Diary Blog, 22 November 2020


I see the present situation in the UK, and in the world generally, as akin to those filmed images of the South Asian tsunami of years ago: people sunbathing or paddling in the ocean, many unaware of the enormous wave forming not far out to sea; a few starting to become aware of the danger but unable to do anything about it in the time available, even to the extent of fleeing.

We are approaching 2022, the most significant year since 1989. The international consensus/conspiracy has had to step up some aspects of its propaganda to frenetic levels: the whole “blacks in every television ad” stuff, the attack on every positive aspect of European history and culture, the “Covid-19” fear propaganda, the sharply-increasing censorship of Internet expression. It’s all connected on some level.

For me, the most significant fact in the UK itself is the absence of any social-national party or movement of any size or credibility. Anything that shows vitality and possibility is being repressed, whether the organization is a radical action-oriented one of young people, or one emphasizing community activity; the same would be true of a political party, if one with any credibility were to exist.

What is remarkable is that we are not seeing State repression alone, meaning police, prosecutions, prison sentences. A new aspect has come ito play— repression of political organizations (and also of individuals) by private enterprises such as banks, wire-pay companies, Internet service providers and platforms.

Thus we see that individuals, whether unconnected with organizations, or who are connected, are expelled from Twitter etc. David Icke, Katie Hopkins, many others (including me).

Those who are the “useful idiots” of the System, of ZOG/NWO, are not expelled… the pseudo-socialists, the “anti-fascists”, the “alt-Right” weasellers such as “Prison Planet” Watson.

Look at “Patriotic Alternative”: Mark Collett not only expelled from Twitter, but refused service by his bank! Collett’s colleague, Laura Towler, is so far still on Twitter, but she too has had her personal bank account withdrawn!

As we have seen across the board, private enterprises now collaborate with State agencies to repress dissent.

Tweets seen


Well, I did better, yet again, than John Rentoul, if I may be so immodest. 7/10 as against his 5/10. I did not know the answers to questions 5, 6 and 9.

The idea that the BBC puts out, that the nation (if there is still a “nation”) sits waiting agog for Question Time, is ludicrous. The old 1940s radio Brains Trust, reimagined for TV. It lost any reputation for impartiality when it participated in the ambush of Nick Griffin and the BNP in 2009.

Now that David Dimbleby has gone, and his seat taken by smug and hugely overpaid Fiona Bruce, it is unwatchable. The panel members are usually dull and predictable, the audience “selected”…

I admit that what I have said is based on having seen QT last quite a while ago, but from what I hear it just gets worse. It’s a 1950s or 1960s show in the 21stC Internet age.

Below: re.the facemask nonsense:

Quite. Both Hitchens and tweeter “@simsy1977” are right. The twist today, though, is that the dictatorships of the fairly recent past were more obvious: lots of uniforms, often inhumanly efficient, the State with a monopoly on repression. As I noted above in today’s blog, there are new additions to that mix: the collaboration of large finance-capitalist enterprises, actively involved in suppressing free speech etc. Something else too: the miasma of “political correctness”, a sub-Stalinism operating in schools, universities, local councils, the police force(s), everywhere.

What does Green mean anyway? It doesn’t mean you love the planet. It means you love a slogan.

I have always been a defender of our natural heritage. I feel almost physical pain at the sight and sound of a tree being cut down. I mourned the destruction of the railways and the tyranny of the motor car which resulted. I have for 40 years endured the mockery of colleagues and the spite of drivers for riding a bicycle, alas for me in a Right-wing way. I paid over the odds to travel abroad by train rather than plane, long before Greta Thunberg was even born.

But none of this counts in my favour. Because the new Green Frenzy is a faith-based dogma, not a set of considered opinions.

As Labour leader Keir Starmer discovered in his Trotskyist 20s, a moralising, self-righteous alleged concern for the planet is the new Marxism.

It’s not a moral system. It is organised hypocrisy in which you show you are good by saying the right thing. Actions don’t matter. It’s your mind they care about.

If you’re a Hollywood star, you can fly first class and ride in a petrol-gulping car just so long as you swear allegiance to the Cult of Greta. But you may be sure that others will suffer for it, whether they like it or not.

The wild plans embraced by Johnson last week will cost billions in subsidies, and so in taxes. They will endanger the power supply. They will also mean more children slaving for small change in the hellish mines of the Congo, to find the raw materials for the batteries on which this noble project relies.

Life, you may be sure, will be poorer, darker, colder and generally glummer, again, quite a bit like East Germany.” [Peter Hitchens, in The Mail on Sunday].

Well worth reading. https://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/2020/11/vote-blue-get-green-vote-red-get-green-vote-yellow-get-green-vote-snp-get-green-i-wonder-why-they-bother-even-having.html

I have blogged previously about the connection between genuine environmentalism and social-national political stances: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2016/11/17/social-nationalism-and-green-politics/.

More, below, about the facemask nonsense.

Proof that the mask zealots can’t have it both ways 

Can a Covid virus move only one way through a mask? Or can it go both in and out? Because if it can go both ways, we now know that all this mask-wearing is an almost complete waste of time.

Barely noticed in any major media, a serious Danish trial of the effectiveness of masks finally reported its findings on Wednesday. Three major scientific journals (shame on them) had refused to publish it – one can only guess why.

The Danes did it properly. They recruited almost 5,000 people. Half wore masks, of rather better quality than the sort mainly worn in Britain. Half didn’t. All lived normal lives. They kept it up for a month. At the end, 1.8 per cent of mask wearers tested positive, and 2.1 per cent of the unmasked tested positive for Covid. In other words, there was almost no difference.

Everyone’s been very careful to say it didn’t measure whether wearing a mask protected others. Not directly. But I’d say that, unless masks and viruses are both one-directional, the answer is pretty clear. Yet with this kind of thin evidence for masks, our Government still threatens non-wearers with tyrannical, ruinous fines of up to £6,400.” [Peter Hitchens, in The Mail on Sunday]. https://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/2020/11/vote-blue-get-green-vote-red-get-green-vote-yellow-get-green-vote-snp-get-green-i-wonder-why-they-bother-even-having.html

More tweets seen

Below, someone who needs “a guide for the perplexed”…

Tweeter “Socialist Chris” might like to consider the following: maybe the “racists” and “cranks” (i.e. those aware of the “JQ”) have been proven right…

It would not matter what “they”, the Zionists, are given, or how much “they” are pandered to, nothing but complete Zionist tyranny is acceptable to “them”.

Dear Amazon, please send, by expedited delivery, a copy of GULAG Archipelago to tweeter “@shumeigore”.”

Actually, that tweeter’s Twitter timeline is like a perusal of Collet’s London Bookshop, Charing Cross Road, circa 1976! She even publicizes a talk given by Peter Taaffe! I thought (assumed) that he had died long ago! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Taaffe

More tweets

Applebaum’s “mitigation” or attempted justification for Jewish (Zionist) terrorism is exactly the same as that the IRA used to deploy in the UK of the 1970s, 1980s etc: “we gave a warning…”

When Jews have full power, such brutality is to be expected. Look at what the Bolsheviks (the leaders of which were almost all Jews, in the 1920s and early 1930s) did in Russia and Ukraine (etc).

“ZOG”. It is not a “conspiracy theory”. It is right in front of your eyes.

Late music

24 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 November 2020”

  1. Interesting, is it not, that despite more people becoming disillusioned with the Tories in general and with Boris Johnson in particular, the Conservative lead in the polls increases.


    1. Yes, it certainly is interesting. Hopefully, it indicates that more and more people recognise the fact that Starmer’s Labour Party is just a paler imitation of Bliar’s globalist, open borders supporting fanatics and crazy loons and that they have nothing much to offer ordinary people.

      Starmer seems to have no fresh ideas even in the field of constitutional and electoral reform to try and mop up the remaining Lib Dem and Green Party support.

      There really isn’t much if anything there as far as the ‘Opposition’ goes.

      Starmer is, of course, a complete puppet of the Jew Zionist/Israel First zealots. Even Jeremy Corbyn for all of his many faults wasn’t a complete puppet in that regard though he only applied that stance to Zionist fanatics overseas rather than at home which is what he should have done.


      1. Not that the fake Conservative Party is any better really! Not when they intend to build a dual carriageway through a part of our national heritage and WORLD heritage site at Stonehenge and don’t really intend to mitigate the damage seeing as the tunnel is of a wholly inadequate length, intend to allow up to 3 MILLION Hong Kong Chinese to settle here despite the fact that HK hasn’t been a British colony for more than 20 years, have sacked thousands of police officers and closed police stations by the hundreds, and then to top it all off they have instructed the Royal Mint to come out with a new 50p coin with completely untrue propaganda on it with the irony being that if this insult to the British people had been done by a Labour government in the 1980’s Mrs Thatcher and company would have called it fiction only worthy of the worst ‘loony left’ Labour-run councils in the capital.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  2. Don’t be so fucking stupid, you thick libertarian loony cunt, Mr Hitchens! Of course, there is a reason for people to either voluntarily wear facial masks or be forced to do so by the government (this latter course of action has been needed here because there are far too many selfish, libertarian arseholes like you, Peter, to be trusted to do it without the law mandating them to do it unlike Japan).

    Peter, do at least TRY and develop a few braincells that function! I think you will find that Covid-19 is an infectious virus transmitted by oral transmission mainly hence the use of facial masks!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. My god, this twerp is far, far worse than Sir Oswald Mosley and Lady Diana Mosley were in 1940. At least those two were not putting people’s lives at risk and were campaigning to put a stop to Churchill’s persistent war mongering that threatened the survival of our Empire, our world power status and the lives of ordinary Britons yet they were locked-up by the authorities for doing that!

    Why isn’t Peter detained in prison for being far more damaging to national morale during what should be a collective national fight against Covid-19. than Mosley and his wife could ever have been considered to have been?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡😡


  4. Donald Trump Jnr has caught Covid-19! Yet how can this have occurred? His dad played it down continuously for months and implied it was one big hoax! I wonder if Peter Hitchens will get it? Or does he write tweet after tweet helping to imperil the health of others whilst making sure he follows the restrictions to make sure his own is not?🙄


    1. M’Lord of Essex, I have not followed that story in detail. For the vast majority of people, “catching Covid” is not a death sentence! In fact, I believe that Trump jnr., like most “Coronavirus” infected ppl, has no symptoms at all and his Covid status is only even known because he was tested as part of White House routine.

      Society needs to open up and live, no matter what.


      1. The CASE RATE is, in many ways, just as important as the death rate is! A high case rate indicates that the virus has a real grip on a country and it needs to be brought down so that a country can be eventually free of this nasty viral disease.

        A case rate still growing means a death rate that will still grow a few weeks later. There is a time lag.

        He can still infect others even if he shows no symptoms AT ALL. THAT is the point that selfish, libertarian loony extremist morons like Peter Hitchens just don’t understand or don’t want to comprehend.

        Society IS living albeit it with a few restrictions. What Peter wants is for us to have an even higher death rate and case rate like the USA now has thanks to Donald Trump Jnr’s idiotic dad!


      2. NO! Society will not be fully re-opened until we get the virus under sufficient control so that the threat to public health it poses recedes into the past. Peoples’ lives and their long term good health are more important than the ‘right’ of selfish, libertarian loony arseholes like Peter Hitchens to go out without wearing a mask.

        I don’t like wearing one either like most people don’t but I think yes it is a small inconvenience but I don’t think my ‘right’ to go out without wearing one is more important than the life of others or their good long term health (we must remember that some people have recovered from Covid-19 but now have damaged lungs for life!).


      3. America’s case rate is so bad it can’t be too far away from the point whereby the disease is so firmly entrenched in the USA that it will be difficult for President-Elect Biden and Kamala Harris to fully arrest the growth of the disease and put it into reverse. They certainly have a tough job on their hands thanks to the Orange Tango Man and his idiocy.


        Look at how that case rate has accelerated just in the last month or so alone! Peter Hitchens and company would let it rip here too!


  5. Ah, didums, Peter Hitchens,so the government AT LAST, after several months of prevaricating, ordered facial masks to be worn in public and then proposed to punish wilful non wearers with pretty modest fines.

    Well, if it was up to me, those who don’t wear them without good reason and those who wilfully flout the other social distancing measures (a few of which should be tightened) would be hit by Singaporean-style fines of up to £20,000 and/or prison sentences of up to six months or a year depending upon whether it was a first offence or a second one just like in that well-run former colony of ours. The irony being their present tough stance on Covid 19 and the general rigorous law and order measures they have are inspired by our former colonial rule. Their authoritarianism originated with British colonial governors!


  6. Socialist Chris is like many socialists terribly uninformed about the true nature of this world and the various ethnic groups within it and how they interact with each other. Is it really all that fanciful to suggest that some Jews invent spurious claims of ‘anti-semitism’ in order to protect Israel or to boost their own power and influence against the British ‘goyim’ ie cattle in their religion? That they use what is often a rather elastic definition of ‘anti-semitism’ for less than 100% wholesome purposes?

    Sir Oswald Mosley described Zionist Jews (though the Zionist STATE of Israel didn’t exist in the 1930’s) and Jewish Supremacist Jews as too often acting like a “nation within a nation”

    Socialist Chris should have gone to Specsavers in this regard!


  7. Those fines, Peter, are not ‘tyrannical’ when you compare them to Singapore’s of up to 20,000 Singaporean Dollars and the British government is not threatening people with incarceration in a prison cell (as some of the more recalcitrant offenders deserve) like they are there for up to a year in an austere Singaporean dungeon.

    Please, Peter, stop being so insulting to people who live under REAL tyrannies like Cuba or North Korea and anyway there is an easy way for people to avoid fines ie abide by a law which is not unjust! Simples as the meerkat would say! You even wrote a book decrying the state of law and and order under successive Tory and Labour governments so abiding by the law in this regard should be being praised by you and those fines for offenders should be as well!


  8. I do love how Peter Hitchens agrees with that other loon about Britain becoming like North Korea due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, if Peter and company actually lived in that country they might well find out the hard way of what an actual tyranny is like.

    Eh, Peter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_punishment_in_North_Korea

    Still, North Korea appears to be doing pretty well combating Covid-19 so the tyrannical regime there has its good points!😂👌🤣😷😎🍷



  9. Boris’s intention of a greener Britain is a laudable aim but I think it is hopelessly undermined by a transport secretary who seems to be intent on reviving the kind of ‘motorway madness’ policies the Tory Party was famous for in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Those were opposed not not by the road protests of environmentalists like ‘Swampy’ ‘(remember him?) and co but eventually by Tory voters as well since many of the proposed road projects were in the Tory shire counties. I remember in my own staunchly Tory area of Brentwood, Essex that party wanted to build a massive, new M12 motorway right through supposed Green Belt land to the North of the town. Eventually, this madcap idea was scrapped not least from pressure exerted by Tory voters.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      Looking at the problem in logical terms, I should say that society should be considering whether so much travel (by road or rail), and on a daily basis (eg commuting) is actually necessary. We as a society may be investing in expensive infrastructure which may before long be as useless as the WW2 airfields which can still be discerned here and there in Southern and Eastern England, when not built upon or ploughed under.


  10. Rarely, if ever, does building more road capacity work. It normally only leads to a temporary reduction in congestion before the new road attracts an even greater level of traffic than before the new widened road was built.


  11. Then we come to Priti Useless not exercising any real form of control over immigration with respect to one of the most important factors ie NUMBERS. They are literally FLOODING IN under her grotesque mismanagement of the Home Office. Personally, I can’t see how it is possible to significantly reduce Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions when you have transport policies encouraging excessive car use and immigration ones adding loads more people to an already overpopulated country!🙄🙄🙄


  12. I doubt we will ever see ‘joined-up’ government under Boris and his goon squad.

    To be honest, building more road capacity is a bit of a waste of time at the best of times but will be especially soon since new technologies are, at long last, becoming ready for flying cars to be viable. At first, of course, only the very wealthy will have them but then look how quickly mobile phones took off.


  13. Also, there will be more people working from home soon with the aid of 5g and 6g technology in the not too distant future thereby reducing the need to travel.


  14. Peter informs us in his piece above that Boris’s plans will entail more children slaving away in the Congo to mine the mineral often found in batteries ie Cobalt but he is not being entirely up to date here.

    The last major breakthrough in battery technology occurred in 1989/1990 when Sony invented the lithium ion battery for camcorders but some new startling battery technologies are due to placed into commercially viable products very soon and these won’t utilise the minerals Peter mentions..

    Certainly, the kind of batteries put into electric cars are becoming ever more sophisticated with shorter charging times and longer ranges becoming possible.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, electric vehicles are almost certainly the way forward, or part of the way forward. Eventually, they will all be co-ordinated via some massive computer, no doubt. The shadow side of that is that everyone’s journey will be known, monitored and controlled…


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