Diary Blog, 19-20 October 2020

19 October 2020

Happened to hear Lord “Gus” O’Donnell, former head of the Civil Service, on BBC Radio 4 PM, a show that became so pathetic and self-indulgent over the years that I stopped listening (in common with, I suspect, almost all of its one-time audience).

Switching over from Radio 3, I heard O’Donnell say something quite striking: churches, said he, had become “community hubs”, along with other places. He added that, instead of being the House of God, they were now the House of Good, by which he meant communitarian good works and societal cohesion.

It could be argued that the two are almost synonymous. “God, or whatever means the Good...”, as Louis MacNeice wrote in one of his poems, Meeting Point [https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/91396/meeting-point]. Another analogous substitution might be “Common Era” instead of Anno Domini, along with “Before Common Era”, BCE, instead of Before Christ (B.C.).

Having said that, and however good the motives for turning churches into combination coffee shops, cafes, souvenir shops, therapy centres, food bank outlets and concert halls (or village halls), the inevitable result of all the social and cultural noise is that a certain spiritual peace is lost. To put it in a more sensationalist way, God is squeezed out, though squeezed out, of course, for the best of motives…

I wonder whether Lord O’Donnell was ever connected with Common Purpose? I should not be surprised.

Some tweets seen this evening

Chris Bryant, one of the most obviously “dodgy” MPs in the Westminster monkeyhouse: pro-Israel, pro-Jewish lobby, very tied up with Common Purpose too. An expenses cheat. Sleazy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bryant; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bryant#Expenses_claims_scandal; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bryant#Personal_life.

Not that his radio interlocutor above has the moral high ground, as a scribbler for the Sun “newspaper”…

The “lockdown” and facemask nonsense is largely being driven by people (MPs and others) getting generous pay and expenses from public sources, and who are unaffected by the trashing of the economy.

Remember remember the 5th of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot,

Life is short but memory long,

And traitors deserve to be shot!


Completely expected. The troupe of clowns pretending to be “our” government will do whatever they want to do, lie about it, weasel about it, and laugh at the people they pretend to govern.


The hypocrisy is ingrained. I have only ever seen one episode of The Simpsons, when I lived in New Jersey in the very early 1990s. I cannot recall the storyline, but the show ended with Bart Simpson sitting down and starting “…so, kids, now you know that war is always wrong...” before reconsidering…”oh…except the war against Saddam Hussein…oh, and the Second World War… and the First World War, and of course the War of Independence, and…” You get the idea.

Human beings are often hypocritical, and rarely totally congruent. The hypocrisy and incongruity rises to 99%+ in politicians of the type we have, those Adolf Hitler called “dirty democratic politicians”, though the UK versions are rarely even “democratic” in any real sense.

More “cultural enrichment”…


Untermenschen. As things stand, they cannot be executed, pro sano publico, unfortunately.

Coronavirus ghost towns


More accurately, government-created ghost towns. This madness is now totally out of control. Hardly anyone under 40 is at real risk of both becoming infected and suffering serious effects, yet the whole country is still more or less shut down.

In fact, even most people over 40, but under 70, are only at low risk.

20 October 2020

Saw this: “New documentary suggests that Martin Bashir forged bank statements in order to persuade the Princess to be interviewed” [Daily Telegraph] https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/10/19/princess-diana-insisted-not-coerced-bombshell-panorama-interview/

When Alison Chabloz started getting seriously persecuted by the pack of Jews known as the “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, manipulating compliant or suborned police, a few years ago, Martin Bashir [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Bashir], then recently-appointed BBC Religious Affairs Correspondent, was observed creeping around the garden of the house in the Derbyshire Peak District belonging to Alison Chabloz’s aged parents. In fact, “creep” seems to be the best description of the bastard.

Tweets seen

I would define (((the problem))) more directly…

True, but ditch the outdated and almost meaningless “Right”/”Left” stuff.

Yes. Putting the clocks back and forward is one of those things that are implemented for doubtful good reasons, but then get stuck and carry on for years, or decades, because society is too lazy to bin them. Other examples would include dog licences, radio licences and having only a ludicrously small amount of foreign currency purchaseable in person, the amount being written in your passport! All of the foregoing were in existence, though the licences were mostly ignored, until Mrs. Thatcher junked them in or about 1980.

We sometimes think that societal progress or change is automatic, when in fact, often, things do have to be actually disposed of actively.

Which will be a perfect get-out for Boris-idiot and SAGE (“DUMB”— Department Under Matt and Boris). “Coronavirus flaring up? Oh, it’s because all those dissidents and Covidiots are not complying with our rules…”. Forgetting that France and Spain have had far stricter “lockdowns” etc and yet have a far worse death rate per 100,000 from (with) “the virus” than has the UK.

The “virus” in the UK peaked in early April, and has been falling ever since, but only in the past couple of months has the population been forced to wear facemasks…Absurd. They make no difference at all.

Latest conspiracy theory

What follows is the latest conspiracy theory about “the virus”. I know that it is the very latest, because I have just made it up. I have no evidence at all for it. Not that it might not just be true…

My instant theory is that an international conspiracy has decided to reduce both the world population and world economic activity by releasing a virus which, like multiple independently-targeted re-entry vehicles (MIRVs), will take multiple forms, killing some people, creating long-term infertility in others, and mutating to return in ever more deadly forms for years. Meanwhile, those behind the facade of national governments will keep both political and economic control, repressing dissent, preventing mass gatherings and even small conclaves.

Well, I make no claim as to the accuracy of the foregoing, but it may be correct all the same…


All too true both then and now…

41 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19-20 October 2020”

  1. Now you are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel! Dan Woottoon of that august publication The Scum! The good people of Liverpool boycott that evil, anti-British rag in their thousands and for very good reasons!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    This Scum ‘journalist’ should stick to celebrity tittle tattle rather than spout unscientific nonsense. Science doesn’t use herd immunity for the simple reason it takes far too long to build up and MILLIONS would die. Science DOES use social distancing measures until a viable vaccine is found.


  2. What would a Scum ‘journalist’ know about ANYTHING? If that stupid, brain dead rag could be said to be readable you will immediately find that most of their so-called ‘ journalists’ litter their inarticulate articles with numerous basic spelling mistakes and simple grammatical errors that even children educated at our worst ‘sink comprehensives’ would avoid doing.


  3. What would a Scum ‘journalist’ know about ANYTHING? If that stupid, brain dead rag could be said to be readable you will immediately find that most of their so-called ‘ journalists’ litter their inarticulate articles with numerous basic spelling mistakes and simple grammatical errors that even children educated at our worst ‘sink comprehensives’ would avoid doing. ,


  4. Well said, Chris Bryant!😎👌😎 It isn’t often I get to congratulate a Labour MP but you get my hearty praise here.

    That being said, I think you were being far too gentlemanly and restrained. I would not have held back with that scumbag from The Scum rag. I would have called him out for being what he actually is ie a terminally thick, evil, effectively Covid-19 denying CUNT.

    Dan should be locked-up and would be in a decent, well-run country like Singapore where people who deliberately undermine the national fight against this viral pandemic get either severely socially ostracised and treated like the social outcasts and scum of society they are or worse.


  5. Evil scum like Dan should either be Incarcerated in an austere prison or be subjected to an execution on the end of a hangman’s rope.

    It is high time intentionally wicked ,anti-social, Covid-19 deniers like Dan faced the ultimate punishment:

    One of my favourite and admired countries executes drug dealers regularly and I see no reason why that can’t be extended to the utterly vile likes of Dan Wootton.


  6. Yes, Dan Hodges, you of the vile, anti-British scum of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) fame, we ARE screwed but that is because of scumbags like you effectively inciting people to break the Covid-19 regulations.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Oh, and Peter Hitchens, yet ANOTHER vile Covid-19 denier and inciter of breaking the regulations, why don’t you do Britain a favour and either fuck off to the libertarian loony land of the USA with its unsurprising 215,000 and rising Covid-19 deaths that scum like you have encouraged by your demented Twitter rants or can you please die by some other means?

    There us a good libertarian loony chap! You can then be as free as you like in a coffin you have done more than most to put other people in you libertarian loony CUNT.🤬😡


  7. I wish I could follow in the hallowed steps of Albert Pierrepoint and do the honour of executing you, Peter Hitchens, but sadly Britain no longer executes criminals or traitors like you.

    Lord Haw Haw was executed in 1946 by the British state but he done far less damage than you have done to Britain in this crisis and, unlike you, he was an Irish-American Catholic and not really a British citizen so shouldn’t have been executed as he couldn’t have been said to really owe allegiance to Britain.


  8. Yes, Dan Hodges, it is because of people like you and the simply excretable and scummy Peter Hitchens that people are not following the regulations properly and that is a major reason why Covid-19 is not under properly firm control in this country still.😡🤬

    Of course, pathetic non deterrent fines of a miserly £100 for not wearing a mask have not helped either.🙄🙄 It is time this pathetic liberal-left soft in law and order ‘Tory’ ‘government got TRUELY TOUGH and instituted SERIOUS deterrents like in Singapore.


  9. There with a SERIOUS and REAL ‘party of law and order’ in power called the People’s Action Party (PAP) they are handing-out true DETERRENTS like a prison term of up to SIX MONTHS or fine of up to 10,000 Singaporean dollars for a first offence and prison terms of A YEAR or fines of up to 20,000 dollars for repeat offences.😎👌😂


  10. This sick joke of a government won’t do that though because it is mostly ethnics in lawless crap holes like our former capital city aka ‘Stab City on Thames’ who aren’t obeying the regulations and the Tory globalist scum are so obsessed with getting the ethnic vote they won’t allow the police to take action against them so more people will die if this virus and the country will never recover from it.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡😎🤬🤬🤬

    Liked by 1 person

  11. If only the utterly repulsive The Scum ‘newspaper’ could be permanently shut down. That lying, Zionist, anti-British rag has done an extreme amount of damage to this country for the last four decades plus. Their so-called ‘journalists’ are the lowest forms of life on this planet. It is a shame we can’t bring back the Nazi Eisatzgruppen then we could line all of the scum that work for that rag up against a wall and administer a ‘Final Solution’ to the evil Scum ‘journalist’ problem via a firing squad.

    It is either a Nazi style ‘Final Solution’ or more decent Britons will have to boycot the ghastly, evil rag like the good folk of Liverpool already do.👌😎 .

    Liked by 1 person

  12. So Peter Hitchens is worrying about potential job losses, is he? What a contemptible hypocrite! I don’t think he made much fuss about the vast numbers of manufacturing jobs that were lost in 1979-1981 during Mrs Thatcher’s recession which she deepened by having interest rates too high for too long and which we have never recovered from since we now don’t have much in the way of manufacturing capacity to this day!

    Also, IF he were genuinely concerned about that then he would be urging the government to take stronger steps against Covid-19 ie with far tougher enforcement measures against those who willingly break the regulations instead of effectively encouraging those who wantonly do not wish to abide by them as he does.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very good observation, Steve. Margaret Thatcher’s rule was a particularly wicked one for the British people, especially for the working class that was ruined by that obnoxious bitch. Thatcher’s ruthless ultra-capitalist policies were implemented here in Argentina 10 years later by Carlos Menem, another globalist puppet.

      The results were the same, destruction of the national industry, massive unemployment and a generation of hateful, greedy new rich born out of the cut-throat competitive market economy encouraged by that filthy bastard (((Milton Friedman))), “advisor” of Reagan and Thatcher. Can you see the pattern here?

      Have a good day


  13. Countries that took stringent, EARLY actions encompassing many different forms such as the ultra-tough travel restrictions Priti Useless SHOULD HAVE implemented in MARCH like New Zealand DID HAVE controlled Covid-19 and are now on the road to economic and social recovery.

    Instead, here we have had LATE actions , avoided ones such as those travel restrictions or ones that were and still are not properly targeted or not being enforced sufficiently well. It is THIS Peter Hitchens and his ilk should be being critical of not saying we should not be doing anything.🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡


  14. The countries which have done best have governments that took firm and decisive actions EARLY to deal with this crisis eg New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Germany whereas those who are performing poorly have ones that downplayed it or took little to no action ie the USA.

    If Peter Hitchens and his ilk genuinely wish to help and put us on the road to eventual normality and social and economic recovery then they will stop constantly undermining what needs to be a united national effort and urge the government to take tougher enforcement actions against those who willingly and contemptuously disregard and break Covid-19 regulations.


  15. Mark Collett, whilst that information may have come from a less than ideal source, it is, apparently, correct. Yes, amazing as it may seem to be, researchers have found that the way words are pronounced spreads the virus more effectively than if they are pronounced differently and our language of English is one of the worst languages for helping to spread the virus. One reason Japan has done well in this crisis isn’t just to do with the fact they have a national tradition of being very hygienic and wearing facial masks but also that their language doesn’t spread the virus as well as ours due to the way it is pronounced.


  16. So Matt Hancock was pictured in a ministerial limo without wearing a face mask, Daily Mail! It is hardly the crime of the century!🙄 He is unlikely to catch the virus inside a vehicle unless a passenger or the driver has it.


  17. Hello Ian: What I am sending has nothing to do with your posts. By sheer fluke, I ended up watching Roger Moore on JewTube, he recited Rudyard Kipling’s poem “Tommy”. It was well done but later I noticed another video about another poem by Kipling. I founded it very moving and far superior to “Tommy”. I could not help thinking that nothing has changed since Queen Victoria’s times. Thousands of decent English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish young men were sacrificed/slaughtered for the benefit of the hateful British ruling class and their Jewish associates (now masters). The British Empire was nothing but a huge corporation that only benefitted the great share-holders (bankers, industrialists and businessmen) with Tommy Atkins paying the butcher’s bill.


      1. Thank you. Just another thing I remember about Britain’s shameful treatment of its war veterans. In 1918 Lloyd George made a historic announcement saying that his purpose was “to make this country a land fit for heroes”. Years later the streets were full of ex-soldiers begging.


      2. Yes. Very true. Even today, ex-soldiers are among the most marginalized of groups in the UK. Not all are “heroes”, of course. Many were damaged before they ever put on uniform. Many others, though, have been damaged precisely because of that service.


      3. Hello Ian, I see you are still up!

        Perhaps you remember a little, excellent book entitled (if I remember correctly) “When the Battle is Over”. It was written by Lieutenant Robert Lawrence, Scots Guards. It deals with his experiences during the1982 un-official war between Great Britain and Argentina and its aftermath. It tells the story of the neglect he suffered at the hands of the British government and yet, as he observes, he was a lucky fellow because he belonged to a well-to-do, upper-middle-class family. Can you imagine what it must have been for the working-class lads?

        BTW, the same thing happened here but it was worse. Because we lost the war, a war started by a military government, the new “democratic” government did not want anything to do with the war veterans. They were sent to their homes deprived of any medical or psychiatric assistance, of course, they did not receive a coin as compensation. In a word, they were swept under the rug. Unofficially, people say that nearly 500 war veterans have taken their own lives. When you consider that 649 Argentinians died in combat, 500 dead AFTER the war is a lot.


      4. Thank you very much for this long and very interesting article about Lt. Robert Lawrence, a very decent fellow. Incidentally, I read that according to the British Falklands War Veterans Association the number of suicides has reached or surpassed the number of war casualties (255) Of course the bastards of the media and the government deny this, but I believe the veterans who have my full sympathy.


      5. Claudius:
        Whatever one may think of the causes of the conflict, or the rights and wrongs thereof, the war itself, short and undeclared as it was, was brutal: the bayonet attacks on Tumbledown, the use of white phosphorous grenades (now banned by UN Convention, I believe; I was taught about them when I was in Rhodesia in 1977) etc.

        In or about 1980, I was very briefly introduced by an Irish acquaintance (who rented a room from a friend of mine) to his brother, who was in the Royal Navy (there have always been Irishmen in the British armed forces). That brother was actually killed in the Falklands (or Malvinas, as I understand they are known where you are). A missile from a plane hit his ship (HMS Coventry, I seem to remember).

        I myself was in Germany and Netherlands during part of the initial campaign in the Falklands, so missed the reports. In fact, the distance and the UK (MOD) reporting censorship meant that everything was reported (on TV) 2-3 weeks after the actual events, making everything disjointed, like a dream.


      6. Hello Ian: One of the most infuriating aspects of that absurd war, is that officially “it never happened”. There was no formal declaration of war by Argentina or Great Britain. It was the result of the weirdest chain of events, triggered by an idiotic General (Galtieri) who did not know what to do with a country riddled with unemployment and civil unrest.

        The moron thought that the recovery of our islands (stolen by England in 1833) will unite the people behind him. It worked for the moment but the fool believed that the Brits would not do anything. (???) The crisis was Godsend to Thatcher who also had troubles. As usual, the people, particularly the working classes, paid the price.


      7. Claudius:
        There are a number of things that could be said on either side re. the history, legalities and “ownership”. However, and as you say, the conflict was triggered by a government in “BA” which needed a cause and a victory. As for the UK government, it was at first sending messages of weakness (eg by withdrawing the naval cover).

        Once the islands had been retaken, Mrs Thatcher called a general election (1983) which she won largely because of the “Falklands Factor”. Both governments were driven by domestic motives as well as by the specific ones.


        Had the islands been inhabited by non-whites, like Tristan da Cunha, the UK public reaction would have been different; the fact that the inhabitants looked and sounded British really made a difference.

        I have always liked geography, but I have to say that, 40 years ago, even I was not entirely sure where the islands were. Not exactly, anyway. Many Brits had never heard of them.


  18. Nick Griffin, Britain becoming like East Berlin circa 1973 wouldn’t be all that bad actually. Hell, even the MARXIST regime of that era did exercise some border control which is a damm big improvement upon the treasonous, globalist, libertarian capitalist Tory scum manage in Britain in the year 2020!🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

    Perhaps, IF Priti Damm Useless/Priti Vacant got around eventually to border control and had done so by March of this year our Covid-19 situation wouldn’t have been as bad as it is?

    That bitch should be charged with voluntary manslaughter for failing to institute ultra-tough travel restrictions in March and be put away for a very, very, very longtime.😡🤬

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Come to think of it, I don’t think it would be entirely unjust if Priti Patel were to be executed by the means of an efficient, British-style long-drop hanging as shown in those two videos above. After all, far too many British families won’t be having an enjoyable Christmas this year thanks to the loss of their loved ones due to that utterly irresponsible globalist open borders supporting bitch not bothering to control our borders during a worldwide viral pandemic.😡🤬

    That evil cow with the arrogant permanent smirk on her face needs to be hanged then her family will experience the same sense of grievous loss she has grotesquely imposed upon others.🤬😡


  20. Priti fucking Useless’s/Priti Vacant’s grotesque dereliction of duty in March of this year in not imposing ultra-tough travel restrictions to this country – an action which virtually every other Home Secretary/Interior Minister in the world did – is no doubt to blame for thousands of our deaths.

    IF, and yes with her it is a very, very big if, she had any form of honour or common decency/personal integrity she would immediately resign as a result of presiding over this but she has none as that ever present arrogant smirk indicates.

    It is high time she was punished for her continual failure. Resigning or being sacked AGAIN would be good but as she has personally caused many deaths she should be made to do the Tyburn Jig on the end of a stout piece of British rope. Well, at least that way we as a nation won’t have to put-up with that arrogant smirk any longer!🤬😡😡🤬


  21. How about a live, televised hanging of Priti Patel in a tv advert break? Before hanging was abolished in Britain we had got it down to a fine art form and it took less than thirty seconds to complete so it could be easily fitted into a commercial break or we could put it on pay per view on scummy Rupert Murdoch’s Sky TV and make some money out of it in true Tory free market forces fashion!🙄🙄🙄🙄

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    1. Love the idea, Steve!

      I bet you have run out of pins for your dolls of Peter Hitchens, Matt Hancock, Priti “Useless” Patel, Boris and Dan Hodges. LOL

      I am sure there are many more candidates to the rope.


      1. I will leave Matt Hancock alone. He isn’t an ideal cabinet minister by any stretch of the imagination but at least he is a native son of Britain as far as I know which is progress with the treasonous globalist CONServative Party nowadays. He appears to be doing his best to try and contain Covid-19 here and that can’t be easy when some in the cabinet want to undermine him at every turn in that effort like that snake Rishi Sunak who clearly is on manoeuvres and is planning to grab the top job by fair means or foul.

        One of the worst points about Matt is that he does give the impression too much of bring a typical slimy ex public schoolboy. It isn’t an attractive look.


      2. Sadly, I haven’t got voodoo dolls but if I had I would be furiously sticking pins in it like a demented loon when thinking of the excretable Hitchens, Dan Hodges, Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak

        Rishi has recently introduced a disgusting coin with the strapline ‘Diversity built Britain’ 🤬😡 Needless to say, that is a clear, utter LIE which even the most cursory understanding of British history will point people to understanding. The Industrial Revolution which was a British gift to the world began here well before the flotsam and jetsam of people from Priti and Rishi’s famines for example were allowed to come here.🙄🙄🙄

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The coin SHOULD if it was intended to convey an accurate message say that Diversity DESTROYED Britain. After all, would we really have such an increasingly violent ‘society’ without the contributions of ethnics here? One only has to look at that crime ridden cesspit now sarcastically referred to by many native Britons as ‘Stab City Upon The Thames’ (formerly the civilised first world city of London) to know that.

        A few weeks ago a black boy got stabbed to death WITH A MACHETE down a little side road off Oxford Street of all places!🙄 The other stabbings, gang rapes etc are just too numerous to mention but that incident in a CENTRAL tourist part of London is surely a good example of the slide to be a failed Third World State ‘diversity’ has brought us!🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬☹️☹️☹️😞😞

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      4. Needless to say, I will do my level best to boycott the use of this coin. If I am in a shop and get this 50p coin in my change I will purposely ask for five 10 p coins to be exchanged for it. The CONServative Party can take a running jump and stick this coin up their collective globalist and nation wrecking arseholes. If diversity is so great as this increasingly ridiculous loony-left party says it is why do we have to have coins blatantly brainwashing us and extolling DIEversity’s so-called numerous and supposedly obvious benefits to us?

        Shouldn’t diversity’s allegedly brilliant nature be obvious?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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      5. Yes, decent lengths of hempen rope would be in short supply in Britain if the legions of traitors and collaborators were to meet their just fate!😃😀😂😎

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  22. Your brief mention of Adolf Hitler above reminds me that on the Smithsonian channel this evening there was showing some propaganda masquerading as historical documentary about Alderney and a WW2 German war camp there deploying slave labour. The presenter? The Levantine-looking “Dr” Caroline Sturdy Colls of Staffordshire “University”. Once more wringing a dessicated rag to extract the last possible drop of moisture with which to dab her eyes.

    “…but also undertakes consultancy for the UK Police forces….”

    O/T: The Shaky Isles’ own Baphomet having been returned to office resoundingly (maybe) is it true that it was once said, Australia received the criminal detritus of Empire, and New Zealand, the feeble minded and lunatic?


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