Brexit Party, The Party of…Nothing


My attention has been caught by a recent tweet from a Brexit Party MEP previously unknown to me:

At first, I thought that that tweet was a fake and/or a parody, or perhaps tweeted in a spirit of satire. No. It is real and it is meant to be taken at face-value. The bastard really is urging Brexit Party members, supporters and voters (of which I am not and have never been one, by the way) to give money to one of the organizations ferrying migrant-invaders across the Mediterranean from North Africa to civilized Europe.

When many people who support —or did until now support— Brexit Party criticized Nielsen’s support for this people-ferrying soi-disant “charity”, the new MEP’s response was textbook System-politician:

The thread of further comments on Twitter is worth reading. All UK political life is there, from well-meaning but stupid ladies (sitting in suburban or rural comfort) who just want to emote about “saving children”, and the sort of basically malicious “anti-racist” idiots (Jewish or otherwise) who want as many non-Europeans as possible to invade the EU and especially the UK, to more sensible people who see that the UK’s population has increased from about 55 million in the 1980s to about 65 million or even 70 million now, most of which is via immigration and from births not only to immigrants but also now to their children and indeed to those children’s children (a demographic time-bomb: experts now say that European-race, i.e. white, people will be in the minority in the UK by 2070 at latest. My guess? 2040. Already some British cities are minority-white).

That does not, it seems, alarm Henrik Nielsen.

Nielsen was born in 1959 in Copenhagen, is 60 years of age and was at one time the head of the anti-EU campaign in Denmark. Why he opposes the EU I do not know. He seems rather at home as an MEP.

Nielsen is married to one Sharon Ruth Bierer, also a dentist, born in London and who has been a director of dental-oriented companies in London. The name Bierer is often of Jewish origin, but not always. Nielsen and his wife have two adult children, Jacob and Laura, the latter of which is, remarkably, the policy director of Labour Leave, the Labour Party pro-Brexit organization.

Nielsen and his wife own a rather pleasant-looking villa in Puglia (Apulia), southern Italy, which they rent out at £300+ per day.

I agree there with tweeter “Reimer Bard”. Brexit Party is faux-nationalist even as compared to its previous incarnation, UKIP.

Finally, the person that Nielsen is supporting in his tweets is this one: . A Somali immigrant who claims to have funded a “gap year” by working for only 9 weeks (at 12 hours a day). I suppose that it is just about possible.

Brexit Party

I have blogged several times before about Brexit Party, about its stellar explosion onto the UK political scene, about Farage’s impressive public meetings, about its possible impact on the Conservative vote etc; its EU elections success. I have also chronicled its lack of direct success so far in Westminster by-elections: Peterborough, and then Brecon and Radnorshire. That “close but no cigar” aspect has deflated the Brexit Party bubble somewhat, as has the noise around the person I am pleased to call Boris-Idiot and around the whole current Brexit hullabaloo.

Let’s look again at Brexit Party. It is or is owned by a private company itself controlled by Nigel Farage. In that it has similarity to Momentum, the Labour Party group, which is, or is owned by, a company itself controlled by a couple of Jews.

I have blogged before about the fact that Brexit Party is a party without policy (save for leaving the EU). That is both its strength (i.e. a clear message) and its weakness (the voting public has concerns other than just the EU and Brexit).

I have blogged about not only the strange policy-free nature of Brexit Party but also about its strange mixture of candidates. No less than three out of the Brexit Party EU elections candidates were former Revolutionary Communist Party members (one, Claire Fox, a defender of the IRA Warrington bombing, is now a Brexit Party MEP). Some Brexit Party candidates were of non-European ethnicity, and some of those are now MEPs, including a couple of Jews and a Pakistani.

It is hard to see the ethnic, cultural or ideological ties binding the Brexit Party MEPs inter se. Even the faux-“libertarian” “small state”-ism of many of them does not seem to fit all.

There seem to be more than just a few links between Brexit Party and the Trump set-up.

What is really behind Brexit Party? There is already a Brexit Party Friends of Israel organization. What is the gameplan? To offset any real nationalist upsurge by containing it in the Brexit Party box? Possibly. It worked with UKIP…

Brexit Party electorally

To my mind, the Brexit Party upsurge bubble has been, if not burst, then somewhat punctured, and so partly-deflated. Farage has made the mistake of sitting on the fence between outright support for Boris-Idiot’s supposed Brexitism, and opposition to the Conservative Party. That has weakened Brexit Party to some extent. All the same, and crucially in a situation where is is no real social-national or even small-c conservative-national party, voters in England and Wales are going to have the usual false choice in the next general election: the System parties, or joke candidates such as Monster Raving Loonies and tiny socialist or other parties, or…Brexit Party. It may be that, in desperation, many will vote Brexit Party.

At present, Brexit Party is not breaking through re. Westminster. The latest two polls (published today and yesterday) put the figures as:

CON: 33% (-1) LAB: 24% (-) LDEM: 23% (+3) BREX: 10% (+1) GRN: 4% (-2)

CON: 32% (-) LDEM: 23% (+4) LAB: 21% (-2) BREX: 14% (-) GRN: 4% (-3).

Those results, fed into Electoral Calculus

make a Conservative majority of either 38 or 46 (I have taken the Scottish results as 50% SNP).

This is frightening. It means that, were there no significant change in the polling, there could be a Boris-Idiot ZOG/NWO [Zionist Occupation Government/New World Order] dystopian regime, an elected dictatorship, in place by the end of the year. If that happens, democracy in any real sense will have died and only determined non-electoral resistance will be able to fight against it.

Having said that, polling often narrows before an election, but Labour is going to have to pull its socks up “majorly” (to use a Trump-ism) if it is going to keep even its present complement of MPs. I suppose that the silver lining would be that many pro-Zionist Labour MPs would go, but that would be little comfort to the British people ruled over by a ZOG dictatorship.

What about Brexit Party itself? Its polling is running between 10% and 15%, which is nowhere. At present, it has no prospect of getting MPs and would have to raise its game to about 25% across the board before getting even a small bloc of MPs. That is not impossible, but if British people see Brexit Party MEPs (who may not even be British by origin…) lecturing them on the supposed “goodness” of supporting migration-invasion etc, the polling will not improve and may even decline in percentage terms.

No social-national party, no conservative-national party, the Conservative Party a ZOG/NWO regime in the making, Labour the party mainly of the blacks and browns, the LibDems supporting both finance-capitalism and migration-invasion, and fake-nationalist Brexit Party joining the multikulti “celebrations”…

This is bad…









Update, 21 September 2019

Meanwhile, the msm (in this case, the Daily Mail) persists in calling Roma and other Gypsy thieves and scavengers “Romanians and Bulgarians”…

23 September 2019

The Remainers’ intellectual dishonesty, exposed in a tweet from an emeritus Professor of Government, no less; nailed by Andrew Neil…

A few thoughts…

I saw this piece in The Guardian. Interesting anyway, but what struck me was some of the language:

“If you look at the more genuinely Welsh areas, especially the Welsh-speaking ones, they did not want to leave the EU,” Dorling told the Sunday Times. “Wales was made to look like a Brexit-supporting nation by its English settlers.

I wonder what The Guardian would say about any analysis of UK voting patterns (in general elections, as well as referenda) that called areas with huge numbers of blacks and browns etc “not genuinely English”? Or described the blacks, browns, Chinese etc as “settlers”…For that matter, what about any analysis of voting patterns in North London that referred to “its Jewish settlers”?

A few more tweets

The real problem here was that direct populist democracy, i.e. the 2016 Referendum, was grafted onto the longstanding system of representative democracy (elected MPs, political parties, Parliament). It’s like a train trying to run on lines of the wrong gauge. Or to put it another way, trying to graft a pear to an apple.

Worth reading

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  1. This is bad indeed, but there’s more that’s arguably worse – see last section of comment.

    Meanwhile a few of the latest examples of the corrupt UK fossil media and their beyond steroidal bias:
    19 September 2019 version written by one “Sarah Gregory”.
    19 Sep 2019 9:20 pm version written by one “Basit Mahmood”.

    Takes two (diversity hires?) to write the same hysterical “ethnic minority” mode of rubbish railing against all hitherto universally accepted norms of national identity and preservation of sovereign territory. Are White people no longer applying for jobs as journalists at the Metro, or is it more a case of “Whites need not apply”?
    Calling concerned citizens “racists” for wanting to see the law enforced takes the matzo. This subversion can only end in violence, the only undecided factor is forecasting when.
    Unfortunately said citizens themselves are probably due to be disappointed with the results of their efforts. I’m guessing they have been encouraged by HMG announcements such as this
    (‘Operation Kraken’ LOL!)
    – but the outcome is more likely to be the Border Force/RN taxi service just picking up all the infiltrators and not losing any stragglers, and never sending any of them back:

    LBC Radio @3.55: ‘We don’t send them back I’m afraid’ says Mr Tony Smith who is ex-UK Border Force.

    I used to think if pushed for choice of a charity to spite expectant recipients of bequests, I could always select Guide Dogs for the Blind or RNLI as being still relatively useful and politically untainted. Oh well, that’s one off the list:

    The usual giant dumpster load of harmful garbage from HMG:

    Plus the customary politician Biblical back-bending:

    (Isaiah {49:23} “And kings shall be thy nursing fathers, and their queens thy nursing mothers: they shall bow down to thee with [their] face toward the earth, and lick up the dust of thy feet; and thou shalt know that I [am] the LORD: for they shall not be ashamed that wait for me.”)
    19 year old fantasist sent down for 16 years for buying a gun and some aummunition from the States. Meantime shoot-em-ups for real by enrichers continue on London streets (news whereof incl. video usually to be found only on twitter etc).


    starting @4m 32s
    “Lord James of Blackheath threatened over EU Defence Union: Secret Party Political Pact of Silence on Defence reveals itself.”
    He talks at @6m 5s
    And Guy Verhofstadt (liberated from his necktie) @8m appx. brow-beating dead-heads at LibDem Conf.
    European Military Union and the EU publicly announced by Guy Verhofstadt as a new empire:
    (their website is run on purely capitalistic lines!)

    The UK Column call it an emerging “Fourth Reich”. Charming innocence (or cunning obfuscation).
    or if blocked:
    – the audio link is this:

    alt. d/l:


    1. The fact is that the EU is the iron fist disguised by a velvet glove. There are few real journalists left now. Just student wannabees (99% of which are brainwashed) or licensed ranters, from Owen Jones to Peter Hitchens. You can have any opinion you like so long as it is not social-national…

      The Channel situation is the tip of the iceberg. In Africa and the Middle East and South Asia the tsunami of births and emigration is rising, to engulf what is left of white Europe. If this generation does not fight, Europe ends, positive evolution ends…


    2. ps look at this news report about an obvious “Roma” Gypsy girl trying to thieve from or rob an old British lady. Not even in London, but in some obscure part of the West Midlands. Nowhere in the report is the ethnicity of the perpetrator mentioned…

      pps The comments *under* the report show that many readers know the score, but how shocking it is that, as in the old Soviet press, the truth is inconvenient for our “journalists” these days…


      1. It isn’t surprising at all that the scummy Tory rag The Daily Mail doesn’t report the truth. They often don’t when it comes to the unbridled ‘joys’ of ethnic ‘enrichment’! For my part, I see them as being worse than the Daily Mirror because at least that Labour Party-supporting newspaper wears its anti-British globalism openly and doesn’t pretend to support native Britons like the Mail does! 🤬😡

        There is far too much crime in this country perpetrated by Britons and foreigners alike. The problem is merely depriving offenders of their liberty in prisons doesn’t seem to work as a deterrent for too many so we have to think of stiffer penalties. Unfortunately, we can’t bring back hard labour in prisons since there seem to be international treaty obligations on this country banning this so we may have to resort to reintroducing judicial corporal punishment but not in the form of the birch but rather in the novel form for this country of the rattan cane as in our former colony of Singapore:

        which to me at least, and I suspect others would be more of a deterrent

        Yes, that is undeniably a bit brutal but at least the person being subjected to it won’t have their life ended such as with hangings as Singapore also practices:

        Judicial corporal punishment can perform a ‘half-way’ house for those who want more punitive punishments for law-breaking but who are not willing to back hanging’s return for various reasons ie concerns about innocent people being executed to religious objections to the state taking life etc.


      2. We have been here before in our online discussions. As you gather, I prefer to deal with causes rather than outcomes; the rainwater before the later downstream flood; the background rather than the finished criminal product. As Sun Tzu says, “to win without war, that is the supreme excellence”.

        A proper society will breed racially and culturally-superior children, educate them properly, motivate them in youth and young adulthood properly, offer (and organize) potential fulfilling futures to and for them, so that they do not go off the rails and then have to be incarcerated, beaten or shot.

        Having said that, sometimes unpleasant methods may be necessary, exceptionally. In the above-reported case, though, these scavengers should of course not even be in the UK.


  2. Those are scary polling figures. No sane person without very deep pockets wants Boris The Buffoon to be in power with a majority of anything more than about five seats because without a doubt he won’t do anything in government to improve the lives of the broad mass of the population ie he won’t control migration, he won’t seriously tackle crime etc. He is a posh and incompetent social liberal/globalist as is the case with the vast majority of Tory MPs. Basically, nowdays, they are the rich man’s Liberal Democrat Party though without wanting to reform Britain’s archaic voting system and other forms of constitutional reform.

    The CON Party wastes its time in government so there is no point in them having a majority.

    The best result would be another hung parliament so we can get rid of the absurdly unrepresentative FPTP voting system once and for all and then perhaps we can have som real choices in politics like the Germans do from a Left socialist party (Die Linke) to the centrist/centre-right pro-business Free Democrat’s to the National-conservative/nationalist Alternative For Germany (Afd).


    1. I do not want a “Conservative” government, but I also despise Labour, which is (at national level) also pervaded by Jewish influence, apart from a few individuals. As you say, a hung Parliament would be best at present, especially if that facilitated the growth of real social national feeling.


      1. Yes, Labour is rubbish too. Can Corbyn sack Tom Watson? If I was him and this is possible I would do so as soon as possible as that pro-Zionist snake is constantly undermining him. Corbyn needs to stand up for himself and his party against the Zionists as the vast majority of these ‘anti-semitism’ allegations are completely untrue.


      2. No, Corbyn cannot sack Tom Watson, because the Deputy Leader is voted for by the membership and can only be removed by them. Yet Watson (egged on by the Jews that control him) is making Labour seem riven and so unelectable. He and his supporters are poisoning what was Labour’s modest surge of 2-3 years ago. Now Labour seems tired, not appealing, divided. Look at the polls and the local election results and by-elections. Labour’s vote share is down everywhere. The Jews have almost succeeded in killing off the Labour Party.


  3. The Liberal Democrat Party has taken a massive risk with their pro-revoking Article 50 stance but they may just be able to pull it off. I think they believe that as they don’t poll very well nowdays in some constituencies (my own one of Brentwood and Ongar used to have a Lib Dem one of 25-30% in the eighties and nineties which has now reduced to something like 8%) they can ‘write off’ these seats as unwinnable and seek, instead, to grow their support in seats like St. Ives, St. Albans etc which have far healthier polling levels for them. They had better hope there are plenty of pro-EU voters generally in these seats to switch to them!


    1. Not sure what the “risk” is for the LibDems. After all, they have always been very pro-EU, and few Brexit-supporting voters would vote for the LDs anyway. It seems like a shrewd political move. How many will vote LD purely on that basis, I do not know. LibDem polling seems to be below 20%, so far. They need to get it above that figure if they want to start winning back many seats. 2010 level was about 23%. I think, as you know, that most LD votes are going to come from those wanting *not* to vote in a Lab or Con MP. Negative tactical voting.

      Few people believe in or think that the UK actually has “democracy”. The new LD stance on Article 50 proves that, arguably.

      ps. The latest two polls have the LDs at 22% and 23%, about where they were in 2010.


      1. I think it is quite shrewd as well. It does provide them with a clear and unambiguous stance which for a party that not that many people think of as having many clear policy lines apart from electoral and constitutional reform has to be to their advantage.

        They can still provide the role of the ‘dustbin vote’ of British politics as well even with this stance.


      2. They will need to push those figures into the upper twenties or the lower thirties like quite a few polls indicated in the heady days of ‘Cleggmania’ in 2010 before they reach the ‘tipping point’ under our increasingly absurd electoral system of First Past The Post which will enable many more seats to potentially fall to them. They could just about manage this but they do seem to have a support ceiling of 25% and no more than that.


      3. Yes. The LibDems do have a concentrated vote in a few seats, but to get much ahead of where they presently are, they would need to get a national poll on Election Day of well above 25%. As you say, approaching 30%. They need to be about 5% above where they now are.


  4. I do agree with you that prevention is better than cure when it comes to crime. I don’t know what the size of our police forces are with respect to our population ie the ratio of police officers to people but I suspect it isn’t too impressive, especially after the brutal Tory cuts to the police’s manpower figures and increase in the population by way of immigration RISING under the social liberals/globalists of Cameron and Osborne.

    We need to increase that ratio of police officers to population. Of course, we would be unable to afford to do it to the level of Monaco which I have read has the highest ratio in the world. I suspect that micro state’s low crime figures aren’t all due to that factor alone but also to do with it being a state where a third of the population are millionaires and having a huge number of CCTV cameras. However, we must still increase the numbers of police officers as far as we can afford.

    Let us also increase their effectiveness by releasing them from the constraints of political correctness and getting them to do REAL police work and providing a visible police presence out on the streets.

    It is no good merely increasing the numbers of police officers if you tangle them up in the cult of PC.

    Having said all that, we do need more effective deterrents as some people are, unfortunately, irredeemably liable to commit heinous crimes and are wicked by nature.


    1. Having now been hassled by the police for basically political reasons, in all cases because the police do what the Jews want them to do, I have little sympathy for the police, who always seem to have “resources” to hound the politically-dissident. Having said that, they are a necessary evil, though again, were there no blacks and browns in the UK, half the crime would disappear overnight.


      1. Yes, that is my point. The police nowdays have become incredibly politicised and become effectively the strong arm of the British state/ State Gestapo for the politically incorrect. This isn’t just profoundly wrong in principle but an incredibly stupid thing to do in practice since to be truely effective in combating crime the police need to have the support of the community. They can’t do that purely on their own and have to have the support of the law abiding. In sensible countries like Singapore, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Japan, South Korea etc the police concentrate on normal police work ie apprehending criminals and don’t engender hostility from the law-abiding by acting as the PC globalist government’s thugs in uniform.

        The shameful and sad politicisation of the police started in earnest under Mrs Thatcher and has got progressively worse since then. ALL of this has to be swept away.


      2. Yes, there is also a need to stop the constant mass importation of people from inherently violent cultures such as Somalia. Sadly, the PC globalist ‘small state’ libertarians of the misnamed Conservative Party won’t do this hence for that reason and others crime in general and most worryingly violent crime in particular continues to rise inexorably.


  5. I agree with you totally on that point. Labour and the CON Party bring Somalians here because both parties are virulently anti-British and basically hate us. They are both engaged in a competition as to what sort of foreign flotsam and jetsam is best suited to destroy Britain and the British so Somalians coming as they do from a violent and backward culture are perfect from that globalist viewpoint.


  6. Although the Liberal Democrat Party is a party of globalism just like Labour and the fakes of the CON Party are, they have more respect from me than Nigel Farage’s limited company/personality cult does because, unlike the Brexit ‘party’ the Lib Dems are MULTI-ISSUE and have a full manifesto. When is Farage and company going to show the British electorate some respect and release one so we can all look at it and debate it? At present, you could write their ‘manifesto’ on the back of a beer-stained mat in your local Weatherspoons since there is literally NOTHING THERE apart from yanking Britain out of the EU by any means possible.

    The Brexit ‘Party’ is nothing more than a limited company (that in itself should raise suspicions over its possible sinister nature)/ personality cult for Nigel to get himself in the media and get loads of money and SINGLE-ISSUE pressure group so we shouldn’t dignify it with the title of ‘party’.

    And for globalist PC lefties to compare with it with parties like Germany’s national-conservative/nationalist Alternative For Germany (AfD) or France’s nationalist Rassemblement National(RN) (National Rally) is a total insult to those parties.

    At least this small British party has an ideology:


  7. The Daily Mail is a wicked Tory rag. Their ‘journalists’ must also lack any IQ if they really think you can call Roma gypsies Bulgarians or Romanians. Roma gypsies may well physically come from Romania and Bulgaria but they are an ethnic minority in those countries hence they are not really Bulgarians or Romanians and originate from India as all gypsies do.


    1. I noticed, in the comments section under that report that a real Romanian tried to make the Daily Mail readership understand that the Gypsies may live in Romania as an ethnic minority of about 5% of the whole population, but have nothing in common with real Romanians. However, thanks to the msm liars, few of the Daily Mail “readers” understood the point that “Vlad” was trying to make.


      1. Yes, the Daily Mail is a globalist Tory rag whose ‘journalists’ are well practiced in the dark art of wilful deception. Those readers should listen to the point that Vlad was trying to make. Roma gypsies are an ethnic minority in those countries and thus by that mere fact of being described as an ETHNIC minority have nothing to do with the majority population in Romania. That is why they are called ROMA!


      2. The real Romanians are of course Europeans, of partly-Latin origin, having been descended from the Romans of the province of ancient Dacia. When I was was at school, in the 1970s, there were two Romanian brothers at the school, who were real Romanians, i.e. European. I recall the surname, Popescu.


      3. ps look at this, from the Independent, “reporting” on beach patrols at Dover; all too typical of the sort of persons now prominent in “Labour” and what is left of the trade unions:

        “Riccardo La Torre, firefighter and Eastern Region Secretary of the Fire Brigade Union, branded the coast patrol “despicable” and said: “These have-a-go, racist vigilantes have no place in any kind of enforcement or emergency activities and will only serve to make conditions and tensions worse.”

        “These groups claim to be the voice of the working class, but now they want to act as an arm of the authorities by patrolling beaches to apprehend struggling working-class people desperately trying to get to safety.”

        So “Riccardo La Torre” (que?), a regional secretary of the Fire Brigade Union, thinks that migrant invaders from Africa and the Middle East are “working class people, trying to get to safety”?!

        Safety from, er, France? There you have in a nutshell, the craziness that is much of “Labour” now. Alien migrant-invaders are “working class people” who should be allowed to occupy the UK at will (and be subsidized too)! Note the fag-end “Marxism”, trying to shoehorn the facts into some 1980s polytechnic back-of-postcard Marxism-Leninism. 


  8. Give that man, Reiner Bard, a medal for being perceptive enough to realise Nigel Farage’s true nature. Nigel is a fake, a phoney, a libertarian Thatcherite globalist Tory and if his latest vehicle the pop-up out of nowhere Brexit ‘Party’ doesn’t have any connections with the security services then they may as well have.


  9. I would call Somalians useless eaters rather than useless bastards but your point, Ian, still stands. Many of them are not just criminally-inclined ie quite a few walk around the perimeters of Heathrow Airport smoking Khat which we must forgive them seeing as it a cultural practice of theirs but are unemployed and indeed unemployable. Their average IQ is said to be amongst the world’s lowest and will, along with that of of many other pet Labour and Tory immigrants, reduce our national IQ over time.

    We British aren’t the cleverest people in the world (the Japs apparently have an average IQ a few points above us) but we still have an average IQ that is amongst the world’s highest and surely the fact we were the world’s first industrialist country is a proof of that? So, it would be wise not to reduce it!

    We are becoming a failed Third World state under Labour and the Tories with all that comes with it ie high crime rates etc.

    As for Somalians, I am surprised the very PC and globalist CON Party haven’t yet got themselves a Khat smoking Somalian as an MP or even a minister yet!

    If we really must have massive immigration (though I see nothing essential about it) why can’t the powers that be be a bit more selective as to what sort of immigrants we get to have? Instead of Somalians, why not high IQ, polite and law-abiding Japs for instance?


    1. Exactly. This is what many System politicos either do not understand (many are deadheads anyway, as per my blog series) or do not wish to understand, that a high-tech, high-IQ, high-value, high-ethic society cannot be created out of the refuse of the world’s dustbins.


      1. Indeed. One of the main reasons Japan rose from being a conventional and even nuclear bombed wreck at the end of WW2 wasn’t just due to the Japanese people’s hard work ethic, the Japanese government’s wise, selective none globalist and interventionist economic policies (free market and free trade obsessed libertarian Tories please take note) but also due to the inherent high quality of the Japanese population and their high average IQ. Not for nothing are Japs often called ‘honoury whites’.

        Of course, South Korea has also done remarkably well for itself in the last fifty odd years as they are also an intelligent East Asian people like the Japs are though not quite as advanced as the Japs are.


  10. The Labour Party should go into history along with the trade unions if all they are going to be about nowdays is to promote migration and even the ILLEGAL form of it to this country and purely engage in juvenile ‘Champagne Marxism’ stunts from school sixth form/polytechnic.

    No wonder sad old Marxist gobshite Brian Reade had an over the top rant at the Liberal Democrat Party in the Daily Mirror today. IF the Labour Party concentrated on the interests of those it was set-up for ie the native white British working class then Jo Swinson’s Party wouldn’t be starting to overtake them so there would be no need to get Labour supporting hacks to blow their tops!


    1. The Labour Party *and* the Conservative Party have both outlived their usefulness.

      The trade unions are one part of that. They now concentrate on “equal rights” nonsense to the almost complete avoidance of any other activity. Rarely do they now challenge employers on pay, still less successfully (the BA pilots have skills to back their claim, and are not flooded with cheap labour, unlike other sectors, so are in a better position).

      If you vote Labour now, you are supporting mass immigration, an end to any freedom to select a child’s education, a supposed pledge to nationalize rail and water etc, which will probably fail, a pledge to “try to” improve the DWP system (which might or might not happen), and for a huge expansion of multikulti nonsense. It’s not very attractive.

      The Conservatives are equally bad and arguably worse. In fact, the two System parties need each other, like puppets emerging alternately from a German clock.

      As for LibDems, they are, as previously discussed, an easy, lazy get-out vote, a dustbin vote (and a pro-EU vote).

      I sense a weariness around Brexit altogether. That is another reason why I see Brexit Party flagging, *unless* Boris-Idiot comes back with a fake “deal” every bit as bad as Theresa May’s; but them, what if he does AND gets it through Parliament? The UK will indeed have left the EU, albeit in name only. Will Brexit Party be able to say “no, that’s not the Brexit the people want”? I wonder.

      There is a huge scope for serious social nationalism, but no party, however small, exists. Had I funds, I would start one myself, but am not in a position to do that.


      1. Yes, both Labour and Tory need each other and prop each other up. Few people would vote for them if we had a fair electoral system. Most people vote Tory because they hate Labour and vice versa. There is little true conviction in and positive identification with either party from the electorate. The numbers who really do identify with the CON Party or Labour has been declining for decades now. I suspect BLIAR was quite relieved that ‘New’ Labour didn’t totally smash John Major’s Tories in 1997 as they came fairly close to doing.

        Out of the two major parties, I rate the Tories lower since, in theory at least, they SHOULD know better.

        Yes, the vast majority of people want this interminable Brexit saga to end as soon as possible and this is another reason why Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrats’ stance of ‘bollocks to Brexit’ and revoking Article 50 may prove to be not as stupid as many people initially think.

        If you look on Wikipedia and check out British opinion polling on the subject then opinion has shifted in a more anti-Brexit or not fussed about the issue direction.

        As to your last point, where is a patriotic multi-millionaire/billionaire when you need one?


  11. Well done to Britain First ( an excellent name for a new party just like New Zealand’s Right-wing populist/national-conservative/nationalist New Zealand First party) for doing these patrols though it should be the RESPONSIBILITY of the government to protect our borders not ordinary people.


    1. It’s a good publicity stunt, but no more. One wonders why Golding, when asked how many volunteers he has, answered “about 12”! That makes it seem a silly little stunt. He should have said either “enough!” or made up some figure such as “hundreds, but we are deploying only a few advance spotters at present”…


      1. Yes, saying enough would have answered the question adequately without running a risk of a journalist misrepresenting him and Britain First without making-up blatant lies. Left-Liberal globalist journalists shouldn’t have their lives made easier in that way.


  12. According to the latest news reports, Boris is going to present some kind of milldly altered Teresa May deal to the House of Commons and to push it through not least because he is now threatening to expel any Tory rebel from the other side of the party who doesn’t vote for it. Who could have thought that Boris that great Brexit supporter would prioritise his own survival in the job he has dementedly craved since his days at Eton College rather than the clean Brexit he promised his party in order to get into No.10?

    LooKs like all those Tory members who voted for him in the Summer have been taken-in big time by Boris’s promises!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. Yet all these Tory members had to do was to listen to the warnings about ‘Me first Boris. I WANT and MUST BE PM Boris Johnson’ as little old me and you could have put them on the right track as to the reliability and faith one should put in Boris’s promises!


      1. We both worked-out months ago that Boris would put his position as PM first before Brexit and would seek to tweak Teresa May’s Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) deal a little in order to keep his job. Those Tory members who voted for him and thought, maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t telling porkies aren’t all that bright, are they?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

        Still, they are members of Britain’s ‘stupid party’!


      2. Anyone who was (are there any left?) taken in by Boris-Idiot’s supposed education and/or intelligence must be near-moronic. The same people who were taken in by the idea that the UK’s financial problems could be lain at the door of the sick, disabled, unemployed etc…(aka “Conservative voters”?)


  13. Precisely. As you have said previously it appears going to Eton College and Oxford can still get you a long way in this country in politics even though the record of Eton in providing decent PMs is utterly abysmal for the most part with the last two ‘Eton Messes’ being a case in point. From reading the history books it seems as if the last half-decent one was Arthur Balfour back at the turn of the last century and when we SHOULD have had an ‘Old Etonian’ in No.10 in May 1940 with the then Foreign Secretary, Edward Wood, taking over from Old Rugbeian Neville Chamberlain we got an ‘Old Harrovian’ clot in Winston instead!

    Though most polls portend a dire national emergency if a general election is called soon with a Boris-Idiot ‘elected dictatorship’ being formed on a pathetic share of the vote at least the latest Torygov poll is showing a smaller CON Party lead of seven points with them falling to 30%. Let us hope that continues because no sensible person wants that buffoon to last five years and give ILLEGAL migrants YET ANOTHER amnesty to stay!



  14. Boris should not be entrusted with an overall majority of anything more than an easily by-election whittled away FIVE seats maximum. As ‘Old Etonian’ Rory Stewart (even though he is a globalist the man does have a modicum of intelligence) rightfully said is Boris really someone you can trust with Trident’s nuclear launch codes?


    1. oddly enough, I think that Boris-Idiot can be relied upon not to launch a nuclear attack, not because he has any wisdom —of course not— but because he is a weak and fearful person at root. When the London riots happened, he, then Mayor, was stunned and unable to function. *Later*, he talked tough, even bought a useless water cannon, but at the time, at first, was like a stunned fish. Anyway, anyone launching Britain’s few missiles against Russia (the only likely target) will know that Russia would return fire with dozens if not hundreds of missiles. The UK would be wiped out entirely, give or take a few outposts in Cornwall or Wales.


      1. I agree he is weak and fearful person and this is why he detests the House of Commons. After all, if you believe you are right you have no need to be frightened of debate with other parliamentarians and resort to the sledgehammer of shutting parliament down for one of the longest periods of times that has ever happened after saying just a few weeks ago you wouldn’t do any such thing.

        Only weak and pathetic politicians like him feel an urge to act like a wannabe dictator.


      2. While we discuss the “Little Napoleon” point, I was interested to see that Boris-Idiot is only (in fact, less than) 5 ft. 9 inches tall. I had assumed more by the way he is filmed etc; the same is true of Prince Charles: I was surprised to see how short he is when I met him (13 years ago).

        Boris is 1.75 metres ie just under 5ft 9in; Charles is 1.78, just on 5ft10in.


  15. Sadly, it seems as if senile dementia suffering old Tory duffers who believe in your last sentence don’t just reside in Christchurch, Dorset (the safest Tory seat of them all) but also live in other constituencies where their ill-considered votes can have baleful effects upon election results.


  16. What we don’t wish to see is any real Tory victory ie a useable majority in double figures like Thatcher’s in 1979 or, horror of horrors, the three figures of 1983 and 1997. The reason for this is they simply DON’T deserve a win like that because of their presiding over no real border controls which is so non-existent groups like Britain First feel the need to act like vigilantes and the increasingly serious tidal wave of criminality that is engulfing this land.

    If only we could vote for an anti-globalist and patriotic ‘Right-wing’/national-conservative/nationalist party like Germany’s Afd:

    Or Sweden’s new Alternative For Sweden party:


    1. I am equally concerned that a Boris-Idiot government with a large majority and in fact almost any majority would hurl the UK down a road of dystopian finance-capitalism of the Ayn Rand type, looking at the aliens in the Cabinet: Priti patel, Sajid Javid, the Jew Shapps etc. Complete destruction of the UK state as we have known it since 1945 or even 1900.


      1. Indeed it is seriously concerning and downright frightening to contemplate what sort of destructive US Republican Party Libertarian extremism this mad and now thoroughly alien party will engage in should the people of this land be stupid enough to give them a decent majority or our totally rigged and crooked electoral system gift them.

        I don’t like the Liberal Democrat Party since it is a party of globalist values yet I wouldn’t mind them taking a few extra Tory seats by way of their current upsurge to prevent your nightmare happening.

        P.S I really do wish the present CON Party stopped its insane infatuation with the USA because there are many aspects of US society that are not marvellous and are not worthy of copying. If we must copy other lands I would rather we follow nationalist Japan and South Korea.

        Half-way decent Tory PMs like Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain would be appalled at today’s CON Party for their extreme pro-US stance. Those guys had a bit of class compared to today’s Tory rabble.


      2. And no doubt ending with Scotland saying enough is enough and becoming an ‘independent’ hostile EU state on our border. Does the Conservative and supposedly Unionist Party really wish to preside over such a disastrous eventuality?


      3. I can see the SNP getting somewhere around its 2015 high point of about 50% of the popular vote, which translates to over 90% of Scottish seats at Westminster. I would not rule out Scotland becoming “independent” (inside EU). After all, there are many small states in the EU now: the three states of the “pribaltika”; also Slovenia, Slovakia, Greek Cyprus etc.


      4. Yes, Boris-Idiot’s cabinet sure does have an overly large number of, ahem, how can we put this delicately? ‘Rootless cosmopolitans’!


  17. For anyone who is reading this site who is any doubt about my assertion above about how rigged and crooked First Past The Post is please see here: ( Sadly, they are obsessed with the rather strange Irish system of Proportional Representation which uses ranked ballots something I think we would be wise to avoid for the House of Commons though it could make for an ideal system for a reformed UPPER House ie the House of Lords)


  18. If the SNP’s likely electoral performance at the next general election in terms of seats rather than actual votes is not a damming indictment of the farcical and profoundly undemocratic crap of First Past The Post and why it needs to be dumped without further delay then I don’t know what would be.

    To their credit as nowdays the system works in their favour the SNP want to get rid of First Past The Post. However, they prefer the Irish Single Transferable Vote (STV) method of Proportional Representation like the Liberal Democrat Party does which uses a ranked ballot/preference votes in multi-member (ie more than one MP per constituency). Personally, I think Germany’s system of Mixed-Member/AdditionalMember System would suit Britain better (at least as far as the House of Commons goes)


  19. The German/NewZealand method of Proportional Representation called Mixed-Member Proportional Representation/Additional-Member System is more neutral to parties of the ‘Right’, ‘Left’ and ‘Centre’ and thus more likely to be voted for in a national referendum and attract the support of more reasonable Tory voters which could be crucial as to whether PR was adopted or not.


    1. The German/New Zealand method of PR also has the virtue of clarity ie the electorate can easily see how parties and individuals have come to be elected by it whereas I don’t think that is really the case with the Irish Single Transferable Vote (STV) method :



  20. Alison Chabloz sentenced to 8 weeks in custody by District Judge Jonathan Taaffe
    – ?

    Meantime in the madness stakes rivalling those depicted in Tormay’s “An Outlaw’s Diary”:
    mass yoga session closes London streets


    1. Strange times: some half-caste gets on stage waving around Boris-Idiot’s “head”, inciting terrorism against whites (not that I have any respect for the person presently posing as Prime Minister)— no police action, no prosecution. Sing a song containing the true facts about “holocaust” fakery, result— endless trouble from “them”.

      Alison Chabloz was wrongly convicted of breach of suspended sentence today, because the Notice of Breach was (as I believe, anyway) served *after* the period of social media ban ended; also, a person’s own website is not “social media” by any normal definition (and there is no —in English law— *legal* definition of what *is* “social media”) so there was no breach. Perhaps she will appeal but she is already in prison and time running.

      8 weeks by sentence = 4 weeks to be served, but that is subject to some days taken off, eg the day of trial and the day of the preliminary hearing, so 28 days minus 2+ days. She will be released, at latest, by 19 October.

      Of course, it was all trumped up by the CAA Jew-Zionists. They are laughing because they have pressured the MOJ and CPS to do this. David Gauke was involved (oh, wait, his political career is now over, the doormat for Israel…).


      1. With any luck, Boris-Idiot/The Clown won’t be PM for much longer after today’s Supreme Court decision:

        A more damming indictment it would be hard to find! ALL of them agreed as well, even the one who was a fellow Old Etonian who I thought as I was watching the arguments of the lawyers was going to disagree with an anti-government verdict.

        Boris’s reign as PM has been an utter disaster not that you, Ian, and I thought it would be any different.

        So far, Boris has notched-up about half the tenure of another Old Etonian PM, George Canning, who had the shortest term in office as PM in British history and now I am beginning to wonder if that very old record will be beaten by Boris.😂😀😎👌🤡😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌🤡🤡🤡🤡😎😎😎😎😎


    2. Silly judge! Though those who enabled him to be silly ie Liberal-left globalist politicians are much more so. Put in just two simple words into google’s search box: London and stabbings and you will be confronted with numerous stories describing the ever increasing bloodbath of London’s streets. That has become WORLD news to such an extent that tourism from other countries to the city is now being seriously affected.

      Shouldn’t a sensible country which obviously Britain isn’t and hasn’t been for far too long seek to use expensive and limited prison capacity for more productive and useful purposes?

      It is high time the government used people’s taxes and the budgets for prisons, the court system and the police to better overall effect.


  21. Instead of that farcical referendum in 2011 which presented us with the ‘choice’ of having either First Past The Post or the flawed NON- PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION system of the Alternative Vote (AV) which is otherwise known better as Instant Run-Off Voting (IRV) or PREFERENTIAL Voting (PV) we could have had a more useful exercise like our cousins down in New Zealand:


  22. If there was indeed such a basic technical defect then it makes one wonder if Chabloz’s brief was asleep… or complicit.

    Some odd things come my way via forwarded RSS feed items, here we see some shysters looking potentially sceptical of the Party line:

    and here, a momentary relief where the Wicked Witch of the East is found agin’ – but where’s the sanction? The getout: “perceived” impartiality. It’s all just in your own minds, goyim.


    1. I don’t particularly like Rod Liddle but Emily Maitlis is typical UK msm: a Canadian Jewess who makes about half a million a year thanks to the BBC which extorts “licence fees” (tax) on pain of criminal prosecution, and which left quality far behind long ago.

      As to Alison’s case, I was not present and know only what little I have read today, but I am sure that her Counsel made all the points that could be made. This was a (second) political prosecution amounting to a persecution.


      1. Emily Maitlis is abysmally biased even by the usual left-Liberal globalist Blatant Bias Corporation standards and very rude sometimes like in this interview:

        But Beatrix Von Storch of Germany’s Afd party got the better of her in the end!👌😂😁😀

        I wonder if Emily would be as rude and unprofessional with an Israeli Likud Party MP or an Israeli government minister or is that sort of behaviour only for German and other ‘naughty goys’ from other parts of Europe?


  23. Yes, I read that report in the Guardian about English people in Wales being the difference that tipped Wales over the edge into supporting Leave over Remain. Certainly, an interesting use of language by them and there is no doubt they wouldn’t use similar language about why Tottenham has a Labour MP in David Lammy who won in 2017 by a huge margin of about 80%of the vote!

    Nor would they be willing to investigate why so many English people have moved to Wales by leaving cities like Birmingham behind!🙄🙄🙄


    1. I think it may come to be the possibility soon when the name of George Canning is not the obscure answer to a very good £1,000,000 question on a future edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


      Is the phrase ‘Will Boris Johnson last as long as former Tory (and, somewhat inevitably fellow ‘Old Etonian’) PM George Canning trending on Twitter yet?


      Meanwhile, I’ve got some work to do as I will be making that great classic British desert of an Eton Mess:


      Looks like Eton doesn’t give refunds on its considerable fees of £40,000 plus per year!

      I can’t know why!😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡😂😂😂


      1. I think some Tory MPs by now must surely be beginning to think as to whether Coco The Clown has the ability to deliver a pizza successfully?🤡🤡🤡😀😀😀😂😂😂


      2. The only reason most Con MPs voted for Boris-Idiot is because the msm have been saying for years how popular Boris is with the voters. I have always been sceptical of that. The Con Party is now ahead in the polls only because Labour has almost collapsed.


      1. To be upstaged by that little pip squeak with that considerable load he wears on both shoulders is indeed shameful.

        It is a shame staunch Tory voter Benny Hill isn’t still with us. I think he would be delighted that Boris is paying him such massive compliments at this moment in time.😀😀😀


  24. Whilst no one with a brain expected Boris ‘Frank Spencer’ Johnson to provide Britain with a competent government and to be anything other than an out of his depth Clown/children’s entertainer and so Britain would become even more of a worldwide laughing stock than under the rule of Teresa May at least the purveyors of satire are doing well at the moment:


    1. I am not and never have been involved with the (((contaminated))) world of show business, but I should imagine that it must be hard for Rory Bremner or his like to equal the clowning of the person presently posing as PM of this sliding country.


      1. He has had a good stab at it:

        Boris and quite a few other politicians should consider themselves lucky that Spitting Image is not still on television because I am sue that programme would be having an absolute field day with them!😂😂😂


      2. Yes, Rory Bremner is remarkably close to the real people he mimics.

        BTW, latest opinion poll (ComRes, released yesterday):

        That would result in Labour as largest party but 60 short of a Commons majority. Labour 266 MPs, Cons 260, LibDems 47 (Brexit Party 1 MP!).

        For me that would be a good result. At least some Con doormats for Israel gone, Con government gone, all the (known) Israeli agents out of Cabinet, but Labour unable to do stupid things such as abolishing parental choice in education, or importing even more blacks and browns. Also, the uncertainty might mean that a real social-national party could arise. “Clear the streets for the brown battalions!”


  25. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀😀🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡👌👌👌👌👌👌😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😂


  26. These days satire is becoming very difficult to distinguish from reality!😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝😝🙄🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂


    1. How true. Imprisoned for singing songs and for then making a few comments *on her own website* (Alison Chabloz), while violent criminals, people who steal from infirm patients etc are given suspended sentences or “community orders” etc! Meanwhile, a clown poses as PM and tells the few diplomats interested enough to listen about limbless chickens and robot nannies. Boris-Idiot should have a mental health check. That idiot really has to go soon. Preferably immediately


      1. It is a shame he isn’t still the MP for the genteel Tory stronghold of Henley-Upon-Thames as then he could act the clown near the River Thames in that town, fall in and drown!👌🤣🤣😃😂


      2. Boris has had about half the term in office of George Canning so far. Do we REALLY need him to beat George Canning’s illustrious record and become a future answer to the £1,000,000 question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? To be frank, I don’t think Boris’s performance in office is going to get any better!🙄🙄🙄🙄

        At this point in time, even Teresa May’s Premiership is looking competent!


      3. No, Boris-Idiot is a clown. I was tweeting *years* ago (about 2012, 2014) how Boris was unfit for any office, but the msm loved him, and built him up into a faux-“lovable” entertainment figure and also a fake “thinker” and “statesman”-type. Boris is just a huge inflated blimp or balloon with nothing but hot air inside. That becomes ever more obvious, surely? Look at his “speech” to the UN (well, the few who bothered to turn up) a day or so ago. Pathetic verbal tricks and nonsense that would disgrace a school debating society.

        Not I alone but better-known figures, who knew Boris personally, warned: Max Hastings for one.

        Now look at the mess that Boris-Idiot has created. In fact, while it is true that the Remain cabals have been plotting to dishonour the 2016 Referendum result ever since it happened, Boris-Idiot has walked right into their trap(s). As for that Dominic Cummings creature, he should just be dumped in the deep blue sea with an iron weight tied to his legs. Like Steve “Hilton”, a self-created maverick pseudo-“genius” with nothing at all to offer.


      4. The problem for voters is that the choice is almost non-existent. For example, “vote Labour!”…and you get a party which may have some policies I can support (and the Jews mostly now hate Labour, so it must be doing *something* right!) but other policies are crazed and will not do anything but bleed votes from Labour, eg “free movement” of migrant-invaders from EU (and everywhere else), abolish independent schools, which destroys all parental choice as well as costing hundreds of billions. I could accept Corbyn as PM, just about, but Diane Abbott as Home Secretary?! Angela Rayner in Cabinet?! And what about this drunken ageing “ho”, Emily Thornberry?


    1. Some videos say “unavailable” when sent to me. Don’t know why. Maybe because my computer is on “safe browsing” ie cuts out anything likely to be too strong.

      btw. talking of clowns: seems that Farage might emigrate to USA, having headed off social nationalism not once but twice (UKIP and Brexit Party), and so made sure —for a while— that the Zionists can continue to exploit us.


      1. Typical🙄🙄🙄🙄! Yet far too many dunderheads STILL think there is nothing suspicious about the guy! Have these idiots never heard of MI5? Do they really think it exists only in a John Le Carre novel?

        If he does end up there I hope the FBI keep a close watch on him!


  27. Meanwhile Boris ‘Frank Spencer’ Johnson tries to learn to drive and as is typical isn’t having a great deal of success at it:

    I think we have heard a phrase similar to the name of the driving school in that clip uttered by Boris ‘Frank Spencer’ Johnson at the start of his already disastrous Premiership!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  28. I agree entirely with your comments about the ‘Opposition’. Labour is an utter shambles and has quite a few quasi-Marxist policies which sensible people would have grown out of once leaving a 1970’s Polytechnic.

    Our ‘choice’ at the next election is between that rabble and the CON Party with its persistent addiction to left-Liberal anti-British globalism and excessive US Republican style libertarian lunacy as so well personified in creeps like Daniel Hannan MEP.

    I really don’t know who would be worse between Diana Abbot or Priti Patel as Home Secretary. Is it really too much of an impertinence to have a white British ‘goy’ holding that important post?

    Sadly, it appears so. The ‘choice’ between Labour and the CON Party is like the ‘choice’ offered to some death row inmates in some US states ie do you wish to be put to death by the electric chair or have your life ended by a lethal injection which will probably be botched and therefore be as painful as the electric chair if not more so!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  29. Looking at that clip of Emily Thornberry, it is hard to imagine that some very old people in this country can still remember the days when being either Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary or being a candidate considered for that post would have had some standards to live up to!

    Still, we shouldn’t be too hard on her because she is at least fulfilling a PC quota for females and the CON Party brought us Boris as Foreign Secretary! In the distant past, the post of Foreign Secretary was a very prestigious one for any Tory to be appointed to (perhaps, THE most prestigious apart from the Premiership) What the HELL happened?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🥺🥺🥺🥺


    1. What happened? Britain became or went halfway to being a silly country. Also, people stopped wanting serious politicians and wanted easy solutions prattled by people who ticked the supposedly right boxes: Boris Johnson? Eton, Oxford, knows a few bits of Greek and Latin, speaks easily to a crowd, taken semi-seriously by the msm… Ticktick tick, tick (etc). Scameron was little different really, just less obviously a clown.


    2. We used to have classy guys like Lord Carrington as Tory Foreign Secretary who done the decent thing by voluntarily resigning that post at the start of the Falkland’s War now the Tories put people of low calibre like Boris into that position.🥺😞 It simply won’t do!


  30. That poll above by ComRes shows a welcome direction of travel. Let us hope it continues by the Tory vote continuing to fall to what must be their absolute ‘core vote’ of 20% we saw earlier this year of very wealthy self-serving bastards seeking to protect their deep pockets and we want the Labour vote to dip still further to their ‘core vote’ of 20% comprised of anti-British and ‘anti-racist’ loony tunes and people who still think Marxism is the wave of the future!

    Collectively, Labour and the CON Party should be on less than half the national vote by now.


    1. Yes, I take the Con Party core as being around 25% and the Labour Party maybe similar, give or take 5 points either way. Fortunately for Labour, few voters actually bother to watch the delegates “orating”. I saw one wild-eyed loony, possibly a schoolteacher (incredibly) demanding that independent schools be abolished. I should think that he alone would swing it for the Con Party if his “speech” were seen more widely! Then we had swollen (body and head) Emily Thornberry, an ageing “ho”, obviously smashed at the podium and implying that she had spent some of her youth doing naughty things…

      What a choice for the British people, those idiots or the equally rock-bottom Con equivalent, “led” by the clown prince who is now PM For A Day.


      1. It isn’t too hard to understand why some people in the Labour Party want private schools to be abolished. Getting rid of institutions like Eton, Rugby, Charterhouse, Harrow etc is a great way of extending the role of the state in society and forcing private school children to be brainwashed into good little self-hating globalists like too many state schoolchildren have been turned into and therefore more likely to vote Labour. The boys who go to Eton and other similar schools get real British history lessons ie about things like the Empire taught to them via a non political teacher and with a neutral perspective and not a self-hating perspective from a quasi-Marxist Labour voting teacher.

        The hard left in the Labour Party have always wanted to abolish private schools for this reason. Abolishing private schools would be a great way to establish totalitarianism in this country and make more children vote Labour in the future.


      2. In some ways, I feel that the Independent schools, *especially* the great old-established and networked ones, such as Eton, Harrow etc, *are* a backward force in society, but
        a. I favour parental choice (within reason); and
        b. It would lower standards at once and greatly to abolish such schools; also
        c. The economic consequences of abolition or punitive taxation would be huge.


  31. Why doesn’t Labour come clean and rework that slogan they use to something more honest ie ‘For the foreign many, not the British few’!🤬😡


  32. No doubt with the Labour Party there is a more subterranean and sinister reason and that is many private schools are less ‘diverse’ than state schools in the same locality are so Labour want to abolish them to enforce more racial mixing amongst children in these areas.

    Yes, enforced social engineering. I’m surprised some of the more loony elements in Labour haven’t advocated the use of guns to do this yet like cops did in the American South with bussings of black schoolchildren into white schools in states like Alabama in the 1960’s.


  33. Instead of abolishing the centres of excellence that many private schools represent why not try and drive up standards in state schools instead? Labour abolished the ‘poor man’s private schools’ ie state Grammars in the 1960’s which the Tories didn’t unfortunately reverse. As a result, we have, once again, a political Establishment dominated by people who went to private schools and we no longer have ex Grammar school pupils as Prime Ministers and cabinet members as we had started to do. The baleful effects of getting rid of grammar schools in that decade have now emerged in full.

    We need excellent schools of all types and for children of all abilities and aptitudes.


    1. Education of (mainly) the young (however defined) has several different aspects. It benefits
      *Those receiving the education;
      *The families of those receiving the education;
      *Potentially, the offspring of those receiving the education;
      *Society as a whole.

      To interfere with education, there must be benefit. Levelling down does *not* truly benefit society, and only benefits those least likely either to benefit from the levelling or to benefit society later. We see this in the Tony and Cherie Blair push for more “university” education, whereby huge numbers of pretty ignorant young people are spoonfed bits of “university” education so that they can say that they have passed and possess a “degree”. Most benefit little from their “university” education in any way, in reality. If it were not necessary to possess a “degree” to apply for work where a degree is not really essential (almost everything, pre-1980), the truth would be even more stark.


  34. I do love all this virtue signalling about Jo Cox in the Westminster monkeypit (formerly known as ‘the mother of Parliaments’) from Labour and Lib Dem MPs about Boris saying, “humbug” to them and how they feel unsafe nowdays.

    I would like to know WHERE were they when Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons had been elected as MEPs in 2009 and had DARTS thrown at them by left-wing Labour and Lib Dem supporting yobs.I don’t remember Tory MPs sticking-up for the BNP MEPs either by condemning these disgraceful actions or the kind of violent language the Labour Party and others used about the BNP.


    1. Of course. In fact I just saw a tweet from someone called Tanner (Jew? Photo was too small to tell), who was apparently some kind of adviser to stupid old Theresa May (that went well…) and asking for donations to the “Jo Cox Foundation” fake charity. Before I was expelled from Twitter, I tweeted the results of my investigations into that and also into Brendan Cox and others involved with it. Talk about a can of worms…

      The hypocrisy of many English/Scottish people is amazing, as good as the Jews’ hypocrisy any day. Maybe that’s why the Jews have infiltrated so easily into what was the “British” Establishment.


  35. Indeed.😡🤬. I really can’t for the life of me understand how ‘anti-semitism’ suddenly arises out of nowhere!🙄

    Perhaps, it wouldn’t if organised Zionist Jewish groups like this didn’t want mass, uncontrolled immigration into Britain in such amounts it constitutes a form of ethnic cleansing.

    I wonder if the Zionist/Jewish Supremacist extremists of the Board of Deputies of ‘British’ (only when we feel like it and can see some advantage in being so) Jews are campaigning for Israel to open their borders to all and sundry? Somehow, I think that won’t be the case.

    As ever with Zionist/Jewish Supremacist extremists like the BOD what is good for the British ‘goyim’ isn’t good for Jews.

    I wonder how many Jews who belong to the BOD would take Britain’s side if there was ever a war between this country and Israel? I believe very few of them would.


      1. Sir Oswald Mosley who, despite all the so-called ‘anti-fascist’ and ‘anti-racist’ propaganda the hard-left globalist extremists throw at him even now WASN’T an ‘anti-semite’ since he didn’t oppose Jews for being Jews and had some fully-assimilated and loyal Jews in his party of the BUF. ONLY the behaviour of SOME of them got his goat when he said he opposed SOME of them when these other ones acted, “like a nation within a nation’.


      2. Yes. One of the more “extreme” members or supporters of the BUF was Peter Cheyney, a Jew (I think that his most famous book was the thriller “This Man Is Dangerous”).


  36. It seems as if the ONLY way a lowly white British ‘goy’ can avoid being called an ‘anti-semite’ by people like the BOD is to give them 100% complete admiration. Low betide a goy who makes even the most mildly critical remarks about the foreign state of Israel like ‘very, very bad goy’ Jeremy Corbyn has done on a few occasions! Jeremy though doesn’t comment upon Jew Zionist/Jew Supremacist extremism IN Britain but even avoiding doing that is not good enough for the BOD.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Ethnic self-awareness, ethnic self-assertiveness is fine for British Jews according to the BOD but when British white goys have these feelings in our homeland then that constitutes ‘racism according to these hypocrites.


  37. Not only that person, Ian, but mention should be made of Harold Soref another Jewish member of Sir Oswald Mosley’s BUF. After the war, he became a Tory MP.


    1. Yes, I know about Harold Soref. I met him twice when I was 18, once at the offices of the Monday Club, the second time at the old (original) St. James’ Club in Piccadilly. I found him polite, rather gruff, not very helpful (to be fair, he obviously regarded me as a callow youth who wanted to tell him how he should best help me to achieve my political aims!). He had only recently stopped being an MP then, I think. 1975.

      [ps. I just remembered that I misremembered the name of that club, so changed it. It was not the Pall Mall, but the St. James’ Club, which was indeed originally in St. James’, London, but moved fairly nearby, to Piccadilly. Pretty grand, stewards in military-style mess uniforms etc. I believe that after it closed for good in the late 1970s, a businessmens’ club was set up nearby, using the same name. “The sincerest form of flattery”?]


  38. Mosley wasn’t a so-called anti-Semite (although he mentioned opposing certain Jewish interests agitating for WW2) not least because his first wife (died aged 34) was half Jewish, at least (iirc) according to Pierre Hepess in “Le Dernier Bal du ‘Grand Soir’ ou ‘La Republique Universelle'” (1957). However Mosley was much more ambiguous if not in actual denial, about her American mother’s origins (she was of the Leiter family of real estate fortune) – see pp 116-7 of his autobio. “My Life” (1968).

    As for the Brexit Party – that Overgaard-Nielsen character seems to be in the company of several other ‘fellow travellers’ under the BP brand, see this:

    – page contains audio link to interview with Catherine Blaiklock (about 30 minutes, I’ve not yet listened).

    Basically it’s full of Trots and quite keen on not doing anything to stem the “migrant” flow. Is anyone else?! Of course this is under the banner of the English Democrats who may be vote-touting and themselves are civnats only (with a suspicious yen for English “independence” which to my mind looks as fishy as the regional city mayors and presumably all part of the destruction of the nation state as an aid to European regionalisation on the way thence to continental regions eventually being “joined up”).


    1. Well, 0300 hrs! In your case, it is true that “Smersh never sleeps”! I have at least the excuse that I have woken up after a few hours of sleep. I assume that you are in Northern Europe.

      The “English Democrats” are just hobby politicians. They are completely harmless to the System and that would be true even had they more than a few dozen active members.

      Mosley was only “anti-Semitic” to the extent of most English people, certainly of the gentry and aristocracy, of the 1930s. If you ever see an uncensored Agatha Christie novel of those years, there are references here and there (though I have not read any of her stuff since I was about 14, i.e. since about 1970).


  39. Yes, that reminds of a Nevil Shute novel also of the 1930s where the author remarks on the fact of the heroine dancing with “a Jew”…

    I’ve now listened to the Blaiklock interview linked from the above url and while she’s right about the anti-immigration majority having NO REPRESENTATION, and even goes so far as to say Farage’s star may be waning i.e. last chance to become an MP, she makes no allusion, never mind reference, to this:

    ‘ “No one has done more to damage the BNP than me,” Nigel Farage has said, claiming that Ukip has absorbed a third of the BNP vote.’

    If the Brexit Party is infiltrated with Trots and open borders crackpots it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that such is the case because Nigel and the other headline people associated with the Party wish it so. Blaiklock herself is arguably a curious advocate of halting mass immigration given her choice of marriage partner(s).


    1. I do not know Nevil Shute well, though I read On The Beach when a child of about 11 or 12 in Sydney (everyone there at that time had a copy of On The Beach which, as you probably know, was set partly in Australia), have read No Highway (which of course turned out to be prophetic) and his autobiography, Slide Rule (my now-lost library of 2,000 books was at least half autobiographies). Shute was an interesting character.

      Re. Farage, yes, I think that his star is fading for sure, though people have previously thought so only to be proven wrong. Brexit Party is nothing, really, but in a situation where many millions want to protest-vote, I can still see it getting 10% and maybe even 15% of the popular vote.


      1. It looks as if she is more of a puppet for the Jew Zionist Lobby than the EU because she is, apparently, adamant she and her party won’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be PM of an emergency and temporary single-issue government that will ask for an extension to Article 50 and perhaps put into place legislation for a second referendum.

        I thought the Lib Democrats were opposed wholesale to a ‘ No Deal’ Brexit and indeed to our leaving at all? Well, making ‘anti-semite’ Jeremy Corbyn PM for a few weeks or months looks like the ONLY way to prevent Boris-Idiot and the Tories shoving Britain off a large cliff at the end of this month.


      2. Yes. Swinson is obviously determined to get a favourable Press by doormatting as much as possible for the Jew lobby. They hate Corbyn, so she has to hate Corbyn. As you know, I favour getting out of the EU, but the criminally-negligent “Conservatives” have fluffed it. If it happens now, there will be some disruption, at least for a while; economic damage too. I want rid of Boris, of course, as well as his entire Cabinet. Is there no-one in my kingdom who will rid me of this turbulent…?…well, you get the idea.

        The entire energy of Boris-Idiot and his group is now focussed, not on Brexit, but on how to weaponize whatever happens so that Boris can stay as PM and with a majority.


  40. Hopefully, the sheer innate arrogance and stupidity of Boris-Idiot will be his downfall as there are rumours he intends to find some way of getting out of writing the letter to the EU asking for an extension or refusing to resign should he lose a no confidence vote and thus daring the Queen to sack him.

    He is a disgrace in the normal course of events but to try and drag a 93 year old Monarch into this interminable Tory (deliberate?) mess is despicable even by his low standards. She would then face an invidious choice of either sacking him and pleasing Remainers or delighting Brexiteers by not doing so.


    1. The Queen will only sack Boris-Idiot if there is truly no alternative, and only then on the advice of whichever advisers she may trust. To sack a Prime Minister, even one who became one via the back door and without popular mandate, that is a “nuclear” option. It may come to that, but probably not, because the obvious next step for Boris is to instigate a general election, framing it as “the People v. the EU and its satraps”. Once Idiot has a majority, he can do as he and *his* advisers wish— and the Monarch will be pulled along in his wake.


      1. Yes, she would only do it as a very last resort and if an alternative government could be said to have the confidence of the House of Commons. Apparently, according to some reports in the press, she has already made enquiries as to whether she can sack him. Boris plans to ‘squat’ in No. 10 and play the part of a wronged Poundland Churchill ie a martyr and stay inside until police forcibly remove him!


      2. Interesting, nicht wahr, how easily those great “certainties”, the British Constitution, the office of Prime Minister, the role of the Monarch, that which Disraeli called “the great Conservative Party (that destroys everything)” have become *un-certain*. They look ready to collapse like a house of cards, as does Labour.


  41. The bloke has no sense of common decency or an appreciation of Britain’s uncodified constitution and the position of the Monarchy.

    Being a Tory he should have but then he is an essential alien to this country with his New York upbringing and his ahem ‘exotic’ ancestry of Lithuanian Jewry and Turkish people.

    I suspect the Queen is mightily pissed-off with him already and even though she is probably a globalist Tory she might well be tempted to sack him if an opportunity presented itself.

    If it happened, it would not only be a great laugh😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎it would also be the case that the Tories would NEVER live it down since of all the three major parties theirs is THE party of the Establishment.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣


    1. At a guess, the Queen still lives in a world where Britain still sort-of rules the waves, where the Commonwealth means something, where monarchies last forever (well, hers does) etc. A world of mirages and illusion.


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