Diary Blog, 11 January 2022

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[Ridder, northern Kazakhstan]

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That is what happens when drugs or “vaccines” are untested (to the usual standard).

Everything that relates to the mass “vaccination” etc, and the whole Covid situation is connected with the NWO, with the 33-year cycle starting roughly in 2022, and with the aim of microchipping the world’s population in order to achieve 24/7 control and tracking. Public health is only the packaging.

So before very long, Australia, the country once thought of as the epitome of freedom for the common man, will have (?) 10,000, or 20,000, or 100,000 (eventually) concentration camp places for dissidents. All reasoanly comfortable maybe, with aircon and TV, and decent bathrooms, but imprisonment all the same.

The very comfort (modest comfort) of those camps will mute any public disquiet.

Firing squads.

Mass hypnotism, the most affected being the Guardian-reading types (or Australian equivalent). They have already been conditioned to accept unreality as reality (eg the migration-invasion as “enriching”, and the “holocaust” farrago as real history in all particulars…).

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8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11 January 2022”

    1. Watcher:
      So that is his excuse to go if he decides to jump ship…thus allowing some Indian or whoever to take over. I should imagine that anyone would give the “Conservative” Party a better chance as against kneeling puppet of the Israel lobby, Starmer, and his ludicrously-misnamed “Labour” Party.


      1. Ian, one point to note about the Tweet which refers to teachers (in Fairfax, Virginia) reading to school children outside in 24 degrees temperatures is that this refers to Fahrenheit degrees – i.e. about -4 degrees C (so sub-freezing temperatures).

        Putting children outside is freezing termperatures to read them stories is because of insane Covid ‘prevention measures’. It’s nothing to do with ‘Climate Change’. In any case, this winter is proving to be a very cold one, despite the MSM propaganda asserting the contrary.


      2. HennyPenny:
        Ha…of course you are right…how did I miss that, having lived in the USA? I shall have to amend what I wrote. I must have been tired. Thank you.


      3. Ian RM:

        Thanks for your reply. I thought that I’d just point out that temperature thing; you are very busy and I know that you must have much on your mind.

        Thanks for doing your daily blog. It’s become my daily ‘go to’ source for a much needed dose of high culture, intelligent and insightful analytical comment, and common sense. It’s become as essential to keeping sane as Odysee posts from the likes of Morgoth’s Review 🙂


      4. HennyPenny:
        Thank you. I do what I can in my present circumstances. The blog, which I started in late 2016, is and always has been under general attack by the fanatical and criminal Jew-Zionist element (mainly). Glad to hear that you find what I post interesting. The blog is mainly socio-political, but I do like to post some cultural content as well, mostly music but also, occasionally, architecture, art, and other material. As you will have seen, also some personal reminiscences and impressions.


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