Diary Blog, 21 May 2020

A few tweets seen

An interesting tweet by one Ed West, but why am I still surprised that a “deputy editor” and published author is apparently unaware that “motherlode” (also “mother lode”) is not spelled “motherload”? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother_lode

I suppose that I should now be used to the ever-sliding standards in this country…

Looked the tweeter up on Wikipedia out of mere vulgar curiosity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_West_(journalist) and it turns out that he is the son of the once well-known foreign correspondent Richard West https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_West_(journalist) and the Irish columnist Mary Kenny https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Kenny.

I always wondered where Private Eye magazine got that term, “discussing Uganda“… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Kenny#%22Ugandan_discussions%22

If there ever was a pointless contest!…

True, I have been writing off the LibDems since the betrayals of 2010, but the trajectory remains downward.

Humpty-Dumpty LibDem was broken in 2010. Votes and seats slid in 2015 and then 2017 (though number of seats increased from 8 to 12 in 2017), though there was an upturn in 2019: over 3.5 million votes (an upturn of over 50%) but a decline in number of seats (from 12 to 11) thanks to the way the FPTP system and the boundaries of seats work in Britain (cf. 2017).

Looking into it a little more, it can be seen that the LibDems benefited a little from being the only 100% Remain party. Next time? I still think that the LibDems will be wiped out. Few of their MPs have a strong local following to set against the party-label vote swings. Also, what is the standout profile of the LibDems now? They have no real identity, it seems to me.

Surprisingly, the LibDem membership numbers are not unhealthy: over 120,000, it seems, which is in the same ballpark as the Conservative Party. However, that alone does not bring electoral success (cf. Labour, with perhaps 600,000 members).

I should expect the LibDems to decline further and perhaps to disappear, at least as an independent party.


Well, there it is. The print newspapers are mortally ill and maybe on their last legs. These screeds of rubbish have been declining in quality as long as I can remember. In the 1970s, the quality level was better by far. The old Daily Telegraph magazine, published on Fridays, contained serious reportage and interesting feature journalism: see


Look at the Telegraph itself now! Uncritical Boris Johnson “Conservative” propaganda, and at an excruciatingly low intellectual level. Ironically, though, it was the Telegraph, in the 2005-2010 Parliament, that broke the MP expenses scandal, one of the most serious stories of the past half-century. It does say something about the UK’s “free Press”, though, that MP expenses were an open secret for years, certainly since 1997 and the corruption Blair brought into UK politics, yet were not investigated until the Telegraph decided to take it all seriously and to print.

In the 1970s, even some of the less-serious or less intellectual newspapers, such as the Sunday Express, sometimes contained interesting first-person accounts and so on.

Look at, say, The Times now! Pathetic and shallow “Conservative” and Zionist propaganda. As for the Sunday Times magazine, more or less what used to be called a “woman’s magazine“, full of ads and with little substance in its content.

I welcome the demise of the print newspapers and their fundamentally Zionist-contaminated agenda.


Completely infested.

They even decided to print one-sided stories about me back in late 2016! (Google “Ian Millard barrister” to see some).

True, those newspapers all have an online presence now, but the Times and most of the Telegraph are behind a paywall and, like the others, have to compete for public attention with other sources of news, some of which are, mirabile dictu, not so (((infested and contaminated))).

Where I deviate from Hitchens in respect of the above is that the number of “lives blighted” should be at least 36,000, maybe as high as 90,000. Why? Most employees laid off have wives (or husbands), children too. Then there is the knock-on effect on the local retail sector as local purchasing power diminishes. Also, redundancies in the supply chain.

Not exactly surprising. There has been a Jewish coup in Labour, one over 4-5 years. Starmer is its figurehead. He is not a Jew, but is married to a Jewish woman (a lawyer) and their children are being brought up as Jewish…

I thought that the Jewish Chronicle had gone up the chimney. Seems not.

Alison Chabloz

I happened to see this rather inaccurate report about the Alison Chabloz case, which was heard two years ago:


Despite being in the august pages of the Criminal Law Journal, the report, penned by one Laura Bliss of Edge Hill University in Lancashire [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edge_Hill_University] misdescribes (?) Alison Chabloz as “a holocaust revolutionist“! Well, if the cap fits, though “revisionist” was probably the term used in court. Ms. Bliss also mispells Elie Wiesel’s name as “Wiezel”. How about “weasel”?

Sadly, most of the report is behind a paywall.

More tweets seen

Below: looks as though someone has woken up, at least…

My feelings exactly: Boris Johnson, Boris-idiot, completely out of his depth as Prime Minister, a part-Jew public entertainer, is turning the UK into a banana republic. It was already on the way there, but that idiot has made it official

Still, so what if he bunged one of his not-very-interesting-looking girlfriends a hundred grand or so out of public funds? Worse things happen in black Africa…oh, wait…

Seems that only 12% of people have really thought this through, while 47% are a panic-stricken mob.

Look at the graph below. Look at “actual impact”…


Nigel Farage

A complete busted flush. The man has the gall to continue whining about illegal migration (migration-invasion) to the UK, while having stabbed in the back his own party (parties, really, meaning both UKIP and Brexit Party) because he wanted to enable the victory of the misnamed “Conservative” Party, and (of as much importance for someone who is plainly another doormat for the Jewish lobby) the defeat of Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Of course, what he says about the invasion is true, but he carries no weight. It is partly because of his electoral manipulation that the present government has a large majority; thus a thick-as-two-short planks Ugandan Indian, Priti Patel, now sits, uselessly, as Home Secretary, doing nothing to stem the invasion (of which she herself and her parents were part, albeit in the wider sense).

and see here (below) a metropolis-based newspaper drone (columnist, deputy editor), one Sarah Baxter, laughing at concerns around the migration-invasion. Well, why should she worry? £500,000 a year (at a guess)? Large house or penthouse? Good neighbourhood(s)? Second home in the country?

Yes, he is right. Trust in the mass media, especially the BBC, is at rockbottom:



This is an organized and/or facilitated invasion of this country, an invasion by persons who have no connection with Britain, and who will be millstones round the neck of the people.


Anyone who supports the invasion in any way is treacherous.

This is, to be rather topical, like a foreign element entering an organism, breeding fast, and eventually killing the host.


Lord Sumption writes…


Freedom? What’s that?

Hitchens should look to the source…


…while not forgetting the “useful idiots”…


More tweets


Had to emerge from my cave to complete my appointed rounds. On the return journey, my less than contented mood was made worse as I went through a more or less suburban area, only to see some rabbits waiting at the end of their short drives or standing in gardens, about to participate in the State-promoted and socially-mandated “clapathon”. Not many, about one house out of about 20, I would say. Mostly very elderly, though there were a few odd children too. The sight of all the rabbits standing waiting, like robots, or serfs populating Potemkin villages, irritated me even more than it usually would.

Tweets seen

Some music to soothe the cares of the day


38 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 21 May 2020”

  1. Peter Hitchens is yet another libertarian ‘Tory’ moron who thinks that jobs and money are more important than people’s lives. Peter is an idiot. Jobs are bring lost BUT but with some time and yes a little difficulty they CAN be replaced. Once your very much loved grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, wife, husband is dead there is no going back from that.

    Like many Tories, I find him utterly callous and unfeeling. I wonder how the Tories managed to earn the title the ‘nasty party’?🙄🙄🙄


    1. I hear what you say, M’Lord of Essex, but Hitchens denies that he *is* “libertarian”. Needless to say, I am not “libertarian”, though that is not to say that I reject all concept of human rights or civil rights.

      As for deaths, there is mounting evidence of the huge but almost invisible death toll caused *by* the “lockdown”. There are many aspects to that.

      In the end, as I have said previously, the “lockdown” *cannot* be maintained indefinitely without there being a collapse of both the economy and the currency. Easy to say that that can be dealt with, harder to actually get back once a country is in such a situation.


  2. This Coronavirus outbreak has exposed libertarians for the callous and unfeeling monsters they so often are and the utter stupidity, unrealistic and impracticable nature of their (mainly Jewish in origin it has to be said) political ideology.

    About the only real area it has any credibility in is in the field of most LGBT rights but that can be covered by normal British liberalism rather than this alien, imported Yankee creed.


  3. Libertarianism goes against the grain of human nature just as much as communism does, The most successful countries in the world both economically and socially ie Japan and South Korea do NOT follow this stupid American Jewish philosophy.

    Japan explicitly rejected economic libertarianism ie Thatcherism and used quite substantial economic interventionism and economic nationalism to build itself up from being a nuclear bombed total wreck in 1945 to being an economic superpower.


  4. The Liberal Democrats won’t disappear entirely. They fill a niche in politics as the biggest party concerned with the environment, electoral and constitutional reform etc. They will still get a protest vote element as well. What they need is a series of by-election victories in Tory held seats such as occurred in the early 1970’s when they won seats like Sutton and Cheam, Berwick Upon Tweed. That helped them to win new credibility and set them up nicely to do well in the February 1974 general election. The postwar Liberal revival really dates from that point onwards.

    Their problem is that it might not be so easy to do that now and also the fact that by-elections don’t happen much nowadays.


  5. The electoral after effects of those by election victories and the two elections of 1974 carried on until 2015. Now they haven’t got the Europe issue as the major pro-EU party but did being that really boost their support or actually detract from it? I am inclined to believe that their very pro-EU stance deterred more people from voting for them than it attracted.

    Labour’s choice of Keir Starmer has probably harmed them a bit but he is as dull as ditchwater, has seemingly no real new agenda for the country and might well be dumped before the next election.


  6. I don’t think Keir Starmer is going to do well. Whilst he does have more credibility as a potential PM than the other Labour leadership candidates had, reheated Blairism with even more added PC liberal globalism is not what people, in the main, are looking for.

    He has about two years to demonstrate he is going to bring substantial new support to Labour before his backbenchers and party members will get jittery and consider dumping him.


      1. He will lose if he doesn’t develop an attractive new programme of policies ie not a return to full-on Blairite globalist stupidity.


      2. Labour finds it hard to win elections at the best of times and increasingly so now since they have lost, seemingly permanently, their previous electoral stronghold of Scotland thanks to botched devolution and its consequent result of a distinct Scottish political scene and dynamic.


      3. Quite so, M’Lord of Essex.

        Labour has lost Scotland for good, I think, despite the rather pathetic nature of the SNP (which is rather similar to Starmer-Labour anyway). Now, Labour support is draining in England and even Wales as well.


  7. So you now get suspended from Labour for making the perfectly reasonable point that Keir Starmer got money for his leadership campaign from Zionist extremist/Pro-Israel sources!

    That says it all! Why would any British gentile want to vote for a party that is all for Israeli persecution of Palestinians, supports nationalism for Jews in the Zionist state but has a problem with British gentiles showing similar feelings of national ethic identification, self-assertiveness aka ‘racism’?


  8. Why doesn’t Starmer just go the whole hog and rename the British Labour Party the Israeli Labour Party instead?

    Labour really offer very little, if anything, for Britons so why should we vote for them? What is the Labour Party actually FOR? Being in favour of complete open borders permanently is not going to cut it and you don’t have to be a Muslim in this country to object to a foreign policy stance that is very pro-Israel and one which is liable to get us involved in more needless wars in the Middle East like in Iraq.

    At least Jeremy Corbyn had the sense to oppose that disastrous bloodlust of BLIAR.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M’Lord of Essex, Labour’s only strategy now is to say “we are not the Conservative Party (and not “extremists”) and so vote for us if you tire of Boris-idiot”. It might work up to a point, but not enough to win many voters over.


      1. Hopefully, it won’t work and those who have previously voted Labour will abstain instead. The ‘none of the above’ party is pretty large nowadays in this country unsurprisingly!


      2. I would rather the Liberal Democrat Party found electoral success than Labour. Yes, they are globalist open borders enthusiasts as well just like the misnamed Conservative Party is but, in contrast to Labour even with the supposed ‘moderate’ Keir Starmer at the helm, the Liberal Democrats are a democratic party thus they believe in dumping the seriously undemocratic rubbish of First Past The Post and changing it to a system of Proportional Representation which would have an utterly transformative effect upon British politics. and enable small parties with new political philosophies a chance to win seats.


  9. With the Zionist Pro Israel Blairite Keir Starmer as Labour leader, muslims might be so inclined to vote for them. Many object to a too strong pro-Israel foreign policy and one that is too dismissive of the rights of Palestinians. This might well lead to a few points being cut from Labour’s potential support levels.


  10. Yeah, Nigel Farage what an utter fraud!🙄 He is just as responsible, if not more so, for the entirely misnamed CONServative Party (which should be renamed the Libertarian Party for that is the political philosophy that anti-British party believes in nowadays) gaining an wholly undeserved 80 seat majority than the Zionist ‘British’ press.


  11. Infant, such is the level of Farage’s fraudulent nature, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn in the future that he has links with MI5 or MI6.


  12. We can make PR work for this country just as the Germans have with a PR system WE designed for them!🙄

    If PR is good enough for the Germans (even with their history) AND ‘Johnny Foreigner’ ie the Kiwis in New Zealand 🙄🙄🙄then it is good enough for us as well!


  13. Just a question: Has the mask/muzzle become mandatory in the UK? Here it has been compulsory for over a month and everyone (proving that most people are morons) are wearing it all the time! I mean, it is compulsory to wear them when you enter a shop or using public transport, but not when you are just walking. To make it even worse/more ludicrous I have seen many idiots driving and wearing it!

    Like someone observed “Human intelligence has its limits, unfortunately, human stupidity has not”


    1. Claudius:
      Not compulsory. I saw an old woman in a supermarket today, mask on face and (get this) small clear plastic bags on both hands! I think that some of these people have mental problems.


    2. On the contrary, Claudius, you should be proud that your government and President in Argentina has taken this crisis very seriously right from the word go and taken serious and appropriate actions to contain the virus.

      As a result you have a fairly low death and case rate. Also, you as an Argentine should be proud that your fellow countrymen and women are taking their responsibilities seriously thus helping themselves and the more vulnerable in your country.


    3. I can see a case for the mandatory wearing of facial masks especially in enclosed spaces but wearing them in the confines of your own car unless you have a vulnerable person as a passenger is excessive.


  14. Be proud as an Argentinian that your countrymen and women are well disciplined and can follow simple government instructions. We used to be like that in the past also but sixty plus years of liberalism from Labour and Tory governments alike have rotted this country severely hence our high crime rate etc.

    You are lucky! Argentina’s PM and President are not worldwide laughing stocks such as Boris Idiot. To say that he and his government of goons have fucked things up here severely over this matter would be the understatement of the century.


  15. To be frank, Claudius, I don’t know who is the prime idiot in this crisis amongst the various world leaders. It is a toss-up between Boris The Buffoon (Once a Clown, ALWAYS a Clown) and the Orange Man in Washington DC. I think Trump wins but unfortunately for us in Britain it is a DAMM close run thing!😡☹️😞


  16. Although saying that, Trump did take some actions to restrict non-essential travel to the USA relatively early unlike the globalist, anti-British MORON in No.10 and his utterly useless Indian bitch of a Home Secretary. BOTH should be charged with willful manslaughter over this grotesque negligence.


  17. At least in your country of Argentina, Claudius, your government ministers are chosen on the basis of their perceived competence to do their jobs whereas here the criteria for selection involves whether a person has a vagina instead of a penis and whether that person can win PC Brownie points with the globalist media.


    1. Her performance over the duration of this crisis has been utterly lamentable and continues to be so. She should be given the sack but then there is little point to doing that for her to be replaced by another globalist open borders enthusiast as is extremely likely what with her party being filled to the brim with them.😡🤬😞☹️


      1. Of course, Boris won’t dismiss her not only because she is there for PC reasons so that wouldn’t look good but because he likes to surround himself with ministers who won’t show-up his ineptitude too too much.

        God almighty! Do we have problems as a country with this government!😡🤬😞☹️


  18. Hence we have the monstrosity of Priti Vacant/Priti Useless as our Home Secretary

    Britain was once a serious country in which cabinet ministers had to have at least a smidgeon of ability to do the job and were not selected using only PC criteria.


  19. We here in Brentwood, Essex had one of those state and media encouraged clapathons for the NHS which was the first one for a while. Needless to say, I didn’t participate but NHS staff and others performing vital jobs at this time such as shop workers, the police etc are still in my thoughts.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      The NHS is a useful part of UK life, overall, the doctors and nurses often very good, but it started to become fetishized about a decade ago, eg in that ridiculous Olympic opening ceremony in 2012.

      The fact is that there is a lot wrong with the NHS: maladministration in particular. They cannot even seem to keep the hospitals clean, something so basic that it beggars belief.

      “NHS workers” are now prioritized at supermarkets etc (even if they only work in an NHS office…) while other worthy people get nothing.


      1. The wholly misnamed Conservative Party attempted to reform an organisation that due to its vast size is basically UNREFORMABLE.

        Whilst the NHS has an excellent principle behind it of providing healthcare on demand on the basis of need and regardless of the ability to pay it is clear that this model is not really sustainable anymore in the form of the NHS.

        We should look to copy the healthcare systems of countries like Germany, France, Taiwan and South Korea.


  20. “Wiezel”. Or Katz Wiezel maybe.

    COVID19 – keep your eyes and ears open for the vocabulary of change being dribbled into the common consciousness – maybe I’ve been asleep but I’m just detecting that the word “transition” is starting to figure in talking heads’ wordlists.

    J. Sumption thinks Melanie Phillips is among the ‘credulous’; I would say more accurately, the complicit! She’s far too cunning to take it at face.

    I was going to drop a dump of Channel invaders links but you beat me to it! Farage ahoy!
    But maybe Farage shouldn’t have helped destroy the BNP! He’s looking quite a hypocrite now for those who remember.

    More beard babies. The traitors in power obviously have no problems with “sustainability” when it comes to exhausting resources in pursuit of their end of eliminating the hated Britsh natives!

    UK migration: Net migration from outside EU hits ‘highest level’
    21 May 2020



  21. We need to replace the NHS with a public/private system whereby the wealthy pay for their treatment whilst the poor do not.

    Universal health provision needs to be maintained but in a different way to the NHS. In Germany I believe they have a sliding scale so the rich pay for the full cost of treatment, the moderately wealthy pay some whilst the poor pay nothing.


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