Diary Blog, 27 July 2020

Just one “small” news story, one that did not get much reported in the national Press or on TV news…

Niels de Vos, chair of the trust, said: “Since April a large proportion of our staff have been furloughed and with this scheme coming to an end, we sadly can’t save everyone’s jobs. Only when visitor numbers and spend return to pre-coronavirus levels will our business model break even again.”


Visitor numbers will never return to pre-panic levels while those visitors are forced to wear facemasks. Forget it.

I wonder how many other “small” stories, unreported stories, there are right now, stories about 100, 200 or however many people losing their jobs, unable soon to pay rents, make mortgage payments etc… and mainly because of the present government’s panicked reaction to the “Coronavirus.

“Enriched” Britain, 2020

[The victim]
Wigginton Park death
[The accused]


Caring, sharing Britain, 2020


Facemask police state news

10 deaths (from or with “the virus”) out of 65 to 70 MILLION people…

The BBC has just reported that about 16 million people worldwide are thought to have been infected with (almost all not died with) Coronavirus since the scare started. That is about 1 person out of every 500. Not died from or with; been infected with. The death rate overall (which has varied wildly from country to country) seems to be around 2% of those infected. So, on that basis, 1 person out of every 25,000 people in the world has died with (partly from?) “the virus”, so far.

Other tweets seen recently

That tweeter, “@CanuckUK”, personifies the mentally unstable type that goes around masked even when the law —supposed “law”; it may not be lawful (valid), in fact— does not require it. I even saw a photo from a few months ago showing some stupid woman wearing full barrier-nursing kit: swathed in plastic from head to foot! What was she doing that required such protection? Working in an intensive care ward? No. Shopping in what looked like Oxford Street!

Boris-idiot and his latest idiocies

Boris-idiot (that clown presently posing as Prime Minister of the UK) has just announced more stupid policies and proposed laws. For one thing, he and his ministers have imposed a quarantine on visitors from Spain (and that includes returning Brit holidaymakers). Result? Apart from misery and inconvenience for those presently there on holiday or booked to go there, the likely collapse of the package holiday and airline industries.

I have to say that I find it odd that anyone actually wants to holiday in Spain at present. The “lockdown” and facemask nonsense has been far stricter in Spain than in the UK (which makes one wonder why Spain has had a “surge” in cases anyway, in view of the months of facemask muzzle-wearing and strict “lockdown”…We are told that such measures prevent such surges…).

I hear that in Spain, at present, a visit to a restaurant means wearing a facemask even at the table unless actually eating! I view the whole idea as somewhere between Monty Python and the Twilight Zone. Suffice to say that I shall not be going to Spain or anywhere else under such conditions. I doubt that I am alone in this. Then quarantine for 2 weeks on return? Forget it.

Who now will book a holiday or trip anywhere? The crowd of clowns posing as a government in the UK (backed by their “experts”— you remember, those medics and scientists who said that 800,000 might die in the UK…) are quite likely, soon, to quarantine arrivals from other countries as well, not just Spain.

About 90,000 people work for UK-based airlines; about 77,000 work for travel agencies, tour companies etc. There are still over 4,000 travel agency shops in the UK.

I wonder what the figures will be in 2021 and 2022?

Reverting to Boris-idiot’s government, little Matt Hancock has announced new health measures in respect of obesity. Certainly a serious issue (in fact, I could stand losing a few stone myself!), but these measures are either underwhelming or silly.

For example, restaurants will be compelled to have the calorie-count of each dish marked on the menu. That might work for businesses where the menus never or hardly ever change, such as fish and chip shops, McDonald’s etc, but in a restaurant with a changing menu, it places a huge burden (and so cost) on the restaurant.

I can see most restaurants closing down: fewer customers, more costs, less profit…Same with pubs.

These measures (laid down by Boris-idiot and his crew) show the clear signs of having come from people who really have little knowledge or understanding of how people think, of how businesses work (and that does include Indian “clever boy” Rishi Sunak), or of how to dig themselves out of the hole into which they have dug the UK.

I always said, from when the “virus” scare started, that there would not be a “V”-shaped recovery, but something like an “L”-shaped non-recovery. The “experts” mostly disagreed (then) but I feel even more certain that the economy is about to tank. The facemask nonsense just adds an extra burden.

More tweets seen

Alert: chimp-out, chimp-out, chimp-out…[klaxon]

USA. UK. Two very different countries, but with some similar trends and problems. I have lived in the USA, long ago, and am legally qualified there (Bar of the State of New York), but my main focus is the UK.

Looking at the UK, it is clear that there is really no functioning “democracy” worthy of the name (nor a population capable of sustaining one). All the trends that I see point toward an eventual culture war, which might become a kind of civil war.


Seems that most aggressive Jews and their dupes or slaves have decided to boycott Twitter for 48 hours. The air seems fresher already!

Incidentally, I notice that one such boycotter is Layla Moran, the buck-toothed lesbian (she prefers “pansexual”) who is the latest leader of the fading LibDem rump.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Layla_Moran.

What makes Layla Moran’s kow-towing noteworthy is that she is half-Palestinian.

[update: same day: a reader of this blog corrects me to say that Layla Moran is not yet LibDem leader. Quite right. My mistake. She is only the candidate most likely to win at present. What does it say about the LibDems, though, that it has taken them 7 or 8 months to elect a leader and yet are still not there? Pathetic rabble.]

The meaning of numbers

We are hearing about upsurges in Coronavirus. These are being used to justify police-state measures in the UK and elsewhere. Strange times. The “upsurge” is entirely (certainly entirely in Europe) because testing is being done now on a fairly wide scale.

Yes, more people are now “officially” infected, simply because more people are being tested. Many show no symptoms; most, in fact, require no treatment; none, or almost none, will die or even become seriously unwell.

The actual number of deaths from (or even with) Coronavirus is dropping not only in the UK but worldwide. In the UK it is now down at or below 10 individuals per day, even on the basis that anyone dying with Coronavirus is deemed to die of Coronavirus.

Despite the above, BBC Today Programme and other shows preferred not to focus on the fact that the death rate is close to zero. Oh no, their choice was to feature some Scottish pilot who was hospitalized while flying for an airline in Vietnam!

The said Scottish pilot was the only patient in Vietnam likely to die of/with Coronavirus. and the Vietnamese were desperate to save him, and did. He was unlucky to have become infected, but the fact is that the unfortunate fellow is a statistical freak. He is now slowly recovering in the UK.

The BBC used the above case to claim (as did the unfortunate pilot) that Coronavirus is a huge threat to everyone, whereas it can be seen that that Scottish pilot was a one in a million or one in a hundred thousand statistical anomaly.

English schools— the Great Replacement

34% of primary school pupils in England are now from an “ethnic minority” (the vast majority non-white). Scroll on 39 years. What then? 50%? More?

This is the “Great Replacement”, or “White Genocide” if you like. Most MPs, msm drones, others too, are evil criminals who have deliberately caused this existential crisis.

Dennis buses

Dennis, the bus manufacturer, is cutting 650 jobs, a quarter of its staff complement. The majority of the cuts will fall in Falkirk, Scotland: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-53558309

Every day now— 500 jobs gone here, 1,000 there. The travel industry alone will soon shed tens of thousands.

Tweets seen

Or so England was, before it became a toytown police state…

40 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 27 July 2020”

  1. I would go further than Boris. Instead of a temporary quarantine (ah, diddums, that is really SUCH an ordeal- NOT!🙄🙄🙄🙄) I would permanently ban them from returning to Britain at all since the vast majority of people from Britain who visit Spain for a holiday are the yobbish, The ‘Scum’ reading types from places like Basildon near me!

    As a country, we would be well rid of these people. After all, they did vote for Maggie, Major, Blair and now Boris!🙄🙄🙄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M’Lord of Essex, now *that* (re. the type of people who choose Spain as a holiday destination) really *is* a sweeping statement…

      I hear what you say, but those people (even if residents of Essex new towns) still have, most of them, jobs to which they have to return, or other responsibilities awaiting them.


    2. Hello Steven! Sometimes you made me look like a moderate conservative. LOL

      Yes, I do agree with you, for what I saw most of the Brits who go to Spain are low-lives of the worst kind.

      Incidentally, I almost feel sorry for Peter Hitchens, thanks to you his ears must be burning like Hell, LOL.

      I bet you have a picture of him full of pins! Hahahahahaha

      BTW, from where you get all those funny “smilies”? I can’t see anything like that on my page. Is very annoying!!!


      1. Yes, most Brits that go to Spain on holiday are not the cultured types interested in the paintings of Goya or Salvador Dali etc but lower-class, excessive lager drinking, The ‘Scum’ ‘reading’, ‘lager lout’, Coronation Street and Eastenders watching lower-class oiks and yobs from god awful Essex ‘New Towns’ like near me in Brentwood ie Basildon and Harlow.


      2. No, I don’t yet have a picture of Peter Hitchens or a voodoo doll of him. You can be rest assured though that if I did I would be extremely tempted to throw many darts at his picture or manically stab pins into the doll like I was a mental case and as if doing such a thing was going out of fashion. Please don’t tempt me with your suggestion here, LOL!😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌😎😎😎😎🍷🍷🍷🍷😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂


      3. No, I don’t yet have a picture of Peter Hitchens or a voodoo doll of him. You can be rest assured though that if I did I would be extremely tempted to throw many darts at his picture or manically stab pins into
        the doll like I was a mental case and as if doing such a thing was going out of fashion. Please don’t tempt me with your suggestion here, LOL!😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌😎😎😎😎🍷🍷🍷🍷😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂

        I am using an Apple IPad Mini to respond to posts here. When I want to reply in the reply box a picture of a keyboard comes up and one key at the bottom shows a happy simile face and when I touch this I get the full range of them to use.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hello Steven! Thank you for your reply. I can’t believe you don’t have a “Peter Hitchens Doll” (LOL) As I said before the poor sod must be having some terrible headaches after everything you said about him! Hahahahaha

        I regret not being able to use those wonderful little faces. I only have a plain desk computer and I don’t know what an Apple IPad is. What an ignoramus!


      5. Also, most of these uncultured types go to Spain and then can’t even be bothered to speak a few words of Spanish! I went on holiday to the Italian Lakes in 2007 and made an effort to speak some Italian. The old lady at the hotel I was staying in was well impressed and was constantly smiling at me and actually congratulated me for doing this.😎👌😀

        I also ordered a delicious pizza at a nearby pizzeria in Italian and the owner was very pleased.I gave both these people reason to believe that not all British tourists are arrogant louts unwilling even to try to speak in a foreign language on holiday.

        I can’t understand why our tourists go to Spain and don’t even attempt to speak some Spanish. I learnt French and German at school so learning foreign languages isn’t too hard for me but our tourists should try speaking Spanish as it is a sign of respect and the language isn’t all that hard. Italian is a lot harder I find so there is more of an excuse there but the principle remains and foreigners will normally appreciate you if you at least try!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Very kind of you to try to speak some Italian when on holidays. I do agree with that principle, and I always tried to learn some sentences or idiomatic expressions.

        I wonder why is that most English louts go to Spain, the only logical explanation is that it must be reasonably cheap. As you said, that kind of people do not care for the landscape or the culture, their only concern must be cheap food and booze.

        I haven’t set foot in Europe since 2005 and according to the news and the Internet most big Western European cities are horrible places full of subhumans (sorry, migrants). I remember seen a video of Paris three years ago, and it was shocking. Only 45% of London inhabitants are White.


  2. Well done to Spain for taking the disease seriously from DAY ONE unlike the idiot libertarian Tory murderers of your grandmothers here. Trust the Spanish to show the way and use the authority and power of government to combat a HIGHLY INFECTIOuS respiratory viral disease that is EASILY SPREAD.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, does it not give you pause to consider that the very strict Spanish lockdown rules (including stringent use of facemask muzzles) have not in fact stopped the spread of the virus?

      In fact, the strictest countries (Spain, Belgium etc) are now all seeing upsurges.


      1. It has slowed it down considerably and if the Spanish government had done NOTHING as the utterly irresponsible libertarian moron Peter Hitchens wants us to do then Spain would have had HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of cases and deaths.

        That there are now 16 MILLION people now infected worldwide just goes to show the potential of this viral disease to spread so easily hence governments taking containment measures.


      2. There are some upsurges but if containment measures were not in place then there would be increased numbers of them. Mandated social distancing is necessary unless a government t can trust virtually the entire population to behave responsibly ie Japan, South Korea and this is, sadly not the case with people here until a vaccine becomes widely available


  3. Well done to the Spanish government for taking the PANDEMIC (No, it IS NOT a hoax as loony libertarian wankers think) seriously from DAY ONE.

    Trust the Spanish to reject the degenerate, ultra-individualistic. SELFISH creed of libertarians 🤬🤬🤬😡😡and use the power of government and the state to try and combat a HIGHLY INFECTIOUS and EASILY SPREAD viral disease.👌

    Well, this is the country that had Franco as its leader whilst we had the liberal globalist ‘let us ignore the nationalist John Enoch Powell’ Heath!🙄🙄🙄🤬😡☹️


  4. Those measures are ESENTiAL until a cure or vaccine is developed and WILL be kept in place regardless of the ever more demented rankings of selfish, callous, libertarian wankers like Peter Hitchens. If he doesn’t like them then he is ‘free’ in true libertarian style to top himself.

    The FUTURE belongs to we authoritarians NOW! I just hope it is the ‘Right-wing’ branch of authoritarianism that wins!


  5. Libertarianism is SO 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, 2010’s ! Here rests the Yankee and often essentially Jewish political philosophy of Libertarianism killed by Covid-19 in 2020 and not to be revived like Frankenstein’s Monster!😂😎🤣😝😄😂😂👌👌👌😎😎😎


  6. Got it wrong AGAIN, Mr Hitchens! Wearing a facial mask certainly DOES NOT mean the wearer ‘loves Boris’. Personally, I can’t stand Boris and want to subject him to the rigours of capital punishment just for his constant bad hair days alone but that is just little old authoritarian me!😂😝🤣😎😂😂😂😆😆😂😂😂

    I was rooting for Jeremy Hunt to be Conservative Party leader and PM last year NOT Boris!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Those obesity measures are not needed. Now, THAT truly IS a sign of the ‘nanny state’ libertarian Tories hate and SHOULD be complaining about NOT rules from government mandating the use of facial masks during a worldwide viral pandemic.

    Authoritarianism in government should be used judiciously and wisely. The ‘strong state’ is most needed in the fields of law and order and border control.


    1. And, of course, government must ensure the ‘strong state’ applies to the nation’s defence against potential foreign aggression against us and thereby invest sufficient amounts of public money in our armed forces and intelligence services.


  8. It DOES NOT matter at all whether people who are infected show little or ANY symptoms OR whether they know they have the disease. The most important point is that they ARE infected and this means they CAN then spread it to others and infect them thus potentially setting-off NEW chains of infections hence governments mandating the use of social distancing measures like facial masks to buy some time to contain the disease’s spread until a vaccine becomes available.


    1. The point is, m’Lord of Essex, very very few people get this and also require any medical attention at all. Those few *may* transmit the virus to others, but most of *them* will also require no attention. The vast majority.

      So if I understand you aright, you prefer that the whole of the UK wears facemasks or muzzles, and stays 3-9 feet away from all others (or most others) etc for the foreseeable future, in the hope that an effective vaccine *may* be discovered or formulated?

      It may take a year, it may take 5 years, it may never happen. All those restrictions, in a situation where the actual number of deaths has fallen to a handful daily, fewer than are killed on the roads…

      Meanwhile, huge numbers are *certainly* being killed *by* or *because of* the restrictions and the recent shutdown.


  9. I don’t accept your last contention. The government has made it clear that the NHS IS open for business and that people should NOT feel they are creating a burden for it should they feel the need to call upon its services. Everyone, especially the old, IS encouraged to use the NHS should they feel a need.

    This mess is primarily the fault of the Chinese and shows why they can’t be ever trusted by Western countries and why Priti Useless needs to be immediately sacked for grotesque dereliction of her duty to this country by failing to impose ultra-tough travel restrictions to this land in early March/April thereby allowing a FOREIGN origin viral disease to enter this country and spread so much before any real containment measures were enacted.


  10. The point IS that EVEN LARGER numbers of people WOULD become infected and possibly die from the disease if loony libertarians like Peter Hitchens had their way and governments stopped the use of mandated social distancing restrictions like facial masks and we all pretended Covid-19 didn’t exist and went back to ‘normal’.

    Yes, I am for the entire nation to get used to the idea of using facial masks until a vaccine or cure becomes available.

    I can’t see what is wrong with wearing the old ‘Coronavirus Chic’ facial mask! It has become THE essential fashion accessory of 2020 that is worn by millions around the globe!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😃😃😃🤣🤣🤣🍷🍷🍷😀😀😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎


  11. I think it is quite funny to go on internet webcams and see loads of people wearing them in cities as far flung as Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice etc.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝😝😎😎😎😎


  12. Layla Moran is not the leader of the Liberal Democrats. She is just a leadership candidate at the moment. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, Lib Dem members won’t start to vote on this subject until the 30th of this month.

    She should describe herself as a bisexual rather than pansexual as she has had a boyfriend. From what I have seen of her on TV she seems to have a warm and engaging personality – an attractive quality in a person and a politician. She is nearly always smiling too and must be the happiest politician in Britain.

    I think though that Ed Davey is probably their best bet for leader as he is far more experienced and should have won in 2019.


    1. Ah, yes, m’Lord of Essex. Layla Moran. Not yet leader. Unusual for me to make a mistake like that. Still, what does it say of the LibDems that they cannot even organize a new leader for themselves within (as of date of this reply) 7-8 months?…


      1. Well, I was intrigued about this silly moo called Layla Moran. First of all, I had to say that I thought Steven was joking when he used the word “pansexual” as I never heard of it before. So I decided to look for it and SURPRISE it does exist. It is another pathetic symbol of our sick, decadent society.

        Going back to this idiot Layla, I looked into his biography on Wikipedia and I found that, like all the MPs, she is a nobody, no academic qualifications what-so-ever. Like Ian said, the titles/degrees that these people have are a joke. She is described as an “academic manager”. What the hell is that?

        I have to say she is not ugly, as I expected. There is a mention of a ridiculous incident involving her then-boyfriend Richard Davies. It was over, get this: “a lost computer cable” and, as a result of that she slapped him. LOL. This sounds like a very bad soap-opera. Funny enough “the relationship subsequently ended” Fancy that! LOL

        Thank you, Steven and Ian, for bringing this pathetic female to my attention. It has made my day!


      2. The new leader will be in place in another FOUR WEKS from this date not eight months. They were going to delay the decision until next year because of COVID 19 but cancelled that decision and brought it forward to this year as was originally intended.


  13. Yes, Layla Moran is a half-Palestinian so it is strange if she she wants to kowtow to the Jew Zionist /Israel First Lobby though she probably knows that to kowtow to them is useful if you want to be a leader of a British political party with seats in the House of Commons. After all, look what they done to destroy Jeremy Corbyn and get us Boris The Butcher Buffoon as PM with a ridiculous and wholly undeserved majority of 80 seats!🤬😡☹️😞


  14. It is a shame for them that the German lady who is the MP for Bath, Wera Hobhouse, is now no longer standing. She had some interesting ideas for the future of her party most notably not being so obsessed with one particular version of Proportional Representation ie the difficult to explain easily to the public Irish form of it called the Single Transferable Vote (STV) and changing the party’s stance towards being more open to other systems of PR such as the Mixed-Member Proportional Representation system (MMP) they use in Wera Hobhouse’s native land.



    As that PR system incorporates a familiar element to Britons in its OVERALL PR set-up ie using FPTP for the constituency election part of it then it would be easier to explain to Brits.


      1. I think it is in the USA from hearing the accents and a short glimpse at the street furniture. Mind you, that deplorable act of violence could easily have taken place here. These Black Lives Matter protests we have been having are no laughing matter and infact irresponsible because it doesn’t take much for black mobs to be motivated by them and their already existing feelings they have been given to them by the globalist media that they are severely ‘discriminated’ against to go out and attack any white person they can find.


    1. Claudius:
      On seeing that clip again, it must be in the USA, not UK. The sign, seen in freeze-frame, refers to “valet parking”, which is rare in the UK. Also, the general look of the street does look more American…wider road etc.


      1. Thank you very much, Ian. I assume that the expression “valet parking” means a parking lot where there is a person on duty that will park your car and get it when you come back. Strangely enough, some parking places here in Argentina offer that service, but they don’t mention it; it is expected that you will tip the guy.

        BTW, regarding that funny story about the man named Hitler in Peru and your comment about how some foreign/exotic names are used in South America I got some examples: In Uruguay, it has been very common to name boys “Washington” (I know, it is ridiculous!) That stupid fashion has reached Argentina and now we have “Brian” and “Kevin”. How stupid is that? Putting Anglo-Saxon names to people from Spanish or Italian descent is as ridiculous as giving Spanish or Italian names to Anglo-Saxons. Fancy being called Giuseppe Millard. LOL


      2. Claudius:
        Yes. There *is* valet parking here and there in the UK, but it is not available everywhere as it is in, say, New York or New Jersey.

        I do not think that an Italian Christian name would suit me. It would fit in, though, with my favourite TV show, or one of them, when I was 10 or 11, in Australia (I was there 3 years): The Untouchables (seen as repeats, in black and white!) .


  15. The Liberal Democrats don’t have the luxury of many candidates to choose from to be their next leader unlike the Tories or Labour so they are excused the fact they are taking their time doing it. After all, arguably, they made a big mistake with electing Jo Swinson instead of Ed Davey last year and they will want to get this decision coming up right . They can’t afford to have any more leadership decisions mistakes.


    1. I think, m’Lord of Essex, that there has been a change.

      In the past, say 1945 to about 1997, many —esp. older people— regarded it as their civic duty to vote, even when the candidates and parties were God-awful, or when the constituency “always” voted for one party, which won easily every time.

      Now, I think that people who are disgusted with the parties and candidates abstain, rather than vote for a “dustbin” or “protest” Liberal or LibDem. I see the LibDems fading to nothing soon.


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