About Ian Millard

Ian Robert Millard, born in the Royal County of Berkshire, England, was brought up both on the border of South Oxfordshire and in Sydney, Australia.

Having dropped out of school at 16, he worked at a number of different jobs, including casual labouring, factory and warehouse work, unpaid volunteer work on an organic farm, motorcycle courier, security guard and various other activities. He did this in order to survive while having the relative freedom to study alone and to formulate a personal world-view and ideology.

It was important to him not to compromize his integrity by doing work (probably better-paid) that would in any way contaminate his mentality with tawdry moneygrasping. During this time, he started study of the Russian language.

Ian Millard also spent time in other countries, notably Rhodesia in 1977, then at or near the height of the so-called Bush War. Another, which he visited several times during the late 1980s, was Poland, where he saw firsthand, in 1988-1989, the collapse of the currency (the zloty),  the slide of the socialist government amid loss of public confidence, and then the transition to, at first, social democracy, and then again to a  finance-capitalistic “Western”-style society.

Ian Millard also had the opportunity of  visiting the Goetheanum at Dornach, near Basel, in Switzerland, the centre for the worldwide Anthroposophical Society established by the genius Rudolf Steiner.

Later, in his thirties and having read Law in London, he was Called to the Bar (by Lincoln’s Inn). He also lived intermittently (for 3 years) in New Jersey and New York City, U.S.A. (passing the New York Bar Exam to be Admitted as Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law at the Bar of the State of New York).

In the early to mid-1990s, Ian Millard worked as a practising barrister in London. His pupillage having been an odd mixture of Criminal trials and Public Law (Judicial Reviews), he carried on in similar vein, advising and appearing in matters involving judicial reviews (the majority being immigration or housing-related) and a range of other civil cases as well as, at first, some criminal cases in the magistrates’ courts and at Crown Court level.

Ian Millard was able to visit Moscow in 1993, and saw the near chaos brought about by the final collapse of Sovietism. He also saw the gangsterism rampant then in Moscow and (co-incidentally) stayed in the same hotel as the upper ranks of the Chechen Mafia, as yet not in open conflict with the corrupt Russian Government. That hotel was the so-called Stalin skyscraper called the Ukraina, which was used by Sean Connery’s character, “boozy Barley Blair”, in the film version of the John le CarrĂ© book, The Russia House.

In 1996, Ian Millard accepted a six-month contract from a leading City of London law firm to go to live as its sole foreign lawyer in Almaty, Kazakhstan, involved with work in the field of oil and gas as well as that involving electricity production and distribution. He stayed on in Almaty after that, working with one of the most prestigious American law firms, dealing mainly with privatization and corporate restructuring in the fields of oil and gas, electricity production and distribution, and natural resources, including mines and hydropower installations.

In the 1998-2001 period, Ian Millard travelled, visiting and/or living in, inter alia,  the USA, Egypt, the Caribbean and Turkey, as well as driving through Turkey and Central and Eastern Europe in the time before Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary joined the European Union.

In 2001-2002, Ian Millard worked with an American law firm based in Charleston, South Carolina, and was involved with offshore work from Russia, Liechtenstein and the Caribbean. At one point, he was leaseholder of chambers in Gray’s Inn Square, London.

In 2002, Ian Millard relocated to the South West of England and worked as an ordinary practising barrister there and in other parts of the UK, doing a range of civil law, common law and commercial law.

From 2005-2009, Ian Millard lived in North Finistere (Brittany, Atlantic France) commuting to the UK from there until 2008, when he gave up practice at the Bar. He visited Moscow again in 2007 and was able to see the huge societal changes that had occurred in the intervening 14 years.

In 2014, a Jewish Zionist organization made complaint about a small number (reduced on examination by the Bar Standards Board at first to 7 and then, at tribunal hearing, to 5) out of the (over 150,000) tweets tweeted by Ian Millard since 2010, as a result of which he was disbarred in England in October 2016.

Ian Millard is now determined to put forward ideas and views for a positive future society in the UK, mainland Europe and beyond.

Ian Millard’s world-view comes out of both wide reading and the experience of living and working all over the world, and is composed of a synthesis of political ideologies, religions, philosophies and studies, prominent among which are the ideas and ideals contained in Anthroposophy, National Socialism, pan-Europeanism and non-denominational Christianity, particularly Christic and Grail occultism.

Society in the advanced countries (and, therefore, the rest of the world) has come to a dead end, except in strictly technical fields.

A new society must arise, based at least fundamentally on the Threefold Social Order concept of Rudolf Steiner and on a mainly European population in the European or Eurasian lands.*

*”Eurasia” in this context refers mainly to Europe, Russia (including Siberia), Ukraine, Kazakhstan and some other Russophone areas.


Ian Millard was expelled from Twitter in 2018, by reason of a campaign of complaint by Jew Zionists; however, he is still posting comment and content on WordPress and on his own website.

Update, 20 April 2023

In view of the many hits the above profile has received, and continues to receive, it seems expedient to add a few links regarding some of the evil attacks suffered over the past decade or so.

12 thoughts on “About Ian Millard”

  1. I first noticed Mr Millard on twitter just before the brexit vote Twitter was in one of its febrile phases and one of his tweets found its way onto my TL.
    Despite disagreeing with him on most things I admit to being a little fascinated by him. Obviously an educated man he openly tweets a deep resentment towards individuals and parties on a daily basis
    His experience at the hands of london based jewish law /barrister lobby outraged his keen sense of justice and I suspect caused him real psychological pain.
    I have some sympathy for him and cant help thinking he was a butterfly crushed on a wheel. I totally believe he is an individual without any group or political affiliation-a loner He was an easy target for powerful people eager to crush and make an example of him.
    Unlike Ian
    I cannot bring myself to believe in full blown jewzion conspiracy,nor can I hate individual jewish people because they are jews
    However no thinking person could dismiss the evidence that the jewish lobby in UK amasses political influence that is quite disconcerting and bad for democracy
    Especially when such influence is continually denied by Friends of israel
    Mr Millard view on religion seems to be odd mix of christian knights templar based on chivalry, exclusively white and certain a New world order exists to undermine or prevent the white race from its rightful place in the world
    As an atheist I am utterly perplexed by all of this–I look at world and see corruption evil and above all I see rich powerful people and groups determined to keep wealth power and influence for themselves at the expense of the majority
    As a student of history I know it has always been like this.
    As a believer in evolution I see the planet as a complex organism The human race is alone and for centuries we have been killing each other in the darkness .
    However life for most of humanity is better now than it was 50 yrs ago and much better than 100 yrs ago
    I agree with Ian that we need better more representative MPs in public life fewer special interest groups and a need for a common cause that embraces everybody

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    1. Google your comment re Ian Millard, and felt a little bit sorry for you, alan farquar.
      Only strong characters, with fearless personalities succeed in Writing, and it’s abundantly clear Ian has both traits; rather than “crushed”, I would say encouraged by every arrow that pricks
      Success (in writing) is no more dependent on being ‘published’, as it does on being a butterfly. Quite the reverse, dear fellow.

      As for Ian’s writing content & genre, I would say it’s brave uncompromising and abound with vitality.
      It is very clear to me why Ian ‘attracts’ Democratic Idealists, freethinkers, and those of the staunchest ‘friends’ of bridled Power
      If Ian was ‘of the blood’, I have no doubt he would find the most wealthiest of financers for a 21st century Cultural Europe revolution.

      Very few strong characters in revolutionary thinking is how much beat down & brow beaten Society is today.
      To be a Leader in a war in past Revolutions, it was necessary to be personally experienced in the Art of War, to be sufficiently adept with the mode of war.
      Nothing has changed; Leaders will be chosen, but in true Hegelian Dialectic fashion, the Vygotsky tool-use paradigm in the 21st century Leader will wage war in pen first, then the sword.
      Writers will win the next war.

      Be kind to Writers, alan farquar, you will need them.

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  2. The structure of your side can be changed to make it easier to follow and read. I advise making headings and perhaps a synopsis displayed rather than the full articles. The full articles would only be visible when the user clicks to that article.


    1. Gretooh:
      Thank you. I am working on changing the blog structure and so on, but with my limited skills it cannot happen immediately.

      I appreciate your contribution, especially now that my blog has several hundred hits per day.


  3. Good evening, Mr. Millard, I read your last comment announcing the possible release of Alison Chabloz. Do you have any recent information? Do you know where she can be reached? I would like to write an article about his career that would appear on a French Nationalist website. Best regards


    1. M.Barthe:

      I have no new information. If she is not released today or tomorrow, then she may not be released until 28 May.

      Alison Chabloz can be reached by post at:

      Alison Chabloz, A6478EK,
      HMP Bronzefield,
      Woodthorpe Rd,
      Ashford, Middx.,
      TW15 3JZ

      [Books sent should be *new, *paperback and preferably (though not necessarily) sent via online vendors [important update: Bronzefield Prison now does not accept Amazon deliveries but will accept books from elsewhere]

      Should you wish to put a little money into her prison account:

      Alison can telephone people if she has their telephone numbers.

      Hoping that that is useful.


      1. Hello M.Millard

        Thanks so much for your quick response. I sent a new letter to Alison today.
        Best regards


  4. Dear Ian, I believe you were the Judge at Ilford County Court in March 2009 referenced as “District Judge Millard” that allowed my mother to keep her house and stopped us from becoming homeless. I would like to write to you. Please confirm if you were acting in that capacity at that time and I will share the story on your page. Thank you.


    1. Mr. Bokhari:
      Much as I should like to take the credit for the matter you mention, I am afraid that I have to modestly demur.

      I was never a judge (not even a district judge). I did sometimes sit as a Mediator (in business-related cases), though *not* at the now-closed Ilford County Court.

      I *did* appear a few times, in the past, *as Counsel*, at Ilford County County, when it was still operating, but that was in 2006 or 2007. I gave up practice at the Bar in 2008. I believe that Ilford County Court was closed as part of the “austerity” policy brought in by the government of 2010-2015.

      The District Judge Millard with whom you have mistaken me is unknown to me, and is not, as far as I know, related to me. All the same, thank you for the thought.


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