Diary Blog, 10 July 2022, including thoughts about David Davis and the 2022 Conservative Party leadership contest

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[Iskenderun, Eastern Turkey]

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Hitchens on Johnson


Well worth reading.

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For those who have not encountered “eminent domain”, that is a doctrine in U.S. constitutional law that is akin to the British “compulsory purchase”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eminent_domain_in_the_United_States.

Even more striking when you see it laid out like that.


Kiev-regime forces using elderly and disabled people as human shields:

The United Nations said Ukraine’s armed forces bore a large, and perhaps equal, share of the blame for an assault at a nursing home in Luhansk, where dozens of elderly and disabled patients were trapped inside without water or electricity. At least 22 of the 71 patients survived, but the exact number killed remains unknown. A few days before the attack, Ukrainian soldiers took up positions inside the nursing home, making the building a target, the UN said.” [MSN News].

Meanwhile, NWO puppet and Jew dictator, Zelensky, has sacked a number of Ukrainian ambassadors, including the one in Berlin.

David Davis

There are rumours that David Davis may offer his candidature for the position of leader of the Conservative Party, and so Prime Minister.

About 14 years ago, in 2008, I opined, in a restricted-circulation study, that David Davis, who had previously lost out to David Cameron-Levita in the Conservative leadership contest, might well still achieve ministerial, or possibly even prime-ministerial, rank.

I was right as to the first, though it took him another 8 years; as to the second, the office of Prime MInister, that is far less likely, but not impossible now.

Davis may be less obviously or, rather, self-publicizingly, intellectual than one or two of the others in the contest, but is no dummy, all the same.

Davis has points which few if any in that contest at present can match.

First, Davis is of real British origins (not black, brown, or Jew), which at present only 2 out of 9 declared candidates can claim: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Conservative_Party_leadership_election_(UK)#Candidates.

Second, Davis has proven principles and integrity, unlike all but (arguably) one or two of the presently-declared candidates (Penny Mordaunt being one).

Third, Davis is a staunch supporter of free speech and freedom of expression, unlike most if not all of the presently-declared candidates.

Fourthly, Davis has real grit.


I should say that, comparing Davis to the presently-declared candidates, he is the only one with the mix of attributes that might make him an acceptable Prime Minister (albeit within the System).

I hope that David Davis enters the contest; if he does, he might just win, if only as an acceptable compromise candidate.

Nadhim Zahawi


The Prime Minister a lying, cheating part-Jew/Levantine, the Chancellor a dodgy Kurd from God knows where, the Home Secretary an East African Asian (Indian) who should be behind the counter of a Kampala grocery store. Am I really an “extremist”, or is there just something very very wrong with this country now?

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[England, my England]

The Hay Wain


I read about the vandalism at the time (about three weeks ago), but not the inevitable hypocrisy of the vandals (inevitable, having seen reports of the activities of similar blots), who it seems are one Hannah Hunt (superannuated student, serial long-distance tourist, parents own at least two large houses, have a high income etc) and her apparent boyfriend, one Eben Lazarus (details unavailable but must be a Jew with a name like that).

Some people might say that that pair need a good kicking, but in fact they have so far not even been charged with criminal damage to The Hay Wain. Britain 2022…



Seems that evil pseudo-Communist hypocrite (and heiress) Susan Michie is again pushing for the facemask nonsense etc to resume.

Only a tiny handful of people are (and ever have been) seriously unwell (of “Covid” alone), but the faked “cases” pile up (in the equally-faked statistics).

I recall when all this nonsense started, over two years ago. Panicked reports from Italy and China and, the very same day that it really hit the news agenda, a film (a drama, fictional) on TV about…a virus starting in China that spreads death across the world. A film put into the TV schedules weeks or months in advance. Makes you think…

As to the maniacs like Michie and Ferguson, wanting a return to the unnecessary and hugely damaging “lockdowns” (shutdowns) and facemask nonsense (and other nonsensical measures), see below:


Total hospital admissions are climbing, with patient levels nearing the peak reached during the previous wave of infections in spring. However, only a fraction are primarily ill with the virus, suggesting the rise is a reflection of high rates of transmission in the community, rather than severe disease.” 

[Daily Mail]

[Daily Mail]

Actually, “Covid” has become the go-to excuse for organizations not functioning properly: banks, local authorities, NHS, all using it as an excuse to cut services and opening hours.

As for people wanting a few days off work, a cold will not cut it, but a supposed positive test for “Covid” will do fine, even though the symptoms are very similar now. Madness, but that is, to a large extent, Britain in 2022— mad.

More around the Boris-idiot Cabinet of clowns

There are those still in, or promoted to, Cabinet, who would surely never have reached Cabinet-ministerial rank under anyone else but Johnson. Take Priti Patel, saved from spending her life behind the counter of an Indian grocery shop in Uganda by her parents having relocated to the UK in the late 1960s.

Would Priti Patel reach Cabinet-level under any other Prime Minister? Well, yes, in the past (before her limitations were so well-known), in that Theresa May first appointed her to Cabinet. However, that was soon seen as a mistake.

Hard to see Priti Patel being even a minister, let alone a Cabinet Minister, after this year. That’s the point, and that is why she will defend Boris-idiot to the end.

Others? Liz Truss, smug and unpleasant Kit Malthouse, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the Jew Shapps, Therese Coffey, Nadine Dorries (obviously); others yet.

That collection of moneygrubbing deadheads will cling to office whatever it takes. Boots will have to stamp on their fingers to get them to let go.

London zoo


[Mohammed Tarik, serial rapist]

Imagine…an England without such untermenschen. Can we do it? Yes we can!

More zoo news


Need one say more?

Late tweets

Were I dictator of the UK, that migrant-invader, crowing about how the blacks and browns are replacing the British in our own homeland, would be on the first boat out (unless suffering a greater penalty).

Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, aka The Great Replacement.

Ben Wallace was a strange Secretary of State for Defence, one who seems to know almost no Second World War history, or perhaps takes his “knowledge” from Jew film-makers such as Spielberg.

A period, an extended period, of silence from Wallace would now be welcome, especially about Ukraine and Wallace’s drunken wish to go to war with Russia.

Birmingham has fallen. The Great Replacement has arrived, fully.

Late music

52 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 July 2022, including thoughts about David Davis and the 2022 Conservative Party leadership contest”

  1. David Davies is genuinely British so, yes, that is a plus point but he isn’t a deep thinker or spectacularly intelligent as EU negotiators noted during the Brexit talks.

    Over the last few years he has revealed himself to be a libertarian extremist loony like far too many in his party. His libertarian lunacy is the prime reason he wanted Brexit so badly ie to deregulate to the point of absurdity rather than for sensible nationalist reasons in the manner of Enoch Powell.

    He has a concern for civil liberties which is ok and admirable but only up to a pont ie NOT during a worldwide viral pandemic and there is no reason why we can’t have a national ID scheme in order to really tackle illegal immigration which he has a bee in his bonnet about a government issuing.

    Genuine Tories support civil liberties but, on the other hand, no real Tory should have an ultra-liberal stance in this area of policy and be afraid of using authoritarianism in general.

    The Conservative Party is MEANT to be the Conservative Party NOT a libertarian party or a paler version of the Liberal Democrats.

    An excessive regard for civil liberties belongs in the Liberal Democrats NOT the Tories.

    Some half-way decent Tory Home Secretaries of the past like Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe etc were NOT afraid of being authoritarian.


  2. I would say the Tories best bet would lie with either Penny Mordaunt or Jeremy Hunt. Jeremy comes from a high-class background ie son of a Royal Navy admiral, ex head boy of Charterhouse Public School etc.

    There are two types of ex public school boys: one the type who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire, are completely self-serving, look upon ordinary people without their education as common scum, are awful snobs, have little to no personal ethics (here I’m looking at you, Boris Johnson) and the second type ie respectful of others, aren’t self-serving, have at least basic levels of personal integrity and are basically gentlemanly figures. From what I have seen of him and using my normal judge of character, Jeremy appears to be of the second type.

    I view him as quite relatable and pretty ‘normal’ even though I don’t share his background. I think he is one of the very few people in British politics who has a real sense of public service. I have read that one of the first things he did when he got into his office every morning when he was Health Secretary or Foreign Secretary was to ask his civil servants how their families were doing.

    I don’t imagine Boris ever did that.


  3. They need someone who is a contrast to Boris with his lack of personal integrity etc and somebody who wasn’t a member of Boris Johnson’s cabinet as otherwise the stink left behind by Boris and co will still be an overpowering one! A fresh start is needed. The Conservative Party has often reinvented itself whilst still being in office. Now, more than ever, this is needed once again.


    1. However, what is needed is a reinvention in office but not a revolution as it would be with Rishi or Javid.

      ‘Safety First’ as Stanley Baldwin would have said.


  4. Hello! I like JohnΒ΄s choice of words “libertarian extremist loony” (LOL)
    Regarding that horrible/hateful creature Susan Michie I found that she is a member of the British Communist Party which makes her (as you rightly said) a total hypocrite, but that is something normal when talking about politicians…


    1. Communists are, of course, wrong about 99% of the time but they are not averse to using the power of the state when it is needed ie in national emergencies. Sensible politicians and governments
      use state power when it is needed and appropriate in the field of law and order, immigration/border control, occasionally within the economic sphere ie how Japan used it to protect its infant industries like electronics and automobiles before they were able to fend off foreign competition.


      1. Re those ‘untermenschen’ London criminals. Death penalty, long and genuinely deterrent sentences of twenty plus years or more, or Singaporean-style penal sanctions of long prison terms PLUS judicial corporal punishment via the rattan cane!

        If it is good enough for what is perhaps our most successful ex colony and what we introduced to them when we ran the place then, apart from an overly soft attitude towards criminals, why can’t we have it at home? We have tried the liberal, non punitive approach for decades now and it clearly doesn’t work even with regard to our own criminal scumbags let alone our constantly imported ‘enrichers’.

        When you look at London and how it has fallen it should break British people’s hearts as to what our wretched globalist politicians have done to us!

        Reintroducing the death penalty for traitors would be an entirely appropriate measure and represent true justice. Well, it was the traditional British punishment for traitors untill 1998 when Bliar had it ever so conveniently removed as the last remaining offence for which a person could be hanged by the neck until they were dead with the neck being snapped between the second and third vertebrae.

        It is either that or a new, high security prison will have to be built on Ascension Island or St Helena where we can send our criminal, treasonous British political class and they can be sentenced to lifetime incarceration without the possibility of parole (LWOP) as in the States. This prison will be a veritable British ‘Alcatraz’. They will have to ‘pay for their stay’ as in Japanese austere prisons by working. Apparently, the conditions and regime in Japanese prisons are harsh and very disciplined/regimented like in that famous BBC drama Tenko or that film called ‘The Bridge On The River Kwai’.

        Yes, I freely admit I’m a hard man but something drastic has to be done!


  5. If the Tories have any functioning braincells left they will steer well clear of those ethnic candidates not only because they are not genuine Brits but because they have frankly dangerous and stupid libertarian extremist ideas.

    The Paki driver’s son has, for example, killed loads of people through lifting COVID restrictions last Summer. He along with Rishi with his utterly stupid ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme have blood on their hands and if Britain was in anyway a decent or moral country would be put on trial for mass murder and if found guilty would be summarily executed by the hangman’s noose or, at the very least, sentenced to LWOP ie Lifetime incarceration with no chance of parole as in a country that takes criminal sentence seriously ie the USA.

    The Tories need to have a modicum of respect for all those people who have suffered bereavement because of those wicked libertarian extremist (particularly Sajid) bastards.

    Do they wish to have ANY credibility with the electorate at all?

    P.S. As ever, Jeremy Hunt got it right on COVID which just goes to show that has has the necessary IQ, good character and empathy for others required of a decent PM.


      1. Jeremy isn’t perfect. I have never said he was but he would make for a passable and credible PM and one who would be likely to not be a complete international embarrassment. There are very few of the others one can say that about!

        The Conservative Party isn’t, exactly, overflowing with raw political talent as can be seen conclusively with Boris Idiot’s cabinet.


      2. John:
        All the same, taking on Esther McVey as his “running mate” is an egregiously-poor decision. Perhaps he thinks that if he can get into the first two (like last time) she will appeal to the brainless Con Party grassroots. Populism.


      3. Yes, that is probably his thinking. It is a shame Marine Le Pen couldn’t dump her French citizenship and become British! She can be his running mate instead!πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

        We are rapidly running out of viable options for next Tory leader and PM here!

        I will have to join the Conservative Party very soon so I can vote in this contest to help ensure they get this vital matter/national horror show correct or, at least, be ready to vote for the inevitable next one which is just three years away! πŸ™„πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚How much does Tory membership cost?


  6. Electorally speaking, both the PROVEN CRIMINAL, Rishi, and Sajid would bomb pretty much everywhere but the most high-class and expensive areas.

    The Conservative Party faces twin dangers at the next election from both Labour and the Liberal Democrats but the worst threat is from Labour. Having either the proven criminal or Sajid as leader and PM would severely weaken white ‘Right-wing’ working class support for the Tories in the ‘Red Wall’ seats. This support is the only thing propping the Tories up still in those constituencies and helping the Tories being in contention to win them.


    1. Even in areas like mine in the Tory stronghold of Essex it could positively incite people to vote Lib Dem or abstain. There is little doubt it would be extraordinarily risky.


  7. The Liberal Democrats are, in general, the lesser danger. Yes, there are a few seats where they do pose a big threat eg Winchester, Cheltenham, Eastbourne but they are few and far between. About the only seat in Surrey they do have a realistic and substantial chance of taking would be the previously held one of Guildford. Jeremy Hunt’s seat of Surrey South West is in their firing line but he still has over 50% of the vote there, the Lib Dems appear to have maxed-out their support at around 38% and there is little left of a Labour vote to squeeze.

    Jeremy will probably hold it even if he doesn’t become party leader and PM.


      1. It is Javid not Javed! Not to worry though for your mistake! It is easily made! After all, how are we ordinary, downtrodden and oppressed Britons in what is supposed to be our homeland and not just a floating business park/economic space meant to continually keep-up with learning how to spell and pronounce correctly the ever more exotic roll call of Tory candidates for election or leadership/ministerial positions?πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


    1. Yes, if that isn’t very credible evidence he has imbibing too much cocaine then, frankly, what more proof is needed?

      Why doesn’t he stand again? He wouldn’t be ideal either (far from it actually due to his obsessive pro-Israel ‘neo conservative’ beliefs) but, cocaine snorting aside, he does have some mild administrative ability and he is ethnically Scottish and hence British.

      He might improve the Conservative Party’s standing in Scotland. Boris was no electoral asset there as he lost quite a few seats that Teresa May managed to win in 2017. May done pretty well and increased the Tory vote share and their seat numbers to 13 – a total not achieved since Mrs Thatcher got 22 in 1983.


      1. Personally, I think Jeremy Hunt would do quite well in Scotland too. He does seem to care about the continued unity of the United Kingdom.


  8. Have you seen Sunak’s grotesquely offensive leadership bid video? Talk about vomit inducing!

    No thanks, Rishi! I will give the mass murdering Indian, corrupt, tax avoiding, US residency holder a pass! Thanks! Rishi, you should either be in a coffin after being hung to death by the noose in a British prison and then be buried within the prison’s precincts as happened in the good old days or be behind bars for the rest of your natural life with absolutely ZILCH chance of parole. That would represent some measure of belated justice for all your COVID victim’s families.

    The plane shown in the video should be used by you, Rishi! Bon Voyage!

    Even the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and yes, most surprisingly, the Greens have British leaders!

    When is that excellent drama series The Jewel In The Crown going to be shown on tv again? Or is it too non PC nowdays?

    Even former Liberal Party MP, Winston Churchill, didn’t like Indians! He said they were, “a ghastly race” and when looking at Rishi and Patel who could possibly disagree?

    British is best!


  9. Indians should never be allowed to rule our beloved country. For one thing, they are too incompetent! On YouTube, you can see a video about an Indian guy employed by the Indian state to execute prisoners. Using a rope to accomplish a death sentence is a relatively simple task. I believe our hangmen were given about one week’s training and that was all they needed to be able to execute prisoners relatively humanely and quickly everytime. Well, this Indian didn’t have a clue how to do it properly. I am sure we must have taught Indians how to execute using the British long drop hanging method before the Raj ended but even now they still haven’t mastered this craft!πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


      1. Chinese people and other East Asians are further up the world evolutionary scale than Indians are. What makes me laugh is people predicting that India will be an economic superpower! How? Just having a vast population is not enough to achieve that! If they can’t perfect the art of long drop hanging even now how are they ever going to have car companies like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai ect or electronics firms like Huawei, Sony, Panasonic, LG or Samsung?


    1. We taught Singaporeans to do it properly and they have been excellent pupils of this time honoured British craft but then, I suppose, as the majority of Singapore’s population are of Chinese descent they do have a higher, average IQ than Indians do!


  10. I read Peter Hitchen’s article. I agree with him about Liz Truss but at least she is British. That can cover a multitude of sins! There is no doubt that the field so far are a pitiful choice to choose from. None are outstanding candidates but Jeremy Hunt can pass for a credible potential PM.πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ

    Well, as Culture Secretary, he did manage to organize a successful Olympics and as Foreign Secretary he wasn’t outright laughed at by other Foreign ministers unlike Boris!


  11. The archaic electoral system of First Past The Post has so much to answer for when it helps to give us this ragbag collection of spivs and chancers for the most part. There needs to be much greater competition in British politics then the products it produces should improve a bit!


  12. Hello. Can you or any other reader explain to me what Sunak did to Boris? I am asking because there are people saying that he betrayed Boris. I don’t remember him saying/doing anything serious. Deep down, it doesn’t matter as they are all rubbish, but I am a curious bloke…


    1. He along with the little Paki, Sajid Javid, resigned at the same time from being government ministers thus prompting other more junior ministers to do likewise and making Boris Johnson’s position as party leader and PM which was already not strong so weakened that it became untenable for Boris to continue.

      Sajid also made an ungracious and hypocritical resignation speech in parliament to twist the knife further in Boris’s back.


  13. That comment above is a damm cheek but to be expected from an ungrateful, immigrant (presumably Indian) wretch. Mind you, if anything, Pakistanies like Javid are even worse! Even one of the world’s most lowly races such as Indians despise them!

    No wonder our soldiers shot at them so frequently in the days of the Raj and Churchill didn’t care when 3 million odd Indians starved to death during the Bengal Famine. Churchill just laughed! LoL!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Adolf Hitler! Talk about our German cousins being mere amateurs in genocide! LOL! We British are superior to them! We got there first! Those were the days!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€

    Well, human [REDACTED] like Indians and Pakistanies do get on your bloody nerves!

    We should have treated them like we did Afrikaners in the Boer War by putting them in concentration camps (A great British invention). A wrong way to treat fellow Europeans but exactly what the doctor ordered for non Europeans like Indians and Pakistanies! Or treated them like native Bantus in the British-ruled Union of South Africa! Well, we did put into place the beginnings of Apartheid! The Afrikaners merely developed further what we British originally done! Who would have thought that Apartheid was yet another brilliant British invention! Doesn’t that just make the chest swell with British national pride along with the Bengal Famine and the Amritsar Massacre!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†πŸ˜…

    Indians and Pakistanies shouldn’t even be seen never mind heard. They are only fit to be [REDACTED] to the Master Race of we Britons.

    Now, hurry up, Rishi, get me a nice, cold drink as I’m dying of thirst here under the blazingly hot Indian Summer sun during the time of the Raj.

    Obey your British master, Rishi, or I will have to call a British soldier who will flog you if you don’t abide by orders or even worse!
    Wasn’t Hitler’s favourite film meant to have been devoted to the British Raj in India?

    If only we could copy Israel and invent a new biological weapon that will only target Indians and Pakistanies here like they have with Palestinians!

    Indians and Pakistanies are just intensely annoying and worthless peoples! As Churchill said, Indians are a “beastly” people and I highly doubt he had a good word to say about Pakistanies either. Frankly, what normal person would? Indeed, I recall he wrote a famous article deprecating ‘Mohammedens’ around the time of the Boer War or it might have been earlier.


    1. John:
      Regret that I had to redact a few of your more inflammatory words, in these times of free-speech repression. The Jew-Zionists carefully read my blog daily in order to see whether they can make yet another malicious complaint to the police about me.

      ps. you are of course correct to note that Hitler liked the film “Lives of a Bengal Lancer”, though its Wikipedia entry somehow omits that fact. The film was frequently shown at the Berghof at Hitler’s request.

      Hitler in fact often noted to his officers and colleagues how the British ran India with a relative handful of British civil servants and soldiers.


    2. John: Thank you for explaining the situation to me and another, big, THANK YOU for your comment/rant about the Pakistanis and Indians which also involved Hitler and Churchill (LOL) I haven’t laughed so much for weeks! I cannot believe Ian published your comment! (LOL)


  14. Unlike what the historically very ignorant and misinformed people like Ben Wallace think, ‘racism’ is as quintessentialy British as a cup of tea!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    What the hell is wrong anyway with ‘racism’ as defined by PC globalist nobody loonies like Ben Wallace? It is only a natural self-defense mechanism that is an inherent part of human nature of all peoples on this planet!

    The Japanese and South Koreans haven’t done badly for themselves using this tendency! How else would they have become economic superpowers without utilizing a sense of national pride and national cohesion?


  15. No, not the first boat out! [REDACTED] as a member of Germany’s excellent nationalist/national-conservative Afd party recommended to try and solve that country’s ‘untermenschen’ problem!

    As that person is so grotesquely cheeky even by the usual ungrateful immigrant wretch standard that person doesn’t deserve the common humanity of a boat or plane trip.

    ‘Auslander Raus’ as the Germans would say!


  16. Re That first ‘enricher’ above. Normally, I view the death penalty as only being an appropriate and morally acceptable criminal sanction for murderers, traitors and, at a pinch, drug dealers but not rapists.

    However, such is the prevalence of gang rapists which too often originate from Javid’s homeland of Pakistan and as this is a growing problem which isn’t being tackled properly due to PC reasons I wonder if we should not extend it to gang rapists? I am sure that I have read that they do this in his homeland and in Bangladesh. Let us face it, who better than they to know the essential nature of their people and the Islamic ‘religion of peace and tolerance’ and with that knowledge acknowledge what kind of severe sentences should be used to try and combat it?

    It could be a ‘final solution’ to the Pakistani gang rapists problem! It is either that or we will have to enforce mandatory castration upon them.


  17. That presumably Indian immigrant wretch crowing as you said about our replacement needs to stop doing it. I would gently remind this person that we British can be a very violent people at times as our German cousins in Hamburg in 1943 and in Dresden in 1945 found out the hard way to their cost.

    Does she really wish to accelerate the trickles that have started of Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ into those said rivers? If she does it will be her and other repulsive and cheeky immigrants that will learn to regret it.


  18. We British were never given asked for our express permission as to whether you lot should be allowed to come here. You were unwelcome in 1948 and you are still unwelcome today so just remember that.

    All you lot have ever ‘enriched’ us with is more crime eg muggings, an increase in gun crimes, riots, drug dealing and the delights of Muslim gang rapes and more social problems, social dislocation etc. Your presence here has never been beneficial to us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, but what about the ‘enrichment’ of new, foreign food customs you retort! Well, London has always had some of the world’s best French restaurants eg Gordon Ramsay’s original restaurant in Chelsea but you don’t need to have a Frenchman to cook great French classic cuisine as Mr Ramsay (a Scotsman) proves and, at any rate, is it really worth importing masses of immigrants just so people can consume new foods if the downsides include increased crime rates from both the new immigrants themselves and from the native British when their society has been fractured and made less socially cohesive and thus becomes a breeding ground for more crime to come about.


    2. Oh, I nearly forgot, there is another severe crime which has become out of all control as a result of your unwanted presence and that is knife attacks. In our former capital city it has become a veritable epidemic and is now spreading to other cities like Birmingham and Manchester. London is now unfortunately known in popular parlance as ‘Stab City Upon The Thames’.πŸ˜₯😭πŸ₯Ίβ˜ΉοΈβ˜ΉοΈβ˜ΉοΈβ˜ΉοΈπŸ˜’😒😒😭😭πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯


  19. Ben Wallace is wrong with respect to his tweet above. No country went to war with Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy to end ‘fascism’ or National Socialism.

    We, ostensibly, engaged in war with Germany because, rightly or wrongly, it was thought to constitute a significant military danger to this country and which could invade us.

    Mr Wallace, like far too many ‘modern’ Tories, needs to read-up upon his own party’s history. Chamberlain and Stanley Baldwin basically couldn’t give a damn about Nazi Germany’s internal policies eg the Nuremberg race laws etc and the ‘anti-semitic’ nature of the regime. Indeed, many backbench Tories of that era had no real problem with Der Fuhrer’s policies in this regard and were not very sympathetic towards Jews in this country . Chamberlain, for instance, was on record as writing to his sister saying that he wasn’t that fond of Jews. He also blocked the admission of some Jewish refugees quite deliberately. Unlike now, Jewish refugees had to go through the proper channels to gain admission here instead of invading our beaches!

    Tories then were not the tenth rate version of the Liberal Party like now. They could think for themselves and adopt different attitudes towards different ethnic groups rather than merely copying whatever the Liberal or Labour Party thought.


    1. John:
      I belatedly realized that I failed to correct your comment that Britain declared war on National Socialist Germany (3 September 1939) because of perceived danger of invasion of the UK, whereas in fact the declaration of war was made because Britain and France had much earlier given the Polish Government worthless guarantees that, if Poland was invaded, Britain and France would come to the aid of Poland.

      Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939. Britain then gave Germany an ultimatum to withdraw or face declaration of war. Germany ignored that ultimatum, so Chamberlain declared war on 3 September 1939. France followed suit.

      The first casualties on the Western Front were not suffered for months, of course.


  20. No British or American serviceman died on Normandy’s beaches to ‘Make Black Lives Matter’. I’m afraid that is simply inaccurate rubbish and fake history. Indeed, the US servicemen were segregated into white and black units!

    The social values of both British and American servicemen and those of the Conservative Party then were not a million miles away from those of the Italian fascists or German National Socialists.

    ‘Anti-semitism” was pretty common amongst Tory backbenchers in the 1930’s!


    1. Perhaps, Ben Wallace, should go onto his laptop in the Ministry of Defence one day and look-up an article on Wikipedia entitled ‘Anti-Semitism in the Conservative Party’. It makes for some interesting reading particularly the section covering the 1930’s!


  21. There was definitely a small group of influential and well-educated Britons who realized the danger posed by the Jewish power in the UK in the 1930s. Unfortunately: A) It was a tiny group B) The Jewish power was already enormous and too many influential British politicians and businessmen were at its service, either out of greed or conviction.



  22. I wonder what is the ethnic background of that little piece of s…? My instinct tells me he is not White… What do you think?


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