Diary Blog, 23 February 2020

Andrew Marr Show

Newspaper review: Andrew Marr with two not very interesting women, one a newspaper journalist or editor, the other being Sarah Vine (looking at her, presumably Jewish or part-Jew), who is also the wife of —pro-Israel and pro-Jewish lobby— expenses cheat and cocaine-sniveller Michael Gove, a Cabinet minister [switches off…].

Useless drone Prince Andrew under more pressure



I dare say that the “royal prince’s” Google searches now include the enquiry “what is Royal Immunity and does it cover royal princes outside the scope of their official duties?”!

Interesting short film

I was sent this short film. Worth watching.


Meine Ehre heisst Treue

There will be men who even without mentioning us because they will not be allowed or because they will fear to do so, will try to travel on that path of ours. And they will be fought and betrayed just as we were. But in the end, we will win, because good and true always triumphs over this world.” [Goebbels, 1945]


Labour in the South of England


A Financial Times report and analysis by Sebastian Payne. Worth reading despite having been published a couple of weeks ago (and despite the fact that London-oriented Payne regards Swindon as being situate in the “south east”).

Priti Patel

What is worst, a Cabinet minister who is too thick for her job, one who is an Israeli agent of influence (maybe not just of influence), or one who is simply deceitful, unreliable and malicious? With Priti Patel, you don’t have to choose: she hits all of those…


They don’t have confidence in her abilities.” [anonymous official source]

Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott has confirmed she will be stepping down as shadow home secretary when the next Labour leader is elected.” [Daily Mail]


Labour just increased its future electoral chances significantly.

A good joke never ages:

Midnight music

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 February 2020”

    1. Claudius:
      Absolutely crazy. I suppose that one might respect his courage, but some people simply have no fear by reason of brain abnormality. Fear after all is a congenital survival mechanism or quality.


  1. Hello Ian: What is your opinion of Julian Assange?

    For me, he was a nobody that the system made into somebody. His useless “Wikileaks” never leaked anything important. He pretended to be “anti-establishment”, but he was from the very beginning “controlled opposition.”

    The fact that he never said a word about the worldwide Jewish tyranny and the criminal state of IsraHell is very revealing. His supporters are a bunch of loonies (hippies, lefties, libertarians, etc.) that is also very revealing. I couldn’t care less for him.


    1. Claudius:
      While I am not a pro-Assange partisan, I think that Wikileaks did reveal some significant information, for example that Ruth Smeeth (the former MP) was a source whom the US Embassy wanted “strictly protected”.

      I do not purport to be greatly knowledgeable about Wikileaks in terms of detail.

      The Jews on Twitter in the UK are all very anti-Assange, which tells me something.

      Assange himself seems to be someone with few ideals, but I say that not knowing a great deal about Assange in detail. I do think that he has been given, in the old American term, “a bum steer”. If he gets sent to the USA, he will basically be buried alive, and I should like him to avoid that, if only for reasons of compassion. His mental health is obviously fragile.


      1. Hello: I didn’t know about the Twitter crowd being anti-Assange, that is rather strange. Maybe I am harsh on him because I am fed up with the whole circus created by the media. Strictly speaking, he is NOT an enemy. Therefore I do not wish him any harm. The point is that I only care for those who suffer persecution for fighting “the enemies of mankind” like someone in Germany described them.

        You are right regarding the fact that we know very little about him. I think that his ignorance about the JQ was quite tragic. He was/is just a silly libertarian with some naive and foolish ideas about free speech and didn’t know the real enemy. Still, the vindictiveness of the system is surprising considering, as I said, that he never attacked “the bad guys”.


      2. Claudius:
        That is my point. The NWO and ZOG combine wants Assange punished for the leak of connections between Israel and the main players in Washington and London (etc). Assange himself (as seen on TV) I always thought underwhelming, someone without deep cultural roots, the sort of person one might meet in backpacker-land, whether in Thailand, India, the Middle East or Europe. A drifter.


  2. Priti Patel is indeed thick, malicious and a proven agent of a foreign power that is not too friendly towards us (notorious former PM, Menachem Begin, is said to have sold Exocet middles to Argentina during the Falklands’ War) but who cares! Those are all trifling things to take into consideration. She DOES tick three important boxes with the third connected to the first two ie she is of Indian ethnicity, she is a woman and she is Home Secretary and thus in charge of our non-existent borders and is therefore the CON Party’s way of saying to native Britons THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY NOW so eff off and die!

    If only the terminally dim voters in this country would realise the CON Party is full to the brim with anti-British globalist open borders supporting liberals but they would prefer to watch I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!


    1. M’Lord of Essex, you are quite right. I would wager that more virtue-signalling “tears” were shed over the self-inflicted death of one “reality TV” narcissist recently than over all the tens of thousands of people killed by “Conservative” Party policies in the past decade.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Indeed. This is the sort of inane stupidity we nationalists are up against: https://Twitter.com/nickreeves9876

    Apparently, this idiot is a former Tory who has gone into a four year old and counting strop because his former party called a referendum on EU membership and his side didn’t win it. With people like him on the Remainers’ side it is no wonder they lost!

    He needs to quit his whining as the CON Party is still very much a globalist one so he should still feel ok supporting it! The CONS haven’t turned into the BNP!🙄🙄🙄

    Look how he points to the latest lunatic article in the Guardian rag denouncing Priti Patel and Sajid Javid!🙄🙄🙄

    What is wrong with a government having a nationalist philosophy? Japan and South Korea haven’t done badly with that ideological basis to their administrations!


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