Diary Blog, 25-26 February 2020

Was just watching the first episode of that excellent series, Reilly, Ace of Spies [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reilly,_Ace_of_Spies], now being reshown on Talking Pictures TV. What was and is so good about the series was that it keeps pretty closely to the known historical narrative. The only irritant is that, in the credits, the theme music, in fact the Romance from the suite The Gadfly, by Shostakovitch, is credited as having been “composed and directed by Harry Rabinowitz” (a South African Jew)! Disgraceful, though it may not have been Rabinowitz’s fault that he was wrongly credited as composer.


Seems to be still spreading, expanding its range. Italy hard hit. I saw a graphic recently re. personal hygiene, washing hands etc in various countries of Europe. Italy was at or near the bottom of the scale. That may well be significant.

My Australian niece has just returned to London from Venice. She went there for the carnival, only to find most events cancelled. This is getting serious. We are told that 80% of people who get the virus have symptoms so mild that no medical help is required. However, that still leaves 20% who do require at least some help. About 2% of the whole are dying. If it became widespread in the UK and affected, say, a million people, that would mean that 20,000 would die and another 180,000 would require NHS help.

How would the already-overstretched NHS cope? Probably not at all well. The tabloid Press has behaved with its usual panic-stricken lack of caution, predicting half a million deaths in the UK:


The hope seems to be that this virus is more virulent in colder weather, meaning that, with the arrival of Spring and Summer across Europe and Asia, its effect overall may be blunted. Let us hope so.

Meanwhile, the Chinese (and China seems to be the source of all recent major infectious disease outbreaks except Ebola) are taking no chances!

Jew-Zionist “lawfare”

The malicious Jew-Zionist cabal known as “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA” is continuing its abuse of the English legal system.


I have blogged about these evil “people” in the past:



The last laugh?

This made me laugh:

“Boris is no good in a crisis”

You heard it first here. I was blogging about Boris-idiot’s inability to face, let alone handle, a crisis years ago! Before that idiot became PM, even before his disastrous tenure as Foreign Secretary. I tweeted about it until mid-2018 (when the Jews had me expelled from Twitter). I continue to blog about it. Now, finally, people are waking up, slowly. Here is the always-amusing and often correct “Artist Taxi Driver”:

I had not heard the rumour that Boris-idiot cannot appear in public because his allegedly pregnant “ho”, Carrie Symonds (who, despite surpassing ignorance, exercises considerable influence behind the scenes at No.10), has given Boris-idiot a black eye. If “Artist Taxi Driver” is correct, the alleged black eye was not bestowed on Boris-idiot for his shambolic joke-prime ministership but because the idiot posing as Prime Minister has been indulging in yet more fornication, and his “No.1 Ho” objects to that.

Tweets are not friendly to Boris-idiot…


Labour leadership

Just saw this very pertinent tweet about the Jew influence in Labour and how the three remaining candidates for leader have sold themselves:

…and the tweet below by Asa Winstanley is also very relevant, but the “anti-racist” me-too idiots in Labour have made fools of themselves. They oppose Jew exploitation in Palestine/Israel, oppose Zionist propaganda and warmongering by Israel, but pay lip-service to the foundations of the Israeli state! I mean:

  • the “holocaust” narrative, much of which is a farrago of lies, hoaxes, fakery and propaganda, protected in much of Europe by mediaeval-style “heresy” laws criminalizing “denial” (free historical examination and debate);
  • unwillingness to criticize or even see the exploitation, by Jews, of non-Jews outside the Middle East.

Labour is as good as doomed except as a fake “opposition” (as it was in the recent past too), controlled by the Israel lobby or Jewish lobby, unable to address the issues facing most British people, pro-mass immigration etc.

The question arises, if (when) the “Conservative” government is exposed as useless, to what can the British people turn, when the only “alternative” is an arguably even more useless “Labour” Party?

A social-national movement must arise, but as yet does not even exist.

Murder by another name

The fact is that Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, Alistair Darling, the jew “lord” Freud, Esther McVey, David Gauke, the heads of ATOS, Capita etc have never been punished for their crimes against the people. Not yet, anyway.

The legs of the traitor are not as long as the arms of the Cheka“… [Russian Civil War slogan]

Antisemitism! Antisemitism! I am a victim of anti-Semitism!


An enemy of the British people tweets, supporting traitors and inciting violence to stop planes taking off

Britain, 2020


Britain and especially London is now a dustbin full of trash.

Midnight music

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25-26 February 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: I was reflecting on the awful fall of standards in education over the last 40 years. Not only in my country but also in England and (I assume) the rest of Europe. I came across an interesting article from John Tyndall’s on-line magazine “Spearhead” (highly recommended please visit: spearhead.co.uk).

    It was written in 2002, but it could have been written last week. As a former barrister, I am sure you will find the observations regarding the abolition of the LSF (Law Society Finals) quite interesting.



    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. Yes, very true. Standards at the Bar have fallen too. I was at the Inns of Court School 1987-88, though Called to the Bar in 1991, having spent most of the intervening time in the USA (where I passed the New York Bar exam, then being Admitted there too). At that time, all persons wishing to be Called to the Bar of England and Wales had to go to the Inns of Court School of Law (Scotland of course has its own system).

      Some time later, in the 1990s, the system was opened up. You now have all sorts of places approved as offering a “Bar” course. The fall in standards has been noticeable. Not only in terms of knowledge of law but in terms of general background.

      People now look at the superficialities and not at the realities. When I was at the ICSL, students needed a 2:2 degree or better. Almost everyone had a 2:2. That had been so since a minimum had been introduced.Tony Blair had a 2:2, Michael Mansfield had a 2:2. Now, the min. is a 2:1, but the point is that a 2:1 now is not even as good really as was a 2:2 in 1987 or before. As far as Oxbridge is concerned (all subjects), something like 40% are getting FIRSTS now! About 94% get “Firsts” or 2:1 degrees!

      I may be on shaky ground talking about *solicitors* but I think that the same applies, mutatis mutandis. That ridiculous monkey Fiona Onasanya was a solicitor! Rebecca Long Bailey is a solicitor, having apparently passed or completed “modules” and bits and pieces to “qualify”.

      Same applies across the board. Whenever some girl aged 18, 16 or whatever dies from a drug overdose in a nightclub, the msm usually reports (using Americanese) that she was a “straight A student” etc. Of course she was; you have to be pretty idiotic to get anything less now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Even though standards are dropping in the law as you say and across the board in the education system and other fields of national life you still have to be moderately intelligent to be a solicitor or a QC/KC.

    I think being a QC/KC must be an interesting job to do a lot of the time. When this Brexit farce was at its height last Autumn I watched the coverage of the Supreme Court case on YouTube. I was impressed by how most of the participants put their cases though I had little doubt Gina Miller’s lawyers would win because I thought, on balance, that her QC’s put their arguments better than the government’s ones did. Yes, it is noteworthy that even with the same material to work with winning a case can come down to the skill of the lawyer or lawyers and how they put it over to a judge and/or jury. There can be quite a lot of skill involved on their part with regard to this which is impressive.


    1. Yes, in a minority of cases the skill of the advocate is key. If you want to read about it, I recommend The Art of the Advocate by Richard du Cann (QC). Legal knowledge and skill of advocacy are two separate things. They come together in the best of the Bar.

      Naturally, in a *criminal* case, particularly a jury case, advocacy is at the fore and can make a great difference not only in whether there is an acquittal but also in areas such as sentencing (perhaps reducing the years handed down or reducing a custodial sentence to non-custodial).The latter applies in the mags as well as the Crown Court.

      In a civil case before a single judge (or on appeal, perhaps before 3, 5 or even —Supreme Court– more judges), advocacy is still important, but requires thorough grasp of the law as well, perhaps I should say a *more* thorough grasp.


  3. Yes, I find the Artist Taxi Driver to be pretty amusing most of the time as well. He cracks me up! Of course, he is a Labour leftie which makes him wrong a lot of the time though not always but yeah he is a laugh.

    Yes, those tweets are certainly not complimentary to our clown of a PM. I hope I don’t sound like I am blowing my own trumpet here but I am pretty proud of the fact I’ve always though Boris-Idiot was useless and not worthy of being PM and so I am proud that I didn’t vote Tory in December like I am equally proud that I saw the faults in Tony Blair before he was elected and didn’t vote Labour in 1997.

    I wonder why Priti Patel and Rishi whatever his surname is have been appointed to prominent cabinet posts for? Yes, because they are ethnics so the Tories can gain PC Brownie points from the left-Liberal globalist media but also because Boris would be shown to be even more out of his depth if there were more capable people in Cabinet.

    I do love that Joker portrayal of Boris-Idiot shown on that Cornwall For The EU tweet.


  4. Perhaps the reason why Jeremy Hunt retired to the backbenches was because he didn’t want to associate himself with all the goons like Esther McVey, Priti Patel etc that he knew Boris was likely to appoint. Jeremy was, after all, one of the very few half-way talented cabinet Tory cabinet ministers since 2010.


    1. If Boris-idiot, for whatever reason, ceased to be PM, or were no longer Conservative Party leader, Hunt might well be prime to replace him. He is distancing himself from the Boris-idiot train crash.


  5. Hello Ian:

    Regarding your latest post on coronavirus, I am sending you an interesting article that puts this case in the context of international politics, globalisation, and the NWO’s agenda. I think the author made some good points. Mind you, this is just speculation. Personally, I cannot help thinking that there is a lot of scaremongering going on.



    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I do not have a developed view on the coronavirus situation except that it seems that it could still go either way in terms both of spread and in terms of effects.


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