Diary Blog, 20 May 2020

So it begins…

I agree with Hitchens, as I mostly have in the past few months of Government-created chaos, muddle, and approaching economic collapse.

The tweeter above is referring to Rishi Sunak https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rishi_Sunak , the Indian whom Boris-idiot made Chancellor, and who the shallow msm and Twitter mob lauded as a financial (and political) genius a couple of months ago for having introduced the “furlough” scheme, via which the obligations of companies to pay their employees were in effect transferred to the State which then shut down much of the economy.

A few (including me, Hitchens etc) saw through this scheme as a disastrous and ultimately pointless waste of resources which, combined with the shutdown (“lockdown”) would destroy the UK economy.

The msm and Twitter mob thought otherwise. “Rishi Sunak for PM!” was the cry. What a brilliant man, to throw away £8 billion (maybe £11 billion) a month “supporting [workers, families] etc”… Surely such a man must eventually become Prime Minister?

Well, I doubt it (even leaving aside his origins). The “furlough” plan in fact did not simply keep employees financially warm until “lockdown” ends, at which time, in Sunak’s own mis-chosen words, the economy will “bounce back” in a V-shaped “recovery”.

At the time, I blogged that, because this virus “crisis” (made much worse by governmental panic in the UK, EU and elsewhere) has led to economic slowdown, crucially to collapse in demand internationally, the result will be, certainly in the UK, not a “V-shaped recovery” but an “L-shaped non-recovery”.

Sunak may have ridden high in public opinion for a couple of months, but I do not see him prospering politically after at least many wake up to what is really happening. Any fool can throw golden sesterces to the plebs from his imperial chariot. For a while…

Sunak alone is not to blame for the “lockdown” and so not to blame for the coming recession (which may even become a depression), but he is to blame for being part of a Cabinet of fools that shut down the economy for months unnecessarily, and for both introducing and now extending a misconceived “pay workers £2,500 a month not to work and not to complain or protest” scheme.

Also, for going along with his foolish and incompetent Government’s strategy of scaring the British people (and other UK inhabitants) out of their collective skin, so that many are now too frightened (or anyway simply unwilling) to return to what was normal life.

The reason behind the extension to October (without even any reduction) in the “furlough” payments, is plainly political, to prevent or make far less likely any protest or worse from the “furloughed” employees.

However, the real state of the pre-Coronavirus UK economy, now that the froth of low-paid McJobs (“gig economy,” fake “self-employment”, zero hours contracts, and other poorly-paid exploitation disguised by, formerly, Working Tax Credits etc, and now by Universal Credit payments) has been swept into the bin, is becoming plain to see. Desolate.

As for that sacred cow of British people, house prices, the values are dropping like a stone, as I predicted. Already we see that buyers are demanding discounts of up to 20%. Before long, that will be 50% or more. Lending is unlikely to be easily-available from now on, and there will be fewer people buying. and with lower capital available, whether their own or via mortgage monies. People will still want or have to move house, but will have less money with which to do so. Result— lower house prices at all levels.

Time for the “dim SNP tweet of the day”, this time from a tweeter who refers to the Union between Scotland and England (1707):

I am more inclined to go back about 375 years, to the age of Cromwell, and England’s only real revolutionary situation.

Collapsing economy

Already, 4.2 million people are on Universal Credit, with millions more forecast as 2020 continues:


Companies are shedding workers by the hundred, by the thousand, now. Some companies are giving up the ghost entirely, such as the once-famous Antler suitcases (est. 1914), which went yesterday, with the closure of 18 stores and the sacking of the entire workforce of 200 staff. Other companies laid off thousands on the same day.

Today, we see that Rolls-Royce in Derby will lay off 9,000 workers across the world, and most of the losses will be in Derby itself.

When the “lockdown” nonsense —and with it the “furlough” scheme— ends, in the Autumn, supposedly, there will be company collapses on a scale not seen since the 1930s, very likely.

Northern Ireland

Boris Johnson may be Boris-idiot, but he can certainly pull the wool over the eyes of many. A con-man.

Tweets seen

So children aged 1-14 years old have a 1 in 5.3 million chance of dying from Coronavirus in the UK. Puts the hysterical teachers’ unions in their place…Having said that, it seems pointless to open up the schools for the few weeks left until the start of Summer holidays.

and, not long after I delayed plans to add Oliver Dowden to my blog as a “Deadhead MP”, he has jumped the gun and proven himself (again) to be one!

This made me laugh (audio used from the LBC/Nick Ferrari and Diane Abbott radio interview of a few years ago):

That tweeter, “@CabinetOfClowns” also tweeted this (below):

What “right wing terrorism” can she mean? The odd disturbed individual who wants to drive his car at a mosque? Young people who own Swastika cookie-cutters and cushions? Someone who got 2.5 years in prison for putting up a few stickers on lamp-posts? A few people in a pub talking about bumping off a MP?

In reality, there is no “right wing” (I am supposing that that tweeter means “social nationalist”, or just “nationalist”) “terrorism” in the UK. Am I wrong? So where is it? Where?



Social nationalism from Autumn 2020

The coming few years could finally see social nationalism emerge victorious in the UK, but that can only happen if there is a co-ordinated movement led by a “vanguard” party. One does not now exist. The small groups which do exist have little or no credibility.

Looking down the road, we can now see that economic collapse in a decadent society opens the way for us. It is only two years now until 2022, the most significant year since 1989 (on the 33-year cycle). 2022-1989-1956 (the year of my own birth)-1923.

For me personally, 2022 will probably be the last marker-year in the 33-year cycle that I see in my present incarnation, because in 2022 I shall reach the age of 66.

29 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 20 May 2020”

  1. Look, I don’t like the Indian Chancellor or have ANY form of respect or admiration for the plainly incompetent government he is a part of but some form of ‘shutdown’ of normal life and therefore the economy WAS necessary to save lives.

    A nationalist government would have had to do the same thing. Ours though would have INCLUDED and STARTED OFF with very tough restrictions on people movements at airports and ports as ALL other countries did and to hell with PC globalist attitudes as this disgraceful administration showed.


  2. Peter Hitchens and other Tories who are now whining at the economic effects should do the decent thing and shut-up for once because I didn’t see either him or they EVER complain that this wretched government hadn’t instituted ultra-tough travel restrictions at our borders. If the government had done that in early to mid March or earlier there would have been a chance that a mostly island nation wouldn’t have effectively IMPORTED a foreign origin viral disease.🙄🙄😡🤬


    1. Some Pacific Island nations did that very early when it was OBVIOUS this virus was going to sweep the globe and they don’t have it in their countries as a result even now.


  3. Tough travel restrictions with outright bans for visitors from infected countries like China, South Korea, Italy, Spain etc should have been THE VERY FIRST IDEA the government had and put into effect and then quickly followed by a shutdown of the London Underground, large gatherings such as the Cheltenham Festival, closure of cinemas, pubs, nightclubs etc.


    1. Why that Cheltenham Festival was allowed to go ahead in particular is, frankly, beyond belief. How many people were infected at that one event alone?


  4. If Peter Hitchens and his like think no form of restrictions were necessary perhaps they might like to relive those of us who think a certain amount of restrictions were in order from our boredom factor of listening to them and go to Brazil where their loony President still thinks the virus is an elaborate hoax with the result that Brazil has a rapidly rising case and death rate.


    1. It is a question (leaving aside the civil liberties aspect) of specifically *what* restrictions, M’Lord of Essex. Closing mass sporting events, “clubs”, pubs, Underground, buses etc— yes. Shutting all shops, beaches, parks, industries— no.


      1. The scientific need was to severely restrict non essential human interaction therefore all shops apart from those selling food and chemists needed to be shut and yes industries too because sufficient social distancing could not be maintained.


  5. There is a pro-EU fanatic tweeter with the letters FBPE on his twitter handle that I often very much disagree with called Nick Reeves. He argues in one of his latest tweets that the government should have instituted a ‘lockdown’ eleven days earlier to prevent our cases and deaths rising as high as it has. I believe a week and up to ten days earlier would have been sufficient to prevent the virus from gaining the grip it has done in this country.


    1. Ha, ha, ‘social distancing’ THE buzz words of 2020 and a phrase that will live long after these events are over. Time to put the phrase into the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary I think!😂😃😎


  6. He decries the economic effects as well but cogently argues that if the government had acted sooner then our cases and deaths wouldn’t have risen so high and therefore we could exit from restrictive measures more quickly thus saving people’s jobs etc.


  7. David Taylor, no I and others are NOT thinking whatever you SNP supporters or your party are thinking! NOT thinking is, essentially, THE problem with your party.

    It isn’t known in more intelligent circles as the Scottish Numpty Party for nothing you know!🙄😂🙄


  8. The SNP and Plaid Cymru are FAKE nationalist parties. What sort of genuine nationalist parties would have more of a demented zeal for open borders than even the Labour Party has?

    As for their notion of ‘independence in Europe’ well you CAN’T have that if by Europe you mean the EU since it is an economic and political union which takes away at least some powers from those who belong to it.


    1. Not the EU alone, M’Lord of Essex: the SNP adheres to the international money structure (World Bank/IMF etc) and,up to a point, NATO. As you say, fake nationalism, a kind of nationalism-lite.


      1. Yes, being a member of NATO also restricts your sovereignty through an agreement to come to the aid of another member if it has been attacked by a third party.

        It also means that NATO members are dominated by the Zionist USA.


  9. Indeed. The SNP and Plaid were once genuine nationalist parties so much so infact they were both under the observation of the security services in the 1930’s and early 1940’s.

    Then the infiltration of both by globalist open borders supporters and liberal leftists began hence today’s fake nationalist parties.


  10. Peter Hitchens, please, kindly, sod off to the USA. The Conservative Party for too long has listened to libertarians ever since Mrs Thatcher led it with the result that genuine, old school, traditionalist Tories have been systematically sidelined. It is high time you lot departed from the party people of your ilk have been allowed to burrow themselves into and had the intellectual and political honesty to found your own US style libertarian party and see how far you get with the electorate. I suspect it such a party won’t be all that popular.


  11. There is nothing inherently wrong with so-called ‘big government’ and certainly there isn’t when it is for a short period of time. Government can be a force for evil AND good and in this instance I suggest it was for the latter.


  12. Some commentariat confetti from others, 20 May:

    In 1938 (((Mortimer Adler))) wrote a model Constitution for the World.
    The President, and the Head of the Supreme Court, were to be the same person. .

    UK Column here at about 39 mins, the government wants to make any sentence of 2 years or more, a terrorist act. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjAoqx5OOFc.
    Crazy and unbelievable, but heh WTF this is UK in 2020. The owners are showing their hand. The real ***king owners.

    This Saturday is eid. and all the parks will be full of Muslims having a party .
    Is that why the government announced a relaxing of lockdown. Knowing it wouldn’t be able to police it.
    EID or IED or DIE

    … and a question from me: is the Army “77 Brigade” of snooping subversives named, cock-a-snook, with a reference in mind to whatever alien numerological associations were also garlanding the 7/7 2005 underground and bus bombings, for which the Muslim dupes were set up? vide among others, Nick Kollerstrom’s book, evidence of military explosive residues, “the Ghost train”, an article the next day in the South London Press (?) reporting on a shooting outside the HSBC Building, Canary Wharf and hearsay reports of employees on the day being ordered to stay away from the windows while a ‘situation’ outside was resolved….


    1. Wigger:
      That idea that the US President should also preside over the Supreme Court goes against not only the doctrine of “separation of powers” but all practicality. It renders the Court irrelevant. Admittedly, under the present blocked American system, it is almost impossible to deal with social problems, but that idea is not the answer.

      Interesting, re “77”. I have no idea.

      The South London Press is the main newspaper in South London. It tends towards a “if it bleeds, it leads” news agenda.


      1. I was wrong on the name – per this it was South London News:


        “10th July, South London News

        Suicide Bomber Neutralised in Canary Wharf, London

        “On Thursday 7th July, a suspected suicide bomber was shot dead by police marksman outside Canary Wharf, the financial district of London. It is believed he was ‘neutralized’ outside the Credit Suisse First Boston bank. Police are ‘probing’. The ‘suicide bomber’ is believed to have been part of a co-ordinated team of other suicide bombers. The alleged bomber was killed on the same day of the central London terror attacks.”

        Presumably someone somewhere has verified that article in the newspapers depository at British Library Colindale or wherever it hangs out.


  13. South London News is in the table of sources on page 9 of this piece:

    – by one Dr Rory Ridley-Duff, Sheffield Hallam University (presumably a former polytechnic).
    I assume the South London News no longer exists and has been liquidated or absorbed by another arm of the news octopus otherwise known as Johnston Press…
    On page 93 of Nick Kollerstrom’s 2011 ‘Terror on the Tube’ it reads:
    “Altogether four newspapers reported the Canary Wharf killings: the New Zealand Herald, South London News and Canada’s Globe and Mail Newspapers.”
    I’ve found another book, N.M. Ahmed: ‘The London Bombings: An Independent Enquiry’ (2006) which I’ve not read except for trying to find a reference to the South London News (none) but certain indications exist that it may have been a cover/whitewash. I wonder if ‘Ahmed’ was a nom de plume…


    1. Wigger:
      I lived at several different times (but all within the 1980s) in South London (mainly Blackheath/Lee and East Dulwich, but also briefly in New Cross and Tulse Hill). I cannot recall, at that time, any South London News, only South London Press.


  14. Yes it’s an oddball isn’t it? These local free rags are just communistic agitprop sheets for the most part, dependent on bungs and advertisements from the usual promoters of nation-wrecking, so if it did exist under that name in the ’80s, perhaps they knew not to deliver to the enlightened Millard household!

    The BL newspapers depository apparently moved to the main site but online searching is in vain – standard HMG useless IT:

    However here we have something looking like the item in question but on 8th July:


    icSouthLondon/South London Press
    ‘Hidden holdall bomb’ causes carnage
    Jul 8 2005
    Exclusive By Ben Ashford

    * POLICE were yesterday probing reports a man had been “neutralised” outside Canary Wharf.
    Is is believed the man was shot dead by police marksmen outside the Credit Suisse First Boston bank.
    Other unconfirmed reports suggested the attacks were the work of a co-ordinated team of suicide bombers.

    Maybe an explanation, but no date range so also not useful:

    “The South London Press incorporates former newspapers, South London News and South London Observer, and the South London Advertiser Group.”

    Hmm… well that’s more than enough on all that. Worth it however for a reminder just how good “Dr Dr” Kollerstrom’s “Terror on the Tube” was for its findings regarding the 7/7[/7] subversion and betrayal. I must check out his contemporary writings to see what he makes of the current act of treason.


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