Diary Blog, 12 July 2022, including thoughts about the Jamie Wallis case and matters arising

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To fit with the current hot weather. Sadie Marquardt. If there is a better bellydancer, I have not seen her.

On this day a year ago

A few thoughts about Jamie Wallis, Bridgend elections, and both Conservative and Labour parties

The conviction(s) of Jamie Wallis for driving offences [see https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jul/11/tory-mp-jamie-wallis-banned-driving-failing-stop-crash], possibly when drunk or drugged (though there was no direct forensic scientific evidence of either, Wallis having fled the immediate scene wearing, inter alia, a miniskirt), lead me to more general thoughts than those directly concerning this loonie who has somehow become an MP.

First of all, though, we must examine said loonie.

Wikipedia says nothing about the parentage or family origins of Wallis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamie_Wallis. All that we know of his early life is that he attended a Roman Catholic school, followed by a comprehensive school at Bridgend (Wales).

Wallis was awarded a degree in chemistry from Oxford, followed by a doctorate in astrobiology from Cardiff University. The usual Oxford chemistry degree follows a 4-year course, not 3 years, and confers a master’s degree (M.Chem.).

Wallis was involved with a number of sleazy and dishonest trading activities both before and during his time as MP.

When Wallis realized that the game was up in various ways, he cashed in on the “trans” aspect, which led to “Boris”-idiot and other MPs “supporting” him, despite the probable falsity of his claims to have been raped, and to have suffered consequent post-traumatic stress disorder etc.

Anything “trans” or LGBTQXYZ seems, these days, to be the last refuge of the scoundrel, triggering an avalanche of virtue-signalling.

Needless to say, an honourable MP would by now have resigned, on several different grounds, but this moneygrubbing Wallis individual has not done so; I doubt that he/she/it will do.

Having said that, I very much doubt that Wallis will remain as MP for very long, even if not deselected.

Turning now to more general thoughts around the case of Wallis, I was just looking at the more recent general election results for Bridgend, which is a large town in South Wales: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridgend.

Bridgend constituency was created in 1983. That year, the Conservative Party won it, but Labour won the seat in the subsequent 8 general elections. Wallis was elected in 2019.

Bridgend has never been a hard-core Labour seat, and some of the more recent elections have been quite close. In 2010 and 2015, Labour won by 6, then 5 points. In 2017 (under Corbyn), Labour won by 11 points, but that was reversed in 2019, when Wallis beat the Labour candidate by nearly 3 points: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridgend_(UK_Parliament_constituency)#Elections_in_the_2010s.

For me, there are pointers here that go beyond this very sleazy MP, and beyond Bridgend.

Wallis will not be re-elected whatever the label he adopts at the next general election. It may be that Labour will recapture the seat. However, it can be seen that Bridgend’s support for Labour has —with a brief upsurge when Corbyn was newly-adopted as leader— slowly waned over the years.

I think that that is true over large swathes of England and Wales. Voters are turning off from both main System parties, but the Conservative Party roots are now basically stronger in its heartlands than Labour roots now are in its.

The Labour Party is just not capturing the loyalty, or even the casual interest, of most voters.

Tweets seen

What part of “Boris was a major part of the scamdemic repression” does tweeter “@BenIrvineAuthor” not understand? Boris-idiot was not some political hero captured by evil forces (as in the Trump/QAnon fantasy conspiracies) but a willing and enthusiastic collaborator with them.

Even I was (very briefly) taken in by the “scamdemic” propaganda, for a week or two.

That doctor, a psychiatrist (wouldn’t you know— a living caricature) seems to have his own mental problems, judging by a few tweets seen from time to time. Still, perhaps he has his points; I try not to judge others as unfairly as some judge me.

Exactly. Only one thing deals with these charlatans properly.

Good point.

Perhaps someone will watch the accession ceremonies from the Grassy Knoll. Oh no..wait…

Rwanda has done its bit for “Conservative” empty rhetoric on migration invasion; it can now depart, like Othello.

I suppose that some tiny version of the Rwanda policy might be kept going as a meaningless talking-point between “refugees welcome” dimwits and the equally dim “Priti and Boris want to stop immigration—yay!” idiots. Priti Patel and “Boris” have no intention of stopping, or even seriously trying to stop either mass immigration generally or the cross-Channel migration-invasion.

Mo Farah

Incidentally, and as I suggested yesterday in response to commentators on the blog, it occurs to me that the “Mo Farah was a trafficked illegal immigrant” story may be just another way of promoting the idea that illegal immigration is not really a problem for the UK (or Europe generally).

You can just hear the idiots saying “well, after all, Mo Farah was an illegal immigrant and look what he has done“. Actually, what has he done? Made a lot of money out of his success in athletics, married an Englishwoman, had several children with her etc: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mo_Farah

I have no reason to think that the recent revelations are untrue. Whether true or not, the whole thing, with the mixed-race children etc, is brilliant propaganda for not only the “refugees welcome” dimwits but also for the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan itself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalergi_Plan; http://adam.curry.com/art/1543753587_mkXBrvrY.html; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_von_Coudenhove-Kalergi; http://eprints.nottingham.ac.uk/51778/1/Thesis%20%5B10.05.18%5D.pdf.

The Great Replacement. White Genocide, in effect.

More tweets seen

…and two of the others are a Jew (Shapps) and a part-Jew (Tugendhat). It seems that only 3 out of the 10 so far declared are actually white, actually English/real British: Penny Mordaunt, Jeremy Hunt, Liz Truss. If Priti Patel also declares, that will be 3 out of 11 candidates.

Not a race war as such, or simplistically, but a race and culture war.

All that matters is that a core of white Europeans (“post-Aryans”, if you like) survive, if the rest of the world were to perish. See also https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

I see that my thoughts do not travel alone…

Priti Patel

The Israeli agent (at least agent of influence), Priti Patel, who (incredibly) made it to the rank of Cabinet Minister despite being Indian (via East Africa), thick as two short planks, and thoroughly dishonest (as well as no good at her job), has pulled out of the Conservative Party leadership contest. Good riddance.

Same goes for Jew-Zionist business trickster Grant Shapps, who has also given up his doomed bid to head the “Con” Party.

More tweets

What huge lack of confidence British people now have as a people. Oh, no, we could never have a health service without immigrants, never have a police service, never have a…pizza delivery service…

Wait a moment!” We (Brits) did manage to invent or discover about 80% of everything, though (and if you include Germany and France, almost 100%); oh, and we did create the largest empire ever known (at peak, between 1918 and 1939, nearly a third of the Earth).

The enzyme for degradation, degeneration etc is usually the (((you know who)))…

Late tweets

No comment, or at least [see below]

I once, aged about 12, had a copy of the Agatha Christie book with its original title, Ten Little Niggers. That “had to be” changed, some years later, I think in the 1980s, to Ten Little Indians, until even that became contentious; it is now republished as And Then There Were None.

I suppose that the Conservative Party equivalent will be And Then There Was One (Idiot), just as in 2019.

It may be, with Hunt having a Chinese wife, that he is inured to the very authoritarian ways of Chinese government.

Ah. Andrew Bowie MP, a Conservative Party cretin so far never seen nor heard of by me. His educational background [see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Bowie_(politician)] obviously flatters him. Ex-Royal Navy. Strange views. He even thinks that having Jamie Wallace on board the good ship Con-Party is a positive factor.

Late music

59 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 12 July 2022, including thoughts about the Jamie Wallis case and matters arising”

    1. nativewarrior14:
      As you say. My guess would be from Mozambique or maybe Angola, in origo.

      The sentence he got means that he will be out, to sell drugs again, in about 18 months.

      I wonder how he or his parents washed up in Lincolnshire of all places: put ashore at night from a passing banana-boat? Seems bizarre, but Britain is just mad now anyway.


      1. Yes, handing out pathetic, clearly woefully inadequate sentences for scummy drug dealers time after time is working so well – NOT!

        They MUST be given decent, genuinely deterrent sentences of 20 plus years minimum, 30 years plus etc.

        Otherwise, it is going to have to be, I’m afraid, the ‘FINAL SOLUTION’ to the drug dealers problem as in Singapore:


        If only we had a decent Home Secretary like Mr K. Shanmugam of Singapore!

        The Guardianista approach at the Home Office just won’t do!



      2. As if we don’t have enough of our own drug dealing scumbags to deal with to any satisfactory degree we import them on a continual basis as well. This simply will NOT do!

        WHEN, oh WHEN, is the Conservative Party going to be the REAL ‘party of law and order’ and the REAL ‘party of immigration control’ as the excellent Singaporean People’s Action Party (PAP) is or France’s Rassemblement National (RN) of Marine Le Pen or Germany’s Alternative Fur Deutschland (Afd)?


  1. The Tories ARE racists though! That racism of theirs being their increasingly extreme ANTI WHITE and hence ANTI BRITISH racism.

    Why else would they seek to impose upon this country one of their rag bag collection of ethnic strays? Even the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and the Greens, for god’s sake, have British people leading them!

    If the Tory Party has any wish at all to redeem itself with the voters after the omnishambles of the Benny Hill Tribute Act years they MUST stay away from Sunak, Javid etc and get themselves a BRITISH leader, get Priti Leftwing out of office and appoint a genuine ‘Right-winger’ to the Home Office.

    I would suggest Jeremy Hunt or Penny Mordaunt for leader and have Sir John Hayes as Home Secretary.

    Trying to appease the Guardian readers is just not working and will never do so!

    P.S You can’t present yourselves as the ‘party of law and order’ if you then have a convicted CRIMINAL as Sunak is as leader and PM. I’m afraid that sort of ‘big whopper’ lie as a central claim as to what sort of party you are just won’t wash.


    1. Sunak is not just a mere minor criminal but someone who actively sought to effectively MURDER people during the Covid-19 crisis with his utterly brain dead ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme.

      That stupidity/intentional evil spread the virus and helped to kill numerous often very vulnerable people. NOT a single other country did this.

      Instead of being made PM, I would helpfully suggest that he is put on trial for mass murder and if found guilty by the court mandatorily sentenced to death by hanging or, at the very least, is given LWOP ie Lifetime Incarceration Without The Possibility of Parole as is used often in the USA ,so, in other words, he won’t leave jail until he dies and comes out of there in a a box.

      That would be some measure of real justice for those he helped to kill. What an evil man he is!


    2. How are you going to ‘wipe the slate clean’ and try to fumigate the sheer STENCH that arose from the behaviour of Boris and his discredited cabinet if you then appoint as leader and PM one of that cabinet’s most central and senior figures?

      I just can’t see the logic myself!

      A REAL ‘fresh start’ is what is clearly needed NOT more of the same old crap!


      1. Of course, that is if DO actually want to show some repentance and contrition to this country for Boris and company’s ethically unacceptable behaviour.


    3. Bloody hell, it has surely come to a pretty poor pass when a native Englishman who was educated at one of Britain’s leading public schools (Charterhouse) ie Jeremy Hunt can’t become the Conservative Party’s leader and PM.

      What sort of party is it, nowdays?🙄🙄🙄


  2. If you deliberately overstay your visa in Singapore and become an illegal immigrant you are punished for doing that by being whacked with a rattan cane three times on your bottie.

    Only men under the age of fifty undergo caning not women for obvious reasons.

    We must have genuine deterrents for SERIOUS criminal offences like illegal migration!



    1. Employers in Singapore who deliberately employ people they know to be illegal migrants are also punished with caning.

      Employers in this country who knowingly employ illegal immigrants must also be punished severely. Lock ‘em up for a decent period of at least a decade.


      1. Or even more! In France, I believe I am correct in stating that any employer found guilty of knowingly employing illegal migrants can jailed for up to twenty years.

        Let us throw the proverbial book at these people!

        Harsh sentences CONSISTENTLY delivered by the courts as in Singapore provide decent deterrents to criminals.


  3. Further to your last point, the Japanese who today are world renowned for being an economic powerhouse and a manufacturing superpower done a study a decade or so ago by their MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) and that confirmed that most commercially viable inventions since WW2 were invented not by the Yanks as might be expected because of their vast population, not by the Japanese, the French or even the Germans but by the BRITISH.

    Yes, we need to be more self-confident as a people and not run ourselves down so much as loopy, globalist PC Guardian readers and their ‘Tory’ fellow travellers are so apt at doing.


  4. If Jamie Wallis is drugged on anything it’s more than likely powerful psychiatric medication. On the Mo Farah story, i saw the head of the UK “Refugee Council” on ITV news earlier discussing it. His name is (((Enver Solomon))), imagine my shock…


    1. So utterly predicable, isn’t it? Next, we will have planted opinion polling showing Sunak is the run away favourite of the public for next Tory leader and PM!🙄🙄🙄

      What a load of bollocks! 🙄🙄Why can’t people realize that the PC globalist media has an agenda and that agenda is not one where the aim is the long-term welfare of the British people.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Mr Fraser Nelson heading that top tweet at the moment is surely one of the most utterly repulsive liberals/libertarian nutters/anti-British globalists in Britain at the moment.

      NO, Mr Nelson, there is ZILCH case for a so-called ‘earned amnesty’ whatever that nonsense actually entails.

      These people have deliberately broken immigration law by entering our country illegally and for that CRIMINAL ACT they MUST pay a price! They should be DEPORTED not given yet another effective amnesty and reward for their criminality! Your stance would only encourage more blatantly illegal entry to our country.

      Should we let murderers out of jail or not even bother sending them there in the first place then, Mr Nelson?


      1. How about we actually ENFORCE immigration laws and make those who deliberately choose to break them pay the appropriate price for doing so ie deportation.

        No normal person would suggest a convicted murderer should not receive a custodial sentence and an illegal migrant should not be allowed to get away with their CRIME either.


    2. Time for a full scale return towards being Britain’s ‘Nasty Party’ and this time that means not being ‘nasty’ towards the ever long-suffering British (apart from the criminal fraternity that is) but towards foreigners like illegal immigrants.


    3. Ah, the ever so predictable attempt to tug at naive people’s heartstrings with the classic ‘but what about the young children line?’

      SO WHAT! They are illegals as well!

      The action in response must still be, I’m afraid, ‘Don’t unpack, you WILL be going back’😃😃😃😂😂😂

      Sorry, Mr Globalist Liberal, but I am the ‘heartless bastard’ of Guardian reader’s nightmares but the fact is the law must be upheld and young children can’t be given an exemption. We need to have real firmness in this area as the problem will only get worse otherwise and it is already severe enough.😥😥😥😥 Just as in the good old days when we had hanging the Home Secretary after finally considering the case for a reprieve and then rejecting it wrote ‘the law must take its course’ on a person’s file where the criminal had been given a death sentence and a reprieve was considered but, after thinking over the case, he decided against a reprieve.

      I would love to be Home Secretary! What fun I could have!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  5. I really can’t see how the Tories can possibly improve their present dire opinion poll ratings if they appoint a leader Guardian readers would approve of. These people are only saying they are in favour of certain candidates NOT to help the Tories who they despise and always will (they have no intention of voting Tory whatever candidate is chosen) but because they want to see normally staunch Tory voters sit at home and abstain at the next election.

    That scenario CAN happen and infact has already done so once before ie in 1997 when many Tory voters didn’t vote for so-called ‘New Labour’ but abstained instead with the result that a landslide defeat became even worse than it was going to be initially. Quite a few seats fell purely because of Tory abstention.


    1. John:
      We are in that sort of area. You would not expect someone with my views to vote for any System party, but now it seems as if masses of conventional voters are just sick of certainly the two main System parties and quite likely all usual “choices”.

      If only there were a credible social-national party. Were my own position stronger, I myself would establish one.


  6. Blair and Peter Mandelson thought traditional Labour voters had ‘nowhere else to go’ but they did have somewhere ie mass abstention Labour lost millions of voters from 1997 to 2010 with the result that from having a huge majority in 1997 it went down to 66 in 2005 then disappeared entirely in 2010.


  7. Yes, this country could do with a party like Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN) or National Rally in English, Eric Zemmour’s new party, Germany’s Alternative Fur Deutschland (Afd) or Alternative For Germany, the Brothers of Italy party or, at least, copy the law and order aspects of Trump’s Republican Party in the USA with its backing for capital punishment or Life Without The Possibility of Parole (LWOP) and other severe sentences.

    What we need is a party that is anti-globalist/nationalist/national-conservative.

    It is high time the Conservative Party stopped pandering to liberals, the most wacky libertarians and, in particular, to anti-British globalists.


  8. Yes, Andrew Bowie, you utter globalist liberal-left freak, they also happen to be reasons the so-called Conservative and Unionist Party will no doubt lose your last six remaining seats in Scotland at the next election including YOURS! They are all marginals after all! The Scots have long held your party in contempt and now you have given them yet more reasons to do so.

    Why vote Tory when you may as well vote Labour or Liberal Democrat if you are unionist inclined?

    Systematically remove all real distinctions between your party then people will either vote for those parties or just abstain!

    Politics is not as complicated a game as it sometimes looks on the surface. People have to have real, positive reasons to vote for a party and not others and that will normally include having different policies, a different outlook/political philosophy.

    Your party has become a distinction without a difference!


  9. No wonder, Andrew Bowie, your party lost its strongest unionist party title back to the Labour Party at the recent council elections. I think you might well see that this will be repeated in a general election if not in terms of seats certainly in vote share.

    Being a paler version of the Liberal Democrats and, in fact, doubling down on this is likely to lead to Tory abstention.

    The Conservative Party in Scotland needs more strings to its bow than merely being a unionist party as there are several options in that regard.


  10. My, the Scottish Conservatives have some strange people in their party! Mr Bowie, the Liberal Democrats are THAT WAY! Care to join them?

    The Scottish Liberal Democrats might well overtake the Scottish Tories in terms of their MPs soon with people like the decidedly weird Andrew Bowie in the Tories! After all, the Scottish Liberal Democrats have four MPs to the Tories’ six so the existing difference is not a great one!

    With ‘opposition’ to the SNP coming from the likes of Andrew Bowie it is no wonder they have such an easy time of it!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. Indeed. I wonder what ‘Dishy Rishi’ (I have the rather quaint and old fashioned idea that politics should be about the clash of different policy agendas/political ideologies rather than a candidate’s perceived attractiveness to the female gender) has to say about this continuing utter scandal?

      Oops, I forgot, this is a ‘sensitive’ matter and it only really relates to those despised Britons anyway so we won’t discuss it!🙄🙄🙄


  11. It is one thing to be liberal on the majority of gay rights quite another to be so utterly gutless you give in to the trans agenda some of which is pretty sinister. That way real madness lies. The ‘T’ in the LGBT acronym needs to be separated and discussed apart from the other issues.

    You may as well endorse the Lib Dems, Andrew Bowie! Hell, why not join them? You will be more true to yourself and to the voters in your constituency that way!


  12. Yes, Andrew Bowie, you have merely confirmed you are yet another PC globalist ‘Tory’ weirdo and your party is in such an advanced state of decay it no longer remembers why it is even in existence.

    Care to advance any real arguments as to why people in Scotland should vote for your unionist party over that of another one?


  13. Looks like dumping Boris and having a leadership election is going to be a completely farcical affair and achieve very little if anything.

    It appears that the self-serving corruption and distinct lack of decent personal ethics will either be the same or even worse. Why dump Boris for Rishi? They are both utterly obnoxious and nauseating criminals as even the corrupt Met Police have confirmed. Rishi also has a very un English (apart from some footballers that is) ‘nouveau riche’ habit of boasting about his wealth which many will find pretty repellent and off putting at the best of times but particularly revolting when many people are suffering from a cost of living crisis.

    Even most of this country’s lottery winners from council estates have the good sense not to say CLASS to not do this.

    Rishi is not ‘dishy’. Rishi is utterly revolting and a confirmed criminal hence he is entirely unsuitable to be leader of Britain’s self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’ let alone PM.


    1. John:
      Naturally, I had assumed that the reason behind dumping “Boris” idiot would be to install someone who might actually be able to hold down the job of PM, as well as looking the part, instead of which we see a procession of Indians and other non-Europeans, as well as idiotic contenders such as Liz Truss.


      1. Yes, sadly that is the case. It is high time the Conservative Party realized this election is not just to choose their party leader but a new PM so they had better choose very, very carefully and show some common sense at long last.


      2. John:
        Yes. They are so inward-looking, as with their “support” for fraudulent loonie “trans” idiot Jamie Wallis. What about *the people of Bridgend*, who deserve an MP who actually does things for *them* rather than pursuing some kinky agenda in his own little mind?


  14. I really can’t see how Andrew Bowie can possibly compare the election of either Mrs Thatcher or Teresa May to this farcical leadership election.

    Many people would say that their gender was something fairly important to their personal identity but that their nationality/ethnic group was more so.

    Neither Margaret Thatcher nor Teresa May were self-proclaimed feminists and neither put their gender first, sought to obtain advantage for it or discriminated against men but there is a real danger that if Rishi became PM he might prove that demography is destiny and seek to elevate his ethnic group above ours. That danger should be prevented.

    I think ethnic differences have been a far more important factor in human history than those of gender ever have and indeed wars have been caused over them.


  15. Both Rishi and Jeremy Hunt went to expensive public schools whereas I did not. They are not of my class but there is one factor that makes Jeremy Hunt far more naturally relatable to me than Rishi ever will be able to do and that is Jeremy Hunt is a native Englishman like I am.

    I’m sorry to say the unsayable but facts are facts.


      1. Indeed. If only Conservative Party MPs and their party members took the essential meaning of that phrase onboard.


  16. Ha, ha, wellsaid, Jeremy Hunt. Yes, that might be the case as to why he favoured that stance. I think if the Conservative Party members had shown more sense last time and he had been party leader and PM he would have handled COVID more competently than Boris-idiot and his cabinet of libertarian goons did.

    China does have some very authoritarian ways but that can have some benefits at times ie they seem to have a low crime rate and in particular a lack of serious violent crimes. Perhaps, that might be because they are the world capital of capital punishment?

    China does have a few good points. They are predicted to overtake the US in economic terms in 2026 – 2028. That is seriously impressive. I don’t tend to trust them though. Chinese people are pretty shifty when compared to South Koreans or Japanese people.

    In evolutionary terms, I would place Japs at the top of the East Asian league table, Koreans second and Chinese third. Japs are the only ones who could be described as ‘honoury whites’.


    1. Their low crime rate could also be the result of having hundreds of thousands of ultra-sophisticated CCTV cameras with artificial intelligence surveying their people as they go about their daily lives thus aiding the detection of crimes.

      Supposedly, China has more CCTV cameras in public places than any other country in the world.


  17. The Conservative Party has a real bee in its bonnet over China. Yes, they are behaving appallingly in Hong Kong and breaking that agreement we signed with them over it and that is to be severely condemned but, frankly, why did Mrs Thatcher and today’s Tories expect they would abide by it?

    It should have been foreseen they wouldn’t and certainly that should have become apparent after the Tianamen Square events. As I said, Chinese people are devious and untrustworthy so the regime there is only taking after the nature of China’s residents.


    1. John:
      I think that, even in the 1980s and 1990s, it was clear that the UK simply could not defend Hong Kong against any determined Chinese assault, so the UK govt. made a virtue out of necessity, and handed over the territory.

      The Chinese do have those negative characteristics you mention but all the same are, as a group, a great people with a great history, when one thinks of it. They are, despite their many negative traits, in some ways impressive.


    2. It was a real shame we had to hand it over as it was the last remaining major colony and a real British success story aka the final dependent territory that you could call ‘The Jewel In the Crown’.

      Apparently, as well as being ultra-authoritarian and clearly breaking the handover treaty, China’s regime is ruining the place.

      How sad! It looks like in the decades ahead our beneficial presence there will be ground into the dust, be a forgotten part of history and Hong Kong wlll not be like Singapore is today ie a successful ex British colony.


      1. John:
        When I was last in Hong Kong (2006), I visited the Kowloon Old Walled City Park, a beautiful almost manicured park which was laid out only in the 1990s on the site of the said “Old Walled City”, a horrendous slum area with the world’s highest population density, and where *no law” prevailed, because, by historical anomaly, it belonged to neither China nor British Kong Kong. Activities banned in Hong Kong proper existed there, such as gambling (only the racecourse was/is allowed in HK) and the eating of dog-meat.

        The Park is beautiful. Very peaceful. Birds. Tai-chi. Very green. Very clean (almost unnaturally so by UK standards today).

        British rule in Hong Kong was relatively benevolent for the region. Back in 1974-ish, my mother wanted me to join the paramilitary Hong Kong Police (you started out as an Inspector), but I never did (obviously).




  18. China overtaking America as the world’s premier economic superpower is surely not entirely unconnected with the fact that it is a one party state. It is amazing what a dictatorship can achieve.

    Not that China is a benevolent dictatorship but even so, sometimes, having one isn’t too bad for a country and it can be beneficial.

    South Korea has a very strong economy but not many people know that they had a dictatorship in the 1960’s which put into place the foundations of the ‘Miracle On The Han River’ with the result they have companies like Hyundai, LG and Samsung.


  19. I am not sure of the exact statistics so the UK might well have the most CCTV cameras overall but I did see in the ‘Bible of the ‘modern’ Conservative Party’ aka The Guardian newspaper that 8 out of the 10 cities in the world that had the most cameras were located in China.

    Monaco has a very large number as well. Their low crime rate is caused by several factors ie their very wealthly population but also the fact they have around 500 police officers giving them one of the very highest ratios of officers to the size of the population in world terms and because those policemen and women have such a small state to cover in area terms.


    1. John:
      Well of course Monaco is only 0.78 sq. miles, which is 499 acres. Hyde Park is 340 acres, while Kensington Gardens covers 265 acres, so the two together cover 764 acres, much larger than Monaco.

      Few Monegasques or residents commit crime (other than financial, affecting places elsewhere); visitors are mostly there to spend money and have a quietly-good time.

      I have never been there, though many people I know have. Some like it. I think that I would dislike it, probably. A gilded antheap, full of Jews and Arabs.


  20. There was a BBC documentary on Monaco last year that showed their police department and the advanced CCTV system . As Monaco is such a tiny place the authorities there can close all entry points to the principality in a matter of minutes.


      1. Perhaps it is but it must be nice and reassuring to be able to walk Monaco’s streets late at night and feel you are not likely to be the victim of a violent assault. Singapore is also like this. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for many parts of London now even in the daytime!

        Monaco’s police is well run and not under the cosh of PC mania unlike the Met. I doubt whether their force has ever been put under special measures!


  21. Andrew Bowie, if you are going to credibly play PC Bingo you HAVE to cover ALL the bases not just some of them! Why has the Conservative Party not had its first openly gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans/’questioning’/’intersex’ leader/candidate for PM yet?

    They are feeling rather left out! There is no openly gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans/’questioning’/intersex’ candidate in the loony leadership freakshow and that is an utter disgrace! Be more inclusive!

    There is no Chinese candidate or one from the Italian community or the Russian one either! Come on!


  22. There are only representatives from Charterhouse Public School and Winchester College! I think there should be one from some of the other ‘ancient public schools’ too such as Neville Chamberlain’s old school of Rugby, Winston Churchill’s Harrow, Michael Heseltine’s Shrewsbury or, dare I even say it, the Eton College where ‘caricature of caricature’ Jacob Rees-Mogg aka ‘Lord Snooty’ was a young fogey!

    Again, be more inclusive!


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