Diary Blog, 29-30 April 2020

The outlines become clearer…

No child has been found to have passed coronavirus to an adult, a review of evidence in partnership with the Royal College of Paediatricians has found. Major studies into the impact of Covid-19 on young children show it is likely that they “do not play a significant role” in spreading the virus and are significantly less likely to become infected than adults.” [Daily Telegraph]


It is clear to me, as to many, that the “lockdown” need not have happened at all, with exceptions: nightclubs, pubs, the Underground (which was not shut down, incredibly), hairdressing places, mass events where people are likely to be breathed or sneezed upon e.g. popular or other music concerts, racecourses etc (though it occurs to me that racecourses could have continued to hold meetings safely if they had been willing to close the cheaper enclosures (Silver Ring etc) and Tattersall’s, leaving only the Members’ enclosures open and perhaps restricted to annual members).

Schools in particular need not have shut; the same goes for universities.

Economic enterprises are now shut, to a large extent; to re-open the economy or get it moving may not be easy. Meanwhile, Downing Street has been trying to invent statistics to support its “lockdown” “strategy” (kneejerk reaction):

The UK economy may be collapsing, subsiding quietly into a (terminal?) decline…

“Affect”, not “effect”. Otherwise, yes.

For a less-intelligent response…

I had to look up “Matt Haig” on Wikipedia. Apparently a “novelist and journalist”, despite not knowing the difference between “less” and “fewer”. Well, after all, this is the UK. In 2020…


I looked at some of his tweets. Castigates this idiotic government for not having a stricter “lockdown” (wrongheaded) and for all Boris-idiot’s other failings (right). Presumably that includes Raab, little Matt Hancock and the other stupid wannabees like Priti Patel. I cannot disagree with him on that score.

Another tweet from “Matt Haig”:

Monsieur Haig does not seem to realize that, while a vaccine or medicine may be developed within months, it may take years. It may even never be developed. That is possible. Does Mr. Haig want the UK to basically just shut down for not even months, but for a year, two, three, four years?! I do expect people who preach to the assembled masses at least to try to think logically or realistically.

As always, one realizes how absurd and irrelevant Twitter usually is. That person has over 400,000 Twitter followers!

The skies are starting to fall in— Boris-idiot is no Atlas

It is a unfortunate concatenation of circumstances that leaves Boris-idiot and his Cabinet of fools in charge at such a time, and with an official Opposition so weak that it might as easily simply not exist.

  • Local authorities are becoming insolvent: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8269187/Windsor-Maidenhead-council-country-file-bankruptcy.html
  • Large employers are becoming or are already insolvent: Debenhams, Oasis, Warehouse, Swissport, Virgin Atlantic etc;
  • Other large employers are laying off thousands of staff, or will do once the State stops subsidizing furloughed employees: British Airways alone is soon going to let go at least 12,000.
  • Huge numbers of businesses are perforce not paying rent, for now immune from legal action. Once the special measures are lifted, there will be a crushing tsunami of corporate insolvencies, lawsuits and personal bankruptcies.

In the parallel universe that is Twitter, most of the tweeters (sheep? rabbits? Why dump human inadequacies on the animal kingdom?) support “lockdown”, even longer and/or severe “lockdown”. A good rule of thumb is that any viewpoint trending on, or popular on, Twitter is probably wrongheaded and/or an irrelevance. Like most tweeters.

I saw a report on Sky News (I think) about the effects of the “lockdown” on the retail and service sector. Regent Street shown, empty as if after a sci-fi alien attack of some sort. It may be that the ultra-wealthy will be back, buying jewels and furs, before very long. As for less well-padded consumers, I doubt it.

Court backlogs

The Lord Chief Justice has expressed a fear that huge backlogs are building up, in particular in respect of criminal trials likely to take 3+ days. At present, such trials are all stayed (frozen) because of the Coronavirus situation.

I imagine that many trials scheduled, and many others which might have taken place, will now either not take place or will collapse at hearing because of the fact that witnesses will (for various reasons) not be available or will not come up to proof. In the old maxim, “justice delayed is justice denied.”

Private-public partnership (in tyranny)

Look at (UK) TV ads, mostly by private-enterprise organizations of all kinds, at present. All promoting an almost-identical racially-mixed multikulti society, many also pushing the present “all in it together” fake communitarianism and “Conservative” government propaganda.

I have also blogged, previously, about how non-State quasi-monopolies (Facebook, Twitter, Amazon etc) are imposing a (largely Jewish-origined) censorship on the world public.







Of course, one cannot, as “they” tend to say, “blame” all of this on the Jews, or even on the overtly Zionist Jews; but you do tend to find that, behind most attempts to repress, control and censor socio-political expression (commonly called simply “free speech”), there is a Jew, or Jews, or Jewish organizations. Not always, but usually, and at the higher levels (in politics, msm, legal “regulation” too, these days) even more often…



The excuses for such “control” of “free speech” are various, put out to fool the public at large


Useful idiots are often found to lay the groundwork for repression:


Back to the crash of the UK economy

Forget most of Twitter, the most energetic users of which are either unemployed, effectively unemployed or retired, or work in relatively secure public service occupations. They will not be hit so quickly or so hard as the rest.

The fact is that the UK now has a hapless, hopeless government of idiots, headed by the least useful idiot of all. Yet so panicked has been the British public, that they all applaud or at least accept Boris-idiot, while his Indian Chancellor, Rishi Sunak (an “Indian giver”?), has been acclaimed by many in the msm and on Twitter as almost a conquering hero, throwing gold sesterces to the plebs of Rome. To some, Sunak is thus “proven” to be a suitable later prime minister, while to others he mixes the erudition of J.K. Galbraith with the intellect of J.M. Keynes. Not to all, though!

Musical interlude

Shopping foray

Went to get a few things at Waitrose. The usual bare shelves in the dried pasta and home-baking areas. Everything else seemed to be in good supply. A few last-day things on sale for as little as 10p (smoked mackerel pate); brie, bread rolls etc.

The sky was thundercloud grey-purple, but the little sun in front of that made the scene look like one of the most famous paintings of Shishkin, Gathering Storm


Waiting in line to enter the store, I noticed the oddness of the situation: the line of “socially-distancing” people (mostly men, presumably sent out to get something), the black-garbed and scarved Handmaid’s Tale militia (Waitrose marshals), pleasant enough but controlling the line. There was something about it that made me wonder what really is at the back of all this?

Professional hypnotists usually condition suitable subjects before placing them under actual hypnosis. Is that what is happening, on a grand scale? Whole populations being conditioned to behave in certain fixed ways, like human marionettes: to dress in certain ways at certain times etc, to stand a certain (almost completely arbitrary) number of feet or metres apart, like soldiers on parade? To move forward only on command (however amiably voiced)? To become accustomed to being corralled by keepers or marshals? Is this in fact a preliminary experiment on the populations of the advanced countries, to be deepened and quickened at a later time?

What might be the socio-political consequences of the UK Coronavirus “crisis”?

We are being told, usually impliedly, that once Boris-idiot has gathered up his courage (if any), “lockdown” will end (“in stages”…why? There is no credible reason; the usual hospitals are almost empty, the new instant ones have no patients) and everything will return to normal, with the exception that we may all have to wear scarves or even masks when not at home. The criminals (acquisitive department) will love that! Joking aside, in reality the so-far-lulled public might find that a very different UK awaits them.

In the USA, unemployment has surged to something like 30 million in little more than a month, while the true updated figure may be much higher: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-30/another-3-8-million-in-u-s-filed-for-jobless-benefits-last-week

In the UK, analysts are already saying that UK unemployment figures could top the 1984 peak of 12%. In other words, millions on the dole.

Businesses are going to collapse, not by the hundreds, or even the thousands, but quite possibly (if very small businesses are included) by the hundreds of thousands.

This could be social-nationalism’s moment, if a movement exists to harness the power.


I just realized: the socially-mandated clapathon (“Clap for NHS” etc) was supposed to be this evening. Nothing. Not a sign, not a peep. Is it petering out? I hope so. I have nothing but praise for most NHS staff, but this is not toytown North Korea (yet)…

18 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 29-30 April 2020”

  1. It will be GOOD to see millions on the dole so long as those who are are not the usual victims of Tory incompetence. I will laugh if those queues include the bigoted and usually old people who vote Tory and cheered-on that evil, part-Jap (but those Jap genes didn’t give him the usual Jap high IQ level) sadist Dunce-Smith and his wicked undermining and systematic trashing of the social safety net through his so-called welfare ‘reforms’.

    Let ‘em rot and suffer is what I say! These usually very smug and self-satisfied people need to experience the reality of life under Dumbo-Smith’s reforms and the other side of that desk.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, sometimes I do believe that you are more of an “extremist” than I am supposed to be! I hear what you say, and can well understand the sentiment, but at the same time it’s hard to take pleasure in the misery likely to be inflicted on many, even if many of that many themselves applauded the trashing of the social welfare system for the last 15 years (under Labour too…).

      Lenin once said “worse is better”….so maybe it will create a revolutionary situation…


    2. Yes, we should never forgive nor forget that whilst Dumbo-Smith put the final boot into the social security system it was a LABOUR government that started the destruction with so-called ‘New Labour’ evil morons like David Burkett and James Purnell at the helm.

      I think the Tories would have been a bit scared to have put us down this road so they were incredibly thankful for Labour to do the first steps of ‘dirty work’ for them.

      As that Jewish libertarian economist Milton Friedman once said you can have mass immigration or you can have a welfare state so what path did the globalist, anti-British scum of the Tories and Labour choose? Yes, ruining our social security system and causing some vulnerable British people like even the disabled to kill themselves instead of getting truely tough on immigration. Evil slime!😡🤬😞☹️


      1. You are quite correct, M’Lord of Essex. “Labour” started the ball rolling on that. Dunce Duncan Smith then used it to salvage his freeloading career. Can you imagine how glad the Guards must have been to get rid of that thick, part-Jap bastard?


  2. Roll on the new Great Depression! Perhaps it is only then the British will stop being a ‘nation’ of thoughtless, consumerist, libertarian/globalist house pricewatching drones and start addressing themselves to the real issues in this country which have little or nothing to do with rampant ‘me, me, me’ consumerism and ‘muh economy’.

    An economy utterly trashed by the ‘party of economic competence’ though where people get that insane idea from I don’t know since the CONS have put-up our national debt by huge amounts since 2010 despite a decade of austerity.🙄


  3. Regarding “CoronaVirus: UK Government Pass FORCED VACCINATION Act”

    Ben Fellows is imo a chump and this clickbait scaremongering is in material part wrong (as wrong as that stuff about Matt Hancock owning a controlling interest in Porton Biopharma Ltd)*. If I remember the date right it was in the Wednesday 27 April edition that UK Column per Mike Robinson gave a corrected version of his interpretation.

    * Here’s Hancock’s current list of HoC disclosable interests:
    I don’t see Porton Biopharma Limited in there and right now I don’t know how to search back through prior disclosures in case it’s in any of them but I doubt if it is; so I won’t be bothering. Reason:

    – that’s the Secretary of State for Health, an office of state held from time to time by different persons, it’s not a reference to Matt Hancock in his personal capacity.
    I got that link from the comments at
    – they obviously have no idea what they’re on about. Or worse: TapNews has often engaged my attention as some sort of “op” maybe to spread FUD. For all I know it might be run by MI5 or whoever the darker portions of the deep state are run by!

    Anyone yet had a queue marshall jigger-knicker get animated at one’s foot being two inches over the waiting line? On this occasion I ignored it but next time I’ll loudly ask the aggressor if he’s intoxicated and when his last drugs test was. Preferably making sure it’s in the earshot of a manager.


    1. I have been enjoying Ian’s blog since this crisis began (if enjoy is an appropriate word) and made but three posts. One was the exact same link you have posted here, details of amendments to the 1984 Health Act.
      The other was Little Mat Hancock’s links to Bio Pharma Ltd. I have since had sight of a letter sent to this Salisbury based company which was obtained by a barrister friend of mine
      which Ian may or may not choose to approve. Perhaps best not to. Nonetheless I would be happy just to know that you have read it Ian. Thank you. Posting again shortly.


      1. Mark:
        Thank you. I “approve” all comments unless they are directly unlawful (eg promoting violence against a named individual— in fact such comments are very rare anyway) or unless the comment is gratuitously rude (or would-be threatening) about me! Again, though, for whatever reason, such insulting silly comments are rare. About 10 in 3+ years. I know that about 3 or 4 came from one (((individual)))…


  4. They must have been really glad to get rid of him. The bloke is not just an evil arsehole but also a total hypocrite as well. He whinged constantly as the DWP Secretary about the unemployed and the state of many of their CVs regarding experience levels or the lack of them yet here was the SECRETARY OF STATE no less who had a CV containing blatant falsehoods about his own career and educational record ie the lie about which school he actually attended.

    The self-styled ‘Quiet Man’ British politics should have kept QUIET! With any luck that will be the case permanently soon!


  5. You have to be pretty dense to be called-out for it by George Gideon Oliver Osbourne. He wasn’t exactly Albert Einstein either but is said to have remarked once about Iain’s suitability for Cabinet office,,”Iain is Not intelligent enough o be a member of the Cabinet”.😃🙄


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I did see a comment once by some MP or journalist to the effect that he had seen some very thick ex-Guards officers, but never one as thick as Iain Duncan Smith.


    2. Osborne was/is not stupid but I would not call him anything beyond mediocre, M’Lord of Essex. As a politician, very poor. As a political thinker, also rather poor.


  6. @Mark – have you seen the latest salvo here:


    I certainly hope his tiny mind isn’t fixated on mandatory vaccinations for children – or adults – but the Porton Biopharma Ltd innuendo is laughable. My previous post above the links whereby the assertion in that story might be tested. I would have posted them on TapBlog itself but their registration email as received in three browsers over three different networks failed to contain a visible link back for verification. Maybe you’ll have better luck.
    btw in the article linked immediately above you’ll see a comment also rebutting the assertion against Hancock. That comment is not mine though it draws on similar sources – it must have been posted by someone with superior technical skills to mine who was able to succeed in registering for posting comments there.

    The egomaniacal windbag Mark Windows, like a few other egomaniacal windbags I have known, has a happy history of hitting on the truth now and then; maybe this is one such.
    In one of his recent youtube conversations (maybe this time involving someone in addition to himself) he nonchalantly remarked the Captain Tom Moore garden circuits fundraiser was a Masonic operation. I looked for a while but did not find, though I did come across this:


    “We are certain that everyone across the United Grand Lodge of England and beyond is going is in wishing Captain Tom Moore a very Happy 100th birthday!!!

    Congratulations Hon. Colonel Tom!!! Thank you for your wonderful support of the nhs.uk”

    “Frank Mortimer: Happy Birthday to you. Didn’t know you were a craft member?”

    Ambiguous only, or marking the territory in plain sight?

    Speaking of the grippers: this is interesting – does it also preclude “faith schools”, madrasahs, yeshivas and the like having charitable status?



    1. Wigger:
      I am of course anti-freemasonry in principle, but would nor condemn out of hand every freemason.

      It is of course absurd that an ex-officer has to raise money at his advanced age, when the State should fund (and run) the NHS properly.


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