Diary Blog, 31 December 2022

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Saturday quiz

Well, once again my score beat that of political journalist John Rentoul, who scored 6/10 as against my 8/10. I did not know the answers to questions 3 and 9.

From the newspapers


As with the NHS, the BBC and other institutions, it may be necessary to tear down the universities and then to rebuild them from scratch.



Tweets seen

Well said. Even now, as society starts to crumble quite visibly, the many “refugees welcome” idiots still think that mass immigration is wonderful, and that everyone in the UK can have high pay and/or high State benefits and/or high State and private pensions, even if not enough individuals or companies are paying in enough to sustain the payouts.

The same people often think that a more advanced society can be built on a population increasingly consisting of backward peoples and races.

Also, few want to confront the gradual collapse of the UK as a “society under law”.

Also, few want to address the gradual collapse of standards in politics, education, healthcare, law, policing etc.

Same goes for NHS and other healthcare, roads, rail services, the legal system, policing, social care, quality education etc.

OK, but is there any point in leaving the UK unless there is at least a chance of a better life elsewhere?

Looks as if quite a few people are waking up…

Interesting historical note seen

Louis-Ferdinand Céline: “Céline is widely considered to be one of the greatest French novelists of the twentieth century, but remains a controversial figure in France due to his antisemitism and activities during the Second World War.” [Wikipedia]

The UK-based half-Jew Zionist hypocrite Oliver Kamm has said, in effect, that Celine should be “cancelled”:

Writing in The Jewish Chronicle in September 2021, Oliver Kamm described Céline as a “French literary hero [who] needs to be forgotten”.[92] [Wikipedia]

Kamm has tweeted and/or written against me in the past, e.g. supportive of my wrongful and unlawful disbarment in 2016, and I have exposed his hypocrisy on several occasions on the blog.

The lost manuscripts of Céline have been described as one of the greatest literary discoveries of the past century, but also one of the most troubling” [Wikipedia]

New Year’s Eve message

Happy New Year to all well-intentioned readers of the blog.

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18 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 31 December 2022”

  1. Hello! I hope you have bought plenty of nice treats for the long weekend (if I remember correctly my wife told me that Monday will be a public holiday in the UK) I managed to get a couple of nice tea-cakes with almonds and walnuts; I must admit I am a cake/desserts addict.

    BTW, could you confirm that the answer to the question No. 5 from John Rintoul’s quiz is Tony Blair?

    That John Rintoul fellow does not seem very bright, his scores are always very low.

    All the best to you and your wife in this coming New Year!


    1. Claudius:

      Thank you.

      Happy New Year to you and Senora Claudius.

      I am supposed to avoid too many sweet foods, and also too much booze, though actually I find that I do not have a very sweet tooth anyway these days, and today I have not even had a glass of Kirsch!

      Yes, Monday will be a holiday by default in the UK, because New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday.

      Yes, “Tony Blair” was the answer to that question.

      As you imply, I do beat John Rentoul’s score about 19 times out of 20, or maybe 15 out of 20 but equalling it about 4 out of 20. He only beats my score about 1 time out of 20.



  2. I read the article about the appalling Imperial College’s anti-White guidelines. The UK has reached such a level of degeneracy that Hitler would not be good enough. You need someone like Stalin.


      1. Regarding Lenin and the firing squads I was told once that Fidel Castro said he just needed 10.000 bricks to fix the problems of Cuba. When asked what the bricks were for, he said “to build a wall to carry out executions” (by firing squads)


      2. Claudius:

        I suppose that, in the words of Oscar Wilde, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Lenin was a monster (in his effects), but Castro was merely derivative, a petty Latin American “caudillo” with a superstructure of Marxist-Leninist camouflage.


      3. Good morning and a Happy New Year! We started the new Year with a power cut at 00.25 when we were chatting with a friend in Australia (LOL) We went to bed very quickly and I woke up at 3.15 AM to find the power had return. My wife said “Is this a bad omen or what?” (LOL)

        Regarding Castro you are spot on. My parents visited Cuba in the early 1990s and told me that they were chaperoned 24/7. There is “tourist circuit” where everything is nice and clean but, if you step outside of it there is misery and squalor everywhere.

        I am enclosing a webpage with many good photos (although quite small) that prove what I said. The second link is about the Cuban Capitol or Capitolium, one of the most famous tourist attractions of La Habana. Obviously, it was built well before (1929) the Marxist takeover by Castro. Just a couple of blocks away all is filth and decay.




      4. Claudius:
        Thank you.

        Surely (contrary to what Senora Claudius said) the fact that the power came back *on* is a *good* omen?

        When I went to live in Almaty, Kazakhstan, for a year (1996-1997), power cuts (“outages” in Americanese) were an everyday problem, even where I lived in the “Presidentsky Raion” or Presidential and diplomatic quarter of the city, where the Presidential Palace, and most embassies, were situated.

        I lived in a comfortable Soviet version of a penthouse. One day, I stepped out of the lift/elevator on my floor (top floor, 12th floor), in the afternoon, and at that moment the power went off. It did not return until the next day (afternoon). God knows what would have happened had I been between floors at the time it went off.

        Re. Cuba, as I think I have mentioned, I have only seen it from the sea and from the air (overflying from Tampa, Florida to Grand Cayman in 1999), but have read a lot about its history (the best book in English anyway probably being one written by the British historian Hugh Thomas), and have seen documentaries etc.

        I remember seeing a couple of railway documentaries by British presenters (Michael Portillo and Chris Tarrant) showing —without saying much— how decayed the railways are there. Almost non-operational. As for Havana, apparently it is normal, after 60+ years of no serious maintenance in a tropical and humid climate, for buildings to simply collapse into rubble.

        Actually, without the Soviet connection, Cuba as a socialist state would have collapsed decades ago. When the Soviet Union cut off support after 1990-1991, and because the USA kept up most of its embargo, Cuba had nowhere to go.

        The one thing I like about Cuba, from a distance, is that it is not craven when up against the USA, but for most of its people its society must be dire.

        Actually, it is larger than most people think, as you will know— nearly half the size of the UK (not quite as large as England alone, about 80% of the size), though tiny compared to Argentina, which is about 27x the size of Cuba.


      5. Thank you for your positive observation about the return of the power as a good omen (I am one of those persons for whom the glass is always half-empty)

        I never considered Cuba as a fairly large island; I always thought it was much smaller than it actually is.
        Most people (that means non-thinking mugs) do not know that Castro, when young, was a CIA operative and that his victory in 1959 was only possible to the support of the real power brokers behind the White Hose.


      6. Claudius:
        Wishes often come to pass.

        Castro: I had no idea that he was in some way CIA when young, but it is true that, before he and his few (I think 13) fellow-rebels motored to Cuba on the small motoryacht, Granma, he had been in Washington and New York gathering donated monies. His plan to go to Cuba and create a rebellion was no secret.

        It may be that the CIA gave him some money just to be able to keep in touch and exercise some control. At that stage, Castro was not Communist, as such.

        It would not be the first nor the last time that CIA money created a monster: cf. bin Laden…


  3. It’s true that the anti-White agenda is universal and international. In the U.S., their version of ‘Hard Conversations’ is ‘Courageous Conversations’. It’s run by ‘Dr’ Glen Singleton, and is about how the failings of black people is all down the White racism. Failure to attend such seminars by teachers at American schools results in termination of contract. And any White teachers speaking up to say that they aren’t racists also results in termination of contract. And, yes, it is all funded and organised by international Jewry. Surprise!!!


    1. HennyPenny:
      Down the line, some sort of quasi-civil war is almost inevitable, not only in the USA but also the UK, unless all life is choked off from European or European-blood people.


  4. Celine was a real hero. He NEVER retracted or apologized for anything he said or wrote between 1937-1945. He was a really radical NS who laughed at, and despised, the stupid “kid gloves” policy observed by the Germans in France between 1940-44.

    That despicable and decadent traitor called Ernst Junger recorded meeting Celine who told him. “You have learned nothing in Russia. You must destroy your enemies!” He was referring to the Jews and Communists living quite openly in Paris undisturbed by the German forces. One example of such attitude was Picasso who, unfortunately, was not shot.


    1. Claudius:

      Don’t forget faux-“resistant”, Jean-Paul Sartre, a typically-French pseudo-intellectual and pseudo-revolutionary waste of space. Sartre even had a play put on in Paris in 1940 or 1941, attended by not only Parisians but also French-speaking officers of the Wehrmacht etc.

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