Diary Blog, 8 June 2020

So I propose this deal: we hand over Andrew to the US for a third degree interrogation, in return for the US giving us that CIA bitch, Sacoolas.

The British Royal Family is largely an embarrassment. I was watching Charles being interviewed about Coronavirus and the environment yesterday. John Cleese without the forced humour. Painful. I am sure that he means well, but is that enough?

Tweets seen

Look at the major msm newspapers; not the scribblings of the journalists, but the readers’ comments. In the Daily Mail, one of the most-read of the public prints, opinion is running about 99:1 against the “protesters”/rioters/rabble (in the UK).

My view? A rattle of police machinegun fire (as recommended after WW1 by Dietrich Eckart) in Whitehall would have cleared the “protests” pretty effectively. The same in Bristol.

The vast bulk of the population does not support this extreme black/brown discontent, but it is significant how many traitors lurk in places like newspapers, the BBC, Sky News etc, as well as in Parliament.

This (above) is the Common Purpose police drone I was blogging about yesterday. Typical of the police today. Don’t expect his type to defend the walls of our culture and civilization against the untermenschen. Disgrace.

Ah. This is the waste of space’s Twitter profile:

Supt Andy Bennett @abennett_police I am Superintendent Andy Bennett Neighbourhood and Partnerships and the Bristol Police Commander. I am also the force lead for Hate Crime.

Well, there it is. His tweets from 2018 and 2019 (no recent tweets) are enlightening, by the way…

A few (thousand) people have been tweeting about Superintendent Waste-of-Space:

This is what the waste of space himself said:

Would he mind dropping a line to his London colleagues, in case I want to “make a point” by pulling down the statue of the terrorist, Mandela, and chucking it in the Thames?

The tweets supporting him come mainly from black/brown pressure groups, Jew sociologists and idiots like that overpaid porcine bore, James Corden.

What sort of police force? One riddled with political correctness, Common Purpose infiltration and Zionist backstairs influence. It was Avon and Somerset police who, several years ago, failed to protect photographer Jo Stowell from malicious Jew-Zionist bullies and harassers, all members of the malicious and pro-Israel group called “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [CAA]. The Bristol police even demanded that the victim, Jo Stowell, herself attend a police interview!

[above: photographer Jo Stowell]

Bonnie Greer and Nick Griffin

Saw this from “Auntie Tom”:

Bonnie Greer, an American black woman from Chicago, who has written a few radio plays etc (the sort unknown to most people) was appointed to the boards of the British Museum, the Royal Opera etc. Why? One wonders who decides such matters, and why…

What is really behind it?


I have no idea, of course, whether there really was a “young white guy” who decided not to vote BNP because of the 2009 Question Time ambush and who approached Bonnie Greer in the street. Maybe, maybe not. Still, someone influential must have liked her performance. She got an OBE in the 2010 honours farce.

Cressida Dick? Oh, probably talking to her Jewish friends in the police and from the malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism”…

[Cressida Dick, Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, talking to Gideon Falter of the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” pressure group]

Freemasonry in the UK

Interesting newspaper feature from about 5 years ago:


A few tweets recently seen

The System repression and censorship intensifies. Place your hopes not on the Internet and not on the “democratic” Parliamentary road.

These figures are absolutely stunning. Only about 1,300 people (possibly fewer) in the UK have died purely from “Coronavirus”/”Covid-19“! Not today, not in the past month, but in total!

That is about 1 person out of every 50,000 in the UK population!

The problem is that the masses have been told that XYZ is so (re “the virus”), so that that nonsense is now embedded in the public mind: that the virus is deadly, hugely infectious, and can only be combatted by extreme “lockdown” or shutdown combined with Kafka-esque policies such as not allowing people even to drive in sealed cars or ride motorbikes through the countryside.

Much of what people think about this situation is nonsense backed by drivel, but it has gone way past the intellect, and is now embedded in feeling and will. You see it in the way people swerve around oncomers in supermarkets, trying to leave 5, 6, 7 feet distancing. You see it in the occasional poor rabbits wearing homemade face coverings (I laugh almost openly at them). You see it in the fixed belief that “lockdown” prevents “the virus” being transmitted etc.

Similar nonsense was given out in 1939 as part of the warmongering propaganda. Vast numbers of companion animals were put to death (taken to vets by the “owners” of the animals) in September 1939 for reasons that included “there would be no food for them” (there was: meat not quite OK and marked with dye) or that the Germans would invade and then (for some unknown reason) be cruel to people’s pets. I expect that a Jew was behind much of all that.

Another fixed idea put into the heads of the population by “experts” and “government scientific advisers” in 1939 was that, as soon as war came, the Germans would bomb London and other cities, killing at least 100,000 in the first week!

In reality, there were no civilian casualties in the UK from German bombing in the first week, and scarcely any in the first year. In fact, the usual estimate for British deaths by German bombing during the whole war (1939-1945) is about 60,000 (about a tenth of the German losses from Allied bombing). The main German bombing campaign against British targets was from September 1940 through 1941.




If you see British newsreel footage from the first year or so of WW2, you note that civilians as well as those in uniform all carry tins with shoulder straps: gasmasks, to protect the wearers from gas attacks that were never envisaged by German forces, and never happened. Yet millions in the UK were convinced that gas would soon attack them; the “experts” and government had told them…

In a sense, now that the Coronavirus has been and almost gone, the arguments about whether “lockdown” (the closure of most of our economy and society) helped to stop the virus spreading, made it worse, or had no effect either way, are almost without point. It happened, and we as a “nation” (supposed nation) are about to find that the result is that the UK is, in colloquial language, well and truly screwed…

34 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 June 2020”

  1. No, Yanks, we will NOT be handing over a member of our Royal Family if normality is the situation However, we might do a deal IF you help us to get rid of permanently your secretive weapon to destroy our Head of State’s family namely that brazen hussy, manipulative, self-seeking gold digger, lower class trailer park trash Meghan Markle.

    Just as President Roosevelt helped to conspire against our Empire this woman is helping you Yanks to get rid of another British institution.


  2. Remove her and you might have a deal. Also, please hand over to us that American diplomat woman who killed a young British teenage boy in Suffolk with her car and then quickly scarped back to America. We want her extradited here to face justice.


  3. Prince Andrew is very unlikely to go to the US as you want him to do. He is a Royal you see and therefore effectively immune from prosecution. The courts here have trials in the name of his mother!

    The Royals could murder a PM by pushing him/her down those very grand staircases at Buck House and get away with it! They are not known as ‘The Firm’ for nothing, you know!😄😃😆😀😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😂😂😂😂

    Oh, and the Queen and Prince Phillip probably have a direct telephone to the bosses of the security services of MI6/MI5 so Meghan had better watch out!😃😄😃😆🤣🤣😂😂😂😎😎😎😂😂😂


      1. The Queen as The Sovereign and Prince Phillip as her husband could get away with anything but the liability of the others to criminal prosecution is more likely I suspect.


  4. A good tweet from Nick Griffin but the second and third line spoil and undermine the rest of it.

    Gareth Bains, like most Tories, is rather dim with a capital D. The reason the police are in the utterly lamentable position of not bothering real criminals is because YOUR party didn’t stand-up for the police when the Labour government of Tony Blair and Jack Straw destroyed them with that Marxist rubbish of the Macpherson Report.

    The so-called ‘party of law and order’ should have defended the police even if it wasn’t politically convenient to do so at the time. Since you have come back into government you have cut large numbers of officers and you haven’t reversed MacPherson’s extreme damage and emasculation of them.


  5. Gareth Baines, please enlighten we lowly plebs as a Tory Party association chairman as to what exactly your Conservative Party actually conserves! Please list aspects of Britain or British life! Apart from the wealth of the top 10% of society and especially the top 1% I can’t see what they would be!


  6. Peter Hitchens would be the kind of man who would worry about expiring through a heart attack or a stroke. The end is going to happen anyway so why worry over the how?

    The fact is it is not relevant as to whether someone has died directly through Covid-19 alone or whether that has just compounded their ill health anyway and pushed that person over the edge into not being with us anymore.


  7. Peter is wrong.If we had followed his advice we would have had many hundreds of thousands of cases with an even more disgraceful death rate.

    Some containment measures HAD to be taken. The government should be criticised, above all, for not introducing ultra-tough travel restrictions ie outright bans/quarantine measures for people from Iran, China, Italy, Spain etc.


    1. Some of those measures are petty as you have illustrated and not likely to have been effective but some have been left out entirely or have not been put into place weeks ago as they should have been like travel restrictions.

      Tory pro-open borders globalism quite literally KILLS. I hope that is the reality this country takes on board. IF Priti had any personal decency or integrity she would refrain from showing herself in public over the number of people who have directly died through her grotesque negligence.🤬😡😞☹️


  8. Through failing to do that in Mid March they have directly caused a considerable number of deaths. Priti Vacant/Priti Useless/Priti Damm Nuisance IS, in effect, guilty of mass manslaughter but Peter wants her to get away with her crime because all he is concerned about is the fate of his beloved fake Conservative Party.


  9. Covid-19 IS a highly infectious disease as the Wikipedia article on it plainly states though the death rate from it isn’t as high as some other viral menaces.

    Indeed, because it IS spread do easily that us why containment measures ARE necessary if not fill stay at one orders/quarantines of entire countries.

    There is NO vaccine and there may NEVER be one.


  10. As for the so-called economic argument for treating it as a big joke/possible hoax well first if all workers can’t work if they are dead and secondly healthy workforces are likely to be more productive workforces.

    It really doesn’t help matters if the workforce are constantly worried that they may catch Covid-19 at work and have this worry in the background at work instead of not worrying about it anymore like the German workforce because their government has dealt effectively with the virus and effectively ended it in that country.

    Britain has historically had poor productivity levels in the workplace and that is one explanation for our poor economic performance. To improve it we can stop people worrying about this disease in the background.


  11. Peter needs to understand the role basic human psychology plays in viral disease outbreaks.

    The lesson of stay at home orders/‘lockdowns’/containment measures is if you are going to do them then do them early, comprehensively and hard so as to ‘get ahead of the curve’ then you can release yourself from them earlier and get you economy back on track more quickly.


    1. It is better to take stricter containment measures earlier, have a bigger economic hit AND get rid of a possible resurgence of the disease than to take softer measures, STILL have a hard time economically AND have the disease constantly threatening to peak again and worrying people and have it drag on and on. The latter course is WORSE as far as the economy goes.


  12. It is a shame Nazi Germany or us didn’t use our chemical weapons in that first week or so as then maybe, just maybe, both Hitler and Chamberlain would have had the sense to come to some form of agreement and stop the war at that point.

    Not that I have too many criticisms to make of our last truely Tory PM, Neville Chamberlain, who, in my book, will always be a better person than the next PM with his suspect half-Yank ancestry and worrying motivations as even the King, George VI, recognised.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, declaration of war on Germany was made by Britain and France (3 September 1939). Germany responded in kind. A war (in the West) only on paper at that stage. The first British serviceman killed was, I think, a few *months* later (I believe, a naval rating killed in December 1939). There was time for an armistice, as when, in a duel, honour is satisfied because both combatants turn up but then both fire in the air. Churchill and, before him, Chamberlain, were misadvised by sinister and/or stupid people like Duff Cooper.


      1. You do not have to formally declare war in order for that state of affairs to exist. Germany did that on 1st September 1939. Hitler should have taken his chances with Chamberlain who wasn’t an enthusiast for war. After all, Chamberlain did offer the hand of friendship to Germany at Munich 1938.

        It is a bit silly to sign a solemn agreement and then invade other countries afterwards as that is likely to unnerve even the most un warlike of PM’s.


      2. Ironically, the first British serviceman to be killed was a member of the British Union of Fascists (BUF) Kenneth Day I think his name was. So much for them all being fifth columnists and traitors!🙄


      3. M’Lord of Essex:
        Jeffrey Hamm (whom I met once), was interned under “Regulation 18b” but later saw action in the Western Desert. In fact most Mosley supporters did fight (on the Allied side!). I am of another viewpoint, but can respect their decision. Jews who carped from safe London, where they made money on the black market, called them (and their descendants now call them) “traitors”!


      4. Ultimately, Chamberlain should have just declared military neutrality, kept us out of infernal European disputes and left Hitler to fight it out with that nasty Georgian specimen Stalin who could be said to have ignited the match to WW2 along with Hitler by signing the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.

        Sadly unknown about in this country are the disgraceful behind the scenes intrigue and manoeuvrings of the so-called ‘world statesman’ President Roosevelt who was doing his level best to get Europe to go to war again!😡🤬😞☹️


  13. Better to have unbridled horror in the first week or couple of weeks and admittedly a couple of hundred thousand deaths on both sides than millions dead, a shattered Europe and this country in particular but also Europe as a whole to a more limited extent a colony of the USA.


    1. If I had been a Tory activist in the 1930’s I think I would have been one of those who tried to deselect Winston Churchill in his Epping constituency. Neville Chamberlain’s supporters tried to do this, apparently, on several occasions but unfortunately didn’t succeed.

      Typical! Just when you want the Tories to utilise the only good point about First Past The Post ie the geographical representation of communities (the ‘constituency link’ ) and independent local parties they fail!😞☹️


  14. Chamberlain though would never have considered using our stocks of mustard gas as he was a very humane man. He hated the very concept of war. Infact, I believe I am correct in stating he had suffered some personal tragedy or tragedies as a result of WW1 like so many in Britain.


  15. There was a justified fear of up to 100,000 casualties during the first week of war in September 1939. The Germans did have mustard gas and other chemical weapons as did we left over from WW1. We or the Germans could have used them if we had really wanted to.


  16. There was a fear also that ‘the bomber would always get through’. That apprehension forms a part of my relatively few criticisms of Chamberlain in that he didn’t build-up the RAF in particular as he should have done but his predecessor, Baldwin, should also be blamed.


    1. If you were to give me £100,000,000 to spend on the armed forces, I would spend £45,000,000 on the Royal Navy, £35,000,000 on the Royal Air Force and £20,000,000 on the army.

      The Royal Navy will always be the most important service for this country being a country with sea borders in the main, important trade routes through the seas and oceans of the world and then the Royal Air Force and army.


  17. Mind you, failing to invest sufficient sums in the British Armed Forces and organise them as effectively as we should and could have done can be laid at the feet of pretty much all British governments for a very, very long time.

    I, for one, can’t understand why we never had military conscription in peacetime before the fifties! We had plenty of reasons to do it ie running a large Empire, countries on the Continent posing a possible military threat to us having it etc.

    It looks as if silly libertarian concerns about conscription were the ultimate cause of us not copying Continental countries.

    Libertarianism is a pain in the butt!


  18. I know that having conscription would have been difficult to have with the whole of Ireland forming a part of the United Kingdom before 1922 but it could still have been enforced in England, Wales and Scotland.

    There are disadvantages and advantages to conscription of course but the balance of pro arguments should have been persuasive ie having a large pool of young men ready to fight at any moment.


  19. It is a shame I am too young to have ever met any of these BUF supporters/members. I would have liked to have met Sir Oswald and Lady Diana in particular.

    It was an absolute disgrace how Sir Oswald Mosley was treated under Regulation 18b especially when you consider his valiant and distinguished WAR SERVICE in WW1.🤬😡☹️😞. Locking him up was wholly unjust and Lady Diana should not have been forced to ace given birth to ex Formula One boss Max Mosley in prison.🤬😡☹️😞.


    1. Sir Oswald and Lady Diana were dedicated British patriots and very classy with it. May they rest in peace. We won’t forget them and Max should be immensely proud they were his parents. I know I would be.


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