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Diary Blog, 8 January 2022, including a preliminary look at the upcoming Erdington by-election

Afternoon music

The above version recorded only a decade before the Soviet Union collapsed…

Saturday quiz


This week, political journalist John Rentoul managed to tie with me. 7/10. Well done.

I did not know the answers to questions 3 and 10, and the answer to question 5 slipped my mind (well, after all, he is hardly Maurice Oldfield…).

On this day a year ago

A preliminary look at the upcoming Erdington by-election

The sitting MP for Birmingham Erdington, Jack Dromey, having died, there will be a by-election at some point, probably in March or April.


I shall blog in detail later, when the candidates have been declared. For the moment, it is possible to sketch only outlines.

Birmingham Erdington is considered a safe Labour seat, though not quite rock-solid now. The last non-Labour candidate was elected in 1936 (Conservative Party).

The lowest Labour vote since 1983 was recorded in 2010 (41.8%). However, that vote increased to 45.6% in 2015, then 58% in 2017, before slipping back a little to 50.3% in 2019. Dromey was first elected in 2010.

As for the Conservative Party vote-share, its high-water mark was back in 1931 (68.1%). It was closest to success (since the pre-WW2 era) in 1983, when Labour, with 39.8%, narrowly beat the Conservative candidate (39.2%), a majority of only 231 votes.

During the Blair era, the Conservative vote slumped well below 30%, but has recovered since: 32.6 % in 2010, 30.8% in 2015, 38.4% in 2017, and 40.1% in 2019.

In 2019, Brexit Party put up a candidate who scored 4.1%. While one cannot say that that 4.1% would otherwise have voted Con, it is more likely than not, putting the Conservatives maybe within a couple of points of Labour. However, recent opinion polling has shown that Conservative Party support, nationwide, has been sliding.

The potential level for any social-national candidate is hard to gauge, but in view of the fact that there presently exists no credible social-national party in the UK, my assessment of the likelihood even of a saved deposit for any candidate of that type is low. The BNP achieved 5.1% and a saved deposit in 2010, and achieved that, moreover, despite the existence of both UKIP (2.4%) and National Front (0.6%) candidates. Had only the BNP stood, then it is possible that its vote might have totalled over 8%, and —who knows?— even over 10%. Still modest, of course.

UKIP, not social-national but somewhat (conservative-) nationalist, achieved a creditable third place on 17.4% of the votes cast in 2015.

This is not Liberal Democrat territory. The LibDems have lost their deposit in every election since 2010 (16.2%).

I imagine that the by-election will attract a host of minor and joke candidates.

In years past, there would been little point in blogging about a by-election such as this. However, this time it is worth speculating about, and then seeing the result. The interest lies in seeing whether former Labour voters’ apathy, and/or dislike of Keir Starmer and/or Labour generally (with its pro-mass immigration stance and “Covid” obsession) can result in a great upset.

Labour is sliding fast in the affections of the voters, but so is the Conservative Party, which talks big on immigration yet not only does nothing to stop it but is actually inviting millions of Hong Kong Chinese to live here, is inviting tens of thousands of Afghans to live here, and has done absolutely nothing to prevent the cross-Channel migration-invasion.

This looks like being a straight Conservative-Labour fight. I cannot see the LibDems mounting a successful third-party bid. At the moment, I should say that Labour are still favourites, but only just. I do not rule out an upset.

Labour Party in the Cold War

I am reading Against the Cold War; the nature and traditions of pro-Soviet sentiment in the British Labour Party 1945-89, by one Darren G. Lilleker.

A fairly interesting book-length study (a doctoral thesis), but I have already found flaws in the bit I have read so far, such as:

Lee, identified as Will Owen, was solely
interested in financial reward. According to
[Josef] Frolik he demanded free holidays and money
and in return passed information of the “highest importance.,… This description of Owen
seems somewhat dubious, Owen was not party to important information, and the fact that
he was acquitted from a treason charge on the 9th May 1970 substantiates these doubts

Well, Owen was tried at the Bailey, true, but not on a charge of treason (in the strict legal sense). The charge was one of “communicating secrets” contrary to the Official Secrets Act.

Notes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_Owen#Secrets_trial; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Frol%C3%ADk.

A basic error like that is not one that I should expect to see in the thesis of a Ph.D. candidate, frankly. There are already noticed one or two similar errors. Also, one is acquitted of (or maybe on) a charge, not “from“. Also, it is claimed, in the thesis, that the MP John Stonehouse was engaging in homosexual behaviour (which laid him open to blackmail by Czech Intelligence, though his main motivation for spying was financial).

The money aspect, yes, but is the other true, or not? Wikipedia mentions nothing of it [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Stonehouse]. There have been two books on Stonehouse published in the past year; neither (judging from reviews) mentions the “gay” allegations.

Still, I am continuing to read Lilleker’s thesis, which I am finding interesting, overall.

Addendum: the thesis was successful, and the candidate got his (2001) Ph.D. Twenty years on, that candidate is Professor Lilleker of Bournemouth University, no less: https://staffprofiles.bournemouth.ac.uk/display/dlilleker#overview; https://staffprofiles.bournemouth.ac.uk/display/dlilleker#affiliations.

As for the thesis, it was published as a book, apparently (in 2004): https://staffprofiles.bournemouth.ac.uk/display/dlilleker#publications. I see that used copies in hardback (I rarely buy paperbacks) are as little as £3 on Amazon. I may buy one.

Incidentally, I blogged briefly about Stonehouse last year, when the books about him came out: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/07/17/diary-blog-17-july-2021/.

Covid “panicdemic”


Intensive care doctor tells Sajid Javid: this is why I’m refusing the Covid vaccine

“Steve James, of King’s College Hospital, said Health Secretary didn’t seem to agree that he had immunity from being ‘antibody’ positive.”

Mr James told the PA news agency he did not believe Covid-19 was causing “very significant problems” for young people, adding that his patients in the ICU had been “extremely overweight” with multiple other co-morbidities.

[Daily Telegraph].

Tweets seen

Cummings, about whom I blogged a few times, is making himself look silly now. As to Boris-idiot, it is hard to think that he could be made to look sillier…(actually, thinking about it, the same could be said of Cummings).

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2020/01/03/dominic-cummings-a-government-of-dystopia-and-lunacy-posing-as-genius/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/10/les-eminences-grises-of-dystopia/.

I should like to believe that the British public would do better, but I do wonder…in the new multikulti “British” land, ignorance is bliss, quite often.

Were we in the USA, we might know a great deal about the composition of the jury, and also about why the jurors decided the matter thus, but since the passing of the Juries Act 1974 [as amended], most of that is not permitted: see https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1974/23/section/20D#:~:text=%5BF120DOffence%3A%20disclosing%20jury’s%20deliberations&text=(2)A%20person%20guilty%20of,a%20fine%20(or%20both).

My guess? Most of the jury was composed of a mixture of blacks, other non-Europeans, and persons of a generally Labour Party bent. There was no need for a majority direction from the trial judge, so either all jurors voted for acquittal, or most did and the few preferring conviction changed their minds and went along with that.

That Jew should [redacted]…


Of course, I saw through Boris Johnson long ago, about 20 years ago. Unfortunately, I am forced by Fate to be merely (at least so far) a private citizen-blogger. Frankly, and if I myself say it that shouldn’t, I would be a far better head of government than Boris Johnson. Admittedly, many people might echo my words, and with justice.

More music


Flag of Kazakhstan
Land controlled by the Republic of Kazakhstan shown in dark green.

I was not intending to blog about the present upheaval in Kazakhstan. It is —tempus fugit!— now 24 years since I lived there (I was there for a year), and I have already blogged about some aspects of my own time there, en passant, several times. However, a few words…

Kazakhstan, when I went there, was all but unknown to the UK public. Even educated members of the Bar whom I knew asked “where exactly is that?” when I said that I would be living there.

Despite being the 9th-largest state in the world, more than 11x the size of the whole UK, Kazakhstan was almost invisible to most British people. That is less true today, though most people still know little about it.

At one time, from the 1920s to the early 1990s, Kazakhstan’s population was 20%-45% Russian, peaking at well over 40% in the 1970s. Even when I was there (1996-97), Russians were over 30% of the population, and probably more in the then capital and largest city, Almaty, where I lived.

By reason of Stalin’s mass deportations from other areas of the Soviet Union, there were numerous other ethnic groups in Kazakhstan up until the 1990s (they are still there but in far smaller numbers): Volga Germans, Jews, Ukrainians, Crimean Tartars, Turks and Koreans (former residents of Soviet areas bordering those countries) etc. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kazakhstan#Demographics.

In the 1990s, Russians started to leave, as “Kazakhization” proceeded. Jews left for Israel. Germans left for Germany. Kazakhstan is now about 65%-70% Kazakh.

Russians were the backbone of Kazakhstan as a civilized and advanced country. The Kazakhs I myself met were (mostly) very pleasant, tolerant people, but badly-led and, after all, basically non-European. Before the late 19th Century, Kazakhs were still all nomadic. Most of them still were as late as the 1930s.

Russia gave the Kazakhs everything modern, from roads and rail, and medical services, and cities, to nuclear poison and labour camps…a mixed picture…

Kazakhstan was once called, informally —and dangerously—, Kazekstan, “zek” being a slang term for a prisoner.

The Russians, in the 19thC, established a fort at a place in the foothills of the Tien Shan mountains, a place they called Verny. There was founded a small town, later called Alma-Ata (“Father of Apples” in Kazakh). When I lived there, there were still a few small apple orchards in the hills within the city limits rapidly being developed into residential and office neighbourhoods.

Alma-Ata became (I have no idea why) “Almaty”, a name both Russians and Kazakhs found odd and somehow funny (they told me).

The few at the top after 1991 effectively stole everything, something that was obvious to me when I lived there. The “elected” dictator, Nazarbaev (resigned recently), was, even in 1996, said (by Fortune magazine) to be the 5th-wealthiest individual on Earth. The oil and gas and other riches under the ground went mainly to him and then to his clan, family, friends and contacts (and to Western oil, gas, and mining companies). Nazarbaev was the first Kazakh leader (even in Soviet times) who had no descent from Genghiz Khan; he was never fully accepted by many Kazakhs.

The Soviet government had tried, in the late 1980s, to install a non-Kazakh, a Russian, as leader. Riots killed hundreds.

I am sorry to see the bloodshed in Kazakhstan, but the country needs a new start.

More news


Look who’s talking! US forces came to the UK by invitation in 1942, but never left! There are still strategically-significant American forces in the UK, not only air force contingents and actual US air bases, but Navy and Army, as well as smaller forces such as NSA, CIA and even US Coastguard (in London, of all places! I was talked with one of their officers).

More tweets

(When the USA seized the gold reserves of the defeated state of Iraq).

Lenin would rotate in his grave, if he had one! Ha ha!

(nb: Russian Christmas is later than that celebrated in the UK, USA etc, because the Russian Orthodox church uses the Julian calendar).

That is mainly because Europe, particularly Western Europe, is infested.

I have no idea who that rather unattractive airhead is, but the frightening thing is that idiots like that do actually speak for at least a significant minority of the UK population, and that fact is one reason why the secret cabals and ruling circles are not finding it too difficult to drag this country into a future which is already beginning to look like a dystopian nightmare.

I never chose it… I never chose it!

“I never had a choice” [Nietzsche, Also Sprach Zarathustra]

Whatever happens (or is said to have happened) with “Omicron”, the “panicdemic” narrative will continue to be pushed. The endgame has nothing to do with public heath, and certainly nothing to do with any supposed huge “danger” to the public, or the world. It is all to do with the next stage in the conspiracy— the microchipping of effectively the entire population of the world.

Stray thought

Looking at the film (from 1974, though the music dates from 1959), no-one in that film could have imagined that the DDR/East Germany would pass into history only 15 years (officially 16) later. Even when I spent a couple of days in the DDR in 1988, the regime seemed to be in full control, though there was to me a strange feeling about the place (I was in the seemingly almost depopulated Southwest and Southeast), a feeling that —despite all the trappings of a state— this was a kind of facade. I suppose that the feeling might be summed up as “where are all the people?”…

We imagine that a set-up like the UK will go on almost forever, and certainly not disappear or be radically changed within a few years. I’m not so sure of that.

Late tweets

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, and I myself could certainly benefit from some weight loss, but truth is truth…

…and just in the past day or so I have seen one newspaper report about a working nurse forced to sleep in her car because she is “not a housing priority“, and another about an elderly Englishman who froze to death in a doorway because the local council would not help him, yet all stops are pulled out for these backward, useless untermenschen, who are invaders.

I am not usually favourable towards mob rule etc, but Macron should be dealt with in the way tyrants have been for millennia.

Ironic. Had I been Hitler, or in Hitler’s position, I would have done whatever was necessary to secure the future of the European peoples.

Late music

Diary Blog, 5 January 2022

Morning music

Tweets seen

The tweet refers, of course, to the Jew Epstein, to the half-Jewess Ghislaine “Maxwell”, to Andrew Windsor etc, and to Israeli Intelligence (either MOSSAD or Aman). See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/11/the-jew-epstein-and-prince-andrew-the-british-royal-family-has-another-scandal-maybe-its-time-to-just-get-rid-of-them/.

Exactly right. The medium-term endgame, maybe in 2022 or 2023, maybe slightly later, will be to demand that everyone in “advanced” countries gets microchipped, not only as a “Covid passport” but supposedly to protect financial information, because debit cards and credit cards will slowly be replaced by the implanted chip. The same with medical information on the individual. Then will come police records and actual passports etc.

Naturally, anyone deemed “racist”, “anti-Semitic” (that most of all) etc will have those “facts” recorded on the chip (or may even not be chipped, thus excluding them from society). A fine police state tool, useful for barring “unpersons” from professions, jobs etc, most of all barring them from politics and other opinion-forming activity.

It is already happening, though less efficiently, using more basic methods, in the msm, mainstream politics, and the higher-profile professions and occupations, such as the Bar, as well as in the Diplomatic Service, SIS, MI5 etc.

In short, the individual will be totally identifiable, checkable and (once synchronized with 5G etc) trackable 24/7, worldwide.

The global fake “biosecurity” police state will then come into being.

Anyone not part of “the only game in town” will be (in fact, certainly in the UK, already is) marginalized, and later will be starved, made homeless and/or then criminalized and probably incarcerated in (though they will be called something else) concentration camps .

There may be ways of fighting this evil but not, primarily, via ordinary political activity, and certainly not by tweeting, blogging etc. That is, at best, preparatory.

More tweets

Only the Aryan can give life.

Marx said that “the point is not to understand the world but to change it“, a very limited but not entirely incorrect viewpoint. We now have many people who think that the most important thing is to be able to express views publicly, by which is usually meant online. I sympathize, and have myself suffered from the repression against free speech (unlawfully disbarred, expelled from Twitter etc), but the mere expression of views cannot be a substitute for real action for a better and/or completely different society.

Agent-provocateur? The truth about all that may not emerge for many years.

I think that it has become worse in past decades. There is now, certainly in the UK, an unofficial or semi-official canon to which a journalist who wants to have a job must subscribe: pro-Jew, probably/mostly pro-Israel, “anti-racist” (apart from pro-Israel), pro the “BLM” nonsense (tweak a little for Daily Mail etc readership), pro-facemask nonsense, believing most of the official “Covid” propaganda line and that of the “holocaust” farrago; and so on.

Tweeting or blogging will not stop evil bastards of that sort.

See my previous comment…

I hope that it will still be there this time next year.

Plod news


Hard to know which is the most shocking, the way in which an elderly person was treated, or the incompetence which meant that the police not only went to the wrong address but also both mistook a house for a flat and then also mistook a white man of 80 years of age for a black man in his thirties.

The police are fortunate that most people who commit crimes are not very intelligent; if they were, the success rate for the police would be even lower than it is.

Update, same day: I happened to see the tweets now appended below, which cover the incident in more detail:

Incidentally, the police sending their victim a £30 bill for securing the door they themselves had damaged is contemptuous and rather Kafka-esque.

Hard to believe the attitude…it reminded me of a news report I saw decades ago: a helicopter was used in a prison escape, I think from Gartree prison in Leicestershire (a top-security place then, where Professor Hugh Hambleton [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugh_Hambleton] and other high-profile prisoners were held).

When the police recaptured one notorious criminal, they beat and kicked the **** out of him. Appearing in the local mags court, one charge against him was escaping from the prison, but the other was “criminal damage to a police boot” (with his head and face! True; this actually happened; at least, it was reported in at least one newspaper).

I am not by nature “anti-police”, they being a necessary evil in a modern society, but the police in the UK are now rather disturbing, often uninterested in real or “ordinary” crime, yet focussed on things like malicious complaints made by dishonest Jews about comments made about current affairs on social media.

Also, the police seem to be alternately far too lenient on things such as anti-social street behaviour, yet sometimes, as above, absurdly heavy-handed.

The police should take a look at where they are, and on their priorities.

More music


Music not well-known to the public, especially outside the former Soviet Union (and maybe also inside it, now), but beautiful; it should not be forgotten.

More music

Town planning and architecture

Quite interesting American overview of Soviet town planning, focussing mainly on residential units:

Another town planning video:

If there is something missing from that video, it is that cities are for people, and it is the nature of the population that determines whether a city is a pleasant or unpleasant place in which to live. The same city can be a centre of culture and science, or just a human zoo, depending on the nature of its inhabitants.

Covid police state, France


Emmanuel Macron says he wants to ‘p*** off’ the unvaccinated in foul-mouthed rant vowing to ban them from public places including restaurants, cinemas and coffee shops from next week” [Daily Mail]

I won’t send (the unvaccinated) to prison, I won’t vaccinate by force. So we need to tell them, from Jan. 15, you won’t be able to go to the restaurant anymore, you won’t be able to down one, won’t be able to have a coffee, go to the theatre, the cinema.” [Daily Mail]

Exactly what I was saying earlier in today’s blog. Those resisting the System (which is presently using the Covid “panicdemic” as excuse) will be gradually reduced to the status of a marginalized and bullied underclass. Fight now or fight later…

People of France! You have dealt with tyrants before— deal with this one. I have written about NWO/ZOG puppet Macron in the past: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/. Get rid of him…GET RID OF HIM…

More tweets seen

Unfortunately, Twitter did listen to (and obey) the Jew-Zionist claque re. me; I was expelled in 2018. Having said that, I had already woken up to the fact that Twitter is of limited utility in socio-political terms and is, to a large extent, a waste of time.

What kind of society allows (forces) a nurse actually employed in a hospital to sleep in her car along with her animal companions, while at the same time putting large numbers of unwanted non-European migrant-invaders —who will never be of the slightest use to the British people, quite the contrary— into 4* hotels, sheltering them, feeding them, giving them spending money, and even providing them with computers and mobile telephones? It is mad, just mad.

Late tweets seen

Goodbye Labour…

Chinese, I think (that voice barking out orders in occupied Montreal). Get used to it (or start fighting, or preparing to fight).

Looks like the Canadian public is even deeper asleep than the poor British masses.

Not completely wrong; Colston did trade in slaves and/or directly profited by that. He was, however, also a merchant generally, and a philanthropist on a large scale. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Colston

These days, everyone in history (or politics) has to be a hero (often fake) or villain (often exaggerated).

As for “GB News”, I have not seen it even once, but it is obviously more “controlled opposition”.

Anyway, if you pull down the Colston statue, why do you leave standing those to most British monarchs and other major figures from about 1500 to 1800?

I suppose it is just a matter of time before a crazed multiracial mob of near-zombies destroys all of our history, race, and culture. Or will the British people awake at the last moment?

Late music

The stars in their courses fight on the side of the just” [Chinese proverb]

Diary Blog, 11-12 June 2020

An enemy of the British people

Madeline Odent's home in Hertfordshire was visited by police on Wednesday, following a series of tweets she sent on Tuesday explaining how household chemicals can destroy some statues
[above: Madeline Odent]

Police arrived at the home of an Oxford-educated museum curator last night after she tweeted a guide on how to use domestic chemicals to destroy bronze statues in the wake of recent Black Lives Matters protests.

Madeline Odent, the privately schooled curator of Royston Museum in Hertfordshire, sent an inflammatory series of tweets last night to her 5,164 followers, which was then shared thousands of times.

In the posts, the American-born banker’s wife revealed how to dissolve bronze statues, saying that the damage would be ‘irreversible’ and ‘practically impossible to stop’.” [Daily Mail]


A Jewess tweets support for the criminal Odent:

Quelle surprise. The gravediggers of our European heritage.

A war is coming, which may be in part a race war, but is really better considered as a culture war. The above Daily Mail report makes it clear that the woman featured has, in effect, declared war on the people of Britain and on all white Northern European culture and civilization.

There are many like her in the UK, often in privileged or influential positions. They think that they themselves are immune, protected by wealth, privilege and a police force which now often seems to have inbuilt bias towards affluent yet anti-British persons.

Latest news about the race/culture war in the UK

Scout founder Robert Baden-Powell statue to be removed in Poole following criticism from campaigners, accusing him of racism and homophobia.” [BBC News]

Many are asking when the police or government will act properly to protect these vestiges of our proud history. The answer is— probably never, because Westminster has fallen, the mainstream media have fallen (long ago), the police have fallen, the whole edifice of society is at least falling, and soon it will be up to the British people to take the necessary actions, those actions that “established authority” has quite deliberately decided not to take, to protect our culture, civilization and future.

Monkeyworld UK, 2020


Rather than helping the officer the man gets his mobile phone out and starts filming as the suspect is heard screaming at the officer to leave him alone
Black Lives Matter and 'slave owner' were among the phrases daubed on the statue of Queen Victoria in Woodhouse Moor Park in Leeds before being removed today.

Who or what is behind the war on white people and our history?

Not the blacks, who are almost invariably incapable of organizing anything. No, you have to look to the Zionists and others embedded in the power structures. They are the ones who are using “Black Lives Matter” etc for their own purposes. Put another way, this is part of “The Great Replacement”, or to express the same idea in yet another way, “White Genocide”.

Not just the USA; the UK too. In fact all of Europe. The propaganda is incessant.


Some tweets seen this morning

[above: one of the “Che” quotations that his latter-day supporters prefer to forget…]

I am not exactly a fan of Katie Hopkins (or Churchill, for that matter), but her comments here are worth a hearing:

…and to shoplift with impunity, I suppose!

More seriously, resist facemasks, resist the petty tyrants trying to enforce “social distancing” etc. The virus has pretty much come and gone. The British people can now rise up and cast off their shackles. Only then can they fight in the upcoming culture wars.


The patience of the British people is not inexhaustible: https://www.iambirmingham.co.uk/2020/06/10/lynch-mob-mentality-coventry-two-black-youths-chased-crowd/

Labour chooses suicide

The Labour Party thinks that all it has to do to win a general election is to wait for Boris-idiot and his government of fools to mess up. Well, there is some basis for that, as witness the latest opinion polling, but it is probably more accurate to say that the two parties are converging in the polls, but that all that is happening is that the Conservative Party is reverting to a slight lead over Labour.

When one looks at Labour Friends of Israel Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner bending the knee in fealty to the anti-British mob, it becomes impossible to see them as leading a government.

The Conservative Party did not win the 2019 General Election; Labour lost it. See below:

[above: voter migration 2017-2019]

In 2019, the misnamed “Conservatives” did not gain many voters (contrary to the msm narrative); their vote increased by only one percentage point vis a vis 2017. Labour, however, lost eight points vis a vis 2017. Half of those Labour losses were former Labour voters simply abstaining.

A major reason why Labour failed in 2019 is because very many English and Welsh people thought of it as anti-white. I doubt that Labour can get back from that. Politics is becoming polarized, partly on racial lines but more on racial-cultural lines.

The present government is plainly incompetent, but I doubt that Labour can persuade the voters that it can be trusted either.

My conclusion from the above is that the British people are crying out for social-national leadership, though largely unconsciously.

The latest UK censorship news…

Idiots like Piers Morgan start balls rolling but then find out that they keep rolling and end up doing damage all over the place. The msm talking heads, “our” corrupt and stupid MPs, the “celebrity” idiots, all bowing down to the black/brown mobs and “antifa” thugs, and all bending the knee in sign of fealty to the forces of evil destruction….where do they think this will end, this thing that they themselves have triggered? Either in the destruction of our civilization or in the destruction of the inferior elements in it.

That’s (((their))) idea. It’s called “The Great Replacement” and, if carried out, will be the end of everything decent in Western culture and civilization in the end…

Below, today’s thick Irish tweet of the day:

N-word“? Oh, he must mean “nigger“…

and a notorious Jew twitter troll (below) thinks that “the answer” is to “edit out” the word “nigger”… In the immortal words of Mandy Rice-Davies, “well, he would, wouldn’t he?”

Yes, let’s censor Fawlty Towers because one character in one episode uses one arguably undiplomatic word once or twice. Because the BBC now would never use offensive words…oh, no, wait…


Greetings to all well-intentioned readers of my blog this evening. Anyone (((not well-intentioned))), get lost while you still can. Apropos of nothing…

Some more tweets seen

I disagree with Griffin here. Leave Marx in Highgate Cemetery. In fact, give him some company, such as anyone who wants to destroy British or any white European history and culture. Give him thousands of companions…


Peter Hitchens writing about “where to go if one were to emigrate”. When you examine it, not so easy to decide (assuming you have a choice) as may be at first imagined.

Of course, anyone emigrating from the UK now is giving up the struggle against the untermenschen and barbarians…

The next few years (2020-2027) can be compared to the period 1987-1994. Huge changes.

The Tim Montgomeries of this world never quite awaken to what is behind manifestations such as the “bending knee” nonsense promoted by UK/USA msm, politicians, “celebrities” etc. (((NWO/ZOG))).

The “Tim Montgomeries” of this world regard events such as the tearing down of white Northern European history as just…events. Nothing behind it all. A kind of unplanned, unexpected wave of events, akin to a car crash. No, monsieur Montgomerie! Wake UP!

Wake up to the ZOG conspiracy that is behind this. Evil hiding in plain sight.

Oh, and, Montgomerie, forget this meaningless “right/left” idea. The true basis is European v. non-European.


Build “bridges” to the evil untermenschen who want to bury us? No!

Here (below), an example of camp “Conservative” decadence. Matthew Parris:

So let’s write some history, in a way that will have “Conservative” decadents such as Matthew Parris and Fraser Nelson tearing out their own hair…

Late night music

Friday 12 June

Header media

As far as the UK is concerned, Coronavirus is now almost in the past. What is not in the past is the damage done (by “lockdown”/shutdown) to the economy. To say that is not to prioritize “money” before “people”. Countries without functioning economies cannot maintain sophisticated or even adequate health services (and if you think that Cuba proves otherwise, look more closely at Cuba).

Mandela statue

“What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”, it is said. There is a possibility that the “freedom-fighter” will have his statue in London relocated to the bottom of the Thames soon.

I should imagine that, overall, Nelson Mandela did a great deal more harm in this world than the Bristol merchant and slave-trader Edward Colston.

In fact, this morning I heard some typical BBC Radio 4 propaganda piece about Robben Island, where Mandela was incarcerated after having been found guilty, in the 1960s, of plotting to start a race war in South Africa: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robben_Island

The BBC drone or guest broadcast that he himself had visited Robben Island, which he said is 7 miles off the coast (it’s 4 miles, but I suppose that I may have misheard kilometres as miles).

Robben Island Village
[above: Robben Island Village on Robben Island, South Africa]

By the way, when Mandela, who had been (somewhat) educated as a lawyer, turned to direct political violence in the mid-1950s, he was no naive young man. He was nearly 40 years old. In fact he failed his LLB (law degree) three times and only finally passed it in 1988, when he was a celebrity prisoner aged 70.

Incidentally, Mandela was not sent to Robben Island for “political activism”, but for conspiring to start a race war and for conspiring to commit sabotage etc. In the UK today, he would be convicted of terrorist offences on similar facts.

Most of the defence advocates for the several defendants were Jews.

At the end of the trial (which took 8 months), Mandela was allowed to make a 3 hour speech! Try that in a British court! So much for Mandela having been chucked into prison after an unjust show trial…


In fact, Mandela was moved from Robben Island in 1982 to another prison, where he had his own quarters and was given medical care at a high level (including a prostate operation at a hospital). Later, he was moved again, and lived in a house inside that prison. He even had his own cook! Hardly the GULAG archipelago…

Mandela’s 70th birthday in July 1988 attracted international attention, including a tribute concert at London’s Wembley Stadium that was televised and watched by an estimated 200 million viewers.[190] Although presented globally as a heroic figure, he faced personal problems when ANC leaders informed him that Winnie had set herself up as head of a gang, the “Mandela United Football Club”, which had been responsible for torturing and killing opponents—including children—in Soweto.” [Wikipedia]

I shall be interested to see whether Mandela’s statue in Parliament Square, London, is taken down by action directe.


Saw tweets from a very biased, anti-British, anti-white, academic historian (and now author), but what perplexes me is the reference here:

I had previously assumed (for several reasons) that this person must be Jew or part-Jew (despite the “Irish” surname), but this tweet puzzled me.

Admittedly, I am probably not very deeply informed about Jewish dietary rules (they call them kashrut), but my understanding is that oats, being vegetable, are what Jews call parev, i.e. neither dairy produce nor meat.

Surely “milk” made from oats is still parev, however like real milk it is? In any case, I had thought that anything parev could be eaten with either meat or dairy produce, so long as those two were themselves not mixed. I expect that I am missing something (or was the tweet a kind of joke?). (and why am I wasting time on this? I think that I need some breakfast myself…).

For those blissfully unaware of the existence of the above individual, she is “Lecturer in Twentieth-Century British History, Equality and Diversity Officer, World Histories Convenor“: https://www.southampton.ac.uk/history/about/staff/clr1y14.page and here are a couple of her recent tweets:

Remember what Hitler said, that the Jews have never created a civilization, but have destroyed many…

Tweets just now seen

Ha ha! “What goes around comes around”…”Nel-son, Nelson Mandel-l-la!“…

Musical interlude

A concert given in 1942 in Berlin.

[above: Wilhelm Furtwängler conducting the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra at a 1942 concert given at an AEG company plant]

Meet fire with fire

I read that the “Black Lives Matter” demonstration (anti-white semi-riot) planned for tomorrow (Saturday) has been called off because (real) British counter-demonstrators have been massing. Or as the traitorous Daily Mirror puts it, “Black Lives Matter protest in London’s Hyde Park cancelled over far-right fears“. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/black-lives-matter-protest-londons-22180297

[above: “Antifa” slut holds placard]

Proof that the only way to stop this kind of (covertly) officially-approved anti-British insurrection is by meeting it on its own ground.

Tweets seen

[above: picture of scribbler Peter Hitchens in Oxford, refusing to bend the knee in sign of fealty to “black power”]

I agree with Hitchens when he will not accept “Triumph of the Will” as title for a picture of himself. The real Triumph of the Will should not be trivialized.

Editorial use only. No book cover usage.Mandatory Credit: Photo by Nsdap/Kobal/Shutterstock (5879009f)Triumph Des Willens (1934)Triumph Des Willens - 1934Director: Leni RiefenstahlNsdapGERMANYScene Still...Das Dokument Vom ReichsparteitagLe Triomphe de la volonté

Tweets seen

For my account of my own “voluntary” (involuntary) encounter with the Essex Police, see below: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

Now (Friday evening) I have just heard Cressida Dick, Common Purpose member and Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, say that those [i.e. “Black Lives Matter” non-whites and “Antifa” idiots and thugs] planning to come to London tomorrow to “protest” [i.e. deface and/or tear down statues of historical personalities] should not come to London because there are those “intent on disorder” [white British people —mainly, overwhelmingly— intent on defending their history, culture and civilization from untermenschen and/or the mob].

The inference is clear: the Metropolitan Police Commissioner is basically on the side of the mob, of the untermenschen, of the traitors. The mob are those merely “protesting”, the defenders of Britain are those “intent on disorder”. She just wants the “de-legitimizing” of the British people —and European bloodlines— to be done without [white] “disorder”…

The ordinary police are just tools, and are under the command now of subversives posing as “senior police officers”.

Peter Hitchens: “A combination of fiery Leftism and Ukip-type patriotism could be the very thing to sweep away the So-Called Conservative Party which represents nothing except the careers of its MPs and the interests of its donors” [Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail]

As usual, Hitchens gets it half-right… Britain does not want or need UKIP-style fake “patriotism” but true social-nationalism. Oh, and ditch that fake “left/right” stuff, that was outworn even before the Second World War.

Where Hitchens is at least on the right track is in noticing that the new revolutionary party (if one emerges) and its victory can be, I hope will be, both social and national; it needs to be both.

This made me laugh:

BBC World Service

The World Service was so good in the 1970s, 1980s, but is now pretty much unlistenable. Politically correct, with ignorant presenters, and all run (quite obviously) on a shoestring.

Oh, well, time to say goodnight. Goodnight England…

Diary Blog, 9 June 2020

Bristol statue

I said most of what I wanted to say yesterday. However, in the noise and hullabaloo around the events of the weekend, what seems to have been overlooked is that the mob now has the bit between its teeth. The craven inaction of the police in Bristol will have emboldened the mob, now that no arrests were made, none of the mob tasered, or shot, or even hit over the head by the odd police baton.

I saw tweets to the effect of “it had to be done. We had debated and discussed this for years to no effect.” In other words, “we tried argument and local political action, but we did not get what we want. So we took direct action and now we have what we want.

This is a further step towards the race/culture war which is coming.

The other aspect that has struck me since the oddly-publicized death of the black man in Minnesota has been the relentless and generally biased msm campaign. Every mass media drone from James Corden to Piers Morgan has been getting in on the action. Even the Royal Mulatta has tried to horn in. At least when Greta Garbo said “I vant to be alone”, she meant it!

Once the British people see that the police are not protecting them, and not protecting even significant parts of the established society (which a statue in a public place is), it is but a small step to seeing the police as irrelevant or even as an enemy contingent.

Tweets seen today

In fact, Belarus is not the terrible place about which the msm bleats, when it does not ignore it. For a part of Europe that has always been rather poor, it has at least avoided migration-invasion and cultural evil.

A different kind of government might have taken the opportunity, with all those enemies of Western culture and civilization gathered together, to…(well, you get my meaning…).


A few thoughts today…

Know the “wrong” (i.e. targeted by the NWO/ZOG State) people, send “a few images” from National Geographic etc to your friends, collect a small amount of “Nazi” memorabilia and/or a few unusable knives or swords, or cushions featuring Swastika motifs, or make a few jokes about untermenschen, do a few unapproved political things in public, and you may well end up getting sent to prison, in our warped 2020 UK; but mobs of blacks, browns, white traitors and “antifa” thugs can roam through the streets of London, Bristol etc, topple historic statues and chuck them in rivers; they can deface monuments, cause injury and terror. What happens to the members of those mobs? The police commanders do nothing to stop the terror, even make statements supporting the mobs with weasel words, and make few if any arrests (none at all in Bristol).

In the unlikely event that the street terrorists of London and Bristol are actually arrested and then charged and prosecuted, will any face prison? No, they will not. Community service, conditional discharges, maybe the odd fine.

We can see the way that this is going. Traitors in Parliament, traitors in the police, traitors in radio, TV, the Press and the legal system are creating planned chaos in this country.

Again, where most typical old-style “Conservative” supporters go wrong is in assuming that the “authorities” are somehow negligent or weak in not stopping the disorder, when the reality is that “authority” has long ago been infiltrated by Common Purpose, by 1960s cultural revolutionaries turned “Establishment” figures, and by those who are completely in the pocket of the Jewish-Zionist element.

Who are they? Well, they are legion…but look at, for example, the heads, or recent heads, of organizations such as the Civil Service, the Security Service MI5, MI6/SIS as well, the editors of newspapers, the Director(s) of Public Prosecutions, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick (and the legions of others of similar stripe, such as Superintendent Andy Bennett of Bristol), the types that turn up on or behind TV as presenters, heads of department, you name it. Even comedians. Tony Blair. Cherie Blair/Booth. Many MPs.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. One day, perhaps not too far off, Britain will undertake a cultural purge which will save the British people and all Europe.

“Prince” Andrew


TV news

Since the NWO “lockdown”/shutdown, the TV news has been unwatchable: split-screens showing multikulti children howling pop songs “for the NHS” or for non-existent “community”, interviews with officially-approved scientists, “experts”, government ministerial drones. Virtually no foreign news at all, except, now, endless eulogizing of the deceased black man in Minnesota. His tasteless funeral service in Texas was relayed for literally hours this evening on both Sky News and BBC World. Who should turn up there, like a bad penny, but “Rev” Al Sharpton! Still ranting. God, what a world…

The Great Train Robbery

Watched a TV film, The Great Train Robbery https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Train_Robbery_(2013_TV_series) , presumably based on (though I did not notice it credited) The Robber’s Tale by Peta Fordham, who used to be called “Peta Boredom” by Private Eye. Her husband was a criminal barrister of some note in his day.

As to Peta Fordham herself, when I read her stuff as a teenager (I mean her books, not her —I think Observer— column) I tended to despise her bleating on behalf of the professional villains she seemed to support; she also wrote on behalf of their families. She seemed to lose “professional” (if journalism be deemed a profession) detachment quite often. I recall the blurb of one book saying that “…she lives in a flat in the Temple, and has a house in a bluebell wood in Kent“. In other words, a typical affluent chattering-class “liberal” (odds-on that she supported mass immigration too…). A smug “liberal” Bar/Fleet Street denizen of the time. Hateful.

Reverting to the TV film I saw (first of two episodes), it was well-made, well-filmed. A couple of gripes relating to locations: one location, presumably a residential park in inner city London, somewhere like Goose Green, East Dulwich, was captioned “Lincoln’s Inn Fields”. I am presuming that it was cheaper to film in the other place; but in a film such as this, authenticity is essential. If it were impossible to film in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, then just film it elsewhere, but without the misleading caption.

Money was obviously an issue: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Train_Robbery_(2013_TV_series)#Filming ; quite good, though, overall.

British Airways

BA is now saying that those of its staff that it chooses to “re-employ” after “lockdown”/shutdown will receive less pay, worse conditions of employment etc. Is this a straw in the wind? Will that become the norm? All fallout from the crazed Government reaction to the Chinese virus.

Recent tweets

Where Andrew Neil may be uncomprehending (actually, I think not…not at all) is if he thinks that the black mobs and “antifa” (etc), insofar as they espouse “Marxism” or “Marxism-Leninism”, think that they can have old-style socialism without secret or not so secret police, labour camps, executions etc. Au contraire. Look at Twitter. The “Marxists” and similar on Twitter usually do not admit as much, but they are gagging to have the power to round up anyone they care to label “fascist”, “Nazi”, “racist” etc and shoot them, or order them shot. It’s palpable.

“Today, statues— tomorrow, people”…

[the image below is of course not 100% accurate— the mob should be 90% non-white]

Let’s not pretend that this is all accidental. When non-white political careerists like Sadiq Khan or David Lammy want to start tearing down statues, they are attacking all white British people.

First cultural genocide, then actual genocide. How? Various ways: promotion of non-procreative lifestyles (LGBTQ etc); promotion of abortion of (white) babies; promotion of racemixing, ie destruction of European ancestry, or its imprisonment and minimization; false history taught and/or broadcast (Romans, Greeks, ancient Egyptians as “black”, along with mediaeval Europeans, Renaissance people etc); actual killing or driving out of white Europeans (eg in contemporary South Africa); TV and radio propaganda, especially aimed at the young.; and so on.

Do not mistake what is happening. We, as white European people, are receiving open declaration of war. Some non-whites and also some white and other traitors are declaring war on us, openly now.

Here is one cuckoo in the nest:


and look at these traitors:

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and deputy leader Angela Rayner pictured kneeling in solidarity with anti-racism protesters
[above: Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner bend the knee in fealty to the enemies of white Northern European culture and civilization]

King Leopold of the Belgians, and the Congo

Yes, the regime of Leopold in the Congo was brutal, but it ended in 1908 (he died in 1909) and, after that, the colonial regime in the Congo was often considered one of the most enlightened in Africa. By the time of Independence in 1960, every village had a well (towns had running water and sanitation), most had a school, a clinic etc.


During the 1940s and 1950s the Belgian Congo experienced extensive urbanisation, and the colonial administration began various development programmes aimed at making the territory into a “model colony”.[9] One result saw the development of a new middle-class of Europeanised African “évolués” in the cities.[9] By the 1950s the Congo had a wage labour force twice as large as that in any other African colony.” [Wikipedia]


Albert Schweitzer (who was mainly in what is now Gabon, part of a French colony then called French Equatorial Africa, but whose work was influential in the Congo) is now largely forgotten, no doubt as a result of the prevailing political correctness:


“Civilizing mission”:


[above: Lovanium University, Congo, built in the 1950s]

Since Independence in 1960, the Congo has reverted to savagery. Read the account of the late Mike Hoare: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_Mike_Hoare#Works_by_Mike_Hoare

50 years of progress were wiped out by less than 5 years of African misgovernment (make that now, as of date of writing, 60 years of African misgovernment…).

Late tweets seen

The animals, birds and sea-life of the world face the same main enemy as we white human beings, i.e. the vast number, still increasing, of non-whites in this world.


Late night music