Diary Blog, 20 September 2020

Tweets seen


He is right, yet that is the consensus on Twitter, which is always on the wrong side of any question. The Twitterati generally were pro-EU, pro-Remain, thought that Leave could never win the EU Referendum, that Trump could never get elected. They want (more) mass immigration, think that “refugees” are “welcome”; want more “lockdown”, more facemask mandating etc. Many think of themselves, despite that, as pro-“rights” and as “socialist” or at least social-democrat.

The unreality that is the Twitterverse is patent. These people think that you can shut down the economy indefinitely yet pay everyone generously for doing nothing or almost nothing. They think that you can make everyone wear a facemask (which they wrongly imagine “saves lives”) and avoid human interaction, yet build a more altruistic and cohesive “community”. They are asinine and are being easily fooled by the actually transparently poor System propaganda.

Types? Oh, the “if it only saves one life” type, sometimes intensified to “if it only saves one child’s life“. Then there is the hysterical “people are dying!” type. That type does not seem to realize that very few people are dying from “the virus” and many are dying from delayed or cancelled NHS diagnosis, care, treatment and operations.

Other types? Those who, taking their lead from the msm, from talking heads such as Piers Morgan, from the popular Press etc, call anyone questioning the whole “virus” farrago, the facemask nonsense or the “lockdowns”, or who want to live a semblance of what was a normal life, “Covidiots“.

Yet others actually call any people not complying with the facemask nonsense, “murderers“! There is real madness abroad at the present time.

There seem to be many on Twitter and elsewhere who think that the British people (and others) should wear facemasks at all times when not at home (a few nuts even say when at home!), should probably not go to work, or should work masked and muzzled until the Government (in its entirely absent wisdom) so decides; should not send their children to school; should not gather in a group of more than six (what genius came up with that? Boris-idiot? Cummings? Professor “do as I say not as I do” Ferguson?).

Here, below, the real hardcore Twitter type:

Well, there it is. If you don’t go along with the “panicdemic” view, if you have dissenting views, if you oppose official propaganda, you should be censored, muzzled, gagged, banned from posting on the Internet. Britain, 2020…(and the above tweeter, the supporter of Soviet-style censorship, is apparently an author, albeit only of science fiction and fantasy).

Here below is another of the same type. He wants anyone disagreeing with his (the System’s) fixed, brainwashed opinion about “the virus” to dig their own graves or those of others…


Here’s another; this one hits all the buttons (“do as the State or others tell you“; “obey the rules and regulations even if illegitimate and invalid“; “shut up, do not dissent, and wear your compliance-muzzle“):

That one probably saw the “million dead from Coronavirus worldwide” headline, and did not stop to think, “that’s out of eight thousand million people”…

Oh, God…just read a few more tweets from “@lilZehnny” (above). A total idiot; a deadhead.

Fortunately, Twitter is not the world, not even the British world. There are many, even on Twitter, taking a more rational view.

Hard to believe that many on Twitter actually believe that the rise in “cases” (because of the huge increase in tests being carried out) is somehow the result of “people not obeying the rules the first time”.

As far as I recall, almost all the British people (aka sheep) did in fact obey the (probably legally invalid) “rules” in March, April, May etc. Yes a few people went for a harmless drive in their cars, a few people did walk with their spouses on the hills of the Peak District or wherever. That did not and could not have made any difference whatsoever. Yes, a few “ethnics” did gather in London parks, and some people did go to a few crowded beaches. The effect of that would likewise have been minimal.

Whatever is happening now (another hysterical over-reaction) is not because a few people months ago broke the fake “rules” of the toytown police state.

Let us take it to absurdity: everyone to be “locked down” in their own homes unless designated “essential”, no-one or very few working unless doing so from home. Most retail (and other?) business closed. Schools closed. No-one allowed out without wearing a facemask. No gatherings of more than 6 allowed. What would be the result? Disaster.

The result of a strict lockdown is what we already see signs of happening: companies collapsing; millions thrown out of employment; boarded-up shops; a miserable and muzzled population; children not being educated (in fact, that is the least important effect, because the schools seem to do an appallingly-poor job anyway).

The fact is that, in the end, “the virus” has to be faced down by the population. Businesses have to operate, schools have to be open and operating, hospitals have to be working and actually seeing, diagnosing and properly treating people; dentists too.

The economy must start working, providing jobs, providing tax revenues for the State, providing the wherewithal for the services necessary for the people.

The whole society has to bite the bullet.

Other tweets seen

The first tweeter there (“@makesmesadtosee”) has made a cardinal error, seeing all change as “evolution”. Lowering the quality of the population by racemixing is not positive evolution at all; in fact it holds back evolution. Note the implied threat, too…

…says Mike Stuchbery, someone who was sacked from schools in the UK and (I believe) Australia…

And here (below) is someone who (looking at his other tweets) evidently believes that he is terribly clever (when in reality he is just an unthinking regurgitator of System propaganda):

The same tweeter is anti-white, meaning contra European race and culture:

and note the use the use of the slang term “nonce” (implying that anti-muzzle people are sexually deviant? Very odd).

He also calls the dissenters in Trafalgar Square “inbred scum of England”:

That Mike P. Williams person is simply a enemy of the British people and of European race and culture. Twitter profile says “Content producer, writer, social media exec”; no organization mentioned.

More from this unpleasant person et al:

The other one is OK with “racism”, so long as the targets are white!

The media industries are infested by such types.

There they are, just two of the enemies of the British people.

More tweets

America, “land of freedom”…

Dido Harding and others

I rarely commend articles by Jews, but this is worth reading, even if some of us came to these conclusions long ago…

A few news tweets

One more small example of the economic damage now being done by the “panicdemic” zealotry.

More tweets seen

Quite. I heard recently, on BBC World Service or Radio 4, some person whining that there are insufficient numbers of blacks or browns (“BAME”) on TV. Apparently “only” 13% of TV presenters are black. Looking at the demographic figures for the UK, though, “only” 3% of the UK population, even now, is fully black, and 13% “BAME” (blacks, browns, mixed, Chinese etc): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom.

So if 13% of TV presenters are “black”, then blacks are actually over-represented; even if 13% of TV presenters are some kind of “BAME”, then they are still not under-represented.

The lady tweeting above might have added that those million deaths worldwide must be set against a world population of eight thousand million…

I have always found it incredible how ingrained in the UK is the idea “this is a free country; we have a general election at least once every 5 years.”…

Interior of Pitt Rivers Museum 2015.JPG
[Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford, as it was in 2015]


Well, that should be made easier now that we know that their bodyguards carelessly forget their weapons.

Pere Lachaise is a nice one.

Worth reading


Late tweets seen

Would the American black term, “hoes”, be appropriate? I recall seeing on a wall in London, some 33 years ago, “Whitey scum want whitey bum, so whitey chick want big black ****“. Well, you get the idea…


First thing for journalists to do— cease using “Left” and “Right”, which is just anachronistic and lazy political language.

When does the “legal” and “peaceful” get dropped?

I was largely overseas during the John Major years, and when I was not overseas I was trying to get work as a barrister in chambers in London. I disliked the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. I despised and hated the governments of David Cameron-Levita and Theresa May.

Each of those governments was harsher, yet less efficient, than the one before. Each of those governments was also more Jewish and Zionist than the one before, until we arrive at the rule of Boris-idiot, a part-Jew, part-Turk, part God-knows-what public entertainer. His Cabinet is entirely composed of Jews, Indians and a few others, who are all members of Conservative Friends of Israel. The Boris-idiot government is completely incapable, completely incompetent, completely idiotic.

Indeed. Look at the msm. Completely quiescent. Look at the official Opposition. Supporting everything that Boris-idiot does, pretty much (but wanting more of it).

Wake up, people! This is “ZOG” (Zionist Occupation Government) in action.

Well, there we have it. For Peter Hitchens, the radical thing to do is email MPs threatening not to vote for them, or write a letter. Unsurprising. Hitchens is a man of letters, after all. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini (etc), though not uneducated, were not, primarily, men of letters.

You cannot put new wine into old bottles. A new political movement is necessary. Social-national. Credible. Powerful. Uncompromising.

Not (for example) a “party” led by a woman whose idea of radical action is picketing a mosque, or bleating about how great Jews are (in her opinion). Not (for example) a party which seems to exist to hold conferences, or to post nice pictures on Twitter.

A truly credible, tight party, even if tiny, could gain traction in the situation which looks like developing in the next few years.

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 20 September 2020”

  1. I don’t like most of the Twitter account people as they are leftwing globalists for the most part and consequently wrong about most issues but on this Covid-19 viral pandemic they are along the right lines.

    The virus has only been remotely controlled by governments mandating social distancing measures and to be frank you only have to have the most basic understanding of science to understand that.

    The kind of people whinging are mostly the innately selfish libertarian Tory arseholes who don’t understand basic economics either as their disastrous mishandling of Britain’s economy over the last four decades demonstrates all too well ie their getting rid of Britain’s former industrial base.

    Many are just plain ignorant. I think that Covid19 denier tweeter above who uses in his twitter header a picture of a notorious character from the Wolf of Wall Street film is a case in point. Obviously, the selfish greed of that film character appeals to him. Funny that!


  2. Mike P Williams is, obviously, wrong about many issues being a globalist but some of those stupid protesters over tiny face masks and other very mild social distancing measures are indeed the scum of England.

    He is also right to say that if they catch Covid19 then NHS resources should NOT be wasted on them. If they are so thick as to discount the possibility of catching it and so ignorant as to think nurses and doctors in hospitals around the globe are not battling to save lives and believing that Covid19 is a figment of the imagination then, frankly, the world won’t miss them if they expire from it.

    Many doctors and nurses in hospitals in Britain and elsewhere have witnessed distressing scenes of young and old dying from the disease with collapsed lungs ext and have had to turn grandchildren away whilst their grandmother and grandfathers have succumbed to it without those doctors and nurses being able to do much to save those relatives. It is time these silly protestors realised these FACTS and stopped effectively disrespecting those medical professionals by making it out this is just one grand hoax.🤬😡🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. On that logic, m’Lord of Essex, you should not have the NHS treat car drivers or passengers after accidents; after all, they too are volunteers, as are smokers, drinkers, overworkers, people who eat too much of this or that, anyone who climbs mountains, scuba dives, parachutes…you name it.

      One million have died at least *with* Coronavirus, worldwide, but that is out of 8 thousand million living on Earth. 1 death for every 8,000 people living.

      Proportion has been lost.


      1. If the mild restrictions had NOT been imposed them many millions more WOULD have died since what we are trying to deal with is, ONCE AGAIN, a HIGLY INFECTIOUS VIRAL AIRBORNE disease, hence governments trying to control its spread by reducing people’s social interaction.


  3. I see that the old, ugly, Yankee hack, Janet Daley, has written a boring article in the Sunday Tory Moron (Telegraph edition) about how the present government is allegedly betraying the so-called animatng principles of Brexit by temporarily imposing some mild restrictions upon people’s civil liberties during this crisis, As ever with a libertarian loon, she thinks people voted for Brexit for libertarian reasons instead of nationalist, anti-immigration, pro national sovereignty reasons.

    No, you stupid Yank, if the issue of half of Poland coming to live here through EU freedom of movement had not existed then your libertarian loons from UKIP would NEVER have got over the line!


  4. Go back home, Janet Daly, your stupid libertarian beliefs have had far too much credibility given to them in this country especially in the economic field for the last forty years or more and as a result we have a very weak economy with no manufacturing base to sustain it. This, of course, makes dealing my with the economic consequences of this pandemic worse in this country than they should have been.

    Libertarian loons like you should, kindly, eff off back to IRA supporting Yankland and stop infecting us with this typically stupid American rubbish political theory.


  5. Yes, we do live in a ‘toytown’ police state. To be frank, at times, I wished I lived in a REAL one like Singapore. Covid19 deniers and selfish arseholes who don’t wish to follow mild social distancing regulations during a worldwide viral pandemic are treated like the scummy,, anti social pigs they actually are in that great ex colony of ours.👌😂😎😎 Singapore, also, gives drug dealers etc and other criminal scum their just desserts by flogging them with a rattan cane and incarcerating them for lengthy periods in prisons!😂😎👌

    Right wing authoritarianism IS the wave of the future as Singapore so ably demonstrates not immoral Tory libertarian imported from Yankland rubbish!

    The immoral likes of drug addicted Zionist Israel First loon Michael Gove would be subjected to a rattan cane flogging or executed by a long drop hanging in Singapore!😂😎👌


  6. Janet Daley, ‘Don’t Unpack, You are going back’! What a great potential future Tory electoral slogan once we have cleansed the party of libertarian loonies like Janet Daley with their essentially foreign, US origin political philosophy.

    Also, once we have a decent Home Secretary again that concentrates upon their REAL responsibilities ie fighting REAL crimes not politically incorrect dissidents, and fighting NOT aiding as at the moment illegal immigrants and blatantly fraudulent ‘asylum seekers’.

    Yes, it is high time we got back to the basics in this country. Singapore’s great Home Secretary (can we please borrow him, Singapore?) fights REAL crime and FLOGS illegal immigrants to his country instead of allowing them to stay as Priti Damm effing Useless does!🤬


  7. If we got rid of Priti Useless and replaced her with Singapore’s Home Secretary we would still have a non British Home Secretary and one of Indian origin but, at least, with Singapore’s minister as our new Hime Secretary we would get one that concentrates upon the basics and is effective at his job instead of one that is more interested in appeasing the politically correct, liberal, open borders supporting globalists this country is sadly afflicted with in great numbers.🤬😡☹️😞


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      In that I agree with you (getting rid of Priti Useless), but migrant invaders in rubber landing craft only comprise about 1% of immigrants to the UK. Let’s deal also with the 99% (and those not even classed as immigrants, i.e. those born to immigrants in the UK).


  8. Yes, they only comprise a mere fraction of the overall nation wrecking problem but they are deeply symbolic of Priti Useless’s utter failure to get a real grip on immigration control generally and her abject handling of her other responsibilities as Home Secretary.

    It is fortunate she was not in charge of our borders in 1940 as if she had been Adolf and Herman Goering need not have bothered with using the might of the Luftwaffe 80 years ago this year during the Battle of Britain. 🙄🙄🙄


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