The Latest Revelations About Zionist “Top Lawyer”, Mark Lewis

Many will have read my previous blog posts about “Mark Lewis Lawyer”




The Law Society Gazette has now published more news about Lewis and his “trial” in the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal etc.

Lewis only had to pay a third of the fine considered by the SDT panel because:

“In its full decision published this week the SDT said it eventually came to the conclusion that a reprimand would not be a strong enough punishment and that a fine would be the most appropriate outcome. However, it reduced the fine from an initial estimate of £7,500 to £2,500 on account of Lewis’s financial struggles.”

The disciplinary panel judging and sentencing Lewis considered that:

“In mitigation, the tribunal accepted Lewis’ submission that he had limited means. He did not own his own house and [his] monthly expenses exceeded his liabilities.”

[“…expenses exceeded his liabilities”? The Law Society Gazette either needs a (literate) sub-editor or one with better hearing, unless the SDT panel themselves do not speak English properly! No matter. Illiteracy is par for the course in online newspapers…]

The Law Society Gazette says that the SDT panel added that:

 “Although his former firm Seddons is paying him £10,000 per month before tax this was due to end in March [2019].”

What’s this? The “top lawyer”, “top libel and reputation specialist” etc has “financial struggles”? When for most of the past decade he has been tweeting and telling newspapers all about what a big success he is, with his classic cars and international client-base?

Either Lewis is not quite the “top lawyer” and huge success he has been claiming to be for the past 7+ years, or he was “economical with the truth” at the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal. One way or another he has been telling what the Cockneys call “porkies”! That’s not very kosher!

So the “top lawyer”, with his supposed millions from the “phonehacking” racket and well-publicized libel cases etc, does not own his own house? (in London, that is— he does have or had an apartment in Israel, according to a newspaper article several years ago).

Still, the fact that the SDT thinks that someone getting (after tax) pay of about £7,000 a month is “financially struggling” says more about London law firms than about Lewis, arguende! (that pay is in fact considerably less, in real terms, i.e. taking inflation into account, than I was once paid, when active as an offshore lawyer many many years ago).

So much for the “top lawyer” who now seems to be (to use one of Lewis’s insults to me) just “an unemployable git”!

The way Lewis managed to bamboozle the UK msm and so the poor duped UK public into believing that he was —or even still is— a “top lawyer” etc reminds me rather of the front once put up by another Jewish Zionist, the not so late and certainly unlamented “Robert Maxwell”, who has now also “relocated” to Israel, though he is not quite in a position to enjoy it. Maxwell never fooled me (even when I was in my late teens, in the mid-1970s); neither did Lewis.

19 December 2018: A few more thoughts

I just realized that the “British” Press, which for years has been publishing Lewis’s self-publicizing bull and pronouncements on legal issues as if he were a cross between Lord Denning and Oliver Wendell Holmes (with a dose of George Carman), has not seen fit to report on the supposed “top lawyer” being found guilty of online abuse; neither, therefore, has the (Jewish-Zionist-owned or strongly influenced) UK msm reported the fact that Lewis was let off lightly because he

  • was under the influence of prescription drugs (or so he testified to the Disciplinary Tribunal: strange that his unprovoked online abuse aimed at me —see previous blog posts— started years before he was on any experimental trial in respect of his MS condition and therefore before he was on the drugs used by his advocates in Tribunal to mitigate his bad behaviour);
  • “is of limited means” and “is struggling financially”.

Only the specifically Jewish “community” Press (eg the Jewish Chronicle) and the legal profession’s newspapers etc reported the outcome of Lewis’s “trial”. Quite a contrast with what happened to me in 2016 (anyone interested should just Google “Ian Millard barrister”…)! 

“They” certainly look after their own…

And a further thought yet…

If Lewis is “struggling financially” and has no real property in the UK, it must (?) be presumed that he never did get the £1 Million or more damages he claimed from his former firm (he was a “consultant” there), Taylor Hampton.

Lewis claimed the money in respect (mainly, it seems) of various “phonehacking” cases prior to his departure (supposedly to live in Los Angeles) in 2013 (see previous blog posts about that particular piece of Lewis BS…).

Either Lewis failed in his case against Taylor Hampton solicitors, or he settled for a very very great deal less than the “seven figure sum” he briefed about at the time to the tame UK Press…

The managing partner of Taylor Hampton solicitors was reported by the legal press as having testified that he “was unsure what work Lewis actually did” while engaged (on what seems to have been a generous retainer) by the firm, which countersued Lewis in that case (which seems to have settled at the last minute on a non-disclosure basis).

More Lewis BS, in other words…thank God we seem to have seen the end of him.

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