Diary Blog, 23 April 2020

Well, here we are on the evening of St. George’s Day, scarcely an auspicious day this year, with the compliant rabbit-pleb population begging to be kept in “lockdown” for “as long as it takes”, meaning until Coronavirus is no more. They can then (in a year or so) emerge from their dwellings to contemplate the complete destruction of the UK’s economy and society.

Actually, the above is somewhat hyperbolic. For one thing, at least as far as where I am situated is concerned, there was no visible or audible State-mandated clapathon this evening. Yay! Not a single “locked-down” serf-citizen (in my area) appeared to clap, bang, set off fireworks or virtue-signal. So that’s one dead propaganda campaign (I hope)…

Secondly, people are starting to revolt, gradually, against the wrongheaded and tyrannical “lockdown” nonsense.

It’s a very British revolt. For one thing, very slow! All the same, in a typically Brit “yes, repeat no” way, people are starting to ignore the “lockdown”. There would be a great deal more of this quiet revolt were shops open.  As it is, there is nowhere much to go anyway. However, there are still parks, beaches, national parks, lakes (those not yet poisoned by Derbyshire police woodentops) etc.

The msm continues to parrot System propaganda, though. Look, below, at the Daily Mail today, calling people “covidiots” simply because they decided to walk in a park, sunbathe alone in a park or on a beach, drive around for a change of view and air, all activities which do not spread the Chinese virus; neither do any of these people have any chance of getting the virus from their walking, sunbathing or driving.

Not that that stops Twitter’s “me-too” online mob of serfs and virtue-signallers from attacking these innocent people and their harmless behaviours. As for the toytown police that now infest the country, they love lecturing decent citizens doing completely harmless activities.

Despite government pleas and warnings of strong fines from police for breaching lockdown rules, beaches were packed up and down the country, with covidiots sunbathing and enjoying the high temperatures.” [Daily Mail]


Police move two members of the public off a bench in Edinburgh today, after they appeared to decide to enjoy some tea in the sun, despite the coronavirus lockdown

[above: police idiots “move on” a harmless elderly/middleaged couple sitting having a drink from a Thermos flask. Why? Why?]

In Edinburgh, a couple were moved on by police after they were spotted enjoying some tea on a park bench.” [Daily Mail]. Again, why? It is senseless, quite senseless.

Sunbathing is banned by the government under the guidelines, but that didn't seem to stop some covidiots all over the country, including this woman at Highgate park in north London

[above: it pleases Daily Mail scribblers Danny Hussain and Jordan King to call this harmless young woman, sunbathing in her sky-blue bikini at Highgate, a “covidiot”… Why? She is not spreading the bloody virus; she is not in danger of infection, and even if she did get it, she is young enough to have, probably, few if any symptoms. Oh, and the Daily Mail “newspaper” scribblers might care to note that sunbathing is not unlawful anyway, whatever little Matt Hancock might like to pretend]

Members of the public ignore the Coronavirus lockdown on the hottest day of the year on Primrose Hill, north London, including this woman who seemed to be enjoying the sun

[above: another young woman, alone in the sun on Primrose Hill. Harmless. Why call people like her “covidiots”? So that the Twitterati and other online mobs, ignorant and brainwashed, can chuck virtual rotten tomato at her?]

A driver stopped by police in Cornwall told officers he went on a 70-mile tour of the county because he was bored of lockdown

[above: further misuse of police resources and unnecessary intrusion into the lives of citizens: the motorist was bored and decided to drive around Cornwall. So? Mind your own business, Plod!].

Devon and Cornwall Police said today they have carried out over 200 stops in the Penzance area alone in the past week. A driver pulled over for going on a 70-mile tour of Cornwall’s roads said ‘No reason for doing it really – I was just bored.’ It is the latest sign of the country getting back to normal life – despite ongoing lockdown rules.” [Daily Mail]

Huge queues built up outside the Five Guys burger restaurant in Edinburgh last night as people collect takeaway orders

[above: customers crowding together at a large takeaway food outlet in Edinburgh. This is within the “rules” as laid down! It’s all a nonsense!]

Crowds of commuters board a Jubilee line train at Canning Town station on the London Underground this morning

[above: the Central Line in East London. All within the “rules”, yet a wonderful incubator for bacteria and also viruses]…

According to the Daily Mail, people can now be fined if “caught” sunbathing in public, but not if exercizing in public, despite the fact that the latter is far more likely to lead to random infection! It’s all just nonsense! That’s assuming that the Daily Mail has the law right, which I doubt (I speak of the law, not whatever little Matt Hancock tries to pretend is the law).

Twitter full tonight of idiots engaged in the State Clapathon. Go away…thankfully, few if any around here. Once again, one sees that Twitter is the home of the natural serfs and virtue-signallers. Most unable to think for themselves.

Not that I do not appreciate the doctors, nurses and other staff in the NHS. Most are great. However, State-encouraged mass signalling is not to be pandered to. It also tends to kill thought (and dissent) about this whole Coronavirus thing and the government policy of putting the population under pointless house arrest.

Also, the NHS is badly-administered, to an almost absurd extent, and that is apart from any funding questions. “Clapping for NHS” tends to says “there are no serious problems in the NHS”. Again, this clapping coercion tends to kill thought and dissent.

An exception, as previously noted, has been Peter Hitchens (@ClarkeMicah on Twitter):


End the “lockdown” nonsense now!

Crises such as the present one are for political leaders or at least pretend leaders to run with, not advisers, however supposedly eminent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Whitty

Advisers such as this Whitty character need to be put back in their box. It is always dangerous to, in effect, give power to such people.

I like this (from @TonyGreyMan)…

More tweets:

Not that most Twitter virtue-signallers care much (yet) about the economy collapsing. Most of that section of the Twitterati are public service people (NHS, police, fire brigade, local council staff, other public sector staff) who assume (wrongly) that their pay, conditions and employment are outside the wider “marketplace”, or they are people not working anyway (either retired or otherwise “economically inactive”). Then there are the BBC and other msm drones, entertainers etc, as well as the online soi-disant “film critics”, “writers” (who have written one or two sunk-without-trace books in the past 5+ years), “journalists” etc (untrained and on tiny online “newspapers”; see also “Mike Stuchbery”), people who talk on BBC local radio once or twice a month etc etc and put themselves forward as “academics”, “historians” etc, on the strength of a pathetic doctorate from some multikulti degree mill.


17 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 April 2020”

  1. People are disobeying the lockdown instructions because Britons are far too used to being able to flout authority without consequences hence a possible explanation for our high crime rates. This has been happening for decades now and this is the inevitable result. We are a society which has become soft and into used to discipline.


  2. The fines are of a relatively paltry amount for too many. They should be radically increased according to people’s ability to pay so, far example, a £1,000 fine for a first offence for a footballer, £10,000 or more for a second and if a wealthy person does it a third time then they should be locked-up for up to six months.

    The Philippines President has proposed shooting offenders! l wouldn’t go that far but there still needs to be proper consequences. I believe I am correct in stating Germans are now required to wear face masks on public transport from today. We should look towards Germany. Merkel is obviously doing something right with their relatively low death rate.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, I disagree for the simple reason that I find the “lockdown” to be an impermissible and also pointless incursion into the proper liberty of the citizen. You also believe it necessary. I do not. Germany is doing better because their society is less crowded in housing etc, and above all has a properly-functioning health service.


      1. Yes, Germany is doing better because of those factors and others ie having a government with a few collective brain cells around its cabinet table helps as well but because we have those worse factors you cite and others this means we have an INCREASED not a lesser one for a strict lockdown.


      2. M’Lord of Essex,
        That is on the assumption that the “lockdown” stops infection across the board, whereas it merely delays it, if that.

        Even if (which I deny) “lockdown” has a significant effect in stopping, and not merely *delaying* mass infection, it is accepted now (see the Times, FT etc) that it is costing the UK £2.4 BILLION every single day! So that is about the entire cost of HS2 in about 2 weeks! Impossible. It cannot be sustained. It has to be lifted before Britain’s whole economy and then society is flattened.


  3. But then she and her government have an easier task than our own what with Germans being more used to following orders.

    Yes, it isn’t nice to be put under a form of mass house arrest by the state especially with nice weather but the sooner people follow instructions the sinner we can all get back to normality.

    As Michael Howard said in a conference speech to his party faithful once, “if you do the crime, then be prepared to do the time”. “Prison works. It ensures we are protected from violent rapists, muggers and thieves.”.😂😃👌😎


  4. I’ve been noticing slowly and unsurely signs of definite ennui and irritation among the population – one being the sotto voce NHS adulation compared with previous weeks amid murmurings of hospitals and the Nightingale centres not being full, plus dark rumours about old folks’ homes lately hitting the news. Also I discern Government starting to shift attitude surreptitiously – building works resuming, B&Q warehouses opening etc. I detect a start of the signs of wriggling.

    Maybe here’s why.

    Earlier this week a study emerged basically concluding as a preliminary measure that mortality was about the same as that for a seasonal flu – maybe a bad one, but nothing like SARS et al. (Recall HMG announced that fact itself as I’ve previously commented, not that it ever saw the light of day on the BBC – even up till now afaik). The remark about the study got caught on a live mic at a White House Press Room briefing.
    The study:

    What Fauci and co. were sayng in the New England med journal at end of March:

    People are I think on the point of getting uppity. HMG can blame the internet for that, but there’s not much they can do about it since their masters’ insatiable greed has caused so much business to be moved online and in pursuit of maybe illusory costs savings, HMG has followed.

    Remember: the 1918 flu pandemic didn’t result in a lockdown and nor did the AIDS panic of the 1980s. Both were more serious. People are sceptical; and proven and repeated lying by successive governments can be blamed for that.


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.
      There is a definite floundering, so to speak, on the part of the msm. On the one hand, the propaganda continues, but at the same time there are odd gaps. EG, the first two “cured” patients are released (this week) from the London Nightingale instant hospital, but the reporter does not ask the obvious question, “how many patients are at present in the hospital?” Maybe because the number was very low, 20, 30.


    2. AIDS was normally only caught by people of a practicing homosexual or bisexual orientation whereas this virus can be caught by ANYONE as was shown yesterday when I saw the NBC (America) Nightly News on YouTube in which part of that news broadcast described a FIVE MONTH OLD baby girl dying of it.


  5. If it is costing the economy that much each day then the CON Party knows what to do ie SCRAP as just one measure though an important one that costly white elephant scheme called HS2. In the time it will take to get built it will probably be made out of date by newer transportation technologies such as flying cars (rich people such as the business people HS2 is only going to be used for will use those first)


    1. I agree re. HS2 but the cost was originally £30BN, I think, now more.
      However, the pointless “lockdown” is costing £2.4 BILLION every single day! This is just mad.


  6. and the fact it is environmentally highly destructive and simply a huge waste of money since it won’t be used by the broad mass of people and Britain doesn’t need high speed trains but more local train services such as light railway systems. The money would be better spent on those, upgrading regional railways and instituting CrossRail 2 in London.

    Besides which the Chiltern Hills are SUPPOSED to be an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ and therefore meant to be protected against inappropriate development. Frankly, what is the point in declaring these AONBs if their designated protected statuses are not going to be adhered to?

    Also, why do the Tories not protect their areas? The Chilterns area has some of the safest Tory seats in the entire country. Should their loyalty to the party not be rewarded by the party?


    1. M’Lord of Essex, I can only agree re. HS2 vanity rail and the Chilterns. The next vandalism will be the areas between Oxford and Cambridge. I am convinced that there is a secret plan to build up that area,or areas, possibly as a fallback capital city. I first began to wonder 15 years ago, when I often travelled through that arc and noticed the new roads (sans much traffic) there.


  7. The Chilterns already has the M40 going through it so it doesn’t need the further environmental degradation of an ugly high-speed railway line as well. It is also one of the most lovely areas of countryside near to London hence its AONB status. There is a need for some ‘green lungs’ near to the capital in particular.

    I will have to get my skates on and visit the area again before it gets wrecked. I remember visiting the nice little town of Wendover where they had plenty of placards up near the main road showing an artist’s impression of how the train would ruin its setting.


    1. I know the Chilterns rather well. I lived at one end as a child (the Berks/South Oxon border) and have visited other parts (I lived for 6 months at Higher Denham, Bucks, as well, 19 years ago).


  8. Yes, I have heard that some environmental vandals wish to build a motorway between Oxford and Cambridge thus destroying yet another valuable ‘green lung’ in the South East/Eastern Regions of England.

    We really do need to get tough on immigration for many reasons but even just for the environment would be a sufficiently good reason all by itself.

    The Home Counties and East Anglia have too many of our own people living here let alone all the foreign migrants. The quality of life is being seriously compromised by overpopulation.


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