Self-Publicizing Supposed “Top Lawyer” Mark Lewis: Full Transcript of Disciplinary Hearing Judgment Now Released by Tribunal

Full transcript of the judgment in the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal hearing


Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that I have recently blogged several times (see Previous Blog Posts on Mark Lewis, below) about one-time supposed “top lawyer” Mark Lewis (supposed to be such at least by an uncritical Zionist-influenced msm). The Jew-Zionist solicitor has now emigrated to Israel. His years of self-publicizing and abusive behaviour have finally resulted in his being brought to justice: he has been found guilty on charges brought by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (though the sentence was far too lenient). No matter. He has finally been brought into a measure of well-merited disgrace; at least some —a very small percentage of— his abusive activity has been recognized officially and he has been, so to speak, branded or tattooed accordingly.

He will almost certainly not now practise law again. In England and Wales, a solicitor engaged in UK-centred work has to be either a partner or other member of a firm of solicitors (or the legal department of a company, government office etc), or must be approved and properly regulated as a sole practitioner. Lewis is neither, and has already stated that he will not be seeking Admission to the Bar of Israel. There are also other factors here.

In my opinion, the story spun by Lewis and promoted (and/or not challenged) by his friends in the UK Jewish Zionist lobby including those in the Press and on TV, is largely a construct. I don’t just mean about his abusive social media presence, but his “back-story” in general.

Lewis was brought up in Manchester. A recent documentary about him (covering his medical treatment in Israel etc) interviewed some old woman one-time neighbour who had helped him much when he was young. She said that Lewis’s father had abused him as a child, physically. Was that when he himself became an obstreperous bullying lout?

Later, Lewis attended what was then Middlesex Polytechnic, rather than Oxford, Cambridge, any London university college or even the University of Manchester. The reason is unclear. Maybe he was not so good academically, maybe he had other reasons; as a fair judge, I do not discount that possibility: I myself was offered places at Oxford, Reading and University College London, but chose, for several reasons too collateral to waste space on here, to attend a less-prestigious university (Westminster). In England, these things are sometimes given undue weight. For example, the highly “successful” billionaire, Lord Ashcroft, attended what was at the time called, apparently, Mid-Essex Technical College.

Lewis commenced articles as a solicitor in 1988 but little seems to be known about his first 13 years as a solicitor (certainly I myself know nothing of it). Lewis eventually joined a firm of solicitors in Manchester as a partner, in 2001, at the age of 35. The events between then and his leaving that firm in acrimonious circumstances are opaque but it is not disputed that by or about 2009 he was either divorced or separated from his first wife, and had left that Manchester firm. He gave a newspaper interview in 2011 in which he seemed to be saying that he had had a near nervous breakdown, during which time he had a “punk” hairstyle, dressed in like manner and (if I recall aright) had a ring through either his nose or his ear. He also drove an open-top sports car. At the age of about 44…He himself has said that his earnings in or about 2009 were only about £9,000. The Disciplinary Tribunal heard that in fact he had spent nearly a year unemployed.

“Lewis was having a crisis. “I’ve got peroxide blond hair, an earring and am wearing skinny jeans to the office because I don’t give a f**k. Everything has gone wrong. Apart from losing the house and everything else, I’ve also got MS. It’s horrendous. I could have claimed benefits, but I chose not to.” [Evening Standard interview, 2011]

Lewis added, in that same interview:

“I was devastated,” he says. “I’d been turned down for so many jobs, I’m thinking to myself, I can’t go on any more, you can only get so many knockbacks. I’m giving in and going to my flat in Israel and retire in Eilat.”

Lewis joined the small London law firm, Taylor Hampton, which over the years has had mixed reviews. Even so, Lewis was only taken on as a “consultant”, i.e. a kind of semi-freelancer working on commission. This firm handled most of the briefly-notorious “phonehacking” cases. Lewis got a retainer of £6,000 gross per month. Later, he (as before) fell out with his employer and ended up years later suing them for, as he grandly told the Press, “a seven-figure sum”, but had to settle for virtually nothing in the end. The senior partner of the firm testified, diplomatically, that he “was unsure what work Mark Lewis had been doing” on the occasions when he actually attended the office!

There is a pattern here: Lewis talking big, swaggering around in showy but cheapish clothes (such as his infamous £149 Zara orange short overcoat…), telling the Press all about what huge work he is doing, what a legal star he is etc, as in a 2013 interview with an online legal site called, perhaps not so accurately, “Superlawyers”!

“I keep getting offers for my story, which is amusing,” Lewis says. “Hollywood has started talking. I guess we will soon find out who does the story. It is rather funny to see discussions as to which actor will play me in a film.” [Superlawyers interview, 2013]

So uncritical were the interviewers that their article started with:

Don’t be surprised if a film is soon made about Mark Lewis, a media law, libel and privacy lawyer with Taylor Hampton Solicitors in London. Think All the President’s Men, except, instead of a newspaper uncovering the dirty tricks of politicians and lawyers, you’d have a lawyer helping uncover the dirty tricks of certain newspapers. Instead of the president of the United States resigning (along with collateral damage), you’d have the largest circulation newspaper in the country folding (along with collateral damage).

The interviewers were perhaps unaware that the “superlawyer” being interviewed by them lived at the time in one room (a London “bedsit”)!

Another leitmotif of “Mark Lewis Lawyer” (his one-time Twitter handle), along with big self-promoting talk, is a deflated balloon at the end. So

  • Lewis was going to sue and did sue Taylor Hampton for £1M-£2M, but ended up with little more than a kick in the rear;
  • likewise, he posed as the great libel specialist: members of the public are probably unaware that defamation is not, in actuality, a very difficult area of law intellectually (and judging purely from those of his cases I myself read about, such as the elementary “Jack Monroe”/Katie Hopkins matter, the law was straightforward and the facts simple);
  • he made up a lot of nonsense when he married Z-list one-time “celebrity” Caroline Feraday (most famous perhaps for having been sacked from her BBC Radio London job via a text message!); Lewis was, they both told their tame “journalists”, going to service his American clients from their new Hollywood home, while she had been cast in an American TV sitcom, and was also writing a book in which “several studios” were interested. Why do people make up such lies? And did Lewis actually have any American clients? Possible but doubtful. A New York Times profile mentioned three possible cases with a New York nexus. As he soon discovered, he was not permitted to offer legal services in California, being unqualified in any US state. He seems not even to have known that! Or was it all just a farrago of lies and nonsense? (the marriage soon collapsed, within about a year: I am speculating, but wondered whether the pair had not in fact unconsciously or semi-consciously conned each other, the one posing as the great celebrity lawyer and the other as the famous celebrity radio and TV presenter…);
  • as a partner at the well-known medium-sized London law firm, Seddons (from 2015), on a retainer of £10,000 a month (gross), he —as at his previous firms— stopped going to the office, in this case in April 2018, apparently following a traffic accident (I myself am rather shocked that someone in his physical and mental condition was even allowed to drive a car);
  • oh, and there of course never was a Hollywood film about Lewis and/or phonehacking. In fact, tweet threads from 2013-2014 between Lewis and American lawyers revealed not only that they suspected that he was trying to get work in California while unqualified, but that they had never previously heard of him! Phonehacking was a purely UK obsession (now superseded by technology, of course).

A further leitmotif of the Mark Lewis case, along with how credulous the msm is or was about Lewis (often calling him “renowned libel lawyer”, “foremost media lawyer” etc), has been how ready they were and still are not to print anything detrimental about him, such as reporting the recent Tribunal verdict…Guilty…

The Disciplinary Tribunal Judgment

The judgment can be read in full via the link I have provided. I have examined some of the evidence, and in at least some detail, in my previous blog posts about Lewis.

Lewis told the Tribunal that he now —in the Judgment’s summary– “had no assets…owned no house…owned no car, just his clothes and a mobility scooter which he valued at about £1,200.” Also:

He had no job. His employment was terminated by Seddons [in] September 2018.

Note that last: not “he resigned”, but “his employment was terminated by” [his employers]…

I suspect that Seddons are relieved to be shot of him. “Never went to the office after April 2018…unable to write because hand paralyzed” (because of MS) etc…all that and also violently abusive while medicated (or while not medicated, as I myself discovered around 2013!). Not exactly a welcome addition to any law firm, I should have thought. [#WashedUp…]

The Judgment continues:

The Respondent [Lewis] received a Mobility Car in lieu of Disability Living Allowance.”

He appears to have given up his contemptuous dismissal of State benefits, on display in that narcissistic 2011 interview…yes, you cannot judge others until you have walked a bit in their moccasins…

Lewis’s own Counsel asked the Tribunal to take into account the fact that “[Lewis] was someone with no means at all”…

Another point made in the Judgment is that the £10,000 costs awarded against Lewis will in all likelihood not be collected, because in hardship cases like his, the Authority does not press for them. In any case, the Judgment sums could never be collected from him now that he is in Israel permanently (supposedly). I believe that I read somewhere that the monies (over £13,000) collected on Lewis’s behalf by (mainly) Jew wellwishers on crowdfunding sites will be refunded. Possibly. Or maybe the donated monies will keep him and Mandy Gargoyle in hummus and pitta bread for a while.

Previous Blog Posts on Mark Lewis


I wonder if this report (below) was true? If so, someone made a pretty silly decision back in 2002 …but that was about a decade before she made an even sillier one (getting involved with “top lawyer” Lewis)


Even Jews are (again) tweeting against Lewis

[For those who are unaware, Gideon Falter is, or wants to be considered as, a leading UK-based Jew-Zionist. He has given “disputed” testimony in a number of civil and criminal matters.

Falter has not been convicted of anything (as far as I know)].

In fact, since it became known that Lewis was abusive to a Jew (rather than non-Jews only…) his support from Jews generally has largely dried up. Et tu, Brute?

Link below: Lewis tried to get money this way too! Maybe the company below would like to redesignate him now as a Great Israeli Speaker, now that he is an Israeli citizen (though he was almost incoherent the last time I saw a clip of him making a statement…)

Update, 21 December 2018

The Jewish lobby has managed to turn up one member of the SDT panel who was not a complete doormat for Israel, and the whole cabal is now screaming and screeching about how Lewis was unfairly judged and how the Tribunal should “reconsider” its verdict etc. The behaviour of these screeching creatures is itself likely to create “anti-Semitism”!

I am wondering what the “claque” wants. After all, Lewis was not struck off the roll (as he surely would have been, decades ago…), nor even suspended. The fine was small and covered by crowdfunding. As for the costs (also crowdfunded), they will not be pressed anyway.

So what this clamour is for is to make some kind of Jewish Zionist propaganda point. Lewis will still be unemployed and unemployable even if the SDT verdict and sentence is overturned (it will not be). Lewis will still be perambulating along the Corniche (or whatever it is called) in Tel Aviv, whether on his mobility scooter or pushed in his wheelchair, whatever transpires re. any appeal.

Lewis has no reputation left, surely, not in the London legal community. I cannot see any law firm actually wanting to employ him. His best bet is for one of the Jew Zionist billionaires in the UK (or Monte?) to stake him to the tune of a hundred grand or so. Perhaps he will strike lucky that way… Come to think of it, if his fellow Zionists (“standing with Israel” from North London armchairs and Twitter accounts) value Lewis so much, they can all send him a fiver a month. Surely he has 100 admirers? Oh…

Lewis has the right of appeal (to the Administrative Court), and 21 days from 13 December (when the Judgment was published) in which to lodge an appeal. So until 3 January 2019. I doubt that he will appeal, though. It would surely be pointless (even were he to win) and might result only in another multi-day “trial” with a similar result.

Update, 22 December 2018

Jewish Zionist extremist Jonathan Hoffman (of “Sussex Friends of Israel”) has now set up a petition to the effect that the verdict and sentence in the Mark Lewis case should be declared “null and void”.

So far (at time of writing), only 224 persons have signed the petition supporting Lewis. That’s about 1 out of every 300,000 people in the UK, or to put it another way, 1 out of about every 1,200 Jews in the UK.

Hoffman seems to imagine that all that is required to void the proceedings and result of them is for the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal to make a declaration! The couple of dozen other Jew-Zionists (several of them lawyers!) who have tweeted similarly appear to be under the same delusion.

In reality, the Tribunal panel member objected to was only one of three, and was not even the Chairman of the panel. If Lewis thinks that the verdict or sentence should be set aside, he need only lodge notice of appeal by 3 January 2019. No doubt the Administrative Court will do exactly as he and/or his extremist “claque” and clique of supporters would wish (ha ha!— I am of course being heavily ironic or satirical, and quite possibly sarcastic…).

Again, I fail to see what even Lewis himself would gain from either any successful appeal (highly unlikely though such success would be) or from some unilateral act of hara-kiri by the Tribunal.

Lewis was not struck off the solicitors’ roll by the SDT; he was not even suspended. His £10,000 costs penalty, which the Tribunal implied would almost certainly not even be collected by the SRA (by reason of his impecuniosity), has been crowdfunded, as has his fine of £2,500. The SDT finding and sentence does not stop Lewis from working as a solicitor, if (a big if!) he can get any law firm to employ him, or alternatively if he complies with the necessary regulations to practise as a sole practitioner.

In reality, Lewis was leaving the UK for Israel anyway. One can see why (and it is not because he and his ghastly partner/carer are in the slightest afraid of British “anti-Semitism”): Lewis has a progressive/degenerative medical condition, MS, which has worsened in the past few years. He is unable to walk properly and has either to use a mobility scooter, or to be pushed in a wheelchair, or (until he left for Israel) to drive himself in the car supplied to him (thanks to the “antisemitic” British taxpayer…) by Motability in lieu of Disability Living Allowance.

Lewis had not attended his place of work (at Seddons, the London law firm) since March 2018, by reason of his medical condition, which was made worse by some kind of traffic accident. He became unable to write. When Seddons heard of the complaints against Lewis to the SRA (or when the upcoming Tribunal hearing was publicized), Seddons terminated Lewis’s employment, in September 2018, on 6 months’ notice, though presenting it at the time as if the reason, or sole reason, for the termination was that Lewis was emigrating permanently to Israel.

While of course I do not know the details of Lewis’s billing performance etc at Seddons, he was on a pay package of £10,000 a month (gross), presumably (educated guess) with the possibility of a bonus or percentage if he exceeded that amount of billed work over a period. In Tribunal, it was said by Lewis’s Counsel that his assets as of November 2018 were just his clothes, his mobility scooter and a pension which was worth £70 a week or less. That, and his £10,000 a month pay, payable only until March 2019.

Reading between the lines, one can see that, while Lewis’s assiduous courting of the “occupied” UK mass media brought Seddons publicity (a mixed blessing, I should have thought!), Lewis obviously was not bringing in or doing much billed work. In short, he was not worth his salt even before he stopped actual work (or even attending his office) in March 2018. Seddons seem to have treated Lewis rather well, inasmuch as they carried him totally for six months before terminating his contract. To be frank, I was astonished to read, in 2015, that a well-known firm such as Seddons had taken Lewis on. I expect that they lived to regret it.

To return to the main point, Lewis had already decided to leave the UK for Israel. He knew (probably years in advance, as I did when Jew-Zionists made malicious complaint against me to the Bar Standards Board, an analogous situation) that he was going to be “put on trial” at Tribunal and that Seddons would probably not keep him on, so he (again, educated guess and I may be mistaken) kept it quiet from Seddons as long as he could, to keep getting the £10,000 a month (after tax, assuming that he paid it, so about £7,000 a month net).

Lewis now has little future as a lawyer, but that has really nothing to do with the verdict of the Tribunal. Lewis never denied posting the violent and crazed messages wherewith he was charged. Indeed, he justified himself in respect of the non-Jew victims, though he was willing to crawl a bit to the father of the 18-y-o Jew victim.

In other words, Lewis’s behaviour was exposed at Tribunal, and even were he to appeal and to win any appeal (unlikely anyway), any potential employers or clients will be aware of what he wrote; also aware that Lewis has been and presumably still is sometimes non compos mentis by reason of either his medical condition, or its effects on the brain, or the medication used in respect of that. I would not want a lawyer like that; few would.

Lewis has also stated that he will not be making application to join the Bar of Israel.

I can only assume that Lewis will be living off a number of income sources while living in Israel:

  • his partner/carer is apparently a buy-to-let parasite in the UK and/or has other business interests; she has stated that she will be buying property in Israel;
  • Lewis will still be able to get some UK Disability Living Allowance (paid for by all those “antisemitic” British taxpayers…) in Israel, indefinitely. Yes, only up to maybe £100 a week or so, but hey!…;
  • I have no idea what disability benefits Israel offers, but I suppose that there are some;
  • Lewis has a £70 a week private pension;
  • Israel offers considerable “Aliyah” (emigration/immigration) benefits (see Notes, below), which, by the way, include a one-way free flight to Israel, financial help, housing benefit etc;
  • I would not be surprised to discover that his Jewish Zionist supporters in the UK will be covertly remitting him some charity monies informally; indeed, it is not beyond the possible that some wealthy Jews will remit him larger sums, who knows?

This individual, Lewis, is the Jew Zionist who, having conspired behind the scenes against me for years (since 2013, if not before that),

  • was one of the Jews covertly behind the malicious complaint about me to the Bar Standards Board by “UK Lawyers for Israel” (where he is or was a leading member);
  • was involved in the malicious complaint against me by the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” (where he is still an “Honorary Patron”, oddly described as Dr. Mark Lewis, maybe because he was given an honorary degree by Middlesex Poly/Uni a few years ago) to Essex Police; and
  • repeatedly tweeted about me that I was or am “a sad unemployable git” and “failure as barrister, failure as human being”!

Now look who’s talking! An incoherent, washed-up, foul-mouthed, disgraced, twice-divorced Jew Zionist, living in Israel on benefits, charity and off his “partner/carer”, and incapable of doing anything except tweeting and being pushed around in a wheelchair.


Update, 13 January 2019

Hoffman’s absurd online petition to the SRA demanding (ignorantly) that the SDT or SRA “overturn” the verdict in the Lewis case has now effectively come to its end, with 411 signatories. 411 out of about 250,000+ Jews in the UK (and about 65,000,000 non-Jews).

Update, 7 March 2019

More about the “Mark Lewis Lawyer” whom his Jew-Zionist cronies on Twitter etc always refer to as “top lawyer”, “top defamation specialist” and such nonsense; “Mark Lewis Lawyer”, such a “top lawyer” that his income is now zero and his sole assets are his cheap clothes and a mobility scooter! Sacked by his last three (or four) employers. Oh, and here is another dissatisfied former client…

Update, 23 October 2019

Seems that Lewis’s ex-wife, Caroline Feraday, has also fallen on hard times, living in a “Nowheresville” in California with her young daughter (Caroline Feraday is now a single mother). She says that she is unable to raise a mere $10,000 [£7,700], despite having some kind of (“office bod”?) job, and so has turned to GoFundMe. Strange. She was featured, in the past (in newspapers), a decade ago though, as having property of considerable value both in the UK and Brazil (in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro) as well as (since 2013) in California.

Surprisingly, she has, and within only one day (at time of writing), managed to raise nearly $2,000 of the $10,000 for which she asks.,_California

Update, 23 February 2020

Following the publication of the above article and updates, Lewis arranged to be a “partner” (a flexible term) at a small, mainly if not wholly Jewish law firm based in mews somewhere in or near Notting Hill, in West London. He seems to spend most of his time at his flat in Eilat, Israel (though at the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal in 2018, Lewis’s Counsel told those judging him that Lewis had no property…).

Lewis was retained by two notorious Jew-Zionists (an actress and a daytime TV game show presenter) to hunt down and sue ~70 Labour Party members alleged to have tweeted libellous matter. So far, no case has actually come to court, as far as I know.

Lewis also, with others (I understand from an account read that there were three law firms and also six barristers on the winning side, if I understood correctly), was recently instructed in an employment case in the High Court at London, and where the claimant was awarded substantial damages, with about a million pounds of legal costs awarded or (as I think) agreed. So presumably he will get a good cut of that.


[above: Lewis interviewed recently in London by an Internet (YouTube) “TV station”]


16 thoughts on “Self-Publicizing Supposed “Top Lawyer” Mark Lewis: Full Transcript of Disciplinary Hearing Judgment Now Released by Tribunal”

    1. Well, of course he was a lawyer/solicitor (and still is), so not actually masquerading as one; it was and is in the detail where the devil resides! Whereas I am no longer a barrister (partly due to Lewis’s abusive behaviour behind the scenes, in his chosen leading role at “UK Lawyers for Israel”, the Jew Zionist cabal that made a malicious and politically-motivated complaint against me in 2014 and continued with it until my pointless disbarment in late 2016).

      Lewis would have done better to focus on his day job. Now he is physically and mentally crippled, his sole assets (assuming that he did not perjure himself at the Tribunal) his cheap flashy clothes, a mobility scooter and a £70 a week pension.


    2. Re Fiona Onosanya, I think that it is just sick that the UK is overrun by such people. That woman is another one with a pretty basic academic background, for one thing, but why did Labour choose a black African woman (yes, born in Cambridgeshire) as candidate, especially for somewhere like Peterborough? It’s almost an insult to the people of that city.

      She obviously has very poor judgment, though she is not alone (cf. Chris Huhne, Vicky Pryce and Constance Briscoe, the ex-black barrister and ex-severe part-time judge who eventually got some of her own medicine…she did 5 months in clink and, I believe, is now on the dole, aged 61).

      Fiona Onosanya only had to accept a few penalty points and pay a small fine, had she just accepted that she was the driver. As an MP, she would probably not even have been disqualified from driving. Despite the notional “commercial property solicitor” background, she is clearly as thick as two short planks.

      Incidentally, despite her (self-drafted?) Wikipedia entry saying that “She worked as a solicitor at Eversheds, Howes Percival, Nockolds and DC Law, specialising in commercial property law”, she can have been little more than an office gopher. She worked for 4 different law firms in only 18 months! Probably no good and did little more than make coffee and read up on “diversity” regulations etc…

      Fiona Onasanya was only Admitted as solicitor at the end of 2015, and ceased working as a solicitor when elected MP for Peterborough in June 2017. 18 months. Another odd fact is that, having been born in 1983, she was only Admitted as solicitor at the age of 32. What did she do in the missing decade? On the dole? On the game? (very doubtful!). We just do not know. Another deadhead MP…



  1. Michael Crick @MichaelLCrick · 11h I have confirmed it was left-winger Pete Willsman who effectively chose Fiona Onasanya on the small Labour NEC panel which met to pick candidates at the 2017 general election for the eastern region. Quote Tweet Michael Crick @MichaelLCrick Fiona Onasanya, found guilty today, is one of the 36 new Labour MPs in 2017 – like Jared O’Mara In Sheffield Hallam – whom Labour picked without a proper selection process in 2017 – no interview, no speech, no selection by local members. Just picked by a small NEC panel. This was a tweet by journalist Michael Crick yesterday, no wonder the new “intake” – including Fiona Onusanya from Labour appears to be below par!


    1. Interesting. The recent Labour MPs are like a parody of “Left-wing Communism, An Infantile Disorder”! Black women (and incredibly thick ones, too!), the mentally and physically disabled, gays with HIV…can Labour become more of a joke? At least they, many of them, are (though in a lily-livered, weasel word, “holocaust”-believing way) anti-Zionist.


      1. The problem with these supposedly anti-Zionist MPs is that they are only concerned with Zionism in the Zionist state of Israel rather than than the Zionists engaged in anti-British activities here in our homeland. To be frank, as a nationalist, whilst I have some sympathies with Palestinians what Zionists do in Israel doesn’t concern me unless Israel threatens British national interests or world peace. Corbyn, to my mind, seems to not like Israel because he views it as some sort of white settler colonial state and being a good hard-left Labour leader he disapproves of British colonialism and thinks of Israel as being in some way connected to our history as a colonial power. Of course, Corbyn is wrong to think of Israelis as white colonial settlers as virtually no Jew in the world least of all Israeli ones would believe themselves to be white.


      2. I agree with all that, or almost all. In fact, as someone who has seen a few once-“colonial” countries, I can see that there are “elements of colonialism” in the State of Israel. After all, there were virtually no Jews in Palestine until the late 19thC and most arrived after WW2. The Jews have seized, or tricked out of the Arabs, most (I believe about 97%) of the land of the one-time Ottoman or British Mandate Palestine.

        The attitude of the Israeli Jews is a basically colonial one; it reminds me of my long visit to the then Rhodesia in 1977. I ought to add that (perhaps needless to say) I have never been to Israel. I say the foregoing “objectively”, inasmuch as I do not necessarily disfavour colonialization, in general and in principle. The Israelis *do* strike me, just objectively, as having colonial attitudes and policies, at least up to a point.

        DNA studies seem to indicate that a very high percentage, I think a majority, of the present Jewish population of Israel are not even descended from ancient “Israelites”. The “right” of the Jews to be in Palestine/Israel therefore falls, insofar as it is based on ancient settlement etc.

        I agree with you, though. Europe or (as I prefer) Eurasia (Europe and the Russophone countries and areas of Asia such as Siberia and Kazakhstan) must be our primary concern, however sorry we may feel for Arabs under Jew rule.


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