Diary Blog, 15 February 2022

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[St. Petersburg, winter scene]

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What matters is the racial and cultural integrity of Britain.

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[Akademgorodok, winter scene]


If there is any truth to the Russian claim that some of its military units are returning to bases deeper inside Russia, and (implied) that there will not now be an invasion of Ukrainian territory, that latter would be a disastrous strategic miscalculation.

On the above premises, NATO (NWO/ZOG) would build up Ukraine’s military might to the point where Russia’s freedom of action, and security, would be imperilled. Moscow is only 300 miles from the border of Ukrainian territory.

The coming days and weeks will prove whether there is going to be an invasion or not. I cannot see any advantage to Russia in holding back now; the social, political, and military situation will never be so favourable for an invasion.

A Russian takeover of (at least) Eastern Ukraine, the Kiev area, and the Black Sea littoral will prevent a later, much larger, and far more dangerous confrontation with NATO/NWO.

Still, at this point it is difficult to divine the true facts. Russian units may be withdrawing, or they may not be. This may be part of an attempt to create a fog of unknowing before any invasion.

Supermarkets and the facemask nonsense

I happened to visit a Tesco supermarket about 6 miles from my humble home this afternoon. I saw a couple of (very elderly) facemask wearers in the car park, and a mother and daughter wearing masks as the exited the store, but apart from that, not one, as far as I noticed. Everyone else not muzzled. At last the public are waking up or have woken up.

Looking now on Twitter, I notice a few facemask fanatics still desperately trying to validate their 2 years of facemask zealotry, but such people are now becoming figures of fun. Typical example might be the type that proudly proclaims that he or she has (as they put it) “survived Covid“. Usually they have been “vaccinated” several times, had booster shots etc, and usually have various other ailments.

They seem to have psychological problems too, and that was surely evident from the outset of the “panicdemic”.

Late tweets

Either “Enoch Powell was right“, “what will London be like by 2022?“, or “I wonder whether I could emigrate?“…

Problem: see above;

Immediate solution: SS-men, with Schmeissers;

“Ultimate” solution: need one ask?

Ordinary protests will not rid Canada of that sort of evil goblin.

Speaking of which…

The bastard has declared war. What will be the response of free Canadians?

Another example:


Much of what the forces of Evil have been doing in recent years can be regarded as such “normalizing of the abnormal”: the facemask nonsense; the police stopping citizens doing previously-normal, and even —arguably—boring things such as walking in the park, or on a beach, or lying in the sun, or even going for a drive in the country; going on holiday in Europe or North America only subject to ridiculous quarantines or injections; marriage between same-sex couples, and/or couples of very different national/racial origins. Just a few examples.

Deport it“? Maybe. Some might suggest covert elimination by the State (not this ZOG-ruled state, obviously).

Late music

15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 February 2022”

    1. Watcher:
      What a ridiculous creature he looks!

      A few points: many cases do not now require Counsel to wear wigs (or gowns etc). Family and children cases, most commercial cases at High Court level, all District Judge appointments in the County Court. Some others.

      For tabloid newspapers, all barristers are either “top barristers”, or “disgraced barristers”, sometimes both…

      This creature is “QC”, but that is not what it once was. In the 1920s, only a handful a year (often only about 4) were appointed. In the 2020s, almost every Tom, Dick and Harry (or Tom, Sharon, and Leroy) is QC (about 10% of the practising Bar now are QC…).

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  1. Hello Ian! What do you think of this?

    I think this proves quite clearly that the bastard did have sex with her and other girls, otherwise why any person who is/was really innocent settle out of court? Of course, the money given to Virginia’s charity will be pennies for Andrew.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Claudius:
      Yes. Of course, the fact is that Andrew Windsor (“formerly known as Prince”) was not in fact contravening English law in doing that, *if* it was consensual and happening in the UK (she was, I think, 17 at the time), but some US states have different laws. I think that the allegation is that some happened in the USA, but I have not followed that aspect of the case, really.

      I assume that the sum she herself will now get will run into many millions, and Andrew will also have to stump up for that (and his legal bills, which must be huge).

      Andrew is of course very wealthy, but less so than he was. I think that the whole fallout will be a big hit financially (as well) for him.

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      1. I think that Andrew saw this coming. If you remember in January this year he settled a £ 6.600.000 debt with a French/Swiss lady who sold him a huge house in Switzerland. He had paid a substantial amount in 2014 but he never paid the outstanding £ 5.000.000 (until now!)

        The point is that he is now free to sell the property (valued at £ 18.000.000) I am sure that will compensate him for his legal bills and the money he has to pay to that American gold-digger. Like a cat, he landed on his feet!

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  2. Hello Ian. IDK if you’ll remember but we use to interact quite a bit on Twitter. My username is @EnglishBrit123 (very imaginative i know lol). I feel guilty for only finding out about your blog several weeks ago, i wish i’d known sooner. I’ve been reading through your archives, very interesting, and spot on like you always were on Twitter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Craig:
      Thank you.I do recall.

      I myself was expelled from Twitter in 2018 at the instigation of the usual pack of Jews. I shall look out for your tweets now. Perhaps some will find their way onto the blog.

      My blog is less widely-known than it could be; its only dissemination beyond WordPress is when people repost it on Twitter.

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  3. I’ve set up a wordpress now and followed you. My Twitter is locked to keep away (((you know who))) so if you know anyone who could request to follow me i’ll accept them. Twitter is basically a wasteland for Nationalists now unfortunately. Along with you, many others have been taken down. At one point i lost over 70 followers in one day through suspensions.

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      1. Yes i read this last week, i just re-read it. Typical of these people. Their vindictivness is off the charts. I watched this documentary about young Pro-Israel lobbyists in UK politics, very revealing about how they operate. It’s in four parts https://youtu.be/ceCOhdgRBoc


      2. SaxonEngland:

        Thank you. I shall look at that, but not tonight. In the old slogan, “Smersh Never Sleeps”, but I must, and quite soon, so I think that I must say goodnight.


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