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Well, this week I again managed to beat political journalist John Rentoul. I scored 6/10 as against his self-awarded five and a half. I did not know the answers to questions 3, 6, 7, and 10. I just missed the last one, thinking that it might be the cassowary [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassowary] (which can reach well over 6 feet in height). Apparently, though, that is only the third or fourth tallest bird.

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On the main Maida Vale avenue just around the corner from my one-time address in Little Venice.

Very true. So many people are misled by that kind of “Mrs Thatcher housewife’s shopping basket” economics. One would have thought that John Rentoul would know better, or is he just (as in days of Blair) parrotting the “centrist” Labour Party line?

The Shard is an absolutely horrible building, aesthetically. Completely wrong in shape and size for its location.

As a former barrister (wrongfully and unlawfully disbarred in 2016 and not in actual Bar practice since 2008), I have applied a little thought to such questions.

My view is that sentencing has become absurd in the UK. While many defendants are certainly not given sufficient —or any— time in incarceration, despite having been convicted of very unpleasant offences, including crimes of very considerable violence, there is at the same time routine over-sentencing.

Many defendants are sentenced to, say, 5 years (for whatever), when 4 or 3 would be more than adequate (and, in terms of actual punishment, about the same).

At the same time, there are quite a few people incarcerated for no good reason at all, as in the recent free speech case of “Sven Longshanks” (James Allchurch), sentenced to 2.5 years for supposedly “inciting racial hatred” (he was convicted on 10 out of 15 charges). He will be in prison, probably, until 2024. Political “crime” in our “free country” (as was).


If Britain were not importing 700,000+ (mostly) non-whites every year, we should not have a “housing crisis” of any significance.

The term “Green Belt” just sets a marker that is universally understood or accepted, like the white lines in the middle of a highway.

Deadhead MPs


Good grief.

I am not going to do an entire study of this one, but take a look at the Wikipedia entry: mixed Indian heritage; failed, at an early stage, to continue with a law degree, despite having been, in part, privately educated; seems to be a lesbian or something similar; “elected” (selected) as MP at age 23; took “several months” off from her MP duties in 2021; “celebrated” the attacks on statues of English historical figures.

Another deadhead MP.

An example of her views:

Mirabile dictu! Seems that Esther McVey has actually said something with which I can agree.

If it turns out that the Russian air force or ground forces cannot deal with the increasing influx of sophisticated weapons systems being supplied to the Kiev regime, the end result may be that the Russian leadership will decide to destroy both the bases of those aircraft and also any nearby urban areas.

As previously blogged, it should never have come to this. The invasion should have and could have been essentially over within a week, with Kiev taken, and Zelensky’s cabal eliminated or driven into exile.

I assessed Macron, his background, and his links to the “French” Jewish lobby, several years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/.

The small area still defended by Kiev-regime forces in Bakhmut/Artyomovsk is now 100 acres or so, about the same acreage as Kensington Gardens in London.

From the newspapers


Waul has 50 previous convictions relating to 123 offences going back to 2001.”

[Bournemouth Echo]

The “enrichment” and “diversity” continues…

More tweets

Concentration camp or execution.

Looks like it is in the UK. Human? I say “humanoid”, at best.

What always strikes me about the Israeli police response to any incident is how swift it is. Not one, but several, and often many, police, security agents, soldiers etc are on the scene quickly, usually in seconds, at least in the Old City of Jerusalem or in the central parts of Tel Aviv. Reminiscent of the quick reaction of the militia in Moscow in Soviet times, if there were any sort of public disorder. The Israelis must have huge numbers of police personnel.

In a well-known and probably (?) apocryphal saying, Lenin is supposed to have opined that “in order to destroy a nation, first destroy its currency“. I suppose that he could not have foreseen the possibility that a nation’s integrity, credibility, and soul could be destroyed by migration-invasion, an invasion not through feat of arms, but through the moral weakness and/or self-hate of the people of the invaded country itself (whipped up, as usual, by “them”, the “you know who” element). He would not have believed it possible.

More from the newspapers


I have blogged briefly about that silly “ho”, Clare Moseley, in the past. Like so many English people, perhaps especially women, who attach themselves to “anti-racist”-type causes (“refugees welcome”, anti-apartheid etc), intellect is limited, emotionalism uncontrolled, hypocrisy common, and both knowledge and experience of the subject-matter usually absent.

They usually have mental health “issues” as well. See also:

More tweets

There is nothing wrong with being “antisemitic” anyway, and in the UK it is not a crime, despite what many ignorant Twitter types often tweet.

Looks as if “the musicians” are about to complete their performance in that area. музыканты хорошо играют…

What Russia lacks is a real ideology that goes beyond mere Great-Russian nationalism.

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6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 20 May 2023”

  1. Hello! I know that there are a lot of traitors (by that I mean native Britons) in the British public life, MPs, civil servants, media, etc. However, as if that was not bad enough you have to put up with bloody foreigners like that numbskull called Nadia Whittome.

    Many years ago (in the late 1970s) an Argentinian nationalist wrote: “If you start by giving foreigners the same rights you have and allow them political power you will end up being a third-rate citizen in your own country”. Prophetic and terribly true!


  2. Release political prisoners imprisoned by this vile, anti-British, loony left, lunatic fringe, above all FAILED ‘Tory’ government that most people not suffering from senile dementia and with a few braincells long ago lost confidence in and others given needless custodial sentences and use the hangman’s noose on others then prison capacity will increase for those that DO pose a REAL danger to society.

    As for that story from Louisiana, perhaps they should actually USE the death penalty which is still on their books but which hasn’t been put into effect since as long ago as 2010 or scrap it. There is no point in having the death penalty if there is no intention on the part of the state to execute.


    Perhaps, Louisiana should get a new Republican governor like Florida? Ron De Santis is doing great work there by opposing the more extreme demands of the trans lobby and rolling back their damaging lunacy in the classrooms of Florida and other aspects of their agenda.

    Hopefully, that senile, anti-British cretin, Biden, will lose next year and the US will elect Republican Donald J Trump or Ron De Santis to be the next President.


    1. John:
      For me, the main thing is to have a US President who wants to avoid a world war.

      The USA may have many times the military power of Russia, or even Russia and China together, but as I have blogged, just one nuclear missile on each of the biggest 100, 50 —or even 10— American cities, and that is the USA on the floor for many decades, perhaps longer, and regardless of whether Russia’s cities are obliterated.


      1. Yes, the main interest for the rest of the planet is that the US President isn’t too much of a warmonger as they normally are. We have that stake in an election outcome there as well but also it is in our interest if the president has at least some warm feelings towards this country as I think Trump did and Biden decidedly does not.


  3. Re Israel. According to this rather interesting article on Wikipedia, in 2015, Israel had 28,000 or so police officers which amounted to 345 officers per 100,000 inhabitants. That is 45 more than the world average. In 2021, England and Wales had 135, 301 so quite a bit below the average at 225 per 100,000.

    Israel doesn’t do too badly with the size of its police force but it is well below many other countries. Perhaps, despite not having a massive force the police there can still project an excellent prescence because Israel is a small country. They might have mini police stations where there is only a single officer or a couple of them staffing them strategically placed in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem like Japan has with its mini Koban stations?


    Ha, ha, look at Singapore’s figure on that list! It could well be that Singapore has such a huge success rate in keeping crime low not only because of its harsh punishments ie frequently imposed sentences of hanging and caning but also because it has a huge police officer ratio of 810 per 100,000 people and it is a very small country.

    Small countries are probably easier to police successfully.


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