Diary Blog, 24 February 2020

Dershowitz protests (too much?)

BBC World Service, and Stephen Sackur on Hard Talk interviews (Jew Zionist) lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who says that he was introduced to (Jew Zionist) paedophile and rapist Jeffrey Epstein by (Jew Zionist) “Lady Rothschild of the UK” and her husband. There seems to be rather (((a theme))) here…

No mention on Hard Talk of the “ho” madam, the (Jew-Zionist) Ghislaine Maxwell, but she is said to be (as I guessed many months ago) hiding out in Israel, whose intelligence services she seems to have been helping for years.

Meanwhile, it seems that idiotic “royal prince” Andrew has been caught out lying about various matters again. He is a complete waste of space, and I fear that a few weeks on the fringes of the Falklands War nearly 40 years ago will not exculpate him.

Sussex sort-of royals


Spare a thought for the peabrained multikulti virtue-signallers who were all so happy that the British Royal Family had welcomed a mulatta into its “senior” ranks! Now that it has all gone to ratshit, they heap the blame on “bigots” and “racists”, not on the Royal Mulatta herself or the increasingly pathetic figure of Prince Harry.

Harry had it all, a couple of years or so ago: the adulation —or at least applause— of the mob, a carte blanche to drink and bonk his way through London, an Army service record of some honour, including two front-line deployments in Afghanistan, combined with a congruent record of involvement with military charities. However, to quote the Colonel in the 1960 film The League of Gentlemen, speaking of Major Rutland-Smith, “marriage changed all that”.



That is pretty much Harry’s story. He was easily seduced by what amounts to a mulatta adventuress. For all the talk of how MM was a film star etc, the only acting work she did where she was a “star” of sorts was a TV series called Suits, filmed in Toronto. I myself had never heard of it or of her until she married Harry, though I concede that, as a trendy C of E clergyman once told me on Twitter, I am “a bit out of the cultural loop” as far as contemporary mass or mob TV and film is concerned.

In fact, it seems that MM was making about USD $450,000 a year (for 6 years) on Suits (2010-2016), which in pounds sterling, after about 25%-30% tax, works out at about £200,000 a year net. Not bad, but not a great fortune. Before Suits, she had only a few lucrative one-off roles, paying much less than USD $200,000 a year gross, so in pounds sterling about £100,000 net per year. Her worth, in money terms, when she met Harry? About £1.2M, minus whatever she spent in those 6 years. She probably had about half a million pounds or so. Again, not bad, but a rather small fortune.

Now look! We are told that she “and Harry” have possibilities of commercial deals in the tens or even hundreds of millions. The Mulatta is not the only adventuress in world history, and Harry is not the only [well, you decide].

Keir Starmer corners the market in dullness

As I predicted, Keir Starmer is coming over as being as dull as ditchwater, but he is making that into a virtue after Labour’s years of msm-contrived sensations. He is expected to win the Labour leadership contest now.


The next General Election

Latest opinion poll. Conservatives still very high (47%) and slightly up on previous poll by same organization. Labour slightly down on 31%. LibDems 9%. I never take as serious anything under 5%. That lets out Greens and “Brexit Party” (which I am surprised still registers at all).

So far, in the rigged FPTP system, Cons are still high because Labour is still hopeless, not on Con merit, which is non-existent. The “Conservative” regime of little tyrant Boris-idiot has in fact already shown its lack of nous, but in a basically binary system is yet ahead of Labour. It may be that over time people will wake up to this stupid “government”, but that time has not yet arrived.

I blogged previously about how Boris-idiot is no good in a crisis. That is becoming obvious: flood situation, coronavirus etc, but whatever happens, this government is there for 2, 3, even nearly 4 years, and sits there unchallenged.

Importation of humanoid trash

Britain has been importing humanoid trash for decades. Example:


To what sort of society does that lead? Not only can no better society be created with such material, but even the existing reasonably civilized society (that Britain had in the 1970s or 1980s and of which remnants still exist) cannot be maintained.


More Monkey World UK…


Northern Ireland news

Presumably, 8% = “Don’t Know”. The 45% for “United Ireland” is a big increase on what it was back in the real time of The Troubles in the early 1970s. I believe that in those days the Republican/United Ireland vote was estimated at around 35%. Demographics. The mostly Catholic population has or in those days had more children. Whatever the reason, though, there may be a tipping point in the next decade: 50-50 for United Ireland v. Remain in UK, and (perhaps) a Sinn Fein government in the South.

If Northern Ireland were to split away from the UK, and if, also, Scotland were to split away, then the position of the UK would look very different, not only in terms of domestic politics but also in terms of geopolitics.

Midnight music

23 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 24 February 2020”

  1. Prince Andrew is not a good look for the House of Windsor but compared to the dim ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ Harry and the uppity Yankee trailer park trash Mulatta he isn’t too bad.

    It is high time the Queen formally expelled Meghan from the family and try and persuade Harry to see sense by divorcing her or he must lose his Royal title too.

    The Windsor clan really need to sort themselves out. As a country we can ill afford the international embarrassment too many of them create so we either have a decent Monarchy or we become a Republic.

    I hope the Harry and Meghan downmarket Dynasty/Dallas storyline comes to an end soon as the Queen will soon be having a state visit from a respectable Monarch soon ie Emperor Naruhito of Japan and his Empress and Harry and Meghans’s downmarket trash shouldn’t be allowed to overshadow their visit.

    Perhaps, Emperor Naruhito can give the House of Windsor some tips as to how to be a Monarchy a country can respect and look up to or we could kidnap Naruhito and his wife and put them on the throne of the United Kingdom?


    1. Good points. I wonder whether the British royals will last beyond the next few years. I note that their PR people are pushing Kate and William in a deliberately low-key way, doing “worthy” “royal” things (ie in contrast to the me me me Harry/Mulatta circus).


  2. Yes, Keir Starmer is not someone who will set the world alight but his dullness may come to be liked after more people tire of having a dim monkey from London Zoo posing as a PM. Lisa Nandy is not good and needs to be dumped though she does seem to have the right idea as to how to deal with the SNP ie no further appeasement which WON’T work.

    Keir is probably Labour’s best bet though that isn’t saying much when there is so much wrong with the party that needs to be corrected. Their problems go much deeper than just the leadership.

    That very high score for the CONS is disturbing because as you say this government has no intrinsic merit to it so I hope it is just a reflection upon the fact the ‘Opposition’ has gone missing in action. FPTP is a crap electoral system in many ways and the fact it wastes so many votes in the sense of those votes not electing anyone means the system tends to create just two main parties which isn’t ideal at the best of times but it is particularly so when the main opposition is navel gazing and not providing a decent opposition to hold the government to account.


    1. As you say, Labour’s leadership is not the only or even main problem. Why would people in the South (outside parts of London) vote Labour? As for the North, the newly-volatile seats up there are not Lisa Nandy’s “our communities”. The old industrial communities have not existed for years, decades even. Or is she talking about immigrant/immigrant offspring “communities”? The still majority white population (in Newcastle 85% white, though you would not think so from ITV show, Vera, and 95% overall regionally) are voting mainly on race and culture lines now.

      Labour, as I have blogged, is now basically the party of the ethnic minorities (except Jews and some Indians) and the public services (in part). It struggles to get more than a 30% vote.


  3. Yet another horrific crime in that Daily Mirror report above. Yes, what sort of decent society can be built or maintained in a country with those kind of people being imported. Not much of one I reckon. We have enough criminally-inclined scumbags of our own to deal with without these kind of low-grade people immigrating here from the most backward and violent countries. I wonder how many points that piece of excrement from Afghanistan would get under Priti Patel’s fatuous nonsense of a points-based immigration system? 🙄A system the Labour Party could have drawn-up so loony-left and avoiding of real issues is its inspiration.🙄😡🤬

    We shouldn’t really need to reintroduce hanging in this country but as it continues its descent into a crime-ridden Third World dump everywhere like London already has then this horrific prospect in liberal eyes will have to be seriously considered.

    Liberals should understand that if they don’t wish to see capital punishment being brought back then the quality of the population will have to be kept high instead by severely reducing or stopping immigration from countries like Afghanistan.

    There is a reason why most of the countries that still have the death penalty are in the Third World. It isn’t just to do with social liberalism being more likely to be found in countries with a high IQ Western population but because these Third World countries need harsh punishments to keep some form of check upon their crime rates.


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    1. Sadly, M’Lord of Essex, that Afghan detritus, or his family and friends, will not *have to* get “points” to enter the UK. He/they will enter illegally and just claim asylum. Priti Patel’s pathetic system only affects (or will affect) *legal* migrants…


      1. Indeed. As we have an estimated ILLEGAL immigration backlog of something in the order of ONE MILLION people it is evident that NO British Home Secretary either Labour OR Tory has been enforcing what little controls we do have for many years now.🤬😡🙄


      2. One example: when I was a practising barrister, I had an immigration case. A Mauritian “tourist” entered the UK for a week. He was given a tourist visa for 1 week only. This would have been about 1986 or 1988. Scroll on 5 or 7 (I forget) years. Police came looking for someone in a shared house. They did not find their quarry, but the Mauritian (who worked nights) answered that door. He was found to be an “overstayer” and was detained and questioned by immigration officials. They then *bailed* him!

        The Mauritian might have disappeared but in fact just got a solicitor. Thus it came to me eventually. About 1993. The Mauritian would have had no right to stay in the UK *but* the Court of Appeal or House of Lords (this was pre-Supreme Court) had recently decided that family life had to be taken into account. Mauritian had a British girlfriend and they were going to marry. Thus we went to High Court on judicial review.

        The matter had come almost to a hearing when the girlfriend decided that she was not going to marry him…He was thus detained again. He was *given bail* again! The IND (immigration agency then) were lucky. He honoured their trust so that he could leave his affairs in order. He was given the weekend free. He then returned to Mauritius.

        Now you see the problem: he had only been uncovered by sheer chance, was given 2 or 3 bail releases, and had the girlfriend backed him, he would have been able to stay anyway. Or, had he not been basically honest, he could have run off.


    2. Thank you, Steven, for providing that very interesting article about capital punishment by country. I believe there are two reasons why those countries (except for the USA) who keep the death penalty are Third World states.

      1) They are non-white societies, that means they have not been poisoned with the Liberal/Marxist mantra of “human rights”, “compassion”, “tolerance”, etc., because that virus was reserved for predominantly white nations, the ones marked for destruction by the Jewish NWO after WW2

      2) As a consequence of being free from the lethal Liberal virus, these countries have a realistic attitude towards crime and criminals. They know that they are dealing with the dregs of society, and they act accordingly. Regardless of how low the IQ of their population may be, the people in charge know that the death penalty is the best deterrent and the only option to keep criminals in check.

      Unfortunately, the death penalty will never be re-introduced in the UK unless a nationalist uprising would take place (something that belongs to the category of a miracle). But you never know. We must not give up. I only hope I will live to see the fall of this horrendous system.


  4. Yes, it is a ridiculous proposed system that will do little to nothing to stem the flow. A points based system can only have any merit if it is COMBINED WITH a strict annual cap on numbers but then the intention behind this proposal is only to con the gullible into believing ‘something’ is being done with regard to this important issue. It is, in short, ANOTHER TORY CON!🙄🤬😡

    Yes, illegal immigration is a big problem which useless Priti doesn’t address and nor does she in respect of letting-in the many obviously bogus ‘asylum seekers’.


  5. I think she is so crap she she should be sacked not just because of her utter failure to combat crime effectively or to control immigration properly with those numerous illegals coming in by boats in the English Channel being just one example of her failure but because she is
    a proven agent of a hostile foreign power.

    Sadly, my view is a minority one as you can see in the responses to stories about her on Jamie Byson’s Twitter account:

    There are a lot of complete idiots in this country when it comes to politics! As the saying goes a country gets the politicians it deserves.


    1. So many people want to believe…in the effectiveness of their favoured politicians, in the fairness of this or that, in the “multiracial society”, in the future….mostly illusions or mirages.


  6. Hello Ian: Thank you for the inclusion of that clip of “The League of Gentlemen” one of my favourite films and one of the best British films ever made. Jack Hawkins’ performance in it is, perhaps, the finest in his long career. By the way, did you notice how the actor that plays Major Rutland-Smith resembles Field-Marshal Alexander?

    Regarding those despicable creatures named Meghan and Harry, I think they got off lightly, they will not be able to use the HRH neither receive the “royal grant” paid by the Treasury to the members of the royal family (that means tax-payers money for doing nothing). Still, unfortunately, they will be able to make lots of money thanks to the “celebrity” status they enjoy in Canada and the US where millions of morons will be glad to fund whatever crazy scheme they come up with.

    I got some interesting information about these two from “Business Insider”, assuming it is correct they are very well-off (Meghan has about 5 million US dollars and Harry 25). If you have any doubt about her being a gold-digger, this article will dispel it.



    1. Claudius:
      I see what you mean about Alexander, though he had a more determined look. I have read Alexander’s memoirs and once, aged 20 or 21, knew a lady twice my age (at least) who very nearly became but, in the end, did not become a girlfriend and whose (understandably hostile) husband was related to the Field-Marshal.

      As for Harry and the Mulatta, what a mess! Harry must be mad.


      1. Harry must be mentally subnormal to marry that gold-digging slapper. He was born into (if you believe he IS a genuine Royal and there is some debate about that) the world’s last truely famous and important Royal Family and therefore could have had his pick of god knowns how many eligible and beautiful women from this country and around the globe but chooses this downmarket trashy Yankee tart with a family background even more dysfunctional than his own!

        This must be the best example in world history of someone marrying well beneath them and look how it has predictably turned-out!🙄


    2. You don’t even need to be aware of that article or to read it to know, instinctively, that she is a gold-digger extraordinaire. The most telling proof came even before they married when the Daily Mail published an article with a young Meghan pictured standing outside Buckingham Palace saying I will marry a British Prince one day and live in there! She has had her mind set upon snagging a British Royal for a very long time and Harry being dim fell for it.


      1. Yes, M’Lord of Essex, the Mulatta has an indomitable will. Harry, on the other hand, though indulged as “royal” from an early age, is weak, a fact of which I was initially unaware (because I take little interest in royal news etc and because I took Harry to be a straightforward character, a young officer having fun, drinking too much and painting towns red etc).


  7. “…humanoid trash…”

    See our own future, but today, if things are left to decay:

    – video version

    – audio version

    Harrowing, and in my case that was just the audio version. But it serves the useful purpose of demonstrating that once numbers reach a certain level, the sullen appearance of willingness to fit in is dropped and it’s then outright clash of tribes; the victor being predictably the one prepared to use decisive force.

    Illustrative cullings of the chatangos:

    * expert testimony of Professor Van Den Haag of NY University given to the International Court of Justice 23 June 1965 confirms that uncontrolled immigration and forced mixing of differentiated racial and ethnic populations leads to civil disorder and destabilising of society. pages 130, 166-7 mainly, http://www.icj-cij.org/docket/files/46/9297.pdf

    * some evidence exists that military intelligence regards uncorrectible internal social/state weakness as an inevitable major consequence once 10% or more of a country is of a visibly different race, irrespective of governmental steps to contain the damaging consequences. Citation: e.g. McGOVERN, W.M.: “Strategic Intelligence and the Shape of Tomorrow” (1961), pp51-53.

    And more recently: EU-Africa Declaration on Migration and Mobility http://www.africa-eu-partnership.org/
    “We express our strong and unambiguous political will to address all the challenges related to inter and intra-continental migration and mobility and to build on their opportunities.”
    – not forgetting

    Click to access 20180503_declaration-and-action-plan-marrakesh_en.pdf


    1. The Swedes deserve everything they get. They have been murdered, assaulted and raped for well over a decade, and no national movement of resistance has risen. In fact, most Western Europeans are like that, I mean absolute wimps. That is the result of 60 years of Liberal/Marxist indoctrination. Wouldn’t you despise cowards like that? Thousands of European women have been raped and hundreds of European men murdered by the invaders. How many rapists/murderers have been killed? NOT ONE!


      1. Well, it’s a global phenomenon – here at random is another, this time from Colin Flaherty who is most concerned at the rising level of Black violence faced by Jews (and Whites) in USA:


        Whilst I can sympathise with the repulsion at White inactivity (stoicism?) in the face of the onslaught I think we need to bear in mind that this is a NUMBERS game. There’s no point wasting time on hopeless cases but if Whites at large go, so do we all. Plus control of the media and education systems have much responsibility. And, of course, there’s the standard ploy of *Tertius Gaudens* – divide and conquer (or should that be divide et impera).

        A similar theme of subversion is played out here: the Establishment closing ranks and holding the interests of biological aliens above the physical and psychological safety of children, the posterity of the indigenous:


        and echoed in attitude by Baroness Professor Alexis Jay OBE / IICSA’s “Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse” finding no concerted/organised “child grooming” going on in Westminster:


        Now to the infamous remarks of Tory whip Tim Fortescue from BBC ‘Westminster’s Secret Service’ 1995:

        – they are so well known the Report could not ignore them. But here is what it states on page xiii:
        “We were prompted to consider the role of whips by concerns raised from the comments of a former Conservative Party whip, Tim Fortescue, in a BBC interview in 1995. He suggested that whips would help to cover up scandals, including, as he described it, “scandal involving small boys”. …. Based on the evidence we have seen, we cannot conclude that the whips and whips’ offices concealed or suppressed allegations of child sexual abuse by persons of public prominence, or used it as a form of leverage. We recognise that there were certain features of their work which may have assisted with an attempt to cover up such allegations, for example the collation of any possibly relevant information about parliamentarians, which was then shared within party bounds but otherwise kept confidential. Beyond that, we do not have evidence that allegations of child sexual abuse were known about or concealed by the whips’ offices.”

        That looks to me more plausibly like connivance.

        Thought for the day:



      2. Wigger:
        Your reply of course was to Claudius, not to me. The corruption and, to use an ecclesiastical term, *sin* of that Conservative ex-Whip was palpable in that interview, nicht wahr?


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