Diary Blog, 2-3 May 2020

“Social distancing”

The only point at which I agree with “social distancing” is that it is common sense to avoid coming within a foot or two  (i.e. far less than one metre) of people, just in case one of those nearby people were to sneeze or breathe excitedly on one, unlikely though that may be anyway. That should, however, be a personal choice, not a State-mandated compulsion.

I cannot wait to see whether the conforming rabbits in the line outside Waitrose will automatically adjust to any new “advice” from this hapless hopeless government of fools to the effect that one metre rather than two is OK. Psychological serfdom. Day 1— two metres; day 2— one metre. All line up at the approved distance, shop for “essentials”, then go home to stand at the door and “clap for the NHS”, making sure to note whether any dangerous dissidents are not clapping (cf. North Korea and Stalin’s Russia).

“Clap for the NHS”?

The British people have developed (or been forced by politically-correct termites in government, Common Purpose etc to develop) a kind of religion-substitute. NHS. You cannot discuss healthcare or health outcomes rationally in the UK because the health service is a kind of quasi-religion.

I favour the NHS in principle, but it has become an immobile, often poorly-functioning special interest bloc. One should not forget that it employs over 2 million people, so is politically powerful. Inertia is huge. In a crisis, the NHS flounders, cannot properly equip its staff, and is focussed on keeping up its image.

Other tweets seen

Ha ha! Look at this idiot! (below) [update note: that tweet from a Scotsman has now been deleted, apparently]. Thinks that State benefits and pensions (which are far less than average pay) should be cut to 80% of their present level to “share the pain” with those “furloughed”!

This ******* country has just gone mad. Look at the tweets by @JimBruce100, below, for example.

The same Irishman, “J.P. Bruce”, tweeted this (below)!

Read this. Hitchens is right…


and look at this! “Ministers will allow…“…! So the pack of Jews, part-Jews, Indians and God knows what, that now constitutes the government of this country, will “allow” British people to picnic with their family and/or “exercise several times a day.” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8281123/Britons-allowed-exercise-times-day-stage-relaxing-lockdown.html


What does it actually take for British people to ignore these “rules” and petty instant laws, and run a huge steamroller over “lockdown”, the toytown police, Boris-idiot, little Matt Hancock etc?

Public-private partnership— to brainwash the population

Since the Coronavirus situation began, followed and accompanied by the “Clap for NHS” stuff, I have noticed a considerable upswing in the notionally “private enterprise” organizations putting out what amounts to multikulti propaganda. You know the sort of thing: mixed race families, usually with a black, West Indian man and a white, usually blonde “wife” or other “partner”, their mixed-race children there too. A few of these propaganda ads even have two or more such multikulti “families” in the same clips.

I have blogged previously about this phenomenon:


This is no accident. Various ad agencies, numerous clients (fooled into allowing such stuff to go out under their corporate names), all dovetailing with System aims and purposes, including the recent “lockdown” nonsense.

We often hear about how, in Russia, Putin, the Russian state and its organs are tied to big business in an unholy alliance. Maybe we should look a bit closer home…

David Icke

People starting to wonder “what happened to free speech” in the UK. (((They))) stole it…

The removal of dissident material from public view did not start with David Icke. I was removed from Twitter in 2018; Alison Chabloz has also been removed (and subjected to prosecution). The London Forum had its YouTube channel removed. Just a few examples.

Who or what is behind all this? Three guesses…


Others join in, notably the idiotic pseudo-socialist “antifa” rank and file, but behind all that is the same impetus, the same world-problem.

Some people seem, even now, to be surprised that they do not live in a “free country”, even after having been subjected to mass house arrest, arbitrary harassment by toytown police for “crimes” such as sunbathing, going for a motorbike ride in the country, sitting on a park bench, walking along a beach etc. For God’s sake, robots, wake up!

Below, idiotic Welsh woman wants everyone who expresses any opinion, that is with which her little brainwashed self does not agree, to be banned! Sign of the times…


Interesting! (see below)

On the subject of the BBC, it has become a “State broadcaster” in the worst sense. More boring and more biased than the old Soviet TV channels. I regret to have to say (as someone in favour of public service broadcasting) that the BBC is basically enemy propaganda now, and its staff are part of that.

Below, a fine example of how the self-described “Left” (pseudo-socialists) have lost all credibility and all ideological meaning. A wannabee msm scribbler lesbian applauds the censorship of David Icke and justifies it by his supposed breaking of the “terms and conditions” of a private enterprise…


I have to admit that, until today, I had no idea that the drink, Fanta, was invented in wartime Germany, and was the result of the US embargo, which cut off supplies of raw materials, meaning that Coca-Cola could not be produced in Germany.


A quite interesting article. Fanta was developed in Germany during WW2, but the usual orange flavour of today was introduced in Naples, in 1955. I was also unaware that there are over 90 (the article says both 90+ and 100+…) varieties of Fanta.

This made me laugh:


75th anniversary version[edit]

In February 2015, a 75th-anniversary version of Fanta was released in Germany. Packaged in glass bottles evoking the original design and with an authentic original wartime flavor including 30% whey and pomace, it is described on the packaging as “less sweet” and a German original. An associated television ad referenced the history of the drink and said the Coca-Cola company wanted to bring back “the feeling of the Good Old Times” which was interpreted by many to mean Nazi rule. The ad was subsequently replaced.[9][10]” [Wikipedia]

Come to think of it, whatever happened to Tab, which was an early precursor to Diet Coke? My aunt-by-marriage in Sydney always drank that, circa 1967.

Ah…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tab_(drink) (but no photos of 1960s bottles, only cans).

EU Brexit

The latest ploy to create BRINO (Brexit In Name Only)?

Tweets seen

Censorship by the international conspiracy (public-private matrix)

Below: Look at the tweet by “@AvifaunaLux”! What incredible nonsense people believe of “the past”, when they were not there, or even were there but have forgotten what it was like in reality…

It is seen all the time, this idea that, eg, the 1970s were drab days of no electrical supply (by reason of strikes) and “three day weeks”. That was a mere few weeks out of 10 years!  One year only, 1974 (plus the “winter of discontent” in 1978-79 (again a few weeks only for most people): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-Day_Week#The_Three-Day_Week

Likewise, we see, all the time, nonsense on TV about how food was terrible in the UK in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, even 1990s! I am tempted to think it all part of a media campaign to think our ghastly present is somehow good or “the best ever”, when that is far from the case.

Just yesterday I saw a tweet from a very odd official Hampshire Police account (@WatersideCops) to the effect that we are in an “ever-improving society”! Not for the first time, I wonder who is actually in charge of that very tendentious Twitter account. Some Common Purpose “alumna” (or alumnus, though I think not…)? An ideologically-fanatical infiltrator? Very odd indeed.

Lord Sumption


17 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2-3 May 2020”

  1. This is where I am inclined to agree with Peter Hitchens. Yes, the NHS has become a national religion which no one can be critical of without being denounced as a heretic. As you say, the NHS often performs quite poorly is some respects ie cancer survival rates.

    Its underlying principles of providing universal health coverage on the basis of need and not on the wealth of the patient is a fine and honourable one but is the NHS model the ONLY way of doing this? I think not. When this is over, then it might be a good idea to look at how other countries organise health provision such as South Korea, Taiwan, France or Germany.

    I believe I am correct in stating that both South Korea and Taiwan are said to be amongst the counties with the best systems.


  2. Although none of us pro-British nationalist people like this collection of manifestly incompetent weirdos, cretins, never-do-wells of many foreign extraction origins headed by the half-Turk/part-Jew/part god knows what Coco The Clown figure that poses as ‘our’ government we shouldn’t be critical of the lockdown in that way.

    The truth is a competent nationalist administration would have also imposed a lockdown too though our one would be TOUGHER in some respects ie travel restrictions at airports and elsewhere and a bit softer in other ways. Ours would have been more effective for having been imposed earlier.


  3. That Welsh woman is a perfect example of the political opinions of far too many people of the fairer sex and why it might have been a good idea for this country to have been like the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein where women were not allowed to vote until as late as 1984! Infact, it might be a good idea if we copied Liechtenstein in some other ways like having a Monarch who can sack a PM or government. At least their Head of State is a REAL one with REAL powers instead of being a Tory globalist rubber stamp like Elisabeth is.


  4. I agree with state-mandated social distancing. Ideally, using the power of the state should not be necessary but l’m afraid there are too many people in the population who can’t be trusted to do the right thing and to look out for the interests of others.

    Remember, that although this virus isn’t comparable to The Plague/Black Death it is still more than just the flu so the country and it’s government need to take it seriously.

    Also, a point too many people forget is that these measures are intended to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed thereby freeing capacity for patients having other serious problems like heart attacks, strokes, etc.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, it has been exposed that the NHS has in fact been clearing other patients out at such a rate that there are tens of thousands of empty beds at present across the NHS. That’s not including the empty “Nightingale” hospitals.

      The “lockdown” is not “too little too late” but “too much too soon”.

      My opinion? This peaked some time ago, possibly over a month ago. The government has over-reacted, not done much that is right, and has in the process destroyed the remnants of civil rights as well as the economy. Madness.


      1. Why is our death rate so appallingly bad then if the restrictions are too harsh? The figure is a total national disgrace and is now higher than France’s, Italy’s and Spain’s and second only to America’s – a country of over three hundred million people.

        Is the NHS really THAT bad? It surely isn’t. This government of incompetent muppets ‘led’ led by the wholly out of his depth figure of Coco The Clown should hang their heads in shame over our figures.🤬😡☹️😞


      2. One of the difficulties in discussing the Coronavirus toll is that different countries are counting different tolls in different ways. That is even leaving aside outright fraud on the numbers by some countries.


  5. We both agree that the NHS has significant weak points and although it is quite good it is not the world’s best health service. Put frankly, the NHS WOULD struggle to cope if there were many more people infected and needing to go to hospital and this would be the case for better health care systems such as South Korea’s.


  6. Related to my last point, it isn’t just elderly people who can suddenly need the NHS by having a heart attack or a stroke but also younger people too. About a year or so ago, I choked pretty badly on a piece of Marks and Spencer’s Aberdeen Angus beef one Sunday and those nearby me called upon the NHS for assistance.


  7. An NHS first responder arrived with his equipment in an ambulance car. Luckily, whilst he was with me I managed to clear my throat myself but I could have needed the man to do some dramatic actions or he would have found it necessary to take me to the nearest NHS emergency unit if I hadn’t expired already that is!

    It was an awful experience and left me shake-up a lot but it illustrates how the NHS can be needed by people who are not very advanced in years and therefore not having the heart attacks or strokes that elderly people have more often.


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you. If 50 or 100 (or more) are being “caught” every day (and then directed to free shelter, food and cash), then 500-1,000 are getting through illegally in trucks and car boots. That’s not even including “legal” migrants (invaders)…


    2. That pubs are closed and borders wide open says all you need to know about this repulsive, anti-British, and hugely incompetent administration and is proof of their globalist, anti-British mindset.

      Not that I disagree with pubs being closed but I do strongly object to no effective border control measures being imposed during a worldwide health pandemic.


      1. Indeed, M’Lord of Essex.

        I have just finished a blog post about Labour (you must remember them…). An invisible and pointless “Opposition”. Meanwhile, the invaders flood in.


  8. Libertarian nutters on the loose in their natural habitat of the US of A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkd-p-uizAs

    Can we at least explicitly ban these probable Republican Trump supporters from visiting Britain as quite a few may well have Covid-19 and spread it if they were allowed to come here? The US government quite rightly has banned British tourists so the same needs to be done in return.


  9. Yes, different countries are counting their deaths in different ways so that makes direct comparisons difficult but it would be a first for the Tories to collate figures accurately. After all, they managed to successfully ‘massage’ our unemployment figures in the 1980’s and 1990’s downwards to hide the reality by redefining what exactly constitutes whether or not a person is unemployed.

    As you say, fraudulent figures are probably coming from some countries. I wouldn’t trust China to tell the truth nor the regime in North Korea which is supposedly the only ‘big’ country to remain entirely free of the virus.


  10. At least a few of our deaths from our disgracefully high and shocking death rate can be directly blamed on this government of incompetent f@ckwits not imposing rigorous travel restrictions. The vile, anti-British Ugandan Indian bitch Priti Useless/Priti Vacant has blood on her hands. If I had my way she would have a date with a hangman along with Boris-Idiot and the rest of the useless rabble.

    Let ‘em swing is what I say!😎😃😂😄😆🍷


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