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Diary Blog, 5 June 2023

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Free speech— by Rowan Atkinson, in 2012

Rowan Atkinson was and remains right, but what he neglected to add, or perhaps did not foresee, speaking as he did in 2012, was that, in the succeeding decade or so, the Israel lobby, aka “Jewish lobby” or “Zionist lobby”, would carry on a relentless “lawfare” campaign to repress free speech in the host country (in this case, the UK). The instances cited above illustrate the point.

From the newspapers


All too typical. I have a similar complaint. A few months ago, some feral untermensch stole one of the wheels of my car while it was parked overnight. The police were useless, and indeed not even responsive in any but the most superficial way, despite a certain amount of evidence having been given to them.

My insurers were at first also useless, almost impossible to contact and, when contacted, unwilling to make the calls back that they promised. I had to threaten them with either a small claim or the Insurance Ombudsman before they usefully responded (once energized by a kick in the rear, they did pay up).

Then, a month or so later, and adding insult to injury, it turned out that not only the same police force but the very same policeman whose team should have been investigating the theft from me as well as other similar incidents in the same neighbourhood, was actually spending at least some of his time snooping on the content of this blog! I can say no more at present (please refer to my statement published in the blog post dated 29 May 2023).

Why does nothing work properly in the UK anymore? Police, insurers, the legal system, the NHS, Parliament, banks, the educational system, you name it.

At some level, I think that it is deliberate; getting British people used to lower standards in all areas. “None dare call it conspiracy”…

Incidentally, I was out in the car rather early today, around 0600 hrs. Just noticing the state of the roads, including a rural A-road. Appalling. Potholes, deep ridges in the tarmac, generally poor surfacing. Jesus Christ! This country is throwing away billions on the Jewish regime in Ukraine, on sheltering and feeding unwanted migrant-invaders, on all manner of stupid and pointless schemes, yet cannot maintain even the road system for the British people. We really do need a social-national revolution.

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Yes, maybe, but there is no real alternative. At present, and since at least 2005, the unemployed, disabled, sick etc have been forced to jump through more and more hoops in order to get a tiny amount of income as well as other help (housing etc). I have been advocating “UBI” or Basic Income for years, and have been thinking about it for decades.

AI, robotics etc mean that (as Marx predicted), eventually the mass of people will have no jobs and so (in most cases) no income tied to those jobs. The result will be that the people without jobs will be unable to buy even necessities. The only solution to that situation will be to free income from being tied to work. Basic Income.

There are dangers associated with Basic Income, as Icke says, but to my mind there is no alternative to such a scheme.

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Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalergi_Plan

Blinken is, of course, himself a Jew, like almost everyone else of significance in the Biden administration.

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Diary Blog, 3 June 2023

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[Motherland memorial, Volgograd]

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Saturday quiz

Well, so-so this week. 6/10, same as political journalist John Rentoul. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 2, 7, and 9.

From the newspapers


We must get rid of the migrant-invaders. We must stop them crossing the Channel, sinking their boats if necessary, to deter others.

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The range may just be sufficient to reach Israeli territory, depending on the location of launch.


Remember the political prisoners.

More from the newspapers


Unsuspecting people are being accosted, threatened and ‘reverse robbed’ on Britain’s high streets as part of a sinister new ‘prank’ trend being nurtured by algorithms on websites like YouTube and TikTok across the world.

[Daily Mail].

Such nuisances should be eliminated.


Please refer to previous comment.

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The chaotic shambles of post-colonial Africa…(in this case Nigeria, 63 years after “independence”).

Incidentally, 200,000 naira is worth just under £350.

The Kiev regime is not going to negotiate a peace.

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For “Jack Monroe” to be invited onto BBC Question Time just reinforces how irrelevant and sleazily corrupt the BBC (and much of the msm bubble) now is.

Much of the pro-“Jack Monroe” stuff on Twitter (apart from that posted by her, under pseudonyms) consists of “the Tory Government is evil and corrupt and gave billions in contracts to cronies, so why single out poor “Jack Monroe”, who only picks a pocket or two, only trolls her critics, who has only defrauded donors, and who only begs money from genuinely poor and vulnerable people, money that she spends or has spent on booze, drugs, and online purchases of all sorts?“.

Not very plausible.

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[ruined central area of Kiev, 1943]

Diary Blog, 2 June 2023

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[Polish palace, Warsaw]

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Feral untermensch on BBC Newsnight. Not just off some boat, but actually born here. Recipient, incredibly, of 13 years of State education.

Does anyone seriously believe that this useless creature is of any use whatever to this country? The same goes for the huge numbers like him.

Either “Jack Monroe” called in a few favours to get onto Question Time or the BBC has gone completely mad.

Question Time does not pay guests, but of course the free publicity and attendant credibility is worth rubies.

There is, quite obviously, an attempt now being made to turn the clock back and rehabilitate the reputation of thieving “grifter” “Jack Monroe”.

“Jack Monroe” is the online 21stC equivalent of the fake beggar in the Sherlock Holmes story, The Man with the Twisted Lip [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_with_the_Twisted_Lip].

“Jack Monroe” is but a small part of a wave of lies and fakery that has swamped our culture for several decades. Not just online “grifters” such as Melissa Hadjicostas/”Jack Monroe”, “Supertanskiii”, Rachael Swindon (not as bad as the others, arguably), “Man Behaving Dadly”, Mike Stuchbery (antifa cheerleader and mentally-odd anti-free-speech type), “Dr.” Louise Raw, and many many others, but also political figures (prominent among which would be “Boris” Johnson, of course) and the msm-promoted “real world” “activists” such as Greta Nut.

It goes beyond even individuals, to beliefs and “causes”: “global warming”/climate change via “emissions”, “Black Lives Matter”, migrant-invaders as something somehow positive, “Ukraine”, “Covid”, “Covid” “vaccines”, UK “austerity” 2010-2023, “UK terror threat” from podcasters and tweeters such as Sven Longshanks and others, etc. The tendency of large-scale falsehood might be traced back to the still-flourishing “holocaust” and “anti-Nazi” farrago. History as mixed fact and fakery with, often, more fakery than fact.

Talking of “Sven Longshanks”, the political prisoner, his resettlement fund (to help him get back on his feet when he is released next year) remains open:

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“Jack Monroe” stands out from the other two mentioned because she is a fake front or facade, with nothing behind it except her appalling “recipes”. Maugham is a barrister, and had a career, apparently lucrative, in that field before becoming an online personality. Owen Jones too, was known as scribbler on socio-political issues before he became a kind of msm/online caricature of himself.

I have written about Owen Jones previously: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/04/a-brief-word-about-owen-jones/.

Not for the first time.

“Jack Monroe” is actually more than a mere fake and “grifter”; she is a classic criminal type, psychologically (in my admittedly “non-expert” opinion), and who in other circumstances might have been (again, in my “non-expert” opinion) a career criminal, terrorist, or even something worse. She strikes me as being a dangerous woman. I think that the police should (at long last) start looking at both her fraudulent activity and her repeated organization of harassment against her critics.

Needless to say, the BBC etc should not allow her onto shows such as Question Time (which publicity wrongly validates her).

The worst of it is that, thanks to (LGBTQXYZ? Cocaine-abusing?) friends or contacts at the BBC, which contacts got her onto Question Time yesterday, “Jack Monroe” now has yet more msm “validation”, and many more ignorant mugs will probably be sucked into sending her cash via Patreon etc.

Having said that, and as Abraham Lincoln said, “you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time“. I notice that the number of Patreon mug donors sending cash to “Jack Monroe” is, as of today, 404, less than half of the number donating last year, and fewer than were donating even a month ago.

The tweets above attracted a host of “Jack Monroe” admirers to attack the tweeters. The admirers tend to be men (sometimes also women) of a certain age, and who want to “white knight” for the fraud/grifter. Pathetic.

As blogged previously, I see few if any young people taking “Jack Monroe” at face value; also, few if any ethnic minority people. I have speculated in the past that the latter probably know too much about real poverty or struggle, and /or look upon the swill “Jack Monroe” puts out as “recipes” with disdain or horror.

What I find incredible about the naivety of so many on Twitter is that they have been applauding the mediocre soundbite-uttering of “Jack Monroe” on Question Time as if it were some brilliant exposition of the horrible flaws of the “Conservative” governments of the past 13 years. In reality, she said (from what I have seen on Twitter) nothing new, nothing at all.

Appearing on Question Time and tweeting a bit about the “Tories” does not qualify as (serious) “campaigning“, by the way.

Late tweets seen

If Question Time is worth retaining (which I doubt), this is the kind of person who should be on it, despite my not agreeing with Patten on everything. Not “Jack Monroe, not Jess Phillips. Etc.

Jesus Christ! People are apparently sad about the fact that hugely overpaid ****-up, Phillip Schofield, has had to retire? I have to say that I never liked him anyway, though I never watch morning TV, but I had seen him on TV here and there.

People now are (or pretend to be) terribly upset about nothing, but often are not at all concerned about far greater matters.

Leaving aside the Martin Amis news (which for me was not in any way major), Britain started to go wrong in the Thatcher era of the 1980s, and started to slide steeper downhill from, particularly, the Blair-Brown years. The UK may be still a bit of a “toytown” or “poundland” dystopian police state, but it gets darker all the time. It does not even have the saving grace of most police states— low (real) crime.

Britain in 2023.

Well said. Russia is a major power, a major nuclear power. If the Zelensky regime thinks that that is an irrelevance, then anything could happen.

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Diary Blog, 30 May 2023

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[Generalife, Granada, Spain]

Battles past

From the newspapers


Some good points are made.


A step in the right direction, but only when the Zionist and pro-Israel lobby is confronted and defeated can there be free speech again in the UK. The Jew-Zionist lobby is the primary anti-free-speech concentration in this country.

Tweets seen

In other words, (((the usual suspects))).

Talking about Sven Longshanks (James Allchurch), it is good to see his resettlement fund growing:

Putin and the ruling circles in Moscow may now have to consider whether they will actually need the city of Kiev intact at the end of this war.

War is horrible, and had this war been planned and executed properly from the start, it would have ended after a few weeks with complete Russian victory, and with relatively slight harm done. Now, it may have to end with the ancient city of Kiev again being levelled (as also happened —in central areas— in 1943).

Come what may, Russia now has to fight on until it achieves victory, even if that victorious end is bitter.

To the bitter end…

Other tweets seen

On another aspect of the present conflict, I see that the pound sterling now buys about 100 Russian roubles. When I was last in Moscow, in 2007, the (tourist) rate was a fifth of that, 1:20.

Having said that, the mass of the Russian population is as good as unaffected by the long-term slide of the rouble. As I have blogged previously, Russia could even survive quite well as an autarky, and that is not presently necessary, because trade between Russia and much of the world has not only continued but expanded. China, of course, is key.

..as I and many others said long before (in my case, 15+ years before) “Boris”-idiot rose effortlessly (?) to his high position.

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For me, the whole “Partygate” thing is a classic Westminster Bubble pseudo-scandal, and in any case the “pandemic” was a “panicdemic”, if not a “scamdemic”; but, having said that, it is remarkable the extent to which decent administration and governance has vanished from the UK in the years since both Government and Opposition became packed with Jews, Indians, Middle Easterners of various kinds, and blacks. Co-incidence?

It must be a grave temptation for Putin and his group to say, simply, “**** it!” and fire all nuclear missiles at the USA, London, Kiev, Warsaw, Tel Aviv etc. Fortunately for Europe, Putin is far more measured than that.

Sometimes, “liberation” and “a desert” are not far apart, as Tacitus noted (more or less) over 2,000 years ago.

Let us hope that Europe as a whole does not look like that in 2030…

If I were Putin, that is one task I would delegate.

It seems obvious to me that today’s attack on Moscow was designed to irritate and cause fear to the ruling and wealthy Muscovites who live in neighbourhoods such as Barvikha, where many leading members of the General Staff and other institutions live.

The aim of the attack seems to be to show Putin and his immediate circle as weak, and unable to protect, crucially, those who themselves support his power.

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Diary Blog, 28 May 2023

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[painting by Volegov]


Remember “the men behind the wire”

Tweets seen

Amanda Solloway. Wouldn’t you know? This is her: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_Solloway.

In fact, a large amount of damaging material about Amanda Solloway has been removed from Wikipedia over the years, including that concerning her “dodgy” (possibly now “ex”) husband or “partner” and their business activities (his very existence is now expunged from that Wikipedia entry).

The Westminster monkeyhouse.

The whole corrupt shambles must be swept away.

As for the MPs, well…

There are real social-national political possibilities in the Republic of Ireland as it slides into becoming yet another multikulti dustbin.

A Schauspiel to bamboozle the masses. Figures on an electronic scoreboard such as the one by Times Square in New York: see https://www.usdebtclock.org/.

Meaningless, in the sense that, with a stroke of a pen, the “debt ceiling” is raised, and taken care of via a small increase in inflation, i.e. decrease in the value of the U.S. dollar.

What range can they achieve? 1,500 miles?

The former territories of Ukraine must be split— Russian or pro-Russian territories east of the Dnieper, in Crimea, and along the Black Sea littoral to Odessa and then west to Trans-Dniestria. The other territories west of the Dnieper, including —and run from— the city of Lvov, can become a rump Ukrainian state.

If I say so myself…

I happened to notice that the following blog post, from October 2022, has had a few hits today: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/10/20/diary-blog-20-october-2022/.

Among other comments made, I said in that blog post:

The System relies on complete or near-complete “control”, which was one reason there was such a massive campaign against Corbyn, spearheaded by the Jew-Zionist element.

Liz Truss, by reason of her sheer lack of ability, threatens System “stability”. She will, therefore, be removed, to put in place a (superficially) better Prime Minister-figure.

When Liz Truss became Prime Minister, I predicted the following, in such terms: that I would be “surprised” if her term lasted as long as the end of 2022, and “astonished” if she lasted as long as Spring 2023. One gold tick for this blog…

No wonder that journalists, MPs, ministers of foreign governments etc read this blog.

Well…so was I right, or not?

In fact, the resignation of Liz Truss happened later the very same day as the first two paragraphs of my above assessment. Things moved very fast; there was a degree of “groundrush”.

More tweets seen

Ha ha! So speaketh a former (?) msm drone, one Peter Bale, who tweeted last year something which showed that he had no idea that Hugh Carleton Green and Hughie Green were not one and the same!



Few under-30s or even under-40s will be voting for the Conservative Party. At the same time, many others in the <40 age group may not vote at all, given the pseudo-“centrist” but in fact extreme neo-liberal finance-capitalist direction now being taken by the Labour Party Shadow Cabinet.

Both System parties (and the LibDem false choice) are effectively the same in terms of overall real policy (not the soundbites issued for cheap point-scoring on TV etc).

The whole UK political system, including the electoral system, is a sham.

Late tweets

An old tweet, but well worth reposting.

That reminded me of the continued existence of Ghislaine “Maxwell”. Looking at Wikipedia, I saw that “In August 2022, her former lawyers sued Maxwell, alleging that she failed to pay $878,000 in legal fees.[157].”

The apple did not fall far from the (((tree))).

That idiot, Ben Wallace, is funnelling arms to Ukraine, at vast cost to the British taxpayer, at a time when the poorer type of British family cannot even heat its cramped little house, nor feed its children properly, and when nothing is working properly here.

That really is like something from films such as Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, or The Stepford Wives.

Exactly right, and that has been the case almost from the start of the conflict.

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Diary Blog, 24 May 2023

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[Motherland memorial, Volgograd]


From the newspapers


Very true. Very timely, too. However, the biggest single threat to free speech in the UK is the aggressive Jew-Zionist lobby, epitomized by the evil and malicious little (((but well-funded))) “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, which has suborned not a few police personnel, from Commissioner level down to ordinary careerist PC Plods.

Talking point

All in countries other than the UK (Austria, Germany, France, and Ireland). All EU states. In the UK, neither “antisemitism” (aka “anti-Semitism”), nor “holocaust” “denial” (historical revisionism) are crimes, points reinforced during the Alison Chabloz trials of recent years, and specifically noted both at magistrates’ court level (by the District Judge) and in Crown Court (by a Circuit Judge).

Tweets seen

Don’t call her “Dr.“, just because she has—or claims to have— some worthless Ph.D. from a degree mill somewhere (she is remarkably reticent about from where she was awarded said “doctorate”, and never gives details).

In any case, Twitter is full of people vulgarly calling themselves “Dr” this-or-that (despite not being medics, persons in holy orders, or recognized academics).

Did not know about the “racist harassment”; is that true?

I suppose by “Black woman” is meant Meghan Mulatta, who is at least 50% white European by origin. In fact, “MM” herself describes herself as “mixed race”: “She identifies as mixed race, often answering questions about her background with “My dad is Caucasian and my mom is African American. I’m half black and half white.” [Wikipedia].

There are so many deluded people on Twitter who will donate money to doomed “legal actions” (that never happen), or to “performative” “grifters” who just make a living out of it.

“Antifa” cheerleaders Mike Stuchbery and Roanna Carleton-Taylor raised about £12,000 “to sue Tommy Robinson“. Never happened (and what happened to the £12,000?).

Twitter “grifter” woman, “Supertanskiii”, who simply rants and swears at “the Tories”, offering no real analysis (or knowledge).

A Jew in Essex called “Man Behaving Dadly”, who is said to make a living out of his tweets etc (seems to offer similar content to “Supertanskiii”).

Then of course we have “Jack Monroe”, who is almost in a league of her own as “grifter” and near(?)-fraud.

All those are but the tip of the iceberg.

More music

[Gorky Street, Moscow, 1950s (now Tverskaya Street)]

More tweets seen

“Ukrainian” military transport and weapons platforms, now destroyed or captured. What a waste of the taxpayer pounds, dollars and Euros of the West…

Those Ukrainian (?) bandits are, in the old term used in international law, francs-tireurs, liable to be shot on sight, or executed in the field.

Cretins like that really seem to believe that they are part of some kind of EU “elite”. Just bureaucratic rubberstamps, careerists, and freeloaders. I saw such people myself a few times in the 1990s (mainly).

More from the newspapers


Horrible subhuman was already in breach of a court order. So what was the penalty? A £200 fine (which either he will never pay, or will pay at £5 a week).

The courts bend over backward for the untermenschen. Contrast that with “Sven Longshanks” (James Allchurch), who got 2.5 years a week or so ago because a few fanatical Jew-Zionists instigated (as they do) a police investigation into his entirely peaceful activity (commentary on podcasts).

When will the courts judge appropriately, and when will the police stop being either social workers or a poundland KGB?

Late tweets seen

Altogether, 82% of those who voted Labour in 2019 say they would vote Labour again, while 69% of those who voted Liberal Democrat say they would vote for the party at the next election. 

60% of 2019 Conservative voters now say they would vote Conservative again if a General Election were held tomorrow. 13% say they would vote for Labour, 8% would switch to Reform UK, and 2% would support the Liberal Democrats.

So 17% of 2019 Conservative Party voters would either not vote at all, or would favour small parties.

If that is heard in the corridors of power across the West, a lot of people will be sitting up and taking notice.

Apparently, he was involved in activities amounting to ill-treatment and even torture at the American concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay.

Late music

[Wellington, New Zealand]

Diary Blog, 14 May 2023, with items about John Osborne, Anatoly Golitsyn, and the Russia-China rapprochement

From the newspapers


“Labour, as we know from the blurted revelations of the Blairite functionary Andrew Neather, actually wanted to change the character of the country. The Tories wanted lots of cheap labour, and didn’t care if it changed the country. The policy continues. I doubt that the latest law on migration will make much difference.

Lord Green of Deddington – a measured former diplomat who deals in hard fact – mordantly pointed this out during last Thursday’s debate in the House of Lords. He said: ‘The Government have actively encouraged large-scale economic migration,’ and produced clear evidence of this.

He warned: ‘The current scale of immigration, of which asylum is only a small part, simply cannot be allowed to continue. The pressure on our schools and public services is heavy and increasing. We already have to build… nearly 300 homes every single day just to house immigrant families.’

[Peter Hitchens, in the Daily Mail]

[should be captioned “MIGRANT INVADERS”]

Naturally, the pro-immigration careerists and “useful idiots” will display the details of some “refugee” brain surgeon or scientist, maybe one single individual out of every thousand.

John Osborne

“Given a platform to express his views in the 1957 anthology Declaration, he took the opportunity to criticize monarchy:

I have called Royalty religion the ‘national swill’ because it is poisonous… the leader-writers and the bribed gossip mongers have only to rattle their sticks in the royalty bucket for most of their readers to put their heads down in this trough of Queen-worship… My objection to the Royalty symbol is that it is dead; it is the gold filling in a mouthful of decay.[67]


Polemical, but he had a point.

More from Osborne:

Critics saw a conservative attitude to empire reflected in West of Suez,[41][36][45] and later in the 1970s he expressed support for Enoch Powell;[76] in the words of Osborne’s biographer Michael Ratcliffe, “he drifted to the libertarian, unorganized right”.[69] Several commentators have argued that a conservative and nostalgic strain was apparent in Osborne’s work from an early stage.[77][52][76] As early as 1968, in an interview with Kenneth Tynan, he had declared himself “a patriot in the sense that my life only has meaning here, not somewhere else. This sort of spurious internationalism, where people respond to one another across nations and continents — it seems to me very unreal.[47]


I am warming to his words, especially after the pathetic “Conservative Democracy” “conference” (about 100 people), at Bournemouth yesterday, had an even more pathetic knot of pro-“refugee” (migrant-invader) protesters (about 3 or 4) outside the “conference”. They were there, apparently, to support non-existent “climate refugees”.

The unreality has now permeated all levels, from mainstream System political parties (look at the last few Prime Ministers— Sunak, Liz Truss, Boris-idiot, Theresa May) to tiny groups on all sides, even the British nationalist side in some cases.

Tweets seen

…and do not forget that millions of “me too” idiots promoted the facemask nonsense, including many many “healthcare professionals” such as doctors. Those who realized the nonsense was nonsense mostly kept quiet to protect their jobs and money.

Interesting but, if the KGB was so cunning, why was it unable to save the Soviet Union itself? The collapse of “the West” may be in train, but that of the “socialist” world already happened, starting (arguably) in 1989.

Not that that means that Bezmenov was completely wrong.

Defectors have to sell something, usually either “secrets” or some kind of analysis of events. cf. Golitsyn [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatoliy_Golitsyn].

As for Bezmenov himself, he died in Canada at the early age of 53: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri_Bezmenov.

Talking about Golitsyn, his stock was low for decades. I recall discussing the matter in the early/mid1980s, after dinner with a senior member of the (British) Foreign Office research apparat. It was at his home in Blackheath (London), and was a merely social invitation via one of his daughters.

The FO man was dismissive of Golitsyn and, after a couple of his excellent aged Scotch whiskies, emphatically so. I had, at the time, the bad habit of playing devil’s advocate or advocatus diabolus

All the same, while the Soviet and Chinese communists may not have expressly plotted together to deceive the West about the Sino-Soviet split [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatoliy_Golitsyn#Controversies], look at what is now happening— what looks very like a slowly-emerging Russia-China rapprochement against NATO/NWO.

Slightly alternatively, a Russia-China rapprochement combined with a strategy of undermining the West not only militarily but also in financial and commercial areas; weakening the dollar as the default world currency, and bypassing the financial centres of the USA, UK, and EU.

Sometimes, ideas may not become official policy yet have unexpected effects later, down the line. An example of that would be the Helsinki Accords of 1975 [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helsinki_Accords].

Many saw them as meaningless, an example of the Soviet Union “fooling” the West. That may well have been the intention of the Soviet leadership. However, the dissidents in Russia and the Baltic states, Czechoslovakia etc, used the superficially “paper” agreements to push for liberalization of the whole socialist system in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The rest is history.

Also, speculating philosophically a little, I think that, once an idea has passed through even one human mind, it has incalculable effects down the line.

A somewhat similar idea (re. Helsinki etc) was behind the episode of The Sandbaggers (for me, one of the very best spy story series on TV) called My Name is Anna Wiseman.

I confess that, when I first saw that episode, I thought it rather far-fetched. I thought the same, more or less, about Andrei Amalrik’s Will the Soviet Union Survive until 1984?, which I first read sometime in the early 1980s. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrei_Amalrik]. In both cases, I was (at least partly) wrong. Sometimes, life can be very surprising. I have found that.

More tweets seen

Not only to “Ukraine” (the Kiev regime), but also to Israel:

The Jewish lobby in America captured Congress decades ago. The same is true, to a large extent, of the House of Commons in the UK.

I wonder how long it will be before the first nuclear missiles explode in or over Western Europe, and where they will be exactly. In the UK, for example. Faslane? Chicksands? London?

I myself live only about 20 miles from a major likely target area (Southampton). Maybe, in the end, the thing to do would be to buy an excellent bottle of Chateau Margaux or, maybe, Chateau d’Yquem, and just accept that one can do nothing to stop the madness.

If the Russians keep getting poked and prodded and, indeed, endangered by the NATO powers (egged on by the “you-know-whos”, as usual), this can only end one way.

I recall that, when I was living in the South West of the UK, ~20 years ago, a large amount of cocaine was discovered by a dog walker or the like on the wooded banks of the river Torridge, near Bideford. Obviously left by a small boat at night, probably off a larger ship (this was a couple of miles from the estuary, beyond which is the open sea).

Cannot quite remember the value, but I think it was in the hundreds of thousands, at least.

The finder reported it to the police. What else? After all, even leaving aside moral or legal imperatives, most people would have no idea how to sell such a haul. I certainly would not. I do not take prohibited drugs, and know no-one who does, or who would buy that —or any— amount of them.

Doesn’t take much to scare them, nicht wahr? I wonder where their boltholes are? USA? Canada? UK? France? Australia?

Germans know that their territory might well be the first to be obliterated if a terrible nuclear war were to start.

This is the Jewish comedian before whom the entire “Western” msm and political rabble have bowed down…

Zelensky always looks unwashed to me; frankly rather unclean.

I think that the musicians will beat the comedians…

Do you expect manners from “them”? Don’t expect it, then you will not be disappointed.

Now reverse-engineer it.

“Jack Monroe”, a complete fraud. Amazing that she is still being invited to various festivals, though I think only small ones, and she is still occasionally seen in the mass media. In fact, there are still (as of today) 429 utter mugs each sending her between £3.50 and £44 monthly via Patreon. Those idiots must have cotton wool for brains.

Yes, I know that there are other online “grifters”, such as one “Supertanskiii”, a blond woman who has made a living ranting pointlessly on Twitter about “the Tories” (because fake “Labour” under Starmer would be so much better…oh, no, wait a moment…). “Jack Monroe”, though, is a particularly egregious, and indeed pathological, liar.

That is very restrained.

I blogged about those events several times in 2022. As I guessed, there never was a libel action launched, but “grifter” Jack Monroe pretended for quite a while that there was, and solicited donations from mugs.

In fact, her one-time chosen lawyer, Israel-based self-promoter Mark Lewis (about whom I have also blogged in the past), has not even come out of his kennel on her behalf in the past year, as far as I know.

The further tweets are worth reading.

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Diary Blog, 13 May 2023

Morning music

Saturday quiz

This week, I scored 7/10, thus again beating political journalist John Rentoul, who scored 5/10. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 6, and 7.

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Inexorably, the war moves towards total war. The Russian side cannot tolerate forever the continual escalation.

Ukraine (Kiev-regime) is running out of soldiers. One can see why.

Hard for the Jews (in Israel) to continue to present themselves as perennial “victims” when advanced jet aircraft supplied by or paid for by the American taxpayer mercilessly attack Arab real victims, who have no means of self-defence at all.

Comment about Starmer’s latest speech. I agree with the extract quoted by Rentoul but, having said that, one could say that “Labour” is no longer “socialist” or even broadly “social” (politically) and is (just like the “Conservatives”) also completely out of touch.

Both System parties, and both entirely in the pocket of the Jewish-supremacist lobby.

Import the uncivilized non-white world (and allow the non-whites to breed prolifically, and also fail to control them) and you import these sorts of social problems.

Not that all such problems are caused by non-whites, but most are. About 90%, even though the non-whites are “only” about 20% of the UK population, and about 40%-50% (?) of the London population.

The Eastern European states, and the poorer EU states generally, love the EU for its financial largesse, the redistribution of wealth from the “old EU” to the “new EU”. Ireland, the Baltic states, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, etc. For the larger, longer-membership, western and central European states, the wealthier ones, the EU is disastrous. UK (until recently), France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands; also Sweden, Denmark etc.

There is also the problem of non-white migration-invasion.

The original EEC/EC was not so bad — relaxed trade and travel, even relatively easy residence and work—. It worked because the original EEC populations were closely-related northern European nations, and because it was primarily a trading bloc, not an ever-expanding political project.

There was no non-white migration-invasion, because Libya under Gaddafi, Morocco, and Algeria all stopped Africans from coming across the Mediterranean; also, the NWO had not yet destabilized the Middle East and Afghanistan. Even the Roma Gypsies were “imprisoned” behind the so-called “Iron Curtain” until 1989, and so unable to travel to the UK and other parts of Western Europe.

In the long-term, perhaps even medium-term, Israel is doomed.

The “musicians” are still playing.

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From the newspapers


Britain’s compensation bill for victims killed or maimed by AstraZeneca‘s Covid jab could theoretically exceed £1billion, MailOnline can reveal. 

Around 90 families are currently pursuing legal action against the pharmaceutical titan, claiming the jab was essentially a defective product.

Lawyers representing the claimants believe that some of the cases could be worth up to £20m in compensation, which is roughly 160 times more than the £120,000 Government support available. They hope to be able to prove that the vaccine was to blame in court.

[Daily Mail]

The woman who developed that “vaccine” was not only applauded by the stupid rabbits at Wimbledon but also got some kind of official “honour”, I seem to remember.

Ah, yes— here it is:




The “trans” nonsense continues. What a loony!

The Daily Mail refers to the individual as “her” and “she“, and also makes spelling mistakes (but then, the “journalist” scribbling it is one “Vivek Chaudhary”…).


I think that many people, even today, will be honest if they find a purse or wallet. In the past few years, I myself have found two or three. One was a kind of wallet I happened to see in a clifftop parking place. I was there, unusually, early one morning, not long after dawn. I saw the item in the half-light, was curious, so went to pick it up.

The wallet contained about £50 in cash, I think also a debit card, a couple of other bits and pieces, and a student railcard in the name of some girl.

I went home, thinking that the girl must be fairly local, in view of the station which had issued the railcard, only about 8 miles from that car park. Her surname was unusual, so I called the few telephone numbers (landlines) with the same name. Only one answered. An old lady, so no-go.

In the end, I drove to the local police station (its desk manned by an old fellow, a civilian support person) and gave in the wallet. I made the point that there was a large college near the rail station which issued the card, so the girl was almost certainly one of the students there.

I hope that the girl got back her money and the rest. As for what a young girl aged 16-18 was doing in a clifftop car park and (presumably) after dark, and how she managed to lose her wallet, maybe it is better not to speculate…

The second wallet was larger, newer, and packed with both money and cards (an incredible number, literally dozens, neatly and individually carefully tucked into pockets), and had been left in a shopping trolley at Waitrose. I took it in to the help desk, and a member of staff took it from me. Probably the woman who lost it got it back soon afterwards. I imagine that she must have called the store in a panic.

Not that I promise to be a good citizen if someone leaves an attache case containing a million pounds somewhere, which amount of cash could not, in my view, be the property of any honest person. No, the (so far, hypothetical) million pounds stays with me, in that event.

More from the newspapers



The Conservative Democratic conference. Hall almost empty. Rows and rows of empty seats. The photos show no more than 100 in the audience. In fact, I think that I addressed a larger audience than this one when I spoke at the London Forum in 2017.

Hard to judge the age demographic accurately from the photos, but apart from a few younger persons under 30 (possibly students), and a few youngish blonde women (possibly journalists), the audience seems to have been predominantly grey-haired or bald. I should say, at a guess, that there were more people over 70 than there were people under 50.

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As said before, I do not, as such, “support” Golding or Britain First, but how can anyone who wants a decent Britain deny his words here?

[Ipanema, Brazil]

Diary Blog, 7 May 2023

Morning music

I saw You Only Live Twice in the cinema when it came out in 1967. I was not quite 11. I saw it at a large cinema in Manly (Sydney), and found the music very striking.

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Quite. A wilful amnesia which, if anything, afflicts the UK even more than the USA.

Looks as though not all Ukrainians want to fight for the regime in Kiev.

As previously blogged, Ukraine is now no more than a facade of a state. It is entirely propped up by the NWO— arms, ammunition, money, medical supplies, you name it. Basic non-military functions of the state, such as pensions, salary payments etc, are being bankrolled by, ultimately, the taxpayers of Western and Central Europe, and those of North America.

“Free country”? Free speech?


Loose Women ITV star Carol McGiffin was forced to quit after a bizarre radio rant, including claiming the Covid pandemic was a World Health Organisation plot to take over every government.

...original Loose Women panelist Ms McGiffin also accused…mainstream news organisations of conspiring to brainwash the public, causing a mass mental health breakdown, after being ‘bought off by the Government’.

She had been a Loose Women regular from 2000 to 2013, then again from 2018.

But in her radio interview she slated the show, one of ITV’s most popular daytime programmes, hinting that she had been censored by its bosses.

She said: ‘I always look back at when I started working in television and radio as the good old days because they were much less policed, I suppose. Much less restricted and it was a freer place to be.

When I look back at the old Loose Womens I used to do from 2000 all the until I left in 2013, they’re completely different. There is so much offence. People take so much offence at so much and they never used to.'”

[Daily Mail]

I had not previously heard of Carol McGiffin, but that is of no matter.

Note how the Daily Mail scribbler slants the report, so that that woman is presented as rather loony: “bizarre radio rant” etc, while the report describes the often untruthful msm organizations as “reputable“.

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Ha. Wes Streeting is a complete puppet of the sinister Jewish-Zionist lobby, which is the main enemy of free speech and freedom of expression in this country. The very malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, and the snoop and strongarm squad “Community Security Trust”, mainly.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

The msm in the UK is now packed with those who are enemies of the British people and of white Northern Europe generally. They hate us, they hate our history, they hate our capabilities. It’s us or them. Think about it.

Ship them back. Ship them out.

Exactly. Just like the Last Night of the Proms. Now the enemies of the British people even want to trash that island of convivial sanity.

Would have to be a very Draconian law to force most people to “mix” with her!

…and those cretins have a vote, just like you and me. Ridiculous.

Actually, I have to say, having seen pictures and bits of film of yesterday’s proceedings, what struck me was, in part, a feeling that quite a lot of it was rather unaesthetic. The word “vulgarity” came to mind, in fact.

I have seen, of course, parts of the 1953 Coronation of the late Queen Elizabeth II, and that (maybe because it was on black and white film, and/or filmed from a slight distance) gave the impression of a kind of sacred grandeur. That, to my mind, and from what I have seen, was entirely absent yesterday.

Sacred blood“? How far back does that person think the present monarchy goes? Ridiculous.

I have been meaning to do a “Deadhead MPs” piece about Lammy for about 4 years.

Can you imagine that that creature is a Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn (whereas I was expelled in 2016 after my wrongful and unlawful disbarment), is an MP and Shadow Cabinet minister (whereas I live in obscurity and without position or money) and, despite his huge ignorance, is welcome on TV opinion shows, earning about £200,000 on top of the MP salary and expenses.

Nothing, arguably, shows more clearly the sheer absurdity of where we now are as a country.

If the present Government were not utterly incompetent and completely lacking in credibility, it would have little difficulty batting away the present Labour Party but, as it is, the sheer ineptitude shown for 13 years is a gift to Labour.

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Diary Blog, 6 May 2023

Morning music

Saturday quiz

Well, 6/10 this week, enough to trump the 4/10 scored by political journalist John Rentoul. I did not know the answers to questions 2, 3, 7, and 10. In fact, I am wondering whether those question 7 products, Cabana, Prize, and Bitz, were either biscuits or magazines, but still do not know.

Tweets seen

Incredible how “entitled” the British “royals” are, bearing in mind their low intellectual and cultural level. Princess Anne has all the charm of her late father. Never met her, but I saw her a few times, one time being at a gala dinner at Lincoln’s Inn (to which I belonged for 30 years, until a pack of Jews procured my disbarment in 2016: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/). On the occasion of that dinner, in the 1990s, she seemed to be scowling constantly.

AI is inherently disruptive of authoritarian rule.” Really? Human authoritarian rule, maybe. AI may eventually dispense with human rule altogether. Be warned.

Britain has slowly become, over 2-3 decades (and is still becoming), a police state, though still rather a “toytown” one. Straws in that wind include, in recent years, people such as Alison Chabloz, prosecuted and eventually imprisoned for satirical cartoons and songs about Jews, and the recent seizure of golliwogs from an Essex pub.

The Jew-Zionist element is behind most of the gathering repression. Abuse of the law (eg Communications Act 2003, s.127), corruption and suborning of police, police commissioners, CPS staff etc.

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[Loons in a wildlife reserve, Quebec, Canada]

More tweets

It would be disastrous, were the Wagner Group to be stabbed in the back by traitors in Moscow.

UK forces used phosphorus grenades in the Falklands, and I myself saw them in Rhodesia in 1977. “White phos”, in the usual term. I think (unsure) that Israeli forces also use them.


Why only now? The first priority, over a year ago, should have been to eliminate the Zelensky cabal.

If only…[redacted]…

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Stray thought

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Good point(s)…

The same was true, mutatis mutandis, in the pre-1933 Berlin of Sally Bowles and Christopher Isherwood. Then Hitler and the NSDAP took power, and cleaned up the city and the country.

Jeremy Vine, a typical BBC/msm drone— rather ignorant, hugely overpaid (estimated variously from about £250,000 to as much as £700,000 a year from various income-sources), and socio-politically tendentious (though he is OK as presenter of Eggheads).

American commentator not wrong about Liz Truss, but very wrong if he thinks that Winston Churchill was the first Prime Minister of the UK! There were in fact no less than 41 Prime Ministers before Churchill’s first term in office.


Talking of Liz Truss, saw this:

Look at her “I’ve won the Lottery” stupidly happy face. She has no self-awareness, and no real awareness of how much deeper into the mire she has pushed this poor country. She is just happy that, through (for her, happy, but for the people unhappy) circumstance, she became Prime Minister (for 6 weeks), and is invited to events as a pseudo-VIP, and also that she is going to be getting hundreds of thousands of pounds per year, indefinitely, having clambered onto the cart of a completely rotten system that rewards total incompetence.

All the same, it is desperately sad that, by reason of the incompetence of the Russian Army and intelligence services last year, there was no Afghanistan-1979 swift coup de main, seizing Kiev in the first week. Had there been an all-out Blitzkrieg for the sake of mercy, most of the harm, bloodshed, death and damage could have been avoided.

Impressive, if meaningless.

From the newspapers


[Daily Mirror]

“Diversity” and “enrichment”?


A married mother-of-five who tried to hire a hitman to kill a former colleague after they had a brief fling and he spurned her advances was jailed for seven and a half years today.

The trial heard how Hewlett became ‘utterly fixated’ with Mr Belton and repeatedly sent him emails begging to see him again, as well as nude photographs of herself, but he constantly made it clear he did not want anything to do with her.

He was made redundant and got a new job at the Kinnerton Confectionery factory in Fakenham which supplies chocolate products to Tesco, but she also got a job there in order to pursue him.

She called him a ‘coward’ for not wanting to speak to her and posted comments on Facebook, saying that he ‘needs shooting in the bollocks’.

Hewlett left her job as a mixer in the ‘nut’ department at Kinnerton in August 2021, saying that she was quitting due to bullying by Mr Belton and his sexual harassment of women.

Management rejected her claims as ‘malicious’ after Mr Belton showed them emails she had sent him.”

[Daily Mail]

She worked in the “nut department”! You really could not make it up!

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