Diary Blog, 18 October 2020


Worth reading: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8850927/PETER-HITCHENS-Britons-sentenced-slow-agonising-death-No-10s-panic-squad.html

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I am with Paul Mason in respect of his second sentence; in respect of the first, Rachel Reeves may pretend to clarity but in reality is talking nonsense. You cannotcontrol the virus” unless by stopping it coming to your country or region at all. New Zealand. North Korea. Some other faraway, remote, isolated countries and areas. New Zealanders may think that all their lockdown and facemask nonsense has prevented mass infection, but 99% of it was the fact that inward flights were stopped, and then allowed only with the condition that the passengers were quarantined for weeks on arrival.

Also, Rachel Reeves talks about how the Government’s policies are causing huge economic damage. How much more will a further shutdown of the entire country cause?

Paul Mason was briefly thought of as worth listening to, when he was commenting on political and economic matters on Newsnight in the aftermath of the 2008 banking crash (scandal). Then it became clear that he also held views which were somewhere around anarcho-syndicalism. Crazed post-Marxist communitarianism.

Now he has fallen off the edge of his flat Earth: “In the New Statesman magazine in mid-2018, Mason argued the case for state suppression of “fascists”, saying that he favoured a policy of using “the full panoply of security measures to deter and monitor those he described as “racists” and added: “For clarity, unlike many on the left, that means I am in favour of state suppression…” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Mason_(journalist)#Politics].

At least one of Mason’s grandparents was Jewish. He is presently writing a book called How To Stop Fascism, which will apparently be published by Penguin. I think that I can guess what that will be like: a pastiche of cartoon-view 20thC history and selected highlights of the past 20 years, combined with a no-doubt convoluted argument which, however, will easily be reducible to the formula “I want to imprison or shoot those with whose views I, Paul Mason, in my self-perceived wisdom, disagree; those whom I and my friends decide to label “fascists”.”

Mason’s formula is not new. Stalin, Trotsky, and the Jewish thugs and gangsters of the 1930s and 1940s would have recognized it. Castro, too. State repression of dissidents.

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Brexit could have worked. I favoured it. However, Brexit has been very badly mishandled by stupid and lazy “democratic” politicians like cocaine-snorting drunk Michael Gove; the same goes for Boris-idiot, and in fact for dozens of other Conservative Party drones since 2016. In fact, they are right to say that the EU will collapse; they are wrong to imagine that the UK, as it now is, will not.

Historically, not a few persons holding power, and who are as inept, incompetent and arrogant as Gove, Boris-idiot etc, have ended up getting shot once their misrule has led to societal collapse and then revolution. I would not rule it out here either.

I blogged about such matters nearly two years ago: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2018/11/15/when-reality-becomes-subjective/

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Ironic, though. The first Twitter account is run by Jew-Zionists, the very types that are always trying to censor online (freedom of) expression…

I’m not so sure about this one. Throwing money at “NHS heroes” is popular, of course, but the NHS overall is not working as hard at present as it did a year ago. That applies to many of its staff. Also, “the virus” has not hit doctors, nurses etc harder than many other occupations. Finally, non-nursing staff (including well-paid doctors) have just been given a pay rise of between 4% and 5%. For someone on, say, £150,000 a year, a further £7,000 gross, annually.

Comment surely unnecessary.

The UK mass media sewer


Sooner or later, there will have to be a real cultural purge, hitting the BBC, ITV, Sky, publishing, newspapers, the lot. Not just one on paper. A real one.

Is that true? I think that it may be. I blogged quite a while ago that it was obvious that “Boris” was finding it hard to fill the boots of a Prime Minister, just as he had found that he was unable to fulfil properly the role of Foreign Secretary.


David Cameron-Levita and George Osborne, both part-Jew. Theresa May, part-Jew. Boris Johnson, part-Jew. Does anyone see a thread here?…

Since 2010, the flawed but basically decent UK which then existed has been trashed by governments headed by trash.

As Hitler said “Jews have never created a civilization, but have destroyed many“.

Johnson. Wall. Squad. End.

(…and add Cameron-Levita, Osborne, Dunce Duncan Smith and many others to that list).

America’s “democracy”. A facade with nothing behind it. A sham.

More tweets

A few examples of the undesirable results from having had American service personnel in the UK during WW2:


Good grief!

Berlin 1936

Germany 1938

More tweets

Yet a few rounds would have solved the immediate problem.

Yes; I was under shadow ban on Twitter for some time. Still, my follower numbers got up to a modestly respectable 3,000 before I was actually expelled, despite the fact that I only followed about 50 accounts, mostly organizations.

Very good. The link: https://www.whiteroseandthorn.co.uk/

This, or similar, will be at least a major part of the way forward. I have blogged about social-national communities many times.

Yes, there is a kind of “woke” groupthink on many matters. The facemask nonsense is one of them.

It is the horrible, typically “woke” hypocrisy of the “lockdown” and facemask zealots that makes them so rotten. They know, really, that vast numbers are suffering and dying precisely because of the shutdowns, lockdowns, facemask nonsense etc, but they want to pose as “caring sharing” people who “clap for the NHS” etc…

I bet that the very same people are those often seen tweeting “refugees welcome” and “bring your families!” (translation: “bring your fanatics and criminals and rapists and useless millstones round our necks”), while themselves living, most of them, in pleasant leafy suburbs, or in the countryside, far from most of the problems caused by mass immigration of backward peoples into Europe…

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35 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 18 October 2020”

  1. I think doctors, nurses etc have been working hard during this crisis and they deserve the nation’s thanks and gratitude. Of course, they might not have had to work so hard if this utterly incompetent shambles of a ‘government’ didn’t have a clown for its PM and he had taken the issue seriously EARLIER like New Zealand’s re-elected premier Jacinda Arden done.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      NHS GPs have only been talking on the telephone to patients (by appointment), hospitals have only been offering most services by appointment (eg blood tests); everything has been cut back drastically.

      The New Zealand PM has not stopped “Coronavirus” by her domestic measures (facemasks etc) but only by preventing large numbers of foreign visitors and NZ returnees entering her remote land, and quarantining the few allowed in at all.


      1. Yes, she enacted tough travel restrictions but she went far further than that. She introduced the mandatory wearing of facial masks far earlier than we did, introduced an efficient programme of tracing the virus, and implemented tough restrictions on gatherings. She has been superb and a grateful New Zealand populace has rewarded her and their Labour Party with an electoral success that means she can form a single party government for the first time since NZ dumped the archaic crap of First Past The Post they inherited from us and changed it to German-style Mixed Member Proportional Representation in 1996.


      2. The government had no choice other than to institute a full national lockdown in order to prevent the NHS which doesn’t have as many intensive care beds as Germany’s health service has from being overwhelmed

        However, what they SHOULD have been doing but plainly didn’t was to use that time productively by setting- up an efficient virus track and tracing system as Germany,, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand etc did.

        The lockdown should have been implemented earlier ie about a week to ten days or so AND been combined with ultra-tough travel restrictions to this country with outright bans being imposed on Chinese people etc.


  2. I beg to differ when you assert that doctors, nurses etc have not been hit hard by this crisis. I think they have and not just in a physical sense but just as importantly, if not more so, in an emotional way. It can’t be easy going to work and seeing people’s loved ones either suffer grievously with very bad breathing difficulties or even die under your care and knowing you can’t do much to help them and that your own government has mismanaged the dire situation from day one and there are sadly plenty of Covid19 denying libertarian loony arseholes like Peter Hitchens, that daft cow Allison Pearson of the The Daily Torygraph etc belittling your efforts and thinking we can all have complete person freedom in a worldwide viral pandemic.🙄🙄🙄🙄 and utterly irresponsibly encouraging people to break the regulations.🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡


    1. Nurses and doctors in hospitals see such harrowing sights regardless of this present virus situation, m’Lord of Essex.

      At the end of the day, only one person is dying for every 8,000 in the world. A tragedy on the individual level, of course, but many more are dying from other causes, made worse by the UK and other “lockdowns”.

      I apprehend, though, that we shall never agree on these questions.


      1. Yes, doctors and nurses often see harrowing sights and if you are queasy about this you shouldn’t enter those professions but the difference with Covid-19 compared to other illnesses is that there are only a few lunatics ext that would deny the existence of cancer, strokes or heart attacks and that medical professionals can sometimes treat those illnesses shearers with Covid-19 with NO VIABLE VACCINE yet there isn’t much they can do for you should you fall ill with it.


  3. So, we now have the full set of loonies in the country denouncing Boris and the Covid-19 restrictions! I thought it would not be long before we had mad Aussie Tim Martin pipe up and I am surprised he hasn’t criticised the measures previously, Someone needs to remind him that back in his country of Australia, the PM there has been doing a pretty good job of containing the spread of Covid-19.


    1. Tim Martin is often as mad as a hatter and an Aussie fruitcake but even he isn’t as mental as that evil wretch from Oz that owns The Scum (as it is accurately termed by the good folk of Liverpool) comic called Rupert Murdoch.


  4. This British yob was actually arrogant and stupid enough to believe that the Singaporean authorities were a soft touch and didn’t have any wish to uphold their laws!🙄🙄

    No, matey, unlike in Britain, the current governing party in Singapore called the People’s Action Party (PAP) doesn’t just spout warm words in order to bolster an image of being the ‘party of law and order’ they actually ACT UPON the notion as well!



  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_in_Singapore

    Oh look, Priti Damm Useless/Priti Vacant the Minister of Law and Home Affairs in Singapore doesn’t just make tough sounding speeches to his party conference whilst disregarding taking ACTION to combat illegal immigration as you do he attempts to DO something about it:

    He ensures those who deliberately flout Singapore’s migration laws get punished and he even gets the courts there to CANE illegal immigrants:




  6. Ha, ha, that tweeter has got the measure of libertarian lunatic and extremist Peter Hitchens. He isn’t just utterly dim but positively evil with his continual unhinged rants about non existent ‘lockdowns’ (we never had a proper one in this country anyway) and pathetically weak social distancing measures which are not strict enough ie the gormless ‘rule of six’ which should be reduced to a ‘rule of four’ if not a ‘rule of two’.


  7. It should come as no surprise that so many of the Covid-19 outright deniers or those who just don’t want to do anything effective to deal with it such as Peter ‘Moron’ Hitchens are libertarians or come originally from the Brexit supporting FROM A LIBERTARIAN perspective NOT a nationalist/traditional Tory one like Enoch Powell wing of the Conservative Party.


  8. First we had Peter Hitchens, then thick Tory cow Julie Hartley-Brewer of I am a ‘journalist’ for the Daily Express fame so I must WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS ALL THE TIME, then mad Aussie fruitcake Tim Martin of Weatherspoons pubs (is he afraid of not making vast profits by any chance?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄) now we have Brexit ‘Party’ (actually a Tory front party) whinger Richard Tice and the ex Tory member and leader of the pointless civic nationalist English Democrats party.

    I make that the full set or near enough!

    Oh, I see that Nigel Farage has also had a whinge but then he does seem to have an innate need to be in the media and to try and be relevant again!



  9. Stop trying to appear you have a heart, Richard Tice.🙄🤬😡 You most certainly have NO right to complain whatsoever about other non Covid-19 deaths during this crisis seeing as you want to have a no deal Brexit that will undoubtedly greatly increase the numbers of people dying from other causes since this wretchedly incompetent government YOU and your fake Brexit ‘party’ done more than most to get elected hasn’t prepared properly for that eventuality.


  10. Peter Hitchens, I think you will find that Peru has a large number of deaths per million despite lockdowns because it is still a Third World country so they can’t afford to have many intensive care beds.

    Why does Britain have large numbers of people dying from Covid 19 compared to first world countries like Germany?

    Is it because Germany has less libertarian lunatics like you writing for its newspapers encouraging people to openly flout Covid19 regulations and condemning Angela Merkel for taking decisive and EARLY actions to deal with it and that they have large numbers of intensive care beds their CDU/CSU/SPD ‘grand coalition’ government hasn’t cut like your beloved ‘conservative’ (if only!)🙄🙄🙄 has done here?


  11. Libertarian lunatics like Peter Hitchens would be given short shift in a sensible, well-ordered country like Singapore. There he would likely be charged with a criminal offence for doing his utmost to undermine national morale and what SHOULD be but sadly isn’t here a united national fight against Covid- 19.

    Libertarian loonies there are treated as the utterly irresponsible, degenerate, selfish, immoral, anti-social and intentionally socially destructive arseholes they truly are. If Peter were to visit Singapore and peddled his nonsense he might well find himself languishing in an austere Singaporean prison cell. If only he would go there and leave us in peace.😡🤬


  12. In shambolically run ‘Britain’ the so-called ‘party of law and order’ who currently run it have instituted a pathetic fine of £100 for not wearing a facial mask which to many people particularly the many rich selfish arsehole footballers and other wealthy people we have here will not constitute a sufficient deterrent to disobeying the regulation.

    If we are going to have these regulations then there must be decent deterrents to flouting them!

    In Singapore, they have them and they ENFORCE them as these ‘British’ yobs found out:




  13. Peter Hitchens the libertarian lunatic doesn’t compare apples to apples but rather to a different kind of fruit entirely like oranges which is why he seeks to prove his silly theories by comparing vastly different countries to say lockdowns etc don’t work. This us why he doesn’t dare compare Sweden to culturally similar and nearby countries like Norway, Finland and Denmark to the libertarian loony ‘Right’ darling country of Sweden. Norway, Denmark and Finland have had less deaths and a better overall situation compared to Sweden.


  14. Peter also fails to comprehend when he praises Japan that the Japs are a naturally OBEDIENT people who willingly follow governmental advice with respect to social distancing as they are very self disciplined, law abiding, and they have a great concern for the health and wellbeing of others in society. Needless to say, selfish libertarians decry and see as a weakness anybody who shows concern for others. After all, as their heroine Mrs Thatcher said, “there is no such thing as society”.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Japan is also a virtually totally ethnically homogeneous nation where 98% of the population are native Japs so showing a high degree of social and national solidarity comes naturally to them.


  15. Japan shows what a great advantage a nearly ethnically homogeneous society can be for a country. If this is the case then the society concerned is much more likely to have a collective ‘we’ sentiment instead of an ‘us’ and ‘them’ one and pull together in one united effort in a situation like the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Thanks Labour and ‘Tory’ libertarians for not controlling Britain’s borders down the decades from the late 1940’s onwards and giving us this mess of a ‘society’ where too many don’t feel any sort of real connection to one another thus making a response to Covid-19 on the par of Japanese society’s an unrealistic dream without very heavy enforcement measures by government.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      Leaving aside the “panicdemic” (on which we do not and will not agree), it is of course true that homogenous societies are inherently more powerful, unless or until they become completely static.


  16. I see that the ‘Tory’ libertarian scum at the the Daily Torygraph now see fit to incite the break-up of the United Kingdom as they are calling for Wales and Scotland to pay for lockdowns! Don’t the Welsh and Scots pay into the UK then as well as receive payments from it?🙄🙄🙄

    The First Minister of Wales can announce a two week long ‘circuitbreaker’ lockdown whenever he wants to and he is perfectly entitled to do it since health has been a devolved issue since 1999.

    The Daily Telegraph was once a Tory newspaper and therefore a solidly unionist publication once not a weird libertarian anti-unionist rag.🙄😡🤬


  17. Still, that you out get when you have the reclusive multi-billionaire Barclay brothers who reside on a private Channel Island take over a formerly respected newspaper and then turn it into a libertarian rag obsessed with Brexit to the exclusion of every other issue. I would gently remind the Daily Telegraph that Boris was their hero just a year ago and they were his main press fans apart from the Daily Express. Poor old Jeremy Hunt didn’t get much support from that paper in the leadership contest as he was perceived to be not a fanatical Brexiteer enough but I bet Jeremy would have handled Covid-19 better than Boris. These papers are SO FICKLE, aren’t they?🙄🙄🙄


  18. If only England could have a devolved government elected by Proportional Representation as then we might get some concerted real action on Covid-19 so that we can suppress it properly and get back to normal but, sadly, we have a Tory government that listens too much to loony libertarian extremists like Peter Hitchens, the Daily Telegraph, Richard ‘ I hate Boris for his Covid-19 measures though I did more than most to help him get his ill-deserved landslide in December’ Tice 🙄🙄🙄 instead.


  19. Apparently, one reason why Japan has had so few deaths despite having no formal lockdown is that their genes are protecting them. Will libertarian loony Peter Hitchens relate that RACIAL fact to his readers as well as the fact the Japs are voluntarily wearing facial ‘muzzles’ as he insists upon falsely calling them – something the British will ONLY do if the government mandates them to do so as experience here proves?

    Put simply, Peter can’t cite the success of Japan to justify his libertarian approach as they are a completely different people to the British.

    Sadly, we British have to be explicitly ordered by government to wear facial masks backed-up by fines for not doing so.

    The government here should consider introducing short prison sentences as the Singaporean government has done and larger fines according to ability to pay.


  20. If people voluntarily flout Covid-19 restrictions which have been put into place to protect the health of the community as a whole without good cause then people can expect to face the consequences of not doing so and those consequences should be made more of a deterrent as in Singapore.

    There you can face a prison term of up to six months for a first offence and a fine of up to 10,000 Singaporean dollars and a repeat offence can land you in prison for a year and a fine of up to 20,000 dollors.


  21. I’m a little behind the times so will have missed this somewhere but… I see more indications of legal actions in the offing. Even if they are authentic it remains to be seen whether they stand any hope of success, in any judicial system; but there we are.
    I don’t know where the Dolan case is currently but from recollection it’s still active and Robin Tilbrook’s blog indicates his is moving, as corroborated by his tweet you have quoted above.
    Then there is the presentation “Probably the Biggest Crime Against
    Humanity Ever Committed” by dual qualified litigator (I’m taking that at face) Dr. Reiner Fuellmich


    However assuming all the foregoing are bona fide I suppose it was inevitable that the stream would be polluted by actors of one stripe or another.
    This suspicious item comes to mind:

    Bernician / MOB / October 16th 2020 / Private Criminal Prosecution of MPs | Mark Devlin talks to MOB On The Good Vibrations Podcast
    At first blush it has a convincing bloom but then start appearing ominous indications that this is more freeman on the land / sovereign citizen / common law court impotent BS designed to detract from the plausibility (and funds-raising potential) of the authentic legal actions. He’s not talking of laying complaints for summonses from magistrates courts, he is (though it is not wholly clear) talking of the “common law court” distraction propagated by the likes of Scotsman “John Smith”. (If memory serves that guff has been featured if not promoted by the UK Column or at least their David Scott). The fog is amplified with strange references to barristers’ firms approving the conceptual groundwork. (IIRC they used to be all solo fliers…?)

    A lone voice of reason in the HoC?
    [COID19 is] accounting for only 1.4% of [UK] deaths.

    That alone but even more so if coupled with the incessant gematria / numerology / symbolic psychological assault being made against the public mind through the captive media is enough to show the whole filthy COVID19 farce is maliciously intended.

    PS: you can add to the already long list of predictive programming materials a book by Johnson’s father from decades ago now recycled with the truncated title “The Virus”.


    1. Wigger: welcome back.

      Re. “barristers’ firms”: *practising* barristers are self-employed, but usually operate in sets (aka “chambers”) as I did 1993-1996 in London and 2002-2008 in Exeter. They pay rent and commission for being members and being given cases. That adds up to 10%-25% of fee income received.

      Barristers can, alternatively, be *employed* (as I was at times) by government, private industry or commerce, or by law firms. In my case, I worked 1996-1997 and 2000-2002 for law firms, i.e. firms of English solicitors or American attorneys (of which latter I am in fact also one; New York attorney, nominally); during which times I lived in London, Almaty (Kazakhstan), the USA, and the Eastern Caribbean, among other places. I also operated on my own in various places and at various times.

      There is, however, no such thing in England as “a firm of barristers”.

      Those legal challenges may succeed, and I myself was wondering right from the start whether the use of secondary legislation to rule by decree was lawful. However, the measures taken could be lawful if re-decreed via other existing emergency laws on the Statute Book.


  22. Standard issue demoralisation from the government of occupation:

    A more sinister aspect of the present crisis emerges slowly…



    Now, what do we have in UK? HMG has been expanding “prison” accommodation for some time now, recent developments including:


    I’d bet dollars to donuts those “prisons” will have little to do with places of containment for serious criminals who have gone through the machinery of justice as that term was hitherto understood.


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you. There has been concern in the US for some time about the Federal camps which are in existence all over “Darkest America”, and which are maintained and guarded but not used, as such. Not yet anyway.

      The US Federal Government has other resources mothballed, eg the mostly unused for decades rail network. Unlike the UK and elsewhere, the USA, while closing down railways as functioning systems, has kept the network in place, including the rails etc.

      Re. those camps:

      The key point to consider is that (as Orwell implied in Nineteen Eighty Four) only a small minority is at all actively dissident (and that applies in most if not all societies). In the UK, yes there are [?] 70M inhabitants, but only a few thousand are actively dissident, certainly no more than 100,000 even taking “dissidence” at widest. 1 in 700, at most.

      Look at Twitter. Untold millions are on Twitter, even in the UK. Only a few thousand accounts have any political importance.To control the UK, the System has no need to detain 70M people, 7M or even 700,000. The straight criminal element, ie non-political disruptives, number maybe 70,000 or so. The politically disruptive number only a few thousand really. In a revolutionary situation, that might grow to 100,000 plus, but the State can control that, if enough detention places exist.



  23. Build

    B-B-B = 2-2-2 = 6

    Spotted another! Maybe too many people are tumbling to the in-yer-face inept gematria of “Rule of Six”, six feet (anti)social distancing etc etc.


    1. Wigger: thank you!
      2022 = 2+2+2=6, and is 33 years (3+3 = 6) years since the last big “Reset” (when socialism died in virtually the entire world).

      Why I should be “666” (Ian Robert Millard) I have no idea, for (to quote Peter Cushing as Doctor Schreck) “I am the mildest of men”…



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