The Exploding UK

The population of the United Kingdom is considered an example of a population that has undergone demographic transition – that is, the transition from a (typically) pre-industrial population with high birth and mortality rates and slow population growth, through a stage of falling mortality and faster rates of population growth, to a stage of low birth and mortality rates with, again, lower rates of population growth. This population growth through ‘natural change’ has been accompanied in the past two decades by growth through net international migration into the United Kingdom.” [Wikipedia]

I recently saw a pro-immigration poster put out, I think, by some trade union in the NHS. It said that the group of people shown on the poster (mostly but not all black/brown) were all NHS personnel who had come to the UK from other countries. The poster also said that, in the London Borough of Haringey, where the group had been photographed, there were (in round figures) some 82,000 persons who had come from other countries to the UK. The implication was that only thus is the (in Britain, near-sacred) NHS able to function.

Well, I am, in principle, pro-NHS (though I think, with reason, that quite a lot of the NHS system is barely functioning). I have no problem conceding that some of the foreign personnel in the NHS are excellent (though some others are hopeless). I am aware that the NHS has always been a major recruiter of immigrant labour. However, is that the whole story (as pro-Remain, pro-immigration people always pretend)? I say not.

The London Borough of Haringey has about 282,000 inhabitants, only 60% of whom are “white British” or Irish. If you were to take away the 82,000 immigrants already mentioned (even disregarding their offspring, and those non-English/Irish etc who are also resident in that borough), you would automatically have something like —and at the very least— something like 20,000 dwelling units available! Now multiply that appropriately across the whole of London, the whole of the UK…An end to the absurd property price valuations, an end to overcrowded hospitals, schools, transport —including roads—, an increase in pay across the board.

There is no doubt that the UK would be better off, the people of the UK would be better off, without the immigrant hordes and their offspring. Yes, on paper, the economy would perhaps be less vibrant, but most of the benefit of that at present goes to a tiny percentage of the population, just as a relatively small number of buy-to-let parasites and speculators profit from the overheated UK property market.

As for foreign NHS personnel, one has to bear in mind that the migration-invasion has placed enormous burdens on the NHS. The balance of convenience is by no means in favour of immigration. Without mass immigration, the UK NHS could easily handle the demand, particularly by training British people as doctors, nurses and ancillary personnel. Fewer British medical staff would leave (to emigrate to Australia, New Zealand etc), thus saving the State the cost of their education and training.

The same is true of all areas of society. Mass immigration penalizes the vast bulk of the British people. Big business loves mass immigration because it increases the number of consumers, results in higher prices for goods and real property, and reduces pay per labour unit.

When I was born in 1956, the UK population was estimated to be around (possibly below) 50 million. In 1990, 34 years later, the estimate was 57 million, a still very considerable increase. In 2018, the estimates have become less accurate because of the huge influxes of “migrants” (migrant-invaders) and their birth-rate, but anywhere from 66 million to 70 million. By, say, 2022? No-one knows. 75 million? This is totally unsustainable. Only those who knew England (especially) in the 1960s can appreciate what a difference and (mostly) a negative difference those extra 20 millions have made to the quality of life, environment etc in the UK and, again, particularly in England.

It is all very well saying that, because of Brexit and the stalling economy, ever-lower pay and State benefits, that the net immigration figure now is “only” about 400,000 a year instead of the half million or more per year in the past 15-20 years, but 400,000 is still the size of a very large town. Also, “net” means not 400,000 in but maybe 800,000 non-Brits in, and 400,000 desperate Brits out, fleeing the multiracial/multicultural society, desperately trying to find a basically white “Aryan” society in which to live (though most scarcely admit that even to themselves).

The UK is exploding and something has to be done.


4 thoughts on “The Exploding UK”

  1. To be honest, I do not know London too well, however when i see areas on TV such as “Brent” or “Tottenham” and the media refer to them as still majority White: then either the Whites are hiding, or the scale of illegal Immigration is far bigger than we are aware of!


    1. You are right! I lived in London for many years, during 1976-1998, but certainly not uninterruptedly, living also at times outside London and also in the USA, in Egypt, in Kazakhstan and elsewhere. In London, I lived in a number of areas, inc. Blackheath/Lee, New Cross, Tulse Hill, East Dulwich (all in South London)
      and in Little Venice,_London
      Holland Park/Shepherd’s Bush and Marylebone (all near-Central and all North of the Thames).

      Most of the time, lived in Little Venice.

      Places like Brent and Haringey are basically alien now. Bandit Country.


  2. Mainly due to Coudenhove-Kalergi. “They” want us dead. Probably in “revenge” especially for their expulsion in 1290. It matters not that today’s population for the most part probably aren’t even the lineal descendants of those who succeeded in getting Edward I to issue the edict of expulsion in return for giving him 1/15 of their goods (collective punishment no objection to “tooth and claw”):

    The other explanation (if madness, ultimately backfiring on the malefactor, can be explained) usually advanced is that the (sort of) ponzi scheme that is our money system demands increasing amounts of debt to be issued to pay the interest on and redemption of that already existing. To do this you need a continually expanding population – which is problematic if you have already depressed the reproductive instincts of the indigenous, so you import the Third World for the purpose; temporarily forgetting that they are unlikely to be productive enough:

    “America’s multiculture becomes an economical burden. Homogenic societies like Japan and Germany are more competitive on the world market.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Dec. 14, 1991).


    1. I tend to agree. Of course, that is why, at first blush counter-intuitively, you often see Jewish billionaires supporting (in the past) Bolsheviks and (today) the “antifa” idiots and other disruptive social elements.


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