Diary Blog, 11 July 2022

Morning music

[ancient bridge over river Wey, c.1300, Elstead, Surrey]

On this day a year ago

Sign of the times


Free speech and general freedom of expression under attack again. The n** in question carries the unmerited status of “associate professor” at Oxford University, no less, but look who stands behind it— a Jew, one David Isaac; a lawyer and “activist”, in fact [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Isaac].

Every. Single. Time.

The focus should be on the organ-grinders, not the monkeys.

Tweets seen

Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of the instant conflict, that report shows a very hopeful aspect of human nature, particularly European human nature, namely the desire for civilized order. When the Soviet Union collapsed, and tens of millions of people were left either without pay, or on totally inadequate pay, huge numbers of people, such as postal employees, railway station staff, Army officers etc, kept working for little or no pay for months, even years, somehow surviving, and keeping the fabric of society together.

Now, Poltava, between Kharkov and the river Dnieper, looks set to be again the pivot of large-scale operations, as it was during the Second World War.

Standing the test of time

I notice that the blog post below, from over two and a half years ago, has had a few hits today.

Early evening music

Are these to be the inheritors of Siberia?

It has been a long time since the British people displayed such national enthusiasm. Look at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony in London: myopic propaganda for mass immigration and the NHS.

Late tweets

…instead of chucking the bastards into the sea and using the monies wasted on invading parasites more usefully, on projects for the benefit of the British people.

Late thought

Seems that David Davis has ruled himself out of the Conservative Party leadership contest. Pity. He was the only likely candidate for whom I would have had any time at all. He was obviously not hungry enough.

Late music

22 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11 July 2022”

    1. Indeed.It is a shame terminally anti-British globalist Priti Leftwing can’t take a trip to Australia and get stung by a blue box jellyfish or get bitten by a Sydney Funnel Web spider

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    2. They could be terrorists, murderers, rapists etc. Priti Leftwing and this entire rancid anti-British government should be charged with aiding and abetting those crimes if these mostly entirely fake ‘asylum seekers’ and illegal immigrants commit them.

      Too many people in this country have become victims of crime because of the ‘British’ government never bothering to control our borders.

      I’m heartily sick of their pathetic continual inaction on the issue.


  1. What an absolutely effing disgrace! No doubt it will get worse soon when we have supremely ugly little Paki and mad and grotesquely irresponsible libertarian extremist, Sajid Javid, as PM or that awful ‘nouveau riche’ show off and murdering piece of Indian CRIMINAL excrement, Rishi Sunak, as PM.

    For god’s sake, God, can’t you give this country a break for once and give them massive heart attacks, fatal car crashes or make them end up like Spencer Percival!

    I really, really, really don’t want either of those two utter bastards in No.10.

    I’m fed up with feeling like I’m under occupation!


  2. Well done Russia! If they win it will hopefully constitute a major defeat for the New World Order and be the start towards the ending of globalism as a valid and credible political philosophy all over the world including with the utmost urgency here in Britain!

    Forward Russian Federation!😁

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  3. Where is the FSB when you need it?

    Dear President Putin,

    Please could you ‘fix it’ for your secret service agents to come to Britain and poison Sajid Javid, Rishi Sunak or any other ethnic that wants to be Tory leader and become PM?

    Yours sincerely, A very concerned British patriot!

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      1. Ha, Ha!🤣😂😃🤣😂 Well, I do try to be helpful!😂😂😂

        We want the full scale return of Britain’s ‘Nasty Party’ and that means no more acting like a tenth rate paler version of the Lib Dems particularly with regard to immigration and no ethnic leader!


      2. Well, a staunch British patriot should be allowed to dream sweet dreams in these very dark (pun intended) times, isn’t he?😂😁😃


    1. nativewarrior14:
      Not sure whether Cummings was really so brilliant, to be frank:

      The wider point is true, though. Look at what Israeli intelligence officer, Shai Masot, was filmed saying about “Boris”: “Boris…he is good, he is solid on Israel. You know he is an idiot, but so far he has become [Foreign Secretary] without any kind of responsibilities.”

      Says it all…

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      1. I wonder what the Israeli secret service rates Sajid Javid as being like? He is said to be extremely passionate for Israel to a truely demented degree.

        I wonder if OUR so-called security services will EVER put OUR nation’s interests first and investigate Sajid’s suitability to be PM or is he, off limits, for the usual PC reasons?

        I wouldn’t trust Sunak either. Both of them should be closely watched by MI5/MI6 but won’t be!

        This country is so sick we need an MI7 and MI8 to watch the other two security services and get them to do their REAL jobs!


      2. John:
        I would think that those who conceal their true allegiance are more likely to need watching, but actually the pro-Israel MPs are so blatant in their activities (not just their ideological support) that some really are “agents of influence” if not more. That is before we even look at actual Jews such as Shapps, and part-Jews.


      3. Hello Ian: I was going to send you Tobias Langdon’s article but “Nativewarrior14” beat me to it. Like you, I do not share his enthusiasm for Cummings. I don’t believe he was brilliant at all. However, I think he seriously tried to do something positive and Boris & Carrie did not like it. I heard he was fired mainly because Carrie hated him. Anyway, is all water under the bridge now…


  4. It did give me a slight chuckle to know that Grant Shapps has thrown his hat into the ring! The sheer Chutzpah of it when you are a candidate who has been known to use several different names!

    Surely, even for the discredited and corrupt Tories that is too much or is it? The level is getting lower and lower with each passing year!


    1. nativewarrior14:
      I wonder why this story is being pushed. Is the desired narrative “look, here is an illegal immigrant, yet he is really good, and has (?) done good in and for his adopted country.”

      Is the implied conclusion “let in more illegal immigrants, give them a chance” (etc)?


      1. Undoubtedly. The Zionist, Pro Israel, Globalist, PC, open borders supporting media in this country are so obvious in their aims to anyone with their wits about them.


    2. That just goes to show how easy it is to illegally immigrate to this country. The situation with around a million of them estimated to be here is an utter national disgrace.

      Yet nothing effective is done about it! The number of removals has, unsurprisingly, fallen under Priti Leftwing despite her hardline RHETORIC.

      Loony libertarian Tory MPs like David Davis are opposed to national ID cards yet that is one of the few ways we could begin to address the problem.. To my knowledge, nearly all countries in Europe have them and we should too.

      I have been stopped by the police before late at night but as I am a law abiding member of the public I had nothing to hide from them and was soon on the way again. Did I like the police stopping me? No, not particularly but as I had not done anything criminal then I wasn’t too bothered.


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