Diary Blog, 22 April 2020

Tweets seen today

If anyone wonders why so many of the tweets here, and in recent days on this blog, are those of the scribbler Peter Hitchens, it is because, as far as the “Coronavirus” situation is concerned, he has been (and still is) one of the few well-known people to speak up publicly against the UK “lockdown” nonsense, the mad thinking behind it, and about the likely results of it.

Also, against the extraordinary power grab by the organs of the State (especially the police) and the supine response of most British people at being turned into serfs confined to their dwellings or shouted at —for inoffensive and completely harmless acts such as taking walks, driving a car, or sitting on a beach— all at the whim of police “officers” and/or “democratic” (incompetent and idiotic) politicians such as little Matt Hancock.

For those interested, I have previously blogged about Hitchens himself:


The reason why I have republished these tweets, mostly from Hitchens, is because these are the cogent points which have not been seen in the msm. The “British” TV, radio, Press have mostly been engaged in an exercise of scaring the bejesus out of the British people, aka (as shown all too clearly during this “crisis”) a mob of frightened rabbit-like plebs.

In fact, looking at the way in which the British people have meekly complied with, not only the new repressive “Coronavirus” law but also the expressed wishes of mostly pretty stupid government ministers (little Matt Hancock and others), which wishes are not law, it is clear that most British people do not want to be “free” or anything like it. That is why the British people have stood still while mass immigration trashed their society, land and culture. That is why there were so few protests when Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, the jew “lord” Freud and others trashed much of the Welfare State, and that is why few cared much as even the sainted NHS was cut back (and maladministered) for a decade or more.

Napoleon said that the English were “a nation of shopkeepers”. A lot of truth in that, psychologically, but today the shops are almost all shut by government decree (advised so by “experts” who at first predicted 500,000 Coronavirus deaths, then 250,000, then 5,000, and now whatever seems plausible on the basis of a few days’ massaged “statistics”).

Today, the English, Scots, Welsh are, visibly, nations of scared unthinking rabbits. Plebs. In fact, to call any of them “nations” seems rather to stretch it…

So we see that the rabbits believe almost everything the msm tells them about the (almost non-existent) “danger” of walking in parks, or on beaches, or on Welsh or Peak District hills. The same rabbits, many of them, will all be out at a certain hour today (I believe) and “clapping for the NHS”, a meaningless and State-encouraged “loyalty show” akin to something from the now-defunct (except in North Korea) socialist world.

In fact, those most keen to do as the Government of fools wishes (and who want ever-stricter “lockdown”) are precisely the pseudo-socialists, as seen on Twitter.


I thought that the latest State-mandated “clap fest” was this evening. Maybe not. At any rate, there was no clapping, or banging frying pans, around here. Maybe the idea has petered out.

Basic income

The SNP has called for Basic Income, something that I have favoured for years. An idea whose time has come.


22 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 April 2020”

  1. Not all of those who want to see lockdowns are pseudo socialists or real ones. Authoritarianism has a place in politics and can be found on the ‘Left’ AND the ‘Right’. I would characterise myself as a broadly-speaking ‘Right-wing’ authoritarian and as a result of those beliefs I want to see an INCREASE in state power and the assertiveness of the state using it when it comes to controlling our borders FOR REAL which this supposedly ‘Right-wing’ government DOESN’T do and the police combatting REAL criminals.


  2. Libertarianism is essentially a classical liberal philosophy so ‘Rightwing’ people like me and ‘left wing’ people also are naturally going to be critical of it in many ways.

    Are the lockdowns destroying personal liberty? Yes, they are but surely a case can be made for them as a short term measure. The virus doesn’t respect wealth nor arcane political discussions about personal freedom.


    1. That may be so, M’Lord of Essex, but in this case there is no compelling evidence that “lockdown” measures work anyway. Some non-“lockdown” countries have done as well or better than the strictest “lockdown” ones. I personally believe that the UK reached infection peak before these measures were even implemented, but it has taken several weeks for the *death toll* to peak.


  3. Yes, the police have been abusing their powers in too many instances but that doesn’t take away from the fact that some form of lockdown was needed because you can encourage people to do the right thing as the government did but too many ignored the advice and put other peoples’ lives at risk and it is at that point that a government should be prepared to assert its authority for the general welfare of the community as a whole.

    If the government is going to be criticised then it should be for not instituting the lockdown earlier (at least a week to ten days earlier) and making it stricter in some respects ie they STILL haven’t banned non essential flights from certain countries. That last point illustrates the fact the Tories despite all the noises they make about immigration control have no real intention of controlling it ever and are a LIBERTARIAN GLOBALIST CAPITALIST party not a ‘patriotic’ one.


  4. The Tories aren’t even prepared to introduce tough border restrictions and assert the power of the British State (border control is, along with the police, one of the PRIME ways any government demonstrates it is a state) during a GLOBAL VIRAL PANDEMIC and when they may save lives!

    This is VERY revealing I would suggest as to the REAL political philosophy the CON Party believes in and it ISN’T ‘patriotic’.


  5. No one of a sensible disposition wants to see the abnormal become the ‘new normal’ but a case for lockdowns for RELATIVELY SHORT TIMEFRAMES CAN be made.


    1. I would have favoured a strict and near-total “lockdown” for ONE WEEK ONLY, in order to send a message and to get people to heed the safety messages, of which the most important by far is that they should wash their hands THOROUGHLY and about 15-20 times per day with soap and water or, if not at home, hand-gel. Also, to avoid crowded and hot surroundings.


      1. A one week lockdown even if very thorough ie including real travel restrictions which this shambolic ‘government’ still doesn’t see the need for would have been pointless.

        People would still have ignored the messages. I’m afraid you are relying-upon everyone using their brains to not just keep themselves safe BUT OTHERS like the elderly and other vulnerable groups and the fact is too many in society nowdays are too selfish and idiotic to abide by official warnings therefore there is a need on the part of government to engage in some ‘heavy-handed authoritarianism’.

        The message of libertarians is ‘trust the people to do what is right and set them free from the state and everyone will be all right’ but that relies upon a country having a 100% intelligent and responsible population which we don’t have and never will so that is why libertarianism (apart from in small doses like personal relationships ie LGBT rights) doesn’t work.


      2. M’Lord of Essex, I have never been called a “libertarian”! The fact is that these measures of “lockdown” do not do as described on the tin. In any case, they are unsustainable after a time (uncertain, but not longer than a couple of months). The economic damage will already be grave. It might be truly disastrous.


      3. Football matches should have been shut down as early as the beginning of March and the Cheltenham Festival as well. How many transmissions of this virus happened at those events whilst the government was fiddling and debating whether their political philosophy of libertarianism (essentially 19th Century classical liberalism) could be reconciled with the authoritarian measures needed to slow transmission of the virus? Our first case was at the END of JANUARY!


  6. Yes, as Peter Hitchens says these lockdowns are going to cause a lot of economic damage but as the saying goes ‘your health is your wealth’ a point the Tory Party too often forgets and ‘you can’t take it with you’.


    1. Anyway, I don’t see why some businesspeople and other Tories are complaining about the effect upon the economy. Yes, it is bad but this virus pandemic is normally a once in a hundred years type of event and at any rate they did vote for Boris Johnson and his ‘f### business’ mentality so they should be pleased!🙄😃🤡😂


  7. Hello Ian: Sadly, your assessment of the situation is correct, most Brits are sheep and deserve what they get. Mind you, what can you expect after decades of brainwashing by the media?. Yesterday I watched a video posted by an English nationalist that showed the shameful way in which the police were bullying citizens that were just walking by. Those bastards were taking advantage of the politeness and meekness of the average Englishman.

    Four days ago two policemen were severely beaten up by nearly 14 men in a small town in the province of Buenos Aires. The situation was not very clear. The police here has generally been very correct, so I am at a loss to explain the incident. Considering what I have read and seen in the UK, I wish something similar happened over there.


    1. Claudius:
      This is happening also in “banana republics” such as Jamaica. I had direct information just 2 days ago that the Kingston police had attacked a man sunbathing in his own garden! Actually beaten him. Not in the news. From a personal source.


  8. No, the government and Establishment media endorsed clapathon for the NHS is on Thursdays at 8.00PM sharp and don’t you ever forget it! You HAVE to join-in, man! If you don’t you are not showing sufficient appreciation of NHS workers which is silly and untrue. They are ALL in our hearts at the moment along with anyone else doing vital work at this time like supermarket shelf stackers etc.


  9. I’ve noticed politicians increasingly referring to the (domestic) “nations”, an unmodern usage that has a Biblical innuendo:

    “Deuteronomy 11:23
    Then will the LORD drive out all these nations from before you, and ye shall possess greater nations and mightier than yourselves.”

    This usage also serves their cause of destabilising the UK as a political entity in preparation for its absorption into a European regional zone despite Brexit and thence into global feudalism.

    As for the mutton-heads, lockdown and Coronavirus / Crown strength, it’s galling to quote again from the adversary’s playbook, but sadly appropriate:

    “2 Thessalonions
    …because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. {2:11} And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie…”


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you. Of course, the Jews refer to non-Jew people(s) as “nations”, as in those doormats for Jews referred to as “the righteous among the nations”.

      Naturally, the use of “nations” in the way you note comes at a time when real nationhood has all but disappeared from England, Wales, even Scotland, once one sees beyond the caricature tartans, whiskys, kilts etc.


  10. ‘Little Mat Hancock’/Health Secretary has a share of 75% in a company called PORTON PHARMA SOLUTIONS LTD. This is why he is pushing the vaccines. Will make him very rich. Of course, he won’t be having one himself, he knows what the ingredients are. To think that he in charge of the nation’s health. What an oxymoron. What a dire situation.


    1. It is a ‘government’ of hideously incompetent (as is proven by one of the worst national death rates compared to populations etc) fools ‘led’ by an unkempt monkey from London Zoo whose only real ‘talent’ is making the many simpletons in the country laugh..

      A ‘government’ of cretins for cretins voted for by cretins. As you imply, what a dire national situation and time to be alive! Of all the times in history to have clowns making-up our government we have them now!


  11. @Mark have you got a source link for that? A quick search for the company you mention gives me only a Chinese pharma corp. with no obvious shareholding list I can see immediately and the nearest named UK company I can find is Porton Biopharma Ltd which at least as at March 2018 gave as controlling party the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care by virtue of their 100% shareholding in the company i.e. HMG owned – though things may have since moved on and I haven’t had time to dig deeper….


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