Diary Blog, 9 June 2020

Bristol statue

I said most of what I wanted to say yesterday. However, in the noise and hullabaloo around the events of the weekend, what seems to have been overlooked is that the mob now has the bit between its teeth. The craven inaction of the police in Bristol will have emboldened the mob, now that no arrests were made, none of the mob tasered, or shot, or even hit over the head by the odd police baton.

I saw tweets to the effect of “it had to be done. We had debated and discussed this for years to no effect.” In other words, “we tried argument and local political action, but we did not get what we want. So we took direct action and now we have what we want.

This is a further step towards the race/culture war which is coming.

The other aspect that has struck me since the oddly-publicized death of the black man in Minnesota has been the relentless and generally biased msm campaign. Every mass media drone from James Corden to Piers Morgan has been getting in on the action. Even the Royal Mulatta has tried to horn in. At least when Greta Garbo said “I vant to be alone”, she meant it!

Once the British people see that the police are not protecting them, and not protecting even significant parts of the established society (which a statue in a public place is), it is but a small step to seeing the police as irrelevant or even as an enemy contingent.

Tweets seen today

In fact, Belarus is not the terrible place about which the msm bleats, when it does not ignore it. For a part of Europe that has always been rather poor, it has at least avoided migration-invasion and cultural evil.

A different kind of government might have taken the opportunity, with all those enemies of Western culture and civilization gathered together, to…(well, you get my meaning…).


A few thoughts today…

Know the “wrong” (i.e. targeted by the NWO/ZOG State) people, send “a few images” from National Geographic etc to your friends, collect a small amount of “Nazi” memorabilia and/or a few unusable knives or swords, or cushions featuring Swastika motifs, or make a few jokes about untermenschen, do a few unapproved political things in public, and you may well end up getting sent to prison, in our warped 2020 UK; but mobs of blacks, browns, white traitors and “antifa” thugs can roam through the streets of London, Bristol etc, topple historic statues and chuck them in rivers; they can deface monuments, cause injury and terror. What happens to the members of those mobs? The police commanders do nothing to stop the terror, even make statements supporting the mobs with weasel words, and make few if any arrests (none at all in Bristol).

In the unlikely event that the street terrorists of London and Bristol are actually arrested and then charged and prosecuted, will any face prison? No, they will not. Community service, conditional discharges, maybe the odd fine.

We can see the way that this is going. Traitors in Parliament, traitors in the police, traitors in radio, TV, the Press and the legal system are creating planned chaos in this country.

Again, where most typical old-style “Conservative” supporters go wrong is in assuming that the “authorities” are somehow negligent or weak in not stopping the disorder, when the reality is that “authority” has long ago been infiltrated by Common Purpose, by 1960s cultural revolutionaries turned “Establishment” figures, and by those who are completely in the pocket of the Jewish-Zionist element.

Who are they? Well, they are legion…but look at, for example, the heads, or recent heads, of organizations such as the Civil Service, the Security Service MI5, MI6/SIS as well, the editors of newspapers, the Director(s) of Public Prosecutions, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick (and the legions of others of similar stripe, such as Superintendent Andy Bennett of Bristol), the types that turn up on or behind TV as presenters, heads of department, you name it. Even comedians. Tony Blair. Cherie Blair/Booth. Many MPs.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. One day, perhaps not too far off, Britain will undertake a cultural purge which will save the British people and all Europe.

“Prince” Andrew


TV news

Since the NWO “lockdown”/shutdown, the TV news has been unwatchable: split-screens showing multikulti children howling pop songs “for the NHS” or for non-existent “community”, interviews with officially-approved scientists, “experts”, government ministerial drones. Virtually no foreign news at all, except, now, endless eulogizing of the deceased black man in Minnesota. His tasteless funeral service in Texas was relayed for literally hours this evening on both Sky News and BBC World. Who should turn up there, like a bad penny, but “Rev” Al Sharpton! Still ranting. God, what a world…

The Great Train Robbery

Watched a TV film, The Great Train Robbery https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Train_Robbery_(2013_TV_series) , presumably based on (though I did not notice it credited) The Robbers’ Tale by Peta Fordham, who used to be called “Peta Boredom” by Private Eye. Her husband was a criminal barrister of some note in his day.

As to Peta Fordham herself, when I read her stuff as a teenager (I mean her books, not her —I think Observer— column) I tended to despise her bleating on behalf of the professional villains she seemed to support; she also wrote on behalf of their families. She seemed to lose “professional” (if journalism be deemed a profession) detachment quite often. I recall the blurb of one book saying that “…she lives in a flat in the Temple, and has a house in a bluebell wood in Kent“. In other words, a typical affluent chattering-class “liberal” (odds-on that she supported mass immigration too…). A smug “liberal” Bar/Fleet Street denizen of the time. Hateful.

Reverting to the TV film I saw (first of two episodes), it was well-made, well-filmed. A couple of gripes relating to locations: one location, presumably a residential park in inner city London, somewhere like Goose Green, East Dulwich, was captioned “Lincoln’s Inn Fields”. I am presuming that it was cheaper to film in the other place; but in a film such as this, authenticity is essential. If it were impossible to film in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, then just film it elsewhere, but without the misleading caption.

Money was obviously an issue: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Train_Robbery_(2013_TV_series)#Filming ; quite good, though, overall.

British Airways

BA is now saying that those of its staff that it chooses to “re-employ” after “lockdown”/shutdown will receive less pay, worse conditions of employment etc. Is this a straw in the wind? Will that become the norm? All fallout from the crazed Government reaction to the Chinese virus.

Recent tweets

Where Andrew Neil may be uncomprehending (actually, I think not…not at all) is if he thinks that the black mobs and “antifa” (etc), insofar as they espouse “Marxism” or “Marxism-Leninism”, think that they can have old-style socialism without secret or not so secret police, labour camps, executions etc. Au contraire. Look at Twitter. The “Marxists” and similar on Twitter usually do not admit as much, but they are gagging to have the power to round up anyone they care to label “fascist”, “Nazi”, “racist” etc and shoot them, or order them shot. It’s palpable.

“Today, statues— tomorrow, people”…

[the image below is of course not 100% accurate— the mob should be 90% non-white]

Let’s not pretend that this is all accidental. When non-white political careerists like Sadiq Khan or David Lammy want to start tearing down statues, they are attacking all white British people.

First cultural genocide, then actual genocide. How? Various ways: promotion of non-procreative lifestyles (LGBTQ etc); promotion of abortion of (white) babies; promotion of racemixing, ie destruction of European ancestry, or its imprisonment and minimization; false history taught and/or broadcast (Romans, Greeks, ancient Egyptians as “black”, along with mediaeval Europeans, Renaissance people etc); actual killing or driving out of white Europeans (eg in contemporary South Africa); TV and radio propaganda, especially aimed at the young.; and so on.

Do not mistake what is happening. We, as white European people, are receiving open declaration of war. Some non-whites and also some white and other traitors are declaring war on us, openly now.

Here is one cuckoo in the nest:


and look at these traitors:

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and deputy leader Angela Rayner pictured kneeling in solidarity with anti-racism protesters
[above: Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner bend the knee in fealty to the enemies of white Northern European culture and civilization]

King Leopold of the Belgians, and the Congo

Yes, the regime of Leopold in the Congo was brutal, but it ended in 1908 (he died in 1909) and, after that, the colonial regime in the Congo was often considered one of the most enlightened in Africa. By the time of Independence in 1960, every village had a well (towns had running water and sanitation), most had a school, a clinic etc.


During the 1940s and 1950s the Belgian Congo experienced extensive urbanisation, and the colonial administration began various development programmes aimed at making the territory into a “model colony”.[9] One result saw the development of a new middle-class of Europeanised African “évolués” in the cities.[9] By the 1950s the Congo had a wage labour force twice as large as that in any other African colony.” [Wikipedia]


Albert Schweitzer (who was mainly in what is now Gabon, part of a French colony then called French Equatorial Africa, but whose work was influential in the Congo) is now largely forgotten, no doubt as a result of the prevailing political correctness:


“Civilizing mission”:


[above: Lovanium University, Congo, built in the 1950s]

Since Independence in 1960, the Congo has reverted to savagery. Read the account of the late Mike Hoare: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_Mike_Hoare#Works_by_Mike_Hoare

50 years of progress were wiped out by less than 5 years of African misgovernment (make that now, as of date of writing, 60 years of African misgovernment…).

Late tweets seen

The animals, birds and sea-life of the world face the same main enemy as we white human beings, i.e. the vast number, still increasing, of non-whites in this world.


Late night music

39 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 9 June 2020”

  1. Don’t give Meghan Markle the dignity of being called a Royal. I know she is officially still because the Queen has failed to do the only obvious action she should remaining ie chuck her out from the family by removing her title. Just call her ‘The Yankee Manipulator’ as that is what she is and more besides. Personally, I’ve NEVER regarded her as a real member of our Royal Family and never will.


  2. She is quite clearly intent upon causing as much trouble for our Royal Family as is humanly possible and has had that frame of mind from day one. She needs to be dealt with by MI6 as if she isn’t the Royal Family will soon be replaced by a Republic.


    1. And what, M’Lord of Essex, are we to do when, the economy having collapsed, there is still incidence (if so) of the Chinese virus? Give everyone a pistol and one round and say “All fire at your own heads. Fire for the NHS…NOW!”(?)


      1. The economy won’t collapse totally. We must have stringent social distancing and the population with very few exceptions must follow it. If that happens we can relax the guidelines sooner and keep the disease at a mild, non spreading like wildfire level as in Germany and South Korea.

        The problem is you have to be careful with relaxing the measures/guidance as otherwise the R level will go over 1 and the disease will expand again. We have some ‘wriggle room’ to play with but, sadly, it isn’t much.


  3. Isn’t it about time Peter Hitchens tested out his hopelessly impractical theories that suggest we should just ignore Covid-19, pretend it isn’t a real thing and just carry on as normal like in January and February and move to Brazil where he can be as libertarian as he likes. He might just catch it there but at least he will be ‘free’ at long last.


      1. If it isn’t he hasn’t expressed himself well then as this is the impression I get from him.

        There are only three ways you can deal with this virus:

        1.) The highly irresponsible not to say callous one of just ignoring it and letting things ‘rip’

        2.) A non half hearted full scale ‘lockdown’/comprehensive social distancing measures/ stay at home orders backed-up with the full support of the police and courts or

        3.) A more light touch approach with still comprehensive social/physical distancing guidelines provided by government but you had better make sure you have a virtually 100% willing and obedient population first.


  4. Does he want the government or we as a hopelessly divided and racially riven ‘society’ with little social solidarity unlike Japan and South Korea to join together and take ANY containment measures against the virus at all?


  5. Not a good thought for the libertarians who infest the body politic and what passes for ‘Tory’ opinion nowdays in this country, Belarus is the last remaining country in Europe to still have capital punishment!


  6. I’ve never liked Piers Morgan ever since the day when as editor of the Daily Mirror rag he incited attacks against our troops in Iraq by publishing lies about them on the front page.

    That was unforgivable and he should have been sacked as the editor and never heard of in journalistic circles again.

    I am sure President Trump is gong to do that! He won’t do it unless he is to use that rather awful Americanism a ‘cuck’.

    Instead, he should be ordering the police and/or the army to crack down hard as those protests have gone on far too long already.


  7. He needs to show he is ‘The President of Law and Order’ as he said he was. Time to get those whips cracking, Mr President!


  8. I am not entirely sure of how you would best describe the National Guard in the USA or what department of state controls it but it seems to be an auxiliary force called into the aid of the ‘normal’ police when they are likely to be or are overwhelmed.

    Most countries have national gendarmeries or national riot police but not Britain where we only seem to have a specialised unit for the London area.




    1. M’Lord of Essex, I used to pass by some National Guard depots when I lived in the USA (mainly New Jersey, though I have seen others). They mostly seemed rather run-down (30 years ago).
      The National Guard is supposedly under dual Federal/State control:

      You have to bear in mind the small size of the UK: even New Jersey is the same size as Wales, and New York (state) is over half the size as the whole UK (and is somewhat larger than England).


  9. It’s time Priti Useless/Priti Damm Nuisance/Priti Vacant started to do some work for once and created a national gendarmarie or riot units for every police force area but then even if this was done they wouldn’t be allowed to do their jobs properly and would be under the cosh of PC just like normal officers are!


  10. Rather surprisingly it looks as if the the USA is short of police officers and perhaps that is one reason why some of them believe they need to act so violently and not very professionally as happened with George Floyd:


    It can’t be easy being a police officer in the US! I suspect even our most hardened criminals are not as bad as many of their worst ones are.


  11. Starmer – married to Jewess. Rayner – typically Jewish surname?

    Rather like Tim Wise going on the media and lecturing his “fellow Whites” for their ‘privilege’ etc etc i.e larping as a White man when he’s at least a mamzer! Force multiplier deceptiveness of true allegiance!

    “Wise has said that when he was about 12 years old his synagogue was attacked by white supremacists.”

    Yawn. Bet it was real only in his own mind.

    I shall have to resume roundup tomorrow but two things commanded my attention from the last few days aside from WEF and the “‘Great Reset'”:

    The ex-Goldman Sachs banker cries out in pain as he strikes you with a usury flail.

    Haven’t had time to watch never mind scutinize but I should not be in the least surprised if this were from 2011 – I saw a video posted a month or two ago along similar lines and one fuzzy image of a shop window poster displaying mobile phones evoked a distinctly antique era, before widespread use of smartphones. This states Ealing; I happened to be visiting the area not long after and recall a few shops boarded temporarily after being damaged. As I was at that time alert to the likely subterranean drivers of the visible excesses, I noted the condition of the high street banks: all untouched, naturally.


    1. Wigger:
      Maiden name Bowen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Rayner

      Rayner is the name of her husband. If he is a Jew, then Labour’s leader and also deputy-leader are both married to Jewish individuals.

      As to that synagogue “attacked” years or decades ago, the devil is in the word “attacked”, which can mean anything from the Tet Offensive to an egg thrown at an exterior wall.


    2. Yes, Rishi Sunak, I agree with you that racism exists in this globalist, floating business park with open borders and former country.

      However, it isn’t the kind of racism you are virtue signalling about. I’m talking about the kind of anti-white racism from your despicable party that ensured you got selected for a nice safe seat in the still pretty British Yorkshire Dales instead of numerous white Tories and how you became Chancellor because your party is so desperate to get ethnic minority votes., Shall we talk about that REAL racism, eh?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡


  12. I can’t think why some ordinary, working-class voters abandoned the so-called ‘party of the workers’ last December after voting for them for decades not that the so-called Conservative Party is any better!🙄🙄🙄

    What utterly vile traitors those two are and their party is!😡🤬


      1. Let’s hope more of their voters abandon them. Frankly, if you are white and still vote for that mentally insane bunch at this point in time you need your brains testing for any sign that it is working!


  13. When are people in this country going to wake-up to the fact the ‘Champagne Globalists’ of the Labour Party like that cretin Keir Starmer HATE Britons and our entire national existence as a nation and our national history and heritage! If that picture doesn’t prove this then I don’t know what will!


    1. Ha ha! M’Lord of Essex, I hope that the cartoonists are watching. Vacant and semi-literate Angela Rayner staring blankly from her position on her knees, alongside Starmer, both pledging fealty to the blacks and the Zionist “overlords”…It needs a cartoonist to do justice to it, maybe as a parody of a Vermeer.


      1. She is so dim I actually felt sorry for her until now that is. Painfully thick doesn’t even cover it! No wonder the anti-British morons of the now fully controlled (after Corbyn) Jew Zionist Labour Party chose to make her Shadow Education Secretary or should that be Edukashun Secretary?🙄🙄🙄


      2. Perhaps, M’Lord of Essex, she could teach teenage girls how not to get “knocked up” at such a young age and without benefit of clergy. Oh, no, wait…


      3. Vermeer though was an accomplished, world renowned artist though so his memory doesn’t deserve to be besmirched by associating him with ‘Champagne Globalist’ Blairite non entity Keir Starmer and that thick cow!


  14. Some more interesting videos using the wonders of YouTube:

    Ha, ha, I have seen this exhibit at Bodmin Jail:

    Fascinating if you are into that sort of thing like yours truely is!😁😜😝😀😃🤣🤣🤣😝😝😜😜😛😛😛😃😃😃😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😂😂😂


    1. When I lived in Cornwall and then Brittany (2002-2008), and was in Chambers in Devon (Exeter), M’Lord of Essex, I was sometimes sent to Bodmin County Court (now closed, I believe) but I never went to the old Bodmin Gaol museum.


  15. Or we could bring back the fairly humane method of a British style long-drop hanging just for ‘ordinary’ crimes such as murder with aggravating circumstances like that of a police or prison officer and then ask the Yanks if they could kindly let us borrow some examples of their old electric chairs.

    It is a far less humane method and not one I ordinary approve of but, hey, treason IS a very serious crime or at least it still is in normal countries.





  16. Though I don’t recollect they have asked for one, I have no huge objections to British Airways receiving a subsidy from the government for a while. I would rather that company gets it than Virgin Atlantic since BA is the national flag carrier and I believe that every semi-serious/serious country in the world should have a flag carrier airline as a matter of national prestige.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, the idea that every state must have a “national flag carrier” airline is very mid 20thC…Why? When Britain had a vast empire, it did not have a nationalized *passenger ship* line.


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