Diary Blog, 21 May 2023

Afternoon music


Tweets seen

Some of the surviving “musicians” at Bakhmut/Artyomovsk.

…and if that 40,000 can be reduced, the whole of Ukraine east of the Dnieper will be open to the advance of Russian forces.

More tweets seen

My assessment of Therese Coffey (with updates) from 2019: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/16/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-therese-coffey-story/

Strategically, it is hard to see how, in the end, Russia could “lose” this war, depending on the definition of “lose”.

No cost of living crisis (for MPs in the Westminster monkeyhouse)

The menu at the subsidized restaurant for MPs and their guests. Not bad, especially at those prices. My choice would be the mackerel, then the salmon steak, and some vegetables. Not bad for about £13… (some well-chilled Chablis would just complement that nicely…).

Late tweets seen

Monkeys but not organ-grinders?

The Kiev regime is a global beggar. how can it “expand” its diplomatic influence when it has nothing at all to offer?

Late music

[the ruins of central Kiev, 1943]
[November 1943: Soviet troops in Kreshchatik, the main street of Kiev, after having taken the city from German forces]

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 21 May 2023”

  1. At least Therese Coffrey is actually British which is more than can be said for this wretchedly incompetent government as a whole. She is lucky to have a job being a white woman. The globalist Tories do a nice line in anti-British discrimination.

    Is anyone really surprised at Suella Braverman’s blatant corruption? Import India and you will get the Indian corruption problem which tends to be rampant there.

    Why people continue to vote for the Indian Congress Party (formerly known as the British Conservative Party) is beyond me.

    I am no Labour or Lib Dem supporter but at least with them you will get a British PM.

    Time for the ‘Final Solution’ to the Indian problem within the former British Conservative Party.


  2. Let us hope this conflict ends soon. If that takes Russia winning then so be it . The danger is that if it keeps on dragging on and on it will spiral out of control and involve this country even though it has very little, if anything, to do with us.

    Why can’t we stay out of it? We should be like Switzerland. If we minded our own business like they historically do we could grow to be as mega-rich as they are.

    Stop wasting British taxpayer’s money on it when so many things need spending on at home.


    1. John:
      Britain expanded into a huge empire, then deflated, sucking in the once-subject populations of our Empire. Now, the UK governments tend to think that the UK is still an imperial power, but what Britain largely lacks *is* precisely the hardnosed power that underpins it all.

      People talk of “soft power”, and I am certainly not opposed to that, but that cannot easily stand alone. Neither can this country rely on small regiments such as the SAS, however efficient they are.

      As for Ukraine, kind words and a bit of ammunition etc given to Zelensky’s forces have grown into large-scale shipments of tanks, missiles, jet fighters etc. All within one year and three months. This is sliding out of control.


  3. I will have the pressed duck leg and caper terrine from the Starter menu. Duck is one of my favourite meats.

    Then, from the mains, I will have the beer battered cod with hand cut chips or the mini sirloin of beef with mini steak and kidney pudding etc.


  4. Can’t the unwanted and unelected Extra from The Jewel In The Crown go to Kiev like Boris-Moron-Idiot used to do so frequently and get assassinated by Russian Special Forces?

    The leading nominee for Best Actor at the next Oscars in 2024, Zelensky, should be too then, maybe, just maybe, Europe will have some peace and the increasing risk of nuclear war with us a major target will be averted.


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