Diary Blog, 1 May 2020

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.

Denmark and the Czech Republic have said partially easing their lockdowns has not led to a surge in new coronavirus infections” [Guardian]


More from the minor academic enablers of the new UK toytown police state

Keeping the over-50s in isolation longer and requiring people to prove their age when out and about is ‘the safest way out of lockdown’, researchers claim.

A Warwick University study found that a ‘rolling age-release strategy’ was the best option to end the lockdown introduced to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The strategy proposed by researchers is based on the fact that death rates from COVID-19 among 50-year-olds are 20 times higher than deaths among 20-year-olds. 

Study authors wrote that that police officers would have to be given the power to fine those caught breaking the age rule to ensure it was followed.


The sheer cheek of the bastards! Everyone over 50 to be placed under house arrest “for their own good”, supposedly! It’s about time for there to be a national revolution in this country, to recover proper civil rights for British people, not the fake version peddled for 30 years. First up against the wall to be fake “experts” and minor official bullies but, even before these, those who make careers and money out of pretending to have the right to rule.

If anything like the measures proposed in the Warwick University study were implemented, the present government of idiots would do what Lenin, Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Margaret Thatcher failed to do, i.e. rouse the British people from their torpor, get them up on their feet and away from their (increasingly-Soviet style) TV boredom, and onto the streets.

Oh, look! The toytown police are at it again!

“An impromptu classical orchestra was shut down after police feared it would cause quarantined neighbours to flout lockdown measures amid the coronavirus outbreak.



The UK is about to hit an economic reef that will knock the stuffing out of the present system. Millions on the dole, millions in unsustainable mortgage debt and, very likely and before long, a house price crash and millions of mortgage-holders in negative equity.

I apprehend that, before very long, even the compliant serf-mob “clapping for the NHS” etc will be rooting out their pitchforks.

Tweets seen

Perhaps I should (not for the first time) explain why I have been republishing so many of the tweets of Peter Hitchens. I do not agree with everything that he tweets or writes, especially about society generally, but as far as the Coronavirus situation, “crisis” and panic is concerned, he has been and is overwhelmingly right, in my view. It is therefore easier to republish his tweets than to write effectively the same views anew.

If anyone wants to see my assessment of Hitchens generally, here is my blog post from a year ago:


More tweets

38 MILLION unemployed in the USA! Already. Here in the UK, the policy is not identical. We have the “kick the can down the road” “furlough” policy. That ends in June. Will the government continue it? The costs are enormous. However, many of those furloughed will find, in all likelihood, that they have no jobs to which to return once the wrongheaded “lockdown” is lifted. The same will be true of the very small business operators.

Bloomberg and other organizations say that UK unemployment will exceed the 12% that the Thatcher government achieved or suffered in 1984. The money received by (and by any other word) dole claimants in 2020 is far less in real terms than it was in 1984, thanks to Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, the Jew “lord” Freud etc. One sees huge discontent ahead.

As I predicted about 2 months ago, the “recovery” will not be the “V” type predicted by the pathetic Office of Budget Responsibility but more like an “L”-shaped non-recovery. Britain’s biggest trading partner is Germany, followed by the USA, as far as I am aware. Both are being badly hit economically.


[above: biggest trading partners in geographical Europe. See how many have Germany as their biggest partner; over 20 countries]

More tweets


Wearing facemasks or scarves impacts little on the transmission of “the virus”, though it may protect the odd person from being sneezed on; that’s true. As against that, again we see huge disproportion (as with the “lockdown”): millions forced to do something with the supposed aim of protecting a few, despite little evidence that it works. Steamroller going over any reasonable idea of civil or individual rights, too.

As I blogged before, the criminals will love this! Perfect cover and disguise. Eyewitness evidence even less reliable than usual; cctv far less useful to police and prosecutors. Not only because the alleged perpetrators will have been wearing masks or scarves but because everyone else in the area will have been! Perfect conditions for “reasonable doubt” (assuming that the police can identify a plausible defendant in the first place).

David Icke

I have never met David Icke, though I heard him speak once (at Wigmore Hall, Marylebone, sometime in the early 1990s, I think). He used to follow my Twitter account, before the Jews had me expelled, and he follows very few people, so he cannot be bad! Anyway, (((they))) are trying to shut him up by taking away his online platforms. Facebook has now censored Icke permanently. See the tweet by Jewish Zionist Rachel Riley, below:

Still clapping for NHS?


End the “lockdown” now!

Tweets seen

This amused me. It’s so true…


This (below) is also very true, but is far less amusing…

A few late tweets by Hitchens with which I agree

10 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 1 May 2020”

  1. They’ve surely got it in for the over-50s – people who can remember better times, and maybe even ratiocinate a bit now and then!

    Logan’s Run (1976)

    Roseanne Barr of all people has smelt the same rat. “They” want the useless eaters dead, and “they” also want said useless eaters’ stuff.

    Hitchens: “The crashing of the economy crazy and counterproductive on its own terms.” Or maybe just Conservatives doing “creative chaos” for their overlords?

    Will we next be ordered to assemble – suitably spaced out for ease of remote identification – at airports to applaud the heroic return of stranded “Brits”?






    1. Wigger:
      Yes. Amazing, nicht wahr, how quickly every decency has collapsed, along with every termite-riddled UK institution? The police (become petty tyrants and bullies), the TV, inc BBC (become terminally boring propaganda channels), the court system and legal framework (partly closed-down, trials stopped or run “virtually”, and fairness thrown out the window), the economy (trashed), Parliament (closed down, in effect), civil rights (all but suspended) etc…and the serf-citizens told to applaud their servitude every week at a mandated time.


      1. This useless ‘government’ of Tory cretins and buffoons SHOULD be criticised but NOT necessarily on the grounds of their being ‘authoritarians’ at this time. Their lockdown is too strict in some ways but NOT hardline enough in others ie we STILL haven’t got effective and wide-ranging travel restrictions at airports and ports ie only the other day an American reporter for NBC Nightly News on YouTube was able to catch a flight from Heathrow to Sweden to do a report on how they were dealing with the crisis.


  2. I can only support it in limited areas like most LGBT rights and basic freedom of speech etc. What is needed is NOT a perpetual drive to ‘slim down the state’ or worrying about its size but to seek to have the GOOD state and an ENABLING one which could be a large state or a small one.


  3. Peter Hitchens seems to be under the misapprehension the Left has historically not supported a powerful state. .If he believes this is not the case where does Communism fall on the political spectrum then?


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      The socialist/Communist political parties in the UK have traditionally nor supported the *British* forces. An exception was in WW2, when the Labour Party and most of its MPs and rank and file supported the war from the outset, though the CPGB was anti-war 1939-41, but changed tune when its beloved Soviet Union was attacked!


      1. The British government even then showed its globalist, anti-British bias by banning the BUF and locking-up Sir Oswald Mosley and his fragrant wife, Lady Diana whilst leaving the equally anti-war British Communist Party to spread its propaganda. Unlike Sir Oswald and Lady Diana these people were not British patriots or war heroes in the main from WW1 like Mosley was. What happened to Mosley and Lady Diana would have been a disgrace at the best of times considering his war record but especially as one of the war aims was supposedly about protecting ‘democracy’ in Europe.🙄


      2. The Communist Party urchins were ‘undermining’ the war effort too yet were not banned whilst the BUF was. Sir Oswald opposed the war because he thought it wasn’t in the best long term interests of this country (and who can genuinely say he was wrong looking at this country’s sad decline since 1945?) yet despite that he didn’t advocate surrender to Nazi Germany but a position of armed neutrality ie ‘Minding Britain’s Business’ and he instructed his followers to oppose any possible German invasion with all they had within them.

        Post war he and his followers were branded ‘traitors’ yet some of the first people killed in WW2 on our side had been members of the BUF! It was totally unjust what happened to him, Lady Diana and his party and it will be a stain on the British government that will live in infamy for decades, if not centuries, to come.


  4. I suppose we have always had a tendency in this country towards this American import of libertarianism since we didn’t have peacetime conscription (apart from the short time period of the late 1940’s and 1959’s) even when a case could be made for it ie we were running a large, overseas Empire and the nearby continent of Europe had it and were always a potential military threat to us.

    But hey, restricting the personal freedom of young men by conscripting them into the nation’s armed forces is worse than building decently-sized armed forces that could defend the homeland and secure an Empire!🙄


  5. We should be banning non essential visits from Americans to take just one example. After all, some loony states there have decided watching films in cinemas is more important than people’s health!

    If this grotesquely irresponsible government had banned most travel here in February/early March then we might even have got Covid-19 in the country and therefore having no need for a lockdown in the first place. Some small countries in the South Pacific did that and still have no cases!


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