“Mark Lewis Lawyer” Disciplinary Case— now updated

Readers of this blog may have seen my quite recent post about Jew and Zionist “Mark Lewis Lawyer”.

Lewis was found guilty by a Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal and is now an Israeli citizen living in Israel!

Please find below that post of 23 November 2018, now updated to 11 December 2018. Some of the considerable backlash against Lewis’s behaviour has been both amusing and interesting.




Update, 16 December 2018

Here below, at the foot of this section, is one of Lewis’s tweets about me, from over 2 years ago. As you, the reader, will see, he refers to me as “failure as a barrister and as a human being”, among other things.

I suppose that most people who read that tweet were unaware of the irony: until Lewis got onto the “phonehacking” wagon, he himself was at rock-bottom. He had parted company with a firm of solicitors in Manchester under unclear circumstances (rather a theme…see below), had been divorced (ditto), and in or about 2009 was only making about £9,000 a year (as he admitted to a newspaper interviewer a few years later). Lewis was not exactly a hot property, as he admitted in a newspaper interview at the time of the “phonehacking” stories:

“I was devastated,” he says. “I’d been turned down for so many jobs, I’m thinking to myself, I can’t go on any more, you can only get so many knockbacks. I’m giving in and going to my flat in Israel and retire in Eilat.”

The phonehacking stuff paid off, and soon Lewis was busily “creating a legend” as “top lawyer”. The phonehacking stuff did not last long of course. Technology moved on and phonehacking is now just a footnote in legal history (it’s a purely UK story anyway: hardly anyone in the USA has heard of it). Lewis left his next firm, in London (where he was a “consultant”), under acrimonious circumstances (he much later sued that firm and they countersued, but it is not publicly known how that ended, the matter presumably having been settled and sealed).

Lewis married, in 2013, one-time local radio presenter Caroline Feraday. “Top lawyer marries celebrity”, or at least that is how the narrative went. Stories were seen in the Press about how Lewis “had clients in the USA” to where he and la Feraday would be relocating (to her new apartment in West Hollywood, no less). She, in her turn, seemingly had various Hollywood opportunities lined up, the newsreading public was told.  She already had a part in a TV sitcom arranged —had “been cast” in it—, the gullible (?) readers were told. More than that! She was busy “writing a book”, which was to be turned into a film and “several studios are interested…”

Lewis, the Daily Mail’s tame showbiz reporter was told by Feraday, had clients in the U.S. and would “commute” between LA and London. As 1950s people were wont to say, “get you!”…

Lewis and Feraday moved to West Hollywood, flying Virgin Upper Class (well, after all, they were, er, “celebrities”, weren’t they?) to LA. They joined the West Hollywood branch of the Soho House club, on Sunset Boulevard.


“Celebrities” have more than a few thousand Twitter followers, of course, so they both “acquired” tens of thousands of new “followers”, Lewis ending up after a week or so with about 80,000!

When caught out, Lewis claimed, ludicrously, that he had been “hacked” (yes, that makes sense! Naturally, his enemies would want him to seem more important and influential…oh, no, wait…). The Legal Cheek online news service reported it brilliantly deadpan. Very clever…

Of course, that would (pretty much) have to mean that someone, for no immediately-obvious reason, also bought tens of thousands of fake Twitter followers in the same week for Lewis’s then wife, Caroline Feraday…

Sadly, all that hype seemed to disappear like a mirage in Death Valley. La Feraday never did get into an American sitcom (or if she did,it must have bombed or been pulled immediately…there never was one, I am guessing). I have no idea whether she ever got any part in American film or TV. Her breathless “look at me, people—a celebrity in sunny Hollywood!” Twitter account said nothing (that I saw, anyway) about her getting an acting part, but that is unsurprising. After all, why should an acting part on American TV, or in a film, go to someone without any acting experience, and who was nearly 40? The supposed book deals and film options also vanished without trace.

OK Magazine had already described Caroline Feraday as looking “a bit past it” even in 2010! https://www.ok.co.uk/lifestyle/356263/samsung-pink-ribbon-celebration-best-and-worst-on-the-pink-carpet

As for Lewis, his brave new Californian world crumbled into ashes. American lawyers soon realized that Lewis (unlike, er, me) had never qualified at the Bar of any American state and so was not qualified to practise in California (or any other state). Those lawyers made sure that the California Bar was aware of the foregoing. The upshot (whatever the causes…and I have heard a few stories) was that the marriage foundered after only a year (including a few months in LA) and Lewis returned to the UK in 2014 with his tail between his legs.

By the following year, Lewis had joined the well-known London law firm, Seddons, as a partner. At the time, I was surprised that Seddons had taken him on, but there it is. He left in 2018, just as it became known that he was coming up for “trial” in the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal (where he was found guilty on all charges). Seddons’ statement was that Lewis had resigned as a partner because of his upcoming “aliyah” (emigration) to Israel (he is now an Israeli citizen).

Lewis’s second ex-wife, Caroline Feraday, stayed on in LA, did some amateur comedy appearances there and a few 2-minute reports about the Oscars etc for the UK local TV news show, BBC South-East Today (cheaper than actually sending someone, I suppose), and eventually had a child in 2017 by another man.

Lewis is now an Israeli citizen and resident (he has or had a flat there). He is not now a partner or employee of any law firm in the UK and has stated that he will not seek admission to whatever Bar may exist in Israel. He has a degenerative progressive medical condition and is, apparently, on medication.

[note: much material about Lewis, including some newspaper coverage, has mysteriously disappeared from the Internet, or at least from Google searches]

What goes around comes around! Lewis is now totally washed up: at his Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal hearing, his Counsel said that his sole assets were “his clothes, a mobility scooter (used by invalids) and a private pension worth £70 a week“! His (as far as I can see, unmerited) £10,000 a month salary (£7,000 net) from Seddons law firm will be cut off in March 2019. His progressive/degenerative medical condition can only deteriorate: in 2013 he looked relatively normal, could walk normally etc, but at present cannot walk without a stick and is usually pushed in a wheelchair; he cannot write; he often seems to think and speak (and write!) incoherently.

Moreover, while Lewis was not removed from the solicitors’ roll (as many thought should have happened), he is not now employed by any UK firm and is not entitled (at least at present) to operate as a sole practitioner in the UK. He has stated that he will not be seeking admission to the Bar of Israel. As a lawyer, he is as good as finished.

Update, 22 February 2019

Incredibly, Lewis quite recently became a “partner” at a small law firm in Notting Hill, London, though he himself is now based in Israel. He appears to be retained by two Jewish mass media women in the UK and is acting on their behalf, threatening legal action against about 70 people in relation to one or two related matters.

Since the above blog post was published in December 2018, much has happened in relation to Lewis. See links below:








Update, 8 March 2019

I shall be interested to see whether the case (is it his only case now?) on which “Mark Lewis Lawyer” is instructed by two msm Jewesses, goes anywhere. It would be wonderful if the two in question were to lose out hugely (financially) from it all, and even better were they to then turn on Israel-based Lewis. Perhaps they should listen to some of Lewis’s former clients, who are less than content with the service he delivered…



Update, 23 October 2019

Seems that Lewis’s ex-wife, Caroline Feraday, has also fallen on hard times, living in a “Nowheresville” in California with her young daughter (Caroline Feraday is now a single mother). She says that she is unable to raise a mere $10,000 [£7,700], despite having some kind of (“office bod”?) job, and so has turned to GoFundMe. Strange. She was featured, in the past (in newspapers), a decade ago though, as having property of considerable value both in the UK and Brazil (in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro) as well as (since 2013) in California.

Surprisingly, she has, and within only one day (at time of writing), managed to raise nearly $2,000 of the $10,000 for which she asks.



Update, 15 November 2019

Well, here we are in mid-November 2019. The Guardian report below outlines the case(s) Lewis was suppose to have been preparing against (reportedly) about 70 persons, all (as far as I know) Labour Party supporters.

One pseudonymous Twitter account responded to Lewis’ request for his contact information: “Your attempts to silence me with threats and intimidation will not work. I will never stop speaking out against the barbaric treatment of the Palestinians by the viciously racist apartheid state of Israel. You, Oberman and Rachel Riley are pathetic. Now fuck off.”

Subject to further information, it seems to me that they did…


As can be seen, the Guardian report is dated in late February 2019, but appears to relate to Twitter activity in, as far as I can recall, not myself being involved in the matter(s), November or December of 2018; I think November 2018. Legal action in defamation now has to be taken within a year (it used to be 6 years), so the year in which that action could have been taken has either expired or at least is about to expire).

As usual with Jewish activities, there was a flurry of newspaper noise around these threatened legal cases, more newspaper stuff about how Lewis is or was a “high profile lawyer” (one never sees the less correct “top lawyer” now applied to Lewis), but no suit issued, at least as far as I have seen. In fact, of the “70” “cases” reported on, I have only seen one result in the newspapers, in which the manager of an obscure rock band caved in and apologized to the two Jewish women who are or were Lewis’s clients:

An apology, but no mention of money, though I presume that “legal costs” (i.e. for what letters etc Lewis may have written) were paid.

My guess is that Lewis and his Jew-Zionist clients got nowhere with their “lawfare”. I may be wrong and will keep a weather eye open, but I am pretty sure that this matter has run into the sand one way or another. I would love to know how much Lewis charged the “Showbiz Two” for his services, but that will probably never be revealed. At any rate, Lewis seems to have nothing much else going on (he would have tweeted about anything that made him seem still a functioning “high profile lawyer”, I think). He seems to have done what he thought of doing in 2009, i.e. retired to his flat in Eilat, Israel. No doubt he will tweet about any cases entrusted to him, if any.

Update, 19 February 2020


[above: the latest picture of Lewis]


Update, 14 April 2020

Update, 10 July 2020

The reader will have noted that one-time wannabee “celebrity”, Caroline Feraday, who now lives in a obscure tract development in California, was, not so long ago, begging for money via GoFundMe, because her neighbour was, allegedly, harassing her [see above].

In fact, some mugs were still donating money to Caroline Feraday, via GoFundMe, only a month ago: https://uk.gofundme.com/f/legal-fees-dealing-with-stalkerharassment, yet the tweets below show clearly that she has recently spent out USD $10,000 on a sunroom or windows for her house (the sunroom or windows apparently not delivered or constructed):

Dishonest“? “Liars“? “Tw*ts“? Look in the mirror, if you can bear it! Ha ha! To my mind, this comes close to fraud: taking money from kindhearted mugs because she claims to be in desperate need, yet paying out the very sum she originally sought ($10,000) for her legal fees in order to buy special windows!

Update, 29 July 2020

Mark Lewis once again fails to walk the talk; quelle surprise…

Ah, that was what I wondered about previously: out of the “70 potential defendants” targeted by the Jewish women Rachel Riley and Tracy Ann Oberman, it seems that only one claim got to court— and that that one has now failed.

I do not know whether the two unpleasant Jewish women are planning to sue others. I doubt it.

Lewis even now tries to talk a big game to the newspapers, as always, but where are the “bigger fish to fry” of which he spoke today? Is he back on those drugs that he testified (at his 2018 Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal —which he lost) caused him not to know what he was doing or writing? That is what he himself testified, that he was incapable and incoherent.

Why on Earth would anyone retain Lewis? On the other hand, he is cheap, in the sense that he operates on the no-win, no-fee basis, backed by speculative finance (litigation insurance). They hope to take assets from defendants who lose at trial, or monies from intimidated defendants who might decide to settle at an earlier stage.

People are so easily conned, nicht wahr? I still see tweets from people who imagine that Lewis is some kind of defamation superstar. His successes have been in simple cases where the defendant was unwise and self-willed, like the “Jack Monroe” (“Bootstrap Cook”) action against columnist, now ex-columnist, Katie Hopkins. Well, now we see what happens when Lewis is up against real libel specialists…

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