Diary Blog, 19 September 2020, including thoughts about where “Boris” goes from here

The multikulti society continues…


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Looks like the rest of the country is catching up fast with long-time critics of the part-Jew public entertainer presently posing as Prime Minister.

I have been anti-“Boris” for well over a decade.

When I saw a brief part of Prime Minister’s Questions last Wednesday, “Boris” looked not so much crushed as flattened. That was not entirely because of the onslaught on him by actually rather unimpressive Angela Rayner. I think though (and last PMQs thought for the first time) that “Boris” really is, in the time-honoured phrase, now “considering his position” as Prime Minister.

As I blogged a day or two ago, “Boris” enjoyed being PM so long as it amounted to him posing as “World King” (his stated ambition when he was 8 years old). Now, he has understood that, especially in fractious times, being Prime Minister involves the storied “blood, sweat and tears”. Difficult choices and decisions. Trenchant criticism from many, including political “friends”. Nowhere to hide, most of the time. A British Prime Minister may not have to be on display as he gets dressed, unlike the Bourbon kings at their morning “levee”, but apart from that is on display most of the time.

You might think that an exhibitionist such as “Boris” would enjoy the attention which is an inevitable part of being a Prime Minister of the UK, but I apprehend that “Boris” does not like being put on the spot or questioned. Who does, actually?

Theresa May hid away as much as possible, leading to her ludicrous election speeches in 2017 to selected bunches of people in remote aircraft hangars. “Boris” has tried to hide in a fridge, in a tent, at Chequers, and elsewhere too, but his very rank now seeks him out. You cannot “work from home” as a Prime Minister. There is no home, really.

In the end, people want to be Prime Minister for one or more of several reasons: vanity; to accomplish particular things; out of a sense of duty; in order to be at the peak of executive power; malice, meaning to deny the position to others.

Boris-idiot has no ideology, no real ideas, no sense of duty, and has really only the vanity of having attained to the position, and also the sense of power, of being able to hire and fire etc.

Boris has no ideology, that much is obvious. He pretended at one time to have a kind of libertarian, “free-market”, 1960s Hong Kong-meets-Milton Friedman ideology at first; a “can-do” cartoon American self-help view of the world which indicated a total lack of self-awareness. After all, where would “Boris” be without the education (and for “education”, read “connections”) bestowed by Eton and Oxford and bought by his pushy careerist father, and family generally? Every job “Boris” messed up just led to another and another. “Boris” has never had to struggle, because family and other connections always helped him.

Any ideological sense has now left “Boris”. The one-time cartoon “libertarian” now tries to force the British people to wear facemask muzzles, to keep x-feet away from each other, to have no more than 6 people together at any one time, even at family gatherings etc. When was the last time there were such killjoy “laws” (which in fact may not even be —valid— laws)? The Second World War? The Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell?

As for free-marketism, the Boris-idiot government has prevented many businesses from operating profitably or at all, while at the same time propping up those and other businesses with public money: airlines, train companies, bus companies, restaurants, pubs, hotel chains. You name it.

All that in the name of suppressing a virus which peaked in the UK in early April of 2020, and which has been killing fewer and fewer people ever since. Yesterday, the latest figures showed about 4,000 people “testing positive” for “the virus”, most of whom showed no symptoms at all! Meanwhile, about 20 or so people died “from” (with) that virus (supposedly). 1 person dying for every 2,000 known to have the virus.

This is madness. “Boris” made the wrong call right from the start, by “locking down” (shutting down” much of the economy and almost all of our society, even churches and the House of Commons.

“Boris” was misled by the risibly misnamed “SAGE” committee (I prefer “DUMB”— Department Under Matt and Boris).

I do not blame “Boris” for making the wrong call, but I do blame him for not admitting his mistake in due time, for not stopping the “lockdown” after the first few weeks, and for not reining back the excesses of the toytown police across the country. A police state is bad, but a silly toytown police state is in some respects worse and certainly leads to a disrespect for all the institutions of society.

What are the ideas of Prime Minister “Boris”? Schoolboy fantasies of bridges across the Irish Sea, a bridge across the English Channel, of tunnels under the sea, of garden bridges across the Thames, cable-cars across the Thames (the only one that was built, but which is of little use); again, of sci-fi artificial islands, on which were to be new airports and high-tech industries. All fantasy, not thought through.

I think that I prefer the fantasies of Ludwig II of Bavaria, who at least realized some of his, leaving fairytale castles in the Alps for the wonderment of latter-day tourists. Neuschwanstein, Linderhof etc at least were built. “Boris Island”, the “Thames Garden Bridge”, the Scotland-Ireland tunnel etc, will never be.

Looking at Boris-idiot now, there is little beyond a deflated balloon. I think that, in his heart (such as it is), “Boris” knows that he is no good at being Prime Minister, and, in that heart, wants out. However, he will not want to resign in disgrace. That means that he has to keep on pretending that the “lockdown” was necessary, that the “local” lockdowns (which now cover or soon will cover much of the country) are necessary, that the fairly recent facemask-muzzling of shoppers (but not pubgoers or office workers) was and remains necessary.

“Boris” is like someone, an employee, who has bet with the money of the company and cannot leave without exposing his dishonesty and incompetence. A political Nick Leeson.

We see now that a raft of stories emerge about how “Boris” cannot live comfortably with his latest quasi-wife and latest child on the poor salary of a Prime Minister, about how crowded are their living conditions at Downing Street, how they actually have to pay something for their food and drink (!), and how they cannot even use Chequers for entertaining their friends without actually having to pay for said friends!

Can you believe it?! The bastard thinks that he cannot live easily on his salary (nearly £160,000 gross), in addition to which salary he has a free flat at Downing Street, a free country house and park at Chequers, free chauffeured transport etc.

“Boris” thinks that the public funds should pay for food and drink for himself and the “ho”, and for their friends!

This seems like a testing-the-waters for a “resigning for personal reasons”, which might include “health reasons”, i.e. that the idiot’s health has been so damaged by “the virus” that he has to step down as Prime Minister. He can then put forward a narrative such as “wounded in action” or equivalent.

No doubt he would not step down as MP, thus enabling him to keep getting the MP salary and expenses, and to scribble his cretinous rantings in the popular Press (for which he was getting £250,000+ p.a., incredibly). No doubt a book or two would also be scribbled. “My Life” and/or “My Time As Prime Minister“, “Me and the Virus” (etc).

For the first time, I thought over the past week that “Boris” might be gone within a year or so. Who then will be (“unelected”) PM, just as “Boris” was when he took over from Theresa May? Indian “clever boy” Rishi Sunak, he of the disastrous furlough payments? Somehow I doubt it. Mass unemployment, probably just around the corner, will put paid to him, probably. Another Indian, Priti Patel? Good grief! I hope not. As dense as Channel fog. What about little Matt Hancock? This is absurd now…but that is the political system we are in…


It seems that “the peasants are revolting”!

Other tweets seen today

This is good to see!

As my regular readers will know, I rarely use the lazy and inaccurate designations “Right” and “Left”. Politics and society have moved on. Look at Boris-idiot “recommending” (giving) a peerage to former Revolutionary Communist Party and more recently Brexit Party candidate, Claire Fox…

America, “Land of Freedom”…

Seems that the more “hardworking” prisoners are being kept in prison in California, contrary to express court orders, so that they can be used as slave labour doing things like fighting fires, and cleaning cars! The less amenable and probably more dangerous ones are being released, incredibly. Further, guess who argued for those “good” prisoners, mostly blacks, to be kept longer in prison so that they could slave for the State? None other than Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party candidate for Vice-President!

More tweets

Well, I myself would forgo the steak, or perhaps change it for fish or shellfish, but otherwise that sounds pleasant. Maybe some roasted sunflower seeds too.

I was listening to some System propaganda yesterday on the radio. Unsure now whether it was BBC World Service (probably was) or Radio 4. The only other radio station I listen to regularly is BBC Radio 3. Anyway, that broadcast said that deaths “from” (with) “the virus” now top a million worldwide. Well even taking the million figure as accurate, that is one million out of a world population of nearly 8 BILLION, i.e. 8 thousand million. One person dead from or with “the virus” for every 8 thousand people living on Earth now (in rough figures).

There is no need for “lockdowns” (which huge harm both socially and economically), let alone facemasks.

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15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 September 2020, including thoughts about where “Boris” goes from here”

  1. Quite to the contrary, if anything, Boris made a crucial mistake NOT locking down EARLIER and instituting a REAL one with TOUGH ENFORCEMENT ie Substantial fines running into the thousands like ultra-sensible Singapore and yes, PRISON TERMS.

    The virus is NOT over by any means! According to the latest reports, this soft, ill-disciplined ‘nation’ of thugs and yobs who are so fucking SELFISH they can’t be bothered to wear tiny facial masks to protect others health has a Covid-19 R rate of as high as 1.4! That means the disease is STILL expanding here!


  2. Get your facts right, FOR ONCE, Peter “I won’t mention the most important fact of all in Britain’s Covid-19 disaster ie Priti Useless not closing the borders in March” Hitchens.

    Japan has NOT had a ‘lockdown’ yet they have far fewer deaths than us even though they have, in average, an older population than Britain does!

    Why is that dumb libertarian SELFISH Tory moron, Peter? It might be explained by the fact the Japs are naturally obedient of governmental advice and act as the REAL nation they are with a high degree of social and national solidarity towards each other.

    We might have had that now in this country if it hadn’t been for Tory libertarian arseholes like you decrying those sort of values for the last four or five decades and wrecking our formerly cohesive society with constant mass immigration all the bloody time!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡


  3. Japan, Peter SELFiSH libertarian Tory arsehole Hitchens, should have had a far higher death rate and case rate than us as they, as I said, have an older, on average, population, a far higher population, and a very high population density since they live on an island chain that, for the most part, can’t be built upon since it consists of highly mountainous terrain.


  4. Peter, if you genuinely wish to serve your country then, just for once, be RESPONSIBLE and STOP your incessant ranting about the Covid-19 measures as all of them ARE proportionate and not excessive. You will do this unless you want to incite people to commit law breaking (you are supposedly meant to quite ‘hot’ on law and order matters)!

    Also, you will do this unless you WANT the government to lockdown the country for a second time as the Israeli government is doing.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  5. Of all of his transport fantasies the only one with some plausible merit is the idea of a fixed-link between Great Britain and the island of Ireland. A bridge is probably not technically feasible but a tunnel could be but it would be horrendously expensive.

    If you look on Wikipedia there is a page detailing some very imaginative proposed projects including one for a fixed-link between Japan and South Korea and another between Taiwan and Southern China.

    The problem with Boris’s idea is that it would be in the wrong place. The best idea would be a fixed motorway/railway tunnel connecting the cities of Liverpool and Belfast as they are two important regional economic centres and would provide a fixed-link between these two islands and help to integrate NI economically and politically into the United Kingdom – something that has been neglected for far too long with the present mess over Brexit being one result of that.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I do not say that a bridge linking Ireland and the British mainland is technologically impossible. though it may be. What however is the point? Ireland may not be the sleepy backward land I saw in the 1970s, but it is still a minor power (North and South) in terms of economy and population. Quite different from Japan and South Korea.


      1. The point in building a tunnel between Liverpool and Belfast is that it would intimately link two important regional economic centres in a for the most part non environmentally destructive way (unlike with the bridge idea) AND help to integrate NI economically AND politically more firmly into the United Kingdom.

        If you are going to build transport projects for mainly political reasons ie as the Channel Tunnel to France was then consider dong it for more important BRITISH oriented political reasons ie to more fully integrate a part of OUR United Kingdom into the UK instead of into a political project on the Continent we were never fully comfortable with.


      2. A tunnel is being proposed to create a fixed-link between Japan and South Korea for economic AND political reasons. Economically, a tunnel would link-up two of Asia’s strongest economies and probably increase trade between them for mutual benefit BUT also there is a strong POLITICAL motive for that project in that the Japs and South Koreans have a mutual dislike/suspicion about each other mainly because Japan was the colonial power in Korea from I think about the 1890’s to 1945 and they didn’t treat the Koreans well. The tunnel idea is being proposed to help to reduce the antagonistic relations between the two countries and to improve relations between the two nations.


  6. It is funny that those who often make the most noise about and have a fetish indeed about ‘law and order’ ie the likes of Hitchens and Nick Griffin are only too willing to break the law and irresponsibly incite others to do that even when those laws are not unjust and come in a worldwide viral pandemic.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Covid deniers like those two really should learn to shut-up!

    Nick in particular should pipe down about this subject because it serves as a huge distraction to whatever other points he makes about other topics where he CAN make good arguments.


  7. Why are you complaining about the government throwing money at businesses? You SHOULD be pleased! After all, you were complaining about the inevitable economic consequences of a REAL worldwide viral pandemic ie the unemployment it has created and the resultant personal misery that causes through family break-ups etc. You CAN’T have it both ways!


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      The “pandemic” or *panicdemic* has caused some economic problems, but most have been caused by the unnecessary panic-driven reaction of some governments, not least the UK, Spain, France, Belgium.

      I am not against *some* government intervention, but in terms of intelligent and targeted investment, not scattergunning cash in order to buy off dissent and upheaval.


  8. Peter Hitchens has a totally unrealistic view of ‘British’ society as it is NOW. He thinks it is the same cohesive and homogenous BRITISH society it was in the 1950’s – a society that was famed worldwide for its mostly genteel, law-abiding nature and NOT as it is NOW ie the often violent, drug-addicted, thuggish, non law abiding, non cohesive, non homogeneous, foreigner overladen MESS it is.

    Hence, his view that mere advice from government will get us through Covid-19 WON’T work and has already been PROVEN to NOT WORK since the government DID try that method in March and lost TWO crucial weeks doing it. Sadly, too many selfish yobs and oiks thought they knew better and purposefully IGNORED and treated with contempt the advice from government hence the leaky ‘lockdown’.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


  9. The government can be blamed for its response to the pandemic in two ways: 1) being too slow to recognise its seriousness and therefore slow to take active measures like a lockdown and 2.) thinking rather stupidly and despite the mass of evidence illustrating the reality of our ‘society’ as it is TODAY NOT imposing those measures with sufficient rigour and with enough legal force behind them.

    Sadly, the second mistake is still being done now to some extent in the sense that those who are willingly breaking the regulations are not being treated toughly enough. It is high time the book was thrown at these people. OBEY the regulations or we WILL get very tough at enforcing them by imposing very high fines running into the many thousands as in the brilliant model state in many ways of Singapore or even charging people with potential manslaughter as some countries are doing and locking them away in prison for a few months in order to get the message through!


  10. There should be a sliding scale for these fines ie they should be levied according to ability to pay with maximum fines of a few thousand for ‘ordinary’ people up to possibly hundreds of thousands for selfish, rich, arseholes who don’t want to follow the regulations and thin they are only for the ‘little people’ ie Premiership footballers.


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