Diary Blog, 16 November 2022

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[devastated central Warsaw, 1940s]

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In case readers missed my late comment yesterday re. the “missile hits Poland” report:

Either this incident was accidental, or the explosions are a false flag by the Zelensky regime, created to drag NATO into war with Russia. Either way, it was plainly not a deliberate attack on Poland, and thus should not trigger Article 5 of the NATO treaty.

In any case, now that states such as Poland, the Baltic states etc belong to NATO (which should never have happened), Article 5 should be abrogated. It is now nothing less than a dangerous trigger mechanism which may put all of Europe (and quite possible both the USA and Russia as well) to sword and flame.

This situation has been caused, at root, by the reckless NATO support for the Kiev regime. This is not our fight, and never has been.

Latest news:

Reuters is reporting that a Nato source has informed the new agency that US president Joe Biden has informed the alliance that the missile that fell into Poland, killing two people, was a Ukrainian air defence missile.”


Russia defence ministry: missile claims ‘deliberate provocation’, wreckage ‘identified’ as Ukrainian S-300

The Russian defence ministry is issuing a robust statement denying involvement in the explosion in Poland.

Reuters has snapped the following key lines:

  • Russia says it carried out a massive attack on military targets and energy infrastructure in Ukraine on Tuesday.
  • The strike achieved its goals.
  • High-precision strikes were carried out only on Ukrainian territory and no closer than 35km (22 miles) from the Ukrainian-Polish border.
  • Allegations of Russian missiles falling in the Polish village are a deliberate provocation to escalate the situation.
  • Photos of the wreckage found in Poland are identified as elements of the Ukrainian S-300


As I commented late yesterday, quite likely a “false flag” operation by the Kiev regime of the Jew Zelensky. The Kiev regime is desperate to get NATO directly into the war on the Kiev side, or to get Russia attacked by NATO.

Other tweets seen

More accurately, by secret and hidden cabals embedded in the West.

We know what has to be done, across the Western world; we just cannot publish what has to be done, eg in the UK, because of repressive restrictions on free speech. The evil has to be rooted out.

More tweets

There should be official and/or police investigations into the whole “Jack Monroe”/”Bootstrap Cook” situation.

That Bernal idiot, who (incredibly) lectures in law in East Anglia, is also one of the unthinking “you can have free speech but not freedom from the consequences” brigade, which mantra would effectively designate Stalin’s Soviet Union or Mao’s China as places where free speech existed.

Very little, if anything, written by Bernal on Twitter can be taken seriously, in my opinion.

More Jewish fraud. When will people wake up? Having said that, look at infamous Lastminute.com. One of the “entrepreneurs” involved was not Jewish (Martha Lane Fox) and she made millions out of naive small investors. Not only not punished, but made a member of the House of Lords, and appointed to numerous public bodies. She is presently also Chancellor of the Open University.

More tweets

As of today, 666 (ha ha) “patrons” (regular donors or, as I prefer, “mugs”) supplying “Jack Monroe” with up to £10 each and every month via the Patreon website. Up to £6,660 per month (minus any Patreon fees), and probably taxfree. In cash. Every month. Plus book royalties, appearance fees, off-the-cuff donations, other sources of income (eg Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit etc).

I have yet to see a tweet from even one genuinely “poor” person who thinks that Jack Monroe —“Bootstrap Cook”— has helped his or her existence. All tweets supporting her come from fairly affluent journalists, msm people, some lesbians and/or persons of the LBGTQXYZ brigade, fake “doctors” operating psychotherapy scams, retired people living in rural or semi-rural comfort, and/or readers of the Observer and Guardian. I suspect that some supportive tweets are in fact from “Bootstrap Cook” herself, using aliases, though I cannot prove as much.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/09/30/diary-blog-30-september-2022-including-an-assessment-of-jack-monroe-aka-the-bootstrap-cook/.

Elixir of youth?

Strange. I happened to see the chambers bio of someone who was at the “Bar school” (the Inns of Court School of Law) at the same time as me (1987-88), and in the same little practice group of about half a dozen or so people; all our surnames began with “M”.

I was told at the time (and in confidence) that this particular person was a great deal older than he looked, was (if memory serves) about 45, and had been a commended officer of the Flying Squad, who had arrested a shotgun-carrying robber in a bank branch. He looked to me somewhere between 28 and mid-thirties, no older.

I was told that said person (whose name it is unnecessary to mention) did not want it to be generally known that he had been in the police, because there was at the time rather a prejudice at the Bar against policemen becoming barristers. Perhaps. That is what I was told, anyway.

I noticed that the said student was good at listening rather than talking, for example when in a pub after our “practical exercises” (in those days, Bar students used the courtrooms of the Royal Courts of Justice after hours in order to playact being “Counsel”, supervised by a real barrister acting as “judge”).

The person in question blended in easily. I would never have thought that he had been in the police, had I not been told.

As mentioned, I was told that the said person was about 45 (I think that it was either 45 or 46). Now this was in 1987, maybe 1988. I see now that, after what I understand to have been a pretty successful career at the criminal Bar (though he has not taken silk), he is still practising and, as far as I can judge from his (presumably not too old) photograph, looks no more than 50, if that!

Various idle thoughts intrude: does he have a ghastly portrait of himself hidden away somewhere, as in The Picture of Dorian Gray? Has he found the fountain of youth, or the elixir of youth? If what I was told back in 1987-88 was true, he must be 80-81 years old!

I can only conclude that I may have been told a load of rubbish, yet even if one knocks off a decade from the age as related to me in 1987 or 1988, he must be ~70. Puzzling.

Incidentally, I do not think that I am breaking the confidence entrusted to me about 35 years ago. Apart from the time that has elapsed, I have kept the “secret” since 1988 and even now have not identified the barrister concerned. In any case, whatever the sensibilities of the Bar re. police becoming barristers may have been, 35 years ago, the pre-legal career of that individual must surely be taken to have been creditable, if anything.

More tweets

The missiles seem mainly to be targeting critical infrastructure such as electrical power plants. If this offensive is “terroristic”, then what were the massive American bombing and missile attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Serbia etc, not to mention, further back, Vietnam, North Korea, Germany etc?

Late tweets

There you have it: Jews and part-Jews ruling over a mass of cultureless and raceless economic serfs— the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.


Just imagine that. Millions of idiots, including politicians, journalists etc, were quite ready to endorse the incineration of Europe, North America, and much of Russia, all because a couple of stray Poles (unfortunate or unlucky, so be it) were killed by a missile that now turns out not to have been Russian at all, but from the Kiev regime.

The GRU or SVR should have eliminated Zelensky before any trucks or tanks started to roll in February 2022.

Late music

20 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 16 November 2022”

      1. And I am your typical Chinaman from Beijing and I enjoy eating Peking Duck and Bird’s Nest Soup!🙄🙄🙄

        ‘Norwegian, my arse!’ as the irreplaceable Jim Royle might say!😂🤣🙄🙄🙄🙄 I wonder if he likes that famous painting ‘The Scream’?🤔


      2. Indeed so, Native Warrior14.

        Aren’t your average Norwegians blue eyed and blonde like Swedes tend to be?

        He certainly doesn’t look much like that footballer who plays for Manchester City FC and gets paid a truely obscene wage of something like 500,000 pounds plus per week. I think his name is Erling Haaland? He was born in Leeds where his father used to play as a footballer for Leeds United but is obviously a Norwegian.


  1. ‘The future King’! A bold prediction! I think the British Monarchy is very much in tick tock time with the way this country is going!

    You can’t have a white Monarchy which you can only be a part of it you marry into the Windsor family in a country that is becoming a copy of Africa and Asia. Indeed, that is the reason lefties like that gay rights campaigner from the Bermondsey By-election of 1983 whose name escapes me at the moment wants to get rid of them.


      1. Yes, I am referring to Peter Tatchell. Simon Hughes supposedly swings both ways ie he is a bisexual rather than homosexual like Tatchell.

        Simon Hughes’s victory in that by-election was a remarkable one and it still holds the record for the biggest by-election swing in history.

        That the swing was so massive must have helped him to retain the seat (against the trend for the previous holding party to regain seats at the following general election from an intervening by-election loss) until 2015.

        The by-election in Bermondsey occured only a few months before the general election of 1983 and was a potent portent of how badly Labour would do in that election.

        Who says by-elections have no meaning and can’t predict trends?

        The City of Chester By-election will be interesting. If the opinion polls are anywhere near accurate then Labour should win easily and have a vote share well into the 60% plus range.


      2. John:
        Yes. I shall probably blog about it nearer the time, the polling date being 1 December 2022.

        The candidate list (I think probably the list is still open; maybe not):

        As you say, the result will probably be all about the numbers and percentages rather than the almost-certain Labour win.

        The constituency voted Con or Unionist from 1906 to 1992, but when Labour won in 1997, that seemed to break the pattern; since then only one Con win (2010), though a couple of elections were quite close.


      3. I like the surname of that Tory MP who won in 2010. Yes, Mosley is an excellent surname. It has a nice, historical ring to it!😅😃😂😂


  2. It is a shame the forthcoming by-elections are in moderately marginal to safe Labour-held seats. I want one in a real Tory stronghold like mine in Brentwood and Ongar (Tory numerical majority 29,065 over Labour, percentage one of 54.9% over Labour and their tenth safest seat). The Liberal Democrats here are very marginally in third place by less than 100 votes and had a share of 13.6%.

    Some of the local government by-elections haven’t been going too well for the Tories lately. Last Thursday they had a huge 20% fall in their vote share in St Wulfram’s ward in Grantham which just so happens to be the very ward a certain Margaret Hilda Roberts (later Thatcher) was born in.


    1. NativeWarrior14:
      I notice that no mention was made of Austin’s view that pornography featuring bestiality should be decriminalized (his tweet to that effect, several years ago, was deleted).


      1. Urgh, how utterly repulsive.😠 You can easily see the direction from where these Zionist brown nosers come from, can’t you, and it isn’t a pleasant one.


      2. Oh I wasn’t aware of that, although nothing much surprises me in terms of Westminster politicians!


  3. Very wellsaid, Donald Trump Jr. I quite like the Trump family. ‘The Donald’s’ wife is lovely.😍

    Donald Trump Snr launched his bid for the Presidency in 2024 yesterday with a wish to institute the death penalty for drug dealers as in China and Singapore. These people are causing so many people in the States to fall victim to drug abuse and the numbers they have dying of fentalyl abuse in particular are very disturbing indeed.


    Make America Great Again! Elect Trump in 2024, Yanks!

    If only we could find a British Trump to make Great Britain Great Again!😢😥😢


    1. John:
      Were I not so poor and isolated (and also now, er, not-young…) I might be persuaded, reluctantly, to take on the mantle of imperial power, as a latter-day “Lord Protector”…


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