Diary Blog, 25 May 2022

Afternoon music

[Levitan, Vladimirka]

On this day a year ago

The Great Replacement


Even the map shown in that article does not tell the whole story, as where we see that fertility in Sweden, France, and Denmark is higher than one might expect; of course, because the map reflects births in those countries, no matter the race or nation of the parents. Many are themselves non-white.

Tweets seen

91 years old, and still pushing for the destruction of white Northern Europe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros.

Imagine…if Putin launched an immediate nuclear attack on Davos while the NWO kingpins are all there…(just an idle dream…).

Exactly. The conspirators in and around the UK Government knew perfectly well that “Covid” was not a plague, and carried little risk for almost everyone, but the plebs outside that magic circle were told by Government and msm to fear everything from breathing to pub-going and travelling by train, and were fined and harassed by the new UK toytown police state for engaging in such harmless activities as walking in the Peak District, camping on Welsh hillsides, having a few friends round for drinks, or even visiting girlfriends etc.

Even now, neurotic Jews and others are still wearing their useless silly facemasks.

Seems that “racism” is OK if against Russians…

I had not heard of the “University of West London”. Seems that it was formed out of the former Polytechnic of West London, which itself was, earlier, the Ealing College of Further Education: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_West_London.

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Late tweets

Late music

[Mother Russia monument, Volgograd]

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 May 2022”

  1. Hello Ian: Thank you SO MUCH for the videos of Monty Don. The man is a wonderful presenter, clever, knowledgeable and witty. Unfortunately, only the first part (out of 4) of his “Gardens of Italy” is available on YouTube.

    Anyway, here is a little present from mine as a “thank you” for Monty Don’s videos:


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      Monty Don has done other tours on TV —and video—, including Gardens of France, Gardens of Islam, and Japanese Gardens, inter alia.

      Pity that the other Italian Gardens videos are unavailable. They may be, though:


  2. What a sad and moving picture the one that shows the crew of the HMS Hood assembled on the quarterback! Those English lads could and should have been allies of Germany had England been ruled by decent men and not by a piece of … like Churchill. What a waste! All those wonderful, healthy Aryan young men ended up killing each other!


    1. Quite. Some of own older relatives (whom I knew or knew of as a child) were in the Second World War. My grandfather (maternal side) was at Dunkirk and, later, in Burma, though he never spoke of either. He died in 1970 aged 69.

      Also, I had a cousin, Clifford (whom I do not believe I ever met, but who lived until about 1980, I think) who was a Royal Navy (or possibly Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve) officer during WW2. He held the rank of Lieutenant-Commander, but I do not know where he served (possibly in the Far East, because he spent a few years after WW2 in the emergent Indian Navy, I was told, before returning to Reading, Berkshire, where I was also born) to become an executive of the once-famous Huntley and Palmers biscuit company, of all things!


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