Jews, and supporting the “holocaust” farrago, even as the Zionists toppled them and stamped on them! Political masochism.

The weakness of the pseudo-socialists (etc) is made manifest when they want to attack, eg social-nationalists. They appeal to authority in the shape of the officials of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or the police. Just like the Jewish lobby, in fact…

The strength or, rather, weakness of the self-describing “Left” was exposed in the 2019 General Election. Weak as weak could be.

The self-describing “Left” has pretty much given up on trying to create a better society or a “revolution”. Its main aim now is negative: to “defeat” those it opposes by having them “deplatformed” or, in their wildest dreams, arrested by the System police and convicted eventually of some so-called “hate crime”. The obvious example is that of Alison Chabloz (convicted of satirizing “holocaust” fakery in song), but there are several others.

[Alison Chabloz]

There is every chance that, if a credible social-national party can emerge and survive for a while, circumstances and events might propel it to power far faster than most imagine. There is no real opposition to that except the System itself; the other would-be contenders (the pseudo-socialists etc) are just a wall of noisy squawking on Twitter. They have no power.


Interesting dissenting film seen on Twitter:

Other tweets seen today

Even more or less mainstream journalists such as Peter Hitchens are now being shadowbanned, censored, even deplatformed. First they came for the…”Nazis”?...

You can see what is happening. The international conspiracy first censored and “deplatformed” social-national people such as me (the Jews had me chucked off Twitter in 2018), and anything likely to make people think twice about whether Hitler was “evil” (hence the banning on YouTube of almost all 1930s or “Third Reich” material).

Then came the turn of the “alt-Right”, such as Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson etc; and also those with interesting dissident views. David Icke, for example.

Now, we see that the caravan has moved on. Mainstream journalists are being censored and banned. YouTube even took off, for a while, the channel of talkRadio, a major UK radio station, and I believe that some material is still banned.

This is all in preparation for 2022 and “the Great Reset”.

Morning music

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That, then, will be the chance for social-national rebirth. Then, we shall be able to say, “we’re back!

This is no co-incidence. Look at that map. Look where the dividing line is. Think back to where the Western cabals allowed the Marxist-Leninist control to extend westward: in their plans, to the Rhine, but Sovietism did not get quite that far. Now, with Russia and Eastern Europe resisting, the new plan, in part, is to eliminate at least White European Christendom in the Central and Western parts of Europe.

Anyone who supports the migration-invasion is an enemy.

Incidentally, observe the “smiling when there is no obvious reason to smile” in the very sinister Barbara Lerner Spectre: a kind of erratic rictus, like a malfunctioning back light. Very much a Jewish characteristic, and often seen on TV interviews.


Daniel Hannan: the personification of braindead and/or mad (pseudo-) “libertarianism”. Wants 4 million Hong Kong Chinese to come to the UK!

Wall. Squad. End.

Another of thousands of examples of the Twitter mass purge of anyone not signed up to the “Great Reset” and “Great Replacement”.

Savitri Devi, circa 1937.jpg
[Savitri Devi, France 1937]

Savitri Devi Mukherji (born Maximiani Julia PortasFrench: [ pɔʁ.tɑ]; 30 September 1905 – 22 October 1982) was a French-born proponent of Nazism who served the Axis powers by committing espionage on the forces of the Allies of World War II in India.[1][2][3] She was later a leading member of the Nazi underground during the 1960s.[1][3][4]

Savitri was a proponent of a synthesis of Hinduism and Nazism, proclaiming Adolf Hitler to have been sent by Providence, much like an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu.[5] She believed Hitler was a sacrifice for humanity which would lead to the end of the Kali Yuga induced by the Jews, who she felt were the powers of evil.[3]

Her writings have influenced neo-Nazism and Nazi occultism,[6] and more contemporaneously, she has influenced the alt-right.[7] Rejecting Judeo-Christianity, she believed in a form of pantheistic monism; a single cosmos of nature composed of divine energy-matter.[8] Within neo-Nazism, she promoted occultismecology,[9] and the New Age movement. She also influenced the Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano. In 1982, Franco Freda published a German translation of her work Gold in the Furnace, and the fourth volume of his annual review, Risguardo (1980–), was devoted to Savitri Devi as the “missionary of Aryan Paganism“.[1]

Devi was a pioneer in animal rights activism, and was a vegetarian from a young age and held ecologist views in her works. She wrote The Impeachment of Man in 1959 in India[3] in which she declared her views on animal rights and nature. According to her, human beings do not stand above the animals; but in her ecologist views, humans are rather a part of the ecosystem and should respect all life, including animals and the whole of nature.

She always held radical views on vegetarianism[3] and supported the death penalty for those who did not “respect nature or animals”. She once broke into laboratories and took animals being held there, releasing them from being used in experiments.[citation needed] She believed that vivisectioncircusesslaughter and fur industries among others do not belong in a civilized society.”

Her most famous book:

A lightning bolt and a Nazi swastika in front of the Sun. Book title at top, author name in middle

Begun in 1948, completed in 1956, and first published in 1958 in Calcutta, she said it “could be described as a personal answer to the events of 1945 and of the following years.” It is dedicated “To the god-like Individual of our times; the Man against Time; the greatest European of all times; both Sun and Lightning: Adolf Hitler, as a tribute of unfailing love and loyalty, for ever and ever.”[3][5] It opens with quotations from The Bhagavad Gita and Rudolf Hess.” [Wikipedia]

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Recently, information (secondhand, but thought reliable) about the state of the NHS. Dire. Not “because of COVID”, though made worse by the extra admissions, perhaps. It is just maladministered, and also has attitudinal problems, not universal, that are reducing it to a “Soviet” level in some respects. There is also the effect of mass immigration, which has increased the UK population from about 56 million in the 1960s to about 66 million today. Huge increase, huge extra demand.

Trump and Presidential pardons

Trump has once again been proven a huge disappointment. Had the chance to pardon Snowden, Assange, and especially the social-national prisoners in Federal prisons. Result? A big fat zero.

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Private Eye was worth reading, long ago (30+ years ago), though it always had the seeds of its own decadence and destruction within it. Its creators and readers were largely the kind of people who would like Monty Python, those better at poking fun from a comfortable perch than anything else. The sort of people who probably really like Michael Palin’s smug travel shows.

Like (the now long-defunct) Soviet humour mag, Krokodil. Like HIGNFY. In other words, “approved humour”, fronted by some boring drone like Paul Merton.

In fact, political correctness and “wokeness” has pretty much killed off satirical humour. God help any humorist now who laughs at (inter alia) Jews, “holocaust” fakery and/or hoaxes, the blacks, “Black Lives Matter”, facemask-wearing rabbits etc…

UK slides to insolvency

Britain’s airlines, airports and aviation manufacturers pleaded for immediate financial support from the government and a longer-term recovery plan after COVID-19 stopped travel and new testing requirements dashed bounce-back hopes.” [Reuters].

Hello? “The virus” did not stop travel, though it may have slightly discouraged it. The governments of panicked Europe and elsewhere stopped it!

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Diary Blog, 18 January 2021, including some thoughts about Universal Credit and Basic Income

“The virus”

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: interviewee Nadhim Zahawi [;] said that the Government is expecting 85% of the England-resident population to agree to be vaccinated in the next few months. Asked about whether it might become compulsory to be vaccinated, Zahawi (born in Baghdad to Kurdish parents, only came to the UK aged 9) said “we are not that kind of country“.

It seems that the odd-looking showoff who owns Pimlico Plumbers [;] has said that he will not employ anyone who cannot prove vaccination.

To me, the telling point is that the subject of compulsion has been raised at all. I cannot recall any previous time when it has been. What is the real agenda, bearing in mind that well over 99% of people who are infected with “Coronavirus”/”Covid-19” actually recover, most without serious ongoing problems (as far as can be seen so far)?

Another piece of news today was that there are some indications that some variants of “the virus” have mutated to the point where the vaccine(s) become ineffective. There would then have to be, presumably, further or other vaccine(s).

One asks again, what is really behind all this? The “Great Reset”? If so, how does it all play out?

Tweets seen

Laura Kuenssberg has become steadily worse over several years; completely partisan. She is, basically, a government mouthpiece. A few years ago, I was sent information about her: part-Jew. I was unaware. I knew that she is part-German (echt German, not Jew), but it turned out that (like many UK-based journalists) she is also part-Jew.

As I have previously blogged, the whole idea of topping-up poor pay by means of State benefits is an error, completely wrongheaded. What it means is that employers can pay poverty wages, wages insufficient to live upon, and the employees paid those inadequate monies have to apply for Universal Credit merely to survive on a quite basic level.

Moreover, it means that the employers, and their profits, are being subsidised by the State, meaning by all citizens, including even those receiving State benefits! This is so because even those not paying income tax still pay other taxes: those working full-time (and many working part-time) are paying National Insurance [], which is a tax by any other name; all are also paying VAT on most purchases:

Incidentally, the standard rate at which VAT is levied has increased steadily since introduction:

What that all means is, inter alia, that those receiving Universal Credit are actually partly paying for that themselves, because most are paying not only VAT but also National Insurance.

The answer is twofold: firstly, the State should pay a measure of Basic Income to all persons whose income falls below a certain level. How much? Hard to say off the cuff, but about £100 per week seems right, as a minimum.

Secondly, there must be a higher minimum wage set. How high? Again, hard to say exactly, but £10 a hour seems about right.

Enforcement of the minimum wage also needs to be stepped up.

The devil is very much in the detail in such matters, of course. Housing Benefit is another can of worms. It may be that Housing Benefit should be eliminated, and the slack taken up by a much higher Basic Income. Expensive? Yes, but so is the whole “welfare” sector, with its “assessments”, snooping, intricate administration etc; of that, not the least pertains to Housing Benefit.

More tweets seen

and now Ukraine is basically a Jew-ruled failed state. Ironic (?) in that the historical Khazars, from whom many if not most Jews descend (i.e. not from ancient “Israelites”) were, loosely and inter alia, in the area of the Ukraine:;

A group of Ashkenazic Jews in Jerusalem, circa 1885
[Ashkenazi Jews in Jerusalem, c.1885; The Independent]

Shameful. Ironic though, that so many of the Twitter-twits have reposted the above graphic while at the same time arguing for even more immigrants to enter the UK, thus depressing pay further, thus straining public services further. The self-described “Left” have nothing to offer, any more than have the finance-capitalists (who also want more immigration). Only social-national policies can beat and cut a path out of the jungle.

Historical note

[n.b. for “county”, read “country”, obviously]

The quotation dates from the 1930s, I think from 1939, when Kennedy was 22:

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Shows what weapons they use on the occupied population…

History…first time, tragedy; second time, farce” [Marx]

I like it when the uniformed attendant calls that “the sacredest place“! Where the freemasons, puppets of Israel, and fraudsters sit and spout? Sacred? Ha ha!

Is Washington burning?

Meanwhile, in the “caring, sharing”, “liberal” and multikulti Netherlands…

That mayor was once egregiously rude and insolent to me when I still had a Twitter account. Who’s next? “I have a little list“…—but in view of the encroaching police state, only in my head. Nothing stains like ink (adjust quotation for online version…).

Updated version:

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They should be on our side!

Something more peaceful…

Diary Blog, 14 November 2020

Dominic Cummings

I repost my main blog posts about Cummings:;

Tweets seen

What has been so extraordinary about the “resistible rise” of Cummings is that (ref. my blog posts about him) he actually has no track record of measurable achievement at all. Left university with a so-so degree, somehow got into Russian business (but nothing solid), tried to set up an airline in the 1990s using bits of decrepit Soviet property (the airline made one flight only). Then Cummings gets a job with the Conservative Party and somehow acquires a reputation for maverick brilliance. A mirage. In the old Soviet joke, “we hear that you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. Well, we see the eggshells, but where’s the breakfast?

I always believe in the Biblical injunction to “judge the tree by its fruits”. I judge an ideology by its effects and by the behaviour of its adherents. I judge a government by its acts, omissions and achievements. Look at the chaos of the present government, in every way!

Cummings is not entirely to blame for the present chaos, which is soon going to get worse, with mismanaged Brexit about to come down the line. Boris-idiot, posing as Prime Minister, is the main culprit. Others, such as Johnson’s “ho”, are mere extras in the drama, but have, in the absence of proper government, taken on the role of active players.

In fact, the “eminence” of Cummings is symptomatic of Britain at the present time. It is a situation that has developed over the past decade or so. The “not what you know but who you know” scenario. We have seen the emergence of the no-salary “intern”, able to work unpaid for a year or more (and so create the foundation for a career) because the affluent parents or a family trust pay for everything. We have seen the unworthy but well-connected, the privileged trustafarians etc, become MPs, ministers, Cabinet ministers, even Prime Ministers and members of the House of Lords. A few names? David Cameron-Levita, Ed Vaizey, Dido Harding.

In fact, the above is the flip-side of the likewise prevalent “identity” appointments: persons appointed to positions in government and/or as (very well-paid) TV talking heads because they are black, brown, female etc.

Every journey starts with one step…

I agree with that, but it has to be confined to bona fide and truly British citizens as recipients to be sustainable.

Life’s circus…

The Underground was better then (c.1950?), it seems…

The succinct reply sums up my own cynical view: Boris-idiot…

That reply, too…

…and that one.


Well, this week I again beat John Rentoul, I having scored 7/10 as against his 6/10; my score would have been 8/10, but the name of the German theologian of Question 7, though on the tip of my mental tongue, escapes me for the moment. In case anyone is interested, the other questions I cannot answer are numbers 2 and 9.

[update, 2 hours later: I remembered the answer to the “German theologian” question, but too late…Pastor Niemoller.].

Memory is a strange thing. I wonder how much research is done into it.

Google “The Great Reset” and you will discover why, “suddenly”, “reset” is seen everywhere! Google “conspiracy” at the same time…

BRINO (Brexit In Name Only) was always the most likely option for the international conspiracy.


Don’t get mad; get even” [American saying]

Trump should extend Presidential pardon to all social-national and allied prisoners held in U.S. Federal prisons. He should proclaim his intention as soon as possible, and pardon as many prisoners as he can while he can. It would be a good way of sticking it to the “antifa” swine.

“British” Christmas TV ads

I see growing discontent at the race-mixing propaganda posing as “just ordinary TV ads”. Christmas ads are just part of it. According to latest statistics, about 80% of the UK population still identify as “White British” and actual “blacks” (not including recent mixed-race) are supposedly “only” somewhere around 3%. Yet almost every TV ad now contains mainly blacks, or a mixed couple and “their” mixed-race children.

Sacked temporary teacher, serial grifter, “antifa” cheerleader (from a safe distance) and would-be (self-describing) “historian” and “journalist” Mike Stuchbery supports the propaganda:

Of course, Stuchbery sees nothing wrong in TV ads pretending that 90% of the UK population is black, mixed-race etc… This was my blog post about Stuchbery, which thousands have found interesting:

This is not mere happenstance. It is a deliberate and planned campaign. I have blogged about it in the past and it is getting worse. Google “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan” for more. Alternatively, “the Great Replacement” and/or “White Genocide”.

My blog from a couple of years ago:

I wondered whether the police would at some point take an interest in the GoFundMe appeal set up for Stuchbery by his associate “@antifashwitch”, Roanna Carleton Taylor of Derbyshire (it gathered in nearly £12,000 from gullible people who wanted Stuchbery to sue Tommy Robinson using it, but there never was a case brought). I now see that the Twitter tweets, going back years, of both “@antifashwitch” and her misnamed organization “@Resisting_Hate_”, have almost all been deleted.

I have no idea whether the two facts are connected, or whether she has been trying to delete potential evidence of fraud, but it has caught my attention today.

I expect the ~700 people who gave money to that GoFundMe [] are wondering what happened…

I believe that “antifashwitch” has a rather “dodgy” background generally. Her personal connections have, if the Internet is to be believed, been investigated by the police in the past, and not just for political matters.

Incidentally, the Pakistani named in the GoFundMe appeal is or was, supposedly, the solicitor (a one-man-band “firm”) who was going to act for Stuchbery. All very odd.

More tweets seen

Slava! Something has to be done directly about the Boris-idiot toytown police state which is inexorably becoming a real police state.

Not a new tweet, but worth reposting.

Are you still proudly self-congratulatory for having clapped, idiots?…

Quite. As for the UK, the rural/suburban area of coastal Southern England where I live has 180,000 inhabitants within the District Council area. In the last week, 3 (three) deaths “from” (or “with“?) “the virus” have been notified. One death for every 60,000 people! Statistical zero. Yet for this, the population has been forced to comply with the facemask nonsense, shops and pubs and restaurants (a large part of the local economy) have been shut, and any medical services from GPs are telephone-consultation only.



Was that connected with “antifashwitch” too? I have no idea.

Non-white Christmas TV ads

Further to my comments earlier in today’s blog, I received this comment from a reader:

I’ve noticed that the race mixing Christmas ads don’t mind showing an idealised England via small rural villages complete with a church in the centre, the catch is they don’t allow us to see a white family living there, it has to be mixed.

The problem is though, who do these multinationals think this nostalgia and yearning for an older England actually caters to? Is it the Indian wife in the ad? or the inevitable black husband of the white woman in another ad?

On the one hand they pander to the cultural identity of an ethnic group, while at the same time endorsing the erasure of that ethnic group via the mixing in the ads. 

Note once again that the nature of the multinational is essentially parasitic, those images of England aren’t of them…” [a reader of this blog].

Well said, Blog Reader…If it were the other way around, it would be called “cultural appropriation” and so “wrong” (because white European people are always wrong…). Such TV ads (propaganda masquerading as ads…) are much more an “appropriation” (if not an expropriation!) than, say, The Black and White Minstrel Show etc, who were copying a longstanding American and European tradition of “blacking up”.

Late tweets seen

That’s assuming that you are going down the Parliamentary road…

Map of cronyism

My Little Crony map shows web of contracts between government, MPs and their friends

Late music

Diary Blog, 12 October 2020, including thoughts about the police and Darren Grimes


Well, there it is: yesterday, nearly 13,000 known “cases”, yet only 65 deaths. About 1 death for every 200 “cases”. Most people are not even tested, so that must mean about 1 death for every 1,000, 2,000 or more people in the UK.

The Government of Clowns is shutting down great swathes of the country (again) for almost nothing.

Britain’s toytown police state flexes its muscles again;;

I am reposting, below, tweets from little Darren Grimes [], despite the fact that he and his “libertarian” friends have never once said a word in defence of, inter alia, me, Alison Chabloz (who is still being both persecuted and prosecuted for singing songs and for taking part in an Internet “radio” discussion!), or Jez Turner of the London Forum (persecuted by a pack of Zionist Jews who then leant on the CPS to prosecute him— he spent 6 months of a one year sentence in prison, for making a single short speech in public).

My own experiences? Here are a couple:; and

So here are those tweets:

Ecce! The “Free Speech Union” (the usual “libertarian” crowd, Delingpole, Toby Young etc), and LBC radio talking head Iain Dale all decry the misuse of police powers to repress Grimes’ free speech. Fine, but where were those hypocritical bastards when I was under attack? Skulking, afraid of the Jew lobby, that’s where!

They never defended my rights, never defended Alison Chaboz, never defended Jez Turner or others who have been repressed by police and prosecutors suborned by the Jew-Zionist lobby.

Still, here I am defending this individual’s rights. #MoralHighGround…

Incidentally, I see that the Daily Mail article above is written by Sarah Vine, the wife of Michael Gove []. One of the (in the end, five) tweets that resulted in my 2016 disbarment was that describing Gove (enirely accurately) as a “pro-Jew, pro-Israel, expenses cheat“. Despite those words being entirely truthful, they were held at Tribunal to be “grossly offensive”!

I, like the public in general, was unaware until last year that Gove is or was also both a cocaine-abuser and a pisshead who even appears dead drunk in the Chamber of the House of Commons! The video of Gove thus staggeringly drunk and/or drugged is now “unavailable” on YouTube…;

The shrivelled little bastard can be seen here, though:

Nonetheless, Sarah Vine’s article is worth reading:

Below, a typical tweeter who supports free speech (he says) yet seems rather naive to say the least—for a lecturer in politics even at secondary school level:

Support people like Alison Chabloz, like Jez Turner, and like me! Overseas, other persecuted people too, such as Ursula Haverbeck!

Darren Grimes is perhaps not sufficiently aware to know that it was the Jew-Zionist lobby that started this fairly recent trend of “lawfare”, meaning the abuse of badly-drafted laws to repress opinions of which that Jew lobby disapproves. The most obvious example of a badly-drafted law is the Communications Act 2003, s.127.

Jews are fond of saying that “repression may start with the Jews but rarely finishes with them“. It seems to be true, but not in the way “they” mean. They themselves started this attack on free speech, but it is not the Jewish population that suffers from it.

Oh, and right on cue (see below) comes Karl Turner MP [], the sort of muddle-head who thinks that he is being terribly clever for saying “freedom of expression does not mean freedom from consequences“, a phrase which could be applied to Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China.

The same kind of deadhead thinking is often tweeted by one Paul Bernal, a law lecturer at the University of East Anglia.

In fact, looking at Karl Turner’s Wikipedia entry, he looks like a suitable candidate for my Deadhead MPs series…

More tweets seen

On the face of it, Identity England seems to be a commendable and worthwhile organization, though I do not know much about it as yet (and cannot read their material on the Telegram platform because I am not signed up to that or to Facebook).

So the BBC pays some ignorant Northern Irish slug to harass members of the public. Quelle surprise. This is him:, though the main photo seems to be a decade or more out of date.

That Nolan person (of whom I had never heard until today), seems to be unaware that not everyone has to wear a facemask muzzle even under the (probably legally invalid) government “rules”…

The BBC must be demolished, rubbed out, replaced.

Interesting. Last year? It’s almost as if some in the Government knew that there would be a Coronavirus “crisis”…Google “Great Reset” and/or “Great Replacement”…

The problem is that a huge number of people who want to be taken seriously have a huge amount of emotional capital invested in the fear propaganda, the facemask nonsense, the “lockdown” stupidity, the “clap for the NHS” nonsense (remember that? Idiots standing and clapping to order?). Not just the Government of Clowns; also the Twitterati (most of them), the pseudo-socialists etc. The facts are plainly against them, but all they (really) want to do is control what others do and say, or even think. The facemask muzzling is symbolic of that tendency.

I would rather trust Soviet TV, if it still existed, than today’s BBC.

[original article published in March 2020, and even more relevant 7 months later]

Peter Hitchens “fears” that that might happen (the “thought police” visiting dissidents)?! Where has he been for the past several years?!; and has he never heard of Alison Chabloz or Jez Turner, among others?

…and don’t I know it!

It is a good list.

“There is no getting around the fact that Europe is in absolute decline.”

The continent’s long-stagnating economy is perched at the edge of a precipice. The Covid-19 health crisis has morphed over these past six months into a severe recession, exacerbating long-established European economic fault lines. Already hard-pressed southern Europe is experiencing by far the worst of things, as the continent is rotting from within. The south grows ever more politically resentful, even as the north grows weary of bailing out its hapless European brethren. 

Vastly underreported, Europe’s moribund economy is presently entering a doom loop of deflation, with extremely limited weapons at its disposal to avoid the dreaded Japanification of the continent.”  [City AM magazine]

At last, an msm outlet with some sense.

Another important point. I see reports now from industries as diverse as hotels and construction, all starting to seriously consider increasing the use of robotics and allied technologies. Caterpillar is even adapting existing machines to no-driver operation.

So almost every business and economic sector now wants State “support”. How long can the house of cards keep standing?

What kind of bad joke is this?! Banana republic meets Ruritania! The Garden Bridge: FAILURE; Brexit: mishandled FAILURE. Incredible. When will the idiot scientists on “SAGE” [me version is DUMB— Department Under Matt and Boris] get gongs too? Next year probably…

Walls. Squads. End…

More about the Darren Grimes matter

The above thread (worth seeing) was about Keir Starmer’s refusal to support free speech. He of course is completely tied up with the Jew-Zionist lobby and the freemasons.

A tidal wave of “usual suspect” idiots are on Twitter today, not supporting free speech but socio-political repression. Look at the idiot below:

Nice to see that some people see the sheer stupidity of many of the “politically-correct”.

That Dom Dyer person is pretty thick. He used to block me and tweet against me. Incidentally, I favour protecting badgers; he ought to stick to that. He does not have the horsepower to think and discuss about these wider socio-political issues.

Ah…I see now why he is so exercized about “racism”…part-Jew and part Turkish-Cypriot []

Frankly, I think that half the problems with Britain are connected with the fact that far too many people in high or significant positions are simply not intelligent or educated enough. You only have to look at the present pack of clowns posing as a government.

Here (below) is another unthinking one, a scribbler in the past for the Judenpresse/Lugenpresse, and in recent years editor of a holiday cruise magazine:

She sounds brainwashed, probably when a school student. A former Blairite Labour Party member who is now a LibDem and thinks that she has “a political career”. A “comms” person too, among various business activities, her own website was set up a year or so ago but is still empty of content.

Those business activities seem to have crashed now:

Liz Jarvis stood for the LibDems at Southampton Itchen in 2019, but came a very poor third behind Con and Lab, getting a vote share of only 5.3%; that was a big improvement on the LibDems’ showing in both 2015 and 2017 (though well down on the 20%+ of 2010):

She looks pretty good, and seems to support some socially-good policies (eg Basic Income), but at the same time also seems to have no idea that one cannot create an advanced society with backward people…

If only more people like her were national as well as social (and also had an understanding of the importance of freedom of expression) …

Late music

Diary Blog, 10 October 2020

US Presidential Election

Kevin McCullough [] predicted previous elections more accurately than others. His prediction:

The demographics favour the Democrats and Biden, but I would not necessarily write off Trump, whose own “virus” experience obviously bolsters his own views on the Coronavirus generally. It might be objected that everyone is different etc, but fact is, Trump is 74, in a poor state of health and fitness, yet has recovered in days and having had only minor treatment.

Most people are predicting a win for Biden, and for all I know they may be right, but I wonder whether that really will be the result. Still, whichever candidate wins, (((they))) will win…

A young country

In years, the USA is still relatively young, a fact underlined by the recent death of one Lyon Gardiner Tyler [], the grandson (yes, grandson, not great-grandson) of John Tyler, the 10th President of the USA, and who annexed Texas:

Historical U.S. map, 1843. Most of the eastern states have been established, while the western half remains loosely divided into territories. Mexico and the Republic of Texas share a disputed border.
[America as it was in the early to mid 1840s]

John Tyler was already 46 years old when the Battle of The Alamo occurred, in 1836. He became U.S. President at the age of 50, in 1841.

Imagine that…someone whose grandfather was born in 1790, during the reign of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, and only months after the French Revolution and the Storming of the Bastille, has only just died! To me, it’s almost incredible. My own (maternal) grandfather was born in 1901.

For all that, in some respects the USA gives an old impression, one lacking in youthfulness. Its personification, after all, is an old man, “Uncle Sam”.

BBC World Service

I occasionally remind people, who perhaps never heard the BBC World Service in its 1970s/1980s heyday, how good it was, and how rubbish it now is. Last night, they had some spiteful-sounding black girl talking rubbish about the 1977 “battle” in Lewisham, London:

Biased throughout, the 15-30 minute piece never attempted to give a balanced view, or any perspective. There was one main interviewee, a black man who was an “antifascist” activist at the time. Poor.

Never go back

They say “never go back“. Usually that is good advice. It can be disturbing to see again places once known, and even loved, changed. That can be so even when the changes have improved the place in question. All the same, there is a strange fascination in seeing again places you once knew well. Google Earth can be addictive in this regard. It is a peculiar feeling to see just how quickly the world changes. In 20, 30, 40, 50 years, an area can change out of all recognition. Fascinating but unsettling.

Tweets seen

Allegra Stratton might usefully take note of the above tweets.


Well, isn’t that interesting? No doubt a…co-incidence(?). All the same, it would tend to support the idea that “Covid-19” was created for a purpose, a purpose connected with the “Great Reset”…

Free Ursula Haverbeck!!

More tweets

The BBC too. Its output is now of incredibly low quality, something most obvious on the BBC News on television. Endless “interviews” on Skype with boring and usually non-white persons, very little foreign news and that mostly of little depth, or even casual interest. Without the “licence fee” (enforced tax), the BBC would just go out of business. The “licence fee” protects it, enables it to pay ex-footballers a million or two a year, newsreaders half a million a year and many others £300,000, £200,000 or whatever. No wonder most are unwilling to rock the boat by standing up for the future of European humanity!

Nuremberg, as it was…

Germany and Austria in 1938

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Diary Blog, 16-17 June 2020

The msm are mostly still parrotting the line that “Coronavirus” caused the impending UK economic and social tsunami, when in fact it was the “lockdown” (shutdown) that (mostly) caused it and is still causing it (and don’t be duped into thinking that a few thousand fat young women poured into tight jeans and lining up outside Primark (desperate, presumably, to buy a larger size?) will make much difference.

Some commentators are belatedly forecasting 3 million unemployed, one or two are going as high as ten million.

Meanwhile, an opinion poll says that a third of the whole UK population are too scared to leave their houses! All because of a propaganda campaign which has been, arguably, the biggest farrago of untrue nonsense since the non-existent “gas chambers” of the “holocaust” narrative.

It recalls to my mind a weekend I once spent with the British Army, over 30 years ago, and “somewhere in Kent”. A mixed male/female group. We had to do exercises such as one where an area of woodland had been marked out with tape. This was “contaminated ground” and we had to work out weird and wonderful ways of crossing that area without touching the ground.

It was all taken very seriously by the attendees, all of us dressed in olive-green jump suits and with a number on the front and back. I think that mine was 22, or perhaps 21. People were only addressed by their number, not by name. That was a rule. Another was that the “contaminated ground” was to be treated as if real, though we knew that it was not.

That is “lockdown”, with its crazy rules that are mostly senseless, in accord with the make-believe “facts” about the “virus”.

You have to keep 6 feet apart at all times, and (until very recently) not drive (even in a sealed car) anywhere beyond X-miles from your home (the distance not specified but to be decided by any stray motorized Plods that you may encounter en route).

You can (now) go to Bicester Village shopping outlet with a thousand or more other shoppers inches apart, but you may not visit any friends or family not in your designated “bubble” (the details of which only you know about and no policemen can know about and so cannot enforce even if there were enough Plods to do so).

You must wear a facemask on buses, trains, or in hospitals, but only in England (not in Scotland or Wales), and no-one (in England) not wearing a mask or similar can use a bus or a hospital (but shops are OK…). Oh, and the World Health Organization said (until last week) that facemasks were unnecessary for most people. Still, “rules are rules”, so all wear one anyway, then go stand outside your houses and clap like complete idiots to show that you are good citizens or whatever…

If you are a Brit living overseas, or a foreign visitor, you can come to the UK, so long as you promise on Bible, Koran, Torah or the Selected Works of Marx that you will “self-isolate” for two weeks, and at an address which you will provide to immigration officials (no proof required) at Heathrow on arrival. Priti Patel truly is as thick as two short planks.

The whole thing has just become madder and madder.

Talking of madness…

I myself would not object to the removal of the Bomber Harris statue, partly because he was —even bearing in mind the terrible war in which he led a major contingent— something akin to a mass murderer; partly because the statue is not so old (1990).

The mad thing is that the “Black Lives Matter” idiots want Harris’s statue taken down not because the bombing campaign Harris led in the years 1941-1945 was a major factor, probably the major factor, in the killing of an estimated 800,000 German civilians during the Second World War, but because Harris spent 5 years in Rhodesia (when aged 17-22) and so was a “colonialist”!,_1st_Baronet

[above: ruined Dresden, 1945, after British bombing destroyed the city]

More “anti-racist” nonsense

I had wondered what Fiona Onasanya was up to. I suppose she is on the dole now, and trying to latch onto some (paid) role in the “Black Lives Matter” contrived “movement”. I blogged about her last year:

Some interesting tweets seen this morning


Robert Jenrick

That little pissant, Robert Jenrick, is in trouble.

A minister admitted last night he knew he was saving a Tory donor tens of millions of pounds in approving a £1billion property scheme.

Robert Jenrick faces claims of ‘cash for favours’ over his dealings with former newspaper tycoon Richard Desmond.

He over-ruled the local council and a planning inspector a day before the introduction of a community levy that would have cost the billionaire between £30million and £50million.” [Daily Mail]

The Daily Mail fails to point out that Richard Desmond is a Jew.

Jenrick is married to Michal Berkner, an Israeli-born corporate lawyer. They have three daughters, whom they are bringing up in the Jewish faith.[1][39][18]

Jenrick owns two £2m homes in London, one of which is a £2.5m townhouse less than a mile from the Houses of Parliament. He also owns Eye Manor, a Grade I listed building in Herefordshire which he purchased for £1.1 million in 2009.[40][41] His constituency of Newark is 150 miles (240 km) from his ‘family home’ in Herefordshire.[42] He rents a £2,000-a-month property in his Newark constituency,[38] which he bills to the taxpayer.” [Wikipedia]

China and other places

I was idly looking at pictures of some of the Chinese cities. Some are massive yet quite new. Take Shenzhen, , which scarcely existed until recent decades, though there were once historic villages in the area, much as Manchester in the UK expanded hugely in the 19thC from a modest starting point:

I suppose that the same was true of Chicago in the 19thC; in 1833, Chicago had only 200 inhabitants, but over 4,000 by 1840 (1900, 1.7 million; 1930, 3.4 million)

Once China had taken “the capitalist road”, albeit under “Communist” banners, the economy expanded, indeed exploded. I saw these photographs of Shenzhen:

[above: Shenzhen in 1982, not long after the trial of the Gang of Four]
[above: the present main business centre of Shenzhen as it was in 1998; below: the same general area today]
[above: Central Business District]
[above: Luohu, another part of Shenzhen; surprisingly, one of the oldest parts of the city]
[above: within the Shenzhen Central Business District]

Europe, to the Chinese, is something rather quaint, to be made into part of a theme park!

[above: European-style tourist village in Shenzhen]
[above: within central Shenzhen]
Longgang District in 2017
[above: an outlying part of Shenzhen]
[above: a country park; the Shenzhen area is not without beauty]

I was in Hong Kong, and also Macau, in 2006. Fascinating, though I should not like to live there. I do tend to find fascinating what human beings can create in terms of cities and parks.

The Internet is incredible, though I expect that anyone born after 1985 or so simply accepts it as part of normal life. It is only now, looking at maps etc, that I realize how close and closely hemmed-in by massive Chinese urbanizations is Hong Kong. That is not obvious to the visitor, because Hong Kong is still cut off from “mainland” China both by high hills and by a “frontier closed area” which was initially established under British rule.

In some areas, the border fence echoes those between the USA and Mexico, or between Israel and the West Bank

It may not be the same for Hong Kong inhabitants, but for the visitor, Hong Kong seems a world unto itself. It is only when you look at the map that you realize to what extent Hong Kong is a kind of isolated or reserved part of that vastly larger surrounding Chinese urbanization which laps at its borders like an ocean surrounding an island. The Shenzhen area has about 13 million inhabitants, compared to 7.5 million in Hong Kong.

I dislike the Chinese attitude to the natural world and particularly animals, but at the same time the Chinese are impressive in their capabilities and in their sense of scale.

From the sublime to the ridiculous. Monaco.

I saw on TV the second of a three-part series about the microstate. I have never been there, though I have heard about it from people I know. I once had a Finnish girlfriend who loved it, and had been accustomed to going there once or twice per year. What she liked about it was the absence of detritus (inanimate or human) as compared to London and other cities; also the enveloping luxury.

I find (see above) “self-generating” cities and states very interesting. Places like Singapore. It does not mean that I should wish to live in one! Monaco is another place which would not suit me, for several reasons.

For one thing, whenever I see Monaco on TV, it looks so crowded that it resembles an anthill. This is in fact accurate, because the population density is about 48,000 persons per square mile, nearly three times as dense as Hong Kong and 2.5 times the density of Singapore.

There is a (slight) resemblance to Hong Kong…

Another aspect (admittedly judging only by what I have seen on TV) is that the foreign residents seem to have nothing but dollar signs, greed and emptiness in their eyes. As for the Monegasques, who are only about 8,000 out of a total population of 38,000, they are more of a clan than a nation, it seems to me.

The ultra-wealthy, who are there for the tax advantage and the police-state security, pay for their behaviour by having to spend at least some of their time there (again, my possibly jaundiced view…).

A “state” which covers only 4/5ths of a square mile, and which is therefore smaller than the combined Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens in London, is a bit of a joke from one point of view, but there it is. It has its function, just like, say, the Vatican, which has an area of less than 1/5th of a square mile. The one may not have many divisions in its “army” but has the spiritual allegiance (even today) of hundreds of millions of people; the other’s power lies in the facilitation of matters of money.

The TV documentary I saw spent some time with the ruler, Prince Albert, who (in what is almost rule by Divine right) is seemingly held in awe by his subjects and foreign residents. I was surprised to hear him sound exactly like an American. I knew that his mother was the film star, Grace Kelly, but to see him sound and look rather like an American businessman was unexpected. On the surface, he seemed amiable enough, though.

Prince Albert lives in a rather Ruritanian set-up, which made me laugh, but in fact Monaco’s princely house is actually one of the oldest in Europe, if not the very oldest. I suppose that that is because, until the late 19th Century (when Monaco’s fortunes were transformed by the Casino), this was one of the poorest parts of Europe. In other words, no-one could be bothered to invade it, especially with it being so small (though it was relieved of Menton and another town during the 19thC).

The documentary showed the Palace Guard, in smart white uniforms spoiled rather by black parade boots. Behind the scenes, there was an efficient-looking military and bodyguard operation.

A strange little enclave, but efficiently run. I did not know before (or from the documentary), but saw today in Wikipedia, that there is still a railway there (underground).

Coronavirus lockdown nonsense etc

Patronizing insults from the ignorant are a Twitter speciality. When I was on Twitter, I was called everything under the Sun by people who (often behind a pseudonym) evidently thought themselves far better informed, educated or intelligent than me. I recall one little Irish bumboy who, having read my background in brief, as on this blog, informed his few Twitter followers about how unimportant I was and how far I had fallen into obscurity and poverty. Yes, a little student bumboy from Southern Ireland (who has probably never been beyond — or even to— Dublin in his life, who has no profession, no job, no future…).

Twitter specializes in the sort of people who, though semi-literate, will call you an idiot, or a “knuckledragger”, for not wanting the UK to become even more of a multikulti dustbin. Then there are those who will say “he must never have met a black/Muslim/Jew/whatever“. They would probably be quite surprised to discover, inter alia, how many countries I have been to, including some, in various parts of the world, where I have even lived, worked and, indeed, been married! Yet people whose sole exposure to other cultures has been a week in Majorca, or a gap-year stint teaching English in Thailand or bumming around in Goa (or even just a weekly Chinese takeaway), will assume that they are far more informed than me…

Likewise, you get people (who have never achieved the slightest thing in their whole lives) who will talk about how those with whom they disagree are “old”, “failures”, “without influence”, even “morons” etc. They, almost invariably, are looking in the mirror (even as regards age, sometimes)!

That’s Twitter. Peter Hitchens is (must be) far more patient than me. As I have speculated before, he must regard it as some kind of duty, perhaps a religious duty, to debate, at least for a while, even with those who insult him.

I just have no time for the nonsense of it.

Dim tweet of the day?

Ha ha…how original…

More tweets

More virtue-signalling nonsense from the USA:

Interesting archaeological discovery in Hibernia

Tweets seen

One wonders where the discontented voters of 2021-2024 will go. Misnamed “Labour” is no alternative, not being far from “the same old” convergence LibLabCon, but with different puppets on sticks. There is effectively no LibDem party now, and the LibDem bolt was shot some time ago. As to radical parties of any kind, there are, as yet, none.

tweet about Sweden

2020-2022 and beyond

My knowledge of numerical cycles told me that 2022 is the first really significant year, in terms of the Zeitgeist, since 1989. However, the logical Western post-1400 AD brain said to me “how?”.

Now, with two years to go, it already looks more likely than it did a few months ago that 2022 could see a sea-change. In the UK, with unemployment, poverty, lack of opportunity all set to soar, with a government of near-imbeciles in power, and with an official Opposition no better and just as Jew/Zionist-ridden, there is a real chance for a social-national movement of importance, for the first time since 1939 or even 1929.

Tweets seen

[above: journalist and columnist Peter Hitchens jeered by a mob of “useful idiot” Oxford students and other dim “Black Lives Matter” wastes of space]

This is funny (see below):

Many of these “trans people” seem mentally afflicted.

Ha ha! See below.

I want as many BBC —and other msm talking heads and scribblers— to lose their jobs, or freelance work, as possible. 99% are enemies of the people and/or useless and ignorant tools of ZOG/NWO.

Soon, the catastrophe brought onto the UK and much of the rest of Europe by evil-intentioned or incompetent governments will be with us. We, as the vanguard of the social national movement, which as yet hardly exists, must be ready to strike. The ground is being prepared for us.

Late night music

Diary Blog, 6 June 2020

Britain’s new and proliferating toytown police state

An actor was stopped in the street by a police officer because she was wearing a strongly worded t-shirt.”

Leaving aside the absurd contemporary affectation by which all actresses are supposed to be referred to as “actors” (and leaving aside the woman’s obviously ridiculous and anti-white views), this is yet another example of the British police acting as a poundland KGB.

Tweets seen

So go, if you do not want to stay part of the UK! I am not stopping you. Just remember that, from now on (after Independence), Scotland pays for everything it wants or needs without English help. State spending per head is presently higher in Scotland than it is in England.

I hope that all those Scots pro-Independence voters realize that they will be far poorer after such “Independence”. They will, of course, only be “independent” from the UK, not from the international banking set-up, the transnational companies, the UN, NATO and, perhaps most directly, the EU.

Still, that poll gives me the opportunity to repost the “SNP dim tweet of the day” (which I do not, in fact, post every day). Today, two for the price of one:

Oh, it may have something to do with shared —if not always peaceful— history, cultural links, that sort of thing.

The other view:

“Labour” Party

The social security or “welfare” system is supposed to provide basic subsistence for those without sufficient income. It is not supposed to be a State-run insurance scheme (even though parts of it started like that).

The main problem with public acceptance is that people see migrant-invaders straight off the boat (often a rubber boat landed on a Kent pebble beach) getting more help than the British people do, despite the latter having paid in all their lives.

Not everyone can pay in, but the monies going to invaders who should not even be here are a, maybe the, major problem.

Basic Income must come, but should be available only to British people (and I do mean real British people).

Looking at the latest Labour nonsense (see above), one can see that Labour is going back to a kind of Blairism without Blair, or Gordon Brown-ism without Brown. You have Keir Starmer, with Jewish wife (a lawyer) and whose children are being brought up as Jewish. You have these rather tired or outdated anti-“welfare” statements being made (this is 2020, not 2010). Above all, you have Boris-idiot, not much respected by the public, but sitting there, and sitting on his 80-seat majority which nothing is going to dislodge for at least 2 years.

I had not previously heard of that MP, Jonathan Reynolds.

One or two good points noted, such as support for Basic Income and proportional representation. A few bad marks too, such as the fact that he is a vice-Chair of Labour Friends of Israel. That is very bad.

Reynolds is also one of the many “never had a real job” MPs, really, though he did some (unspecified and probably very minor) work for the local council as well as 4 years’ work for his mentor, the Blairite MP and now BBC bigwig, James Purnell , a horrible little bastard and one-time Chair of Labour Friends of Israel (also a noted expenses cheat).

Reynolds became a solicitor before being elected as MP, but has never practised.

Tweets seen

The Last Night of the Proms is of course anachronistic, in that only about three-quarters or so of the inhabitants of the UK are even white/European now! (officially about 85%, but is that a statistic or a mere “damn lie”?).

There are two ways, beyond face value, of looking at the Last Night of the Proms: either it is a reactionary insult to “BAME people” and should be banned, or it is a way of pretending to the remaining British population that Britain is a real country with real patriotic people, when it in fact no longer is…

As Hitchens perhaps implies here, there is only incidentally law enforcement now in Britain. What has taken its place is a kind of politically correct, politically approved enforcement of multikulti society norms, using the law as a ploy, by a police “service” which is on the one hand brainwashed and on the other hand a poundland KGB.

No comment required…

[above: U.S. Department of Justice statistics]

and what about this?

[above: “London has fallen”…]

There must eventually come a parting of the ways. The bulk of the world’s population, even the majority of the white European-origined population, cannot travel into the future in their present form(s).

Diary Blog, 15 May 2020

End the “lockdown” nonsense now!

Fewer than 24 people are catching coronavirus each day in London, new modelling suggests, with forecasts predicting the virus could be wiped out in the capital within a fortnight.

Analysis by Public Health England and Cambridge University calculates that the “R” reproduction rate has fallen to 0.4 in London, with the number of new cases halving every 3.5 days.

If cases continue to decrease at the current rate, the virus will be virtually eliminated in the capital by the end of the month, raising questions about whether the strict lockdown measures would need to continue.” [Daily Telegraph]


…and in places, idiots brainwashed by “lockdown” propaganda have even left traps designed to injure people!

After leaving their traps, they no doubt go home to stand outside their homes, virtue-signalling by clapping like drunken seals “for the NHS”.

Government subsidy for the self-employed

A government scheme to support self-employed workers signed up 440,000 people on its first day at a cost of £1.3bn, according to the Treasury.

The self-employment income support scheme (SEISS) provides workers whose finances have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic with a cash grant of 80% of their average monthly trading profits up to a cap of £2,500, backdated to cover the last three months.

Launched this week, more than two weeks ahead of schedule, the scheme is expected to support up to 3.5 million of the UK’s 5.2 million self-employed people.” [Guardian]

What strikes me first is how “autres temps autres mœurs“…

In the past decade particularly, we have seen the way in which the Conservative Party governments (aided in 2010-2015 by their LibDem enablers) stigmatized the poor, and particularly the poor who are also unemployed and/or disabled, and living on mostly very modest State benefit monies.

Many people who are now gratefully in receipt of the “furlough” payments for furloughed employees, and those who are applying for what amounts to the new State benefit for the (supposedly) “self-employed”, will have voted “Conservative” in the past 10 years. Amazing how attitudes change with circumstances…

While the new “benefits” are modest (the maximum claimable is £2,500 per month), they are still more than almost all unemployed and disabled can claim (even if Housing Benefit etc is included in the latter categories’ monies).

It reminds me of the attitudes of the farmers, who like to pretend that they are self-standing independent people running agricultural businesses, yet who “accept” farm subsidies and grants at (under the system as it now is, which may change) around £150 an acre merely for owning or renting land, fundamentally. A farmer with 200 acres (the overall average), will get 200 x £150, so about £30,000 a year. Not huge, but still pretty good for doing effectively nothing (a simplification, but one cannot get into more here)! That sum will be payable whether the farm makes £100,000 profit, £10,000 profit, nothing, or a loss.

The farmers do not see themselves as being “on benefits”, of course! You only have to listen to BBC Radio 4 Farming Today to hear the convoluted arguments and language they and the NFU farmers’ lobby employ to justify their subsidies (“providing a service“, “doing environmental work“, “growing the food the nation/world needs“, “ensuring Britain’s food security” etc…). Anything but “we want the State to pay us for owning land“, though occasionally you do hear “without the farm payments, half the farmers in England will go out of business“. And your point is?… The coal mines, steel works etc used to say the same.

Is it April the First?

There are now so many red flag warnings that Western society has gone mad that it is hard to select from the hundreds, thousands, of examples. What about this?!

Regular readers will know that I have blogged about Little Greta Nut (now 17) previously:

One of the few good things about the Coronavirus situation is that, up until now, it has pushed Greta Nut off the news agenda. Now, those behind her have managed to inveigle her back on, despite her lack of any knowledge or qualification.

Economic ruination?

Almost half of UK businesses are within six months of running out of cash, despite the lifeline provided by the government’s furlough scheme, according to the latest official snapshot of how firms are faring.

In its fortnightly survey on the economic impact of Covid-19, the Office for National Statistics found 44% of firms that responded said their reserves would last for less than six months.”

About 27% said they had cash that would last beyond six months.” [The Guardian]

So only a quarter of UK enterprises have cash reserves sufficient to last them beyond November of this year? Sobering.

When the government put the economy into lockdown in March a third (33%) of those surveyed said they thought it would take six months or more for the country to bounce back to its pre-crisis state, but that figure has risen to 46%.” [The Guardian]

The “furlough” and other recent Government schemes are expensive in themselves (at least £8 billion per month, and now more, with the “self-employed” subsidy), but a debt of that sort (meaning eventually perhaps £100 billion) is at a level that can be handled, given that the UK can at present borrow at long-term rock-bottom interest rates

The economist Jonathan Portes was making that point only this morning on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme. If I heard correctly, he thought that it worked out at £30 per person per year (interest or interest + capital repayment? I have seen £100 per year as a combined figure). In any event, not catastrophic. A long-term national debt burden.

What would be catastrophic would be a general economic collapse. Were that to happen, the pound sterling would fall like a stone (despite the similar problems in other countries, particularly EU countries). That in turn would make imports prohibitively expensive. Britain imports (including raw materials) about 80% of its food.

In addition, a general economic collapse would cause enormous unemployment, in that genuine employment would be hit, and so would the basically fake (short-term, “gig economy”, part-time, zero-hours) employment and (equally fake, really) “self-employment” of millions.

Still, as Lenin put it, “worse will mean better…” meaning that, for us now, and in 2021-22, there might be, for the first time in my present lifetime, a realistic chance for social nationalism in the UK.

White genocide

The tweeter below sees, in the Daily Mail‘s cropping of a photo, “white racism” but I see something else— the cover-up around “the Great Replacement” of whites by non-whites in Europe.



When I was a child, in the early and mid 1960s (I was in Australia 1967-69), Britain was an almost-entirely white country (despite the lies put out to the masses by shows such as Grantchester, Endeavour, various other popular TV shows). Certainly you never saw many, if any, blacks or browns etc in most of the country or even in Central London (there were enclaves in ports such as Liverpool and Cardiff). In fact, the only black person I believe I ever saw in England was the consultant (ear, nose, throat) from somewhere in the Caribbean, whom I saw when aged about 6, maybe 7, at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Now, the BBC and the msm generally have stolen British (and other European) history, right back to the Middle Ages, and even to Roman Britain and earlier!


Tweets seen

More news from the “lockdown” farce

“All prosecutions under the new Coronavirus Act have been unlawful, a review has found.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) revealed that all 44 charges it had so far checked had been withdrawn or overturned.” [The Independent]

More recent tweets of interest

The Conservatives have slipped back to 51% popularity. What, I wonder, would David Cameron-Levita or Theresa May not have given for such a level of support? However, it is merely popularity by default, given that Labour support continues to bump along the bottom, a function of irrelevance.

Hard to argue against the above Hitchens comment, looking at the present government of fools.

There is no correlation between fatalities and lockdown stringency. The most stringent lockdowns – as in China, Italy, Spain, New Zealand and Britain – have yielded both high and low deaths per million. Hi-tech has apparently “worked” in South Korea, but so has no-tech in Sweden. Sweden’s 319 deaths per million is far ahead of locked-down Norway’s 40 and Denmark’s 91, but it’s well behind locked-down UK’s 465 and Spain’s 569.” [The Guardian]

An attack on Boris-idiot

Britain’s last experience of protracted national disruption, Jim Callaghan’s Labour government continued to lead the Conservatives in some polls. But as the crisis dragged on, and seemed increasingly beyond Callaghan’s control, the government’s ratings collapsed and never fully recovered.

If that happens to Johnson, the disconnect between his popularity and his political abilities will stop being a mystery that columns like this try to solve. His long hold over voters and the media, ever since he won the mayoralty in usually Labour-supporting London 12 years ago, will be seen as a bit of a con – like an enticing but dodgy company that eventually went bust.”

All well and good, but if the public get fed up (enough) with Boris-idiot and his government of fools, to where do they turn? Britain, or at least England, has a basically binary system. When the “other party” is flat on its back, defeated, irrelevant, as Labour now is, will the electorate turn to it? Doubtful, especially with someone like Keir Starmer as leader and MPs such as Rachel Reeves around him. You never know, and the System loves the pointless ping-pong on Con-Lab politics, but Labour has no real base any more, in any sense; unless you say that Labour’s base is now the affluent but virtue-signalling London multikulti types, and the Twitterati, together with the ethnic minorities (except Jews) and public service people. The old Labour of the steel mills, the coal mines, the transport unions, the (now near-irrelevant) TUC, has disappeared.

Again, this should be, in theory, the time when social nationalism rises up to destroy the evil ones, but there is no such party, no such movement. Yet.


Diary Blog, 8 April 2020


I expect a huge amount of System propaganda today about the 75th anniverssary of VE-Day. BBC Radio 4 Today is going full Soviet Radio. It is like living in a parallel universe. In the BBC/Sky/msm universe, Britain “fought for freedom and won” in 1939-45, and today the Queen will “lead the nation” in a 2-minute silence. There will be speeches, RAF fly-pasts etc.

To a large extent, it is the Jewish lobby that now promotes all these contrived anniversaries. The 75th or 80th or 85th anniversary of whatever. It gives “them” the opportunity to yet again talk about “holocaust” etc. The line of travel is anniversary/WW2/Hitler/”holocaust”.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the UK government of fools has put almost the entire nation under house arrest, even calling it “lockdown”, a term previously used mainly in American and other prisons.

Leaving that aside, only on State-mouthpiece BBC (and the other System msm) will “the nation” (which scarcely exists now, as such) be waiting agog for the Queen’s speech, or taking part in any “2-minute silence”. In reality, hardly anyone will listen, let alone stand silent, though no doubt the msm can be relied upon to produce suitable photos or film clips.


That graph says it all. The virus wave, in reality, peaked in February, a month before the “lockdown” nonsense was imposed. The biggest fall was when the “wash hands” propaganda was launched in early March. That propaganda or advice was the best and in fact the only useful advice offered to the public. The “stay at home” advice/threat was and is all but useless (as of course is the “protect NHS/save lives” stuff, and the weekly social coercion of the “clapathon”).

She is right. Boris-idiot is to a large extent a creation of a decadent and “tolerant” mass media. Inside the onion rings of rote-learned Latin and Greek, the Eton and Oxford polish, the public speaking skill etc is…nothing. There is nothing in the middle. Boris-idiot has no real programme that he wishes to implement. All he wanted to do was become Prime Minister, because it is the highest office the UK can bestow. Now he has achieved that, and so has nowhere to go, nothing to do.

The facile answer to that tweet would be “well, no-one knew that a virus emergency would emerge”; but that simply begs the question as to whether these measures were necessary and/or proportionate. I think not.

This tweet, below, lays it on the line:

Boris-idiot, posing as PM, has messed up the Coronavirus situation in every possible way. Those to whom he delegated power, notably the half-Jew Raab, and little Matt Hancock, have also messed up. “Boris” can use his supposed Coronavirus illness to escape some of the consequences on an alibi basis (“I was in hospital and not in charge at the time”) though that hardly washes, in view of the fact that most of the big decisions were taken by Boris Johnson and before he became unwell.

He is now back at No.10 and still will not admit that he was wrong or wrongly advised; he will still not drop the “lockdown”, because it would mean losing face. He is being supported by the Twitter mob, much of it, and by the Gadarene swine of the msm.

Result? Well, even the Bank of England is now predicting a situation not far short of economic collapse, at least in the short term. That is not caused by “Coronavirus”, but by government policies.

Basic Income

I have supported “Basic Income” for years. In fact, I first conceived the idea in the 1980s, when thinking about the future direction of society. Others, with more appropriate letters after their names, were working on it at the same time or later, it seems. Now, it may be that Basic Income is an idea whose time has come, or will come soon:

A few tweets around “VE-Day”

Most tweets seen by me were, as expected, replete with ignorance. Stuff about how “evil” National Socialism was, and how good were not only the Western Allies but the Soviet forces, including the Red Army pillagers and rapists. Such is the ignorance shown (especially on Twitter) that I would not bother to argue with it even had I still a Twitter account (the Jew lobby had me expelled in 2018).

I do not think that I shall bother to repost many ignorant tweets even to laugh at them, but here’s one, anyway:

The ignorant young woman above has, on her Twitter profile,  “#law Graduate #LLM #LPC student #Lawyer wannabe. #feminist ~Ally ~ writer sometimes ~cynical always. #eurovision fan ~ Wine aficionado – Coffee Freak“.

So a trainee solicitor or barrister…good grief!

She thinks that “The only reason why WW2 was a success is because it was a European and common effort against the Nazis’ 3rd Reich.” Where does one start? Even leaving aside the evils of the Soviet Union under Stalin, there is the fact that much of Europe was either on the German side or neutral.

On the German side, inter alia (and taking only Europe into account), were Austria, Hungary, the Baltic states, Finland, former Yugoslav state Croatia, ex-Czechoslovak Slovakia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and, in effect, Vichy France. Neutral were Spain, Portugal, Eire (Ireland), Switzerland, Sweden, and small states such as Liechtenstein (and the Vatican).

Individuals from all over Europe, including the states ranged against Germany, and including small numbers from the UK, fought on the German side. Members of the Legion of St. George, from the UK, were among the last few valiant defenders of Berlin in 1945, as the rapists and pillagers of the Red Army broke through the last lines of defence.

The Jewish element has poisoned the minds of many, especially in the past few decades, via msm, fake-history feature films, the whole “holocaust industry” in publishing, wrongheaded and/or biased teaching in academia (secondary and tertiary education).

Relatively few see the Third Reich or National Socialism straight. However, only political Twitter, with dissidents removed, really cares much about it all. Tomorrow, it will all be forgotten again, until the (((msm))) finds another anniversary or event for the “useful idiots” to emote about…

Finally, the young woman tweeting above thinks (because told so) that “WW2 was a success“. Well, if you think that the deaths of 80 million people, the smashing down of much of Europe, the misery caused by the war, the post-1945 collapse of European rule in much of Africa and Asia (with consequent wars, civil wars, wildlife destruction, environmental disaster etc) was “a success”. That’s even leaving aside the drab 44 years of Soviet rule, in effect, across Eastern and Central Europe, which lasted until 1989.

I don’t expect much now from most British people in the way of independent thought, reflection, even basic knowledge or logic. That way, I don’t get too disappointed. Usually.

A few pictures from that Third Reich that that young woman is sure had to go…


[above: a woman talks to a German soldier —unarmed soldier, off-duty— in occupied Paris in 1940 or 1941]


[above: a gendarme salutes a German officer by the Arc de Triomphe]

BqhtYX6IcAA_3Lk.jpg large




[above: SS man, with others (one probably Latvian), plays with a kitten]



[above: Dresden 1945, destroyed, together with much of the civilian population, by British bombers. American fighters, flying low the next day, strafed defenceless civilians, including women with children]…


[above: devastated Berlin, 1945. The photo shows the central Unter den Linden area]

More “words of wisdom” from tweeter “Em”:

That is the semi-literate level of someone in Britain, in 2020, someone with a law degree, a Master’s degree (joke though that usually is) and reading for either the solicitors’ profession or the Bar…It is not a matter of shaking one’s head at one individual but of noting one person as typical of literally thousands of others.

Tweeter “Em” has the excuse of relative youth. What is the excuse of such as James O’Brien?

Here below, Peter Hitchens deplores the outbreak of war in 1914:

He does not think that the outbreak of war in 1939, and in particular the declaration of war on Germany by Britain and France, was wrong. He is wrong.

Ah, here is faux-revolutionary fake Owen Jones (part-Jew, btw, for those unaware):

So Owen Jones does not want debate…OK…

[my blog from January 2019 about Owen Jones:]

Here is another who thinks that Sovietism was better than German National Socialism. An idiot, in other words:

So another one who believes only in force…OK…

This comic, below, makes a good point, amusingly…

1945 is now 75 years distant. Scarcely anyone who actually fought in it or was an adult civilian at the time is still alive. In Britain, “the War” still overshadows everything. Even the problems with a virus are referred back to “the War”! They are fighting on the beaches…against Coronavirus! How incredibly puerile… What they should be doing is fighting the migration-invasion, which is indeed, in part, quite literally “on the beaches”, mainly of Kent and Sussex. About 200 invaders a day now…idiotic Priti Patel is very quiet, for once. Useless.

Back to 2020, and away from fantasy 1945…

Peter Hitchens is basically an intellectual. He thinks or perhaps hopes that presenting facts, logic, statistics will convince people that the “lockdown” is a disastrous mistake that should be ended at once. The problem is that most people, including many who think themselves very clever, have only a thin veneer of intellect over the seething mass of emotion and will. The “lockdown” was accompanied by propaganda designed to affect the public on the emotional level, and by using emotional hooks, in particular that of fear. As Hitchens himself notes, the government of fools now finds that its own present desire to end “lockdown” (before the economy is destroyed almost totally) is thwarted by the same fear that the government itself has engendered!

The public, or about half of the public, are not willing to leave their houses because they are afraid despite the fact that there is actually no reason for at least 80%-90% of the public to be afraid! Most people, even if infected, show no symptoms, or few, and require no professional medical intervention. So far, fatalities have been, at highest, 1 in every 2,000 people in the UK.

There are other reasons why the public is not more keen to end “lockdown”. Some people live in pleasant large houses, with grounds or gardens. Some have swimming pools and tennis courts. I daresay that that description fits many of the houses of those droning dully every day on the BBC, Sky News, ITV News etc. For people in that position, and with no shortage of money (the msm is still paying 100% of pay; the same goes for MPs…), the situation is a kind of Oxfordian “Long Vac”. In fact, these days, for the affluent, with the Internet and its possibility to order food, wine, whatever, and to have almost anything delivered easily, life can seem like an endless Summer, albeit slightly restricted.

For others, not so fortunate as the above, there are other incentives: “furlough” pay at 80% of pay (with £2,500 per month cap). Many only make that much, or less, anyway, and the 20% cut is offset by the lack of need to pay for commute transport etc.

Only a small proportion worry about the civil rights aspect (the government dictating that the people stay in house arrest until further order, the antics of the toytown police and so on). That parallels all dictatorships. Only the few are dissidents. The dissidents are harassed, even imprisoned or killed (not yet in the UK, but who can say what it might be like in later years?), but if they survive they can become the next leadership cadre, as happened after socialism fell across Europe in and after 1989.

Amusing exchange…

I see that Dusty Springfield is trending on Twitter. She had an unforgettable voice, and was of course famous during my 1960s childhood.

The criminal Bar seems to have hit rock bottom…

(at least in the lower ranks)

Magistrates’ courts work never paid large amounts, but I can recall getting £5,000 for a week in City of London Magistrates’ Court in 1993. It could not happen now, partly because “old-style” committals (extended committal proceedings for trial in the Crown Court, in that case at the Old Bailey) no longer exist and because all criminal legal aid amounts have declined greatly in real terms.

Fees like that were rare (for me, at least) even in 1993 (part of why I remember it!).

Another great singer

A peaceful tomorrow may be an optimistic thought, but who knows?

Diary Blog, 7 April 2020


It will be seen from the above chart that the UK is in 4th place for death from Coronavirus, expressed in proportion to population. Belgium, Spain and Italy, all of which had strict “lockdown” regimes, have fared worse than has the UK. Some countries which have implemented only light regulation, such as Sweden, have fared better than the UK.

There are many variables, based on lifestyles, the way deaths are counted, when the virus really emerged in a particular country etc, so people can argue endlessly over which country has the worst or best record and why. However, it seems clear that whether a country has strict “lockdown”, less strict, or none at all, is almost irrelevant to the spread and effect of the Coronavirus, taken over a couple of months.

It will be seen, also, that Coronavirus has killed (taking the statistics as provided) about 500 people for every million in the UK. One out of every 2,000. That is unfortunate, but is hardly the Black Death (which is said to have killed about 1 out of 3 people across Europe, in other words about 700x the rate of Coronavirus in the UK (so far).

I notice that the political Twitterati have not disappointed me. They always get it wrong. They are on the wrong side of pretty much any argument. They predict every election or referendum inaccurately. In this case, they (most of them) want an extension of the UK “lockdown” nonsense; many want it even more strictly enforced, and with even fewer services and facilities open for business.

You cannot really talk or debate (not that I wish to) with that unthinking and self-righteous Twitter mob. They are the bookburners, the proponents of heresy laws etc.

As things stand, people in the UK are under loose house arrest, en bloc. It seems that some restrictions are going to be eased next week. All the same, and more importantly, the British people cannot do all manner of normal things at present, some of which are very necessary. Examples include accessing dental services, getting hair cut, sending their children to school.

This farce has to end. The cost is enormous. Vast numbers of people (at last count, over —uh-oh, that number again!— six million) were “furloughed” on 80% pay (capped at £2,500 per month). I have to admit that a wry smile may have been seen on my face at the sight of those who, many of them, cheered on Dunce Duncan Smith and others from both main System parties as they marginalized and demonized the poor and especially the not-employed poor, now themselves staring down the barrel of destitution.

Apart from that, the fact is that the “lockdown” is killing people every day in various ways: deferred consultations, cancelled operations etc.

At some point soon, all the “emergency” measures will have to end. Many prefer to stay away from boring jobs for a while, given that they are “furloughed” on 80% of their pay (and when you take off costs such as transport, it might even add up to 100% of net pay in reality). However, this will not be sustainable for much longer.

Having scared the people out of their skins, the government of fools is now preparing to crack the whip to get those same people out of their houses, by reducing the furlough cap to (probably) £2,000 from £2,500, by reducing the amount anyone can get to 60% of pay rather than 80%.

I wonder what the unemployment figure will be by Christmas. 3 million? 5 million?

Latest news (only 1 hour old at time of writing):

Those calling for “lockdown” to continue almost indefinitely, and certainly for months more, have no interest in or understanding of the effects on the UK economy. They seem to think that people can be subsidized indefinitely to stay in their homes while commerce and industry die on the vine.

As usual, the Twitter mob, all but irrelevant to the real course of events, rant at those (in this case) calling for an end to the “lockdown” nonsense, calling them “stupid” etc. Those Twitter drones have evidently not thought through all the implications of a continuing “lockdown”. Apart from which, it occurs to me that the present times are characterized, at least in part, by unthinking selfishness disguised as concern for society.

I favour Basic Income, but that can only work where society (and the economy) is open for business. If not, then the monies expended are merely dead outflows, fuelling inflation eventually.

Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival has been cancelled, a rare bonus from the Coronavirus situation. The blacks may or may not riot as a consequence in August, when the heat builds and the tom-toms drum incessantly in the darkening (urban) jungle. For the local population, this will come as a blessed relief.

Notting Hill was already being gentrified when the Carnival (the white would-be ethnics drop the “the”) started to become a really major event in the 1970s, having started in 1966. In the 1960s and 1950s, Notting Hill had been known as an “edgy” neighbourhood wedged among other, more expensive, areas (Kensington, Holland Park etc).

I myself was familiar with Notting Hill in the 1980s. I would fairly often visit the wonderful art-nouveau Electric Cinema in Portobello Road, which sometimes showed Soviet films such as Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears; I was trying to improve my Russian at the time.

The Soviet diplomatic presence was not far away, near Notting Hill Gate (Consulate) and Kensington Palace Gardens (Embassy). The Czech Consulate was also at Notting Hill Gate.

Some of the films were very odd at first sight:

Other films (especially the ones from the Caucasus) seemed almost impenetrable. I remember this one, which I think was shown with Russian subtitles:

I visited the actual Portobello Road Market, specifically, a few times in the 1980s and early 1990s. It sold everything from apples to antiques and expensive fur coats (some valued at thousands of pounds, with provenance doubtful).

As for the Carnival, I did go once, out of curiosity. That would have been mid-1980s. Ghastly. Non-stop drumming “music”, dubious palm wine bought from an African in the street, fried plantains (not unpleasant but very over-priced) and, everywhere, huge numbers of people (by no means all non-whites, though blacks were by far the majority, as I suppose they soon will be in all of London, if they are not already). A hot day, too. I stayed for an hour or so. To return to real London was not easy. All Underground stations in the vicinity were closed because of the crush. I ended up walking all the way home, in the hot sun, to Little Venice, which was blessedly quiet and leafy by comparison with the streets of “Carnival”.

The present-day residents of Notting Hill (where houses now sell for millions) mostly barricade themselves in for a few days, or lock their houses up as securely as they can, and then go away for a few days. I imagine that they must be (secretly?) celebrating the cancellation this year.

Tweets seen

I start with one, the poster of which evidently imagines itself very clever:

Or…just maybe…because Iceland, unlike the UK, is not a multikulti, globalized, overcrowded dustbin of peoples…

Something better:

Hitchens of course glosses over the fact that most important Communists in the UK, from the 1920s up to the effective end of the socialist/Communist movement in 1989, were Jews.


In fact, Hitchens’ own Daily Mail article (an inset of) refers to Karl Marx simply as “German“, and not the more correct “Jew“, presumably because Marx was born in Germany and spoke German as well as other languages. If I had been born in China, would I be Chinese? Of course not (though some of the madder Twitterati would probably and defiantly answer in the affirmative!).

I cannot recall when I last heard a cuckoo. Perhaps in a deeply-wooded part of Surrey, c.1985, aged about 28, when I would go trekking every week for several hours with a well-organized group of elderly persons (all 70+), some of whom, like my parents’ then neighbour, Edward, had been officers of Special Operations Executive (SOE) and/or other organizations during the Second World War.

They would trek on a pre-planned route along rural footpaths (very rural— we never met another soul), wooded, with ferns pressing in at time, and always ending up at the country pub where we had started (and where a ploughman’s lunch and a pint of beer would await). Those old people were resilient! I myself, 50 years their junior (and at the time a student of Taekwando, who also could swim 2 miles or more) always fell asleep on the way home in Edward’s car! That was a tough generation.

More tweets:

I am rather surprised that Hitchens even bothers with Twitter, let alone little twerps such as his “interlocutor” there, “@taggio72″. I myself am banned from Twitter anyway, because a group of Jews organized a campaign of complaints against me in 2018. I do not know whether my 3,000 followers miss my tweets. I followed only about 50 accounts, I believe, and most of those were organizations.

Twitter is basically a waste of time. I do read tweets from a few people (Hitchens being one), but Twitter is basically an echo-chamber and outrage-chamber where the agenda changes almost daily. When you add to that the fact that the more interesting tweeters (like me) have been systematically removed over the last few years, the net result is that Twitter is almost useless, though it is a way of identifying some “enemies of the people”. The bias in Twitter is such that it is almost useless as a way of gauging public opinion. Maybe if you see the Twitter mood, the best idea is to then take the reverse view as being the view of most people.

More tweets

Hitchens is against Powell on various bases, including Powell’s alliance with what is now called “racism” (before about 1989, most people would have used the word “racialist”, though that was not so often heard. The politically-correct mob had not yet quite stormed the citadel (under their paramount chief, Blair).

My own view about Powell is that he was a Conservative, so I am not on the same page as him. When he made his famous or “infamous” speech, I was only 11 and living in Australia.

The ITV News piece below is of course multikulti-biased; still…

The fact is that, overall, Enoch Powell was right. Is the Tiber “foaming with much blood”? Not in the cartoon sense, but look at the violent crime in the large cities, the knife crime, the gangs etc. Look at the direction of travel. It is getting worse.

As to Powell himself, one of the true stars of postwar British politics. He was a Conservative, which I am not. He hunted the fox, which I deplore. Still, a real mind amid, even then, the mediocrity. Look at that clip again. Both of the other MPs featured are very slight as compared to Powell.

The first, Paul Uppal, a Sikh, was Conservative Party MP for Powell’s old seat, though only from 2010-2015. Prior to that, supposedly “ran his own business”, the nature of which was not disclosed even on his own website, except that it apparently had no employees other than himself… (#bullshitklaxon…)

As for Ian Austin, MP for Dudley North 2005-2019, he was a press officer in the Labour Party prior to becoming an MP. A total mediocrity, as well as being one of the worst expenses cheats in the Commons and a doormat for the Jewish lobby and Israel.

Austin was finally removed from Parliament in 2019, having stepped down to avoid losing his seat. He was not popular, and caused scandal by apparently wanting the law against pornography featuring bestiality to be repealed. He too has now been given a government sinecure. He is unmarried (I do not know whether he has a pet or companion animal; I hope not!).

Powell, a former Professor of Ancient Greek (Sydney University), who had been born into very modest circumstances in the UK, was multilingual, an academic star student who, after leaving his Sydney academic post, joined the British Army as a private soldier in 1939. He ended the war in 1945 as a brigadier.

I imagine that Powell would have been appalled at the MPs now sitting in the Westminster monkeyhouse. As for Twitter, I cannot see him having an account or bothering with the tidal wave of ignorance, though the brevity taught by his mastery of Greek epigrams and proverbs might have assisted him, if he were to have a Twitter account.

I oppose Powell in that he was very pro war with Germany, even before Hitler took power! Also, he did not say much about black and brown immigration into the UK until the late 1960s. To that extent, Hitchens is right. Powell did try to, as people now say, “weaponize” the race issue for his own political benefit. However, that resonated with millions of British people who even then suspected that the System was betraying them.

Why did Powell never really get anywhere politically after 1968? My view is that, as someone who was basically a Conservative and reactionary, he could not see himself as “national revolutionary”, leading a social-national party.

A February 1969 Gallup poll showed Powell the “most admired person” in British public opinion.” [Wikipedia]

Had Powell started his own party, even if Conservative-nationalist, he probably would have won several seats and perhaps attracted a few Conservative Party MPs too. It has to be borne in mind that, in the 1970 General Election, over 97% of the votes went to LibLabCon, just under 90% to Labour and Conservative. Powell probably simply thought that new parties fail…

So it was that, in 1974, Powell abandoned the Conservative Party and joined the Ulster Unionists. Why? Again, my own view is that Powell had in mind the bloc of Irish MPs (I think about 90) that Parnell had once led, in the 19thC, though Powell was not the leader of the UUP (which was also few in number at Westminster, I think about 11 MPs).

It may be that, in the end, Powell over-valued Parliament, Parliamentary procedures etc. It was alien to him to start a new party, despite his surely knowing that he had all the talents necessary to lead one: public profile, public support (up to a point), a fine mind, public speaking skills of a high order, administrative skills etc.

Imagine if Powell had had the initiative to start a new party immediately after the “Rivers of Blood” speech. He could have recruited thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. He might have been able to get a bloc of MPs and, from there, who knows?

As for Hitchens, where I part company with him is that he is a kind of “small-c” conservative or quasi-conservative. The race question is as nothing to him, the Jewish Question is as nothing to him. As a result, he inevitably gets things wrong at times even when, often, he is on the right track.

My blog post about Hitchens, written a year ago:

Back to 2020 Britain

Why are they not dealing with that gorilla, even if it requires a taser (or a Glock)? I have no idea what the situation was, though. The black may simply have been sunbathing. God knows.

A tweet about the pathetic Question Time rubbish now fronted, poorly, by ludicrously-overpaid BBC face Fiona Bruce:

People who are “conservative” nationialists can never see that the UK is not being flooded by non-whites by some kind of accident! Question Time, The Pledge etc are not full of ignorant blacks such as Afua Hirsch or “Femi” by “accident“! Au contraire. This is part of the Great Replacement. It is not a “conspiracy theory”. It is real and it is all around you. Just open your eyes.

Well, that’s enough for today. I may not like the Chinese attitude to animals, but they can put on a parade!

End of the day…

Afterthought: the officially-mandated “clap” nonsense, which has been conspicuous by near-absence around where I live, was briefly in evidence this evening, at 2000 hrs. Some fireworks went off in the distance, then I heard one person loudly clapping, unseen but not far away. Maybe a drunk.