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Diary Blog, 15-16 May 2021


I lived on and off in the USA, mostly in the early 1990s though I did also spend time there in 1999, 2001 and 2002. Many Americans are fine people, but the mass media there is almost, not quite, 100% owned and operated by Jews. TV, radio, film, newspapers, magazines, book publishing. Americans have little choice but to see the world largely through the Jewish, Zionist, and Israeli lens. Fact. They are also brainwashed from childhood with “holocaust” propaganda and fake history.

The biggest mistake that anyone can make is to say “the Israeli Jews do terrible things to the Palestinians but Jews in Britain are different”. There are, admittedly, some nuances, cultural overlays etc, but the main difference is that the ones in the UK do not (yet) have total power over us.

Matthew Parris and the “tinkers”

I am a long way ideologically etc from Matthew Parris, but he does occasionally enunciate truths which few others in the msm or Westminster political milieu will say. Example, from his Times column:


For once (?) Parris is kinder than me! His basic thesis is, however, correct.

Parris’s column has caused a big kefuffle: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9583091/Liberal-commentator-Matthew-Parris-calls-blanket-ban-Travellers.html

It used to be said in the USA that a conservative-minded person was just a liberal-minded person who had been mugged!

I recall that old hypocrite and humbug, Michael Foot [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Foot], so beloved of the BBC, changing his pro-“Traveller” tune pretty quickly once a pack of them parked their caravans by his opulent detached and Listed house on Hampstead Heath.

I recall an amusing cartoon about that in a newspaper of the time, which showed two hedgehogs at night looking at a Gypsy caravan with smoke coming from its chimney; one says to the other, “since they camped on Hampstead Heath, they bake you in muesli”.

In fact, though, the old Romanies who sometimes ate baked hedgehog were not the same as modern “Travellers”, who are mostly of Irish origin and, as Anna Soubry, below, says, mostly not rural-dwellers:

I should never have imagined that the former MP for Plymouth and Angostura (or somewhere) would agree with me on any subject! God does indeed move in mysterious ways…

Tweets seen


Well, this week, I again beat John Rentoul. He scored 5/10, but I trumped that with 7/10. The answers that I did not get were those to questions 2, 6, and 10.

There were also protests in London, one major one (perhaps 150,000-strong) against the slaughter being once again perpetrated by Jews against defenceless Palestinians, the other (also quite large, maybe 100,000-strong) by people who want an end to the ridiculous and unnecessary “panicdemic” “rules” and “measures”.

As in the mass media of the socialist world before 1989, the mainstream media in the West are now ignoring what they want to muffle or stifle. Dangerous tactics— people are starting to get very angry. Justly so.

Some Israeli Jews show their true colours…

Most of them look incapable of doing anything themselves, for all their callous and cruel big talk. If a squad of SS suddenly came around the corner, they would run quickly enough!

Look at the ancient “Israel”, as seen in the Old Testament: slaughter of whole tribes and nations was mandated and carried out. What we today would call “genocide”. Ideas ingrained over thousands of years…

Anne Boleyn was as black as the ace of spades!

Well, no, she wasn’t, in fact:

…but that does not prevent our (((occupied))) mass media from pretending that she was! Or that it does not matter. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/jodie-turner-smith-playing-anne-boleyn-should-allowed-tell-story/

Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn opposite Mark Stanley’s Henry VIII
Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn

So not only a black woman but a rather plain one, and one who was brought up from age 9 in the USA. Why a black actress playing Anne Boleyn? Oh, yes, she says that it is just “a story“. She and her supporters say that race should not matter. Really? Oh, well… next up, a white man (with or without “blackface”) playing the role of, say, Nelson Mandela. Oh, no, wait…

More tweets

The above tweet refers to fanatical Jew-Zionist trolls on Twitter, particularly Steven Silverman of South Essex (currently tweeting as @ssilvuk), and Stephen Applebaum of Watford/Edgware (currently tweeting as, inter alia, @grubstreetsteve and @rattus2384). Both exposed in open court as secret trollers and harassers of anti-Zionists, mostly women.

Both of the above are active members of the malicious Jew-Zionist organization known as the “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, or “CAA”. Silverman is also an office-holder in that cabal, and styles himself “Head of Investigations and Enforcement”. Shin Beth-lite?

As seen above, Applebaum also excuses Jewish terrorism, such as the 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, in which at least 91 people were killed, and dozens of others suffered serious injury: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_David_Hotel_bombing

He is still excusing, on Twitter, Jewish (sub nom Israeli) state terrorism too.

The UK mass media is so (((occupied))) these days that most British people are left entirely unaware of how Jewish and/or Israeli terrorists have targeted them.

Below, Jewish terrorism before “Israel” as a state even existed—

British soldiers hanged by fanatical yet cowardly Jew Zionist terrorists…see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sergeants_affair.

The organization that hanged the British soldiers was called Irgun, which was headed by the Jew terrorist Menachem Begin [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menachem_Begin#Jewish_underground]. That Jew also ordered the bombing of the King David Hotel [see above].

Begin became Prime Minister of Israel in 1977. The Irgun terror outfit later became part of two political parties that were very similar, Herut and Likud, the latter of which is presently the governing party in Israel.

Israel is a state founded on terror, led by terrorists and murderers, and the only difference between 2021 and 1947 is that the terrorists are now the state, or part of the state.

The MPs do not fear the voters, as voters. As to what the freeloading bastards do fear…well, I think that at this point I shall not say more, in case some typical 2021 malicious creature denounces me to the authorities, which would (again) be very boring.

What does Hitchens want? A medal? I was saying all that before him, but am not making a good (or any) living out of it.

I disagree strongly with Hitchens when he writes, in his column today, that he is “glad that antisemitism is so unpopular today“. He ought to be a little consistent, and see what element is (not entirely but to a large extent) behind the very trends that he writes or rants about! Who does he imagine controls most of the UK mass media, to name just one crucial area?

Of course, Hitchens is part-Jew himself: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/19/peter-hitchens-and-his-views/.

This country would be a great deal better for a little (more) intelligent and defensive “anti-Semitism”…

Two years before my own first visit to Moscow.

Afternoon music

[East Berlin street scene, 1970s]
[East Berlin car park, 1987]

I myself was briefly in the DDR (East Germany) in 1988, travelling by car from the south of Poland to West Germany, but I was only there for 2 days. To this day, I have never seen Berlin, whether East, West, or reunified. Moreover, I have no wish to see it.

Late music

Diary Blog, 30 March 2021

Alison Chabloz

The trial of persecuted satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz starts today at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. The charges relate to alleged offences under the much-criticized Communications Act 2003, s.127, a typical piece of Tony Blair era botched legislation.

I shall relay any information which I may see about the progress of the trial —due to finish tomorrow, Wednesday 31 March 2021— as and when.

[Alison Chabloz]

The Great Reset

Not a “conspiracy theory”, by the way: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Reset.

It continues: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9416347/Johnson-Merkel-Macron-declare-world-needs-post-Covid-treaty.html

2022 will usher in a new era of 33 years’ duration, as has happened previously, for example in 1989 and 1956. The international conspiracy (or consensus) of power is preparing for that. The “panicdemic” is just one convenient excuse and/or a suitably-plausible narrative with which to fool the masses.

Tweets seen


Yet the tweet below shows that the few remaining Labour Party stalwarts remain immune to reality…

Ha ha!

As to Jess Phillips, I blogged about that particular publicity-hound, waste of space and ignorant idiot nearly two years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/07/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-jess-phillips-story/.

Late tweets

I should think that Orwell must be turning in his grave if aware of how free speech has been destroyed in the England of recent decades. Prosecutions for (notionally) “offending” the “Chosen”, and/or untermenschen, and/or for singing satirical songs…

Late music

Diary Blog, 24 March 2021

Morning music

Good environmental news


This is an example of the sort of “wildlife grid” that I have been suggesting for many years. Wildlife corridors and, eventually, a wildlife grid across the UK, becoming gradually more complex.

Other animal welfare news: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/03/23/exclusive-government-must-live-promise-enshrine-animal-sentience/

Tweets seen

What was that film again? Something like The Royal Cuck, the Mulatta, the Khazar Assistant, her Husband, and the Fall of the British Royal Family? Something like that. Oh, no…wait.


A group of Ashkenazic Jews in Jerusalem, circa 1885


At the very least, interesting, though in general I am not, as such, “anti-vaccine”, just (provisionally) anti this vaccine (campaign).


Enjoying watching Spiral [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral_(TV_series)], and it is a good way to improve French colloquial comprehension, too. It keeps the attention.

More tweets

Interesting. Davey trying to revive the LibDem “dead man walking” by giving the LibDems a USP to distinguish them from the other two main English parties of the System.

The people of England, drugged by msm propaganda, “elected” (a rigged selection, then a rigged or effectively rigged General Election) a part-Jew public entertainer and jester as Prime Minister. C’est ca…

What more do people expect of an idiot like “Boris”? He has no real ability.

Sir Richard Burton

No, not the film actor but, inter alia, the translator of the Arabian Nights. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Francis_Burton.

A regular reader of this blog sent me the following: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2021/03/24/sir-richard-francis-burton-explorer-linguist-race-realist/

Richard Francis Burton by Rischgitz, 1864.jpg
[Sir Richard Francis Burton, in 1864]

Enemies of the people


Such traitors do more harm than spies or even terrorists could ever do.

As for thick-as-two-short-planks Priti Patel, her “cunning plan” seems to be to try to discourage small-boat migration-invasion, while allowing in, on an even more lax basis, so-called “legal” immigrants of all kinds, including “asylum-seekers”.

The result of the above is that small-boat invaders will not be returned (anywhere) because most will destroy their papers and/or lie about their origins, while —at the same time— huge new waves of “legal” migration will come. That’s without even thinking about the (up to) 5 MILLION Hong Kong Chinese expected to arrive.

If you cannot see, even now, that this is all part of an international conspiratorial plan, you never will. The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. The Great Replacement. The Great Reset.

Late tweets

Three boys“? Not much of a description. Age? Racial or ethnic origin? I suppose we are supposed to guess…(and, no, a balaclava would not completely disguise the ethnic origin).

Late music

Diary Blog, 8 February 2021

“Wokeness” as imposition of control

What shall we do with the drunken sailor?



Britain’s armed forces have become a joke. Unfit recruits, female Royal Navy officers (!) working as moneygrubbing online “hoes” when off-duty, only 11,000 infantry available for deployment. It just goes on.

Interesting old film

Tweets seen today

Meanwhile, the msm ignores, or almost ignores, the vast and increasing toll of death and misery caused by the unnecessary ad disproportionate “lockdown”/shutdown and allied measures such as the facemask nonsense.

I just heard on the radio about those having to pull out their own teeth in agony because dentists are operating at low capacity or not at all, while still being paid pretty much full whack by the NHS! Total scandal.

That Jap politician obviously belongs to the international conspiracy.

Human beings tend to complain. Once, long ago, when living in the Caribbean, I was chatting online to a girl who lived in the English town of Hereford. I was complaining about how boring day to day life was in a villa without TV, satellite or even a telephone (but it was a pleasant detached villa with no close neighbours and on what was in effect a private beach, the sea about 20 feet away…). Her reply? “You think you’ve got problems. It’s cold here, and it has rained so hard that the ceiling of my bedsit has just fallen in.” Life is always relative.

Afternoon music

Fake “terrorism” news


A boy of, at time of “offences”, 13-14, but now 16, made the focus of a prosecution and huge publicity. What, really, has he done? Nothing except shoot his mouth off and research things on the Internet.

The court obviously realized the specious nature of the prosecution. Non-custodial sentence.

There is far too much nonsense of this sort, driven by a ZOG political agenda, and facilitated by too-zealous police and prosecutors.

Late tweets

“Hillman”. Jewish, presumably.

Every. Single. Time…


Ah…as I thought:

Some idiots (not only American blacks etc) actually believe ahistorical rubbish like that.

Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. White Genocide…

Late music

Howard Hanson, Symphony no. 2, “Romantic“; movements 1-3.

Diary Blog, 18 January 2021, including some thoughts about Universal Credit and Basic Income

“The virus”

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: interviewee Nadhim Zahawi [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadhim_Zahawi; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadhim_Zahawi#Expenses] said that the Government is expecting 85% of the England-resident population to agree to be vaccinated in the next few months. Asked about whether it might become compulsory to be vaccinated, Zahawi (born in Baghdad to Kurdish parents, only came to the UK aged 9) said “we are not that kind of country“.

It seems that the odd-looking showoff who owns Pimlico Plumbers [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pimlico_Plumbers; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Mullins] has said that he will not employ anyone who cannot prove vaccination.

To me, the telling point is that the subject of compulsion has been raised at all. I cannot recall any previous time when it has been. What is the real agenda, bearing in mind that well over 99% of people who are infected with “Coronavirus”/”Covid-19” actually recover, most without serious ongoing problems (as far as can be seen so far)?

Another piece of news today was that there are some indications that some variants of “the virus” have mutated to the point where the vaccine(s) become ineffective. There would then have to be, presumably, further or other vaccine(s).

One asks again, what is really behind all this? The “Great Reset”? If so, how does it all play out?

Tweets seen

Laura Kuenssberg has become steadily worse over several years; completely partisan. She is, basically, a government mouthpiece. A few years ago, I was sent information about her: part-Jew. I was unaware. I knew that she is part-German (echt German, not Jew), but it turned out that (like many UK-based journalists) she is also part-Jew.

As I have previously blogged, the whole idea of topping-up poor pay by means of State benefits is an error, completely wrongheaded. What it means is that employers can pay poverty wages, wages insufficient to live upon, and the employees paid those inadequate monies have to apply for Universal Credit merely to survive on a quite basic level.

Moreover, it means that the employers, and their profits, are being subsidised by the State, meaning by all citizens, including even those receiving State benefits! This is so because even those not paying income tax still pay other taxes: those working full-time (and many working part-time) are paying National Insurance [https://www.gov.uk/national-insurance], which is a tax by any other name; all are also paying VAT on most purchases: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value-added_tax_in_the_United_Kingdom.

Incidentally, the standard rate at which VAT is levied has increased steadily since introduction: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value-added_tax_in_the_United_Kingdom#Historical_rates.

What that all means is, inter alia, that those receiving Universal Credit are actually partly paying for that themselves, because most are paying not only VAT but also National Insurance.

The answer is twofold: firstly, the State should pay a measure of Basic Income to all persons whose income falls below a certain level. How much? Hard to say off the cuff, but about £100 per week seems right, as a minimum.

Secondly, there must be a higher minimum wage set. How high? Again, hard to say exactly, but £10 a hour seems about right.

Enforcement of the minimum wage also needs to be stepped up.

The devil is very much in the detail in such matters, of course. Housing Benefit is another can of worms. It may be that Housing Benefit should be eliminated, and the slack taken up by a much higher Basic Income. Expensive? Yes, but so is the whole “welfare” sector, with its “assessments”, snooping, intricate administration etc; of that, not the least pertains to Housing Benefit.

More tweets seen

and now Ukraine is basically a Jew-ruled failed state. Ironic (?) in that the historical Khazars, from whom many if not most Jews descend (i.e. not from ancient “Israelites”) were, loosely and inter alia, in the area of the Ukraine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khazars; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khazar_hypothesis_of_Ashkenazi_ancestry https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/archaeology/scientists-reveal-jewish-history-s-forgotten-turkish-roots-a6992076.html

A group of Ashkenazic Jews in Jerusalem, circa 1885
[Ashkenazi Jews in Jerusalem, c.1885; The Independent]

Shameful. Ironic though, that so many of the Twitter-twits have reposted the above graphic while at the same time arguing for even more immigrants to enter the UK, thus depressing pay further, thus straining public services further. The self-described “Left” have nothing to offer, any more than have the finance-capitalists (who also want more immigration). Only social-national policies can beat and cut a path out of the jungle.

Historical note

[n.b. for “county”, read “country”, obviously]

The quotation dates from the 1930s, I think from 1939, when Kennedy was 22: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Kennedy#Early_life_and_education.

More tweets

Shows what weapons they use on the occupied population…

History…first time, tragedy; second time, farce” [Marx]

I like it when the uniformed attendant calls that “the sacredest place“! Where the freemasons, puppets of Israel, and fraudsters sit and spout? Sacred? Ha ha!

Is Washington burning?

Meanwhile, in the “caring, sharing”, “liberal” and multikulti Netherlands…

That mayor was once egregiously rude and insolent to me when I still had a Twitter account. Who’s next? “I have a little list“…—but in view of the encroaching police state, only in my head. Nothing stains like ink (adjust quotation for online version…).

Updated version: https://fo-fo.facebook.com/englishnationalopera/videos/ive-got-a-little-list-with-lyrics-the-mikado-gilbert-an/10153631090723429/

Afternoon music

They should be on our side!

Something more peaceful…

Diary Blog, 2 December 2020

The elected dictatorship

Yesterday in Parliament, the latest Government kill-the-economy measures were voted through, 291 votes to 78. Most of the 78 were Conservative Party dissidents, though 15 Labour Party MPs (16 if including Jeremy Corbyn, now sitting as Independent) also voted against: https://votes.parliament.uk/Votes/Commons/Division/916#noes

The Labour Party as a whole abstained. Had it voted against the Government, the Government majority would have been in single figures, though probably still sufficient to win, depending on whether others might have been emboldened.

The Opposition, under Starmer, is lacklustre and without purpose.

A powerful polemic

I may not agree with everything that is said elsewhere, on various topics, by the writer of that piece, and I doubt that she would agree with me on much (if only as a kneejerk reaction), but that piece is worth reading.

Likewise, I am not sure that I would like all of her food recipes, but some of what she does could be regarded as a public service: https://cookingonabootstrap.com/category/recipes-food/; https://cookingonabootstrap.com/2018/09/10/student-essentials-under-a-fiver/; https://cookingonabootstrap.com/2018/09/04/top-tips-reduce-food-waste/; https://cookingonabootstrap.com/2018/07/24/how-to-dry-mushrooms/

Tweets seen

The existence on Earth of Jesus Christ, and then the “Aetherization of the Blood”, gave the Jews the chance to change their karmic future. St. Paul (former Saul) and others of that era understood that. Most Jews rejected that chance, just as they (as represented by the mob in Jerusalem) were given the chance to have Jesus Christ released and pardoned, but preferred to choose Barabbas, the Jewish Zealot and cut-throat (the archetype of the aggressive Jew-Zionists of the present age). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barabbas

More tweets

I think that even Hitler underestimated how destructive Jews (in this case under the “Israeli” label) can be when given power.

Even msm TV reports make it clear how destructive the “lockdown”/shutdown/facemask nonsense has been.

I saw, just yesterday, an interview with and report about what seemed to be a marquee and catering enterprise in (I think) Northern Ireland, killed off by Government “virus” nonsense. This year was the first it failed to make a good profit.

Now its losses have meant insolvency and liquidation. 40 employees have now lost their jobs. Many face poverty, some homelessness, as a result. Now scale that up to millions.

Companies large and small are now insolvent. In huge numbers.


Again, a huge chance for social nationalism to seize the agenda.

I have been blogging for some time about how the new “police state” is a collaboration between the State and transnational companies (along with malicious special interest lobbies such as the Jew-Zionist lobby), rather than the old-style Stalinist model, or if you like the “Latin American” model.

Incidentally, take a look at that mixed-race person in the photo. That is one Vaughan Gething [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaughan_Gething], the Health Minister of the devolved Welsh Government. The Great Replacement, personified…

Peter Hitchens may be right in principle here, but there is little mileage in being pointlessly obstructive to uniformed patrolmen. When I was about 21 or 22, that is back in about 1978, I was walking late at night through a town in one or the more urbanized parts of Surrey, having hitch-hiked there (I did that a lot at that time), and was about halfway to my destination (Reigate Hill) when a police car came alongside.

The policeman in the passenger seat asked where I was going and what I had in my attache case. I answered his first question and, as to the second, answered “books on occultism”. Incredulous smiles from the constabulary. The policeman got out and asked me to open the case. I cannot recall now whether the first book he saw was Gareth Knight’s A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism or Israel Regardie’s The Tree of Life— A Study in Magic. Whichever it was, it was enough to satisfy the curiosity of Plod.

No doubt, when back in the police canteen, they regaled their cohorts with the story of the odd young man carrying a case of obscure books around the town after midnight.

It happens. One of my one-time schoolmasters said that the police had once stopped him on Westminster Bridge, also late at night, and asked him what he had in his duffle bag (this was when the IRA were bombing London in the early 1970s). He replied “a concrete gnome“, and briefly faced the irritation of the police… until the bag was searched, only to verify his story. It happens.

Boris-idiot, someone who has plotted all his life to become Prime Minister, but who has no beliefs, no ideology to speak of, no religion, not even any plans or ideas, unless you include those 12 year old schoolboy ideas of bridges over the ocean etc.

Just a big nothing. An onion, or an outsize matrioshka, with nothing in the middle.

Late tweets

That says something about the mixture of emergent police state and incompetent mess that we now call a country…

Nah…bye…see you when sanity is restored to this country (if ever)…

Late music

Diary Blog, 10 November 2020

Strange news

How did Israelis have contact, in Denmark, with live mink or even with people who have had contact with live mink? How could that even happen? Am I being too suspicious?

I suppose that they could have been Jew fur traders. Or is there more to this, something even more sinister?

Tweets seen

Not entirely with Griffin there. In the case shown, the man was wrong, in my view, to follow the woman down the street to intimidate her, even though she herself triggered the incident by “talking on her telephone” about how people were not wearing masks on the train. In other words, she was being what people now call “passive-aggressive”, not confronting nearby non-mask-wearers directly but talking “about” them (at them) using her telephone as cover.

Still, people who act as unofficial “Covid marshals” (or even official ones) deserve to be denounced.

All the usual pathetic “antifa” idiots (for whom Twitter is basically the whole world) are rejoicing. Useless grifter and fake “historian”/”journalist” Mike Stuchbery, “historian” “Dr” Louise Raw, “antifashwitch” (pseudo-occult crazie Roanna Carleton Taylor). The whole of that silly echo-chamber.

Here (below) is a typical example of that degenerate type:

The Jews are also rejoicing, alongside their “antifa” dupes.

Twitter is only useful for illustrative purposes. All social media is only good as an adjunct to real-world politics and power.

All the interesting people, pretty much, are now banned from Twitter.

There is only one way forward, though it may take a variety of forms.

Time is running out for others on Twitter. Laura Towler, Nick Griffin etc. They must know it.

There are positive aspects. The poundland KGB (emergent UK police state) relies on the monitoring of the Internet and especially on the monitoring of social media. Those banned from using this or that platform, or the Internet generally, fly beneath the radar and are hard to track.

If anyone wants to go to Telegram, or Parler, or Gab etc, fine. However, talking or posting on social media can only take you so far. Yes, that also applies to posting on blogs such as mine.

Talking about the Twitter echo chamber, I am amused to see that a new secular saint has emerged, following in the footsteps of Saint Mandela and Saint Obama: Saint Jo Biden (with, pictured smaller, as in ancient Egyptian artworks) his “Nubian” assistant, Saint Kamala Harris. Truly pathetic…

“@loratlov” is quite correct. I have spoken (at the London Forum in 2017), tweeted (before I was expelled at the behest of the Jew lobby), and blogged for years about the “privatization of public space”, and also about how the pseudo-socialists nowadays defend the “right” of huge transnational capialist enterprises to take away the free speech of the citizen.

“Mariana M”, apparently. Another enemy of the British people.

Laura Towler is right. Twitter is but a convenient cul-de-sac. As for “Elizabeth Haggis”, she exemplifies Twitter. Twitter is the whole world to such people.


Late tweets seen

Below, a typical Twitter degenerate:

Late music

Diary Blog, 19 August 2020


When the State fails to protect the people, the people start to protect themselves…https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8641517/Migrant-20s-attacked-moments-coming-ashore-dinghy-Kent-beach.html

Britain’s moral collapse


The blacks emboldened by “Black Lives Matter” nonsense


An egregious example, but I believe that there is a general emboldenment of the non-Europeans and especially the blacks, triggered by the “BLM” nonsense. Not only in the USA; Britain too.

From the horse’s mouth

Professor Nathan Abrams sheds light on how Jews transformed the British entertainment industries, creating some of the most iconic characters and images of the 20th Century, including James Bond, Doctor Who, Carry On, and many others. In so doing, British Jews infused their creations with hidden Jewish themes.”

I always wondered why some TV and film series are pushed more, in the msm, than others…

Of course the absurd “James Bond” fantasy meshes with the whole WW2 and post-WW2 SOE/OSS narrative. SOE [Special Operations Executive] was in reality a shambolic mess that (even from the Allied perspective) accomplished little (and got a very high percentage of its agents and its own officers killed), but you would not believe that from the huge msm industry of books and films that has grown up around it, especially in recent years.

SOE mentored the OSS, as did SIS/MI6. SOE was disbanded with almost indecent haste once Germany was defeated, but that fatal seed of amateur SOE bungling, once planted in the OSS, carried on germinating and then thriving in the successor to OSS, the CIA.

That seed of gung-ho paramilitarism, sown in the Second World War, has in fact been responsible for most of the CIA’s debacles, from the Bay of Pigs, through Iran-Contra, to the support for and then betrayal of the Kurds; other situations too, such as arming Osama bin Laden and other fanatics in Afghanistan during the time of Soviet or pro-Soviet rule in the 1980s.

You see it in Hollywood films too, the idea that secret intelligence is largely about blazing machineguns, firefights featuring operatives capable of using martial arts and (maybe even at the same time!) flying a plane and making safe the mechanism of a nuclear bomb (etc). Not that such films are always unentertaining, but “Jason Bourne” is not so much a “secret agent” as a superhuman ninja warrior gone West.

Tweets seen

The whole thread is well worth reading. To read it, click on the tweet.

A caution to the Jew-Zionists trying to censor Twitter and other online media platforms:


More tweets

Not all of the inferior races (or, within those races, individuals) treat animals cruelly (and our own record is far from perfect), but it is a matter of degree: the Northern European peoples, though they are at only the start of their evolutionary journey (in big-picture terms), are at least on it, whereas most of the other racial and ethnic groups in the world are either static or are regressing, so falling into decadence and evil.


A “chimp-out” in San Francisco. Think the UK, say London, Birmingham or wherever, is any different? Think again. Once the restraints are off, this is the result. You cannot have a civilized society without a civilized population. Fact.

What many find hard to accept, or understand, is that quite a high proportion of those at or near the top of this society are actually and even wittingly servants of evil, sometimes members of evil secret groups planning to reduce the civilized people of the world (and all the peoples of the world) to decadence and destruction.

If the mob in Portland and elsewhere are not soon mown down by police, National Guard or Army, then the white people of Oregon are going to have to prove that the “Constitution” they talk about so much actually means at least something, and that their much-vaunted “right to keep and bear arms” means something more than showing off weapons to their friends and shooting empty beer bottles off fence-posts in the boonies…

So where are the “alt-Right” wastes of space in Portland and elsewhere?

In fact, where is Trump? Where is the huge machinery of U.S. government repression? Unaware? No. Complicit? Maybe…

Where are the non-antifa white people in Portland, where are all the “guns” they value so highly? A mere few would be able to clear away those untermenschen. As Dietrich Eckart said, “the rabble need to hear the rattle of machineguns…to get fear into their pants!

As I have always said, most of the “nationalist” elements, in the US and UK too, are a waste of time and space. That particularly applies to the “alt-Right” and other wastes of space.

In fact, the multikulti or cultureless items of detritus on the streets are merely an unpleasant symptom. The disease is seated elsewhere, behind the camera, behind the reporters’ notebooks. The “journalists”, editors, owners of TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, Hollywood studios. These are the ones harbouring the disease.

Note that a female “Black Lives Matter” bully shouts continually at the old lady, “PUT YOUR MASK ON, BITCH!, PUT YOUR MASK ON!“. Could the reasoning (the real reasoning) behind the facemask-wearing nonsense be made any more clear? It is a bullying of the individual, to intimidate the individual, forcing that person to conform, to do what the mob demands.

For myself, I just wish that someone had protected that old lady, and the best way of doing that would have been to shoot the mob down, starting with the black shouting in her face, then next prioritizing those cowards filming and photographing the horrible scene, followed by the shouting woman in the background. Then the rest of that mob. Then moving to those who are triggering all this by buying TV ads to support it, by reporting on it favourably, and also those bending the knee in sign of fealty or surrender to it all…

What starts on the West Coast of the USA often arrives next in the UK, after a year or two. Be warned. Be ready.

The BBC?! Ha ha! I support public service broadcasting, but the BBC trashed that years ago. The BBC now is almost akin to Soviet TV and radio. The BBC news broadcasts on TV have become unwatchable, just government propaganda lies, especially about “the virus” etc. Endless boring “interviews” on Skype with people droning on from their homes. I often wonder how many people now watch BBC News at all. Few, I think. It has become hugely boring. Not that that matters much to BBC staff who, like their 1980s Soviet counterparts are hugely overpaid for not rocking the boat…Meanwhile, the public is forced to pay for it all.

It will end in tears, with BBC staff forced to clean the pavements with their toothbrushes.

When things really (to use the contemporary phrase) “kick off” in the USA, UK, across mainland Europe, those who think that they can control the agenda and events because they —now— gang up on and denounce people to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, the police etc, will find no hiding place themselves. Their Lilliputian binding ties will no longer protect them.

“Protect the NHS”? How about “Protect the patients of the NHS”?

Beaver re-introduction


Britain and inventors

Saw this:

Britain in the 20th and 21st centuries has not much honoured its inventors. Sir Christopher Cockerell belatedly got a knighthood (surely the most devalued honour?) and a prize of £5,000 (worth ?£500,000 today) in the late 1960s for inventing the hovercraft.

How sad that hovercraft are now built in places like China, but not, as far as I know, the UK, where they were invented and also first built and first used as passenger transport.

Hovercraft are still being updated and built in China and elsewhere. A story repeated a hundred times in the past. Is there any need to repeat a long list? The man (British) who invented the wind-up radio, not the most stunning invention but extremely useful all the same [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trevor_Baylis] made lists of all the inventions invented by British people in Britain, but which had then been exploited mostly by others, whether in the USA, Germany, or latterly in China.

British people are often poor at blowing their own trumpet. From the World Wide Web to DNA and DNA fingerprinting, the hovercraft, the jet engine, radar. Just hundreds of things.

People will say, “well, what about Dyson?” and it is true that, if anyone has had the benefit of his own ingenuity, it is Dyson [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Dyson] but he is one inventor out of many; also, it is sad that he prioritized profit over continuing to manufacture his products in the UK, though I should not want to be too churlish: Dyson has ploughed back some profits into research and education.

Tweets seen this evening

Pity about the decommissioning of those cross-Channel hovercraft. They would have been useful in dumping the migrant-invaders back on the beaches of the Pas de Calais. The invaders could be kept in the hold for the 40 min crossing, and hovercraft need no port facilities, just a suitable beach. Out you get!

Hitchens is right. For one thing, the number of deaths from or even “with” Coronavirus has been massively inflated. Even the government of clowns’ own advisers have admitted that (though still claim 40,000+). Secondly, direct civilian casualties in the UK from bombing and other enemy action during WW2 numbered around 67,000, so Piers Morgan is mistaken even in that respect, even taking the official, very inflated, “Covid-19” statistics as correct.

Piers Morgan is just a System mouthpiece.

As I have blogged earlier, both today and on other days, the BBC News on TV is pretty much unwatchable now. Bias and boredom. The “bias and boredom corporation”?

I think that that article would be well worth reading, but it is behind a paywall.

My little evening excursion

I went out to get fish and chips, something I do only once every couple of months. There is a shop on the rural/suburban A-road not far from me, about half a mile away, in a strip, or what an older generation called a “parade”, of small shops. While waiting for the fish to be fried, I bought a few Thunderball tickets at the nearby convenience store (there are about 6 or 7 small shops there, 3 of which sell takeaway food).

I noticed that the florist shop was closed up, with what I took to be (did not go to read it) a legal notice pasted on the window. The little video rental shop was also closed and dark (though it was always open at 7 in the evening), so it looks as though that has, in the old phrase, also probably “gone West”, as has, I suspect, a shop which sells, or sold, curtains and other soft furnishings. So out of about 7 shops (I think that another one closed a while ago), only 4 are still operating: fish and chips, a Chinese/Malay takeaway, an Indian takeaway, and the convenience store (part of a nationwide chain).

The economic depression (using the term in a lay sense) caused, not by “Coronavirus”, but by government action and stupidity has not yet fully hit. The effects are beginning to be seen, however. Dire. The headlines scream about Marks & Spencer or Debenhams sacking thousands of workers, but the real story (or another real story) is the above, but multiplied countless times across Britain. Small shops and other businesses closing down, probably forever.

What is the betting that, when unemployment soars into the many millions, it will be the mask-wearing fanatics, and the “lockdown” enthusiasts, and the typical Twitterati mob, that will be screaming about how the masses are suffering from low pay, no pay, low benefits, lack of decent housing (as the migrant-invaders flood in) and an NHS which is allowing untold thousands to die because undiagnosed and untreated?

Midnight music

Diary Blog, 3-4 June 2020

Released in 1972, the year that Greenpeace was just being launched, Watership Down presented animals in the British countryside as refugees fleeing destruction wrought by man

The family of British author Richard Adams have won a court battle over the rights to Watership Down against American film producer Martin Rosen.” [Daily Mail]


Martin (((Rosen)))…

As soon as I saw the headline, I knew that it had to be a (((you know who))) cheating the author out of his rightful earnings. Odds-on, anyway. Not “prejudice”. Experience.

Peak “woke”?

Today, in the UK, members of the public are urged to “take the knee”, that strangely mediaeval gesture of black power, at 1800 hrs, in “solidarity” with the black rioters, looters and “protesters” of the urban USA. Later, at 2000 hrs, the rabbits are urged to carry on being “woke” by clapping on their doorsteps for the public services (or something, or nothing).

I sincerely hope that both ideas will continue to be ignored by 90%+ of the British people (where I live, about 99%).

The American police are sometimes very rough, true, but how is it a “protest” to burn buildings or cars in California, or loot computer shops etc in some other states, because one black man was, possibly, unlawfully killed by one or a few policemen in Minnesota? Or is this the opening shot in a real race/culture war, akin to the firing of the cannon at Fort Sumter, that kicked off the American Civil War?


Meanwhile, some of the concealed enemies of white Northern European culture are coming out from behind their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Some are rejoicing in what they see as the upcoming death of white European life and culture (and civilization).

I happened to see this tweet, which does not stand alone:

The tweeter is an actor, presumably rather affluent. His political beliefs and ideology seem, to me, evident.

Then see this one:

Most attacks by blacks and browns on whites in the UK are never even classified by police or in the msm as “racial attacks” but as ordinary crime.

In the case referred to above, “He became a student activist and led a campaign against alleged racism at the city’s Dental Hospital. This eventually saw the introduction of anonymous marking across all faculties at the University.[2]

He left engineering to study sociology and politics, and was still a student when, in 1991, he was arrested by police officers for illegally flyposting on Ashton Lane. During his arrest he was pushed to the ground, and had his teeth chipped. Anwar successfully took civil action against Strathclyde Police. In 1995, Sheriff Evans found that one officer had assaulted Anwar and that it appeared to be a racially motivated attack; Anwar was awarded £4,200 in compensation and the policeman was suspended.[3]

Anwar was criticised by the ruling Sheriff in regards to the release of “bloated confrontational material” surrounding the case with the Sheriff stating the allegations of racism did not influence his findings.” [Wikipedia]


In other words, that tweeter was breaking the law in 1991, being a social pest by flyposting. Yes, one officer was rough with him (whether “provoked” or not I do not know), and (4 years later) was suspended from his job as a result. Anwar was awarded £4,200 compensation as well.

Asa matter of fact, if Aamer Anwar was “an angry young man” after he was assaulted by the police, what was he before, when he was flyposting and (?) scrawling graffiti (Wikipedia says “anonymous marking”) all over the campus at Glasgow University? Also (i.e. already) angry?

As for this Aamer Anwar’s background etc, I read in Wikipedia that he was born in 1967 in England (of Pakistani origins), and became at first a student reading mechanical engineering in 1986, when aged 19. By 1991, when he was aged 24 or 25, he had switched to sociology and politics. That was when the events described above took place (the civil trial occurred in 1995). He must have switched to law, perhaps after his degree, because he became a solicitor in Scotland in 2000, aged 32.


Anwar made controversial statements in the aftermath of the 2007 Glasgow International Airport attack, in which he claimed, “That there is no difference between a stealth bomber and a suicide bomber, the effects are still the same”. In further remarks he argued that there was a moral equivalence between the 9/11 hijackers and the United States when they bomb innocent civilians.[45]

In 2008 he faced allegations of contempt of court in the light of a complaint by the presiding judge in the case, Lord Carloway, after Anwar directly attacked the jury following the trial and conviction of Mohammed Siddique in the High Court of Justiciary.[46] It was the first hearing of its kind in the UK.[47] He was the first lawyer in the UK to be put on trial for contempt of court for comments he made on behalf of his client at the end of a trial. Iain Banks, the author, joined Labour politician Tony Benn, Respect MP George GallowayBashir Maan, convener of the Muslim Council of Scotland and human rights lawyer Gareth Pierce, among others to argue that such a prosecution was detrimental to free speech.[48]

While finding Anwar’s comments to be “misleading” Lord Osborne did not find him in contempt of court. However he still strongly criticised Anwar’s behaviour stating that statements from the lawyer were politically motivated and largely consisted of “angry and petulant criticism” Further stating the court is entitled to expect better of those who practice before it.” [Wikipedia]

More criticism of lawyer Anwar, this time as Rector of Glasgow University (2017-2020, and no longer en poste, according to his Twitter profile):

The Times Scottish edition reported in June 2018 that Anwar had failed to hold a single surgery for the first 11 months of his rectorship; a claim backed up by Glasgow University.

Anwar [was] criticised for publicly accusing the university of showing “callous disregard” for students and staff, treating international students as “cash cows” and claiming to have uncovered serious cases of racism and sexual harassment. However, officials at the university insisted that when they asked for specific details so they could launch investigations, none were provided.” [Wikipedia]

It seems that Aamer Anwar has received several awards in Scotland (having launched his own law firm in 2007), a fact which makes me even less optimistic about the path that “nationalist” Scotland is on.

Note: https://aameranwar.co.uk/about-us/ (don’t expect modesty…)

His latest tweet as I write:

So, he regards himself, or so it seems to me, as “black” (though he is a Pakistani by origin, albeit born in England); also, he rants about “racial injustice”, when he himself was not only educated in England and Scotland at public expense but also has been able to become qualified as a solicitor and to set up a law firm which has received both recognition and awards.

Jews (most of the famous ones at least) support the black “protests”…

Here, for example, are the Jews who own the well-known ice-cream company, whose Twitter message says “Peace, Love, & Ice Cream”:

Pity, I like their Cherry Garcia…

Jews always have supported everything that breaks down white Northern European civilization, whether in Europe itself, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa…


The blacks and browns (some of them) scapegoat the white Europeans despite the latter having created almost everything of value in the past thousand (arguably several thousand) years.

Some people are “fighting” back, at least online:

The old ploy of proclaiming “peace and love” and “we fight hate” still fools many “useful idiots”, sadly…

Very true!

Coronavirus and the ludicrous “lockdown”/shutdown

The Conservative Party succeeded in the 2019 General Election, not on its own merits, i.e. because voters flocked to it; no, few voters flocked to the Conservative Party, but many flocked away from the Labour Party.

Now, the Conservative Party lead over Labour has been greatly reduced by the obvious incompetence of Boris-idiot, Priti Patel, little Matt Hancock and that little pissant Robert Jenrick, among others; more voters now are saying that they might vote Labour, but only by default, because they are waking up to the general uselessness of Boris-idiot (though credit where due: at least he has resisted supporting the “woke” “protesters” and looters of inner-urban USA). In the UK’s basically binary political system, when one cuckoo goes in, the other comes out.

Now the iceberg of reality is approaching the UK Titanic. Said iceberg has been concealed or disguised by “furlough” payments, financial support for (often only notionally) “self-employed” people; a semi-holiday for many. Also, by some government support for small businesses. Then there was the warm-to-hot weather, not as irrelevant a point as it may seem. That contributed to the almost-holiday feeling.

Despite all the above measures, thousands of redundancies have been announced already. Millions are now already receiving “Universal Credit”, ie the dole. Come the Autumn, the Winter, there will be a huge collapse. The only way of avoiding that collapse, or at least its effects, will be to inaugurate huge make-work projects (on minimum wage). The Summer will soon be over.

I went out to get a few items at Waitrose. Exiting at just on 2000 hrs, I noticed that there were no “useful idiots” clapping anywhere. There were not many, even at the start of the “clapathon”, where I live, and those few became even fewer in succeeding weeks. Today, though, none. Was it called off, or did the rabbits wake up?

Tweets seen this evening

Below, a Guardian reporter applauds a black mob turning Whitehall into Soweto.

The same reporter also applauds a policeman who gives in to the demand of the mob, and who bends the knee, literally, in sign of fealty to the forces of destruction.

Unless he was doing it to defy with irony the black mob in Whitehall, this policeman should be dismissed, at once.

Seems that that particular politicized policeman is not the only rotten apple in the barrel…

Strange, or maybe not so strange: a few days ago, Piers Corbyn and others were arrested merely for holding a quiet, peaceful anti-“lockdown” protest at Speakers’ Corner. Today, hordes of blacks congregate there and in Whitehall, but no immediate arrests and some of the police seem to have decided to not resist the “revolution” of the non-whites and their white “useful idiots”….

Is it cuz I is not black?“, in the immortal and slightly altered words of “Ali G”…

and today there are some white “cucks”, in the American phrase, as well:

What a pathetic rabble, who want to destroy what is left of white Northern European culture and society in the UK.

(I note, also, that the non-European Guardian scribbler cannot spell “deterred”).

Below: to lapse into colloquial American English (again), total and complete “cuckdom”!

[above: the moment when one group of Americans surrendered their —and their descendants’— future]

Prince Philip

Prince Philip, who has had Coronavirus, and who has recovered from it, is expected to celebrate his 99th birthday next week.

Boris-idiot, little Matt, Priti useless, Robert Pissant-Jenrick, and your “advisers”….you have destroyed the British economy for nothing.

Tweets seen

“Cuck” police…

A few volleys of rifle fire would soon have cleared the streets, but “our” “wonderful” police prefer to “bend the knee” to a black mob.

Enemy companies

The companies listed below are those funding or giving other support to the enemies of civilization:


More about Coronavirus

A former head of MI6 has said he believes the coronavirus pandemic “started as an accident” when the virus escaped from a laboratory in China

In an interview with The Telegraph, Sir Richard Dearlove said he had seen an “important” new scientific report suggesting the virus did not emerge naturally but was man-made by Chinese scientists.

The apparent discovery will raise the prospect of China paying “reparations” for the death and economic catastrophe wreaked upon the world, the former intelligence chief said. It comes as Beijing faces growing pressure to explain precisely how coronavirus first began to spread late last year. [Daily Telegraph]

China is on a collision course with the West. What will be vital is the stance Russia takes.

This report also raises questions about the “experts” and scientific advisers used by governments:

International scientists have reached a near-unanimous consensus, however, that the virus emerged in animals – most likely bats or pangolins – before jumping to the human population.

But Sir Richard, 75, pointed to a scientific paper published this week by a Norwegian-British research team who claim to have discovered clues within Covid-19’s genetic sequence suggesting key elements were “inserted” and may not have evolved naturally.” [Daily Telegraph]

The world, and particularly the USA, now stands in a position vis a vis China akin to that vis a vis Japan in the 1930s.

A stray thought about the “black” protest in London

We have seen the blacks en masse “protest”, even riot and murder before in London, and on a far larger canvas. The Brixton riots of 1981, the Broadwater Farm housing estate riot of 1985 etc.


More recently, in 2011, we had the “shopping riots” (looting, and burning of buildings and vehicles).

What is different about the “black” protests of the past few days? Well, for one thing, they were not “riots” at all, not yet anyway. I should say that the fact that the trigger event took place in Minnesota, half a world away, may have dampened the reaction, as did yesterday’s rain. I used to notice, when a London resident, that almost all the blacks avoid (far more than the English) going out in the rain.

So why am I more uneasy about what has happened than I ever was in 2011, 1985, 1981 etc? The first reason is because the msm now are not only less willing to stand up for white Northern European civilization and what were once known as “British values”, but seem now to actively promote this anti-white, anti-British agenda that we see constantly before our eyes.

A major factor is the Jewish infiltration into all aspects of the msm: TV, radio, Press, publishing. Thus we see the TV news coming out in favour of the black protests, and encouraging more.

The police: as we have seen, some policemen go so far as to “bend the knee” in sign of fealty to the black mob. Policemen are rather canine. They respect the so-called “alpha”. If the mob is powerful, some police at least just give in to it.

The same is true of the police reaction to the Jew-Zionist lobby. The only thing that can deal with such a reaction is to show that you have the baton of power. The police will then salute you. That is what happened when the NSDAP took over the government of Germany. The police simply transferred their loyalty to the new order; the same thing happened in France and in the Channel Islands in 1940.

What has been disturbing about the last few days is not so much the “protests” themselves but the fact that many of those with power and money in society are eager to see that same society destroyed, or at least changed, so that the white British people who created it can be marginalized or destroyed.

Tweets seen recently

Yes, it seems that, for the (((contaminated))) msm, “White Lives Do Not Matter”…

When the whole NWO/ZOG pro-Mandela thing was at its height in 1988 or so, I knew one or two people who were pro-Mandela, pro-ANC etc. Since then, I have met a few others who were that way politically inclined back then. All women. None, bar one who had been on a 2-week holiday to Zanzibar, had ever been to any part of Africa. None knew much about Africa or even South Africa. One was even, apparently, a member of some pro-ANC solidarity group in, I think, Dorset.

Thus are such campaigns often sustained, by naive and emotional people, often women, who actually are moved by feeling rather than intellect. However, the vital thing is that the msm was biased, hugely, one way. All the propaganda pumped out was one way. It still is.


Seems that I got it wrong again re. the pathetic clapping ritual, and that the “clapathon”, during which brainwashed rabbits applaud their own reduction to serfdom, was not yesterday (Wednesday) but this evening (Thursday). Round here no-one was clapping this evening either, though. People are waking up, and soon will be waking up a to gigantic metaphorical hangover.

The royal mulatta

Ah, “the blacks are revolting, your Majesty”, and that fact has driven from cover the “royal mulatta” (Meghan Markle), who has left her henpecked “royal” husband at home to tend his own mental problems, while she speaks on the world stage (again)…

St Augustine of Hippo [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustine_of_Hippo ] confessed that his attitude in prayer had been, at times,” “Oh, Master, make me chaste and celibate – but not yet!” (da mihi castitatem et continentam, sed noli modo). Likewise, it seems that the royal mulatta wants peace, and for her, Harry and their child to be left alone and out of the public eye…but not just yet!


The most interesting part of that report is the Comments section…

Tweets seen

Yes. Why is it that Hitchens has only now noticed? Because he himself is now a victim of it? About a decade ago, the Jews had about a third of my book reviews (hundreds) removed from Amazon (Amazon UK and also, separately, USA Amazon— so much for the “land of freedom!). Now the rest are all “private”, ie not able to be seen. Effectively removed by Amazon itself, but behind actions like that is always, or almost always, the Jew. (((They)) i.e. the Jew lobby, have deprived me of my freedom of expression, and at the same time deprived the public of my views and reviews (I was at one time one of the “top 50” reviewers on UK Amazon, voted there by thousands of people).

Homo Britannicus is not that different now from homo Sovieticus…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_Sovieticus

Late music

Diary Blog, 6 March 2020

The legend of Ahasuerus

There is a legend about someone in ancient, classical, times, who was condemned to reincarnate constantly in the same race and nation, without evolving, because he was unable to accept the divinity of Christ.

I have often wondered about the Jews, or those who say that they are Jews, in this regard. For example, I noticed, when visiting people I knew in the Stamford Hill section of North London, that the Hasid Jews numerous in the neighbourhood tended to have children that needed glasses even at a very early age. I am presuming that that is some kind of genetic weakness.

The above presumed affliction is physical. What about “inherited” or “reincarnated” non-physical traits? I knew a girl once, long ago, who was somehow foreign-looking. She did not look very English, not completely anyway. Her father told her, when she herself was wondering about her origins (in her early twenties), that she had Italian ancestry as well as English. That seemed plausible to her (and to me). She was an impressionable person and before long her favourite music was anything Italian, from Verdi to the theme of The Godfather. She started to eat only Italian food, and her reading material followed suit, as did the videos she watched. Then an unexpected event occurred.

The young woman in question discovered that her ancestry had not been part-Italian but (in part) Jewish (maybe Italian-Jew, I do not know). This discovery changed her whole outlook or world-view. In fact, it was so comical that it could have formed the basis for a film, perhaps akin to Leon the Pig-Farmer, one of her new favourites.

Suddenly, the Italians were shoved out into the cold, replaced by the Jews: Mendelssohn, Mahler (partly-Jewish, anyway), kletzmer music, Qabalah, you name it. Pasta and pesto gave way to kosher wurst and salt beef. She started to attend the “schul” for aspiring Jewish converts at the St. John’s Wood Synagogue in St. John’s Wood Road (not far from where I lived at the time), and in general she became a pain in the neck.

Her whole character changed, and not for the better. For example, I was laughing about a joke made by the very pleasant Lebanese then manager and “head waiter” of the Raoul’s cafe in Little Venice, my usual coffee place, who had referred to the Jews as “the anointed”. The “Jewish” girl erupted, swearing that she would get the owner to sack the man etc. I have no idea whether she tried to follow through (if so, unsuccessfully, because he was there for years more), but it really brought home what a very nasty change in her character had occurred via her espousal of Jewish culture.

I should add that this young woman was rather volatile and, eventually, just as the Jews had displaced the Italians, the Jews in their turn were displaced by, of all people, the Irish! No, she had not discovered a long-lost Irish ancestor, but had somehow (God knows where or how— this was in pre-Internet days, around 1990 or so) started an affair with a notorious (and married) Provisional IRA member who shall be nameless. Suffice to say that this individual was or had been a terrorist, convicted in the UK for acts of political violence, but who later became “purely political”. Later yet, that Irishman became a Sinn Fein member of the Northern Irish Assembly. I believe that he still is, and continues to flourish like the green bay tree. Anyway, he is but a catalyst in this story.

Under the influence of faux-Irish-ism, the young woman of whom we speak turned her London home into a grotto of everything Irish (and Roman Catholic). Plaster saints appeared, the Jewish “schul” was abandoned in favour of Roman Catholic instruction, books about Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir gave way to tracts about Marianism, Jesuitism, the lives of female saints etc, all sharing shelf space with biographies of de Valera and Michael Collins, and music such as The Men Behind The Wire.

There was an amusing incident. On one of my by-then-rare visits to the home of the young woman, she said that the slightly simple but good-hearted fellow who lived in the flat upstairs had expressed his worry that she “might be raided by the police and that [he] might get shot by mistake“!

I have recounted all the above to make the point that attitudes are at least mainly acquired, from personal connections, reading, experiences, from family, friends, from the general society, from race and nation. I suppose that that comment, in itself, is trite. It does matter, though, what attitudes are acquired. Look, for instance, at the tweets below:

The latter tweeter seems to be a remarkably unpleasant individual. Apparently not even part-Jew, yet obsessed with “holocaust” material and with trying to bring to trial the few remaining people who, in 1941 or 1945, were 18 year old boys in uniform, opening and closing gates, or simply working in SS offices.

He wants those boys, now in their nineties, to lose homes, citizenship etc. In a word, he wants to be cruel to them. A sadist, in my opinion.

The hatred oozes from his tweets. I find it very disturbing that such a person is apparently employed by the misnamed Department of Justice in the USA. I wondered whether he himself is part-Jew, so venomous are his comments online, but there is no evidence of it, as far as I know.

He has even picked a quarrel with the present-day Auschwitz visitor attraction:



I wonder what will happen when the last SS officer or man dies? What will the “holocaust” industry do then? Build another 100 fake museums or memorials? In fact, I doubt that many if any SS officers are still alive; if so, they would be at least 100 years of age. I met one once, a very pleasant Austrian who had been a colonel (Waffen-SS Standartenfuhrer) in “the war”, but that was in 1977 and that officer must have been at least 60 then. I remember the polite joke that he made about the look of the lager beer served to him (at the Irish Club in Belgravia, London). Pale and flat.

What about “holocaust” “survivors”? Already we have had individuals who were babies in 1944 and spent a couple of weeks in Auschwitz or elsewhere described as “holocaust survivors” (as sometimes are described those Jews who left the Reich before WW2 had even started!). The whole “holocaust industry” will have to find new “evidence”, such as the “blueprints” of Auschwitz “found” in Berlin about 25 years ago, complete with “GAS CHAMBERS” marked in big letters, in case anyone missed the point…

On a different tack, we have Prince Harry, both born (at least according to the official narrative) and brought up to royalty. What really makes him “royal”? His (sometimes disputed) parentage? His name? His attitudes? When you start to unravel it all, there is not much that is truly “royal” there. His marriage…well, enough ink has been spilt, perhaps! Another knotty conundrum.

Opinion poll

Early for such disapproval…

Carl Benjamin, aka “Sargon of Akkad”


I have fairly frequently noted the very bad situation which, since 2016, I have termed “the privatization of public space”, i.e. the fact that, online, the major platforms, which are basically a monopolistic or quasi-monopolistic cartel, provide their users with no rights qua citizens. The recent “deplatforming” and/or “demonetization” of well-known people and organizations is proof of that. “Sargon of Akkad” is merely the latest.

Not only individuals are affected, but the historical record itself. For example, YouTube has caved in to Jewish-Zionist pressure. Almost anything pertaining to the NSDAP and Third Reich has been removed, including films such as Triumph of the Will, Jud Suss and many others.

Free speech rights are being trashed in the UK and across Europe. This can only end one way…

Music time…