Diary Blog, 28 July 2020

Yellow Peril

Tsar Nikolai II was horrified by the Far Eastern peoples and their future expansion. He called them “the yellow peril”. He was right.


Coronavirus lockdown/shutdown damage

A Mail audit of big companies found many are not planning for the majority of workers to return to offices until at least towards the end of the year. 

In another worrying sign for city and town centres, several bosses said they expected working from home to become the ‘new normal’ after the crisis.” [Daily Mail] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8565835/Downing-Street-urged-beef-work-message-firms-say-theyll-staff-home.html

Add to that the ludicrous facemask imposition and you can probably say goodbye to the “High Street”: shops, naturally, and many nearby businesses, such as restaurants and pubs. City centre hotels too, quite likely.

Went into the city yesterday for a nice pub lunch. Caught the ‘rush hour’ train which is now 3 carriages smaller. Normally by the next stop it is standing room only but by destination the train was approx 2 thirds empty. At the rural stops mask wearing obedience was about 50/50. The city suburbs sheep all obeyed. At the pub the doorman turned the virus away and we could enjoy a socially close and mask free meal.https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/574757949

Work hours

According to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) data, people in Germany actually have the shortest working hours compared with all OECD member countries. However, it also has one of the highest productivity levels and employees are 27% more productive than UK staff that work more hours per year.” [news report]

Worth thinking about. Long hours and high productivity are two different things.

Musical interlude

Tommy Robinson

News today that the political activist known as Tommy Robinson has decided to relocate to Spain. The reasons seem unclear, though Twitter is suggesting that his home and family were targeted in an arson attack.

I would have thought that the answer to a security problem would have been to increase security, at the same time seeking out those likely to be a threat, rather than running away to Spain. Still, there it is.

I have blogged in the past about Robinson, both in terms of free speech online and in terms of the attacks on his family, including the one he said was orchestrated by “antifa” cheerleaders such as Mike Stuchbery, who himself fled the UK and now lives in Stuttgart, Germany.

Ideologically, I do not have much in common with Robinson except in that he opposes migration-invasion, as do I. Robinson, like the “alt-Right” wastes of space (“Prison Planet” Watson, “Sargon of Akkad” etc) and Katie Hopkins, frequently professes his love for Israel and Jews. That means, in the language of Dragon’s Den, “I’m out”.

Tweets noticed today

Nick Ferrari has a point, in general, but failed to address (at least in the clip) the fact that the Government of Boris-idiot has needlessly scared the population out of its skin, and has continued to do so, most recently by mandating these ludicrous facemask muzzles, making people wear them in supermarkets etc. That is one reason why people prefer to “work” from home.

Some people, in some industries, will be as productive at home as they are in “the office”, but most are not. One can see, though, why many prefer to work from home, especially if they live in pleasant detached houses in leafy suburbs, or in the country. No commute, no travel at all probably, no expense thereof. Wear what you want. Swim in your pool, if any. Watch old films. Keep nuisances, such as anyone above you in the office hierarchy, out of your hair and at a distance.

The facemask nonsense, even though it is not mandated at work in offices etc, does apply on public transport. Another disincentive to resume “normal” activity.

The fact is that this incompetent bunch of clowns under Boris-idiot has collapsed the economy both by mandating “lockdown” (shutdown) and by now trying to make people wear facemasks almost everywhere. Ludicrous. Toytown police state nonsense.

To my mind, it is clear that though Nick Ferrari is very out of date in his thinking, he does have a point about some people who are currently working from home. At the same time, it is clear that the economy around the office world of London and elsewhere —the offline retail sector based in “High Street” shops, among others— is probably not going to recover.

Of course, not every type of work can be done on a computer at home. Indeed, the most useful work cannot be so done at the present time: power plants, sewage and water works, most healthcare, road repairs, manufacturing, agriculture and horticulture. It may be different in a near-future world of robots and AI, but not just yet.

It is very typical of Twitter that the Twitterati imagine that almost everyone can work from home (they also favour mass immigration, and love facemasks, and the EU…etc).

The big political, as well as economic, hit out of this virus scare will come somewhere down the line, in 2021 and maybe 2022.

Indeed. You can add to the comments of Peter Hitchens and one Joanne Dean, above, that such non-laws are obeyed by the British people precisely because most British people are unthinking rabbits. Last week, it was OK and normal to shop without a facemask muzzle, and safe to do so. This week, it is in fact still safe to do so, but because a totally incompetent government has decreed that facemasks must be worn, all the rabbits are wearing one, and noting who is not wearing one.

Pathetic the way “the War” is still in the forefront of debate in the UK, though usually ignorantly. 75 years since it ended. Pathetic.

Lord Sumption: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8567721/Ex-Supreme-Court-judge-Lord-Jonathan-Sumption-says-Britain-learn-live-alongside-coronavirus.html

Lord Jonathan, who is also a medieval historian, praised Sweden’s approach to the pandemic, after the nation bucked the global trend and opted against a lockdown.”

“Official figures show Sweden has suffered 564.4 coronavirus deaths for every million people. In comparison, the rate in the UK is 674.06.

“‘Their hospitals were never overwhelmed. They never closed their schools. The predicted damage to their economy is about half of ours.’

Writing that ‘we cannot keep running away’, he added: ‘Our ancestors lived with far worse epidemic diseases without rushing to put their heads in a bag.”

Lord Sumption added the report noted aggressive isolation policies ‘merely push all transmission to the period after they are lifted’. “

This has been seen in countries which have recently lifted lockdowns, with a spike in cases seen in nations such as Spain, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong.”

He added that intensive care units seemed to catch up with capacity within a month so the Government’s decision to lift lockdown in June was ‘six to eight weeks after it had lost any justification even by its own logic‘.”

Old and lost London

Amazing photos, some of them, such as the ones of Willesden Green, Willesden Lane etc, and cowsheds in Kilburn! Pre-1914 https://www.flickr.com/groups/lostlondon/pool/with/50163195781/

London 2020

When I read a headline, “brawl in City of London rooftop bar”, I thought I was about to read about barrow-boy traders drunkenly shoving each other about. That would have been bad enough, but I was astonished to see the photographs: bad blacks breaking bones.

As the South Africans might say, skollies, turning a London bar into a shebeenhttps://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/police-appeal-fight-madison-rooftop-a4506731.html

Police are hunting these five individuals following a fight at a central London rooftop bar
[“skollies” in a “shebeen?]

18 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 28 July 2020”

  1. Madrid has a very leftist regime (hence the action over Franco’s tomb) so Robinson may find himself unwelcome. Spanish leftists might take up the fight against him at street-level too. It surprises me a little that under current restrictions he can move his family over there. OTOH, he is a good friend to Israel which may open doors. His die-hard loyalists will no doubt see him as a heroic martyr, the king gone across the water.


    1. Watcher Enigma:
      Thank you.

      I read that he is in possession of an Irish passport.

      Do the “antifa” types of Spain even know about him? Perhaps they do.

      It may be that he is going to abandon active politics (taking it that that is what he does…), though how else can he make an income?


  2. LOL😂😂😂, the tweet above must be the first time I have ever agreed with a self-styled ‘Tory Boy’!😂 This crisis is producing some pretty weird political alliances! Wellsaid, Tory Boy 1960!👌

    Nick Ferrari is your typical media loudmouth. I’ve never liked this PC globalist bully and media ‘gatekeeper’.


  3. Peter Hitchens, are YOU going to selflessly ‘take one for the team’ and put your health and possibly life at risk so you can participate fully in the economy and save jobs and the economy or, in true selfish Tory libertarian fashion, is that something only for the oiks and plebs to do ie the ‘little people’?🙄🙄🙄🙄


  4. Wellsaid again, Picard 999 particularly your reference to blacked-out windows in WW2 Yes, Peter would have been the kind of selfish bastard who would have refused to black out his windows at night because of his selfish concern for ‘muh liberty’ which could have aided a German bomber to kill his neighbors by bombing.

    My, my this crisis is really bringing to the surface all the selfish libertarian bastards from under their rocks, isn’t it? What about the notion of ‘pulling together’ in a crisis? Libertarians really don’t understand that concept at all. Still, it isn’t surprising when their ENTIRE philosophy is ‘me, me, me’ ultra-individualism, is it?🙄🙄🙄

    What a disgusting creature Peter Hitchens truely is!


  5. Oh, a further point, Peter, don’t hold-up Japan as a good example. They ARE but not for any reason you would understand. Your average Jap would be DISGUSTED by you seeing as you clearly decry what they are showing in abundance during these last few weeks ie SOCIAL AND NATIONAL SOLIDARITY with each other. Please pick-up a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary and look-up that word solidarity as you don’t understand that word like all degenerate libertarians don’t.


  6. Interesting clip of our soldiers on display at The Trooping of The Colour – sadly now one of the few relatively still British things left in libertarian, globalist ‘Tory’ ‘Britain’.

    Mind you, even the discipline levels of the British Army, let alone wider society, is not what it send to be. If you watch old clips of this event on YouTube even from the 1980’s let alone the 1950’s and before you can see the standard has dropped and they don’t march quite as disciplined and in lockstep with each other as they did before.


  7. Correct, The Boss Ross. This is becoming embarrassing now. First of all agreeing with a self-styled ‘Tory Boy’ who even uses Harry Enfield’s classic creation as part of his Twitter handle and now doing likewise with a Europhile EU supporter! Politics does bring together some strange bedfellows at times!😆😂😂😂


  8. Peter Hitchens, you didn’t approve of the leaky ‘lockdown, you very conveniently haven’t even mentioned the fact Priti Useless went Absent Without Leave (AWOL) during March/April/ when she should have been imposing ultra-tough travel restrictions to this country and now you are criticising mandatory social distancing measures such as facial masks so pray tell us all WHAT WOULD YOU DO INSTEAD to try and combat this viral pandemic?


  9. Nick Ferrari is a very rude libertarian globalist pub bore/media ‘gatekeeper’ so it should come as no surprise he is out of date regarding economics and much else besides. He, like Hitchens, should now realise that their selfish and mostly inherently unworkable philosophy of libertarianism/classical liberalism has been killed stone dead by a virus in 2020. It is a funny old world, isn’t it?😂😎👌🍷😂


  10. Oh, I see, Peter, you have managed to tear yourself away from advocating your loony libertarian the government should do NOTHING response to Covid 19 stance to trying to flog some expensive signed books on Twitter! Anyone would think you are saying what you are for some cheap publicity and for your typical Sunday Mail,’clickbait’ purposes/personal enrichment! Perhaps If your intellectual credibility wasn’t so low as shown by this crisis perhaps publishers would be more willing to publish your books. Quite frankly, even convicted Tory author Jeffrey Archer who writes some enjoyable tales like Kane and Abel has more intellectual credibility on Covid 19 than you do!😂😂😂😂😂😂


  11. As a matter of fact, I own quite a few books of Jeffrey Archer’s novels: Kane and Abel,Not A Penny More Not A Penny Less, First Amongst Equals ( an excellent Granada TV mini series was made of that one in the 1980’s) . He isn’t going to win the Pulitzer Prize for Literature for any of them but he has sold millions upon millions of his novels and shot story books around the globe and there is no doubt he is an accomplished and naturally gifted storyteller.👌😎😀


  12. As Tory Boy 1960; says there can be some advantages to be gained from working at home not least for environmental reasons. Yes, it is more anti-social but there is no doubt it will be the wave of the future and advanced countries like South Korea are pro actively working towards this by developing their already extensive broadband and nascent 5g mobile networks further. We should aim to replicate South Korea in this. Get with the programme, Nick Ferrari!


  13. Oh, Peter, on the subject of South Korea, they have had one of the best responses to Covid-19 and they have achieved this not only through showing a great sense of social and national solidarity with each other like the Japs have as well but also through their government having an extensive tracing programme for the virus which involved a quite substantial deprivation of personal liberty for South Koreans ie mobile apps etc.


  14. Yes, the East Asian peoples can be considered to represent a ‘Yellow Peril’ for the Western world although I think this is much more true of the Chinese rather than Koreans or Japanese. Japan has often been called ‘The Britain of the East’ for a reason.

    We certainly don’t want to have up to four million HK Chinese imported by Boris-Idiot as if that happens we might well have more viral disease outbreaks long into the future and we aren’t managing the present one very well!


  15. The Japanese and the South Koreans are, on the whole, an asset to the world but the Chinks really are not as we have been rudely reminded of this year. Mind you, whilst I am in awe of South Korea’s electronics industry and the economic prowess of that country and Japan I am not too enamoured of Korean eating habits. Putting Fido in the pot doesn’t appeal to your average Brit!😂😀😆


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      In one way, I can see that our —esp. North-West— European distaste for eating dogs, cats etc is “merely” a cultural bias, but it is such biases that make us, whatever our faults, culturally superior.


  16. I don’t know whether it is common still to actually put ‘Fido in the pot’ and eat him in South Korea! I remember this certainly was a Korean practice around the time of the Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988 and was so prevalent that the government there attempted to crack down on the practice so that Western tourists to the games wouldn’t notice it and because they were embarrassed this dog eating was becoming known to the world.

    It may just be older Koreans who do it now. I have read that it isn’t supposedly as common as it once was.

    Still, dog eaters or not, Korean electronics firms like Samsung do make good mobile phones and LG make some great tv sets!👌🍷😎


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