A Preliminary Look at the 2019 General Election

The 2019 General Election has been called, enabled partly by the LibDems and SNP, as John Rentoul, the only System journalist-commentator usually worth listening to, has written.

I was surprised that Labour did not block the vote, but I suppose that, with the Government ready to repeal, in effect, the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011, using a one-page bill, Labour had little choice but to appear unafraid to address the electorate.

So what now?

It it has been axiomatic, since Harold Wilson pronounced his famous dictum, that “a week is a long time in British politics”.

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[Harold Wilson as Prime Minister, pictured in 1967 on the quayside at Hugh Town on the island of St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly; the young Millard, 9-10 years old, at left]

Harold Wilson was sceptical of opinion polls. When he was in discussion with Lyndon Johnson about the Vietnam War, the U.S. President asked “what are the polls saying?” Wilson later recalled that he had thought that Johnson was referring to the Poles, and that he, Wilson, had tried to recall recent speeches by Gomulka!

That was then. Since then, British politics has given up the realms of commonsense thinking and has taken refuge in ideological spiderswebs and in the reading of electoral tea-leaves.

The opinion polls at present seem to be predicting a Conservative Party victory of as great as a 150-seat majority. Even mainstream commentators are talking in terms of a 70-seat Conservative majority. To me, that would be disastrous. Nothing to do with Brexit (which I favour). For me, to allow the present ZOG/NWO Cabinet of idiots, traitors, aliens and Israeli agents real power would be a calamity for the people of the UK. I have previously blogged about this: see Notes, below.

I am talking about domestic policy and, to some extent, foreign policy. I am talking about the imposition of an elected dictatorship on the British people. I am talking about rule by a concealed Jewish-Zionist lobby. I am talking about worse pay, pensions, State benefits, working conditions, living conditions etc. I am talking about destruction of free speech, too.

Is a Boris-Idiot government (with real power) inevitable? I do not know. Maybe not, but things are looking black.

The first thing to note is that polls usually narrow towards Election Day. At present they point to a Conservative majority of maybe 60. However, if Labour can pull itself up by a few points, that majority might shrink to single figures. Then there are the other parties (in England, mainly) to consider: LibDems and Brexit Party.


The Jewish lobby has weakened Corbyn and Labour via incessant attacks over four years. Some of the poison has seeped into public perception. The attacks continue. Only today, the “MP for Barrow and Furness —and Tel Aviv”, John Woodcock, was again attacking Corbyn and Labour, under the banner of which he scraped back into the Commons in 2017, though he has now left Labour amid charges of sex pest behaviour, and will soon no longer be an MP (no doubt “they” will find him a well-paid position). Again, I happened to see “former Labour Party adviser” John McTernan today on Sky News All Out Politics. Sky’s Adam Boulton was too polite to point out that McTernan’s advice proved disastrous for Labour in the past, and also for the Australian Labor Party. McTernan on Sky again derided Corbyn. With “friends” like those, Labour needs no enemies!

Labour’s more serious problems are, firstly, that it is unclear about what it stands for. Not just on Brexit. No overarching narrative. In the past, Labour’s position was a given: the voice of the “workers”, meaning the industrial proletariat, other manual and low-paid workers, renters rather than “owners” of freehold or leasehold property.

In those days, meaning until the 1970s, there was no serious racial aspect. Though there had been an influx (ultimately calamitous, by reason of breeding) of blacks and browns since the 1950s but mainly in the 1970s (and of course later), the percentage of blacks and browns and other non-Europeans was small until the 1980s; there was no constant wave of immigration in the hundreds of thousands, as there now is.

In the 1980s, Labour lost its way. The industrial proletariat started to disappear along with its industries. Immigration and births to immigrants started to create raceless and cultureless “communities”, including huge numbers of mixed-race individuals. British culture on TV and radio started to be overtaken by the Americanized cultural takeover that started in or immediately after WW2. The stalwarts of traditional Labour in the Commons and in constituencies started to be replaced by those who were influenced by the anti-white politics of post-Marxism, by the feminist and/or lesbian “sexual politics” movements, by persons who were unaware of the fight that Britain had with Jewish extremists in Palestine in the 1940s.

Such Labour activists were brought up in the 1960s and 1970s and had been indoctrinated by “holocaust” hoaxes and nonsense, such as the films of the faked “diary” of Anne Frank, of Schindler’s List (many people now think, quite mistakenly, that it is a “true story”, unaware that it was an adaptation of a novel, Schindler’s Ark, which was written in 1982 by an Australian who was only a child during WW2, having been born in 1935; he was brought up in New South Wales).

Gradually, Labour became the bastion both of the politically-correct ideologues and of the careerist “centrists” such as Tony Blair and his wife, both affluent barristers with no connection to Labour’s history (Blair’s father was a Scottish professor; Cherie’s father was a dissolute Liverpudlian TV actor). Labour went from being led by elderly Marxist hypocrite Michael Foot to, at first, a middling position under, in turn, Neil Kinnock and John Smith, then to Blair’s neoliberalism, with the Jewish-Zionist element firmly in control.

Labour lost connection with the “working class”, first because the old monolithic, unionized industrial proletariat had gone, and because the new concerns of former Labour areas (mass immigration, race and culture, poor conditions of non-unionized and precarious employment, sexual abuse of English girls by, mainly, Pakistanis, drug abuse) were simply ignored and, indeed, denied by the Labour Party.

Labour, in short, was becoming, under Blair, what it now is: the party of non-Europeans (the “blacks and browns” etc), of those dependent on public funds (public service workers, council employees, NHS people, those living on State benefits). These Labour voters were ruled over by a dictatorial pro-multikulti Common Purpose stratum, above which sat the Labour Friends of Israel MPs and above all the Jewish-Zionist “fixers” of the Lord Levy sort, who arranged the funding, doled out peerages and other “honours” to the compliant and “liaised” with Blair and his courtiers.

Meanwhile, Labour’s leadership became a cosmopolitan and finance-capitalist clique, “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich” as one of its degenerate creatures, the Jew “lord” Mandelson put it. By 2010, it seemed to many that there was little difference in substance (as distinct from style) between Labour and Conservative. Labour lost to the Conservatives led by David Cameron-Levita.

Corbyn, though poorly-educated and no sort of leader, gave hope to the “children of the proletariat” (speaking ideologically: many are from rather comfortable backgrounds). His almost miraculous accession to leadership seemed to be a return to old Labour values: community, nationalization, State funding, workers’ rights. I have blogged about the “Hand of God” aspects to Corbyn’s election, eg his getting exactly the number of nominations required, some of which were from MPs who had no intention of even voting for him!

Labour now is a house divided. The Jewish-Zionist lobby may have attacked Corbyn-Labour, but that is only part of the story. Most Labour MPs date from the pre-Corbyn era, most from the pre-2010 era. Some MPs are volubly anti-Corbyn and closer to a careerist “Blairite” or “Brownite” position, such as Jess Phillips (ironically, only elected in 2015).

Labour gives an impression of being split two or three ways, and that is even before Brexit is mixed into the equation. This plays badly, electorally.

So are Labour’s prospects dead? Maybe not. Firstly, it has the support of the non-whites, to a large extent, though that tends to be concentrated in relatively few constituencies. Then it has most of the public service people. Finally, it has the young. Very few under-25s vote Conservative now, only about 4%. Only about 15% of under-35s vote Conservative. The rub is that younger eligible voters tend not to vote. So far.

Corbyn’s policies on utilities, transport and fares, rights for tenants etc may play well for him, if Labour can get them heard amid the Brexit noise and the Boris-The-Idiot-Star clowning and posturing.

Where Labour is undermined is in its disconnect, in visceral terms, from its former core communities: eg in the black-brown MPs Labour has, some of whom seem almost half-witted. Diane Abbott would be Home Secretary under a Corbyn government…

Corbyn’s lack of leadership is also a factor, as is his asinine support for Roma Gypsy thieves and scavengers and for the horrible “tinker”/”traveller” element. That must alienate millions.



In the end, Labour now has no real reason to exist in its present form. It is somewhat neo-socialist, but not at all “national”. It divides rather than unifies, because it prefers non-Europeans to the white British people among whom and for whom it was founded.

“I am a socialist, but a white man first.” [Jack London]

The Conservative Party

The above parody tweet was sent to me by a blog reader. It does rather set the scene for the past decade, the “austerity” (inflicted by part-Jews David Cameron-Levita and George Osborne and continued by Theresa May and now —so far— by Boris Johnson, again both part-Jew…) upon the poorer half or more of the UK, while the more affluent half and especially tenth of the population have been “doing rather well”


I have blogged rather extensively about the Conservative Party and about its leading members, particularly Boris Johnson aka “Boris-Idiot”.


The Conservative Party, like Labour, has travelled far from its roots, even far from where it was in the 1970s. The old country Conservatives scarcely exist in MP terms now. Like Labour, the Conservative Party is now packed with pretty mediocre MPs, most in it for the money. In fact, many would be flattered to be as good as mediocre. Like Labour, the Conservative Party has ceased to be representative, not only of the country as a whole but even of its traditional supporters. In the 1950s, nearly 5 million people were members of the Conservative Party. Now? About 140,000. Boris Johnson was elected by about two-thirds of those. 92,000 people in a UK which now holds some 70 million. Only 1 in about 500 adult inhabitants of the UK is a member of the Conservative Party.

The trump card of the Conservative Party in this election is that it is not the Labour Party. It has little else to offer, except the Brexit “deal” that Boris-Idiot fluffed and which is worse than that offered to Mrs May 18 months ago. It is only the clown-image, of Boris the Clown, which, bizarrely, is keeping the Cons high in the polls. That, and Corbyn’s rock-bottom ratings.

So Johnson has once again gambled. The gamble is that he can win more Leave-supporting seats than he loses Remain-supporting seats.

Stress points for the Conservatives? Privatization, by the back door, of the NHS; Johnson’s character; the wealthy getting wealthier, the rest getting poorer; privatized rail and utilities; poor pay; the cruelty of the post-2010 benefits system.


Ironically, the key to the LibDems taking seats might be Brexit Party taking away Con votes in the South of England, and so letting the LibDems in. That might happen even more if Labour voters in strongly Con areas vote tactically. I do not have much time for Jo Swinson, a pro-finance capitalist and Orange Book LibDem who pays lip service to the Jew-Zionist lobby, but I have to concede that she has put in a couple of stellar performances in the Commons recently.

The LibDems are pro-EU, pro-Remain, anti-Brexit. They are the only party unequivocally Remain. That clarity has to help them. How much it will help them is unclear. They need to get an across the board 20%+ even to regain the number of seats they had in 2010 and 2005. They are presently polling around 18%, but the night is young.

Brexit Party

Brexit Party has lost its mojo somehow. Its stellar start, with the rallies and speeches and huge enthusiasm, seems a long time ago already. I think that the reason is that Brexit is really its only policy, though others will no doubt appear soon. It is largely “the Conservative Party at Leave”, and people do have concerns other than Brexit. I doubt that it can poll much above 10%. It might manage 15% across the board. Chance of gaining more than one or two stray seats seems minimal at present. However, that may change, but BP needs to start attacking the Conservatives, not forever saying how much they want to play ball with them.

UKIP; Change UK

Both washed up, as I have long predicted. Polling at statistical zero. Dustbin of history zone.


There are 6 weeks to go. In 2017, turnout was below 69%. In 2015, turnout was 66% and in 2010, 65%. 2005: 61%. 2001: 59%. Since the 1990s, turnout slumped in 2001 and has gradually increased again but is still several points below the 1990s figures. If there were an unexpectedly high turnout, particularly among the younger voters who generally favour Labour or the LibDems, that could change the picture completely.

At present, the smart money is on the Conservatives. The smart money was on Remain in 2016, on Hillary Clinton to beat Trump, on anyone but Corbyn to replace Ed Miliband. You get the picture. I do not think that Labour can do well on its own merits, but devotees of the Turf will know that frontrunners rarely win. The election is Boris’s to lose, and he may yet do just that, counter-intuitive though that now appears.











Further thought, 31 October 2019

This is an example of where Britain went wrong during the 1980s, 1990s and particularly under the 1997-2010 Blair-Brown era, and which continued on into the 2010-2019 years:


This sort of nonsense has to just stop. Now.

Update, 31 October 2019

News heard on the early Today Programme on BBC Radio 4:

  • Farage has been reported as possibly going to direct Brexit Party to stand in as few as 20 seats, all Labour-held, 2016 Leave-voting seats;

Could it be any clearer that Brexit Party is not a serious party, not even a semi-serious protest party? I think that Brexit Party can probably be written off at this point.

The news, if accurate, does reinforce my previously-blogged point that Farage, despite his people skills, speaking skills and public profile, is not really very knowledgeable or effective politically. After all, UKIP was in the end a big Westminster zero after 25 years of operation and, so far, Brexit Party has underwhelmed. No by-election successes, and its polling for Westminster has dropped from 20% at one point to 12% now. My feeling is that Brexit Party could have gone the distance, but missed its moment to morph into a real party.

The other piece of news so far today is polling that, incredibly, shows

  • Boris Johnson “more trusted on NHS” than Corbyn!

Whatever one thinks of Corbyn, this is just mad and bolsters my view that the UK has gone mad, socio-politically. Already, we have had polling, from a month ago, to the effect that part-Jew, part-Muslim origined Johnson, whose father was a part-Jew who worked for the World Bank and was an MP, Boris Johnson who had a U.S. passport until recently, who was born in New York City, was brought up in USA and Belgium before attending Eton and Oxford, and who even belonged to the wealth-saturated and degenerate Bullingdon Club, “has the common touch” more than Corbyn!

On the campaign trail

The latest Ipsos MORI poll gives Conservatives 41%, Labour 24%, LibDems 20%, Brexit Party 7%, Greens 3%.

Ratings for the Government as a whole are low, with just 19 per cent of voters happy with how it is running the country, including only a third of Conservatives, while 74 per cent are dissatisfied. Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos MORI, cautioned: “As Theresa May knows, a poll lead can be lost during a campaign and this puts the Conservatives at the upper margins compared with other polls. Nevertheless it confirms the Conservatives are starting in a strong position.” [Evening Standard]

If the above poll is accurate, we are staring down the barrel of a Conservative majority of 196, according to my use of Electoral Calculus (I gave Scottish results as likely SNP 50% and LibLabCon 15% each). That 196-seat majority would be disastrous for the UK.

Still, the starting gates have only just opened. All the same, Labour needs to hit hard now. For example, instead of weakly accepting that “antisemitism must be addressed” etc, Labour should start defending the British people; point out that many exploiters and parasites in the UK—by no means all, of course– are Zionists. Take the fight to the enemy and Labour might well find that many many British people want the Zionists taken down, their influence and power reduced greatly.

The opinion polls are proving to me that what so many British people want and need is social nationalism of the right sort.

Below, “Conservative” and, quelle surprise, not entirely English (part-Indian?), judging by photos found elsewhere than on her Twitter profile, freelance scribbler seems to have been living under a rock (or under the protection of a trust fund or affluent family) for the past 10+ years.

Ms. Gill does seem to understand that there is the possibility of radical change inherent in the dispossessed UK young (and, indeed, the not so young). She does not want such change and does not exactly identify what change it might be (“economic armageddon” sounds to me suspiciously like socio-political illiteracy), but the change in question could as easily be social national as post-Marxist.

Strange. Perhaps I was too critical. She seems to take a different and more sympathetic view here (or is it just that she is more concerned about things when they affect her own and personal life?): *click on it and read entire thread…


Now this [below], if understood by enough people in their 50s and 40s, might be a gamechanger:

Update, 1 November 2019

Below, a very accurate though totally obvious view of what has been happening over the past decade in the UK. Though I would not want any Jew to be Prime Minister, I did like the way in which Ed Miliband had time for ideas, for policy, and for the results of applied policy; a holistic view. That used to be the norm in UK politics, before the rise of socio-political idiocy in or around 2005-2010, the Iain Dunce Duncan Smith-type of nonsense.

I do not recall seeing this [below] on BBC News or Sky:

Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Nigel Evans Story

The above exchange reminded me of the existence of Nigel Evans [Con, Ribble Valley], a perfect candidate for my Deadhead MPs series.

Nigel Evans was born in 1957 and will be 62 within a couple of weeks of the appearance of this article. He was born and brought up in Swansea, attending what was, from 1971, a comprehensive school, attended at other times by people as well-known as, or indeed better-known than Evans, among which were numbered an Archbishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams), at least one other MP (Julian Lewis), and —now long-gone but once a household name— Sir Harry Secombe (d.2001), singer, actor, comedian and Goon. The school no longer exists.

Nigel Evans attended the University of Swansea and, in or about 1979, was awarded a BA in Politics. His only known job before becoming an MP in 1992 is that of assisting his parents in the operation of their corner shop in Swansea. The shop operated as a newsagents and convenience store.

Evans became a county councillor in West Glamorgan in 1985, rising by 1990 to become deputy leader of the Conservative group on the council. 1991 saw Evans step down from that role.

Evans contested two seats unsuccessfully before winning in the usually safe Conservative seat of Ribble Valley in Lancashire in 1992 (the LibDems had held it for a year; Evans had failed to win the 1991 by-election).

As MP, Evans made slow but steady progress. He joined several Commons Select Committees, was PPS to three more senior MPs in turn (including the then shadow Secretary of State for Wales, William Hague) and was in the Shadow Cabinet himself during 2001-2003 (as shadow Secretary of State for Wales). I assume that he is a freemason but admit that I have no direct evidence for that.

As MP, Evans has been a consistent opponent of the National Minimum Wage (is that the small shopkeeper in him coming out?) but is perhaps best known (or was, until he was tried for male rape) for his unusual expenses, claiming up to £400 a month for mobile telephone calls, as well as claiming for no less than four digital cameras in 18 months. Having said that, Evans has been in fact one of the least expensive MPs in terms of expenses.

In 2010, Evans became a Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons. He announced that he was gay later the same year.

In 2013, Evans was charged with counts of male rape and of sexual assault (six of the latter, one of the former), involving seven young men. In 2014, Evans was acquitted at trial on all charges.

Reading the newspaper accounts (see Notes, below) and casting my mind back to TV news reports of the time, I think that Evans was lucky to have been acquitted, overall, but there it is…

I might add that the Guardian reported after the trial that Henry Hendron, a notorious gay barrister since convicted at the Old Bailey of serious crimes and yet, surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly…) not disbarred (again, see Notes, below) is or was a friend of Evans and provided moral support during the rape trial.

Like most “Conservative” MPs, Evans has consistently voted to cut back help for the disadvantaged, eg. State benefits, legal aid etc. Amusingly enough, this backfired on him when he himself needed help!

In 2012 he had supported large cuts to legal aid which became part of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012; in 2018, after losing his life savings defending himself in 2014, Evans said that the experience had shown him that “It’s wrong, completely wrong, to remove people’s right to have expert legal representation … We’re definitely talking about justice being denied as a result of LASPO.[17]


Ah, there’s nothing like personal experience to teach you a lesson…

There’s nothing much more to say about Nigel Evans, except that, judging by his TV appearances, he has arguably the worst taste in clothing of any male MP (and surely must have the worst sartorial taste of any gay MP!). I tweeted about his clothing once (though that would not usually much interest me), when I had a Twitter account, and to the effect that, on BBC Daily Politics, he looked like Phil Silvers or someone out of a Phil Silvers film. I was tweeted back by a furious member of the Phil Silvers Society!

Evans has maintained a vote-share above 47% since he became MP in 1992; his worst result was still nearly 48% (in 1997), and his latest (2017), at 57.8%, was his best ever, though still below the 60%+ attained by David Waddington in the 1980s. Evans is embedded, so to speak, in Ribble Valley, and looks set to stay until the House of Lords or the Grim Reaper beckon.

So there we are. Nigel Evans, an MP whose only previous experience was a few years as a county councillor and helping to run a corner shop owned by his parents. A true deadhead MP, whose TV appearances show him vainly struggling for mediocrity; he is therefore well-fitted for the Westminster monkeyhouse as it now is.











A comment on Twitter re. MPs, from “Old Holborn”; I think that I may add this tweet to some of my future (and even previous) Deadhead MPs articles…

I think that the answer to his rhetorical question is that so many better-qualified potential candidates, people like me, are weeded out at the MP-selection stage. They are too independent, not facilely “anti-racist” and “anti-sexist” etc, and unwilling to be controlled by a pack of Jew-Zionists. As for myself, I never thought of abandoning my principles and ideals in order to get selected as an MP, though I suppose that it would have been easy enough, if I had been willing to ditch all honour and integrity.



The Latest Boris-Brexit Noise— What Happens Now?

For those new to this blog, I shall briefly outline my view: I have always favoured Leave/Brexit, certainly since about 2010. The EU, which was originally the EEC, a group of nation-states in mainly North and West Europe co-operating together and trading freely, has become a monster.

The EU has allowed millions of non-whites from Africa and Asia to invade its shores. It has encouraged that invasion and has attempted to resettle those millions and their offspring in countries and places. The EU permits Roma Gypsy thieves and scavengers free movement from their nests in Eastern Europe to the West. The EU Commission, the body which really directs the EU (the Parliament providing mainly a mere facade of “democracy”), has had its tame lawyers and most of the tamed EU states pass laws against “holocaust” “denial” etc, which echo the laws against heresy and blasphemy promulgated in the late Middle Ages. It is clear that the EU is on a course, planned from the beginning, of centripetal convergence. The aim is a “European” (meaning geographically European) superstate whose controlled and monitored citizens will be largely non-European and/or of mixed race, as provided for under the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan:



At the same time, I am extremely opposed to Boris Johnson and his pack of mainly non-British idiots and schemers posing as a Cabinet. They are just a manifestation of ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government).

The above positions have created a conflict, because Boris Johnson has tried to hijack the Leave/Brexit cause, calculating that, in such a polarized political environment, he and the Conservative Party might count on the support of perhaps 50% of the voters, whereas otherwise, Conservative Party electoral support now only amounts to about 35%, at most.

I blogged previously about the dissonance:


So now, Boris-Idiot has been railroaded into asking the EU for an extension of time, which he has done, despite his brave words about how he would rather “be dead in a ditch” than make any such request.

I suppose that any other Prime Minister of the UK would have complied with the newly-imposed legal requirement; a few might perhaps have considered refusing to comply. Boris is once again unique in having come up with a schoolboy “plan” to send a photocopied letter to the EU, while not signing it! In what world is that the act of a statesman? It is the act of a naughty schoolboy trying to be clever. Did Boris-Idiot think it up alone, or did his mad adviser, Dominic Cummings (see Notes, below) assist?

In any case, surely it is clear to me that merely failing to sign such a letter in such circumstances does not invalidate the request. To take a similar type of case, if two heads of state or government meet to sign a treaty already agreed in all details, is the treaty ineffective if one such VIP, as a joke, signs in invisible ink, or pretends to sign using a pen without ink? To my mind, the answer must be in the negative. The formal signing is merely the public show. True, in that case, the VIP would have at least mimicked the required act. Having said that, who but a charlatan public entertainer posing as politician and statesman would try such a stunt? I can only think of one, off-hand…

In my opinion, the sending of the letter, albeit in rough photocopied format, albeit unsigned by the person posing as Prime Minister, is still a valid request, a valid request from one EU government to the EU, not from one individual. If the Supreme Court of the UK pronounces upon these questions, no doubt they will first be analyzed in detail.

I predicted from the start, as soon as the 2016 Referendum was held, that the EU ZOG/NWO matrix would work to defeat the intention of a majority of the voters. The idea would be either to remain in the EU or to leave in name only. I see no reason to change that view. The Boris “deal” is no better and indeed arguably worse than that finally achieved by Theresa May. Even “No Deal” would be a scam in the hands of Boris and his ZOG/NWO colleagues. The only difference would be a bias toward the USA and not so much toward the EU part of the NWO/ZOG conspiracy/consensus. The ultimate result would be the same.

What now?

Electorally, this in itself may not harm the Conservative Party. Perhaps even the reverse. The “broad masses” of voters are in any case not only interested in Brexit. What is giving support to the Conservative Party is not anything that that party is doing or not doing, but what Labour is doing or not doing. The weakness of Labour is the main factor. The opinion polls are now all very firmly putting the Conservative Party well ahead of Labour, in some cases by more than 10 points. Unless Labour can pull its socks up pretty soon, it is toast, unless events move on the ground: economic collapse, any chaos via No Deal Brexit etc. Even should that happen, it is not clear that Labour would or could reap any electoral benefit. The Conservatives might, in those circumstances, be damaged, but not enough.

What about Brexit Party? My sense is that it has “lost its mojo”. It might get 15% in any general election held soon, it might get only 10%. Enough to take the gloss off any Conservative win, but not enough to prevent it. One should never completely write off the egregious Farage, but in the end he has had no Westminster success, at least to date.

For me, it is clear that a social-national movement must arise. At present it cannot, because the basic conditions do not exist: no germinal social-national party exists, no revolutionary situation which that party might both exploit and command exists.








A few extra thoughts

Twitter is a very unreliable guide to the public mood. If you only took Twitter into consideration, you would imagine that 90% of the population want the UK to remain in the EU (most polls put it at or below 50%).

“Hate”: we hear a lot about “hate” from certain groups, whereas in fact those groups are themselves the chief purveyors of hate:

  • Remain whiners;
  • Jew-Zionists;
  • post-Marxists and pseudo-“socialists”, such as the “HopeNot Hate” and “UAF” crowds.

Not infrequently on Twitter are encountered individuals manifesting all three of the above.

Part of the delusionary tendency of Remain is the idea that people who want out of the EU are poorly-educated, have never travelled (save to somewhere such as Magaluf) and are extremely stupid. I suppose that such ideas bolster the Remain whiners’ sense of self-worth. Sadly for them, their ideas about this are, like their ideas on other subjects, suspect. I myself was once measured at 156 IQ, have a degree from somewhere at least semi-decent, have post-professional qualifications in law (in three countries) etc. I once had a personal library of 2,000+ books, have lived in, worked in or visited dozens of countries, speak a foreign language etc…Should I feel inferior to Remain whiners, most of whom are in every way less intelligent, educated, travelled and experienced than me?

Remain whiners are, in my opinion, often the kind of people who, in the 1950s and thereafter, carefully read books to make sure that how they lived and behaved was certified “U” and not “non-U”. In other words, Remain whinerdom seems to be yet another manifestation of British suburban snobbisme… See, for example, the tweet below

Silly Remain woman comes from Oxfordshire to march (pointlessly) with hundreds of thousands (we are told) of others, contra Brexit. Sees a group of drunks in a pub who claim to be pro-Boris Idiot. That gives her the chance to tweet (the main purpose of the day) about how they are or may be “racist” (which of course would be terrible…). One of the drunks has no teeth. Ha ha! Look at him! What a hillbillie! The woman does not fail to note on her Twitter profile that she worked for the DTI, BBC and Reuters. She forgot to mention that she reads the Observer (well, probably—if she can guess about people, so can I).

As for the “million-strong” march, its effect will be the same as all other large marches in London. Zero.


Brexit is the Devil, though! I despise Boris Idiot, but smug Remain whiners like that woman from Wallingford have me almost defending him!

Same Remain woman tweeted this:

It is pretty clear that most of the hysterical young Remain whiners of 2016 have grown up a bit, but that the middleaged and elderly Remainers have not quite understood that the times have left them behind. I would be prepared to bet that all those Wallingford Remainers support mass immigration, and fake or other “refugees” as well! After all, those elderly Remainers will not live long enough to see Wallingford (a pleasant Thames-side small town which I knew as a child) turned into yet another urbanized or suburbanized black/brown multikulti hellhole…

Looked at a few more tweets by Sarah Hurst; here’s one just seen (so I was right —see above— give that man a cee-gar!):

Further and minor exegesis

I should add that, while for me it is important to get out of the EU, my main socio-political focus is on the racial and cultural future of the UK and, beyond the UK, Europe (EU and non-EU). There is no point stopping free movement from the EU if the UK is still going to be importing blacks and brown (etc) in huge number. Another point of huge importance (for the UK and beyond) is the necessity for a “cultural revolution” and chistka.

Update, 30 November 2020

The Jewish or half-Jewish anti-Brexit Remainer woman from Wallingford, mentioned in the body of the blog post above, is an enemy of “English nationalism”:

Actually, she is comedy gold, reading some of her tweets. Dual nationality (UK/USA, apparently), and she celebrates Thanksgiving in Wallingford because she spent 12 years in the USA but “cannot afford” to return there (implying that she wishes that she could).

She apparently stockpiles tinned food (buying extra regularly), in which I am with her— it is a good idea if you can afford to do so and have storage space (see also Dennis Wheatley’s memoirs, Drink and Ink, in which he says that he not only did the same in the years 1938-40, in case food was rationed should war break out, but urged the readers of his newspaper column to follow suit).

As to her recent tweets to the effect that Brexit might result in food shortages, the incompetence of Boris-idiot’s government might indeed cause such shortages now. Her tweets are, however, often just unintentionally funny, as when she cries poverty while also spending over £300 at a go in Waitrose.

Oh, and she thinks that Lord Sumption, until fairly recently a Supreme Court justice, is “a dangerous lunatic”!

I have my own idea as to who might be a dangerous lunatic…and I am not alone in that…

That woman reminds me of several things, such as “why are persons of Jewish origin always alien, ‘strangers in a strange land‘ as the Old Testament has it? More than just strangers; hostile strangers.

Also, why are “Remain whiners” also, almost invariably, facemask and “lockdown” zealots?

Incidentally, the woman in question also poses as a expert on Russia. Here is an example of her “expertise”:

If an attempt at humour, not terribly amusing.

More from her? She retweeted this:


The Swedish Sickness Contaminating The Rest Of Europe— What Is It?

Sweden examined, as social democracy becomes multikulti dystopia

This, below, was sent to me earlier this year via “social media” and is about the emergent Swedish dystopia. I reproduce it (with covering note) exactly as I received it:

@ianrmillard this was the Gab post (just another thing about the Swedes)

I was an exchange student in Sweden a few years back. It was weird, creepy and depressing. There was an ever present ambience of fear in the people. A cult like monoculture of political correctness and complete cognitive dissidence. Cars burning, gang shootings, skyrocketing rape, robbery etc etc etc. This stuff was almost unheard of 20 years ago there. I am ethnically Asian (chopsticks rice… you know a real Asian) that’s why I wanted to see the Nordic culture while I was working on my thesis. I quickly found out that there is more Nordic culture in Minnesota then in Sweden. All I saw were hijabs, kabab kiosks and menacing gangs of MENA kids/dudes roaming the streets. The creepiest part was how the ethnic swedes were reacting to the shitstorm around them. Swedes would talk about anything except for what was relevant. Of course I got called a racist for asking questions. Yeah me the Asian guy who’s married to a Jewish girl with mixed kids. Okay so what’s important in Sweden? Glad you asked: Putting guys in prison for not having a WRITTEN CONSENT when they change sexual positions with ie their wife during sex… I shit you not! Please look it up! How about firing dudes for refusing to wear a pussy hats at work or putting a 75 year old woman in prison for speaking her mind about immigrants sexually assaulting her. Oh yeah let’s not forget about the 91 year old man who got convicted too. Swedish media is so monolithic, controlled and polarized that it make Vox look unbiased. My whole Sweden experience can be summed up as a fucked up Stephen King movie where it is never day or night. Just a somber Kafkaesque fog of melancholy and fear emanating from the walking dead as they lumber around in cold rainy darkness. So depressing. BUT WHY!?

Forget the Americanisms, the poor grammar, the spelling mistakes etc. I am no longer shocked that something like the above could flow from the pen of someone (anyone) with, as it seems, a “doctorate”. Forget all that. Focus on the main issues.

First of all, I concede that I have never actually been to Sweden, unless you count that time, now amusing for me, when I was refused entry to Sweden at the port of Malmo. Yes, Sweden at that time (1982) actually refused entry even to bona fide visitors, let alone to hordes of migrant-invaders!

This blog post is about more serious general matters than my own occasionally picaresque life experiences, but in outline, I was going to Helsinki and decided to get a ferry from Travemunde Skandinavienkai, which at that time was on the border of the DDR (East Germany) and West Germany [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travem%C3%BCnde], to Malmo; My idea was then to meander around the whole of the Gulf of Bothnia to Finland, hitch-hiking until I reached Helsinki. The sort of decision one probably has to be quite young (I was 25) to make…Anyway, my “plan” was shattered by a Swedish immigration officer, who decided that I had insufficient funds to be allowed into their social-democratic paradise. I was cast out (in effect deported, back to West Germany) and to this day have never seen Sweden (or Finland) except on TV and film.

I had seen odd TV documentaries about Sweden, and had read one rather critical book in or about 1970, but my idea of Sweden was of somewhere fairly socially advanced, technologically advanced, environmentally conscious etc. Modern shoebox-shaped white concrete and glass institutes, clinics etc, staffed by beautiful blonde girls in white uniforms, would pretty much sum up my idea of the country. This was long before the books and films of the Nordic noirs, of detective Wallander and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (which, particularly the Wallander TV series, pretty much ruined my view of Sweden).

Over the past 15 years, not only Wallander etc spoiled my mental view of Sweden and its society. I heard, at second-hand, about the gangs of immigrants making life hell for many Swedes, especially young ones having to interact with the invaders (including “invaders” born in Sweden…) in the neighbourhoods and schools of Gothenburg (Goteborg) and Malmo.

Since then, Sweden has been invaded on an even bigger scale by huge numbers of fake “refugees”, who in many cases actually turned down offers of asylum in Germany and even Denmark in order to reach Sweden.

Not that the invasion by non-Europeans and consequent social near-collapse is confined to Sweden. The Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, you name it.

Sweden, though, seems to have gone mad to an even greater extent than “Western” Europe (Central Europe too). Swedish society has perhaps been softened up by decades of social-democratic and “liberal conservative” government. “Anti-racism”, ever more mad feminism, some bastard progeny of self-flagellating Protestantism turned secular, perhaps.

In fact, a great deal of the whole debate in Sweden about the migration-invasion has been poisoned by such hand-wringing fake altruism. These people take pride in destroying their own race and culture in the name of some secular “saintliness” which is based on them lying to themselves and others. Look:

Pathetic bastards who probably think of themselves as well-meaning, or as the French say, bien-pensant.

The Jewish element is at the forefront of the encouragement of migration-invasion. There are quite a number of Jews in Sweden, mostly in Stockholm. Some are subsidized propagandists working away to destroy Europe’s race and culture. One of the most notorious is the appropriately-named Barbara Lerner Spectre:


Wealthy Jew-Zionist institutions support her and other Jews like her: https://www.schusterman.org/users/barbara-spectre

and she is now well-embedded in Sweden…https://ejewishphilanthropy.com/educator-barbara-spectre-receives-kings-medal/

We have seen at least two of the roots of the Swedish sickness (Protestant do-good-ism turned secular, and the Jew-Zionist “Messianic” element), and they fit in perfectly with the evil Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan:



but to those two already-noted strands must be added the social-democracy that ruled Sweden for so long. It gave Sweden many positive things, but in the end was simply unable to defend the Swedes against incursion by degenerate and alien forces.

Sweden went from being a rather socially-conservative society in the pre-WW2 period to being more liberal, with a relatively generous Welfare State in the 1950s and 1960s, but then fell into widespread degeneracy socially, sexually and politically in the 1970s. After that, Sweden’s superficially-successful but internally decadent society was unable to say no to the immigrant hordes.

“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” [Matthew 7:6, King James Authorized Version].

Now Sweden is facing an existential threat:

Even the above documentary from RT [Russia Today] contains misplaced though understandable compassion (a European trait, after all), but remember that Biblical quotation…



Sweden is not in fact the source of the degeneracy and evil sweeping across Europe, but it is, arguably, the most contaminated EU country from the migration-invasion point of view. It merely shows in exaggerated form the same influences and effects that exist in other parts of Europe (and especially the EU states). What marks Sweden out is the authoritarian pro-multikulti State apparat, which has even taken away children from parents thought to oppose the migration-invasion. Also, the “journalists” in Sweden are almost all completely dependent and docile. We see the same situation in the UK, as with the scandal of Pakistani Muslims (mostly) sexually abusing young English girls. The same non-response from social workers, police, the compromised political element, the drug-abusing msm “journalists” etc.

“Race is the root-stock, culture is the flower.”

The future of Europe is in the balance.


Update, 28 October 2019

Update, 6 November 2019

“It couldn’t happen in the UK.” No?


Update, 9 October 2022

Well, nothing much has changed (for the better) in Sweden since I blogged the above except that the Sweden Democrats [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweden_Democrats], akin to perhaps UKIP/Brexit Party/Reform Party in the UK, and to the AFD in Germany, did well in the September 2022 General Election: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Swedish_general_election; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Swedish_general_election#Voter_demographics, with particularly high support in the 18-21 age group, which is heartening.

The Sweden Democrats are now the third-largest party in the Riksdag [73 seats out of 349; the largest party, the Social Democrats, have 107].

Also, the air in Sweden may be cleaner if (as I read somewhere) the evil Jewess, Barbara Lerner Spectre, has actually returned to Israel. I do not know whether that is so, however. She may still be in Sweden.

See also:

Slightly naive.

Also, the Youtuber above refers to the Jew Shcharansky (a one-time Soviet refusenik) as “Russian“, a cardinal ideological error. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natan_Sharansky

It is all very well saying that the Spectre creature is a harmless crank, but in Sweden she has obviously had considerable influence, has received royal decorations from the infested Establishment etc.

I agree with him, though, as to the difference in attitude between [the most fanatical of] American Zionist Jews, and actual native-born Israelis (“sabras“): see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2020/02/02/the-jews-i-met-at-an-oasis/.

Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Karen Bradley Story

Karen Bradley is the Conservative Party MP for Staffordshire Moorlands, and has been since the constituency boundaries were changed for the 2010 General Election, making the seat a safe seat for the Conservatives. Her share of the vote increased from 45.2% in 2010 to 58.1% in 2017.

Unlike most MPs, Karen Bradley represents an area not far from where she was born. She went to a comprehensive school and then to Imperial College, where she graduated in Mathematics (B.Sc.).

There is little information about Karen Bradley’s family or parents. Her origins seem modest, at any rate.

Karen Bradley worked in tax for Deloitte and KPMG, for a total of 16 years; she also worked for 3 years as a consultant in the same field, but gave up and rejoined KPMG. I think that we can be sure that Karen Bradley does know about how to calculate tax.

Karen Bradley is married (husband’s occupation unknown to me); they have two children.

Upon election as MP in 2010, Karen Bradley joined the House of Commons Work and Pensions Select Committee (MPs on such committees get more pay). At least she would understand the tax questions.

There is no record that I have seen of her criticizing or even questioning the cruel system of “welfare” (social security) put in place by Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, the Jew “lord” Freud etc after 2010. On the contrary, she has always voted to make the poor (if unemployed, sick or disabled, at least) poorer.


What a bitch.

The Germans have a saying: “put a beggar on a horse and he rides it to death”.

Karen Bradley became a Government Whip in 2012, a traditional home for mediocre MPs.

Karen Bradley was appointed junior minister at the Home Office in 2014 and then, in the turmoil following the 2015 General Election and the subsequent election of Theresa May as Conservative Party leader, she was appointed Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

It may be that Theresa May wanted to appoint women to senior posts.

MPs, like generals, need luck in their careers. I doubt that many, in 2010, would have predicted that Karen Bradley would go from not even being an MP in early 2010 to being a member of the Cabinet only six years later. She certainly had luck; however, the luck ran out:

During the cabinet reshuffle in 2018, Bradley was appointed Secretary of State for Northern Ireland after the resignation of James Brokenshire due to ill health. Matt Hancock replaced her as Culture Secretary. In July 2018 she came under criticism in the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee for failing to take action on British government discrimination against former soldiers and police. Andrew Murrison challenged her on her account of what she had done, and she said she would write to him. Sylvia Hermon commented: “I wait and wait for letters.”[12]


In September 2018 she was criticised for admitting in an interview for House magazine, a weekly publication for the Houses of Parliament, that she had not understood Northern Irish politics before being appointed Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. “I didn’t understand things like when elections are fought, for example, in Northern Ireland – people who are nationalists don’t vote for unionist parties and vice versa,” she said.


The newspapers were soon full of views about Karen Bradley, the vast majority very critical, using words such as “shamefully ignorant,”, “a slow learner”, “should resign”, “should not be in job” etc.


Karen Bradley did not even understand that Northern Irish voters mostly vote on sectarian lines! Hopeless…

Attracting widespread and sustained criticism, Karen Bradley united the political classes in their belief that she was inept, ineffectual, gaffe-prone and completely out of her depth,” said Deirdre Heenan, professor of Social Policy at Ulster University.” [BBC]

Media appearances by Mrs Bradley became infrequent and brief.” [BBC]


In the end, though, Karen Bradley’s loyalty to Theresa May and the Conservative Party (she has almost always voted with her party) saved her until Theresa May was replaced by Boris Johnson, who sacked her at once:



It is not hard to be Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Lazy half-Jew chancer Ed Vaizey blagged it for years. Karen Bradley did the same. It became clear, though, when she was appointed to Northern Ireland, that she had received at least one promotion too many. She was out of her depth in Cabinet. She had to go.

What now for Karen Bradley?

I was unsure as to whether Karen Bradley was enough of a deadhead to make it into the hallowed halls of my Deadhead MPs series. She might have been assessed as merely mediocre. However, her performance at the Northern Ireland Office has sealed her fate and provided her entry ticket to this blog series.

I imagine that we have seen the end of Karen Bradley as a member of the Government, whether under Boris Johnson or anyone else. However, she has a safe seat in the Staffordshire Moorlands, seems to be popular there and so will no doubt continue to be, as a constituency MP, merely mediocre most of the time, rather than a deadhead.




Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg, Cressida Dick and The Madness of Protesting Crowds


Above, we see an illustration of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a scene which could be applied to a multiplicity of situations of the present day; in this case, to the Extinction Rebellion protests which have brought parts of London to a halt (again).

I have blogged, in recent months, about both Extinction Rebellion and the connected silliness of the Greta Thunberg hullabaloo; prior to that, I also blogged about the present and possibly upcoming environmental catastrophe, as well as the connection between “green” politics and what might be termed “social nationalism”:






A selection of tweets

Those robed women (some are men in drag) give me the creeps; reminiscent of the women fanatics adherent to the ISIS barbarians. Sinister, and obviously meant to intimidate. Greta Nut must love them.

[the speaker there, above, is one of the founders and leaders of Extinction Rebellion, a former farmer or smallholder called Hallam]

The above tweeter, apparently a recent graduate from Cambridge presently trying to be (yet another) singer, seems to have just wasted three or four years [2020 note: since I drafted and published this article, I have discovered that Billy Lunn is about 35-40 and that his group has had some, albeit limited, success in the music business: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Subways#Discography].

These and similar street protests achieve nothing; only unthinking student-types (or other people, of any age, who do not want to think too deeply) imagine that they might. The judgmental attitude is very much of the present time. Akin to the fanaticism of the 17th Century.

Another tweeter (see below), talks about repression of those “expressing dissent”. Since when was closing down cities, interfering with aviation etc, mere “dissent”? I do not know this tweeter and had in fact never heard of him before today. I wonder whether he spoke up for me (disbarred because a pack of malicious Jews disapproved of my “expression of dissent” in tweets)? Or for Alison Chabloz (persecuted, prosecuted and convicted after effectively the same pack of Jews targeted her for years, all for singing satirical songs that came a bit too close to the truth about “holocaust” fakery)? I have seen nothing, either from that tweeter or from the many similar ones, protesting against such repression of free speech. Au contraire…

And here, below, is a typical “millennial” idiot, incapable of saying why he has superglued himself to a roadway except by repeating, “it’s about, like, saving the planet, like…” —and, yes, odds-on that some “university” has awarded him a “First” in something or other (just like almost everyone else) or will do so…and note the anger at the end of his inarticulate “explanation”. He may not know his **** from his elbow, but by God he wants to impose his ill-directed will on someone (or anyone)…

It’s not only in London. Here, below, we see one of the protests in Australia, in this case Melbourne. Guess what these scenes of ridiculously-puerile pseudo-ecstasy are doing to stop “climate change”? Nothing.

And here’s yet another one (see below), again an Australian, who thinks that he and his friends have the right to do what they want to make a useless noise and to interfere with others because climate change is (or may be) happening and is (or may be) a result of “emissions”. What do such protests do to stop whatever may be happening, happening? Nothing…

MSM news reports

News reports say that the police are stretched to breaking point by the “protests”:




The Metropolitan Police response to the Extinction Rebellion protests

It was noteworthy that, months ago when Central London was first closed down by Extinction Rebellion, the police response was pathetic. More than that, there were some police officers appearing to enjoy themselves and dancing with the protesters! This is one result of the slow but advancing politicization of the police and other public services. As far as the police are concerned, we have seen how police forces have attempted to police social media, including expression of “politically incorrect” opinion. By way of example, the Jew-Zionist lobby has actively infiltrated the police. The “influence” seems to be strongest in London, Manchester and Scotland.

Here below we see Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, socializing with sinister Jewish Zionist Gideon Falter, who heads the malicious faux-“charity”, the “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism” or “CAA” (private thought-police):

Falter seems to be welcome at Scotland Yard despite the fact that several of his colleagues at the CAA have been exposed in open court as serial and would-be anonymous online trolls, sadistically taunting and persecuting anti-Zionists, and particularly women.

Falter also has other Zionist activities going on…

As for Cressida Dick, she has been accused of being a so-called “graduate” (member) of another sinister group, Common Purpose, a kind of politically-correct freemasonry:


Cressida Dick’s connection is now denied, though it has been admitted in the past:





What else about Cressida Dick?


A double-first from Oxford (she herself, not her degree): the first woman and the first lesbian to head the Metropolitan Police, which is less and less effective against real crime (which is exploding in London) but ever-more active against political dissent online etc, ever-more in the Jewish-Zionist pocket, ever more political in its judgments.



It was very strange to see the police non-response to the first big Extinction Rebellion protest (attack on London) months ago. Much criticism about the police uselessness attached (again…) to Cressida Dick personally. In this second protest, many more arrests have been made (at last count, over 600) but those arrested are mostly bailed and most of those come straight back to the streets…

There is something not quite right here. Just as Greta Thunberg suddenly has world leaders pretending to listen to her, the msm laying down a red carpet for her etc, and just as we see migrant-invaders supposedly “intercepted” in the Channel, or Mediterranean, but really helped to invade mainland Europe and UK, so with these protests we see the authorities in reality facilitating them while pretending to crack down on them. What is the agenda behind all this. Cui bono?

Update, 10 October 2010

Where does real civil disorder start? When does dictatorship start to be the demand of the people, because it at least cures disorder? Somewhere, somewhen like this (below): a smug, entitled and (?) affluent “passenger” who has clearly bought himself an air ticket at London City Airport (and is dressed unlike the usual “protester”-type) so that he can interfere with takeoff of a flight, on behalf of Extinction Rebellion. Note the generally compliant/submissive attitude of most passengers at first, which then changes, with some, to a demand that “something be done” about this selfish nuisance; some people look ready to smash the ****’s face in, but the cultural conditioning to be polite, non-violent and (in this case at an airport) to rely on the persons in nominal authority (in this case, the cabin crew) keeps the lid on— just. For how long, though?

Below: some people are starting to wake up to the concealed agenda(s)…

As for some of the “protesters”, they appear to be utterly mad:

The fact is that, in any near-future situation of real civic or societal collapse, people like that will just have to take a couple of rounds each…

Meanwhile, the Extinction Rebellion hysteria meets a cool interview style from Andrew Neil:

This is the sort of madness that thrives when supposedly serious political figures (below, the Jew Ed Miliband, one-time Labour Party leader, Layla Moran MP, and pro-Israel “Conservative” Cabinet minister and expenses fraudster Michael Gove) listen enraptured (or pretend to listen) to a mentally-afflicted Swedish autistic aged 16 and three quarters…



Update, 11 October 2019

Below, the sort of idiot and idiocy abroad today: the citizens of London (or anyone critical of nonsense posing as idealism) have to “sit the fuck down and be quiet” because Extinction Rebellion is “stopping Armageddon” and that “cause” justifies anything. It is not very far from such attitudes to Cambodia Year Zero and the “Killing Fields”.

and (see below) in Australia, it seems that “fighting for the most important cause in human history” involves some exhibitionistic women and gay narcissists doing those synchronized dance routines you see at some American political protests:

What interests me increasingly about all this is the degree of support that Extinction Rebellion is getting, not from the general public (the “protest” has little support there, if only because the public can see that “XR” has no real ideas but just negative emotionalism to offer; the public sees the futility, hypocrisy and silliness of the protests) but from those System drones involved in the manipulation of public opinion. I have seen numerous pro or effectively-XR tweets from CEOs of public relations and “comms” firms, from known political commentators etc. Here’s one:

Once again, I wonder what is really behind all of this.

Update, 12 October 2019


Update, 13 October 2019

Peter Hitchens, below, makes some rational if obvious points in his Mail on Sunday column. However (and as he himself implies), he’s wasting his time: irrational zealots do not want rational points but compliance with their irrationality.


Update, 14 October 2019

Below, a good example of the muddled thinking all too common today: Jewish scribbler tweets about how it’s OK that his bus was delayed because of Extinction Rebellion protests (“…because the minor inconvenience of having to walk a little longer is nothing compared to the catastrophic consequences of inaction on climate change“) as if the protest and the consequent bus delay and inconvenience actually somehow helps to do something about climate change (even taking all that theory and assumed fact as given):

and look here [see below], as some brainwashed little boy on holiday from Australia (on holiday?! Think of all those “emissions”! He will have to spend the rest of his life atoning for his sin…or blaming other people, if old and white…) spews in Trafalgar Square the hate he has been taught, the hate against those “old white guys” who have, he has been told, “stolen his future”. Yes, the “old white guys” who, together with other white people, created almost everything of value in the past 1,000 or more years.

That brainwashed little boy will become yet another depressed and self-hating white man (unless he wakes up at some point). One does not, necessarily, expect a boy of his age to understand that white Northern European civilization is not the cause of “climate change” (leaving aside the question of whether it is happening and whether human activity is the cause of whatever is happening). The main human activity to blame for environmental catastrophe is breeding, i.e. too many people— and the non-whites have increased their numbers hugely both in absolute terms and relative to Europeans (white people) in the past century.

World population was almost flat for nearly 2,000 years until 1700 AD. Even in 1900 it was only about 1.6 billion. Now, in 2019, it is nearly 8 billion.



There are twice as many humans on Earth in 2019 as there were in 1970, when I myself was 13-14 years old. White Northern European people, the spearhead of positive evolution, are now a tiny percentage of the world population.

The problem is not modern technology and industry, but too many people and, particularly, too many non-white people.

This (below) made me laugh! Unreasoned comments, but no more so than those of the Extinction Rebellion types…

Makes one think…[see below]

Update, 16 October 2019


Re. Greta Thunberg…


Update, 17 October 2019

This is funny: Extinction Rebellion idiot annoys a crowd of London Underground travellers trying to get to work, and gets the bejesus kicked out of him.

Surprising all the same to see Conservative MPs supporting the mob! What strikes me also is how how poor and drably dressed etc the commuters on the Underground look. The word that comes to mind is “downtrodden”. Not sure whether “diverse” is the bon mot…

“Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive…”!

Can you believe that this stupid…creature… might be Home Secretary soon? She thinks that an organized anarchistic conspiracy to shut down the capital city of the UK for weeks or even months is “peaceful protest”! Much as I hate Boris-Idiot and the “Conservative” elected dictatorship, Labour has no chance so long as idiots of this type are proposed as Cabinet ministers of a Corbyn-Labour government:

Update, 22 October 2019

Update, 20 February 2020

The Extinction Rebellion idiots have, as I foresaw, descended to simple vandalism. They have no real ideas, so they are left with destruction once they have made a few noisy demonstrations. This is sub-terrorism. Where are the Cambridge police? Arresting people making justified criticism of Jews and Gypsies on social media?

[later and further thoughts: why did no students or fellows of the University not descend on those vandals and kick the shit out of them? At least that might have attracted the attention of the Cambridge Police!]

Update, 26 February 2020


Update, 1 April 2020

The only update is that Greta Nut announced, from Sweden, that she “suspected” that she had been infected, on her travels, with Coronavirus and so had “self-isolated”. Well, I “suspect” that Greta Nut, pushed out of the msm limelight by Cornonavirus news, is desperate to become again an item on the international msm news agenda, and so has been trying to get onto the Coronavirus bandwagon.


Rewilding and Reafforestation of Parts of the UK

An extract from an article of 2013 by George Monbiot:

“You could argue that an intensification of farming is a response to rising population pressure: the need to produce more food has caused greater damage to wildlife. But this is where the madness kicks in: much of the habitat destruction for which farm policies are responsible has little or nothing to do with producing food.

The uplands of Britain are astonishingly unproductive. For example, 76% of the land in Wales is devoted to livestock farming, mostly to produce meat. But, astonishingly, by value Wales imports seven times as much meat as it exports. Six thousand years of nutrient stripping and erosion have left our hills so infertile that their productivity is miniscule. Even relatively small numbers of livestock can now keep the hills denuded.

Without subsidies, almost all hill-farming would cease. That’s not something I’m calling for, but I do believe it’s time we began to challenge the system and its outcomes. Among them is a policy that’s almost comically irrational and destructive.

The major funding that farmers receive is called the single farm payment, which is money given by European taxpayers to people who own land. These people receive a certain amount (usually around £200 or £300), for every hectare they own. To receive it, they must keep the land in what is called “Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition” (GAEC). It’s a term straight out of 1984.

Among the compulsory standards in the GAEC rules is “avoiding the encroachment of unwanted vegetation on agricultural land”. What this means is that if farmers want their money they must stop wild plants from returning. They don’t have to produce anything: to keep animals or to grow crops there. They merely have to prevent more than a handful of trees or shrubs from surviving, which they can do by towing cutting gear over the land.

If they want to expand the area eligible for this subsidy, and therefore make more money, they must get their tractors out and start clearing vegetation. From my kayak in Cardigan Bay I have often watched a sight that Neolithic fishermen would have witnessed: towers of smoke rising from the hills as the farmers burn tracts of gorse and trees in order to claim more public money. The single farm payment is a perfectly designed scheme for maximum ecological destruction.

[Why Britain’s Barren Uplands Have Farming Subsidies To Blame, George Monbiot, The Guardian]


George Monbiot is quite right about subsidized farming. In relation to the upland and hill areas [relatively similar areas, but often taken to be different in terms of specific UK farming conditions: https://www.nationalsheep.org.uk/know-your-sheep/uk-sheep-farming/], the farming lobby will say that the land there is only suitable for sheep, so if the UK wants to produce food at a maximized level, then sheep farming is essential and can only exist if subsidized.

There are various aspects to all this, most of which are addressed in the George Monbiot article (above). The upland/hill areas are not very productive (generally, the higher they are above sea level, the less productive); they can support food animals other than sheep, in principle (deer, highland cattle, game birds etc) if not denuded of vegetation; the upland and hill farmers are only surviving by reason of a fairly generous (they might disagree) but environmentally-mad subsidy system.

In broad terms, the single farm payment gives the farmer on average about £150 an acre (2019 value), so a small farmer (and most UK upland and hill farms are small), who has about 200 acres, will get about £30,000 in subsidy (leaving aside the various official or other definitions of what constitutes a “subsidy”— see Notes, below). The actual net profit from farming itself on such a farm comes to something like £3,000, maybe even less. It’s minimal. Some farmers have only 100 acres, thus reducing their subsidy-income to maybe £15,000 and their real farming income to as little as £1,500.

The conclusion, surely, is that subsidies should be eliminated. They are disastrous for wildlife, give the country little in terms of food production and in fact give the already-wealthy farmers on the more favoured lowlands the bulk of the money (a large estate of say 10,000 acres might receive as much as £1,500,000 a year in EU subsidy). However, this article is about rewilding and reafforestation, not an overview of the whole agricultural sector.

There are UK and EU “subsidies” or grants for such activities as tree planting, but these are far less generous than the ones given for (nominal or actual) farming.

It seems harsh, on the face of it, that small farmers should face having to give up their way of life (in some cases, a way of life that has generations of history and custom behind it), but they will have been preceded after all by those working in other sectors, including coal mining, steel production etc, and now retail work. Why should huge amounts of public money be provided to farmers just because they bleat that without the money they cannot survive and would have to get other work?

The irony is that most farmers vote “Conservative” and are among those most ready to talk about “welfare” “scroungers” etc! It often seems to me that farmers generally want it both ways, to receive money from public funds merely as an entitlement for being holders of land (either freeholders or tenants), but on the other hand want no official interference with how they farm, because they run private businesses!

It has long been accepted that the farming lobby, and especially the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) is one of the most effective lobby groups in UK politics at national level.

Alternative uses for marginal land

After WW1, the UK was almost denuded of forest, having only 5% cover. The government set up the Forestry Commission in 1919 to address the domestic timber shortage, rather than for aesthetic or environmental reasons. Thus were born the typical blocks of forest seen in Northern England, Scotland, Wales: mostly Norway Spruce and Sitka Spruce. Though better than nothing, such coniferous reafforestation does not do much for wildlife, though the trees themselves can be, if not cut, longlasting (a Norway Spruce in Sweden may be the oldest —though regenerated— tree on Earth, dating back nearly 10,000 years).

The forest cover in the UK has increased markedly since 1919, to about 13% of land. The Forestry Commission itself and its now-devolved Scottish equivalent manage nearly 2 million acres of forest and, in some areas, have replanted with broadleaf trees which will encourage a greater biodiversity.

In addition, there have been a few large-scale initiatives formulated and put into action. There are a number of “community forests” (some created from bits and pieces of land) not all in public ownership but all of which have some public access: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_forests_in_England

The Heart of England Forest (mostly in Warwickshire) is one superb initiative, the vision of one man, the late Felix Dennis [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Dennis].



Another new wooded belt is the National Forest, planted in a number of linked areas North East of Birmingham:



In addition, some very large and altruistic landowners, such as a Dane who owns over 220,000 acres in Scotland alone (over a dozen Highland estates), have exciting plans both for reafforestation and for wildlife recovery, even to the extent of importing wolves, lynx, bears, beavers etc.





There are many smaller projects around, such as the wood created by Brian May, the Queen guitarist, in Dorset, being planted and growing on land May bought as a gift in trust, and which was originally going to be a housing estate (nb. were Britain not flooded with unwanted immigrants and their offspring, it would not be thought “necessary” to build on beautiful areas of countryside).


Brian May Woodland – Image(1)

Brian May Woodland – Plan

Forests are not a waste of land…

George Monbiot has written about how upland forests and woods (or even areas of smaller vegetation such as bushes) delay the passage of rainwater to lower levels, protecting those lower levels from destructive floodwater.

Wild areas can provide food for people. Not just game animals, birds and fish (if permitted and/or in time of dire necessity), but mushrooms, fruits, wild vegetables etc.

Forests not only have amenity and aesthetic value, but are havens for wildlife of all types. In particular, the parts of the country that are relatively marginal for farming should be far more heavily wooded than they are. Animals, birds, fish, insects all thrive, given half a chance.



There are huge areas of the UK suitable for rewilding and/or re-afforestation. Not only in Scotland. Wales is especially blessed with upland and hill areas suitable for such projects. There are parts of England also suitable, such as the South West peninsula, within which there are areas where the population is surprisingly sparse, such as the Hartland Peninsula in West Devon, on the Atlantic coast. It is true also of the moors of Devon and Cornwall, but they tend at present to be under National Park or other restrictive control.

Rewilding and reafforestation are not inimical to the livelihoods of existing local people, who can derive benefit via catering to tourists, managed and sustainable forestry, wildlife protection jobs etc; whereas the present land use often benefits only small groups of farmers and landowners (via subsidies, and/or via the use of land for commercial driven shoots).

Rewilding is not just a matter of afforestation. Other types of landscape can also be rewilded: marshes, river estuaries etc. However, the forest is the key, whether it be managed forest or forest left to grow completely wild.

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Update, 7 November 2019


Update, 25 December 2019


Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Esther McVey Story

I was intending to write this examination of Esther McVey some months ago. Now here we are, almost in October, and the Conservative Party Conference is on. Looking at Twitter, I noticed some amusing things, one of which was the following tweet about thick-as-two-short-planks Esther, here seen both trying to orate and trying to seem as though her single brain cell is switched on:

Some of the msm and social media responses to Esther McVey’s latest idiocy have been hilarious:



Rather like those bumper stickers with their silly tasteless jokes, such as “Divers do it deeper”; or in this case, perhaps, “Conservatives do it on computers— in 3D!”

Perhaps rather too near the knuckle in view of the Conservative Party sex scandals of recent years:



[Stephen Crabb MP, fervent pro-Jew and pro-Israel puppet, so stupid that he got caught twice for very similar and very pathetic “sexting”; a prime candidate for a future “Deadhead MPs” article];


[buck-toothed Jew MP (now ex-MP) Brooks Newmark, another one who was caught more than once; I suppose that I shall be called “bigoted” for my view that sleazy American Jews should not even be MPs in this country…]

There are other examples: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Westminster_sexual_misconduct_allegations#Conservative_Party_allegations

“You don’t have to be Jewish!” (or a doormat like Crabb) though…

So, Esther McVey. What do we know about her?

This is the Wikipedia entry:


The bare bones are that Esther McVey has an LL.B. from one university, an MA from another, and a “corporate governance” M.Sc. from a third. I tend to think that people who have several degrees are either brilliant or are semi-idiots wanting to look good on paper, and usually the latter. I was once slightly acquainted with an African ex-High Commissioner who had degrees from Oxford, as well as either Yale or Harvard (I forget which) and the Sorbonne. A complete idiot…

Esther McVey is at time of writing a few days short of 52 years old. Her Wikipedia entry seems almost deliberately confused or misleading in part (which makes me wonder how much of it she edited personally).

Esther McVey seems to have graduated from the —at-the-time not very prestigious— Queen Mary College, East London in 1988 or 1989 (a decade or so later it became part of the University of London). Why she, from the Liverpool area, decided to study in an unfashionable part of London, I have no idea. It may be that she wanted to be in London and nowhere else offered her a place. Her degree was in law (level of degree awarded not known). She did not, however, continue either to the Bar or to the solicitors’ profession; neither did she seek or take any salaried appointment outside her family’s business (a demolition and site-clearance business in the Liverpool area). In fact, McVey was a director of the family business later, from 2000 to 2006, though her father has said that “she was there in name only”, which is a strange idea of the fiduciary and other duties of a company director. Perhaps she did not understand (that is rather a habit of hers). Still, there it is.

Though Esther McVey set up a couple of unsuccessful and/or publicly-funded small businesses (thus enabling her to claim on Wikipedia etc that she had been a “businesswoman” before becoming an MP), her main activity from 1991 and for much of the 1990s was being a TV presenter for both BBC and ITV, the high point being, apparently, co-presenting “GMTV” (ITV breakfast show) with that ignorant Irish slug Eamonn Holmes [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eamonn_Holmes].

I have no idea how she got into that kind of work, though I notice that, at the time, her boyfriend was a TV producer. She has a Liverpudlian accent that seems, at times, impenetrable.

Esther Mcvey was elected as MP for Wirral West, a so-called “bellwether” seat, in 2010:


The Liverpool Echo described McVey as the “most reviled MP on Merseyside”:


Few will forget the infamous moment in 2013 when the then Wirral West MP said she thought it was ‘right’ and ‘positive’ that struggling people were turning to foodbanks because they could not afford to eat.

She told the House of Commons: “In the UK it is right that, you know, more people are visiting – which you’d expect – going to foodbanks.”” [Liverpool Echo]

Even the Jewish Zionist Liverpool Wavertree then-Labour MP, Luciana Berger, said that McVey’s response still “haunted” her: “It was disgraceful and showed absolutely no empathy – I was on the benches going ballistic.

McVey served in the Cameron–Clegg coalition as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Disabled People from 2012 to 2013, prior to being appointed Minister of State at the Department for Work and Pensions from 2013 to 2015. She was sworn of the Privy Council in February 2014, and attended cabinet as Minister of State for Employment in the 2014 British cabinet reshuffle.”


McVey was removed as MP for Wirral West in 2015 by the electors, many of whom described her, perhaps understandably, as “McVile”. She was then handed a well-paid sinecure for 2 years by her cronies and their cronies, as Chair of the British Transport Police Authority [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Transport_Police_Authority], an organization and activity about which stupid McVey knew absolutely nothing (and probably still knows nothing). We talk about corruption in Africa or Asia, but what to make of an appointment like that?!

McVey was then, almost beyond belief, selected as Conservative candidate for the safe Conservative seat of Tatton, vacated by part-Jew ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. She returned to Parliament in 2017.

She served in the Second May ministry as Deputy Chief Whip from 2017 to 2018. She was appointed Work and Pensions Secretary on 8 January 2018, but resigned on 15 November 2018 in opposition to the Brexit negotiations and the Brexit withdrawal agreement. In July 2018 it was reported by the head of the National Audit Office (NAO) that McVey had misled parliament over the new Universal Credit scheme by claiming that the NAO report showed that it should be rolled out faster when in fact the report concluded that the roll-out should be paused.[3] She apologised to the House of Commons on 4 July 2018[4][5] amid calls for her resignation.” [Wikipedia]

The bitch of course did not resign. Her type only understands brute force. People of her type have to be forced out of lucrative or careerist positions.

Incredibly, having been totally dishonest and incompetent as junior minister at the DWP (under part-Jap sadist Iain Dunce Duncan Smith), she was appointed by part-Jew Theresa May as Secretary of State in 2018. She later resigned over Brexit, but was re-appointed to Cabinet by Boris-Idiot in 2019.

In June 2019 she stood in the 2019 Conservative Party leadership election. She was eliminated in the first round after finishing in last place with nine votes.” Well, so that was how her fellow Conservative MPs rated her— only 9 votes out of 317

I detect three main strands in Esther McVey:

  • useless at her jobs (I cannot comment on her as a TV presenter, because I do not watch the kind of rubbish she presented);
  • lacking not only competence but any decent empathy or understanding;
  • a tendency to get personally involved with those working in the same organizations: when in TV, with at least one television producer; later, in politics, involved with the useless and lazy half-Jew “Conservative” MP, Ed Vaizey [formerly Con, now Independent, Wantage], who was made a minister and then —ludicrously— Secretary of State for Culture] [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Vaizey#Expense_claims]; now she is apparently engaged to another MP, Phillip Davies [Con, Shipley], in whom she apparently had “a long-term, on-off romantic interest” or vice-versa: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Davies#Personal_life

McVey is also, I read, friendly with the McCann couple, whose little girl, notoriously, disappeared in mysterious circumstances in Portugal many years ago now.

McVey is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel.

Some tweets about Esther McVey

So there we are. Esther McVey. A major deadhead, who is in a very safe seat and therefore unlikely to be removed by the voters. She, in her very person, is an indictment of the political system that has sustained her for a decade.



Update, 16 February 2020

Well, credit where due. Boris-idiot (or his eminence grise, Dominic Cummings), decided to bin Esther McVey, whose last Government job was as Housing Minister, a non-Cabinet post, though she was, I read, invited to attend Cabinet. God knows why. Housing is vitally important at present, but that merely begs the question: why appoint a deadhead like McVey to that portfolio?

A few tweets seen:

Esther McVey was an example of a whole phenomenon which grew up since 1997: MPs lucky even to be MPs, and who became MPs because they were once on TV (eg Esther McVey, Gloria de Piero, Anna Soubry), or because they once wrote cheap novels (Louise Mensch— remember her, the drug abuser and “ho”?) etc, but who were unable even to function properly as MPs before being promoted, incredibly, to ministerial and even Cabinet positions.

Now? Well, deconstructing her CV, she has never had a real job (a real one, not the fake ones on her CV such as pretending to have been a director of her father’s demolition business, or a “businesswoman”); save for her TV presenter years. Hard to imagine anyone offering her a position (I mean a business one…). I therefore assume that she will stay on as MP in her safe seat of Tatton (rural Cheshire) indefinitely. She will of course never again hold Government office.