Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Therese Coffey Story

It will be noted that among the names on the above list is that of Therese Coffey MP [Con, Suffolk Coastal], recently appointed as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. The role has been held by deadheads before, idiots such as Iain Dunce Duncan Smith and Esther McVey.

So who is Therese Coffey?

Therese Coffey was born in Lancashire, to parents about whom neither Wikipedia nor her own website say anything at all. She was brought up in Liverpool, according to Wikipedia, which however says that she was at school both at St. Mary’s College, in the small North Wales town of Rhos-on-Sea, and at St. Edward’s College, Liverpool. Both were at the time private Roman Catholic schools. Coffey is a name of Irish origin.

Therese Coffey was awarded a B.A. degree by Oxford University (subject unknown), she having gone up to Somerville College; then (oddly, on the face of it) she acquired a Ph.D. in Chemistry from UCL. Therese Coffey is often referred to as “Dr” Therese Coffey.

[Update, 21 May 2020: since writing the above, I have discovered that, while Oxford’s usual Chemistry degree is a 4-year course leading to a Master’s degree (M.Chem), the University does offer other chemistry-related 3-year science degrees]

[Update, 7 September 2002: Wait a minute… it now turns out that Therese Coffey was asked to leave her Oxford college because she was not up to the course academically, and/or failed her exams! See update at foot of this blog post for more]

In England (though not in some other countries, notably Germany) it has always been considered infra dig to use the title “Doctor” unless one is either a medical doctor or some sort of working academic, scientist or clergyman. Unfortunately, there has fairly recently developed in the UK a strange affectation, of people insisting on referring to themselves as “Dr” when all they have is a doctorate in something (other than whatever they do professionally or whatever). So we have “Dr” Julian Lewis MP [Con, New Forest East], who holds a doctorate (D.Phil) in Strategic Studies. Another is “Dr” Louise Raw, “antifa” type prolific on Twitter, who holds a Ph.D. and whose special subject is one particular industrial strike in 1888. Now we also have “Dr” Therese Coffey.

Therese Coffey was awarded her doctorate in chemistry in 1998, at the age of 28. Her own website says that she was at one time a “management accountant”. She worked for Mars, the confectionery company, and for a subsidiary of the same, at which latter she was apparently Finance Director. She also did some work for the BBC. I think that we can assume that Therese Coffey’s non-political career was far from stellar.

Therese Coffey failed to become a Conservative MEP at the EU elections of both 2004 and 2009. She was, however, selected for the Conservative candidature at Suffolk Coastal (despite having been born and brought up in the North West of England, later living in Andover, Hampshire and having no obvious connection with Suffolk or East Anglia).

The expenses claimed by Therese Coffey in her first 6 months as MP were more than double those claimed by MPs in some other nearby seats. She seems to have kept her house and flat in Hampshire, which (it has been said of at least one) are being let.

Therese Coffey was one of the 72 MPs (almost all Conservatives) who both have an income of over £10,000 p.a. from rental property and voted out a bill requiring landlords to ensure that their properties were fit for human habitation! In other words, Therese Coffey is a parasite.

Therese Coffey voted to sell off woodland and forests in public ownership to private interests (the bill was dropped after a huge public outcry).

Therese Coffey has written a position paper recommending that pensioners pay National Insurance. She is a member of the extreme Free Enterprise Group within the Conservative Party.

Therese Coffey has been in favour of both Rupert Murdoch and gambling interests in the past.

Therese Coffey has from time to time bunged her own sister some money out of Parliamentary expenses for work (presumably) done.

Therese Coffey likes a “rock band” called Muse, it seems. I had never heard of them until now. Her interest in rock music seems bizarre, looking at her photographs and thinking of what can be gleaned of her personality (not very much). She certainly looks more like Patricia Routledge’s portrayal of the retirement-age Lancastrian private eye, Hetty Wainthropp, in Hetty Wainthropp Investigates. However, Ms. Coffey’s liking for real ale (she is a member of CAMRA) is rather plausible. In fact, Ms. Coffey is only 47 years old, surprisingly, she having been born in November 1971.

I would have assumed that Therese Coffey is a lesbian, looking at this tank-like, Guinness-drinking, cigar-smoking person who likes football, but there is nothing I have found on the Internet to support such a conclusion directly; and she voted against “gay marriage” (and in that alone I support her, inasmuch as I feel that “civil partnership” provided whatever socio-legal comfort was necessary to deal with the inadequacies of the English law as it was in the previous century).

What disturbs me most about Therese Coffey is not so much what she has said, written and done, though that is bad enough, but what I have not seen from her: I have seen no intellectual curiosity that goes outside the box, for example any discussion of the need for Basic Income; neither have I seen anything else of intellectual interest from her. Admittedly, I have only been looking since her elevation to Cabinet (she was only a non-Cabinet minister earlier in 2019, and before that only one of the Conservative whips, traditionally a role for plodders…). If my view changes, I shall update this article, being by nature fair and just.

Therese Coffey may be the Cabinet minister with the lowest public profile. She is unknown to the general public. How long she will remain in Cabinet, I have no idea. If Boris-Idiot falls, “not long” is my guess. It may be thought unfair to dub someone with qualifications in both chemistry and accountancy a “deadhead”, but from the socio-political point of view I think that she well merits it. At any rate, as MP she is not going away, in that Suffolk Coastal is one of the safest Conservative seats.


She made extra money this way: (Why am I not surprised at her cupidity?)

Update, 17 September 2019

God, she is a ghastly bitch!

Update, 24 October 2019

Update, 20 May 2020

Update, 6 October 2020

Update, 13 September 2021

The deadhead strikes again, attempting to justify removing £20 per week from some of the poorest in the UK:

Just as well that she does not have the power to give DWP benefits claimants an electric shock via a dog collar…

Update, 6 October 2021

I could comment, but my words would probably be regarded either as “grossly offensive” or as “incitement” to…something or other…

One thing is for sure— standing outside the Conservative Party Conference holding up placards asking for this kind of political criminal to be nicer to people just does not work…

(and what about this?)…

Jesus Christ! Could it get any worse? Do you call for its nurse, or just put it out of its misery?

Update, 6 September 2022

Well, whether you call it “the irony of fate”, a concatenation of unexpected events, or just madness, Therese Coffey has not only survived the fall of “Boris”-idiot, and stayed in Cabinet, but has been effectively promoted to two new positions— Secretary of State for Health, and Deputy Prime Minister.

It seems that —unknown to me until today— Therese Coffey and the —it seems strange to use the words— new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, are rather friendly. I suppose that, in that snake pit, Liz Truss would rather have a few friends around her rather than potential backstabbers who might, however, actually be competent at the jobs occupied.

The Twitterati have not been kind:

As I noted, impliedly, in my blog assessment of Therese Coffey of three years ago, the keywords are callousness and incompetence.

So there it is. Those who follow my blog, or read it regularly, will know or perhaps can guess what I think (inter alia, that tweeting, blogging, or complaining and protesting, will not rid our country of incompetent, corrupt, or evil politicians). Let’s leave it there…

Update, 7 September 2002

Wait a minute… it now turns out that Therese Coffey was asked to leave her Oxford college because either she was not up to the course academically, and/or failed her exams.

So how did she get even a BA degree from Somerville? Or is that a total fabrication, like Iain Dunce Duncan Smith’s notoriously fake CV? Other MPs also have faked or partly-faked CVs.

To my mind, Therese Coffey warrants further and deeper investigation. She may be, or may have been, involved in other fakery, fabrication and/or fraud.

Still, it seems now, more than ever, that she fully deserves the title “deadhead“.

Update, 21 September 2022

Update, 4 October 2022

Conservative Party Conference 2022:

Well, there they are— the stupid and ignorant “ho”, Liz Truss, already living on borrowed time as (and merely posing as) Prime Minister, and equally-ridiculous “Secretary of State for Health”, Therese Coffey.

The completely decadent and broken (and Jew-Zionist dominated) British political system, 2022, in a single photograph.

Update, 12 October 2022

Well, I have pointed out, repeatedly, on the blog, that critical words (tweeting, blogging etc) cannot deal with the Therese Coffey type.

One wonders about the psychology of Therese Coffey, looking at her, and looking at the state of her. A fat and ugly woman, prematurely aged, who gets drunk, spills beer over herself, and smokes cigars while doing it. “Multiple frustrations” would be my armchair psychologist diagnosis.

What does it say about our system of “democracy”, and our system of MP and ministerial selection, that a ghastly and quite possibly evil woman of that sort can become, by a series of “chance” events, a Deputy Prime Minister?

The same goes, of course, for the stupid and ignorant “ho” presently posing as Prime Minister.

Interesting, but not surprising. My assessment of the bitch, from 2019, implied as much.

Had one not seen what has been going on in the governance of Britain since at least 2010, one would perhaps be surprised that someone as totally inadequate, dim, and also amoral as Therese Coffey could ever climb higher than the backbenches.

Look at the bitch! Look at her friend and boss, “ho” Truss, too. They are both embarrassments to this country, as are woolly-head Kwarteng and half-caste thicko James Cleverly.

Update, 23 October 2022

Update, 23 February 2023

The bitch’s latest disgusting statements:

Update, 21 May 2023

Indian money-juggler Rishi Sunak may now have taken over as bad-joke “Prime Minister”, but Therese Coffey has survived in Cabinet, unbelievably, and still sits there, stupid, incompetent, but immovable…

73 thoughts on “Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Therese Coffey Story”

  1. Ha, ha, you do know you will be here for the next decade or so detailing all the Tory ‘deadheads’ on their backbenches!

    Knowing this fact is one reason why I think it would be a good idea for this country to adopt the Mixed-Member Proportional Representation (MMP) electoral system of Germany: because those of us with deadhead Tory timeservers in safe Tory seats could use our first constituency vote to boot them out by voting for a more capable candidate from another party whilst using our second party vote to vote Tory still (if we were Tories that is).

    You would save a lot of time if you had a series on half-way decent Tory MPs instead! There seems to be at least one and his name is Sir John Hayes who is a pretty ‘traditional’ Tory and the Right Honourable Member for South Holland and The Deepings In Lincolnshire which is their second safest seat so god only knows how a true Tory like him managed to be nominated for that seat because the decent Tories are normally only selected for safe Labour seats or marginals.

    Sir John Hayes is a member of the only remotely sensible grouping in the Tory Party ie the Cornerstone Group.


  2. Therese Coffey is lucky to be selected to serve in The Clown’s cabinet as he normally likes his cabinet members to be, ahem, a little ‘exotic’ shall we say!🙄🙄🙄


  3. Suffolk Coastal a safe Tory seat! Pah! It is almost a marginal, man! Try living in a Tory seat like where I am in Brentwood and Ongar with its 24,002 numerical majority, 65% Tory share of the vote and (the really important figure since constituencies have a different number of voters in them) percentage Tory majority of a whopping 45% over the nearest challenger party of Labour!

    Now, THAT, is what you call a safe Tory seat!

    Indeed, this seat is so safe we may as well have a monkey from London Zoo wearing a blue rosette at general election time and he/she would win easily. Saying about monkeys perhaps I shouldn’t mention it since it may give the Tories some ideas, this could be an excellent seat for Boris Johnson to relocate too!


  4. Yes, that share of the vote is pretty impressive. Her leading opponent the Labour Party candidate got 10% more of the vote than in my seat and the Lib Dem performed slightly worse. John Gummer came quite close to losing in the anti-Tory landslide year of 1997 and only had a 38% share of the vote whereas Eric Pickles in Brentwood and Ongar still managed a majority in excess of 9,000 votes and a percentage share of 45%.


    1. Infact, the Tory share of the vote here in relatively recent general elections has only once dropped below 40% and that was in the general election of 2001 which was another bad year for the CON Party and we had Martin Bell ( of the ‘man in the white suit’ fame) standing as an independent. Pickles obtained a share of 38% and beat Martin Bell by about 2,600 votes.


  5. Therese Coffey seems to be an intellectual giant compared to my new Tory MP, Alex Burghart, who is now The Clown’s Parliamentary Private Secretary. I was watching him on tv during the debates on Teresa May’s Withdrawal Treaty and felt pity for him over his apparent dimness.


  6. After reading one of your links on Therese Coffey I am in partial agreement with her when she wants Europeans here to be refused to be allowed to stay in a no deal situation. I agree not least because there are far too many foreigners here already both EU origin ones and others and the Poles in particular have been taking the piss by the hundreds of thousands. Indeed, some parts of this country now could be mistaken for downtown Warsaw! No one has a problem with a few of the most well-educated and well-skilled Poles and other Eastern Europeans coming here but it is a question of numbers and they have come in such large numbers that they have changed the entire character of towns like Boston and you do begin to wonder if Poland in particular is not half-empty!

    Where I disagree with her is letting Irish people stay.Why should that evil anti-British rat Leo’s country of the Republic of Ireland be rewarded for his stance towards us? If there are to be any whole country exceptions then I would single-out Portugal and their people because that country has the world’s longest official alliance with this country so we should recognise that fact and Portugal’s friendship towards Britain.

    Also, we could allow native Frenchmen and women and native Germans who teach us their languages to our schoolchildren to stay as well.


    1. In general, I am in agreement with you here. I suppose that her attitude to Irish residents of the UK is informed by the historical and political facts.

      The Irish were of course regarded as sort-of British before WW1 and indeed before the formation of the Free State in 1921. This continued after the Free State ended in 1937, when Ireland became a Dominion of the British Empire de jure though a republic de facto. Like other Dominion citizens (Australians, NZ, South Africans, Canadians etc), Irish were allowed free entry to the UK, inc. work and residence. Again, that continued after Ireland became a completely independent republic officially in 1949.

      I believe that there was still no passport inspection between the UK and the Republic (though there was between Northern Ireland and the Republic) even before mutual EU membership, though I cannot remember for sure (I was in Ireland a couple of times in the 1970s and 1980s).

      In other words, there is a special relationship (for good or ill) between Ireland and the UK. There are also huge numbers of UK citizens with mixed British/Irish roots. I say “mixed” but after all the Irish are composed of Celtic and Viking elements as well as English admixtures. They are close to the English ethnically, though not the same.

      Then of course there is the whole political reality around the “Troubles” and the Good Friday Agreement.

      Portuguese? Well, that old alliance, in reality, was a long time ago!


  7. Officially, the alliance with Portugal still very much exists. Portugal was an ally in WW1 and despite having a quasi-fascist authoritarian dictatorship under Antonio de Oliveira Salazar in WW2 Portugal never joined the Axis powers and gave us some help by letting us use the Azores for an air base. More recently, Portugal has shown us a bit of friendship during this Tory Brexit mess (deliberately engined by them? Who knows?) by not getting the total hump with us, not putting innumerable obstacles in our pathway towards leaving the EU and saying our passport holders will have the right to enter and leave Portugal pretty much as we do now as EU members. In essence, Portugal is the one EU country which has shown us any form of respect since the vote.

    The Portuguese government evidently wishes to maintain normal decent relations with us should we ever actually leave the EU. I don’t think the same could be said about any of the other countries particularly the Republic of Ireland under that strange half real Irishman Leo, Germany or France under mini wannabe Napoleon Macron.


  8. We should have adopted the eminently sensible stance of Sir Oswald Mosley ie heavily-armed neutrality by following his slogan of ‘Mind Britain’s Business’. All that British blood and treasure lost and those we liberated on the Continent don’t even appreciate it.

    I note that today’s globalist CON Party under Johnson has recently expelled Sir Winston Churchill’s grandson from its ranks in parliament. It is a shame they didn’t do it to his worse grandfather. Apparently, under Neville Chamberlain’s leadership, Tory central office tried to get Epping Conservative Association to deselect the war monger Churchill but sadly didn’t succeed. Trust the ever incompetent Tories to get an action right not at the most appropriate time and with someone far less important!


    1. Exactly. I may not like, trust or respect Boris-Idiot, but how dare the “Prime Minister” of a pissant “country” such as Luxembourg (an artificial construct carved out of another artificial construct —Belgium) disrespect a British Prime Minister, even if I would like to kill him stone dead.


      1. Indeed. These upstart PMs of wholly inconsequential counties like The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg may not like Boris (a feeling MANY of us in Britain share and we are NOT ALL people who could be characterised by Tory rags as ‘the usual PC leftie suspects’) and that would be understandable should also know that if they disrespect him then that disrespect isn’t just a personal matter between them and Boris but can be felt by our country’s people as well so they should show more respect. A PM of Luxembourg should in particular since without our country stupidly involving itself into a European dispute in 1939/1940 his Lilliputian state would now probably still have been a part of Hitler’s Greater German Reich.


      2. Luxembourg is an absurd little financial bubble. I have only been there once, and just drove through from Germany to Belgium, via the main city.

        Well, there was another time, pre-Schengen, about 1979, when I was in a car crossing from France into Luxembourg at a tiny village (no other traffic and just a light like a stoplight in the road, with one official and a French conscript carrying a rifle).

        My papers were “not in order” and I was briefly (about an hour) detained, along with the driver! Was not allowed to proceed to Luxembourg, but had to drive back into France!


      3. Ha, don’t be too hard on the Belgians! They ARE good for some things! I was in the lovely city of Bruges in 2017 and whilst I was there I ordered a nice meal of one of their regional specialties in a small restaurant there in some rather broken Flemish. The restaurant owner was a little impressed by my language skills!😀 Also, of course, they aren’t too bad at making waffles and chocolate!👌😁😀😃


      4. I don’t dislike bourgeois Belgium, though it is not a serious state. I went a few times to Ostend with my family, in the early 1960s and in, I think, 1974 or so. We always went to the races at the Hippodrome, which is walking distance from the centre and beach. I have also visited the EU Commission in Brussels once but not the main building; and stayed another time (in 2001) at Ostend (again) when I missed a ferry.

        Another time, I was on a train from Vienna (1980s) and that terminated at Ostend, where at that time there was a fast foot-passenger-only service, quite small, like a fast launch, to somewhere in Kent (I think Folkestone).

        So I do not dislike the “Beynons”, but at same time do not entirely trust them as a group (or a state).


  9. There are only two logical and coherent British approaches to ‘Europe’ and this has been the same for a very long time ie full engagement or a wholly standoffish one epitomised by that famous saying, ‘Fog in the Channel, Continent cut off’’. It has been a tragedy for this country that stupid British governments have, instead, sought to have a policy midway between those two extremes ie trying to play off European countries against one another and getting us involved in the inevitable resultant friction and wars.


    1. There is the problem caused by the burgeoning population, at first a consequence of the Industrial Revolution and now a consequence of more recent mass immigration and subsequent breeding. Britain now cannot be isolated (in trade terms at least).


      1. As far as trade goes, I would rather be aligned with Europe than the likes of the USA or ultra-cheap labour countries like Vietnam ie the sort of lands free trade fetishists like Daniel Hannan and Jacob Rees-Mogg have wet dreams about trade deals with. In my opinion, perhaps the only good point the pro-EU brigade have made about the EU is the ‘strength in numbers’ argument about the Customs Union.

        Trust very privileged Tories like Daniel and Jacob to rant on and on about ‘global free trade deals’ as an advantage of Brexit whilst ignoring the fact that Labour areas like Sunderland ext didn’t vote for Brexit for that reason primarily but because they wanted to take back control over our laws and our borders.

        Why can’t the EU offer us more ‘opt-outs’ so we become more detached from the EU and don’t have to abide by the silly Single Market (Maggie Thatcher’s daft idea) and the related ‘free movement of labour’ rules that affect us more than any other country?

        The silly one issue Brexit Party is obsessed by the ‘free trade deals’ part of the EU issue too! But then that should come as no surprise since Farage is basically a Thatcherite libertarian Tory as is the vast majority of his ‘party’.


  10. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention it, the Belgians also make some nice beer! Yes, there are some enjoyable ways to eat and drink on a Summer’s evening in Bruges!😀😃👌


      1. I visited Ghent too. There is some stunning architecture in both places. I could have moved on to Amsterdam but had to return home early because whilst I was in Bruges some creature must have bit me by one of the canals so I developed an infection in my leg and had to spend a week in hospital. A shame really as I was looking forward to visiting Amsterdam for the first time.


  11. Some possible good electoral news just in: Mr Netanyahu of Israel may no longer be PM of that country for much longer so if The Clown manages to win an election here with a decent majority soon as both of us fear then we may just avoid a war with Iran for no conceivable British national interest! It has surely come to something when we patriotic Brits have to be aware of the election results of the Tory Party’s virtual sister party of Likud in a country composed of just eight million or so people to see whether with an globalist idiot like Boris in No.10 we are in danger or not!


      1. Yes, that is true but at least then both the Labour and Tory parties were not quite so infiltrated by groups with names such as The Friends of Israel which, on the surface at least, sound perfectly harmless. The Jewish Zionist Lobby in Britain wasn’t as powerful as it is now.

        I see that the far right Israeli Nazi Party called The Jewish Power which wants to ban marriages between Israeli Jews and Arabs has fallen flat on its face in the election. It isn’t ‘Nazism’ when we Jews in Israel do it only when those nasty French white Goys and Germans in Europe get ultra nationalist ideas and vote for the French Rassemblement National (RN) of Marine Le Pen or the German Alternative For Germany (Afd) of Alexander Garland and Alice Weidel.


      2. The artificially-created state of Israel (even the language is an artificially-revived and formerly dead language) has changed in recent decades. Importation of North African and other Jews, a million from the former Soviet lands. The European cultural veneer is very thin now.


  12. I once stayed at a hotel in Brussels whilst on a coach trip to the Austrian Tyrol. I didn’t stop for more than one night so I never saw the city. We went past the EU Commission building so I catched a glimpse of it.


  13. If you imput two simple words into the google search box at anytime ie London and stabbings a veritable litany of horrific stabbing murders/assault stories comes up! Apparently, Boris The Buffoon who, at present, ‘leads’ the self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’ (WHERE exactly is the effing EVIDENCE for such a bold claim?) is desperate for a general election and wants us to vote for his party in our millions on account of that claim and many others!

    I say I would rather slit my throat than vote for the party of national DISORDER!


  14. Yes the supply of candidates for this theme is quite inexhaustible and giving them the necessary attention will be a Sisyphean task best avoided, however the Home Secretary in particular warrants a watching brief:

    “BRITAIN will introduce “vindaloo visas” to save the nation’s curry houses, the Home Secretary will announce today….

    The Home Secretary will lift restrictions so they can look to India and other countries.

    The Home Office said the move will be a huge boost to all takeaway eateries, not just curry houses.

    She has also ruled that any new recruits moving to Britain do not have to meet the £35,800 earning threshold that other workers do. …”

    Not just more ethnic preference but also forcing down wages meaning presumably these unneeded people will be subsidised by the taxpayer in one way or another?!

    And another instance here, except it’s being posted under the Boris brand (wonder why… not):

    She’s another for whom the dreams of avarice are limitless – I doubted the following, assuming in the simplicity of my ignorance that working on the side in Government was verboten…?

    Not forgetting also of course her misfeasance in November 2017:

    “The minister quit after being summoned back from a trip to Uganda and Ethiopia by Downing Street after it emerged she failed to be candid with May about 14 unofficial meetings with Israeli ministers, businesspeople and a senior lobbyist.”

    Who sent her? Are we supposed to believe it was a personal jolly? Or maybe it was, who knows, the primary offices of State are not held by Englishmen and this woman for all I know may ultimately be descended from Bene Israel or Cochin Jews or the like.

    As for the others – I cannot readily find this on the English Democrats’ site but assuming it to be true it comes as no surprise (and the EDs themselves are only Civ-Nats anyway):


    1. Three part-Jew PMs in a row, culminating with Boris-Idiot, who has been puffed by the msm as “Prime Minister in Waiting” for 15 years, despite his evident unfitness. All members of the present Cabinet are Conservative Friends of Israel members; at least one is a paid-up Israeli agent, in fact I think that 2-3 are.

      The aim is to destroy what is left of post-1945 (and in fact pre-1945) Britain, replacing the population with non-Europeans and replacing society with dystopia.


      1. The phrase ‘the banality of evil’ could have been invented for the ‘modern’ CONServative Party. Why are there so many MORONS voting for them still? Over the last nine years their record in government has been truely atrocious: driving vulnerable people (including even the disabled) to commit suicide through the sadist Ian Dumbo-Smith’s so-called welfare ‘reforms’, then their abysmal handing of ‘Tory’ issues ie massive cuts to the number of police officers (Mrs Thatcher’s first government INCREASED their numbers and their pay despite also facing economic difficulties), a brutal butchering of our armed forces and thus a systematic and dangerous weakening of our defence capability, an INCREASE in the numbers of immigrants despite promising in 2010 to get the numbers DOWN to the ‘tens of thousands’ and not least their wholly incompetent handling of Brexit.

        At this point in time the only people who have a valid excuse to vote for the CON Party are the very wealthy and the kind of senile old duffers who gave us Boris The Buffoon as PM.

        Everyone else shouldn’t be voting for these virulently anti-British globalist arseholes.


      2. I agree, but people have almost literally no choice, or a choice of three System parties which are very similar, and a supposed rebel party which is pathetically System too (Brexit Party). I am just writing about BP. I could hardly believe what one of their MEPs has been tweeting:

        and if anyone takes exception, he tells them to FO…


      3. “Banality of evil”: was that Hannah Arendt or Rebecca West? Applied usually to the Reich, rather than to, say, the atomic bomb attacks on Japan, or, say “The Dambusters”, with its mix of drowning German civilian workers and families and jolly good show antics and so on back in England. Roll out the barrel!


      4. I wonder if Israel would ever allow a British gentile to sit in their cabinet to potentially undermine the State of Israel and its national interests? I think not somehow! Infact, Israel would be very unlikely to even allow a gentile from Britain to even settle there.


      5. With the inevitable massive crime rate (even higher than the shocking level now) that will result. Tory mega-rich voters won’t be able to escape from it either eventually as people in Knightsbridge found out the other day.


  15. Jews often think of Gentiles as cattle. Infact, I believe I am correct in stating their word for us ‘goyim’ translates from Hebrew/Yiddish as cattle. A former Israeli Rabbi said we goyim were put on earth to serve the Jews and that was our entire purpose in life! What a pleasant chap! Now, I wonder how ‘very bad goys’ like Jeremy Corbyn develop their shocking ‘anti-semitism’?


    1. The extreme supremacism of the Jews is ingrained in almost all of them. A few manage to suppress the outward expression of it. Some express it in (on the surface) “non-ethnic” ways, by pretending to be or thinking themselves to be intellectually superior (despite there being huge numbers of rather stupid Jews), or by making up fake sciences or arts which “they” can then monopolize and be “specialists” in (whether in lucrative types of mercantile activity, or monetized activity such as art dealing, or writing, or psycho-analysis etc). Others express it directly, as with Israeli politicians and generals.


  16. The Brexit Party is a completely sick joke with no ideology except ranting about the EU and even then it is focussed upon the same obsession with ‘free trade’ that Tory weirdos like Daniel Hannan have. The Customs Union is the part of the EU that many aren’t too bothered about apart from Tory globalists like him.

    Left-wing loonies here compare Farage’s latest personality cult to parties on the Continent like Germany’s national-conservative/nationalist Alternative For Germany (Afd) party or France’s Rassemblement National (RN) of Marine Le Pen. Frankly, WHAT an insult to those latter parties who DO have a real and coherent ideology!

    The Brexit Party is far worse than UKIP was!

    So, the Brexit ‘Party’/ globalist libertarian Tory spare wheel ‘party’ is fine with a foreign Danish man telling Britons what opinions we are allowed to have! Interesting! We may as well vote for the ‘bollocks to Brexit’ Lib Dem’s instead.

    I really wish Toryboy Farage would ‘piss off’. When is the Brexit ‘Party’ or should I say Brexit ‘Party’ Limited Company with Farage as the lifetime ‘Fuhrer’going to produce a manifesto? After all, there might well be a general election soon so they had better get writing!


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