Diary Blog, 15 February 2023, including a few thoughts about the SNP

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Scottish National Party

As blogged previously, I do not necessarily oppose “Independence” for Scotland, but it seems that many Scots are adamantly opposed, and that either there is no majority for it or only a very small majority.

I suspect that many Scots think “what Independence?” when Scotland would probably still be in NATO (i.e. under de facto American/NWO control), still in the EU (i.e.under EU control), still subject to the diktats of international finance-capitalism, and overall almost certainly poorer per capita.

Still, if a significant majority of the Scots were to clamour for “Independence”, I would say “so go…“, but it really would have to be 60% at a bare minimum; in reality, to make it work, 75% or more.

The SNP had almost no MPs until 2015 [see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_National_Party#House_of_Commons] and has not repeated that 2015 high despite now being fairly well entrenched as ruling party. 48 out of 59 Westminster MPs, but only 64 out of 129 in the Scottish Parliament, which latter represents a vote-share below 50%, and probably represents also a truer reflection of the party’s popularity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_National_Party#Scottish_Parliament_2.

The SNP is even less secure in terms of local councils: 453 out of 1,226 council seats in the latest elections (2022), though that is its best performance ever, and does put the SNP in first place: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_National_Party#Local_councils.

Speaking personally, for me the SNP is fake “nationalism”, having little to do with race and culture.

I do not think that the SNP will fall back to where it was before 2015. It has an electoral niche, which is a kind of social-democracy in policy terms, but underpinned by the faux-“nationalism” which sets it apart, superficially, from the other System parties “up there” (I am on the southern coast of England). The SNP of course is a System party. You only have to look at the lip-service it pays to the Jewish lobby/Israel lobby.

The SNP has also been even more repressive in terms of free speech than the Westminster regimes of recent years; Police Scotland has embraced its Poundland Stasi role with unseemly alacrity.

I imagine that many Scots, perhaps a majority, will prefer to stick with the UK rather than become poorer outside it. Whisky, tourism, and financial services cannot provide income enough to support an “independent” Scottish state, and North Sea oil/gas, even if partly under control of Edinburgh, is (arguably) a declining or depreciating asset, especially if supposedly “green” policies are pursued.

In terms of Westminster governments, though, the 59 Scottish seats are important. Without them, the UK Labour Party will find it difficult to form a government (even with SNP support), unless the presently-forecast huge landslide actually happens; such a landslide may happen this year or next but, if so, will not be repeated.

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The trigger for the resignation may have been the SNP’s crazed promotion of the trans nonsense, but Sturgeon was “too big for her boots” in other ways as well, pretending that she was (sort-of) a world statesman and leader of a (sort-of) state.

Nicola Sturgeon has often been compared (approvingly or not) to the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who resigned not long ago. A lazy comparison though, arguably; after all, New Zealand is over 103,000 square miles in area, has over 5,000,000 people, and is a recognized state.

Scotland, though also having over 5,000,000 people, is only 30,000 square miles in area and, though a distinct country historically and to some extent culturally, is not a state, and has not been since 1707.

There is, though, no reason why Scotland cannot be a state again, so long as its people are willing to pay the price in various ways. It is clear, surely, that about half are not.

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The most egregious lie of “Jack Monroe” must be that, when Grenfell Tower was still burning, she went there (why? 60 miles from Southend where she lives), was “waved through the police cordon” (how? why?), and pretty much took charge (why? She did at one time, long before, have a job at the Essex fire brigade, but only answering the telephone). She also claims to have had the building plans of Grenfell Tower (how? why?).

Incidentally, while (as of today) 502 utter mugs are still each sending “Jack Monroe” between £3.50 and £44 each month via Patreon, her recent book has bombed. According to Amazon, it is selling about 268 copies per month at present, and secondhand hardback copies are up for sale for as little as £7, only a month after publication.

From the newspapers


An Israeli firm sought to influence more than 30 elections around the world for clients by hacking, sabotage and spreading disinformation, according to an undercover media investigation published Wednesday.

Following the latest revelations, Israel might also face increased pressure to rein in its cutting-edge cyberware and technology sector which was spotlighted in another media investigation led by Forbidden Stories in 2021.

It highlighted how the powerful Israeli-made Pegasus spyware had been sold by the cyber intelligence company NSO Group Technologies to governments and used against at least 50,000 people around the world.

[Daily Mail].

In the old (1960s?) slogan, “Hitler was right“…

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Might be interesting, but I shall wait and buy a used copy later, hopefully for £5-£10 (needs must…the Amazon price for a new copy is £25).

Incidentally, this semi-dramatized documentary about M.R. James, narrated by the late Bill Wallis in 1995, is well worth seeing:

I am just now watching another, and more recent, documentary about M.R. James:

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[the sign above that door reads “Wine Hall”]

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8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 February 2023, including a few thoughts about the SNP”

  1. Hi Ian,
    You are absolutely correct. The SNP is indeed fake nationalism. When I try to explain to my ‘SNP’ friends the paradoxical position of wanting sovereign independence but at the same time wanting to rejoin the EU, they roll their eyes and cannot undrestand my logic.

    The SNP have been wholly taken over by marxists. Maybe at one time they were genuine , but, in reality they have always been the anti- English party, which is highly embarrassing for someone like me who was recently a Scotsman working in England.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ross:
      Thank you.

      As for me, I rarely comment on Scottish politics, certainly not in detail. I have never been to Scotland, and do not follow closely its political life, despite my Franco-Scottish surname.

      “Braveheart” may have much to atone for!


    2. Very good observation Roos. As a neutral observer (I am of Italian descent) I have been in a privileged position to study the relationship of the English with the Irish and the Scots (although not as much as I would have liked; working full time and having many other interests prevented me to do so) Unfortunately, I found that most people feel comfortable hating their neighbours than trying to understand them.

      For example, I noticed that for many (if not most) so-called Irish and Scottish “nationalists” their idea of patriotism is to hate the English; of course, the same applies to many Englishmen. It is not sad but infuriating, because these morons are keeping open 300 years-old wounds. Civic nationalism, a by-product of the French Revolution, is a cancer that has kept Europeans separated and led to two horrendous wars that killed the flower of the White race.


  2. Ian,
    Braveheart was pure Hollywood. As a matter of fact very little is known of William Wallace’s background , or, even if he was Scottish.

    I have a personal theory on this! In 1290 Edward 1st officially kicks the jews out of England. Where would they go, across the border to Scotland, perhaps? Suddenly in 1297 the ‘wars of independence’ kick off between Scotland and England. Now, we know the jews are very skillful at initiating, manipulating and stirring others to fight their wars of vengeance for them. Were they taking advantage of the Scots not having a King or Queen at the time and thus having internal strife in the country in order to manipulate these wars?

    I’m of the opinion that Wallace was either a Jew or a Shabbos goy doing the jews work for them. I obviously keep this opinion to myself here in Scotland, lol.


    1. Ross:
      As you say, “pure Hollywood”, but the film probably influenced many in Scotland to support the “anti-English party”.

      Sometimes, of course, film and, prior to that, literature, has been massively influential politically. You only have to think, in the realm of cinema, of Soviet film generally, The Triumph of the Will, Olympia, Exodus, The Diary of Anne Frank etc, right up to the more recent American flim-flam of Top Gun etc.

      Many films on historical subjects are taken by the mass as “true” because they purport to be, or “based on” etc. How many people —outside the more informed such as ourselves— even know that Schindler’s List is not virtually documentary, but is simply a distortion of history, and based on a *novel* written by an *Australian* who was only born in 1935?

      Schindler’s List is less accurate, historically, than films such as The Day of the Jackal, yet has influenced millions, as did Exodus and The Diary of Anne Frank in their day.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The film “Braveheart” is, to put it bluntly, crap. It is a rabid anti-English pamphlet. As I wrote to Ross, the old-fashioned, narrow-minded nationalism of the XIX century, based on the contempt, if not hatred, for other countries has led to the death of the White race and hateful films like “Braveheart” are part of that ideology.

        In fact, I wonder why Mel Gibson hates so much the English. Because some years later he directed and acted another vile anti-English film known as “The Patriot”. As an Argentinian I have more reasons to hate England than 1000 Mel Gibsons, but my upbringing, common sense and lots of reading prevented me to do so. Thanks to all that, I learned, quite early on, to distinguish between a people and its ruling class.


      2. Claudius:
        I recall seeing The Patriot, but not a great deal about it. Underwhelming, and also not really one of the periods of history that most interest me.

        Mel Gibson made remarks about Jews a few times, but when the Jewish lobby snarled at him, backed down and apologized to them. Not very principled.


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